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Athletic Media Relations:

An Inventory of Its Photographs, 1928-1999 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

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CreatorTexas Tech University
Title:Athletic Media Relations, Photographs,
Dates: 1928-1999 and undated
Abstract:Photograph collection of Athletic Media Relations from 1928-1999 and undated.
Collection #U 193.1
Quantity:21 boxes (21.0 linear feet)
Repository:Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Texas Technological College was chartered in 1923, and its first football coach, E. Y. Freeland, was hired in 1925. The first football game was held at the Fair Grounds. In 1947, the Clifford B. and Audrey Jones Stadium was completed and originally held 18,000 seats. The stadium was renovated in 1959 to increase the seating capacity, with subsequent renovations occurring in 1969, 1972, 1990, and 2000. The Athletics Training Center was opened in 1986 and included facilities for indoor track, volleyball, tennis, baseball, and golf. Completed in late 1999, the 15,000 seat United Spirit Arena became the new home for the university's basketball and volleyball teams.

Baseball, track and tennis were played at Texas Tech beginning in 1926. Golf was begun in 1936. The university also at one time maintained a swim team. Since 1925, the university's football team, The Red Raiders, has participated in over 22 bowl games and produced numerous notable athletes. Texas Tech joined the Border Conference in 1932 and became a member of the Southwest Conference in 1956. The disbanding of the Southwest Conference in 1996 led to Tech's joining the newly formed Big 12 Conference the same year.

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of individual player files from various Texas Tech sports and contains 32,101 prints, 1,306 slides; and 855 negatives. The player files also contain news clippings, statistical information and personal information sheets filled out by the players before they joined the sport.

Additons have been made to the collection as new files, photographs, news clippings and obituaries have been donated to the University Archives.



The collection is organized alphabetically by the athletes' last names, and unidentified individuals are listed by sport under unknown. Due to the size of the inventory, this finding aid has been split up into two pages:
Athletes last names A-L
athletes last names M-Z


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Athletic Media Relations Photographs, 1928-1999 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas


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2000-0030-B; 2000-0104-B

Gift, 2000

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Lynn Whitfield, August 2000

Additional Sources

Pollard, Norval. Red Raiders: Stories, Stats, and Stuff about Texas Tech Sports. Wichita, Kansas: Wichita Eagle and Beacon Pub., 1996.

Grimsley, Will. Football: the Greatest Moments in the Southwest Conference. Boston: Little, Brown, 1968.

Matsler, Jimmy L. An Analysis of Basketball Game and Personnel Statistics as Determinants of Team Success. Thesis (M. Ed.)-- Texas Tech University, 1984.

Tips, Kern. Football, Texas style: an Illustrated History of the Southwest Conference. Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1964.

Collection Inventory


Players last name starting with "M"

1242MacCurdy, Christopher (Swimming), 1971-1972
43Mack, Robert (Football), undated
44Mackey, Bobby (Football), undated
45MacLeay, Glenn (Baseball), 1983
46Macy, Bob (Tennis), 1956-1958
47Madewell, Matt (Unknown), 1978
48Maenias, Russell (Unknown), undated
49Magill, Joseph (Baseball), undated
50Mahan, Richard (Football), undated
51Mahoney, Gregory (Football), 1975-1976
52Maier, Robert (Unknown), undated
53Maisel, Harland (Football), undated
54Malacara, Kelly (Track), 1985-1987
55Maldonado, Phillip (Baseball), 1986
56Mallery, Marc (Football), 1985
57Malone, Bill (Football), 1960
58Managers and Trainers (Various), 1962
59Mangum, Marshall (Football), undated
60Manheimer, Karen (Tennis), undated
61Maniya, Zahid (Tennis), 1979-1980
62Manthei, Lee (Swimming), 1982-1986
63Marcum, Richard (Football), undated
64Marlow, John (Baseball), undated
65Maroney, Russell (Football), undated
66Marrow, Joe Dean (Football), 1962
67Marsh, Jesse (Diving), 1964-1966
68Marshall, Bret (Baseball), 1983-1988
69Martin, Donna (Volleyball Coach), 1985-1989
70Martin, James (Football), undated
71Martin, Larry (Football), 1978
72Martin, Lewis (Basketball), 1951
73Martin, Max (Baseball), 1967
74Martin, Ralph (Football), 1952
75Martin, Woody (Basketball), 1984
76Marusak, Dean (Football), undated
77Marvin, James (Swimming), 1977-1978
78Mason, Danny (Golf Coach), undated
79Mason, Donald Ray (Track), 1962
80Mason, Jerry (Basketball), 1988-1989
81Mason, Jim (Football), undated
82Mason, William (Swimming), 1974-1976
83Massey, Barton (Football), 1951-1998
84Mathews, Miller (Football), undated
85Mathis, Larry (Football), 1982-1985
86Matney, Kenneth (Track), 1981-1982
87Mattison, Alan (Football), undated
88Mattox, Richard (Golf), 1972-1974
89Matulich, Joe (Football), 1967-1969
90Mauk, Bryan (Basketball), 1971-1975
91Mauldin, James (Baseball), undated
92Maxwell, Tommy (Football), undated
93May, David (Football), 1967-1969
94May, Greg (Baseball), 1980-1983
95May, Lamour (Unknown), undated
96Maybee, Dan (Unknown), undated
97Mayhew, Ross (Football), 1971
98Mayo, Melissa (Basketball), undated
99Mays, Luther (Track), 1974-1975
100McAfree, Dudley (Football), 1987 and undated
101McAlister, Kip (Football), undated
102McAndrew, Jim (Track), 1976 and undated
103McAuley, Jay (Football), undated
104McBride, Joe (Football), undated
105McBride, Mike (Football), 1987
106McCaffery, Jaymera Lyn (Tennis), 1987 and undated
131McCain, Aubrey (Football), undated
2McCallister, LaDale (Unknown), undated
3McCarley, LeRoy (Football), undated
4McCollum, Benny (Football), undated
5McCorgary, Michael (Track), undated
6McCormick, Andy (Unknown), undated
7McCormick, Cameron (Golf), 1994 and undated
8McCormick, Ricky (Track), 1979 and undated
9McCowan, Jeff (Football), 1980 and undated
10McCoy, Jim (Football), undated
11McCoy, Mike (Football), undated
12McCracken, Dennis (Football), undated
13McCray, Gwen (Basketball), undated
14McCright, Gary (Football), undated
15McCune, Bobby (Football), undated
16McCutchen, Chad (Track), undated
17McCutchen, Doug (Football), undated
18McDaniel, John (Unknown), undated
19McDermand, Wayne (Football), 1969 and undated
20McDougall, Amy (Golf), 1990 and undated
21McDowell, Mark (Baseball), 1982 and undated
22McDowell, Rusty (Basketball), undated
23McEntire, Charles (Football), 1960-1962 and undated
24McFarland, David (Football), 1989 and undated
25McFarlin, Kip (Football), 1991 and undated
26McGee, W.L. (Football), undated
27McGowen, James (Football), 1985
28McGraw, Kelly (Unknown), undated
29McGregor, Ricky (Swimming), undated
30McGuire, Megan (Volleyball), undated
31McGuire, Monte (Football), 1988 and undated
32McGuire, Susan Kelly (Volleyball), undated
33McIntire, Jim (Football and Track), undated
34McIntyre, John (Baseball), undated
35McIntyre, Tommy (Track), undated
36McKean, Pat (Baseball and Basketball), undated
37McKeehan, Dale (Basketball), undated
38McKenzie, Wes (Baseball), undated
39McKim, Decker (Basketball), undated
40McKimmey, Paul (Basketball), 1981-1982 and undated
41McKinney, David Lee (Unknown), undated
42McKinney, Doug (Football), undated
43McKinney, Robert (Golf), undated
44McKoy, Malon (Football), undated
45McLain, John (Football), undated
46McLelland, Bill (Football), undated
47McManus, Johnny (Basketball), undated
48McMeans, Joe (Football), undated
49McMillan, Gary (Unknown), undated
50McMillan, Tom (Baseball), undated
51McNinch, Leon (Football), undated
52McPeak, Wayne (Football), undated
53McPherson, Ralph (Basketball), 1979 and undated
54McPherson, Tom (Baseball), undated
55McWhorter, Terry (Football), 1961-1994
56McWilliams, James "Jim" (Football), undated
57McWilliams, Ray (Football), 1961-1962
58Meador, William (Track), 1961
59Measels, Bobby (Basketball), 1962-1966
60Medina, Maria (Track), 1981-1985
61Medlin, Wayne (Football), 1955
62Medrano, Daniel (Unknown), 1990
63Medrano, David (Unknown), 1990
64Meisinger, Phil (Tennis), 1956-1958
65Melcher, Monty (Football), undated
66Mellott, David (Football), 1973
67Melton, Ricky (Football), undated
68Menard, Vincent "Vince" (Tennis), 1981-1984
69Menefee, Mike (Football), undated
70Mercer, Ronnie (Football and Track), undated
71Merrill, Candace (Golf), undated
72Merritt, Mickey (Football), 1964-1966
73Merz, Craig (Football), undated
74Messemer, James "Jim" (Baseball), 1978-1979
75Meurin, William "Billy" (Baseball), 1979
76Meyer, Robert (Football), 1959
77Meyers, Casey (Baseball), 1982-1983
78Meyers, Jeffrey "Jeff" (Track), undated
79Michaels, Gordon (Football), undated
80Michna, Mark (Baseball), undated
81Middleton, Steve (Basketball), undated
82Miles, Zan (Baseball), undated
83Mileur, Travis (Football), 1975-1976
84Miller, Cary (Football), 1961
85Miller, Daniel (Unknown), undated
86Miller, Greg (Football), undated
87Miller, James "Jamie" (Baseball), 1980
88Miller, Jerry (Football), 1969
89Miller, Jim (Unknown), undated
90Miller, Rodney (Football), undated
91Miller, Steve (Basketball), 1969
92Miller, Warren (Unknown), undated
93Miller, William "Bill" (Coach), undated
94Milliken, Ken (Football), 1960-1962
95Mills, Bradley (Football), undated
96Mills, Ralph (Baseball), 1976-1977
97Milton, Mickey (Basketball), 1959-1962
98Minter, Max (Football), undated
99Mires, Leigh (Tennis), undated
100Mischnick, Kevin (Golf), undated
101Mitchell, Charles (Football), undated
102Mitchell, Gene (Golf), 1966
103Mitchell, Jack (Football), undated
104Mitchell, Jack (Unknown), undated
105Mitchell, James Bret (Baseball), undated
106Mitchell, Kelly (Football), 1959-1961
107Mitchell, Neil (Football), undated
108Mitchell, Richard (Football), undated
109Moe, Dave (Basketball), undated
110Moeck, Robert (Track), 1975-1976
111Moffett, John (Tennis), 1972-1975
112Mohon, Jere Don (Football), 1960
113Molinare, Danny (Football), undated
114Monaco, Eddie (Football), 1978-1979
115Mondy, Craig (Football), undated
116Mongold, Eldon (Track), 1963
117Monroe, Bill (Football), undated
118Monroe, Gary (Football), 1970-1974
119Montanez, Sam (Track), 1990
120Montez, Alfred (Football), undated
121Montgomery, Jim (Baseball), undated
122Montoya, Sam (Football), undated
123Montrose, Marc (Baseball), 1976
141Moon, Larry (Track), 1964
2Mooney, Ed (Track), 1967
3Mooney, Robert (Football), undated
4Moore, Charles (Football), 1957
5Moore, Charlie (Football), undated
6Moore, Chris (Baseball), 1989
7Moore, Chris (Football), undated
8Moore, Donald "Don" (Basketball), 1970
9Moore, Donald (Football), undated
10Moore, Joe (Football), 1952-1953
11Moore, John (Baseball), 1980
12Moore, Mark "Mike" (Unknown), undated
13Moore, Michael (Football), 1982
14Moore, Mike (Football), undated
15Moore, Mike (Football), undated
16Moore, Pat (Baseball), 1978-1981
17Moore, Tatum (Tennis), 1981
18Moore, Tim (Baseball), 1983
19Morgan, Bobby (Football), undated
20Morin, Val (Baseball), undated
21Morren, Lee "Perry" Jr. (Football), 1983-1984
22Morris, Byron "Bam" (Football), undated
23Morris, Dana (Track), 1991-1993
24Morris, Glen (Track), 1980-1982
25Morris, James (Track), 1958
26Morris, Michael (Football), 1978
27Morris, Stanley "Stan" (Tennis), 1972-1975
28Morrison, Tim (Unknown), undated
29Morton, Ronald "Ronnie" (Football), 1963
30Mosley, James (Football), 1971
31Mosley, James (Football), 1986-1988
32Moss, Jobe (Golf), 1975-1976
33Mott, John "Trey" (Football), 1988
34Moultrie, Sharon (Track), 1979-1998
35Mounts, Del Ray (Basketball and Baseball), 1960-1997
36Moxom, Vance (Golf), undated
37Moyer, Gary (Baseball), 1977-1979
38Moylan, James "Jimmy" (Football), 1967-1968
39Mudie, Kimberly "Kim" (Track), 1985-1987
40Muehlberger, Eric (Swimming), 1974-1977
41Mueller, Sidney (Football), 1970-1971
42Muir, Jon (Football), undated
43Mulanax, Rachelle (Basketball), undated
44Mullen, Mark (Football), undated
45Mulligan, Danny (Unknown), 1963
46Mullins, Allen (Football), 1970
47Mullins, Larry (Football), 1960-1961
48Mundhiem, Thomas (Track), 1988
49Murdock, Frederick "Butch" (Football), 1977
50Murphy, Daniel (Track), 1984
51Murphy, David (Football), 1974
52Murphy, Richard (Track), 1958
53Murphy, Ross (Football), 1972-1973
54Murray, Richard "Dick" (Director of Marketing), 1989
55Murrell, Jim (Baseball), undated
56Murren, Bill (Basketball), 1962-1963
57Mutai, Joseph (Track), 1980
58Myers, Kenneth (Football), 1972
59Myers, Rufus (Football), 1971-1973
60Mymbs, Gerald (Football), undated
61Myrick, Chad (Tennis), 1983


Players last name starting with "N"

1462Napper, Roger (Football), 1969
63Nash, David (Football), 1984
64Nash, Donald (Baseball), undated
65Nash, Thomas (Basketball), undated
66Naughton, Christopher (Football), 1989-1990
67Neal, Steve (Football), undated
68Neas, Mark (Football), undated
69Neff, Denise (Unknown), undated
70Nelson, Brian (Football), 1975-1978
71Nelson, Charles (Basketball), undated
72Nelson, James "Jim" (Basketball), 1967
73Nelson, Mike (Basketball), 1981-1985
74Nelson, Minor (Football), 1951
75Nelson, Wesley (Unknown), undated
76Nesbitt, Roger (Football), undated
77Nester, Annette (Unknown), undated
78Nethery, Scott (Baseball), 1979-1980
79Nevarez, Jesus (Baseball), 1977
80New, Delbert (Track), 1976
81Newland, David (Baseball), 1978
82Newman, Eric (Baseball), 1994-1995
83Newsome, Edwin (Football), 1979
84Newton, Grady (Basketball), 1974-1976
85Nichols, David (Football), 1997
86Nichols, Diane (Soccer Coach), 1994-1997
87Nichols, Leslie (Basketball), 1977
88Nichols, Mike (Football), undated
89Nicholson, Barry (Baseball), 1981-1982
90Nicklaus, Winfield (Athletic Hall of Fame), 1966
91Nicolle, Mike (Football and Baseball), undated
92Nies, Peter (Baseball), undated
93Nikkel, Kim (Baseball), 1975
94Nippert (Track), undated
95Nix, Craig (Baseball), 1975-1976
96Nix, Don (Golf), undated
97Nixon, Freddie (Football), undated
98Nixon, Jamie (Football), undated
99Noakes, Pat (Basketball), undated
100Noble, Boyd (Basketball), undated
101Noel, Marc (Football), undated
102Nolan, Michael (Track), undated
103Noonan, Craig (Baseball), 1977
104Norris, Ken (Track), 1974-1975
105Norris, Rex (Football), undated
106Northam, M.C. (Football), undated
107Northington, Dennis (Golf), undated
108Norwood, Pete (Football), 1967
109Nwoke, Mike (Track), undated
110Nycum, Steve (Basketball), undated


Players last name starting with "O"

14111O'Block, Buckley (Football), 1989
112O'Brien, Mike (Football), undated
113O'Neal, Don (Golf), 1955-1957
151O'Neil, Hank (Swimming Manager), undated
2O'Neil, Peggy (Tennis), undated
3O'Neil, Richie (Diving), 1980-1982
4Oakes, Mike (Basketball), undated
5Odom, Bruce (Football), undated
6Odom, James (Football), undated
7Olbert, Mark (Football), 1978
8Olivas, Tony (Football), undated
9Oliver, Barney (Football), undated
10Olsen, Dave (Basketball), undated
11Olson, Randy (Football), 1974-1977 and undated
12Ormes, Kevin (Football), 1967-1969 and undated
13Oropeza, Luis (Tennis), 1978
14Orr, Tim (Football), 1977
15Ortega, Jennifer (Unknown), undated
16Ortiz, (Unknown), undated
17Osborne, Ken (Track), undated
18Ott, Brad (Golf) 1990
19Owen, John (Assistant Athletic Director), 1979
20Owens, Steve (Football), undated
21Owens, Wendell (Basketball), 1985-1987


Players last name starting with "P"

1522Pace, Marc (Football), undated
23Pace, Tommy (Football), undated
24Pack, Ronnie (Football), 1964-1966
25Page, Paul (Football), undated
26Page, Randy (Football), 1979
27Page, Robert (Football), undated
28Paige, John (Track), undated
29Palmer, Richard (Track), undated
30Palomar, Ralph (Basketball), undated
31Parcells, (Unknown), undated
32Parker, Brent (Track), undated
33Parker, Earl (Basketball), undated
34Parker, John (Basketball), undated
35Parkhill, Bobby (Football), undated
36Parks, George (Golf), undated
37Parks, Tommy (Basketball), 1977-1978
38Parmer, Jim (Unknown), undated
39Parrish, Don (Track), undated
40Patten, Randy (Swimming), 1983
41Patterson, Bob (Football Coach), 1979
42Patterson, Mike (Football), 1976
43Patterson, Mike (Football), undated
44Patterson, Tommy (Track), undated
45Pattison, Fred (Football), 1970
46Patton, John (Tennis), undated
47Patty, David (Unknown), 1964-1965
48Patty, Kim (Baseball), 1980
49Patty, Thomas "Tom" (Basketball), 1959-1964
50Payne, Steve (Baseball), undated
51Paynes, Thomas "Tommy" (Baseball), 1977
52Pearce, Herb (Football), undated
53Pearce, Herbert (Unknown), undated
54Pearcy, Kirk (Track), 1983
55Peden, Larry (Unknown), undated
56Pendleton, Terrell (Track), 1974-1976
57Percival, Mac (Basketball and Football), 1960-1961
58Perdue, Kim (Football), 1969
59Perkins, Don (Basketball), 1960
60Perkins, Kenneth (Football), 1970-1971
61Perrin, Wayne (Track), 1964
62Perritt, John (Track), 1986-1987
63Perry, Charles (Football), 1985-1989
64Perry, Fred (Football), 1971
65Perry, James (Baseball), undated
66Perry, Richard (Football), 1961-1964
67Person, James (Football), undated
68Peters, Lance (Baseball), undated
69Peterson, Alfred (Football), 1960
70Peterson, Casey (Baseball), 1983
71Peterson, Larry (Football), 1969
72Peterson, Robert (Tennis), 1963-1964
73Peterson-Draper (Tennis) 1963-1964
74Petrich, Stacey (Football), 1990-1991
75Petrie, Trent (Baseball), 1990
76Pettit, James (Track), 1958
77Petty, Fred (Football), 1990-1991
78Petty, Joe (Baseball) 1981-1982
79Pfluger, William "Bill" (Basketball), 1956
80Phelps, Brad (Football), 1988-1992
81Phelps, Cleveland (Basketball), 1989-1990
82Phelps, Todd (Football), undated
83Phenix, Ronnie (Basketball), 1976-1977
84Phifer, Greg (Baseball), 1983
85Phillips, Dwight (Basketball), 1981-1985
86Phillips, LoAnn (Unknown), undated
87Phillips, Stephen (Baseball), 1975
88Phipps, William Jr. (Football), undated
89Pickett, Jeff (Football), 1985
90Pier, Columbus Madison (Football), 1978
91Pierce, Albie (Basketball) undated
92Pierce, Brian (Baseball) 1988
93Pierce, Jack (Basketball) 1969
94Piercey, Eddie (Football), 1964
95Pierson, William (Track), 1974-1977
96Pinnell, James (Unknown), undated
97Piper, Gordon (Football), undated
98Pirkle, Nickols (Track), 1978-1981
99Pittman, John (Basketball), undated
100Pittman, Sonja (Volleyball), undated
101Plum, Ned (Baseball), undated
102Plumlee, Brandon (Baseball), 1998
103Plummer, Jerry (Football), undated
104Plunkett, Steve (Baseball), undated
105Poage, Lon (Swimming), undated
106Pogue, Mack (Football), 1950-1988
107Poindexter, Roy (Football), undated
108Polhemus, Russ (Strength Coach), 1979
161Polite, Roy (Track), 1975-1976
2Pollard, Steve (Football), undated
3Polson, Richard (Football), 1960-1961
4Poole, James (Unknown), undated
5Pope, Johnny (Football), undated
6Pope, Wayne (Football), undated
7Porter, James "Keith" (Football), 1979
8Porter, John (Football), 1963-1965
9Porter, Mack (Football), undated
10Poston, Robin (Tennis), undated
11Potter, James Marvin (Football), undated
12Potter, Jim (Football), undated
13Potts, Alan Kent (Baseball), undated
14Potts, Keith (Track), 1975
15Poulter, Joseph Lee (Football), undated
16Powell, Brad (Golf), undated
17Powell, Houston (Baseball), undated
18Powell, Jeffery Eugene (Baseball), 1978
19Powell, Walter (Chip) (Swimming), undated
20Prater, Kam (Football), 1997 and undated
21Pratt, Darnell (Football), undated
22Pratt, Dennis Ray (Football), undated
23Prendergast, Alan (Unknown), undated
24Preston, Lane (Track), 1977
25Prestwood, Clyde (Unknown), 1966
26Price, Johnathan Tyrone (Football), undated
27Price, Yancey (Unknown), undated
28Prichard, Tom (Baseball), undated
29Priestner, Paul (Swimming), undated
30Prince, Bobby (Football), undated
31Prince, Randy (Basketball), undated
32Pruitt, Jesse (Football), undated
33Puckett, Jay (Unknown), undated
34Puckett, Mark (Baseball Coach), 1983
35Puckett, Steve (Football), undated
36Pugh, Joseph (Track), undated
37Pullings, Tony (Football), 1983
38Pursel, Dan (Football), undated
39Putty, Buddy (Football), undated
40Pynes, Ronny Thermon (Football), undated


Players last name starting with "Q"

1641Quill, David (Swimming), undated
42Quinney, Johnny (Football), 1979
43Quintin, Parks Jeremy (Track), 1990


Players last name starting with "R"

1644Radabaugh, Alan (Football), undated
45Rader, Dick (Football Coach), 1972
46Ragan, Stacy (Baseball), 1987
47Ragsdale, Monty (Baseball), 1977
48Rains, Caleb (Unknown), undated
49Ramey, Michael (Football), 1981
50Ramirez, Amanda (Track), undated
51Ramirez, Lee (Unknown), undated
52Ramirez, Roland (Football), 1998
53Ramirez, Selso J. (Football), undated
54Ramos, John (Football), 1998
55Ramos, Rex (Baseball), 1983
56Ramsey, Bill (Baseball), undated
57Ramsey, Eural (Football), undated
58Ramsey, Randall Byron (Track), 1978
59Rand, Charlie (Basketball), undated
60Randol, Tom H. (Football), undated
61Rankin, David (Football), undated
62Rankin, Walter (Baseball and Football), undated
63Ransdell, Earle (Swimming), undated
64Rathke, Wayne (Football), undated
65Rattan, Jason (Unknown), undated
66Rawls, Jerry (Swimming), undated
67Ray, Vicki (Basketball), undated
68Rea, Pat (Tennis), 1980
69Read, Floyd Earl, Jr. (Football), undated
70Read, Johnny (Unknown), undated
71Reagan, Darren Lenoy (Football), undated
72Reaves, Joe (Baseball), undated
73Rebold, Dale (Football), undated
74Reddell, Steve (Baseball Coach), 1983
75Redfern, Daniel Thomas (Swimming), 1978
76Redman, Dale (Baseball), undated
77Redwine, Earl (Basketball), undated
78Reed, Andrew (Football), undated
79Reed, Benjie Sions (Football), undated
80Reed, Bruce (Unknown), undated
81Reed, Curtis (Football), 1978
82Reed, Danny (Football), undated
83Reed, William (Football), undated
84Reeger, William (Football), undated
85Rees, Ray Bruce (Track), undated
86Reeves, Rob (Track), undated
87Reid, Robert (Football), undated
88Renfro, Ed Lee (Football), 1969
89Renfroe, Clay (Football), undated
90Renfrow, Renee Sue (Golf), 1989
91Reuther, Norman (Basketball), 1965
92Revello, Regina (Tennis), 1980-1981
93Reyes, Victor Rene (Football), undated
94Reynolds, Doran (Football), undated
95Reynolds, Doyle (Football), undated
96Reynolds, Jerry (Football), 1969
97Reynolds, Quentin (Football), undated
98Rhoads, Ronnie (Football), undated
99Rhodes, Quinton (Football), undated
100Rhodes, Ronnie (Football), undated
101Rhone, Prentice (Football), undated
102Rhyne, Kent (Track), 1982
103Rice, Bobby (Football), undated
104Rice, Charles (Unknown), undated
105Rice, Ronnie (Football), 1958
106Rice, Terry (Baseball), 1979
107Richards, Lee Roy (Baseball), 1983
108Richardson, Jesse (Football), undated
109Richardson, Kellye (Basketball), 1994
110Richardson, Meg (Unknown), undated
111Richardson, Robert (Football), 1997
112Richardson, Ron (Basketball), undated
113Richburg, Aubrey (Football), 1986
114Richburg, Nathan (Football), undated
115Ricketts, Billy (Football), undated
116Riddell, (Unknown), undated
117Riddle, John (Football), undated
118Ridpath, Jack (Football), undated
119Riffle, Jim (Unknown), undated
120Riley, Kenneth (Football), undated
121Ripaldi, Anthony (Track), 1988
122Ritchey, Nathan (Tennis), undated
123Ritter, William (Football), 1993
124Rivera, Gabe (Football), 1987
125Rivera, Jose (Tennis), 1979-1980
126Rives, Donald (Football), 1969
127Rives, Ronald (Football), 1969
128Robbins, Mark (Football), undated
129Roberts, Corby (Swimming), undated
130Roberts, John (Football), undated
131Roberts, Lisa (Tennis), undated
132Roberts, Teddy (Football), 1964
133Robertson, Edwin (Baseball), undated
134Robertson, Rex (Golf), 1976-1980
135Robertson, Wayne (Football), undated
136Robinson, Charles (Baseball), 1962
137Robinson, Dale (Football), 1960 and undated
138Robinson, Darrel (Track), 1997
139Robinson, Edward D. (Basketball), undated
140Robinson, John (Football), 1997
141Robinson, Quinton (Football), 1969-1972
142Robinson, Ty (Football), undated
143Rodgers, Paul (Football), undated
171Rodney, Price (Track), 1975
2Rodriguez, Monica (Unknown), undated
3Rodriguez, Nelda "Neisy" (Golf), 1987-1990
4Rogers, Gary (Football), 1971-1973
5Rogers, Pat (Unknown), undated
6Rogers, Patrick "Pat" (Football), undated
7Rogers, Paul (Golf), undated
8Rogers, Rick (Golf), 1959
9Rogers, Robert "Mike" (Basketball), 1969
10Roland, Adrian (Football), 1996
11Rolle, Greg (Track), 1980
12Rollins, Brian (Football), 1984
13Romack, Mark (Swimming), undated
14Roman, Gary (Football), undated
15Roper, Steve (Baseball), undated
16Rose, Don (Football), undated
17Rose, Mark (Football), undated
18Rosen, Mike (Football), undated
19Rosenbaum, Homer (Football), undated
20Ross, Johnny (Baseball), undated
21Ross, Larry (Basketball), undated
22Ross, Michael (Football), undated
23Ross, Ronald (Football), undated
24Rothblatt, Mark (Football), undated
25Rowland, John (Football), undated
26Rowland, Kyle (Football), 1980
27Royals, Mike (Football), undated
28Ruddock, James (Football), undated
29Rudolph, Bob (Basketball), 1975
30Ruiz, Jesse (Unknown), undated
31Runkle, David (Baseball), 1975
32Russell, Don (Unknown), undated
33Russell, Paige (Volleyball), undated
34Rutherford, Gary (Baseball), 1977
35Ruthowski, Debbie (Track), 1985-1988
36Ryan, Amy (Tennis), undated
37Ryan, Jerry (Football), undated
38Ryan, Tom (Football), undated
39Ryden, Tod (Football), undated


Players last name starting with "S"

1740Saenz, Arcadio (Football), undated
41Saint (St.) Germain, Jean-Francois (Golf), undated
42Salano, Irene (Volleyball), undated
43Salazar, Gabe (Baseball), undated
44Salem, Travis (Basketball), 1980-1982
45Salley, Richard (Football), undated
46Salter (Football), undated
47Samford, Ronnie (Football), undated
48Sanders, J. D. (Basketball), undated
49Sanders, Ricky (Football), undated
50Sanders, Thad (Basketball), 1975
51Sandoval, Derek (Baseball), 1983
52Sandoval, Richard (Unknown), undated
53Sanford, Sandy (Football), undated
54Sang, Wilfred (Track), undated
55Santacroce, John Patrick (Swimming), undated
56Saulsberry, Bernard (Basketball), 1989-1990
57Savage, Lawrence (Baseball), undated
58Sawyer, Tom (Football), 1966
59Sayers, Robert (Swimming), undated
60Scales, Danny (Tennis), undated
61Scaling, Harry (Basketball), undated
62Scarborough, Max (Football), undated
63Scarborough, Reg (Football), undated
64Scarborough, Terry (Football), 1964-1968
65Scarbrough, Danny (Football), undated
66Schaffner, Tim (Football), undated
67Schilhab, Dickie (Football), undated
68Schilling, Kelly (Basketball), 1988
69Schlegel (Football), undated
70Schlinkman, Walter (Football), 1942-1946
71Schmidt, Don (Football), undated
72Schmidt, Wesley (Football), undated
73Schneider and France (Football), undated
74Schneider, Wayne (Basketball), undated
75Schneider, William (Football trainer), undated
76Schrade, Mike (Golf), undated
77Schriewer, Alan (Football), undated
78Schrimsher, Curtis (Football), undated
79Schropp, Wes (Swimming), undated
80Schubert, Sean (Swimming), undated
81Schuessler, Norman Jr. (Baseball), undated
82Schulz, Hubert (Football), undated
83Schuster, Joe (Swimming), undated
84Schutt, Bill (Baseball), undated
85Schwarzkopf, Tom (Swimming), 1980
86Schwertner, Danny (Football), undated
87Sconiers, Neil (Golf), undated
88Scott, Jeff (Track), 1975
89Scott, Jim (Football), undated
90Scott, Laura (Tennis), undated
91Scott, Paul (Baseball), 1983
92Scott, Prince (Basketball), 1933-1966
93Scott, Richard (Swimming), 1962
94Scott, Wayne (Football), undated
95Scurlark, Merv (Football), 1986-1988
96Seals, Ronnie (Football), undated
97Sears, Mike (Football), 1976
181Sears, Shane (Football), 1987-1990
2Seat, Gary (Football), undated
3Seay, Mike (Football), undated
4Seeman, Gerald (Football), undated
5Segars, Boy (Football), undated
6Segrest, Dave (Football), undated
7Segrist, Khris (Baseball), undated
8Segrist, Scott (Football), 1983-1987
9Selby, Larry (Baseball), 1977-1979
10Self, Kimberly (Golf), 1991
11Selfridge, Jerry (Football), undated
12Seligmann, Larry (Golf), 1978-1980
13Senegal, Riginald (Unknown), undated
14Serot, Anna (Unknown), undated
15Serpan, Jeff (Swimming), undated
16Serpan, Jim (Swimming), undated
17Sessums, Ronny (Track), undated
18Sexton, Jimmy (Basketball), undated
19Shackleford, John (Golf), undated
20Shafer, Chris (Football), undated
21Shaha, Bill (Football), 1988
22Shankle, Jim (Baseball), 1979
23Sheffield, Osbourn (Track), undated
24Shelley, Dan (Basketball), undated
25Shelton, Danny (Football), undated
26Sheppard, Ernest (Football), 1970
27Shepperson, John (Unknown), undated
28Sherrod, Randy (Basketball), undated
29Sherry, Tom (Football), 1956
30Shetter, Robert "Bob" (Football), undated
31Shine, Clif (Swimming), undated
32Shipley, Jerry (Football), undated
33Short, Ronnie (Football), 1960
34Shuler, Allen (Football), undated
35Shuler, Gary (Football), undated
36Shull, Michael (Baseball), 1983
37Shussler, Fred (Football), undated
38Sibert, Sam (Basketball), 1970
39Sides, James (Football), 1955
40Silee, Ronnie (Basketball), undated
41Simatovich, Steve (Football), undated
42Simon, Rod (Baseball), 1983-1984
43Simpkins, Phillip (Swimming), 1963
44Simpson, Charles (Football), 1981-1983
45Sims, Chris (Football), 1988
46Sims, Gary (Baseball), 1974
47Sims, Paul (Track), 1974-1975
48Sims, Phil (Track), 1973-1976
49Sims, Rick (Football), undated
50Sims, Stanley (Football), undated
51Singley, Tim (Football), undated
52Sisk, Billy (Unknown), undated
53Slate, Steve (Football), undated
54Slegiman, Sidney (Basketball), undated
55Sloan, Bo (Football), undated
56Smallwood, Ricky (Football), undated
57Smedley, Devid (Basketball), undated
58Smith (Basketball), undated
59Smith, Alan (Tennis), 1980-1981
60Smith, Andrea (Unknown), undated
61Smith, Bob (Basketball), undated
62Smith, Brian (Unknown), undated
63Smith, Bubba (Football), 1988-1989
64Smith, Carlisle (Basketball), undated
65Smith, Charles (Unknown), undated
66Smith, Clifford (Football), undated
67Smith, Dale (Football), undated
68Smith, Danny (Swimming), 1983
69Smith, David (Football), 1979
70Smith, Doug (Football), undated
71Smith, Douglas (Unknown), undated
72Smith, Edwin (Football), 1965
73Smith, George (Football), 1972
74Smith, J. J. (Football), undated
75Smith, Jesse (Football), 1986
76Smith, Roderick (Football), undated
77Smith, Rodney (Track), undated
78Smith, Ronnie (Football), undated
79Smith, Ronnie Ballinger (Football), undated
80Smith, Sammy (Basketball), undated
81Smith, Stacey (Track), undated
82Smith, Stephen (Basketball), undated
83Smith, Steve (Basketball), 1981
84Smith, Tim (Football), undated
85Smith, Troy (Football), 1985
86Smitherman, George (Football), undated
87Smitherman, Shannon (Football), undated
88Smyth, Stan (Track), 1977-1978
89Snodgrass, Hugh (Unknown), 1935-1937
90Snodgrass, Mark Sorell (Football), undated
91Solano, Gracia (Volleyball), undated
92Solomon, Steven Maxwell (Swimming), undated
93Solomone, Adriene (Volleyball), undated
94Sonnen, David (Baseball), undated
95Sonner, Louis (Swimming), undated
96Sosnowy, John (Baseball), undated
97Spalding, Steve William (Baseball), undated
98Spangler, Tammy R. (Basketball), undated
99Sparks, Don (Trainer), undated
100Sparrow, Roger Duane (Baseball), 1976
101Spears, Johnny (Unknown), undated
102Speirs, Dick (Tennis), undated
103Spencer, Dan (Baseball), undated
104Spencer, Ramona (Unknown), undated
105Spinks, Jack (Football), undated
106Spinks, Rick (Football), undated
107Spitzer, Bill (Basketball), undated
108Spooner, Victor (Football), undated
191Spraggins, Harold Lamar (Football), undated
2Springer, Brent Randall (Golf), 1985-1986
3Stafford, Bobby "Bob" (Football), 1955
4Stafford, Dick (Football), undated
5Stafford, Richard (Football and Track), undated
6Stafford, Teresa (Unknown), undated
7Standefer, Mike (Football), undated
8Stangel, W. L. (Dean), undated
9Stanhope, Ronnie (Football), undated
10Stanley, Vickers Delma (Football), undated
11Staus, Harmon Lee (Unknown), undated
12Steamer, Jervis (Football), undated
13Steele, Winston Simeon (Unknown), undated
14Stegner, Scott (Golf), 1973-1974
15Stephenson, James (Basketball), undated
16Stephenson, Phil (Baseball), undated
17Sternes, Kenneth (Football), 1982
18Stevenson, Lannie (Volleyball), undated
19Stewart, Andy (Unknown), undated
20Stewart, Charles (Football), undated
21Stewart, David (Football), undated
22Stewart, Jackie (Football), 1967
23Stewart, Mike (Football), undated
24Stewart, Steve (Football), undated
25Stickels, David (Football), 1987
26Stiegman, Bryan (Golf), 1973-1974
27Stiles, Eddie (Football), undated
28Stober, Mindi (Track), 1983
29Stockton, Jerry (Football), undated
30Stogner, Jay (Golf), undated
31Stone, Billy (Track), 1978
32Stone, David (Football), 1977
33Stone, Tim (Football), undated
34Stonerock, Ryan (Baseball), 1998
35Storey, Kenneth (Football & Track), undated
36Stout, John (Football), undated
37Stout, Wesley (Track), 1975
38Strait, Dwain (Swimming), undated
39Strathmann, Ralph (Baseball), 1983
40Streater, Doug (Football), undated
41Strickland, Ed (Football), 1960
42Strickland, Randal (Golf), undated
43Stricklin, Lane (Diving), 1982
44Stringer, Cathy (Tennis), 1979-1980
45Stringham, Greg (Tennis), undated
46Stroud, Charlton (Track), undated
47Strunc, Harry (Football), 1969
48Stumbo, Allen (Football), undated
49Sturtz, Ruth (Unknown), undated
50Sudbury, John (Unknown), undated
51Sullivan, Carroll (Football), undated
52Sullivan, Jim (Baseball), 1983
53Sullivan, John (Tennis), undated
54Sutherland, Beau (Tennis), undated
55Sutherlin, Mike (Football), undated
56Sutton, Alan (Swimming), 1979-1981
57Swafford, Bob (Track), 1962
58Swann, Alan (Football), 1978
59Swannegan, Clarence (Basketball), 1980-1981
60Sweeney, Rick (Football), 1969
61Sweeten, Shaun (Volleyball), undated
62Swening, Albert (Football), undated
63Swinney, Rick (Football), undated
64Sybesma, Richard (Swimming), undated


Players last name starting with "T"

1965Taber, Rose (Volleyball), 1981-1982
66Tackett, Steve (Football), undated
67Tadlock, Tim (Baseball), undated
68Tadlock, Travis (Football), 1976
69Taliaferro, Kim (Football), undated
70Talkington, Bart (Football), undated
71Talley, Bill (Academic Counselor for Athletes), undated
72Talley, J. Russell (Unknown), undated
73Tapp, Billy (Basketball), 1962-1966
74Taylor, Carl (Football), undated
75Taylor, Freddie (Football), undated
76Taylor, Marc (Track), 1975-1979
77Taylor, Marshall (Basketball), undated
78Taylor, Tom (Swimming), undated
79Taylor, Tommy (Football), undated
80Taylor, Tony (Football), undated
81Taylor, Van (Football), undated
82Taylor, Will (Football), undated
83Tella, Tom (Football), undated
84Terry, Twink (Baseball), undated
85Thacker, George (Football), undated
86Thaggard, Joe (Football), undated
87Thiel, Kenny (Football), undated
88Thierry, Monica (Unknown), undated
89Thomas, Andy (Football), 1978
90Thomas, Ike (Football), 1969
91Thomas, Ike (Football), undated
92Thomas, Jabber (Football), 1994
93Thomas, Ken (Unknown), undated
94Thomas, Willie (Football), undated
95Thompson, Carolyn (Basketball), undated
96Thompson, Clarence (Football), undated
97Thompson, David (Track), 1979
98Thompson, Duncan (Unknown), 1978
99Thompson, John (Football), undated
100Thompson, Mario (Football), undated
101Thompson, Mark (Tennis), 1979-1980
102Thornton, W. L. "Dub" (Track), undated
103Tidrow, Steve (Track), 1979
104Tidwell, Brent (Track), 1978
105Tidwell, Carey (Football), undated
106Tillery, Clarence "Tim" (Football), 1939
107Tillman, Eddie (Football), undated
108Tinsley, Kelly (Football), undated
109Tippens, Cindy (Volleyball), undated
110Tipton, Larry (Football), undated
111Tisdale, Olan (Football), undated
112Tobin, Scott (Swimming), undated
113Tobolka, Cary (Football), undated
114Tolvanen, Nils (Football), undated
115Tombs, Billy (Baseball), undated
116Tomlin, Nicky (Football), undated
117Torrence, Jim (Swimming), undated
118Torres, Bert (Track), undated
119Tovar, Michael Stephen (Baseball), 1986
120Traylor, Kevin (Football), undated
121Trent, Missy (Volleyball), undated
122Trigg, Derrick Eugene (Football), undated
123Troutt, Harold (Football), undated
124Tubb, Mack (Golf), undated
125Tubbs, Carolyn (Volleyball), undated
126Tucker, Bryan (Football), undated
201Tucker, Dennis (Football), undated
2Tucker, Stuart (Football), 1969
3Turnbow, Bill (Football), undated
4Turner, Dick (Unknown), undated
5Turner, Jeff (Football), undated
6Turner, Jeffrey Craig (Baseball), 1980
7Turner, Jerry (Basketball), undated
8Turner, Jerry (Football), undated
9Turner, Mike (Track), undated
10Turner, Robert (Football), undated
11Turner, Shameron (Track), 1997
12Turner, Tommy (Football), undated
13Turner, Walter (Football), 1979
14Tyler, Bill (Track), 1976
15Tyler, Greg (Football), 1981 and undated
15BTynes, Lee (Basketball), undated


Players last name starting with "U"

2016Underwood, Ned (Basketball), undated
17Unknown (Basketball), undated
18Unknown (Football), undated
19Unknown (Golf), undated
20Unknown (Softball), undated
21Unknown (Track), undated
22Unknown (Unknown), undated
23Upshaw, John (Football), undated


Players last name starting with "V"

2024Valdez, Chris (Unknown), undated
25Valkey, Ken (Football), undated
26Van Buren, Terry L. (Swimming), undated
27Van Loozen, Clay (Basketball), undated
28Van Loozen, John Steve (Football), undated
29Vance, Dennis (Football), undated
30Vanlandingham, Lynn (Baseball), undated
31Varnell, Gelbert (Basketball), undated
32Vasquez, James Daniel (Football), undated
33Vaughn, Milton (Football), 1957-1958 an undated
34Vaughn, Nodia (Basketball), undated
35Veals, Dennis (Football), undated
36Vela, Debbie (Volleyball), undated
37Velde, Peter B. (Swimming), 1971 and undated
38Verden, Jim (Football), undated
39Vernon, Paul (Basketball), 1963-1966
40Vestal, Johnny (Baseball), 1975-1978
41Viancos, Fred (Tennis), 1980-1983 and undated
42Vidales, Johnny (Baseball), 1983 and undated
43Vigil, Monica (Track), 1988
44Vigil, Rodney (Swimming), undated
45Villalba, Jorge (Baseball), 1977
46Vilson, Kim (Volleyball, Graduate Assistant Coach), 1988 and undated
47Vogan, Richard (Track), undated


Players last name starting with "W"

2048Wade, Lane (Football), undated
49Wade, Marvin Clay (Unknown), 1977
50Wade, Steve (Football), undated
51Waggoner, Kelly (Unknown), undated
52Wagoner, William Lee (Football), undated
53Wah, Chow Weng (Tennis), 1978-1980
54Wakefield, Ed (Basketball), undated
55Wakefield, James Carl (Football), undated
56Walker, Bobby Joe (Football), undated
57Walker, Cody (Football), undated
58Walker, James (Football), undated
59Walker, Jimmy (Football), undated
60Walker, Kevin (Football), undated
61Walker, Lule Layne (Football), undated
62Walker, Randy (Baseball), undated
63Walker, Wade (Football Coach), 1951-1954
64Wall, Richard Lee (Football), undated
65Wall, Sid (Basketball), undated
66Wallace, Allen (Football), undated
67Wallace, Brooks (Baseball), 1979-1980
68Wallace, Edward Sternberg (Football), undated
69Wallace, Kenneth (Tennis), 1978
70Walling, Jay (Basketball), undated
71Walson, Annemarie (Tennis), undated
72Walters, Danny (Golf), 1975
73Walters, Ken (Football), 1978
74Ward, Mark (Baseball), 1990
75Warren, Bruist L. (Football Coach), 1952 and undated
76Warren, Fred (Football), undated
77Warren, Gary (Football), undated
78Warren, Ken (Baseball), undated
79Washerlesky, Bill (Football), undated
80Washington, Joe (Basketball), 1979-1981
81Washington, Larry (Basketball), 1978-1980
82Washington, Lewis (Football), 1978-1982
83Washington, Marcus (Football), 1985-1990
84Washington, Mark (Unknown), undated
85Washington, Reece (Football), undated
86Waterhouse, Randy (Golf), 1978-1980
87Waters, Richard "Greg" (Football), 1970-1973
88Watkins, David (Football), undated
89Watkins, Dennis (Football), undated
90Watkins, Michael (Football), 1970
91Watson, Darrell (Basketball), undated
92Watson, Jerry (Football), 1969-1970 and undated
93Wattenburger, James (Baseball), 1978
94Watts, Jeff (Golf), 1983
95Watts, Lee (Baseball), undated
96Waygood, Don (Football), 1954-1957
97Weatherall, Phil (Football), 1976-1980
98Weaver, Fred (Baseball), undated
99Weaver, Gilbert (Baseball), undated
100Weaver, Joe (Football), undated
101Weaver, Richard (Football), 1974-1979
102Webb, Lynn (Unknown), undated
103Webb, Tommy (Football), 1985-1989
104Weber, Robert (Baseball), undated
105Webster, Jimmy (Baseball), 1987-1989
106Weeks, Darr (Baseball), undated
107Weeks, Michael (Football), undated
108Weise, Billy (Football), 1960-1965
109Wells, Jim (Football), 1961
110Wells, Mike (Football), undated
111Welsch, James (Swimming), undated
112Welton, Steven (Football), undated
113Wesley, Arlen (Football), 1951
114Wessels, Greg (Football), undated
115West, David (Football), undated
116Westbrook, Warren Steve (Baseball), undated
117Westbrooks, Charles (Baseball), 1975-1976
118Westfall, Bobby (Golf), undated
119Wetter, Gary (Baseball), undated
120Weyl, Randy (Football), undated
121Whaley, Jim (Football), undated
211Whatley, Jim (Basketball), undated
2Whatley, Mark (Track), undated
3Wheat, Conway (Football), undated
4Wheat, Jim (Football), 1965-1969
5Wheatley, Russell (Football), 1977
6Wheeler, Gene (Football), undated
7White, Alfred (Assistant Sports Information Director), 1979-1983
8White, Boyd (Football), undated
9White, Brad (Football), undated
10White, Vic (Football), undated
11Wiley, James (Basketball), undated
12Williams, C. W. (Football), undated
13Williams, Clifford Ralph, Jr. (Baseball), undated
14Williams, Don (Football), undated
15Williams, Dwight (Basketball), 1981
16Williams, Eddie (Football), undated
17Williams, Eddie (Football), undated
18Williams, Jimmy (Football), undated
19Williams, Jimmy (Football), undated
20Williams, John (Football), undated
21Williams, Ken (Football), undated
22Williams, Kevyn (Football), undated
23Williams, Levell (Football), undated
24Williams, Mark (Football), 1978-1979
25Williams, Mike (Baseball), 1976
26Williams, Phil (Football), 1955-1958d
27Williams, Sammy (Football), undated
28Williams, Stan (Football), 1981-1982
29Williams, Steve (Basketball), undated
30Williams, T. (Unknown), undated
31Williamson, Bryan (Football), undated
32Williamson, Danny (Football), 1969
33Williamson, Todd (Golf), 1985-1988
34Willis and Balch (Football), 1964
35Willis, C. C. (Football), undated
36Willis, Danny (Football), 1973-1974
37Willis, Ellis, and Prestwood (Football), 1962-1964
38Willis, Richard (Football), undated
39Willis, Terry (Baseball), 1979
40Willis, Troy (Baseball), 1983
41Wilson, Bobby (Basketball), undated
42Wilson, Elmer (Football), undated
43Wilson, Harold (Track), undated
44Wilson, Marcus (Football), undated
45Wilson, Richard (Track), 1983
46Wilson, Ricky (Football), undated
47Wilson, Robert (Track), undated
48Wilson, Thomas (Baseball), undated
49Wilson, Virgil (Football), undated
50Wim, Janie (Volleyball), undated
51Windom, Clyde (Football), undated
52Windom, Eddy (Football), undated
53Wingo, J. C. JR. (Football), 1969
54Winkler, Bernie (Unknown), undated
55Winters, Bruce (Baseball), 1980
56Wise, Morgan (Swimming), 1980-1981
57Witt, Bobby (Football), undated
58Witt, Kevin (Football), undated
59Wittner, Charles (Football), undated
60Wolfe, Wade (Basketball), 1956-1957
61Womack, Larry (Football), 1969
62Womble, Larry (Baseball), 1977-1980
63Wood, David (Track), 1977
64Wood, Henry (Track), undated
65Wood, Jon (Football), undated
66Wood, Keith (Baseball), 1981
67Wood, Larry (Basketball), undated
68Wood, Lisa (Basketball), undated
69Woodard, Bill (Football), undated
70Wooddell, Greg (Football), undated
71Woodham (Unknown), undated
72Woodin, Bill (Football), undated
73Woods, Glen (Baseball), undated
74Woods, Glen (Football), undated
75Woods, Rockie (Track), undated
76Woods, Royce (Basketball), undated
77Wooldridge, Charles (Football, Track), 1962
78Wooldridge, Floyd (Football), undated
79Wooldridge, Jack (Golf), 1976
80Wooten, Mike (Baseball), 1978-1979
81Worley, Bill (Football), 1961
82Worley, Chad (Football), undated
83Worsham, Larry (Unknown), undated
84Worthington, Duke (Swimming), 1980-1981
85Wright, Billy (Football), undated
86Wright, Clay (Swimming), 1984
87Wright, Gary (Diving), undated
88Wright, Jim (Football), 1974
89Wright, John (Football), undated
90Wright, Junior (Football), undated
91Wright, Randy (Unknown), undated
92Wuest, Mike (Football), undated
93Wydermyer, Vincent (Football), undated


Players last name starting with "Y"

2194Yancer, Robert (Football), 1965
95Yarbrough, Walter (Football), undated
96Yates (Golf), 1963
97Yates, Murphy (Tennis), undated
98Ybarra, Carlos III (Track), 1987
99Yearwood, Brian (Tennis), 1981
100Young, Bobby (Football), undated
101Young, Cheryl (Track), 1985
102Young, Doug (Football), 1963-1966
103Young, Phil (Football), 1985-1990
104Young, Reagan (Football), undated
105Young, Robert (Football), undated


Players last name starting with "Z"

21106Zachery, Jerry (Football), 1981-1985 and undated
107Zachry, Jimmy (Baseball), 1979-1985
108Zanios, Jim (Football), 1962-1965
109Zeleznik, Art (Football), 1975
110Zeller, Chuck (Football), 1971-1976
111Zienlek, Larry (Unknown), undated
112Zinz, Barry (Football), undated
113Zumwalt, James (Unknown), undated

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