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Murray, Grover E., Papers

An Inventory of His Records, 1937-1989 and undated at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

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Creator Murray, Grover E.
Title: Murray, Grover E., Papers,
Dates: 1937-1989 and undated
Abstract: Contains academic and peer-reviewed articles, book reviews, committee reports, and articles authored by Dr. Murry as well as in partnership with other authors.
Collection # S 738.48, 2008-0014-B
Quantity: 1 box (1 linear foot)
Language English
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Grover E. Murray was President of Texas Tech University from 1966-1976. He is also a distinguished and world renowned Petroleum Geologist. During his later life he served as a consultant for the university working from the Texas Tech Museum office. Dr. Murray passed away in May 2003.

Scope and Content

Contains academic and peer-reviewed articles, book reviews, and reports on Dr. Murray's personal research in geology, petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico, paleontology, and geological formations of the American Southwest and Northern Mexico. In addition to his own works, there are also many co-authored papers and some committee reports and a few articles on higher education from his time as president of Texas Tech.


The collection is organized alphabetically and chronologically.


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Murray, Grover, 1916-2003
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Texas Tech University
Texas Tech University--Office of the President
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United States--Louisiana
United States--Texas-Lubbock
Yucatan Peninsula
Petroleum Industry

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Murray, Grover E., Papers, 1937-1989 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas


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Nicholas Wallace, 2012

Collection Inventory

Co-Authored Material

box folder
1 1 "Age and Correlation of Huizachal Group (Mesozoic), State of Tamaulipas, Mexico," Robert Mixon, Grover Murray, and Teodoro Diaz G., 1959
2 "Carboniferous Goniatites from Caballeros Canyon, State of Tamaulipas, Mexico," Grover Mrray, W.M. Furnish, and Jose Carillo B., 1960
3 "Commentary on Certification," AAPG, G. Frederick Shepherd and Grover Murray, 1965
4 "Difunta Strata of Tertiary Age,, Coahulia, Mexico," Grover Murray, James A. Wolleben, and Donald R. Boyd, 1959
5 "Formational Divisions of Difunta Group, Parras Basin, Coahulia and Nuevo Leon, Mexico," Grover Murray, A.E. Weide Jr., D.R. Boyd, R.H. Forde, and P.D. Lewis, Jr., 1962
6 "General Geology and Hydrocarbons of the Northern Amadeus Basin, Australia," Duncan A. McNaughton, Grover Murray, and C.W. Siller, 1965
7 "Geological Cross Section of Paleozoic Rocks, Central Mississippi to Northern Michigan," Robert H. Dotland and Grover Murray, 1954
8 "Geological Occurrence of Intrusive Gypsum and its Effects on Structural Forms in Coahulia Marginal Folded Province of Northern Mexico," James R. Well, Grover Murray, and Teodoro Diaz, 1961
9 "Geologic Road Log, Campeche to Champoton," Grover Murray And Alfred E. Weide, 1962
10 "Geologic Road Log, Merida to Campeche," Grover Murray and Alfred Weide, 1962
11 "Geologic Road Log, Merida to Leona Vicario via Chichen Itza," F. Bonet, J. Butterlin, Grover Murray, and A.E. Weidie, 1978
12 "Geologic Road Log, Merida to Puerto Juarez," Grover Murray and Alfred Weidie, 1962
13 "Geological Notes-Difunta Strata of Tertiary Age, Coahulia Mexico," Grover Murray, James Wolleben, and Donald Boyd, 1959
14 "Geological Summary of Puerto Padilla, Coahulia Mexico," Grover Murray, Otto J. Buis, and C.O. Durham, 1961
15 "Geology of Beauregard and Allen Parishes," Wilbur C. Holland, Leo W. Hough, and Grover Murray, 1952
16 "Geology of the Monterrey Area, Nuevo Leon Mexico," James R. Well, Grover Murray, and Teodoro Diaz, 1961
17 "Geology of Parras Basin and Adjacent Areas of Northern Mexico," A. E. Weidie and Grover Murray, 1967
18 "Indigenous Precambrian Petroleum Revisited," Grover Murray, Michael J. Kaczor, and Richard E. MacArthur, 1980
19 "Introduction to the Habitat of Petroleum, Northern Gulf (of Mexico) Province," Grover Murray, Ata-Ur-Rahman, Hunter Yarborough, 1985
20 "Jacksonian State," Grover Murray and Louis J. Wibert Jr., 1950
21 "Late Cretaceous Fossil Locality, Eastern Parras Basin, Coahulia Mexico," Grover Murray, Donald R. Boyd, James A. Wolleben, and John A. Wilson, 1960
22 "Midway-Wilcox Surface Stratigraphy of Sabine Uplift, Louisiana And Texas," Grover Murray and E. Paul Thomas, 1945
23 "Note 25- Geographic and Chronostraphic Units," AAPG, W. Charles Bell, Marshall Kay, Grover Murray, Harry Wheeler, John A. Wilson, 1961
24 "Preliminary Report on Intrusive Gypsum, Sierra del Fraile, State of Nuevo Leon Mexico," Grover Murray and J.R. Wall, 1959
25 "Preliminary Report on the Structure of the Parras Basin in the Vicinity of Statillo, Mexico," Alfred E. Weidie, James Wolleben, and Grover Murray, 1959
26 "Shallow Pleistocene Fossils in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana," Harold V. Anderson and Grover E. Murray, 1953
27 "Stratigraphy of Difunta Group, Parras Basin, States of Coahulia and Nuevo Leon Mexico," Grover Murray, D.R. Boyd, C.O. Durham, R.H. Forde, R.M. Lawrence, P.D. Lewis, K.G.Martin, A.E. Weidie, W.D. Wilbert, and J.A. Wolleben, 1960
28 "Some Tertiary Octracoda of the Genera Alatacythere and Brachycythere," Grover Murray and Keith M. Hussey, 1942
29 "Tectonics of Parras Basin, States of Coahulia and Nuevo Leon, Mexico," Alfred E. Weidie Jr., and Grover Murray, 1961
30 "Tectonism of Altantic and Gulf Coastal Province," C.O. Durham and Grover Murray, 1967

Colleague Publications

box folder
1 31 "Oil and Gas Developments in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico in 1984," Paul H. Pause, Harry A. Miller Jr., L.Robins, and Sally Williams, 1985
32 "Oil and Gas Developments in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico in 1985," Sally M. Williams, Duane R. Adams, Scott Dufford, Chris F. Garvey, Wayne R. Gibson, Harry A. Miller, Paul Pause, and L.D. Robins, 1986
33 "Orogenesis as the Fundamental Geological Process," J. Tuzo Wilson, 1952

Committee Material

box folder
1 34 "Note 26-Records of the Stratigraphic Commission for 1959-1960," American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature, 1961
35 "Report 2-Nature, Usage, and Nomenclature of Time-Stratigraphic and Geologic Time Units," American Commission of Stratigraphic Nomenclature, 1952
36 "Report 4-Nature, Usage, and Nomenclature of Rock-Stratigraphic Units," American Comission on Stratigraphic Units, 1956

Published Material

box folder
1 37 "A Geologist Looks at Australia's Oil and Gas Potential," Grover Murray, 1965
38 "Aspects of Energy, the Environment and Change," Grover Murray, 1976
39 "Cambrian and Precambrian Petroleum, An Appraisal," Grover Murray, 1965
40 "The California-Tamaulipas Gesture: A Review of Some Facts, Interpretations and Speculations," Grover Murray, 1989
41 "Cenozoic Deposits of Central Gulf Coastal Plain," Grover Murray, 1947
42 "Claiborne Eocene Species of the Ostracode Genus Loxoconcha," Grover Murray, 1938
43 "Columnar Section of the North Carolina Formation," Grover Murray, 1937
44 "Durham Triassic Basin," Grover Murray, 1937
45 "Elliptical 'Bays' or 'Craters' of Southeastern United States," Grover Murray, 1937
46 "Encounters with Heroes and Heroines, or Some Inspirations Along the Way to a Life of Learning," Grover Murray, 1992
47 "Energy and the Environment," Grover Murray, 1972
48 "Evolution and Human Density," and "Fossil Plants of the Florissant Beds," Book Reviews, Grover Murray, 1954
49 "Geological Framework of Gulf Coastal Province of United States," Grover Murray, 1960
50 "Geological Occurrence of Hydrocarbons in Gulf Coastal Province of the United States," Grover Murray, 1956
51 "Geological Occurrence of Oil and Gas in Gulf Coastal Province of the United States," Grover Murray, 1956
52 "Geology and Oil Accumulations of the Gulf Coastal Plain," Grover Murray, 1954
53 Geology of DeSoto and Red River Parishes," Grover Murray, 1948
54 "Geology of Gulf Coast Salt Domes," Grover Murray, Undated
55 "Geology and Hydrology of the Yucatan and Quaternary Geology of Northeastern Yucatan Peninsula," Book Review, Grover Murray, 1985
56 "Geology and Oil Accumulations of Gulf Coastal Plain," Grover Murray, 1954
57 "Geology of Petroleum," Grover Murray, Undated
58 "Geosyclinal Sedimentation in Central Gulf Region of the United States," Grover Murray, 1949
59 "The Gulf Coastal Province and How and Where its Oil and Gas Occur," Grover Murray, 1957
60 "Increasing the Utilization and Productivity of Arid and Semi-Arid Lands," Grover Murray, Undated
61 "Indigenous Precambrian Petroleum?" Grover Murray, 1965
62 "Introduction and Regional Geologic Survey of Field Trip Area, Southeastern Coahuila and Western Nuevo Leon," Grover Murray, 1959
63 "Midway Microfauna of Northwestern Louisiana," Grover Murray, 1941
64 "Midway Stage, Sabine Stage, and Wilcox Group," Grover Murray, 1955
65 "Midway Stratigraphy of Sabine Uplift," Grover Murray, 1983
66 "The Mission of Higher Education," Grover Murray, 1971
67 "Musings about Some of the Tectonics of the Southeastern United States and Northern Mexico," Grover Murray, 1986
68 "New Fossil Localities in the Durham Triassic Basin," Grover Murray, 1938
69 "New Oil Province, Guatemala and Southeastern Mexico," Grover Murray, 1976
70 "The Nomenclatures of Fractures," Grover Murray, 1937
71 "Perspectives of the University," Grover Murray, Undated
72 "The President's Page," Grover Murray, 1964-1965
73 "Reflections About a Lecture Tour," Grover Murray, Undated
74 "Regional Geologic Summary of Yucatan Peninsula," Grover Murray, 1962
75 "Relationships of Paleozoio Structure to Large Anomalies of Coastal Element of Eastern North America," Grover Murray, 1956
76 "Report of Committee on Geologic Names and Correlations," Grover Murray, 1953-1954
77 "Report of the Editor," AAPG Bulletin, Grover Murray, 1959-1961
78 "Report of the Editor," SEPM Journal of Paleontology, Grover Murray, 1952-1954
79 "Resume of Salt and Sulphur in Louisiana," Grover Murray, 1953
80 "The Role of Higher Education in the Study of Arid and Semi-Arid Lands," Grover Murray, 1967
81 "The Role of the Library in the University," Grover Murray, 1975
82 "Salt Structures of Gulf of Mexico Basin - A Review," Grover Murray, 1966
83 "Sedimentary Volumes in Gulf Coastal Plain of United States and Mexico," Grover Murray, 1952
84 "Some Economics of Academics," Grover Murray, 1969
85 "Some Relationships of Teaching Research in Geology," Grover Murray, 1958
86 "The Spruce Pine Mineral Area, North Carolina," Grover Murray, 1937
87 "Static Science Transformed," Grover Murray, 1981
88 "Stratigraphic Oil - The Promise of the Future," Grover Murray, 1963
89 "Training Tomorrow's Petroleum Explorationists," Grover Murray, 1966
90 "Upper Eocene, Oligocene, and Lower Miocene of Central Mississippi," Grover Murray, 1948
91 "Vicksburg Stage and Mosley Hill Formation," Grover Murray, 1952