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An Inventory of Its Records, 1940-1992, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

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Creator Texas Tech University. Water Resources Center
Title: Water Resources Center Records,
Dates: 1940-1992
Abstract: The collection, dated from 1940-1992, contains administrative and research files of the Water Resources Center at Texas Tech University.
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Quantity: 13 Boxes and 1 Oversize Folder (14.0 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Established in 1965 by the Board of Regents, the Water Resources Center (WRC) researches water issues on the state, national and international level, and in particular water concerns of the Texas High Plains. The WRC is housed in the Civil Engineering building and its researchers are comprised of Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty.

"The operating philosophy of the WRC is that the highest priority for research activities should be accorded to concerns inherent in ensuring the High Plains region has water supplies that are adequate in quantity and quality to meet the region's needs. Thus, three objectives have been identifies: 1)Augmentation- increasing the supply of available water; 2) Conservation- reducing demands by increasing the efficiency of water use; and 3) Protection- preventing the pollution of existing supplies. Education and the WRC go hand-in-hand."

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Scope and Content

The collection deals with water related subjects, primarily related to the environment and the Pantex Plant, located outside of Amarillo, Texas. Included are numerous literary productions, maps of various Texas counties, and water reports.

Transferred to the Audio/Visual department was one VHS tape entitled, "Wading Discharge Measurement Water Levels in Wells, Introduction to Fractal Geology Debris Flow Dynamics," undated.



The materials are arranged into alphabetical order.


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The subject headings used by the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library are derived from the Library of Congress and/or locally developed.
Subjects (Persons)
Claborn, B. J.
Rainwater, Ken
Ramsey, R. H.
Urban, Lloyd V.
Subjects (Organizations)
High Plains Underground Water Conservation District No. 1
Texas Tech University. College of Engineering
Texas Tech University. Water Resources Center
Texas Water Development Board
Subjects (Places)
Big Spring(Tex.)
Howard County(Tex.)
Lubbock (Tex.)
Land use--Planning
Ogallala Aquifer
Ogallala Aquifer--Great Plains
Pantex Plant (Amarillo, Tex.)
Water resources development--Texas
Water use--Arid regions

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Water Resources Center Records, 1940-1992, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas


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Garrett Abbott, Kent Bowersock, David Dodds, Brenda L. Haes, Tara Mahan, and Austin Swann, 2005

Collection Inventory



box folder
1 1 Absorption of Surfactants by Core Samples, 1982
2 Alphabetical Committee List, 1966
3 Big Spring Draw 10-Year Existing Conditions, 1979
4 California Water Plan, 1970-1971
5 Chapter 52: Texas Water Code, undated
6 Charts: Lake Flow History for Filters, 1985
7 Charts: Precipitation, Lake Flow History and Levels, 1985
8 Claborn, Bill: Class Notes and Rosters, 1986-187
9 Claborn, Bill: Class Notes and Rosters, 1991-1992
10 Class Notes: Surface Hydrology by Bill Claborn, 1989
11 Class Notes: Water Resources III by Bill Claborn, 1991
12 Column Drainage: Constant Environment Chamber, 1982-1984 1982-1984
13 Committee Chairmen, undated
14 Conference: Ponds as a Wastewater Treatment Alternative, 1975
15 Constant Environment Chamber Data, 1984-1987
box folder
2 1 Contract Between High Plains Underground Water Conservation District No. 1 and Texas Tech University, 1981
2 Contributions to the Governor’s Committee of 500, 1969
3 Control of Sediment Deposition at Big Sandy Draw Bridge and Interstate 20 (folder 1 of 2), 1991-1992
4 Control of Sediment Deposition at Big Sandy Draw Bridge and Interstate 20 (folder 2 of 2), 1991-1992
box folder
2 5 Correspondence: Bill Claborn’s Visit to Los Alamos, New Mexico, 1985
6 Correspondence: Can-Tex Industries, 1967 and undated
7 Correspondence: Comparisons of Software Packages for Large Sparse Linear Systems, 1979
8 Correspondence: Cost Estimates of Sand Tanks, 1984
9 Correspondence: Feasibility of Secondary Recovery of Water, 1981-1986
10 Correspondence: Foundation Electronic Instruments, 1983
11 Correspondence: High Plains Underground Water Conservation, 1984
12 Correspondence: Instrument for Reflectromatic Analysis of Moisture in Soil Test Report, 1983
13 Correspondence: Mathematical Modeling of Secondary Recovery of Water from the Vadose Zone by Air Injection, 1985
14 Correspondence: Recovery of Water from the Unsaturated Zone of the Ogallala Aquifer by Air Injection, 1983
15 Correspondence: Rupture of Gas Well Near Johnson Space Center, 1985
16 Correspondence: Second Recovery, 1984-1986
17 Correspondence: Secondary Recovery Ground-Water Contract No. 14-50028, 1985
18 Correspondence: “Secondary Recovery of Water,” by Bill Claborn, 1983
19 Correspondence: Secondary Recovery Research, 1983-1984
box folder
3 1 Correspondence: Secondary Recovery Study in Ogallala Aquifer Phase I, 1981
2 Correspondence: Secondary Recovery Tests, 1985 1985
3 Correspondence: Section 80 Study, 1975
4 Correspondence and Drawings, 1981 and undated
5 Cumulative Wind, Pan Evaporation and Tensiometer Changes Versus Time for Plot I, 1983
6 Dams, 1961-1962 and undated
7 Data: Constant Environment Chamber, 1986-1987
8 Data: Feasibility of Secondary Recovery of Water, 1981-1983
9 Data Set Sequence, 1986
10 Floppy Disks, undated
11 Floyd County: Clement’s Lake, 1948-1951
12 The Governor’s Committee of 500: Finance Committee, undated
13 Hale County: Biffle, Herman, 1948-1951
14 Handwritten Notecards on Water, undated
15 High Plains Irrigation Survey, 1967
16 High Plains States Groundwater Demonstration Program, 1986
17 High Plains Water Conservation: Logs and Location Maps of Shallowater and Wolfforth Playa Lakes, 1985
18 Investigation of the Feasibility of Secondary Recovery of Ground Water from the Ogallala Formation, 1985
19 Laboratory and Analytical Studies, 1982 and undated
20 Lake Runoff Data, 1949
Literary Productions
box folder
3 21 “Accomplishments of the 62nd Legislature,” Gus Mutcher, 1971
22 Activated Sludge, undated
23 “Activated Sludge is Versatile and Efficient,” author unknown, undated
24 “Adaptation to Aridity: Water Development in South Africa,” George A. Whetstone, 1971
25 “Address by Charles L. Becker at Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Annual Meeting,” 1974
26 “Address by Governor-Elect Dolph Briscoe at the Annual Water, Inc. Membership Drive Kickoff Meeting,” 1972
27 “Advantages of Phosphate Use in Detergents,”Arthur F. Pillsbury, 1971
box folder
4 1 “Aerated Lagoons,” author unknown, undated
2 “Aeration and Mass Transfer,” author unknown, undated
3 “Agrecology Farming,” author unknown, undated
4 “Agricultural Legislation’s Potential in Reducing Discharge of Pollutants,” Ernest L. Gamble, undated
5 “Air Injection for Removal of Contaminants in the Unsaturated Zone: Phase II,” B. J. Claborn and Ken A. Rainwater, 1987
6 Air Injection to Control the Movement of a Contaminated Plume,” Billy J. Claborn and Ken A. Rainwater, 1987
7 “Air, Water, Land, and People,” Frank M. Stead and P. H. McGaughey, 1968
8 “Algal Bioassay Potential Primary Productivity Studies of the Lower St. Louis River, Minnesota,” J. M. Johnson, O. R. Ruschmeyer, T. O. Odlaug, and T. A. Olson, undated
9 “Alternate Pollution Control Systems for Coastal Metropolitan Areas,” author unknown, 1966
10 “Anaerobic Ponds,” Joseph F. Malina, Jr. and Rafael A. Rios, undated
11 “Analysis of Closed Circuit Irrigation System and Its Subdivision,” David Karmeli, Gideon Oron, 1979
12 “Analysis of Plants, Soils and Waters for Nitrate by Using an Ion-Selective Electrode,” P. J. Milham, A. S. Awad, R. E. Paull, and J. H. Bull, 1970
13 “Animal Waste Management with Pollution Control,” R. Hansen, K. L. Martin, J. Matsushima, S. M. Morrison, B. R. Sabey, D. W. Seckler, J. L. Smith, G. M. Ward, J. C. Ward, R. C. Ward, et. al., 1974
14 “Applications of Advances in Space Technology to Water Resources Management,” Michael G. Del Duca, and John M. Fuscoe, 1966
15 “Aquifer Recharge Utilizing Playa Lake Water and ‘Alidrain’ Filters,’" Lloyd V. Urban and Bill J. Claborn, 1982
16 “Aquifer Recharge Utilizing Playa Lake Water and Filter Underdrains,” Lloyd V. Urban and Bill J. Claborn, 1984
17 “Aquifer Recharge Utilizing Playa Lake Water and ‘Wick’ Filter Drains,” Lloyd V. Urban and Bill J. Claborn, 1982
18 “Are Existing Measurements of Precipitation Input to Watersheds Adequate for Management Decisions?” Paul A. Rechard, undated
19 “Are Health Effects of Man’s Environment Additive?” Richard A. Prindle, 1968
20 “Assessment of Pollution-Water Quality-Ecosystem Interactions in Jamaica Bay,” author unknown, 1970
21 “An Assessment of the Nation’s Water Resources,” Bruce Blanehard, 1969
22 “Atmospheric Oxygenation in a Simulated Stream,” Willie P. Isaacs and Anthony F. Gaudy, Jr., 1968
23 “Automation of California Water Project,” Alfred B. Golze, 1968
24 “Automation of Irrigation,” Maurice N. Langley, 1968
25 “Bacteria, Algae, and Dissolved Organic Matter,” John E. Hobbie, undated
25 “Bacteria, Algae, and Dissolved Organic Matter,” John E. Hobbie, undated
26 “Barry Commoner and the New Economics,” Jerome Goldstein, 1969
27 “Benefit Profile Analysis in Environmental Decision Making,” Donavan Young, 1970
28 “Better Communities through Water Resource Development,” C. V. Wood, Jr., 1971
29 “Biological Effects of Waste Discharges on Coastal Receiving Waters,” Neal E. Armstrong and Philip N. Storrs, 1969
30 “Biological Interactions and Their Significance in Waste Treatment Ponds,” Clyde E. Goulden, undated
31 “Biological Waste Stabilization Ponds at Exxon Company, USA, Baytown Refinery and Exxon Chemical Company USA Chemical Plant,” Sharon M. Novak, undated
32 “Biomediation Technology Development and Application to the Alaskan Spill,” R. R. Chianelli, T. Aczel, R. E. Bare, G. N. George, M. W. Genowitz, M. J. Grossman, et. al., undated
33 “Brazos River Basin Hearing on the Study of Natural Salt Pollution Control,” Water, Inc., 1971
34 “Briefing Session,” Water, Incorporated, 1975
35 Bureau of Reclamation Contributions to International Water Resources Development, undated
36 “The Canada Water Act – A Vehicle for Action,” E. Roy Tinney, 1971
37 Literary Productions: “Canadian River Basin/Red River Basin/Brazos River Basin/Colorado River Basin, undated
38 “Canadian Water Export,” Edward Kuipert, 1966-1968
39 “Cannery Wastewater Treatment by High-Rate Spray on Grassland,” James P. Law, Jr., Richard E. Thomas, and Leon H. Myers, 1970
40 “Cenozoic Geology of the Canadian River Valley, New Mexico,” Zane Spiegel, undated
41 “Change and Water Uses,” 1971
42 “Change and Water Uses,” Bill Clayton, 1972
43 “Characteristics of Illinois Ground Waters at Three Stages of Treatment for Iron Removal,” author unknown, undated
44 “Characteristics of Industrial Wastes and the Effect on the Environment,” Ernest F. Gloyna, undated
45 “Characteristics of Plastic Membrane for Engineering Applications,” Richard G. Ahlvin and Sidney G. Tucker, 1972
46 “A Checklist of the Cave Fauna of Texas. III. Vertebrata,” James R. Reddell, 1967
47 “Chemical in Situ Oxidation for Rehabilitation of Aquifers,” Harry W. Parker and Kenneth Rainwater, 1987
48 Civil Engineering and Urban Systems,” George L. Peterson, Robert S. Gemmell, Richard D. Worrall and Donald S. Berry, undated
49 “Civil Engineering Applications of Remote Sensing,” David J. Barr and Wesley P. James, 1973
50 “Class Suits to Enjoin Federal Projects,” Frank R. Booth, undated
51 “Clean Water for Texas to Drink,” Henry J. Greaser, 1972
52 “Cleaning Up the Water Mess,” R. Neil Sampson, 1984
53 “Coliform Disappearance Rate Study,” 1971
54 “Comments by Duncan Ellison, Executive Director, Water, Inc. on House Joint Resolution 33,” Ellison and Duncan, 1981
55 “Common Denominators,” F. J. Clarke, 1971
56 “A Comparison of the Effect of Surface Runoff and Sewage Discharge upon the Water Quality of a Subtropical Estuary,” R. H. F. Young, N. C. Burbank, and L. S. Lau, 1970
57 “Composting Domestic Refuse in a Home Unit,” J. W. Clark, 1964
58 “Comprehensive Study of the Rio Grande Valley,” Jesse B. Gilmer, 1971
59 “Computational Aids for Forecasting Water Quality,” E. F. Gloyna, R. S. Schechter, 1960
60 “Computer Applications in Sanitary Engineering,” John L. Rose, Paul Spindel, undated
61 “Conclusions of the National Water Commission’s Report,” Josiah Wheat, 1972
62 “Continuation of Quality Characteristics of Lake and Recharge Water in Playa Basins,” R. H. Ramsey and R. E. Zartman, 1987
63 “Controlling Ocean Pollution,” Norman H. Brooks, 1966
64 “Conventional and Unconventional Alternatives for Water Supply Management,” Robert K. Davis and Steve H. Hanke, 1973
65 “Co-Operative Measures for Maintaining and Improving the Quality of the Hydrosphere,” Earnest F. Gloyna, Dan M. Wells, and Bernard B. Berger, 1971
66 “Corps of Engineers Develops Water Supply Tools,” Thomas M. Walski, 1985
67 “Counterintuitive Behavior of Social Systems,” Jay W. Forrester, 1971
68 “County Solid Waste Control Act,” 1971
69 “Data Acquisition Systems in Hydrology,” William L. Isherwood, 1963
70 “Data Acquisition Systems in Water Supply or Water Automation, Instrumentation, Technology,” Samuel S. Baxter and Joseph V. Radziul, 1963
71 “Data Requirements for Digital Groundwater Model,” B. J. Claborn and Tommy Knowles, 1971
72 “Data Validation,” Gerald C. Gill, undated
73 “The Debrecen Sewage Research Farm Project,” Laszlo Vermes, undated
74 “Degradation of Abs and Other Organics in Unsaturated Soils,” Gordon G. Robeck, Jesse M Cohen, William T. Sayers, and Richard L. Woodward, 1963
75 “Dehydrogenase Activity as Criterion for the Determination of Toxic Effects on Biological Purification Systems,” G. Lenhard, 1965
76 “Denitrification of Sewage Effluents,” P. O. Finsen and D. Sampson, 1959
77 “Desalting– Water Management’s Newest Tool,” J. W. O’Meara, 1973
78 “Desert Isotype Hydrology: Water Sources of the Sinai Desert,” Joel R. Gat and Arie Issar, 1974
79 “Design and Construction of Earth Dams in New England,” John William Leslie and William M. Haines, 1963
80 “Design and Operation of Complete Mixing Activated Sludge Plants,” Ross E. McKinney, undated
81 “Design Considerations for a 3-D Laser Doppler Velocimeter for Studying Gravity Waves in Shallow Water,” Robert J. Hallermeier, 1973
82 “Design Criteria for Polishing Ponds,” R. Ramani, 1975
83 “Design Example,” Earnest F. Gloyna, undated
84 “Design of Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Facilities,” Davis L. Ford and Earnest F. Gloyna, 1970
85 “Design Parameter for a Dedicated Recharge Well,” Billy J. Claborn and Ken A. Rainwater, 1988
86 “Design Parameters for the Completely-Mixed Activated Sludge Process,” Tom D. Reynolds, 1965
87 “Detergent Phosphates and Eutrophication Excerpts from Federal Trade Commission Testimony,” William C. Krumrei, 1971
88 “Detergent Phosphates and Eutrophism,” Daniel A. Okun, 1971
89 “Determination and Charting of the Waste Load in a Flowing Stream,” G. Müller-Neuhaus, 1962
90 “Determination of Nitrate in Waters with the Nitrate-selective Ion Electrode,” D. R. Keeney, B. H. Byrnes, and J. J. Genson, 1970
box folder
5 1 “Developing, Using and Conserving Groundwater for Multiple Uses in Georgia, Ronald M. North, 1977
2 “Development of a Computer Model for Groundwater Management,” T. R. Knowles and B. J. Claborn, 1971
3 “Development of Guidelines and Consideration for Ponds,” James E. Dougherty, 1975
4 “Developments in Activated Sludge Process,” Earnest F. Gloyna and Davis L. Ford, 1971
5 “The Disaster Lobby,” Thomas R. Shepard Jr., 1971
6 “The Disastrous 20-year Time Loss in Weather Modification in the United States,” Irving P. Krick, 1971
7 “Discussion of Canadian Water Export” E. Kuliper, General A. G. I. McNaughton, 1966
8 “Dispersion of Soluble Hydrocarbons in Groundwater Stream,” B. Hoffman, undated
9 “Disposal of Wastes: Scientific and Administrative Considerations,” Robert E. Bergstrom, 1968
10 “Draft Position Paper on Educational Needs- Continuing Education,” M. D. R. Riddell, Franklin D. Dryden, Joseph McCabe, Stanley F. Sleva, W. Wesley Eckenfelder, Jr., and Earnest F. Gloyna, undated
11 ““Draft Position Paper on Educational Needs for an Undergraduate Program in Environmental Engineering,” Donald B. Aulenbach, Marion Kay Bela, Ron Brooks, C. P. Leslie Grady, Jr., E. R. Hendrickson, and Harry Hovey, undated
12 “Draft Position Paper on Educational Needs for Graduate Programs in Environmental Engineering,” George P. Hanna, Jr., Frank R. Bowerman, Edward R. Hermann, Warren J. Kaufman, Gerald A. Rohlich, and August T. Rossano, Jr., undated
13 “Draft Position Paper on Educational Needs for Two-Year Technician and Four-Year Technologist Programs,” John H. Austin, Joe Bahnick, Daniel Campbell, Hugh McMillian, Mike Pennachi, Heinz Russelmann, and William Todd, 1972
14 “Draft Position Paper on Environmental Quality Goals and Challenges,” Wesley E. Gilbertson, Joseph A. Lieberman, Frank A. Butrico, Arthur A. Atkisson, Maynard M. Hufschmidt, C. J. Touhill, and Percy H. McGauhey, undated
15 “Draft Position Paper on Manpower Needs Task Force Members,” E. Joe Middlebrooks, Robert S. Augustine, George E. Best, Morton S. Ettelstein, Ernest F. Gloyna, Lawrence P. Kolb, et. al., undated
16 “Earth Dams in Weathered Granite Terrain,” Richard C. Harlan, 1963
17 “East and West Texas Partners in Water Resource Development,” John Allen, 1972
18 “The Ecology of Flowing Waters in Relation to Management,” H. B. N. Hynes, 1969
19 “Economic Benefits from Use of Water in Secondary Oil Recovery Texas High Plains,” Tommy Swann, 1974
20 “An Economic Evaluation of the Values of a Subtropical Estuary from the Standpoint of Water Quality Management,” Hiroshi Yamauchi, 1970
21 “Economic Potential for Development of Increasing Groundwater Storage Beneath a High Plains Municipality,” Ken Rainwater, Marvin Dvoracek, and R. H. Ramsey, 1986
22 “The Economics of Desalination,” S. Baron, 1966
23 “Effect of Foreign Components on the Precipitation of Phosphate by Aluminum,” Wen Lin Yuan and Pa Ho Hsu, undated
24 “The Effect of Irrigation Return Water Upon Groundwater Quality,” P. Tenorio and R. H. F. Young, 1970
25 “Effect of Return Flows on Dissolved Solids,” Dennis J. Crowley and Joseph F. Maling, Jr., 1972
26 “The Effect of Temperature on High-Rate Digestion of Activated Sludge,” J. F. Maling, Jr., 1961
27 “The Effect of Turbid, High Carbohydrate, Sugar Processing Waste on Tropical Open Sea,” R. J. Burm and D. E. Morris, 1970
28 “Effects of Cation Exchange on Groundwater Solute Transport,” C. B. Fedler and Ken A. Rainwater, 1987
29 “The Effects of Fluoride on Estuarine Organism,” J. Hemens and R. J. Warwick, 1972
30 “Effects of pH and Ammonia on the Rate of Nitrification of Surface Water,” Bahman Kholdebarin, 1977
31 “Effects of San Diego’s Wastewater Discharge on the Ocean Environment,” Carl W. Chen, 1970
32 “The Effects of Vibration on the Percolation Rate of Water Through Randall Clay,” Thomas A. Gawlik, undated
33 “Effluent Quality for Maintaining Estuarine Water,” Neal E. Armstrong, 1975
34 “Electromagnetic Determination of Soil Water Content Using TDR: I. Applications to Wetting Fronts and Steep Gradients,” G. C. Topp, J. L. Davis, A. P. Annan, 1982
35 “Electron Optical Observations on Marblehead Illite,” Necip Guven, 1972
36 “Engineering Aspects of Water Law Under the Appropriation Doctrine,” Kenneth R. Wright, 1963
37 “Engineering Considerations in the Design of an Ocean Outfall,” Wallace J. Beckman, 1970
38 “Engineering Geology Problems at Dam and Reservoir Sites in East-Central New Mexico,” Zane Spiegel, undated
39 “Enhancement of Ground Water Supplies Through Developing Advanced Artificial Recharge Technologies,” Lloyd V. Urban, 1984
40 “Environment,” author unknown, 1971
41 “Environmental Aspects of River Basin Planning,” Maynard M. Hufschmidt, 1967
42 “Environmental Aspects of River Diversion,” Bernard B. Berger, 1971
43 “Environmental Data for the Texas Coastal Zone,” Peter T. Flawn, 1972
44 “Environmental Engineering – A New Element in Water Resource Development,” Lt. General William F. Cassidy, 1967
45 “Environmental Factors Affecting Magnesium Concentrations and Tetanigenicity of Pastures,” S. R. Wilkinson, J. A. Stuedemann, J. B. Jones, Jr., W. A. Jackson, and J. W. Dobson, 1972
46 “The Environmental Problem, Government Agencies, and Public Policies,” Peter T. Flawn, undated
47 “EPA and the Livestock Feeder,” Bill Jones, 1974
48 “Environmental Quality,” Russel E. Train, 1972
49 “The Environmental Revolution,” M. Frank Thomas, 1971
50 “Environmentally Damaging Materials in the Highway Rights-of-Way,” Ken Rainwater, 1987
51 “An Enzymatic Technique to Detect Surplus Phosphorus Uptake by Activated Sludge,” E. G. Fruh, W. E. Morgan, H. G. Moore, R. B. Higgins, et al., undated
52 “Errors in Determination of the Water Content of a Trickle Irrigated Soil Volume,” J. Ben-Asher, 1979
53 “Evaluation of an Aerated Soil Pile for Treatment of Organic Hazardous Wastes,” R. R. Ramsey, 1987
54 “Evaluation of Processes Available for Removal of Phosphorus from Wastewater,” Lawrence R. Cecil, 1971
55 “Examination of Citizen Opinions Regarding the Development and Implementation of Municipal Water Conservation Plans,” Billy J. Claborn and Kathleen M. Trauth, 1987
56 “Excerpts of Remarks by Assistant Secretary of the Interior James R. Smith at the National Water Resources Association Convention,” 1971
57 “Experiences with New Pond Designs in California,” William J. Oswald, 1975
58 “Fables, Fallacies, Fantasies, and Facts,” Frank W. Suggit, 1972
59 “Fact Sheet on Imported Fire Ants,” author unknown, 1979
60 “Facts About the Texas Water Plan and Constitutional Amendment No. Two,” author unknown, 1979
61 “Factors to be Considered by Highway Agencies in the Identification and Remediation of Hazardous Waste Sites,” Ken A. Rainwater, George A. Whetstone, 1986
62 “Farm Ground Water Nitrate Pollution: A Case Study,” William H. Walker, Theodore R. Peck, and Walter D. Lembke, 1972
63 “The Fate of Coliform Organisms in Waste Stabilization Ponds,” J. F. Malina and Jr., Y. A. Yousef, 1962
64 “Fate of Residual Portion of Hydrocarbons Following Volatilization by Air Injection,” B. J. Claborn and Ken Rainwater, 1986
65 “Feasibility of Using Local Clays for Removal of Selected Heavy Metals from Municipal Wastewaters,” R. H. Ramsey, 1987
66 “Feast or Famine?” Russell Bean, 1971
67 “Field Use of Microwatersheds with Vertical Mulch,” Merle L. Fairbourn and H. R. Gardner, 1974
68 “Finite-Amplitude, Shallow Water-Waves of Periodically Recurring Form,” Cyril J. Galvin, 1970
69 “Finite Element Algorithms for Stimulating Three-Dimensional Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport in Multilayer Systems,” Peter F. Anderson, Peter S. Huyakorn, and B. Geoffrey Jones, 1986
70 “Fitting Watersheds into State Water Plans, William R. Gianella, 1972
71 “A Five-Minute Solution for Stream Assimilative Capacity,” A. W. Bush, 1972
72 “Fizzled-Out Oil Fields Are Revived with Carbon Dioxide Injections,” Barbara Shook, 1981
73 “Flood Plain Management – Non-Structural Approaches to Planning,” Troy Lynn Lovell, 1973
74 “Flow in Heterogeneous Porous Mediums: Darcian-Type Description of Two-Phase Systems,” R. William Nelson, 1966
75 “The Flow Regime in the Root Zone Around a Subsurface Emitter,” Gideon Oron, David Karmeli, 1979
76 “Frontiers in Wastewater Management: Technological, Financial, and Administrative,” Harold B. Gotas, Bert W. Johnson, F. H. Doe, Jr., and Albert E. Berry, 1965
77 “The Full-Scale Reclamation of Purified Sewage Effluent for the Augmentation of the Domestic Supplies of the City of Windhoek,” L. R. J. Van Vuuren, M. R. Henzen, and G. J. Stander, 1969
78 “General Limnological and Biological Stream Surveys as a Simple Means of Detecting Pollution and Controlling Their Effects,” W. Schmitz, undated undated
79 “Geomorphology and Sediments of the Chesapeake Bay Entrance,” Edward P. Meisburger, 1972
80 George Mahon at Water, Inc. Annual Meeting, 1972
81 “Governor’s Address,” Governor Sargent of Massachusetts, 1971
82 “Groundwater Infiltration Rates,” Keith R. Marmion, undated
83 “Ground Water Recharge with Stormwater Collected in Playa Lakes,” Lloyd V. Urban and Bill J. Claborn, 1985
84 “Harvesting Water in the Desert,” Thomas M. Boers and J. Ben-Asher, undated
85 “Health and Hygiene Aspects of Spray Irrigation,” Charles A. Sorber, Kurt J. Guter, 1975
86 “Hearing on U.S. Water Resources Council’s Proposed Principles and Standards,” Tom McCall, 1972
87 “High Plains Development Project,” Kenneth Frederick, 1976
88 “Highlights of Selected Environmental Education Resources,” 1970
89 “History of Water, Incorporated,” 1967-1973
90 “Homogeneous Continuous Culture Apparatus,” Donald R. Washington, 1966
91 “The Horizontal Collector as a Recharge Well,” Henry C. Hunt, 1984
92 House Bill 1997 Water Import Authorities, 1975
93 “How Cloud Seeding Can Overcome Drought,” Irving P. Krick, 1971
94 “How Plants Can Cut Rising Waste Treatment Expense,” W. James Wells, 1970
95 “Human Factors in Design and Operation of Water Reuse Facilities,” Roy D. Miller and Walter P. Lambert, 1981
box folder
6 1 “Hydrologic Inventory and Evaluation of Nevada Playas,” 1978
2 “Hydrology of Spillway Design Floods,” Victor A. Koelzer and Marcel Bitoun, 1962
3 “Identification of Low Flow Augmentation Requirements for Water Quality Control by Computer Techniques,” J. L. Worley, F. J. Burgess, and W. W. Towne, 1964
4 “Impact of Maintaining Instream Flows on National Water Policy,” Robert L. Smith, 1979
5 “Impacts and Objectives in Water Resource Planning,” Kenneth E. Grant, 1973 1973
6 “Improved Class A Pan Coefficients,” Marvin J. Dvoracek and Muhammad Sharif, 1987
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26 “Investigation of Secondary Recovery of Ground Water from the Ogallala Formation (Report 3 of 7),” 1982
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38 “Livestock Associations Directory,” 1972
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box folder
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box folder
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box folder
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box folder
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box folder
13 1 Circular Calibrated Charts (Folder 1 of 4), 1985-1986
2 Circular Calibrated Charts (Folder 2 of 4), 1985-1986
3 Circular Calibrated Charts (Folder 3 of 4), 1985-1986
4 Circular Calibrated Charts (Folder 4 of 4), 1985-1986


Oversized Materials

folder item
1 1 California Water Plan, 1970-1971
2 Correspondence: Feasibility of Secondary Research of Water (Arial Map), 1981-1986
3 Correspondence: Feasibility of Secondary Research of Water (Cover Sheet), 1981-1986
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