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A Guide to the Various Historical Documents Collection, 1805-1973

An artificial collection


Creator: Texas. General Land Office.
Title: Various Historical Documents Collection
Dates: 1805-1973
Abstract: This artificial collection of documents relates to lands in Texas. There are 9 series of documents grouped together by the following categories: American Indians, 1836-1925; Correspondence, 1825-1893; Deeds & Wills, 1805-1896; Energy, 1914-1973; Infrastructure, 1844-1886; Land Grants, 1840-1909; Military, 1836-1947; School Land, 1880-1948; Various Historical Documents, 1834-1955.
Identification: AR.MISC
Quantity: 3.5 Linear feet, (8 document boxes)
Location: File Vault
Language: Materials are mostly written in English. Some material written in French.
Repository: Texas General Land Office, Archives & Records

Scope and Contents of the Records

The documents in this artificial collection are organized into 9 series. Many of the documents are esoteric as to require their own Scope and Contents of the Records.

1. American Indians, 1836-1925 - Surveys, treaties, petitions and correspondence.

2. Correspondence, 1825-1893 - Letters to various government officials of the Republic and State regarding land. The majority of the letters are addressed to the Commissioner or are directly related to the work of the GLO.

3. Deeds & Wills, 1805-1896 - The deeds are filed in their home counties and in most cases are transfers of ownership 1 or 2 transactions removed from the original separation from the State or Republic. The wills are similar in that they refer to land that had already been separated from the State. In both cases, some documents refer to original land grants.

4. Energy, 1914-1973 - Well logs, receipts, legal documents, reports and correspondence make up this series.

5. Infrastructure, 1844-1886 - Includes plans for a national road of Texas, a contract for mail delivery and documents relating to the railroads.

6. Land Grants, 1840-1909 - Correspondence and legal documents make up this series. Nearly all of the applications or petitions for land in this series were denied. Those that were not denied explicitly were nevertheless unfulfilled leaving their disposition a mystery.

7. Military, 1836-1947 - Discharges, pay stubs, a partial muster roll, correspondence, and a brochure for the VLB.

8. School Land, 1880-1948 - Reports, applications to purchase, appraisals, and legal documents make up this series.

9. Various Historical Documents, 1834-1955 - The documents in this series do not fit in the series listed above. Primarily made of legal documents, there are also fragments of documents, receipts, Republic pension documents, political advertisements for Commissioner, correspondence regarding slaves and ministers, and a copy of the constitution of the confederate states of america.


The entirety of the collection is organized first by series then by physical location. There is no original order nor any relationship from one document to the next, therefore the arrangement facilitates easy access to the documents for each series.


Access Restrictions

Unrestricted access.

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Materials may be under copyright protection. US copyright law does allow for reproduction of materials under copyright for uses such as critique, criticism, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research. The researcher has full responsibility for determining copyright status, locating copyright holders, and abiding by current copyright laws when publishing or displaying copies of Special Collections material in print or electronic form.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

American Indians, 1836-1925

Box Folder
G633 1-19 Cherokee Land Claims, 1922-1925
Scope and Contents of the Records
The files contain correspondence, petitions, case files and a copy of a land grant from 1822 related to re-acquiring land in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, and North Carolina.
Box Folder
G710 2 Alabama-Coushatta Reservation Field Notes, 1840
Scope and Contents of the Records
Field notes of Indian Lands. Survey notes from Dec, 1840, for the league of land granted to the Coushatta "Coshatee Villiage" Indians and Alabama Indians in Liberty County.
3 Cherokee Indians Treaty, copy, 1841
Scope and Contents of the Records
Document from February, 1836 for treaty with the Cherokee. Has original copy of Articles 1 -11 and an additional letter including Article 13.

Correspondence, 1825-1893

Box Folder
G626 1 Series of letters from Paul Pecquet du Bellet of the Franco-Texan Land Co. to General G T Beauregard, 1878-1879
19 Letters (2) to D W Heard regarding the partitioning of land, 1876
39 Letter from J R Ham to Claiborn & Shine regarding land owned by B F Williams, August 4, 1877
Box Folder
G710 4 Charles Busey Ironworks, report, 1867
Scope and Contents of the Records
An 1867 letter to the Commissioners of the GLO, TX pertaining to the machinery of Charles Busey in Anderson County, TX for the purpose of manufacturing iron from ore. Includes testimony from witnesses that machinery was destroyed by fire.
5 Letters Received, addressed to Commissioner, 1871-1893
(52 letters)
6 Personal Letter, L.F. Smith to W.C. Walsh, 1884
Scope and Contents of the Records
Letter from law firm of Hundley & Smith regarding review of a land abstract.
7 Letters Received, addressed to Commissioner, 1876-1921
(24 letters)
8 Letters, Translator Joseph Baker, 1845-1846
Scope and Contents of the Records
Contains four letters as follows: 1846 letter from H.M Cunningham referring to letters found in the land office. Letter from W.E. Howith to Joseph Baker requesting a certified copy of a Spanish translation. One letter, in Spanish, from Jose Cassianios to Jose Bacar. One letter to Joseph Baker from J.J. Hughes for Spanish transcript of Land Title.
9 Letter - GLO Employees to Francis M. White, 1862
Scope and Contents of the Records
Letter expressing the appreciation of GLO employees to Commissioner White on his last day.
10 D. de Saligny letter to A. S. Lipscomb, 1840
Scope and Contents of the Records
Saligny, aka, Jean Pierre Isidore Alphonse Dubois was the chargé d'affaires, a diplomat, appointed by the French government to the Republic of Texas.
The letter, to A. S. Liscomb, Secretary of State for the Republic of Texas is in regard to President Lamar removing the right to the importation of french wines.
14 Sam T. Kellam, appointment as State Agent, 1904
Scope and Contents of the Records
Sam T. Kellam of Bexar County appointed as one of two State Land Agents. Description of their duties included. Signed by Governor.
Box Folder
G711 7 Letter to the House of Representatives from A. Bledsoe, Comptroller, August 8, 1870
Scope and Contents of the Records
The letter asks the House of Representative to properly fund the Comptrollers office. There is a reference to the same for the General Land Office, but those pages are not present.
11 Letters received by Asa Willie, 1857
Scope and Contents of the Records
Asa Willie eventually became Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court. The two letters are early examples of his work as a lawyer.
Box Folder
G717 19 Texas Attorney General Donald Gay to Tarlton Morrow, 1946
Box Folder
G718 11 Letter to Captain James Gains from Hadlen Edwards [photostat copy] December 23, 1825

Deeds & Wills, 1805-1896

Box Folder
G626 3 Letter from A G Pickett to H H Boone regarding deeds arriving from New Orleans, 1877
5 Deed of Trust between Washington County Railroad to George Healy for land certificates
7 Deed from O A Drane to J H Combs, 1876
Scope and Contents of the Records
For four land certificates of Thomas Toby scrip, filed in Wilson County.
10 Certified copy of deed conveying 320 acres from Patrick Curling to P W Wynne. 1874
Scope and Contents of the Records
The original deed is dated January 18, 1858. According to the records of the GLO, the land was patented to the heirs of Theodore Miller on January 12, 1858.
11 Deed conveying a headright certificate from Charles Deavenport [Davenport] to Diademer A Roquemon April 25, 1871
12 Deed conveying land from Polly Ann Daugherty to Samuel Long, August 2, 1869
General note
Penciled on the back is one word: "illegal."
13 Deed conveying land from J S Philpott to W J Black, May 29, 1857
14 Deed conveying land from W S Oldham and Alexander Eans to James E Bouldin, February 15, 1855
15 Deed conveying land from Charles Stewart to John L [illegible - may be Ceshum], November 8, 1860
23 Deed conveying land from John R Rittenhaus to James A Temple, May 21, 1861
24 Deed conveying land from Solomon Rosenthal to Michael D Corcoran, August 3, 1877
25 Mortgage between Rebecca Huddell and Samuel Keith, April 18, 1820
26 Deed conveying land from L C Pond & M L Pond to E F Land, November 1, 1896
26 Deed conveying land from L C Pond & M L Pond to C L Trice, Jan 3, 1896
28 Deed conveying land certificates from John A Scott, Mary Stewart and Nolan Stewart to Solomon Rosenthal and associates, January 20, 1851
29 Warranty deed from H H Carmen to John Sergeant, February 6, 1855
30 Will of James Smith, October 6, 1840
31 Payment of $19.45 from the Estate of William Preston to the Estate of Joseph Baugh deferred, April 3, 1847
32 Warrantee [Warranty] Deed conveying land from John S Stansberry [Stansbury] to Edward S Harding, November 11, 1844
33 Field notes of land transferred from S H H and Sarah A, his wife to George Taylor, May 31, 1852
35 Deed conveying land from Anslom Terry to J M Steward, January 19, 1858
36 Will of Rederick Toedter, August 7, 1853
41 Quit Claim deed from John G Watson to James Bennett for 2 leagues of land in Texas, July 24, 1865
42 Warranty Deed from Byron J Williams & wife to William Morgan, November 27, 1860
43 Letters of Administration of Estate of Susanah McKelvey, November 30, 1840
44 Memos of Deeds from McLennan County filed in Palo Pinto County, January 5, 1858
Box Folder
G711 5 Executed Will of Caleb Bennett by Thomas Western, executor, 1838-1840
9 Conveyance of land in Galveston County to Jean Claude Dansard, 1856
15 John Reeves, probate document, 1858
19 Letter from Nathaniel Hawthorne, consul to the Port of Liverpool, acknowledging a Power of Attorney instrument, December 21, 1855
General note
For more background, see: GLOddities: Nathaniel Hawthorne at the Texas General Land Office
OS 129 Letter from Nathaniel Hawthorne, consul to the Port of Liverpool, acknowledging a Power of Attorney instrument [oversized version], December 21, 1855
General note
For more background, see: GLOddities: Nathaniel Hawthorne at the Texas General Land Office
Box Folder
G711 19 Letter from Thomas Steere, consul to the Port of Dundee, acknowledging a Power of Attorney instrument, December 8, 1855
OS 129 Letter from Thomas Steere, consul to the Port of Dundee, acknowledging a Power of Attorney instrument [oversized version], December 8, 1855
Box Folder
G715 8 Power of Attorney executed for Samuel Wood estate, 1859
Scope and Contents of the Records
Executed by the relations and heirs of Samuel Wood to collect any money or pay due to Wood for his service to the Santa Fe Expedition.
15 Receipt of Alexander Anderton to William Christy, 1855
Box Folder
G717 6 Joshua Harrison, copy of will, original dated 1805, undated
14 J M Lauderdale probate settlement documents, 1846

Energy, 1914-1973

Box Folder
G717 2 Mineral lease data report, 1939-1973
2 Well logs, Goose Creek field, 1914-1918
5 Receipts from Steck Company for purchase of supplies for State Board of Mineral development, 1932-1933
7 Assignment of mineral rights, 1958
Scope and Contents of the Records
Legal instrument assigning mineral rights from the Wynne, Morris, & Thompson families to American Liberty Oil Company in Gregg and Rusk Counties.
18 Board of Mineral Development to Sultans Oil Corp, 1937
Box Folder
G718 13 Unit agreement, McFarland 4567 Queen Unit, Andrews County, March 6, 1967

Infrastructure, 1844-1886

Box Folder
G626 2 Contract for Mail delivery, 1855
Scope and Contents of the Records
Contract to employ John Riley to deliver mail between Columbia and Quintana in Fort Bend County for 3 years, Oct 1, 1855-Oct 1, 1858.
Box Folder
G710 1 Central National Road Abstract of Certificates, 1844
Scope and Contents of the Records
An abstract showing when certificates for acreage were granted to open and establish the Central National Road of the Republic of Texas. Includes letter describing certificates issued and a list of assistant surveyors for the Central National Road for Lamar County, TX. Dates in folder range from February, 1844 to March, 1861.
Box Folder
G717 8 Defunct surveys, Texas & St. Louis Railway Co., 1886
15 List of Memphis, El Paso & Pacific Railroad Company surveys in Parker County, 1860s
Box Folder
G718 1 Letters (2) from John H Evans, International & Great Northern Railroad requesting 25 and 33 land certificates, May 1877
1 Letter to the Commissioner of Claims requesting 400 certificates for the H & TC RR, February 21, 1857

Land Grants, 1840-1909

Box Folder
G626 9 Cancelled patent for John Cotton, July 1, 1841
Scope and Contents of the Records
A bounty certificate for 1280 acres was issued to James P Moffitt in 1837. The certificate was transferred to John Cotton in 1838. In 1841, Cotton patented the land. On September 3, 1859, the patent was cancelled, one day after Cotton patented 701 acres on September 2, 1859. The land as patented in 1841 was in conflict with someone else's land. After a resurvey, 701 acres were not in conflict and patented. The remaining 579 acres were located elsewhere and patented in 1910. See Houston Bounty 000019 and Bowie Bounty 000107
17 Request to renew or relocate land certificates, March 22, 1858
20 Copy of transfer, Bounty Warrant certificate 9855 from Milton Perry to Edwin Harry, February 4, 1873
Scope and Contents of the Records
Milton is referred to as Miller and Millard in this deed filed in Harris County.
37 Jeremiah Tracy [Tracey] Papers, 1850
Scope and Contents of the Records
The collection contains the following: a letter to W David Bricker from William G Cooke, the Department of War attesting that Tracy was mustered with the Army of the Republic of Texas, 1846. An application for a land certificate from Bricker claiming to be the heir of Tracy. Includes a letter purporting to be written by Tracy to his father, January 17, 1837, along with two affidavits (1852) by persons acquainted with Tracy attesting to the authenticity of the letter. It also includes a Quit Claim deed assigning Bricker as heir from Zacharia Tracy, Jeremiah's brother. The application for the certificate was denied "he having already obtained his land".
Box Folder
G710 15 Certificates issued, land scrip vouchers 1843
Scope and Contents of the Records
According to a law passed in 1841 anyone that was owed money by the Republic of Texas was to be issued land scrip. Unfortunately, this collection of vouchers for land scrip was issued in 1843, during the Archive War. From 1842 through 1843, the official Capital of the Republic was in Washington-on-the-Brazos. However, the land records were still in Austin and the Commissioner was denied access to them. What transpired between the issue of these vouchers and the return of the Capital to Austin remains unknown. What is known is that these land scrip vouchers do not match up with the official records of the GLO.
17 GLO Circulars, 1877; 1881
Scope and Contents of the Records
One circular describes fees charged by the GLO for "Patents" of land. One circular from GLO to Surveyors and Commissioners Courts of Texas counties providing boundary determination instructions.
18 Bevil's Settlement Reference Book, 1847-1859
Scope and Contents of the Records
List of individuals owning land in Bevil's Settlement, present day Jasper town and county. Bevil's Settlement existed before the Republic, the reference book lists pos-custodial land transactions, that is, the individuals referenced in the book purchased land from other individuals and not from the State or the Republic.
Box Folder
G711 1 Index volume of headright certificates, deeds, bonds, and individual certificates, 1840-1845
Scope and Contents of the Records
The index contains names for individuals whose land certificates are on deposit. It is unknown where the certificates are on deposit or the dates of said deposit. While most of the names in the index are in the official GLO land records, the details such as file number, county, and class of headright certificate are different.
The 5-digit marginal number penciled on some of the documents correspond to a marginal register. Some "not returned" are listed, some are not. Some "not returned" are not listed despite having a marginal number. These documents are mostly handwritten copies of applications for field notes. They vary with regard to class of headright. Some have marginal numbers, some do not. The marginal register contains additional information.
2 Johnson County land certificates, May 8, 1858
Scope and Contents of the Records
These documents contain marginal numbers for which some of the entries refer back to entries made in the 1st Class Headright Certificate Marginal Register and 3rd Class Headright Certificate Marginal Register. Some documents in this folder are curiously absent from the Marginal Registers. Why some appear and others do not is unknown.
The 5-digit marginal number penciled on some of the documents correspond to a marginal register. Some "not returned" are listed, some are not. Some "not returned" are not listed despite having a marginal number. These documents are mostly handwritten copies of applications for field notes. They vary with regard to class of headright. Some have marginal numbers, some do not. The marginal register contains additional information.
5 Abstract of patents by county, undated
Scope and Contents of the Records
This folder contains "List of Bounty and Donation Certificates", "Lands patented to Robert Carson", "Lands patented to Texas Copper Mining and Manufacturing Company", and "Lands patented in Tarrant County". The information in "List of Bounty and Donation Certificates" does not match the GLO official records.
12 Hiram Helfer Preemption claim [not successful], June 7, 1854
13 S. B. Allyn et al. vs. W. R. Roberts et al., copy of petition, October 18, 1875
Scope and Contents of the Records
The petition references two land grants: Bexar Scrip 9066 and Bexar Scrip 9069. The two grants (along with Bexar Scrip 9065 and 9068 which were not referenced in the petition) were patented four days before the petition was filed in District Court.
14 Misc. Field notes and sketches, various
18 Testimony by J. A. Chamberlain to Investigating board, Burnet Co., 1883
20 Abstract of ordinances and decrees related to public land, Revolution-early Republic, [1837?]
21 List of suspended patents, undated
Box Folder
G715 3 Forged and fraudulent claims, 1880-1911
Scope and Contents of the Records
Six documents from 1880 connect a David Snively to several forged transfers. A 1911 copy of the District Court for the County of San Augustine Fall Term, 1842 note three forged certificates.
4 Payment for map, Colorado Co. District Surveyor Joseph Tinkler receives $100 for creating Map #3421 of Colorado Land District, 1847
5 Transfer, William Neill to Henry P Seldon, 1844
6 Transfer, H J Logsdon to Alford France, 1852
7 Petition for land to Governor J S Hogg, 1891
9 Certificates suspended, 1853
10 Deposition of Warren Goodin, 1874
Scope and Contents of the Records
In which he claims to be the owner of three land certificates.
11 Affidavit of E P Bryan, 1880
Scope and Contents of the Records
In which he claims to be the owner of land certificates.
12 Statement of Thomas Meredith, undated
Scope and Contents of the Records
In which an unknown claimant claims Thomas Meredith's land detailed in land title SC 000095:45.
13 Affidavit of Andrew Kaufman for Mena Mattsburger, 1878
Scope and Contents of the Records
Affirming that she is the wife of the deceased John Mattsburger (Meatsburger) as part of a land claim.
14 Affidavit, D H Martin, 1891
Scope and Contents of the Records
Asking to be granted a claim to land he previously settled but had to abandon briefly.
Box Folder
G718 1 Entry on certificate issued to George Wright, March 14, 1857
1 Notice of the loss of land certificates issued in Blanco County, December 10, 1875
1 Toby land scrip certificates returned and cancelled, September 10, 1877
2 Resurveys of Power & Hewetson Colony, 1847
Scope and Contents of the Records
Surveys, correspondence, newspaper clippings regarding a suit brought by the State of Texas to recover excess lands and mineral proceeds in lands part of the former Power & Hewetson colony.
3 Notes detailing the laws governing preemption land certificates, 1903-1909
3 Notes detailing the legal opinion governing detached land, September 28, 1903
3 Notes on a legal opinion relating to J G McGrady v. Terrell, February 2, 1905
5 Surveyor Report, 1838-1839
6 Field note fragments, undated
7 Miscellaneous fragments, undated
8 List of land certificates for sale by Billingsley Bros., January 2, 1861
9 Receipts for Land Grant certificates [with index], 1876-1880
12 Title pages (2) to a lost transcript of the Traveling Board of Land Commissioners Records, undated
General note
See Traveling Board of Land Commissioners Records, 1840-1841

Military, 1836-1947

Box Folder
G623 17 Military Lists, undated
Scope and Contents of the Records
This is not what could be considered actual "Muster Rolls," however these are lists of men that did fight in the various engagements and companies that were in Texas between 1835 - 1844. In looking at these lists there really is no firm date of when the documents were done other than one mention on a list for men involved with the Santa Fe Expedition and Mier which states: "Correct as to names of all you can and note the paid ones, Return to me, June 29, 1858. Young." These lists seem to include or be compilations of men from the following companies: Alabama Red Rovers, Santa Fe Expedition, Mier Expedition, and a few men from the Alamo. The purpose of these lists appears to be just an accounting of those that have been paid for their military service or awaiting to be paid, or possible confirmation of their service. What is most interesting about these lists is the inclusion or details of the men in the Santa Fe Expedition, since no list has really been compiled that I know of which shows who might have been involved. The military force involved with the Santa Fe Expedition comprised of five companies of infantry and one artillery company.
One other possibility is that these lists were put together by the Court of Claims as part of their day to day work following the "Act to ascertain the legal claims for money and lands against the state, August 1st, 1856."
Box Folder
G626 4 Pay stub for Joseph M Rhoads for service in the Texian Army, September 18, 1836
8 Pay stub for C Laughlin for military service in the Santa Fe expedition, signed by William G. Cooke, June 17, 1841
18 Copy of military discharge (1836) and land certificate transfer (1852) from Xenophan Grant to Benjamin Savage, March 16, 1852
Box Folder
G710 10 John Anderson, Discharge, 1837
Scope and Contents of the Records
John Anderson was in prison since 17th August 1836 and was honorably discharged.
11 Miscellaneous Discharges, 1840-1841
Scope and Contents of the Records
Discharges tell name, rank, physical description, when person entered army, amount of land granted, etc.. Recommend giving each discharge individual folder.
James Noonan, Private; Thomas Cannon, Private; Daniel Burns, Private; Philip Lyons, Private.
Box Folder
G711 8 Letter to the Republic of Texas Senate regarding the removal of a naval officer, [incomplete], undated
16 Brochure, Land program for Texas veterans of WWII, 1947

School Land, 1880-1948

Box Folder
G711 3 Vacancy hearing transcript, Rusk County, 1932
Box Folder
G717 9 List of school lands surveyed under Act of 1883, 1900
10 Appraisals (5) for school land in Taylor County (under Act of 1874), 1880-1881
11 Defunct applications for sale of enlargements of school land,
13 List of unsold school land, Kimble County, May 1901
21 Rules governing sale of school land, 1948
Scope and Contents of the Records
Legal opinion written by GLO attorney Emil C Rassman.
Box Folder
G718 1 Application to purchase school land, J W Middleton, September 19, 1883
1 Letters (2) regarding the purchase school land, Donnell, Lawson & Simpson of New York for James Curry, July 1883
1 Letters (2) regarding the purchase school land, G W Clayton, 1883-1884
Related Archival Materials note
See also SCH 016438.
1 Questionnaire for application to purchase school land, November 10, 1948
4 Condensed Reports of State School Land Agents to State Land Board, 1885
4 Reports of the State Land Board, December 31, 1886
14 Brief for Appellant in State of Texas v. Alice A Talkington et al., undated
Scope and Contents of the Records
The brief resulted in the State winning the appeal and gaining a vacancy in Montague County on May 6, 1925. A Letter of Inquiry was sent by T F Pinckney on May 25, 1925, a vacancy was found and the land was purchased by Pinckney. See Scrap File 12654.

Various Historical Documents Collection 1834-1855

Box Folder
G626 6 Title dispute legal documents, Austin & Northern Land & Cattle Co. v. W.M Hardesty et al., February 1, 1891
16 Employment contract, November 9, 1865
Scope and Contents of the Records
The contract is between three men, James E Jonett, George K Cooke, G H Perkins, for the purposes of working Sunday Cotton Presses in the City of Galveston.
21 Bankruptcy hearing and judgement, John Herndon, July 15, 1869
22 Surveying contract between C C Richards and W E Jones, December 31, 1932
27 Warrant and suit against Christopher Saunders and M Hix for a sum of money, 1834-1837
Scope and Contents of the Records
Documents (4) detailing a warrant for the arrests of Saunders & Hix for non-payment to Watkins & Co. Later documents indicate that Saunders is deceased and Watkins & Co. still trying to recover the money.
34 Articles of Co-partnership between Ira B Taylor and Samuel Peacock for business in a general land agency, July 6, 1877
38 Document that records a loan from Gooch & Gooch to F A Weidemeyer for $262.25 paid out in 1868 and paid off in 1872, 1868-1872
40 Hancock & Nash v. Skinner [land dispute], Answers to Interrogatories, undated
Box Folder
G711 17 Fragment of instructions to Bernard Bee, minister to Mexico, [1840s]
21 Written agreement of loan between J. A. Gibson, T. H. Gibson and J. F. Jenkins, regarding the care of slaves in Fort Bend County, 1855
22 Printed copy of the constitution of the Confederate States of America, 1861
Box Folder
G715 1 Receipts for deposit of funds from the GLO to the Treasury, 1857-1863
2 GLO Fees, 1900
Box Folder
G717 1 Two stamped envelopes, 1900
3 Broadside advertisement for Chief Clerk J T Robison to be elected Commissioner, 1908
4 Broadside advertisement for Capt. W C Walsh to be elected Commissioner, 1892
16 Republic of Texas pensioners, 1879
Scope and Contents of the Records
List of pensioners who have furnished proof of life.
17 Republic of Texas pensioners, 1876
20 Ida Holt et al. v. G E Wimberly et al [land suit], 1939
Box Folder
G718 1 Postal return receipt, May 6, 1955
1 Receipt for registered letter, C H Russell, January 25, 1877
1 Receipt received by M Schetts from J H Collett, December 22, 1876
10 Examples of the Cellulose Acetate Lamination process, undated