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Nolan Porterfield:

An Inventory of His Audio/Visual Collection, 1953-1992 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator Porterfield, Nolan
Title: Nolan Porterfield Audio/Visual Collection,
Dates: 1953-1992 and undated
Abstract: The Nolan Porterfield A/V Collection includes the interviews on cassette tapes, reel-to-reel recordings, DVD, and CD.
Collection # S 1719.2
Quantity: 2 boxes (2 linear feet)
Language English
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Nolan Porterfield was raised in West Texas. His early music experience includes appearing as a performer on a Lamesa, Texas radio program. He later earned his Master’s degree from Texas Tech University and Ph.D. from the University of Iowa and taught American Literature and creative writing. Porterfield’s writings include music biography and history and he is known for producing the definitive biographies of Jimmie Rodgers and John Lomax. Dr. Porterfield spoke at the 2006 Lubbock Music Symposium, sharing the experiences of a country music fan in West Texas during the 1940s and 1950s. He also hosted the radio program “Old Scratchy Records” for Western Kentucky University’s Public Radio Service.

Scope and Content

This collection includes the interviews Porterfield conducted in preparation for his novels on Jimmie Rodgers and John Lomax. The interviews are contained mostly on cassette tapes, with the reel-to-reel recordings, DVD, and CD seeming to be mostly music or research material as well. There is one reel of microfilm as well; the subject matter is unknown.



The collection is organized by the following series: Cassette Tapes, Reel-to-Reel Recordings, Microfilm, CD, DVDs, and Papers.


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Open for research

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Subjects (Persons)
Lomax, John Avery, 1907-1974
Porterfield, Nolan--Interviews
Rodgers, Jimmie, (James Charles), 1897-1933
Schaffner, Steve
Swank, Roy
Subjects (Places)
Texas, West
American music
Folk music
Folk songs--Texas
Sound Recordings

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Nolan Porterfield Audio/Visual Collection, 1953-1992 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas


Collection accession #(s):
2006-0269-B, 2006-0299-A, 2006-0120-B

Gifts, 2006

Processed by

Elissa Stroman, 2008

Collection Inventory


Cassette Tapes

box folder
1 1 Dan Cruse, 1953
2 Sara Carter interviewed by Henry Young, 5/21/1971
3 Jim Evans 8/1973
4 A: Kerville- History T.B. Hospitals #2 Rodgers Will B: Rodgers Will, Probate, 5/1974
5 A: McWillams Best Master Miss. River Blues B: Miss River Blues, 12/1974
6 A: Mrs. Hunt, Carl Fitzgerald B: Mrs Hunt- Gene Austin Airplane- Chicken Gizzards Elton Britt Ernest Tubb, 12/1974, 1/1975, 3/7/1975
7 A: Harvey Harkins B: Harvey Schimmel on Rodgers-Harkins, 1/1975
8 Jimmie Rodgers- WSIU, Mid 1970’s
9 Ch 1- 2nd Half- 1st interview w/ Mrs. Hunt- duplicate, 1/4/1975
10 A: McWilliams (First Interview) B: McWilliams- 1st Inteview; Mississippi River Blues, 1/4/1975
11 A: Bill Bruner- Mrs. Hunt, 1/4/1975, 1/6/1975
12 Harvey 1/8/1975
13 Jim Evans, Mrs Hunt misc. telephone conversations, 1/8/1975, 3/1/1975
14 Harvey, 3/8/1975
15 Hall, 3/12/1975
16 Jim Evans, 3/14/1975
17 Dunigan #1, 3/1975
18 Dunigan #2 (has note that says “Ancedotes: JR hunting trip w/ Sonny Blaxins, JR- coughing- showing bald head” note placed with other misc papers), 5/1975
19 Glenn Sellers Re Claude Grant, 5/1975
20 Anita Court, 6/1/1975
21 A: Anita Court B: Mrs Harvey Paris Texas News, 6/2/1975, 5/1976, 4/23/1930
22 Mrs Slover, Mrs Crocker, 6/3/1975, 6/6/1975
23 Crocke, 6/6/1975
24 Jim Evans, 6/1//1975
25 Nat Vincent, Johnny Bond, 8/20/1975, 10/3/1976
26 Anita Court, 11/7/1975
27 Anita Rodgers Court, undated
28 Billy Burkes, Jim Griffith, 3/11/1976
29 Hess, 3/11 and 12/1976, 6/3/1976
30 Billy Burkes Phone Interview, 3/29/1976, 6/5/1977, 6/10/1977
31 Pollard/Nelson, 5/18/1976
32 Pollard/Nelson, 5/18/1976
33 Dick Furman, Slover-Liberty, 5/21/1976, 5/23/1976
34 Jr Memorial Ceremonies Meridian, 5/26/1976
35 Bruner, 5/26/1976
36 Harvey, 5/26/1976
37 BB to NP phone Conversation, 10/27/1976, 1/23/1977
38 Mrs Guy Long, Re: Nocona, TX, 2/12/1977, 1930
39 Tape for Dr. Porterfield Wilber Ball, 5/15/1978
40 Cops- Asheville, undated
41 Bill Bruner (Master), undated
42 Claude Grand interviewed by Dave Samelson 1 of 2, undated
43 Claude Grand interviewed by Dave Samelson 2 of 2, undated
44 Claude Grant, undated
45 Jemf Hoyt Bryant, undated
46 Land of My Boyhood Dreams Dennie Hess: Tennessee Mamm Blues, Love you Still, undated
47 Peer #5, undated
48 Peer #6, undated
49 Rodgers Unissued, undated
box folder
2 1 Jack Dunigan, 9/17/1977
2 Steve Forbert Interview with Elsie McWilliams, 9/14/1985
3 Tape 2 WCAV Gary Kadet as Jimmie Rodgers WHRB w/ Kenny Hollladay as Joe Kaipo, 5/27/1990, 2/24/1990
4 Jimmie Rodgers Sec. “All things considered”, 3/12/1990
5 Jerry Devine Branded Man Hank W. Joe Rogers, 11/1991
6 JR- unissued takes (tape 1), undated
7 JR- uniss takes tape 2, Bob Wills, undated
8 Jimmie R., undated
9 Jimmie Rodgers Anniversary Blue Yodel, undated
10 JR Segs, undated
11 Blue Yodel No. 6, The Land of my Boyhood Dreams, undated
12 Comer Mullins Sings a Tribute to Jimmie Rodgers, undated
13 Those Pullman Porters (not JR), undated
14 Jimmie Rodgers, undated
15 Dinner w/ JR, undated
16 Jimmie Rodgers Speed Corrected Tape 2 Smithsonian Project, undated
17 Jimmie Rodgers “options” program, undated
18 Leo talking Texas Drifter Gene Autry, undated
19 John Henry Faulk Austin, 3/10/1988
20 John Henry Faulk Austin, 3/10/1988
21 Shirely Lomax Duggan transcribed Tape 1 of 2, 6/27/1988
22 Shirely Lomax Duggan transcribed Tape 2 of 2, 6/27/1988
23 John Langenegger, 10/31/1990
24 Bess Lomax Halves, 2/19/1992
25 Shirley Lomax Doggan, 5/15/1989
26 Dees, 8/2/1989
27 Waters, 8/4/1989
28 Frank Goodwyn, 6/15/1990
29 John Newsome, 6/19/1990
30 Brian Rust-Swanage, 8/16/1991
31 [Broken], undated


Reel-to-Reel Recordings

box folder
1 50 Borgeson- Peer #V, undated
51 Dub from AMA TR-164(B) Band 5.Chemirocha I by D. Arap Musanir 6. Chemirocha II by Kipsigig Men 6. Chemirocha III by Kipsigis Girls [note inside states “3 Jimmy Rogers songs”, undated
52 “The Singing Brakeman” Soundtrack starring: Jimmie Rodgers 1/5 [contains photograph], undated
53 Jimmie Rodgers “T.B. Blues” alternate take Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family “Jimmy Rodgers Visits the Cater Family” Alternate Take 3 Test- from Bob Pinson- CMF 4/5, undated
54 Prohibition Blues- Clayton McMichen (recorded in Atlanta for Columbia Records); Home Call- Jimmie Rodgers, 4/12/1930
55 Audio Tape: Claude Grant (Glenn Sellers), 6/1/1975
56 Warner Bros Music label marked out. Paper inside states “Rodgers ‘Lost’ Recordings (segments)” but handwritten says “Not Rodgers- Bennie Hess! NP”, undated
57 Jimmie Rodgers Tribute Songs Side 1: JR Tribute Songs Side 2: Eddy Arnold, Hank Williams, Massey Family [has track listings], undated
58 Ralph Peer (Tape I), undated
59 Ralph Peer (Tape II), undated
60 Ralph Peer (Tape III), undated
61 Lillian Borgeson/Ralph Peer IV/V, undated



Slout William Lawre: Drama Dept, California State College, San Bernardino, undated



“Sunshine Blues”- Steve Schaffner vocal and guitar, undated



An Interview with Nolan Porterfield, Jimmie Rodgers Festival- Meridian Mississippi, 1991



One scrap listing Jimmie Rodgers anecdotes 2 small pages greatly folded listing notes from unspecified cassette tape 2 pages of Jimmie Rodgers unissued takes One page of lyrics, song by Nolan Porterfield “Sunshine Blues”, undated