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A Guide to the Spanish Collection Research Subject Files, 1984-2011


Creator: Greaser, Galen, Spanish Collection Research Subject Files, 1947 -
Title: Spanish Collection Research Subject Files
Dates: 1984-2011
Abstract: Galen Greaser, while working at the Texas General Land Office as the Spanish translator from 1984 to 2011, amassed a collection of documents related to his work at the GLO and his publications about the GLO. The collection consists of material related to the history of the Spanish Collection, South Texas land grants, legal cases for which he provided research and translation services and research files on individuals and specific issues related to the land policies and laws adopted by Spain and Mexico in the settlement of Texas. Additionally the materials include presentation materials, which consist of lecture notes for both Spanish and English presentations on genealogy and surveying, as well as written ideas for new articles, exhibits, and even a film draft.
Identification: SPA
Quantity: 17.94 Linear feet, (41 document boxes)
Location: OVR
Language: Materials are written in English and Spanish.
Repository: Texas General Land Office, Archives & Records

Biographical/Historical note

Galen Greaser was born in Newton, Kansas on September 12, 1947. He received his B.A. in psychology summa cum laude from Inter-American University in San German, Puerto Rico in 1969. Greaser went on to attain his master’s degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin with a specialization in Latin American history, political science and literature in 1975.

Between the years of 1975 and 1984 Greaser was self-employed as a translator of technical and scientific material. From 1984 to 2011 Mr. Greaser served as the Spanish translator in the Archives and Records Division of the Texas General Land Office in Austin, Texas. By translating records and preparing finding aids, Greaser facilitated access to researchers including attorneys, surveyors, landmen and genealogists who require information on Spanish and Mexican land grants in Texas.

In the course of his employment as the Spanish translator of the General Land Office, he conducted original research on Spanish and Mexican land systems, land surveying methods, and early Texas history in an effort to gain insight into the historic application of the laws governing said land grants. Greaser saw it as his duty to be informed, saying in a description of his work: “Knowledge of the laws, surveying practices, and historical context is essential to answer the questions asked by attorneys, surveyors, historians, and genealogists who use the records.”

His published translations include books and articles on Latin American art, architecture, literature, science and technology published by the University of Texas Press, John Wiley and Sons, UNESCO and the Organization of American States (OAS). Greaser was selected as the runner-up for the 2009 Presidio La Bahia award, which recognizes work that focuses on Texas heritage during the Spanish Colonial period, for his publication on South Texas land grants. Greaser has also conducted or participated in many seminars and conferences, in which he gave original presentations on topics related to land grants and surveying in Texas and genealogy.

Scope and Contents of the Records

This collection contains documents gathered by Galen Greaser, the Texas General Land Office’s Spanish translator from 1984 to 2011 in the course of his work and research at the agency. The documents present in the collection are the product of his research into the legal practices in place during Spanish and Mexican control of Texas, surveying practices associated with these laws, and the land grants issued during this time. The materials relate to public land policies and laws for the periods of 1718-1821, the period of Spanish control, and 1821-1835, the period of Mexican control and to subsequent historical and legal opinions about them.

The history of land grants in Texas is complex and contentious. Changes in sovereignty from Spain to Mexico to the Republic of Texas and finally the State of Texas required decisions on validating existing perfected titles and confirming inchoate or incipient titles. As Spanish translator, Greaser sought to understand the intricacies of the Spanish and Mexican colonization laws affecting Texas, the systems devised to implement them, and the actual practices associated with issuing land titles. The work of accurately translating the GLO's Spanish Collection titles and associated land records and providing informed answers to legal, historical, and general inquiries about them demanded the accumulation of specialized knowledge of the subject. The materials in the collection are, in part, the result of research efforts to answer questions about mineral and water rights associated with these titles, the empresario system, surveying practices, and specific land grants with a contentious history, such as the William Palham Humphries, Thomas Jefferson Chambers, and Jose Francisco Balli "La Barreta" grants. The collections contains copies of decisions, and notes on additional sources of land grant information. The collection also includes a significant amount of information on the accession and organization of the holdings of the GLO's Spanish Collections, and research on the "Archive War."

The scope of the collection covers early Spanish and Mexican land grants, titles, plats and related materials for areas of what is now the state of Texas. Specific regions of interest include Austin’s colonies and surrounding areas and South Texas. Greaser’s South Texas research includes materials describing the settlements and regions of Zapata, Tamaulipas, Nuevo Santander, the Rio Grande and the Nueces River areas and Laredo. Also present in the collection are a large number of legal documents relating to land ownership debates in Texas. In Greaser’s research there is a particular focus on the Kennedy and Ballí land disputes, in which two families lay claim to mineral rights in land near Kingsville, Texas. There are also materials relating to the history of public lands in Texas, the history of the General Land Office and research for conferences held on genealogy and surveying.

Materials present in the collection include copies of correspondence, original handwritten land grants, surveyors field notes, family histories and legal court documents from the 19th and 20th centuries with original material such as presentation notes, drafts for published materials, and promotional material celebrating Texas history dating from the early 20th century. The collection consists primarily of photocopies of land grant records and published materials. Additionally, there are handwritten notes on loose notepaper and legal pads, binders, bound publications, several compact discs, two floppy disks, a few newspaper clippings and a few 4x6 color photos.


The collection is organized into the following series:
Spanish Collection Research
Empresario Colonies
South Texas Research
Family History Research


Access Note

Materials are open for research.

Access Restrictions

Unrestricted access.

Use restrictions

Materials may be under copyright protection. US copyright law does allow for reproduction of materials under copyright for uses such as critique, criticism, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research. The researcher has full responsibility for determining copyright status, locating copyright holders, and abiding by current copyright laws when publishing or displaying copies of Special Collections material in print or electronic form.

Index Terms

Austin, Stephen F., (Stephen Fuller), 1793-1836
Beales, John Charles
Humphries, Pelham
Austin's Colony (Tex.)
Coahuila and Texas (Mexico)--History--Sources
Field Notes
John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation
Land Grants
Land ownership--Texas
Land titles--Texas
Legal documents
Mineral Rights-Texas
Nacogdoches (Tex.)
Public Lands--Texas.
Spanish Collection
Texas General Land Office

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Spanish Collection Research

Spanish Collection Research Series Bibliography, 2013
GLO Finding Aids
Box Folder
1 1 GLO finding aids [Obsolete Overviews of the Spanish Collection, obsolete indexes of the special collections], 1980s-1990s
2 Correspondence regarding Austin’s Colony, Titles in Austin’s Colony [Indexes and Finding Aids for Austin’s Colonies], 1990s
3 Index - Bexar land records, Spanish Collection, by name & chronological, 1993
4 Index to translation of empresario land contracts, undated
5 Vertical file indexes [Obsolete working indexes], undated
6 Records removed from the Spanish Collection [Business records of the Spanish Collection, boxes labeled GSC], undated
7 Listing of Spanish period docs [and titles] in GLO Spanish Collection, undated
8 Unfinished titles, index, undated
Collection History
Box Folder
1 9 Spanish Collection organization [Obsolete index], undated, 1987
11 Acquisition of Spanish Collection [notes on the original acquisition in 1837]
12 Spanish Collection, [photocopies of documents from the Texas State Archives regarding the acquisition and interpretation of Spanish Collection documents], undated
13 Spanish Collection [General handwritten notes about the Spanish Collection],1980s
14 Spanish Collection - General info [and statistics on titles issued by colony], undated
Box Folder
2 1 Spanish Collection, condition history [photocopies of documents detailing the custodial history of the Spanish Collection. Also includes a powerpoint presentation about the conservation of the Registro], 2010
12 Colonization of Texas: Spain [Spanish Collection Research][Research on Spanish colonization of Mexico]


Legal Series Bibliography, 2013
Law Digests
Box Folder
31 8 Atty. Gen. Opinions – Border Leagues, “Floated” claims
9 Citizenship – provisions
10 Colonization Laws – Tamaulipas
11 Community Property Alienation of land
12 Confirmation Act of 9-3-1901
13 Fees of Office
14 Act Granting Islands & Land Channel to Harris CO Ship Channel Navigation District
17 JA Hutchins [photocopy of portions of volume, http://legacy.lib.utexas.edu/taro/txglo/00043/glo-00043.html]
Box Folder
32 2 Statues Governing Public Land
Specific Cases
Box Folder
32 14 Samuel C. Bundick [handwritten notes]
16 Thomas Jefferson Chambers [handwritten notes, photocopies of primary documents, article entered into bibliography]
17 Daniel Colton – J. Robinson Survey
Box Folder
33 1 Cordova, Joaquin [certificate of fact, notes and GLO documents]
2 Dembriski [correspondence regarding Pelham Humphries, 1990]
3 Edwards, Haden [index of GLO documents related to]
4 Bartolo Escobedo Survey [certificate of fact and other notes regarding]
17 Gorgonia Salinas Longoria [legal family history]
18 Longoria, Pedro & Matias [legal family history]
22 Marsh v. Weir 21TX97 (John McCormick Forfeiture) [photocopy of land title; case entered into bibliography]
30 Perry (Austin) v. John P. Coles [legal research]
31 Real Estate Law – gananciales, prescription, rights of minors, notarial practice [Mexican law, photocopies of handwritten documents]
32 Red River Mexican Land Grants [legal research]
33 Reyes, Blas [regarding land]
34 State v. Indio [regarding Antonio Rivas grant][case entered into bibliography]
Box Folder
34 2 Sheldon v. Milmo – Intendencias [legal research; case entered into bibliography]
3 Smith County (Flores Carmona Estrada, Del Rio Surveys) [legal research]
8 Trans Nueces Grants – Lawsuits Act of 1901. Maynes v State [legal research; cases entered into bibliography]
9 Maria Ximenez League [correspondence]
Water and Minerals
Box Folder
34 10 Water – Laws, opinions, etc
11 Water, surveying, Saltillo. Jose Maria Garcia, Uso de Aguas [photocopies of documents]
12 Minerals [articles, legal reviews, technical reports about mineral right in Texas]

Empresario Colonies

Empresario Colonies Series Bibliography, 2013
Austin's Colony
Box Folder
3 14 Slavery (Coahuila-Texas) Austin’s Colony [publications and notes related to]
Box Folder
12 1 Austin Colony boundaries
2 Austin Colony records in [photocopies of primary sources]
3 Austin’s Registro [research and presentation material]
4 Austin 2 / Map proj. [research on mapping Austin’s colony]
5 Austin Colony - Connected map [correspondence related to]
6 Description of land & conditions in Austin’s Colony [1831 editorial]
7 Deeds - Washington County, Peach Point - Austin [Peach Point Plantation]
8 Photographs, Austin’s Colony [Peach Point Plantation]
9 Translator - Procedures [manual for the Spanish Translator]
10 Index to decrees and injunctions
11 Atlases, index by counties to old atlases [related to Austin’s Colony]
12-14 Austin's Colony Maps
Box Folder
13 1-4 Austin's Colony Maps
Pelham Humphries
Box Folder
6 3 Pelham Humphries, [regarding a heavily litigated land claim dispute]
4 Pelham Humphries, folder 2
5 Digital copy of William [Pelham] Humphries
General Empresario Colony Research
Box Folder
3 4 Henderson, Mary Virginia, “Minor Empresario Contracts…” [entered into bibliography]
Box Folder
20 8 [Transcribed primary documents related to the Galveston Bay and Texas Land Company colonies (Burnet, Velhein, Zavala).] [other documents entered into bibliography]
Box Folder
36 1 Town, Establishment of
2 Austin, City of
3 Austin Bicentennial
4 Agua Dulce & Lipantitlan
5 School File – 7838
7 Brazoria, Deed & Plot
8 Entry of Certificate of JH Ross
9 Galveston Island (Seguin Menard)
10 Bastrop – Survey of Town Tract
11 Liberty – Town lots, article, translation
12 Nacogdoches Town Tract
13 An Indian Ford in Laredo: El Paso de Jacinto 1746 – 2005
14 Perez Rancho
15 Refugio, Town Tract
16 San Antonio
17 San Felipe de Austin
18 Santísima Trinidad de Salcedo
19 Tenoxtitlan
20 Travis County
21 Victoria – town tract
22 Williams, JW Old Texas Trails
23 Old Place ( John R Williams, WM & Allen Vince)
24 Lorenzo de Zavala – Homesite
Box Folder
2 11 Colonization of Texas: Mexico [Empresario Colonies][Research on Anglo-American colonization of Mexico]

South Texas Research

South Texas Research Series Bibliography, 2013
Legal Documents
Box Folder
28 1 Bibliography and Misc. Research [notes and bibliographies]
2 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo [web articles and publications][many entered into bibliography
3 U.S. Supreme Court Decisions [cases, articles and bibliographies][many entered into bibliography]
4 Confirmation [case bibliographies]
Box Folder
29 1 Boundary [web articles and publications][many entered into bibliography]
Box Folder
27 6 “Online Payroll Tables” (old label)
Box Folder
29 2 South Texas land Grants Research for Revision of “Guide”
3 James Wells Review Project [no top label; handwritten notes]
4 Travis County Land Grant Records; William Seabury Land Grant Records, UT [handwritten notes]
5 James Wells Papers, UT [handwritten notes]
Box Folder
30 2 South Texas Region Research & Publications [photocopies of primary documents from TSLAC][publications entered into bibliography]
3 South Texas Region Research & Publications [handwritten notes; publications entered into bibliography]
4 South Texas Region Research & Publications [handwritten notes; publications entered into bibliography]
5 South Texas Region Research & Publications [handwritten notes; publications entered into bibliography]
Box Folder
31 1 South Texas Region Research & Publications [handwritten notes; publications entered into bibliography]
41 South Texas Region Research & Publications [handwritten notes]
Box Folder
31 6 Nueces County History [handwritten notes]
7 Guide to Spanish and Mexican Land Grants in South Texas
Box Folder
26 1 Escandon – Virrey
2 Provincias internas, vol. 172
3 Provincias internas, vol. 179
Box Folder
27 1 Provincias internas, vol. 180
2 Provincias internas, vol. 249
3 Provincias internas, vol. no. 110
4 Provincias internas, vol. 248
5 Provincias internas, vol. 178
Box Folder
26 1 Assorted Publications
2 Assorted Publications
3 Assorted Publications
4 Assorted Publications


Surveying Series Bibliography, 2013
Box Folder
4 12 Surveyors [colony surveyors 1824-1836]
13 Surveyor stuff [unknown correspondence]
14 Field notes with noteworthy calls
19 Measurement of land -- Texas. The vara // Webb surveyors collection [Research on the vara]
Box Folder
5 1 Surveyors - Pre-1836, info and writing samples [research on colony surveyors]
2 Baade, Hans W. “The Law Governing the Callihan-Vince Grant: Plus other reports” [legal research relating to Manchester Terminal Corp v. Port of Houston Authority]
3 Surveyors - Instructions [Research on laws directing surveying]
4 Surveying [Broad and general research]
5 Surveying - Nueva España, Plano de Mies [research on surveying in New Spain, 1500-1800]
7 Translated and annotated correspondence notes [Empresario colonies]
Box Folder
6 2 Land: description, classification, east Tx [example of land classification]
6 Asociación de reclamantes [relating to a group of Mexican citizens trying to regain compensation for lands lost to the United States]
7 Andres Bautista Pereda & Jose Manuel Pereda, Filenumber 135:10 [nicknamed the “blood title”, this copy was probably used in presentations to illustrate that “three blood stains, diminishing proportionately on the successive pages had penetrated forty-five thicknesses of paper.”


Box Folder
38 1 Talks in Spanish
2 Article Ideas
3 Articles, Film Draft
4 Hispanic Genealogy Conference Research
Box Folder
39 1 Genealogy Talks
2 Surveyors Talks

Family History Research

Family History Research Series Bibliography, 2013
Box Folder
5 30 “Genealogical Research at the Texas General Land Office”
Box Folder
34 13 La Bahia – 1810 Census
Box Folder
35 1 William Harris James Baird / George Pentecost [deed and land grants]
2 David Brown aka Robt. F. Stephens
3 Genealogy
4 Francisco de la Garza. Ballesteros
5 RH Hunton – Autobiog
6 Horatio, Chriesman
7 Robert Kuykendall – Family History
8 JH Kuykendall
9 Valle, Santiago del
10 Sam Wiley
11 Antonio Gil Ybarbo
Box Folder
12 12 Andres Jaime Isaguirre & Inez Ramirez del Bosque
Box Folder
32 11 Billingsley [family history]
13 Borrego, Jose Basquez [family history documents, legal case entered into bibliography]
Box Folder
33 21 McManus, Jane [family history]
23 Micheli, Vicente [family history]
Box Folder
4 10 List of Mexican women who received land from the Mexican Government [family history research / spanish collection research]
Box Folder
40 14 [Jose Manuel de la Garza]


Publications Series Bibliography, 2013
East Texas
Box Folder
20 9 Bassett - diplomatic corresp.
10.1 Fondo Jefatura Política de Béjar
Box Folder
21 10.2-10.5 Fondo Jefatura Política de Béjar
3 Photocopied materials from Joe G. Mugaerza[?] [photocopies of primary documents from the National Archives of Mexico]
Box Folder
22 1 Copies of State Archives - Inventory (1) [chronological listing of Republic-era documents from TSLAC]
4 Loose notes on the Smyth Papers
5 Smyth, George W. Papers, CAH, St., U.T.
Spanish and Mexican Land Systems
Box Folder
2 11 Colonization of Texas: Mexico [Empresario Colonies][Research on Anglo-American colonization of Mexico]
12 Colonization of Texas: Spain [Spanish Collection Research][Research on Spanish colonization of Mexico]
General Publications
Box Folder
2 8 Border Leagues [photocopy of 1847 list of land grants bordering the U.S.]
Box Folder
3 1 Eleven-league grants - James Armstrong
18 Character certificates - Documents of Special Interest
19 Field notes [handwritten list of field notes in Book 6 & 7 of Austin’s Colony]
Box Folder
4 1 GLO imprints (Streeter) [correction of Streeter regarding the existence of petitions to Austin’s colonies]
3 San José Mission Grant [Spanish Collection Research; this grant came before the colonies and Mexican independence]
4 Travis (Milam Register “Signature”) [research on the veracity of William B. Travis’ signature on GLO documents] [Empresario Colonies]
5 Visita General - 1767 [Research on the 5 Visita Generales pre-dating Austin’s Colony][Spanish Collection Research]
6 Wavell Colony Register [Indexes for and history of]
7 Withdrawn files [regarding what files can be withdrawn by statute]
8 Colonization contracts - list [chronological list includes which colonization law governed which contract]
Box Folder
14 1 Heritage Mag., Article [research for]
2 Skiles, Bob, “The TGLO Archives: An Untapped Gold Mine of Locational Data on Contact Era Indian Villages and Trails”
6 Texas land titles and vested rights / Validity of certain Spanish land grants in Texas
Box Folder
16 2 “Tejano Accounts of the Alamo Battle” [bibliography and GLO files list]
3 Vassberg, David E. “The Sp. Background: Problems concerning ownership….of Common Lands in 16th Cent. Spain”
4 Pedro Vial, Loomis, Noel & Nasatir, Abraham. Pedro Vial and the Roads to Santa Fe. [duplicate of 01/30]
5 Photocopied material from the Nacogdoches Archives [regarding Jose Antonio Saucedo and Stephen F. Austin]
6 Nacogdoches Archives (1) [Correspondence related to Spanish Collection Research]
7 Aldrete, Vicente - Nac. Archives
8 Nacogdoches Archives (2) [regarding persons appointed to various official posts in the area. Note - all worked with Stephen F. Austin during colonization]
9 Bastrop, Baron de - Nacog. Archives [annotated correspondence related to]
10 Indians - Nacog. Archives [annotated correspondence related to]
11 Judicial matters - Nac. Archives [annotated correspondence related to]
12 Anglo Immigration - Nac. Arch. [annotated correspondence related to Dr. John Charles Beales]
Box Folder
17 1 Land distribution - Nacogdoches Archives [annotated correspondence related to]
2 Photocopied materials from the Nacogdoches Archives [annotated correspondence related to Anglo immigration]
3 Madero, Jose Francisco - Nacogdoches Archives [annotated correspondence related to]
4 Padilla, Juan Antonio - Nacogdoches Archives [annotated correspondence related to]
5 Political developments - Nacogdoches Archives [annotated correspondence related to]
6 Rivers - Navigation - Rafts - Nacogdoches Archives [annotated correspondence related to]
Box Folder
19 1 Archives War Research - Primary Sources - GLO [correspondence]
2 Archives War Research - Secondary Sources [folder 1 of 2]
3 Archives War Research - Primary Sources - TSLAC
4 Archives War Research - Secondary Sources [folder 2 of 2]
5 Archives War Research - Exhibit Plans
6 Teran, Piedras, Alaman [references to these men in the McFarland Journal]
7 Haden Edwards & Fredonian Revolt [secondary source material]
Box Folder
20 1 Wavell [brief biographical note in McFarland Journal]
2 Milam, Ben (Research)
3 Lorenzo de Zavala [photocopies of primary sources about]
4 Bexar Archives - list of items to research [handwritten notes]
5 Loose notes and legal pad [bibliographic notes regarding collections at the BCAH]
6 Stephen F. Austin, Moses Austin, Letter to and from several Mexican officials [photocopies of transcribed letters from the Stephen F. Austin Collection at the BCAH: http://legacy.lib.utexas.edu/taro/utcah/00814/cah-00814.html]
Box Folder
23 1 Smyth Papers Miscellaneous
3 Power and Hewetson material form Cath. Archives Microfilm - Reel #2
5 Madero, Jose Francisco [correspondence related to]
6 Dominguez Grant [correspondence and bibliography related to]
7 David Porter [correspondenct from S. F. Austin to]
8 John A. Rockwell Papers, CAH, UT [photocopies of entire collection]
9 Joel Poinsett Papers, CAH, UT [photocopies of portions of collection]
10 Eugene C. Barker Papers, CAH, UT [notes taken on]
11 Butler Papers, CAH, UT [photocopies of transcribed correspondence]
12 Benjamin C. Franklin Papers, CAH, UT [notes taken on]
13 Thomas Huling Papers [notes taken on]
14 John William Smith Papers (Agreement with Green De Witt), CAH, UT [notes taken on]
15 Thomas Jefferson Rusk Papers, CAH, UT [notes taken on]
Box Folder
24 3 Land grant research notes - lists of sources [notes on individuals; notes from archival collections]
11 Spanish Policies Re: Texas [photocopies of policies from the National Archives of Mexico]
13 Claims of U.S. Citizens Against Mexico [secondary sources]
14 Expansionists of 1812
15 Exerpts from “Papers concerning Robertson’s colony in Texas, Volume 1”
Box Folder
25 1 Secretaria de la defensa nacional, microfilm list [list of documents on microfilm from the National Archives of Mexico]
3-4 Various articles referencing Jose de Escandon
Publications from Other Archives
Box Folder
37 1 San Antonio, Mexico, & Southwest – Repositories of Historical Archives
2 Archivo General de Indias
3 Bexar Archives, 1822-1836 Guide plus more
4 Commandancy General Archives of the Eastern Interior Provinces
5 Records of the Convention -
6 Library of Congress, National Archives. Guide to Microfilm – early St. Records
Local Records: Finding Guide
8 Mercurio Martinez Papers – TX A&M College Station
9 Saltillo Municipal, State of Coahuila Archives
10 Timeline: Spain & Texas
11 Mexico Archives
12 UT Pan American – Special Collection
13 TX Archives (Govt.)
14 Lure of the Land – Corrections
Box Folder
40 15 Fuentes para la historia de la guerra. Dirigida por: Martha Rodriguez Garcia. Centro de Estudios Sociales y Humanisticos de Saltillo, A. C. [CD-RO], 2002
15 Coahuila Archivos. Informacion del Internet [CD-ROM], 2009


Box Folder
35 11 Andres Jaime Isaquirre
12 5 de mayo
13 Santa Anna, Letter from San Jacinto Treaty of Velasco
14 Re: Houston, Affiant by Thompson
15 Texas Revolution, letter of Grievance from Hispanic volunteers
Box Folder
40 1 Correction for Robertson’s Colony Entry on GLO materials 1997
2 Admin Memos
3 [La Barreta - Greaser Translation, 3.5” in. floppy disk]
4 [Translation of the Leonard Salinas title]
5 [Translation Ygnacio de la Pena File 444]
6 [Big Barreta (Balli)]
7 [Translation of the Jose Francisco Balli Expendiente “La Barreta”]
8 [La Barreta Grant – Antonio Margil Cano Survey Translation]
9 [photocopies of titles for the years 1827 and 1828]
10 [Mexican grant for State of Tamaulipas to Miguel Hinojosa}
11 [GLO records index relating to Pehlam Humphries]
12 Seabury [handrwitten notes regarding the Seabury Papers]
13 Narciso Cabazos, Valentin. Garcia Felix de Leon, Franciso de Leon, Sivestre de Leon, Jose Esteban Sisneros, Pascual Vajardo (Guajardo), Fulgencio Vueno (Bueno) [correspondence, power of attorney]