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Phi Beta Kappa:

An Inventory of Its Records, 1983-2014, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

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Creator Texas Tech University
Title: Phi Beta Kappa Records,
Dates: 1983-2014
Abstract: The collection pertains to the efforts of Texas Tech University faculty in obtaining a Phi Beta Kappa chapter and the chapters growth.
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Phi Beta Kappa is the nation’s oldest academic honor society and was established at the College of William and Mary in 1776. The right to have a Phi Beta Kappa chapter is given to the faculty of an approved university and not to the university itself. Faculty at Texas Tech University submitted applications to get a chapter in 1982, 1985, 1997 and 2000. Deficiencies noted in the rejection of Tech's applications were addressed and a Phi Beta Kappa alumni association was chartered. Texas Tech faculty finally succeeded in gaining charter approval in 2006, thus making Texas Tech one of only three public universities in the state of Texas granted the right to host a Phi Beta Kappa chapter. The formal installation ceremonies were held at 4 p.m. on April 11, 2007, at the Allen Theatre on the Texas Tech campus.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of materials generated and gathered in the process of getting a Phi Beta Kappa chapter at Texas Tech University. Includes background information, applications, site visit information, DVDs on the chapter installation at Tech, and vitas on all TTU faculty and staff who are Phi Beta Kappa members.


Dr. Mary Jane Hurst organized the collection before it was brought to the University Archives. The collection's original order has been maintained. Later donations from Alice White, starting in 2008, have added to the collection.


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Hurst, Mary Jane.
White, Alice Virginia.
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Phi Beta Kappa.
Phi Beta Kappa--History.
Texas Tech University--Students.
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Lubbock (Tex.)
United States--Intellectual life.
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Phi Beta Kappa Records, 1983-2014, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

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2007-0123-B, 2009-0001-B, 2011-0037-B and 2014-0018-B

Gifts, 2007-2014

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Lynn Whitfield, 2007

Collection Inventory


box folder
1 1 Background Information for 1985 Application, 1983
2 1985 Preliminary Application, undated
3 Feedback on 1985 Application, 1986
4 Discussions, 1986-1995
5 Miscellaneous Background for 1997, 1995-1998
6 Preliminary Application, 1997
7 Feedback on Application, 1997
8 Preliminary Application, 2000
9 Miscellaneous Background, 2000
10 Feedback on 2000 Application, 2001
11 Miscellaneous 2003 Background, 2001-2003
12 Application, 2003
Preliminary Application Questions, 2003
Phi Beta Kappa Preliminary Application 2003
box folder
1 13 General Application, 2004
Thank Yous, 2004
General Application Questions, 2004
General Report Document, 2004
Annual Financial Report Fiscal Year, 2003
Application Cover Letters, 2004
Miscellaneous Background, 2004
box folder
1 14 Site Visit Arrangements, 2004-2005
15 Site Visit Schedule, January-February 2005
16 Site Visit Follow Up, 2005
17 Senate of Phi Beta Kappa Approval, 2005
18 Manual for Chapter Officers, 2006
19 Report on TTU for National Membership, Summer 2006
20 The Key Reporter Publication, Fall, 2006
21 Update to National Society, September 2006
22 Triennial Council Photographs (4 prints), October 2006
23 Official Approval Letter, 2006
24 Regents Report, 2006
25 Eligibility Guidelines Adopted December, 2006
26 Constitution Bylaws, undated
27 Agenda and Minutes of 1st Meeting, December 7, 2006
28 Faculty Senate, December 2006
29 Letterhead, 2006-2007
30 Officers (founding), 2006-2007
31 Public Announcements/ Tech Announce, 2006-2007
32 Miscellaneous Publicity, 2006-2007
33 Copies of Charter, 2007
34 Brochure Development, 2007
35 Instructions to Selected Students, Spring, 2007
36 Agenda and Minutes of 2nd Meeting, February 2007
37 Resolution of Thanks to Provost, February 2007
38 Script for Installation and Induction, April 11, 2007
39 Instructions to Participants, 2007
40 President's Ceremony Invitations, 2007
41 General Invitation to Ceremony, 2007
42 Photographs of Installation and Induction (1 DVD), 2007
43 Programs of Installation and Induction, 2007
44 DVD of Installation and Induction, 2007
45 Congratulatory Messages, 2006-2007
46 Regents' Report, May 2007
47 Phi Beta Kappa Web Site, 2006-2007
48 Phi Beta Kappa-Lambda of Texas Chapter, 2007
49 Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association of Western Texas and Eastern New Mexico, 2007-2008
50 Texas Tech on the Cover of the National Phi Beta Kappa Newsletter, Summer, 2007
51 Ceremony of Initiation Programs, 2008-2010
52 Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association of Western Texas and Eastern New Mexico, 2008
53 Phi Beta Kappa-Lambda of Texas Chapter, 2008
54 Officer Transition Meeting, 2009
55 Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association of Western Texas and Eastern New Mexico, 2009
56 Phi Beta Kappa-Lamdba of Texas Chapter, 2009-2010
57 Chief Executive Officer Roundtable, 2010
58 Phi Beta Kappa-Lambda of Texas Chapter Scholarship, 2010
59 South Plains College 13th Annual Scholarship Gala, 2011
60 Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association of Western Texas and Eastern New Mexico, 2011-2013
61 Phi Beta Kappa: Best Association Award, 2012
62 Phi Beta Kappa Association Endowments, 2003-2014
63 Draft of Historical Notes Compiled by Mary Jane Hurst (2014) and Charter Membership Roster (1997), 1997-2014
64 Samples of Undergraduate Student Papers 2004 and undated
Hees, Jillian. "Black Consciousness in South Africa," 2004
Irwin, Sarah. "Women Writers and the Eighteen Century Novel: The Agency of Readership in The Female Quixote and Emma," undated
Cowan, Michelle. "Characterizing the Relationship Between Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester and Its Significance Within the Conclusion of Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre," undated
Carlson, Aaron Z. "Running Head: Internalized Homonegativity and Self-Discrepancy," undated
Dargitz, David B. "Slave Rebellions in Historical Novels," 2004
Clear, Vicki. "Dance as the Metaphysics of an Evangelical Christian Culture," 2004
Irvin, Kate. "Married, With Children: The Effect of Marriage in the 2004 Election," 2004
box folder
2 1 McNair Undergraduate Research Papers for Phi Beta Kappa Review, 2005
Gonzales, Zorisadday. "Five Polymorphic Microsatellite Markers for the Great Plains Toad, Bufo cognatus," 2004
Anaya, Christina. "Interface Numerical Method for Coupling Independently Modeled Substructures," 2004
Mejia, Sagrario. "Neighborhoods in Transition: Lubbock, Texas," 2003
Machado, Lidwinner. "Effects of Social and Economic Factors on HIV/AIDS prevention Programs Effectiveness: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of USA and Zimbabwe," 2002
Francis, Kylan. "Grain Elevators of West Texas," 2004
Gomez, Michael. "Longitudinal Analysis of Peer Nomination Categories as Related to Public School Data," 2004
Nagy, Adrian. "An Investigation of Datamining in Universities," 2004
Belete, Tigist. "Effects of Curing Duration on Scaling of Laboratory Concrete Bridge Deck Samples," 2003
Saenz, Diane. "Revalidation of the Nutrition Knowledge Component of a Survey Designed for Evaluation of WIC Participants with Overweight in Texas," 2003
Priestley, Rodney D. "Structural Recovery in a Model Epoxy: Physical Aging Responses After Temperature and Relative Humidity Jumps," undated
Lopez, Juan. "Distributed Computing High-End Performance at Minimum Cost," 2002
Miersma, Nicholas A. "Numerical Solution to the Time-dependent Schroediner Equation: Wavepacket Dynamics on Simple Electronic Surfaces," undated
box folder
2 2 Vitae from Schedule Appointments, December 2004 - January 2005
Cathy Allen, Vice Chancellor Multicultural Affairs
Tom Anderes, Senior Vice-President for Finance
John Anderson, Associate Athletic Director
Robert J. Baker, NCAA Faculty Representative
James E. Barrick, Geosciences Chair
Richard Bartsch, Chemistry and Biochemistry Chair
Gary Bell, Dean of Honors
Kambra Bolch, Associate Dean Honors
Jim Brink, Vice Provost
John Burns, Associate VP of Undergraduate Research
Helen Carter, Director Scholarships
Peder G. Christiansen, Philosophy Chair
Steve Corbett, ASCAP
Howard Curzer, ASCAP
Sam Dragga, English Chair
Charlotte Durham, Director Women's Studies
Donald Dyal, Dean of the Libraries
Mandy Geryk, Student member, ASCAP
Russell Gibbs, Associate Vice Chancellor
Greta Gorsuch, Director International TA Training
Lynn Hatfield, Physics Chair
Stephanie Hays, Vice-President Enrollment Mangement
Judi Henry, Senior Associate Athletic Director
Scott Holaday, ASCAP
Mary Jane Hurst, Chair of Application Committee
Jorge Iber, History Chair
Paul Johnson, Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work Chair
Joseph E. King, Economics and Geography Chair
Susan Lang, Co-Director of Composition
Mark Lindemood, Vice Chancellor
Julio Llanas, Director EEO
Ruth Maki, Psychology Chair
Hossein Mansouri and Don Walker, Associate Deans in Undergraduate
Division of Arts and Sciences
Jonathan Marks, President of AAUP Chapter
Philip Marshall, Political Science Chair
William Marcy, Provost
Juan Munoz, Special Assistant to President
box folder
2 3 Vitae from Schedule Appointments, December 2004 - January 2005
Gerald Myers, Director of Athletics
Tibor P. Nagy, Jr., Associate Vice Provost for International Affairs
Gary Owens, Dean of Visual and Performing Arts
Todd Rasberry, Senior Development Officer
David Roach, Communication Studies Chair
Lawrence Schovance, Mathematics and Statistics Chair
Sam Segran, Associate Vice-President of IT
Michael Shonrock, Vice-President of Student Affairs; James P. Burkhalter, Associate Vice-President
Rosslyn Smith, Vice Provost
Robert Stewart, ASCAP
Federick Suppe, Classical and Modern Languages and Literature Chair
David Troyansky, ASCAP
Terry Von Ende, ASCAP
David Weinberg, ASCAP
Jon Whitmore, President
Gene Wilde, President of the Faculty Senate
Sharon Williamson, Director of Financial Accounting
Mike Wilson, Vice Provost for Finance
Jane Winer, Dean of Arts and Sciences
Djuana Young, Director Admissions
John Zak, Biological Sciences Chair
box folder
2 4 Vitae of Phi Beta Kappa Faculty Not in Arts and Sciences (Samples Only), December 2004 - January 2005
Penelope Coates
Judy Fischer
Daniel Hurst
Alan Kaye
John Orem
Alan Reifman
Ross Sedler
Nancy Soonpaa
Anna Tacon
Terry McMahon
Alison Myhra
Richard L. Wampler
box folder
2 5 Vitae of Phi Beta Kappa Faculty in Arts and Sciences (A-L), December 2004 - January 2005
James Barrick
Laura Jean Beard
Robert E. Blake, Jr.
James Clopton
Clarke Cochran
Lee M. Cohen
Jill Connelly
Philip A. Dennis
Lance Drager
Charlotte Dunham
Genevieve Durham
Jeff Edwards
Gregory I. Gellene
Charles Alan Grair
Sean Grass
Erin Hardin
Robert A Holwerda
Mary Jane Gaines Hurst
D. Paul Johnson
Allan J. Kuethe
Constance Kuriyama
Susan M. Lang
box folder
2 6 Vitae of Phi Beta Kappa Faculty in Arts and Sciences (M-Z), December 2004 - January 2005
Ruth H. Maki
Randy D. McBee
Brian McFadden
Nancy E. McIntyre
Gary E. Miracle
Madonne Miner
Jorge Morales
Charles W. Peek
Patricia Pelley
Janet Winecoff Perez
Lionel William Poirier
C. Richard Quade
Edward L. Quitevis
Kevin Scott
Carl Seaquist
Robert W. Shaw
Rosslyn H. Mynatt Smith
Alice Sowaal
Edward I. Steinhart
Monty Strauss
Beth Ann Thacker
Eleanor T. von Ende
William F. Westney
Alice Young
Sean Zdenek