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An Inventory of Its Records, 1977-2008, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

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Creator Texas Tech University. Library
Title: Library Development Records,
Dates: 1977-2008
Abstract: The collection pertains to grant and office files of the Office of Library Development at Texas Tech University.
Collection # U 112.23
Quantity: 2 Boxes (2.0 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

The Office of Library Development is a unit within the Texas Tech University's Library system. It handles outreach to donors, raises funds, and is responsible for reviewing and submitting all grant proposals for the Library. The development officer is a liason between the Library and Texas Tech's Development Office.

The first library, with approximately 11,000 books and pamphlets according to Tech's 1925-26 catalog, was located on the main floor in a room in the west wing of the Administration Building and was opened in 1925 with Elizabeth Howard West as its first librarian. Accredited to Elizabeth West's "awareness of the advantages in the Library of Congress Classification for an academic library" from the time spent working at the Library of Congress, the Texas Tech Library has used the Library of Congress Classification from its beginning. Miss West has also been credited with giving the name La Ventana, "the window," to the Tech annual.

The library remained without a building of its own until June, 1937 when an appropriation bill was signed. This new library building, an L-shaped three-story building situated northwest of the Administration building, was completed in 1938 at a cost of $275,000. "The ground breaking for the new library building took place Wednesday, October 27, 1937 at 11 A.M.; the cornerstone was laid at 2 P.M., March 8, 1938." The original plan located the library building southwest of the Administration Building, but the library was constructed northwest of the Administration Building. Interestingly, the present library building is located southwest of the Administration Building. Later, this building completed in 1938 became the Social Sciences building and is now the Mathematics building presently housing the Southwest Collection.

Elizabeth Howard West retired in 1942 and died January 4, 1948. In 1942 Emma Lillian Main became Acting Librarian and was succeeded by Augustine Smith Gaylord, Jr. as Librarian in 1945. During the year 1948 Lulu Stein was Acting Librarian. Then in 1949 Ray Curtis Janeway came to Tech as the new librarian and remained until 1982 when he retired. Under Janeway's leadership a new library building was constructed from 1960 to 1962 which is now the front part of the current site. The architectural firm for this east wing of the present library was Pitts, Mebane, and Phelps, a firm from Beaumont, Texas. The books were carted from the Social Sciences building to the current location by some of the staff members still working at the Library today. On June 19, 1962, the Library opened at its new and current location.

In the fall of 1975 the west wing of the current library was completed and opened. This addition includes the current Stacks, Reference area, and Advanced Technology Learning Center (ATLC). Architects on the west wing were Atcheson, Atkinson, Cartwright and Rorex; Stiles, Roberts, Messersmith and Johnson; and Schmidt, Tisdel and Associates. The total square footage of the Library is now 303,150, with 273,578 square feet as assignable or usable space.

In 1982 Dr. E. Dale Cluff became the Director of Libraries. The University Library then housed 1,320,225 books, 1,260,758 government documents, 7,000 journal titles, and 941,315 microforms. In 1997, a large new building was completed just north of the Library. This building now houses the Southwest Collection, the University Archives, the Vietnam Archives, the Rare Books Collection, the Archive of the Turkish Oral Narrative, and the The Sowell Family Collection in Literature, Community and the Natural World. The retirement of Cluff in 2001 ushered in the new administration of Dr. Donald Dyal. In 2007, the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library and its various archives split off from the Library to become a separate organization under the Cultural Heritage Consortium.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of two boxes of office files maintainted by Office of Library Development at Texas Tech University. The bulk of the files concern grants written by faculty and staff of the Library, the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, the Vietnam Archive, and the Archive of the Turkish Oral Narrative. Most of the grant files include final and rough drafts, memos, background information on the project and/or archival collections, and vitas of the applicants. The other files are miscellaneous ones covering such topics as the Friends of the Library event honoring the release of Glenna Goodacre's Sacagawea Golden Dollar, the renovation of the library's interior, and news clippings on the various archives. Also included are 33 prints, 28 negatives and 1 uncut roll of film. The images are of the Southwest Collection's hard hat party for the new building, candids of the library's cramped interior for renovation purposes, the Amon G. Carter plaque, and reproduction negatives of a group shot of the Texas Technological College Board of Directors which includes Clifford Jones and Karl Hoblitzelle.





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The subject headings used by the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library are derived from the Library of Congress and/or locally developed.
Subjects (Persons)
Bogener, Steve
Goodacre, G. (Glenna)
Holden, William Curry, 1896-
Kreidler, Tai D.
Lewis, Preston
Neugebauer, Janet M., 1935-
Murrah, David
Pike, Douglas
Walker, Barbara K.
Walker, Warren S.
Subjects (Organizations)
Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative (Texas Tech University)
Texas Tech University
Texas Tech University--Library resources
Texas Tech University. Libraries
Texas Tech University. Libraries--Administration
Texas Tech University. Library--Finance
Texas Tech University. Southwest Collection
Texas Tech University. Vietnam Archive
Subjects (Places)
Lubbock (Tex.)
Manuscripts--Southwestern States
Special Libraries--Lubbock (Tex.)

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Library Development Records, 1977-2008, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

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Gift, 2008

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Lynn Whitfield, 2009

Collection Inventory



Library Grants
box folder
1 1 Anglo-American Cataloging: A Comparison of Two Cataloging Units, 1999
2 Barcode Monographs, 1992
3 Enhancement of Fine Arts Collection, 1999-2001
4 Fine Arts Collection, 2000-2001
5 Geographical Information System, 1998
6 Ground Building for Resource Sharing and Information Delivery Systems in Libraries in the 21st Century, 1990
7 Information Kiosk, 2000-2001
8 Integrated Archival Software Project, 1998
9 Library Renovation; includes 20 prints, 3 negatives, and 1 uncut roll of film, 1999-2001
10 Losing Geography, Discovering Self, 2001
11 Multimedia Center, 2002
12 Preserving Library and Archival Resources and Increasing their Access, 1995
13 Reading in Literature Series, 1996-1997
14 Z39.50 Client Server Software, 1996-1997
Southwest Collection Grants
box folder
1 15 Artwork/Endowment for the New Southwest Collection Building; includes 25 negatives from the hardhat party and 13 prints of the Amon Carter plaque, 1995-1996
16 As Big As Texas: The Southwest Conference and the American Intercollegiate, 1998
17 Advanced Training in Conservation of Vellum and Seals, 2000
18 Book Club of Texas, 1999
19 Cataloging Maps, 1994
20 Computerized Online Catalog, 1992
21 Coronelli Globe, 1994-1995
22 Crossroads of Music Archive, 2006-2007
23 Crossroads of Texas Music, 2000
24 Crossroads of Texas Music, 2001
25 Crossroads of Texas Music, 2001-2003
26 Dance Fiddle Tunes of the Texas Panhandle, 1996
27 Documenting Texas History Through Contemporary Photographs, 2003
28 DOD Legacy Project: Reese AFB Oral History Project, 1995
29 Enhancement of Holden Endowment, 1993
30 Enhancement of the William Curry and Frances Mayhugh Holden Endowment Fund, 1993
31 Environmental History of Texas: A Summer Teachers Institute, 1998
32 Exhibit Case for Coronelli Globe, 1997
33 Exhibit Cases for the New Southwest Collection Building, 1994-1995
34 Exhibit Cases for the New Southwest Collection Building, 1994-1195
35 Florence Floods of 1966, 1998
36 Frank Reeves Collection, 1994-2002
37 Frank Reeves Photo Collection CD, 1997
38 Hoblitzelle Foundation and Preservation Lab, 1994-1996
39 Interdisciplinary Symposium: Defining and Redefining Place Through Photography, 2000
40 Llano Estacado: An Island in the Sky, 2003
41 The Lubbock Scene: A View of Middle America During the Middle Years of the 20th Century (Winston Reeves Photograph Collection), 2000-2001
42 The Lubbock Scene: A View of Middle America During the Middle Years of the 20th Century (Winston Reeves Photograph Collection), 2221-2003
43 Making History Come Alive, 2000
44 Man and Nature on El Llano Estacado, 2003
45 Microfilm Reader/Printer for the Southwest Collection, 1999
46 Microfilm Scanning Equipment for the Library and Southwest Collection, 1997
47 Natural History of Texas, 2000
48 Natural History of Texas, 2001
49 New Southwest Collection Building, 1993
50 New Southwest Collection Building, 1993
51 Oral History Volunteer Associates Program, 1999
52 Our Hidden Hispanic Heritage, 1998-1999
53 Out of the Ordinary: Selected Works by Paul Milosevich, 2000
54 Out of the Ordinary: Selected Works by Paul Milosevich, 2000
55 Panhandle Ranch Dynasty: Accessing the Records of the JA Ranch, 1999
56 Place and Community in America, 2002
57 Planetary Microfilm Camera, 1997-1998
58 Preservation of Music Scores at the Southwest Collection, 2000-2002
59 Preservation Laboratory Equipment, 1993-1994
60 Processing the JA Ranch Records, 1999-2001
61 Remembering Our Heritage: Oral History Interviews in the Southwest Collection, 1998
62 Restoration of 1688 Coronelli Globe, 1996
63 Southwest Collection Building Opening: David McCullough Guest Speaker, 1996
64 Sports Initiatives, 2001
box folder
2 1 Texans Talking, 2001
2 Texans Talking: Accessing the Oral History of Texas and the Southwest, 1998
3 Training in Hand Gilding at the Centro del Bel Libro, 1998
4 Trouping Across Texas and the Southwest: A History Trunk on the Tent Show Era, 2001
5 A View of Middle America During the Middle Years of the 20th Century (Winston Reeves Photograph Collection), 2000
6 Voices from the Past, 1998
7 Winston Reeves Photographic Collection, 2000-2002
8 Winston Reeves Photographic Collection, 2002
Southwest Collection Records
box folder
2 9 Formby Book Signing and Reception, 2000
10 Friends of the Library Banquet: Philip Diehl and Glenna Goodacre Visit, Spring 2000
11 News Releases and News Clippings Regarding the Southwest Collection and the Library, 1999
ATON Grants
box folder
2 12 "An American Teenager Visits Turkey" Filmstrip, 1993
13 The Art of the Turkish Tale Volume 2, 1992
14 The Art of the Turkish Tale Volume 2, 1992
15 The Art of the Turkish Tale Volume 2, 1992
16 The Art of the Turkish Tale Volume 2, 1993
17 Educational Materials, 1992
18 Educational Materials on Turkey, 1993
19 OCLC Cataloging Project, 1989
20 Strengthening Research Library Resources Program, 1989
ATON Records
box folder
2 21 Book Subvention: "The Bald Boy and the Most Beautiful Girl in the World" by H. B. Paksoy, 2001-2003
22 Funding Request for the Archive of the Turkish Oral Narrative, 1993
23 News Clippings and News Releases, 1977-1999
24 Walker Estate and Monetary Donations, 1993-2003
25 Walker, Barbara K., 1995-2008
Vietnam Archive Grants
box folder
2 26 The American Southwest and the Vietnam Conflict: Library Collections and Centers of Study, 1995
27 Center for the Study of the Vietnam Conflict/ Archive of the Vietnam Conflict, 1994-1996
28 Collections for the Vietnam Archive, 1996
29 History of Vietnam War on Microfiche, 1992
30 Anglo-American Cataloging: A Comparison of Two Cataloging Units, 1999
31 International Perspectives on Vietnam, 1998
32 Team Bank, 1992-1993
33 Travel for Vietnamese Military Officers to Conference, 1995
34 Vietnam Conflict Research Resources, 1992-1993
Vietnam Archive Records
box folder
2 35 Douglas Pike Collection Acquisition, 1993-2996
36 Texas Legislature, 1994