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Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Institutional Research and Information Management:

An Inventory of Its Records, 1920-present, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

CreatorTexas Tech University
Title:Institutional Research and Information Management Records,
Abstract:Faculty and staff records collected by the Office of Institutional Management and Research Information at Texas Tech University.
Collection #U278.1
Quantity:119 boxes (119.0 linear feet)
Repository:Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

The Department of Institutional Research and Information Management provides statistical and management information to all units of the university, regulators, and others; designs, develops, and implements strategies and techniques to research, assess, and improve effectiveness. For statistical purposes and for public relations use, the department collected files on Texas Tech faculty, staff and athletic coaches that were separate from what was collected by the Personnel Office.

Scope and Content

The collection contains 119 boxes of files on Texas Tech faculty and staff starting from the beginning of the university. It should be noted that these are not the university's official personnel files, which reside with the Office of Human Resources. The collection is also not a complete holding of all Texas Tech personnel files, but rather ones compiled by the Department of Institutional Research and Information Management (IRIM) for statistical and public relations use.

While the contents of each file varies, the bulk of the files contain salary, rank, hiring, retiring and tenure information. Many files also contain news clippings, correspondence, publications, vitas and photographs. The files are also being updated as new information is received, including items such as more recent photographs, news clippings and obituaries. New files have also been created by the University Archivist when needed. Files in boxes 118-119 were received and/or created some time later, after the initial collection was processed.

Culled and shredded from the collection were student employment files, student transcripts, mortgage applications, and other similar types of personal documents.


The collection is organized alphabetically by the individual's last name. Due to the size of the inventory, this finding aid has been split up by alphabetical letter:
Faculty and Staff Files - A
Faculty and Staff Files - B
Faculty and Staff Files - C
Faculty and Staff Files - D
Faculty and Staff Files - E
Faculty and Staff Files - F
Faculty and Staff Files - G
Faculty and Staff Files - H
Faculty and Staff Files - I
Faculty and Staff Files - J
Faculty and Staff Files - K
Faculty and Staff Files - L
Faculty and Staff Files - M
Faculty and Staff Files - N
Faculty and Staff Files - O
Faculty and Staff Files - P
Faculty and Staff Files - Q
Faculty and Staff Files - R
Faculty and Staff Files - S
Faculty and Staff Files - T
Faculty and Staff Files - U
Faculty and Staff Files - V
Faculty and Staff Files - W
Faculty and Staff Files - X
Faculty and Staff Files - Y
Faculty and Staff Files - Z


Access Restrictions

Researchers interested in viewing any of these personnel files will need to contact the University Archivist at least 2 days in advance of visiting the archives. Copy requests for anything in the files will require approval of the University Archivist.

Index Terms

The subject headings used by the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library are derived from the Library of Congress and/or locally developed.
Subjects (Organizations)
Texas Technological College.
Texas Technological College. Board of Directors.
Texas Technological College--Faculty.
Texas Tech University.
Texas Tech University--Faculty.

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Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library:

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Institutional Research and Information Management, 1920-present, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas


Collection accession #(s):
2002-0150-B, 2013-0047-B

Donations, 2002 and 2013

Processed by

Garrett Abbott, Kent Bowersock, David Dodds, Brenda L. Haes, Justin McDonald, Sameera Muthya, and Melinda Riddle, 2004

Collection Inventory

Faculty and Staff Files - A

11Abbe, Donald Ray (History), 1978-1992
2Abbitt, William Henry (Physics; 1 print), 1926-1941
3Abbott, Frank Winchester (History; 1 print), 1968-1973
4 Abbott, Michael Robert (Business Administration; 1 print), 1965-1967
5 Abbott, W. Clay (School of Law), 1990-1991
6 Abdel-Razaq, Ahmed Yousef (Civil Engineering; 1 print), 1966-1968
7Abdulhadi, Herlinda Hernandez (Classical and Romance Languages), 1978-1979
8Abdushah, Abdi (Government; 1 print), 1970-1971
9Abel, Burl Monroe (Business Administration; 1 print), 1955-1973
10Abel, Christopher John (Architecture), 1979-1981
11Abel, Clarence Wallace (Mass Communications), 1974-1975
12Abernathy, Byron R. (Government; 1 print), 1941-1966
13Abernathy, John (Plant and Solid Science), 1978-1985
14Abernathy, Peter Link, Jr. (English; 1 print), 1971-1978
15Abeyta, Patrick A. (School of Law), 1980
16Acevedo, Mario A. (Classical and Romance Languages), 1976-1978
17Ackroyd, June Ellen (Music; 1 print), 1964-1966
18Acosta, Veronica Melecio (Health, Physical Education, and Recreation), 1989-1990
19Acquarino, Thomas Joseph (Classical and Romance Languages), 1973-1976
20Acree, Allen Troy (Electrical Engineering), 1980-1981
21Acree, James (Athletic Department; 1 print), 1968-1972
22Adair, Robert M. (Foreign Languages), 1959-1962
23Adamcik, Joe Alfred (Chemistry; 2 prints), 1957-1988
24Adams, Brent (Business Administration), 1985
25Adams, Charles W. (School of Law), 1980-1981
26Adams, Dennis Alan (Business Administration), 1984-1987
27Adams, Faith Elizabeth (Speech and Theatre Arts; 1 print), 1971-1972
28Adams, James Foote (Government), 1947-1954
29Adams, Jasper Emmett (Mathematics; 2 prints), 1968-1970
30Adams, Joyce Marie (English), 1978-1981
31Adams, Ludlow Calhoun (Military Science), 1948
32Adams, Otto Vincent (Civil Engineering), 1930-1962
33Adams, Robert Sexton (Business Administration; 1 print), 1964-1968
34Adams, Russell P. (Home and Family Life Development Center), 1984-1985
35Adams, Terry Lee (Business Administration), 1975
36Adams, Vivian Johnson (Home Economics; 6 prints), 1929-1962
37Adcock, George Lee (Military Science), 1944-1946
38Adcock, Terry Scott (Health, Physical Education, and Recreation), 1978-1982
39Adkins, Alonzo Franklin (Electrical Engineering; 1 print), 1961-1979
40Adler, Douglas J. (Women’s Intercollegiate Athletics), 1985-1986
41Agarwal, Vijendrea Kumar (Physics), 1981-1982
42Agastya, Ekambareswar (Business Administration), 1982-1984
43Agim, Innocent (Political Science), 1984-1985
44Agrawal, Bijaya Krishna Das (Chemical Engineering), 1969-1971
45Agrawal, Govind Ram (Business Administration), 1972-1974
46Agrawal, Pradeep (Economics), 1985-1987
47Ahern, Terence C. (Education), 1991-1992
48Ahlenius, Ann (Home and Family Life), 1975-1979
49Ahlenius, Richard (Business Administration), 1980
50Ahlers, Shirley M. (Education), 1967-1970
51Ahlstrand, Gary M. (School of Law; 7 negatives), 1978-1982
52Ahrens, Gary A. (School of Law; 1 print), 1979-1982
53Aiken, Jackueline (Business Adminstration), 1983-1984
54Aikhionbare, Victor Eddisiagbon (Political Science), 1985
55Ainsworth, Charles Len (Education/Vice Provost; 20 negatives), 1961-1990
56Ainsworth, Marelin Elizatbeth Gun (English; 1 print), 1970-1976
57Aivar, Radhakrshnan J. (Industrial Engineering), 1980-1983
58Akbar-Khanzadeh, Farhang (Industrial Engineering), 1984-1985
59Aker, Meridith E. (English; 2 prints), 1962-1971
60Aker, Suzanne deVerse (Health, Physical Education, and Recreation; 1 print), 1962-1970
61Akers, Lex Alan (Electrical Engineering), 1971-1975
62Akers, Steven Phillip (English), 1984-1985
63Akiyama, Hidenori (Electrical Engineering; 1 print), 1980-1986
64Alayan, Sudqui Hussein (Engineering Technology), 1978-1991
65Al-bassam, Mohammed Ali (Mathematics; 1 print), 1960-1967
66Albee, Sue Eileen (Education), 1974
67Albert, Joseph William (Architecture), 1970-1971
68Alberts, Don Edwards (History), 1976
69Albin, Robert Custer (Animal Science; 1 print and 3 negatives), 1964-1991
21Albrecht, Erik August (Foreign Languages; 1 print), 1960
2Albright, Spencer Delancey (Government), 1939-1942
3Albus, Clarence John (Chemical Engineering), 1972-1975
4Alcorta, John H. (Classical and Romance Languages;1 print), 1972-1973
5Alden, Douglas William (Foreign Languages; 1 print), 1938-1947
6Alden, Martha Bowditch (Foreign Languages), 1942-1943
7Aldredge, John Clinton (Engineering Analysis and Design), 1969-1975
8Aldredge, John Clinton (Engineering Analysis and Design; 1 print), 1969-1975
9Aldridge, Weldon Wayne (Civil Engineering), 1958-1963
10Alegria, Alonso (Classical and Romance Languages; 1 print), 1969-1971
11Alesch, Eugene Raymond (Art; 2 prints), 1969-1991
12Alexander, Beatrice Witte (Foreign Languages; 2 prints), 1945-1984
13Alexander, Leota Heil (School of Law), 1977-1980
14Alexander, Phillip Ross (Music), 1966-1967
15Alexander, Theodor Walter (Foreign Languages), 1946-1984
16Alexander, Walter Herbert (Geology; 2 prints), 1950-1951
17Alfonso, Robert John (Education), 1983
18Alford, John Henry (Park Administration and Landscape Architecture), 1980-1981
19Aliotti, Nicholas C. (Education), 1976-1977
20Alipoe, Dovi-Akue K. (Agricultural Economics), 1984-1985
21Allaway, James R. (Chemistry), 1974-1975
22Alldredge, Gerald Palmer (Physics), 1959-1960
23Alldredge, Rendel Burdette (Marketing Economics), 1950-1952
24Allen, Archie Cornelious (Biological Sciences; 2 prints), 1963-1986
25Allen, Bonnie L. (Plant and Soil Science; 1 print, 6 negatives), 1963-1986
26Allen, Catherine Mary (Sociology), 1978-1980
27Allen Charles Laurel (Journalism; 4 prints), 1966-1969
28Allen, Chester Lee (Business Administration), 1971-1973
29Allen, Claude W. (Military Science), 1941-1944
30Allen, Durward Leon (Range and Wildlife Management; 1 print), 1981-1982
31Allen, Edward J. (Mathematics; 1 print), 1985-1990
32Allen, Jeanne W. (Education), 1973
33Allen, John William (Animal Science), 1973-1976
34Allen, Judy Little (Home and Family Life), 1975-1977
35Allen, Larry M. (Food and Nutrition), 1984
36Allen, Linda J. (Mathematics), 1985-1991
37Allen, Louise Crawford (Journalism; 5 prints), 1928-1964
38Allan, Nathan Jefferson (Animal Husbandry; 1 print), 1951-1954
39Allen, Randy Dale (Biological Sciences and Agronomy, Horticulture, and Entomology), 1989
40Allen, Robert Trowbridge (Chemistry), 1947
41Allen, Theodore (Mechanical Engineering), 1959
42Allen, Virginia Thompson (Clothing and Textiles; 1 print), 1956-1957
43Alley, Lebert R. (Industrial Engineering), 1982
44Allison, Louise Ferguson (Education and Philosophy), 1965-1966
45Allmon, Nancy Berryhill Patterson (Home and Family; 1 print), 1967-1968
46Allworth, Nancy A. (Merchandising, Environmental Design and Consumer Economics), 1989-1993
47Almond, Peter Richard (Physics), 1974
48Al-Salam, Waleed Abdulla (Mathematics; 1 print), 1962-1968
49Alspaugh, James W. (Mechanical Engineering; 7 prints, 6 negatives), 1971
50Alster, Kazinierz (Mathematics; 1 print), 1981-1982
51Alston, Roy Dean (Mathematics; 1 print), 1966-1968
52Althaus, Marlin Clinton (Business Administration; 1 print), 1970-1986
53Altschwager, Howard R. (School of Law), 1988-1990
54Alway, Leonore K. (Physical Education), 1938-1939
55Al-Zahauri, Lisbeth Eva Esslinger (Foreign Languages; 1 print), 1964-1966
56Amandes, Joanne Vivien Beran (Education), 1974-1984
57Amandes, Richard Bruce (School of Law; 6 prints, 3 contact sheets), 1966-1977
1191Amandes, Richard Bruce (School of Law; 2 prints), 1963-1974
258Amason, Robert Daniel (Business Administration; 1 print), 1963-1987
59Ambler, Rosalie Knost (Psychology; 1 print), 1973-1973
60Amin, Julius Atemkeng (History), 1984-1988
61Amin-Javaheri, Hossein (Mathematics), 1977
62Amir-Moez, Ali Reza (Mathematics; 1 print), 1965-1988
63Amos, Bonnie (Biological Sciences), 1987
64Anderl, Diane Elizabeth (Foreign Languages; 1 print), 1963-1964
65Andersen, Carl M. (Human Development and Family Studies; 1 print, 4 negatives), 1965-1991
66Anderson, Adrian Norris (History; 1 print), 1962-1967
67Anderson, Betty Helen (Education), 1977
68Anderson, Charlie Reynolds (Military Science), 1941-1942
31Anderson, Daniel A. (Psychology), 1978-1980
2Anderson, David Louis (History), 1975-1977
3Anderson, Edward Everett (Mechanical Engineering), 1985-1991
4Anderson, Edward Robert (Human Development and Family Studies), 1989-1991
5Anderson, Emmet Douglas (Civil Engineering), 1948-1949
6Anderson, Frank D. (Intercollegiate Athletics), 1990
7Anderson, Glennis W. (Architecture), 1947
8Anderson, Gregory D. (Animal Science), 1981-1983
9Anderson, Hal Nimmo (Business Administration), 1977-1978
10Anderson, Hugh Allen (Economics), 1939-1972
11Anderson, James (Home and Family Life), 1980-1981
12Anderson, James Clark (Philosophy), 1977-1979
13Anderson, James Paul (Applied Arts; 2 prints), 1964-1965
14Anderson, John Arthur (Chemistry; 2 prints), 1961-1993
15Anderson, John Washington, (Intercollegiate Athletics), 1966-1967
16Anderson, Jon Baxter (Technology), 1979-1990
17Anderson, Kenneth R. (Military Science), 1970
18Anderson, Lane Kent (Business Administration; 9 negatives), 1978-1989
19Anderson, Larry (Business Administration), 1979-1982
20Anderson, Linda Kay Adcock (Special Education; 1 print), 1971
21Anderson, Loran C. (Biological Sciences), 1978
22Anderson, Luella Faye (Home Economics), 1972-1974
23Anderson, Nancy (Health, Physical Education and Recreation), 1988
24Anderson, O. Kent (Art), 1980
25Anderson, Owen L. (School of Law), 1988-1991
26Anderson, Patsy (Home Economics), 1983-1991
27Anderson, Robert A. (Education), 1990-1991
28Anderson, Robert Henry (Education; 14 negatives), 1973-1983
29Anderson, Robert Paul (Psychology; 1 print), 1958-1991
30Anderson, Ronald Myles (Mathematics), 1965-1991
31Anderson, Roy Delane (Upward Bound), 1968-1973
32Anderson, Samantha Rene Graham (Speech and Theatre Arts), 1969-1970
33Anderson, Stanley Eugene (Animal Husbandry), 1948-1962
34Ando, Michio (Architecture and Applied Arts; 1 print), 1966-1968
35Andranovich, Gregory D. (Political Science), 1987-1988
36Andress, Calvin Russell (Horticulture and Park Management; 1 print), 1957-1958
37Andreve, George Jan (Architecture), 1974
38Andrews, Ann Taylor (Mathematics), 1959-1960
39Andrews, Charles (Textile Research; 6 prints), 1963
40Andrews, John Douglas (Business Administration), 1968-1979
41Andrews, Newton Steele (Mathematics; 2 prints), 1959-1961
42Andrews, Norwood Henry (Classical and Romance Languages; 1 print), 1970-1991
43Andrews, Ruth Horn (History of Texas Tech), 1954-1957
44Andrews, William Leake (English), 1973-1977
45Andreychuk, Theodore (Psychology; 6 negatives), 1962-1977
46Angelotti, Michael Louis (Education), 1976-1987
47Angirasa, Aditi Kumar (Agricultural Economics; 1 print), 1979-1984
48Annis, Eleanor Audrey (Applied Arts; 1 print), 1965-1966
49Anthis, Thomas Raymond (Business Administration; 2 prints), 1961-1971
50Anthony, Betty Gilbert (Education and Philosophy; 1 print), 1965
51Aranha, Joseph Leslie (Architecture), 1981-1991
52Archer, Bruce F. (Military Science), 1956-1959
53Archer, James E. (Computer Science), 1968-1990
54Archer, Jane Elizabeth (English), 1969-1972
55Archer, Thomas L. (Entomology), 1978-1985
56Arelli, Prakash Rao (Plant and Soil Science), 1977-1980
57Areni, Charles Scott (Business Administration), 1989-1991
58Arimitsu, Tokuroh (Art), 1978-1983
59Arland, John D. (Business Administration), 1981-1983
60Arlinghaus, Barry Paul (Business Administration), 1977-1980
61Armentrout, Dede (Water Resource Center; 1 print), 1967-1973
62Armes, Nancy Ruth (English), 1975-1978
41Armstrong, Daniel W. (Chemistry), 1983-1987
2Armstrong, Gladys Mae (Home Economics), 1942
3Armstrong, Kara Sammie Dunn (Museum/Classical and Romance Languages; 1 print), 1954-1970
4Armstrong, Mildred (Music; 1 print), 1966-1967
5Armstrong, R. Wright (Board of Directors; 5 prints), 1966
6Armstrong, Robert Speight (Business Administration/Dean of Students for Administration; 1 print), 1968-1972
7Armstrong, Virgina (Political Science), 1976-1977
8Armstrong, Walter Patrick (Business Administration; 1 print), 1968-1973
9Arnold, Clara Sue (Music; 1 print), 1971-1991
10Arnold, Doris Ann Elrod (Home and Family Life/Clothing and Textiles), 1961-1962
11Arnold, Marion (Petroleum Engineering), 1984-1992
12Arnolds-Patron, Paul (Economics and Management), 1942-1946
13Aronin, Eugene Loub (Education), 1981-1982
14Arper, William Burnside (Geosciences; 1 print), 1953-1979
15Arrant, Edwin Keith (Electrical Engineering), 1983-1990
16Arterburn, Elmer Forrest (Athletics), 1956-1970
17Arterburn, Joyce Davis (Health, Physical Education and Recreation), 1960-1990
18Arthur, Lane Paige (Mass Communications), 1980-1984
19Arthur, Nancy Firebaugh (Mass Communications), 1984
20Aruri, Naseer Hasan (Government; 1 print), 1962-1977
21Arwine, Nita B. Nunn (Education; 1 print), 1971-1975
22Arwood, Ellyn V. Lucas (Speech and Hearing Services), 1979-1986
23Asfour, Shihb Saad (Physics), 1976-1978
24Ashburn, Karl E. (Economics and Business Administration), 1937-1955
25Ashby, Clifford Charles (Theatre Arts; 1 print), 1963-1990
26Ashdown, Donald (Entomology; 2 print, 5 negatives), 1952-1984
27Ashdown, Terry (Home and Family Life), 1966
28Ashdown, Theresa Marie Hill (Home and Family Life), 1958-1959
29Asher, Robert Bernard (Electrical Engineering), 1977-1978
30Ashley, William Thomas (Business Administration; 1 print), 1971-1980
31Ashour, Abdurrahim M. (Geosciences; 1 print), 1971-1980
32Ashworth, Jack Otho (Agricultural Economics; 2 prints), 1949-1956
33Asimos, Jim Tom (Economics), 1957-1959
34Askins, Billy Earl (Education; 2 prints), 1967-1991
35Askins, Sally Lynn (Theatre Arts), 1988-1991
36Asquith, George B. (Geosciences), 1988-1989
37Assadourian, Fred (Mathematics), 1942-1945
38Ata, Mohamed Nassar H. (Business Administration), 1978-1982
39Atcheson, Daniel Benn (Engineering Technology), 1979-1986
40Atcheson, Michael E. (Architecture), 1990-1992
41Atchison, Thomas A. (Mathematics), 1963-1972
42Atchley, Thurman Litton (Chemistry; 1 print), 1956
43Atchley, William Reid (Biological Sciences; 1 print), 1971-1977
44Ater, Elizabeth Carolyn (Merchanidising, Environmental Design, and Consumer Economics), 1969-1991
45Atkins, Michael David (English), 1979
46Atkinson, Allene Edith (Arts and Sciences), 1939
47Atkinson, Brenda R. (Home and Family Life), 1983-1985
48Atkinson, Charles Michael (Architecture), 1974-1976
49Atkinson, Margaret Brashears (Engineering Drawing; 1 print), 1935-1973
50Atkinson, Ralph Henry (Health and Physical Education, and Recreation; 1 print), 1964-1991
51Attneave, Carolyn Adams Lewis (Psychology), 1957-1961
52Auchter, Norma Holmes (Music; 16 prints), 1972-1976
53Aulbach, Charles Edward (Geography), 1983-1991
54Auld, Dick L. (Agronomy, Horticulture, and Entomology), 1991-1993
55Ault, John Williard (Mathematics; 1 print), 1964-1975
51Austin, Larry M. (Business Administration), 1976-1990
2Austin, Tom Al (Civil Engineering), 1969-1970
3Austin, Walter George (Accounting), 1956
4Avary, J.D. (Economics), 1964-1966
5Avens, Larry Ross (Chemistry), 1978-1982
6Averill, Edward W. (Philosophy), 1980-1990
7Avery, Arthur William (Home and Family Life), 1975-1979
8Averyt, Ronald Albert (Government; 1 print), 1956-1958
9Awasung, Peter A. (Political Science), 1983-1984
10Axum, Donna Idelle (Speech and Information Services; 1 print), 1968-1969
11Aycock, Jean Diane (English), 1981-1985
12Aycock, Wendell M. (English; 1 print), 1963-1993
13Ayers, Cecil Irvy (Plant and Soil Science; 4 prints), 1942-1977
14Ayers, Ross (Education and Psychology), 1941
15Aylor, Albert Amon (ICASALS), 1974
16Ayoub, Mahmoud Amin (Industrial Engineering; 2 prints, 5 negatives), 1967-1972
17Ayoub, Mohamed (Industrial Engineering), 1960-1991
18Ayres, Ben Patten (Business Administration), 1974-1977
19Ayres, Cynthia, Ann (Music), 1975-1976

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