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Dr. Sherman P. Vinograd:

An Inventory His Audio/Visual Collection, 1966-1994 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

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Creator Vinograd, Sherman P.
Title: Dr. Sherman P. Vinograd Audio Visual Collection,
Dates: 1966-1994 and undated
Abstract: The Dr. Sherman P. Vinograd Audio Visual Collection consists of quarter-inch audio tape, 16mm film, and VHS tapes.
Collection # S 1775.2
Quantity: 2 boxes (2 linear feet)
Language English
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Sherman P. Vinograd fulfilled the roles of Chief of Medical Science and Technology and Director of Biomedical Research at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) from the fall of 1961 until the spring of 1979. In this role he shaped, organized, and directed NASA’s program of medical research as a funded program of studies, which was carried out in not only NASA Center laboratories, but also in university, industry, and other government laboratories and hospitals all over the country. It produced a large substrate of information through its bed rest studies, vestibular, bone, neuromuscular, hematology, and cardiovascular researches. It also produced valuable fall-out, such as an accurate bone density measurement technique which is now in common clinical use.

His major activities during this career were conceptualizing, establishing, and chairing the Space Medicine Advisory Group (SPAMAG) charged with defining the earth-based and space-based research and life-support requirements for a manned orbiting research laboratory. This Group designed a carefully planned study utilizing highly qualified, specialized members of the scientific community. They postulated a non-existent orbiting laboratory to be designed according to the needs of future human flight crews and requirements for human spaceflight information. This would result in the creation of Skylab.

He was also responsible for establishing the In-flight Medical Experiments Program in preparation for the Apollo series of manned space flights. This program was a series of carefully designed flight crew studies derived from proposals by qualified scientists both from within and outside NASA to evaluate human responses to spaceflight.

In addition, Dr. Vinograd developed a supportive Research and Development Program necessary to provide pertinent ground-based data and to advance state-of-the-art medical measurement technology, a major development of which was the Integrated Medical and Behavioral Laboratory measurement System (IMBLMS). This consisted of medical experiments and accompanying equipment necessary to perform them that was used from the Gemini through the Skylab manned space flight programs. Carried aboard virtually any post-Apollo space vehicle by virtue of its rack and module design, these designs were used well into the future. He also fostered the continuing ground-based medical research program sponsored and/or conducted by NASA.

Scope and Content

The Dr. Sherman P. Vinograd Audio Visual collection consists of quarter-inch audio tape, 16mm film, and VHS tapes relating to Dr. Vinograd’s early life, his career as an M.D. prior to joining NASA, and bulks with information about his years as a physician and researcher at NASA.


The collection is organized by the following series:
Quarter-Inch Audio Tape
16mm Film


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Project Apollo (U.S.).
Project Gemini (U.S.).
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Dr. Sherman P. Vinograd Audio Visual Collection, 1966-1994 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

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2009-0034-B; 2012-0095-B

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Collection Inventory

Quarter Inch Audio Tape

box Item
1 001 Mr. Sam Hubbard, Mr. Jack Holcomb, Mr. Bill Taylor, Mr. Kubis, and Mr. Ecl. Gray, ca. October 17
002 Dr. Kubis, Dr. Orlansky, Dr. Liddell, Dr. John Lott Brown, ca. October 18, 1966
003 John Lott Brown, Dr. Ashton Graybiel, ca. October 18, 1966
004 Capt. Newton Allebach, Col. Stapp, Dr. Hyde, Dr. Frasier, Dr. Hess, Dr. W. Langham, Dr. Keller, Dr. Beischer, Dr. Buscher, Dr. Burseler, Dr. Halburg, Dr. Flickinger, ca. October 20
005 Dr. Flickinger, Dr. McLaughlin, Dr. Natelson, Dr. J. Billingham, Dr. Vinograd, Dr. Grodsky, Dr. McFarland, Dr. Sells, Dr. Hays, ca. October 24
006 Dr. Hays, O. Schmitt, Dr. Mosely, Dr. Lindsey, Dr. J. Townsend, Dr. Stoddard, Dr. H. Estes, Dr. Patterson, W.D. Slayton, Chuck Berry, L. Dietlein, ca. October 27, 1966
007 Chuck Berry, Dietlein, Col. Ord., Dr. Jenkins, Dr. Dixon, ca. October 29, 1966
008 Dr. Hartwig, Dr. G.D. Whedon, Col. E. Knoblock, Dr. L. Peterson, Dr. Henry, Dr. Baldwin, Dr. Coburn, Dr. Swisher, Capt. Newton Allebach, undated
009 Vinograd and Baldwin, undated
010 Dr. Halberg, Dr. Graybiel, undated
011 L.R. Young, John Senders, undated
012 Tom Sheridan, S.I. Rasool, undated
013 R.E. Forster, J.V. Warren, undated
014 N.E. Allebach, undated
015 Dr. Jerome Kassirer, Dr. G. Donald Whedon, undated
016 Lt. Col. Edward C. Knoblock, Dr. Whedon, and Dr. Wallace N. Jensen, Wednesday, ca. August 13
017 Dr. G. Briggs Phillips, Dr. Elliot S. Harris, ca. Wednesday, August 13
018 Dr. Hermann Schaefer, Dr. Wright Langham, undated
019 Dr. Dade Moeller, Mrs. H.L. Galiana, undated
020 Dr. Benjamin G.Farris, A.L. Lavery, undated
021 Col. John P. Stapp, Dr. Henning E. Von Gierke, ca. Friday, August 15
022 Stapp, Von Gierke, and B.E. Welch, ca. Friday, August, 15
023 J. Pecoraro, L. Dietlein, S. Vinograd, undated
024 Edward Hays, ca. August 18
025 G.G. Armstrong, E.L. Mosely, undated
026 F. Ervin and Feldman, undated
027 Dr. Joseph Kubis, Dr. Raymond Loewy, undated
028 Dr. Sherman Vinograd, and Dr. Ed. J. McLaughlin, undated
029 Dr. Vinograd, undated
030 Dr. J. MacInnis, Dr. Schaeffer Part I, undated
031 Schaeffer Part II, Capt. George Bond, undated
032 Capt. Frank Austin, Gordon K. Norwood, M.D., Dr. Peter Siegel, undated
033 Dr. Stanley Mohler, Dr. Kodera, ca. August, 21, 1969
034 Jacques Piccard, “Undersea Exploration", undated
035 Pierre Dogan, Dr. Charles Berry, ca. August 21, 1969
036 Dr. Charles Berry continued, Joe Kerwin, M.D., ca. Aguust 22, 1969
037 Doug Lord, Dr. R. Young, ca. August 22, 1969


box Item
1 047 “Space: The Last Frontier”, ca. July, 14, 1994
048 “Moonshot,” Part I, ca. July 16, 1994
049 “Moonshot,” Part II, July 16, 1994, “One Giant Leap”, ca. July 20, 1994
050 “Spacelab Life and Sciences;” “Looking for Answers;” “A Nice Flying Machine;” “High Flight of NASA Research”, undated

16mm Film

box Item
2 038 IMBLMS, CL-71-S60, undated
039 “The Bed Rest Study”, undated
041 “Medical Experiments for Manned Space Flight”, undated
042 “Vinograd”, undated
043 “Opportunities in Zero-Gravity, ca. February 16, 1977
044 “Aeronautical Life Sciences”, undated
045 “Planetary Biology”, undated
046 “Moonflights and Medicine”, undated