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Dan Scurlock:

An Inventory of His Papers, 1906-2005 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator Scurlock, Dan
Title: Dan Scurlock Papers,
Dates: 1906-2005 and undated
Abstract: The collection contains research materials compiled by Dan Scurlock concerning the history of Eastern New Mexico and the Panhandle Texas.
Collection # S1695.1
Quantity: 6 boxes (6.0 linear feet)
Language English
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Dan Scurlock has worked in the American Southwest as an archeologist, historian, and naturalist for more than forty years. He has been employed by the U. S. National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, several state agencies, universities, and private companies in the Southwest and Florida, as well as grant organizations funding his independent efforts. During this time Dan has carried out extensive library and archives research, oral history interviews, field survey and site selection, historic artifact analyses, and report writing. One of his more recent efforts was co-authoring four regional New Mexico overviews funded by the Historical Preservation Division for which he received an award from the New Mexico Historical Society. He also carried out research of the environmental history of the region, especially the Rio Grande and Pecos River basins and southwestern ponderosa pine forests under U. S. Forest Service contracts. He has published more than 200 books, reports, journal papers, and magazine and newspaper articles; and has led field trips across the Southwest, northern Mexico, and southwestern Canada over the past several decades. Dan recently moved from Albuquerque to Fort Sumner, New Mexico, where he is working on a history of the area, a biography of Doc Scurlock, who fought in the Lincoln County War, conducting an oral history program, and working to preserve an early 20th century adobe church.

Scope and Contents

The collection contains mostly research materials gathered by Dan Scurlock in his areas of interest. Most deal with the environmental history of Eastern New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle region. The collection also contains seven card file boxes of chronological and bibliographic cards of historic events of the New Mexico and Texas region. Some files deal with the Comanche, Comancheros, Ciboleros, and the buffalo. The photographs and slides detail historic sites and tourist attractions.



The collection is organized into the following series:
  • Correspondence
  • Legal Material
  • Literary Production
  • Printed Material
  • Projects
  • Research Material
  • Computer Disks
  • Photographs
  • Card File Boxes


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Subjects (Persons)
Scurlock, Dan
American Bison
Frontier and pioneer life--Texas
Frontier and pioneer life--New Mexico
Indians of North America--Texas
Natural History--New Mexico
Natural History--Texas
New Mexico--Environmental conditions
Ranching--New Mexico--History

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Dan Scurlock Papers, 1906-2005 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

Gifts, 2005

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Abel Ramirez, 2005

Collection Inventory



box folder
1 1 Letters to De Baca County News, 2000
2 U. S. Department of Interior grant application, 2002


Legal Material

box folder
1 3 Billy the Kid, Petition to Exhume, 2004


Literary Production

box folder
1 4 “Appraisal of the Archaeological Resources of Padre Island, Texas,” by T. N. Campbell, 1964
5 “Buffalo Soldiers: Guardians of the Southwest Frontier,” by Dan Scurlock, undated
6 “Early Day Postal Service” by Jenna V. Ownbey, 1951
7 “Carson’s Running Water Draw Ranch” by Dan Scurlock, undated
8 Historical Chronology of New Mexico, Colorado and West Texas, 1999
9 Historical Chronology of Middle Pecos, 2000
10 History of Littlefield and Lamb County, Texas, 2001
11 Llano-Canadian manuscript by Dan Scurlock, the trade route, undated
12 “New Mexico in the 20th Century” by Dan Scurlock, 2000
13 Pecos-Llano Heritage, newsletters of Friends of Fort Sumner’s Heritage, 1999-2001
14 Salado/Guadalupe, De Baca County, New Mexico, hand written manuscript by Dan Scurlock, undated
15 “Valley, Grass and Sky: The Natural Setting” by Dan Scurlock, 2000


Printed Material

box folder
1 16 “The Central New Mexico East-West Transportation Corridor Regional Overview,” by Pratt, Biechel, and Scurlock, 1988
17 Cloud Train, by Joan Aleshire, 1982
18 “Llano, River and Mountains: The Southwest New Mexico Regional Overview,” by Boyd C. Pratt and Dan Scurlock, 1989
19 Miscellaneous, 2005 and undated
20 News clippings by Dan Scurlock, 1999
21 “The Skeleton of Yellowhouse Canyon,” by W. W. Newcomb, Jr., 1955
22 “Trail to New Mexico” poem, 1988
23 “The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo” in Spanish, 2001



box folder
1 24 Chronology History Project, 2000-2002
25 Topics List for Dan Scurlock, undated


Research Material

box folder
1 26 Anton Chico on the Upper Pecos River, 1980-2004 and undated
27 Bison Ecology, 1991
28 Buffalo, 1947-1967
29 Buffalo: Natural History and Range, 1940-1996
30 Buffalo Hunting, 1937-1985
31 Buffalo hair, plant names, and the Indians, 1909-1969
32 Canadian River, 1990-1995
33 Canadian River Basin, Southern Plains, New Mexico and Panhandle Texas, 1976-1977
34 Canadian River: Colonial Period, ca. 1980s
35 Canadian River History: Oklahoma, 1951
36 Canon Blanco, Tijeras Road, undated
37 Captive Indians, undated
38 Cattle Ranches in Tascosa Area, 1946-2000 and undated
39 Ciboleros, undated
40 Comanchero clothing, undated
41 Comanchero trails, 1963-1997
42 Comancheros, 1935-1994
43 Comanchero-Cibolero place names and trails, 1975-1997
44 Comanchero Trade Goods, 1969-1983
45 Comanche, 1969-1970
46 Early Spanish Expeditions, 1974-2003
47 Canadian River in New Mexico: Anglo arrival between 1980-1900, 1945-1970 and undated
East Central New Mexico
box folder
1 48 Buffalo Soldiers, 1986-1999
49 Cattle Brands, undated
50 Cattle Drift, Llano Estacado, 1933
51 Chaves County, 1933-2001
box folder
2 1 Chaves County Ranches, undated
2 Cimmaron and Colfax County, undated
3 Clovis, 1997
4 Corona, Lincoln County, 1960
5 Cowboy Lingo, undated
6 Cowboy Grub, undated
7 Cowboys, 1971-1999
8 Curry County History and Ranches, 1978 and undated
9 Estancia Valley, undated
10 Fort Bascom, undated
11 History, 1966-1989
12 Homesteaders, 1978-1999
13 Jack Potter’s view of the cattle trails and ranching, 1939
14 John Chisum, undated
15 Lincoln County Historical Society newsletters, 1998-1999
16 Llano Estacado Ethnohistory, 1971-1973
17 Missouri Settlement, undated
18 Quay County and Caballo Lake (house), 1968-1980
19 Ranching in the Llano Estacado, 1969-2000
20 Roosevelt County, 1977
21 Sheep on the Llano Estacado, 1978
22 Violence, 1998-1999
23 Environmental History of Northeast New Mexico, 1974-2000
24 Fauna of the Caprock in Panhandle Texas, 1949-1972
25 Fort Sumner Military Reservation, Abstract, 1906
26 Grant Application: Comanchero-Cibolero Trails, 2002
27 Hispanic Handbook, Terms for field work, 1976-1980s
28 Historical Climate of West Texas, 1928-1966
29 Jicarilla Apache Ethnohistory, 1974-1977
30 Jicarilla Archeology, 1959-1978
31 Las Vegas, San Miguel County, undated
32 List of Birds of Upper Pecos New Mexico, 1911 and undated
33 Llano Estacado Blacksmith, 1970
34 Loma Parda and Fort Union, 2002
35 LX Ranch of Texas, 1933
36 Mexican Settlement in the Texas Panhandle, 1961 and undated
37 Military in El Paso area, 1982
38 Native Americans, 1989-1998
39 Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum and Review, 1999
40 Photocopied Maps of New Mexico areas, undated
41 Physiography, soils of southeast New Mexico, 1986
42 Population Census of Eastern New Mexico during 1890, 1900, and 1910, undated
43 Railroad history, undated
44 Ranching and Environmental History, Pecos Valley, 1968-1983
45 Rodriguez-Chamuscado Expedition, Big Bend, Texas, 1936
46 San Jose, Garita, Montoya, and Trementina, 1985
47 Shackleford County, Texas and Fort Griffin, 1998
48 Sheep and Cattle in New Mexico, 1999
49 Slave Trade in New Mexico, 1985
50 South Plains Ecology, 1961
51 Texas Panhandle History, 1954-2000 and undated
52 Trade and Goods Trails on the Upper Pecos, New Mexico, undated
53 Trade Goods: Comanchero, 1961-1990 and undated
54 Trade Goods of the South Plains: Comanche and Kiowa, 1939-1976
55 Trade Route from New Mexico, 1979-1988
56 Trade Routes, Trade Items, and Indian History in New Mexico, hand notes, 1978 and undated
57 Trade with Southwest Tribal Indians, 1978-1987
58 Trappers and Traders, 1991-1999
59 Tucumcari, New Mexico, undated
60 Upper Pecos, 1959-1987
61 Upper Pecos Environment, 1978-2001
62 Vegetation of Upper Pecos Basin, undated
63 Villanueva, La Cuesta, and El Cerrito, 1958-1977
64 Water Conservation in Fort Sumner and De Baca County, undated
65 Western Oklahoma history, undated
66 Wichita-French-Spanish Trade, 1970


Scrapbook Material

box folder
3 1 Miscellaneous, undated


Computer Disks

box folder
3 2 Various Data: Correspondence, interview transcriptions, newsletters, and notes, 1998-2003



box folder
3 3 Albuquerque, New Mexico and surrounding areas, slides, 1980-1997
4 Architecture: Plains Pecos, San Juan Basin, Zuni Area, Camino Real, New Mexico, slides, 1980-1991
5 Architecture in New Mexico, slides, 1979-1991
6 Architecture in California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Texas, slides, 1960-1980
7 Camino Real, Rio Abajo, and Upper Pecos, New Mexico, slides, 1981-1993
8 Environmental and Scenic sites, Sandia Mountains and Albuquerque, New Mexico, slides, 1980-1989
9 Environmental fauna, New Mexico slides, 1974-1985
10 Flowers and Vegetation slides, 1980-1984
11 Historic Eco-cultural slides of New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona, 1980-1992
12 Historic sites and attractions slides, Arizona, Mexico, Colorado, and Texas, 1972-1995
13 Las Huertas, New Mexico slides, 1983-1997
14 New Mexico scenes and other sites, slides, 1979-1995
box folder
4 1 Landscapes and Scenic sites: New Mexico and Padre Island, Texas, slides, 1964-1988
2 Scenic Landscapes: Arizona, Colorado, California, Utah, slides, 1967-1986
3 Prints: New Mexico and Colorado attractions and Texas work sites, 1971-1998
4 Assorted Prints: Scenic landscapes, conferences, and historic sites, 1976-1984 and undated


Card File Boxes

box item
5 1 Anton Chico Upper Pecos Basin Historic, chronological cards from 1541-1999, undated
2 Bibliography cards of Upper Pecos Basin, Southern Plains, Billy the Kid, undated
3 New Mexico and Texas, chronological cards from 1540s-1990s, undated
4 Comanche, Comancheros, Ciboleros, chronological cards from 1400-1871, undated
box item
6 1 Comanche, Comancheros, Ciboleros, chronological cards from 1400-1894, undated
2 New Mexico and Texas, historic chronological cards from 1700-1990s, undated
3 Southern Plains historic chronological cards from 1850-1990s, undated