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Kennith Hite:

An Inventory of His Papers, 1942-2014, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator Hite, Kennith
Title: Kennith Hite Papers,
Dates: 1942-2014
Abstract: The Papers contains declassified military reports, photographs and slides, newspaper articles and clippings, as well as a small amount of audio/visual material, framed items, and artifacts relating the military service of Col. Kennith Hite and his family.
Collection # S 1825.1
Quantity: 3 boxes (2.5 linear feet)
Language English
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Col. Kennith Hite graduated from West Point and served in the Air Force for 31 years. He flew an F-86 fighter in the Korean War and an F-105D Tactical Fighter in the Vietnam War. He retired in 1979. He was awarded his first Distinguished Flying Cross during the Korean War. For his service during the Vietnam War, he was awarded the Silver Star for “Gallantry In Action,” and a second Distinguished Flying Cross. Ken's brother Lt. Col. Robert Hite was a co-pilot for one of Gen. Jimmy Doolittle's B-25 bombers (the last plane to take off from the aircraft carrier in the Doolittle Raid) and was reported MIA in April 1942 after being captured and held by the Japanese.

Scope and Content

The Kennith Hite Papers consists mostly of declassified military reports from Hite’s time in Vietnam, Laos, and North Korea, along with periodicals focusing on the USAF, as well as military planes. At least two of the reports have corresponding slides or photos.

Of note is a multi-page article from the Amarillo Daily News, dated September 15, 1945, that detailed the harrowing experiences of then Captain Robert “Lowell” Hite who was captured by the Japanese following the historic Doolittle Bombing Raid on Tokyo at the outset of WWII. The newspaper story explains how Captain Lowell Hite’s mother suffered almost four years of sleepless nights following the Doolittle Raid, worrying about the fate of her captured son. The article shows a letter to the parents, dated May 22, 1942, from General Jimmy Doolittle explaining that their son may have been captured. It also shows Mrs. Hite at her home in Earth, Texas, joyfully receiving a phone call from her son forty months following his capture. The news article explained how he had been rescued and the route that he took home from “Peking” to Texas, as well as other details regarding his internment, liberation, and the fourteen-car caravan from Earth that traveled to Clovis, New Mexico, to bring Captain Hite home.

Finally, a small amount of audio/visual material, framed items, and artifacts relating the military service of Col. Kennith Hite and his family are also present.


The Kennith Hite Papers are organized by the following series:
44th Tactical Fighter Squadron Roster
Doolittle Raiders
History of the 421st
Military Reports
Miscellaneous Online Pages and Correspondence
Plaques and Banners
Framed Collage


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Hite, Kennith.
Aldrin, Buzz.
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United States. Air Force.
Red River Valley Association.
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Korea (North).
Korea (South).
Doolittle Raid--Tokyo--Japan, 1942.
Tokyo (Japan) History Bombardment, 1942.
United States. Air Force--History--Vietnam War, 1961-1975.
United States. Air Force--History--Korean War, 1950-1953.
United States. Air Force--History--World War II, 1941-1945.

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Kennith Hite Papers, 1942-2014, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

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Gift, 2016

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Processed by: Sarah Stephenson, 2017

Collection Inventory

box folder
1 1 44th Tactical Fighter Squadron Roster, April-May, 2013


box folder
1 2 81st Tactical Fighter Squadron History, 1942-1969
3 Left Behind on Koh Tang, August, 1996
4 Mayaguez, The Fiasco Behind Ford's Finest Hour, December 1, 1977
5 "Why the VTOL Fighter?" by Ken Hite

box folder
1 6 Doolittle Raiders

box folder
1 7 History of the 421st

Military Reports

box folder
1 8 Aircraft Status, 1974-1975
9 The Alleged Air Strike Near Muang Huang Villiage, Laos, 1967
10 Assault on Koh Tang
11 Cambodia Airlift
12 Frequent Wind Execution Message Summary, May 2, 1975
13 Ie Shima Range Boundary, June 24, 1976
14 Input for General Archer's End of Tour Report, 1975
15 Internal Report, Northern European Tour, 1960
16 Lessons Learned - Contract Airlift Operations Supporting Cambodia, 1974-1975
17 Recap of S.S. Mayaguez Operation
18 Re-entry Rights for US Forces
19 Trip Report, October 22, 1974
20 Trip Report, April 16, 1975

box folder
1 21 Miscellaneous Online Pages and Correspondence


box folder
1 22 Aerospace Newsletter, February, 1960
23 Airman, February, 1976
24 F-86 Sabre Pilots Association, Membership Roster, 2001,2009
25 A Guide to the National Museum of the Pacific War, 2004
26 MiG-15 in Action, 1991
27 MiG Alley, 1978
28 MiG Sweep, Issue #70-117, 1990-2002
29 MiG Sweep, Issue #118-127, 2002-2005
30 MiG Sweep, Issue # 129-163, 2005-2014
31 Red River Rats 16th Reunion, April 19-23, 1989
32 SabreJet Classics, Vol. 5-11, 1997-2003
33 SabreJet Classics, Vol. 12-20, 2004-2012


box folder
2 1 Air Combat Missions over North Korea, 1952-1953
2 Air War in North Vietnam and Laos, 1966-1967
3 Buzz Aldrin
4 Miscellaneous


box folder
2 5 Assault on Koh Tang Master Slides
6 S.S. Mayaguez Operation Master Slides
7 S.S. Mayaguez Operation

Plaques and Banners

box folder
2 8 560 Flying Training Squadron, July 1973 - August 1974
9 12th Flying TNG WG, in Appreciation of his Leadership and Inspiration, August 17, 1974
box folder
3 1 Red River Rats Patch
2 Red River Rats Banner
3 81st Tac. Ftr. SQ, Commander, July 1968 - June 1969
4 HQ 4th ATAF, July 1967 - June 1968
5 12th Student Squadron, July 1973 - August 1974
6 "To the Boss" from the 12th Ops Gang
7 559th Flying Training Squadron, Deputy Commander for Operations, July 1973 - August 1974
8 Pacific Air Forces, August 1975 - June 1976
9 PACAF IG Bearcats, June 1976, May 1978
10 388 TAC FTR Wing, KORAT RTAFB Thailand, Outstanding Service, November 5, 1966 - May 17, 1967


box folder
4 1 Laminated Newspaper Clippings


Film Reels, 10/28/2016
1 Champion Films, 334th
2 HTE 334
3 Reel 24
4 Lt. Harvey's Film, Print for Cmdr. 421st, with notes
VHS Tape, 12/15/2016
5 "There is a Way" November, 1966, Abridged by Ken Hite, March 9, 1997

Books, 10/28/2016

Return with Honor, by Cptn. Scott O'Grady with Jeff Coplon, December, 1995
Men in the Air, The Best Flight Stories of All Time from greek Mythology to the Space Age, Edited by Brandt Aymar, 1990
Texas Tech University, Alumni Today, 2010
The Jerome Biblical Commentary, Edited by Raymond Brown, Joseph Fitzmyer, and Roland Murphy, 1968
The Homor Society of Phi Kappa Phi Membership Directory, 2009
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Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 11th Edition, 1987
Kidnapped, by Robert Louis Stevenson, 1948
On Wings of Eagles, by Ken Follett, 1983
The Wall Street Journal Guide to the 50 Economic Indicators That Really Matter, by Simon Constable and Robert E. Wright, 2011
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Robert's Rules of Order Revised, Classic 1915 Edition with a new Foreword by Henry M. Rober III, 1979
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My Window on the Mesa, by Orval Ricketts, with dedications, 1950
Muleshoe and More, by Bill and Clare Bradfield, 1999
Jimmy Stewart and his Poems, by Jimmy Stewart, 1989
Surfing in Hawaii
A Quick History of Creede, Colorado Boom Town, by Leland Feitz, 1969
About Hawaii's Volcanoes, by L.R. McBride, signed, 1977
About Hawaii's Volcanoes, by L.R. McBride, signed, 1977
The Leading Hotels of the World, 1986
"For Thou Art With Me", Meditations in Verse, by Orval Ricketts, 1967
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Tough Minded Faith for Tender Hearted People, by Robert H. Schuller, 1983
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Holy Bible
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Framed Collage of 22 Photos of his time in West Point, Korea, and Vietnam, 12/15/2016