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Donald Roy Walker:

An Inventory of His Papers, 1902-1994 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator Walker, Donald R. (Donald Roy), 1941-
Title: Donald Roy Walker Papers,
Dates: 1902-1994 and undated
Abstract: These are the papers of historian and writer, Donald R. Walker.
Collection # S1589.1
Quantity: 6 boxes (6.0 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Donald Roy (Don R.) Walker is a History professor at Texas Tech University. He has written two books and numerous articles on a variety subjects. Prior to receiving his Ph.D. in History from Texas Tech, Walker was in the Peace Corps in Africa from 1965-1968, and served with the U.S. State Department in South Vietnam from 1969-1972.

Scope and Contents

The Walker Papers are comprised of research material, which Dr. Walker used in the writing of his Ph.D. dissertation Penology for Profit: A History of the Texas Prison System, 1876-1912, which was published as a book in 1988 and Frontier Texas Mercantile: The History of the Gibbs Brothers and Company, Huntsville, 1841-1900, as well as other articles, both published and unpublished. It is subdivided into bibliographic information, papers on convict lease labor, criminology, granger movement, penitentiary systems, railroads, photographs, and thesis and dissertations.



The collection is organized into the following series: Correspondence, Literary Production, Research Materials, and Thesis and Dissertations.


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Walker, Donald R. (Donald Roy), 1941-
Walker, Donald R. (Donald Roy), 1941- --Archives
Walker, Donald R. (Donald Roy), 1941- --Manuscripts
Convict labor--Texas--History
General stores--Texas--Huntsville--History
Gibbs Brothers and Company--History
Texas penitentiary

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Donald Roy Walker Papers, 1902-1994 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

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97-0171-B, 98-0214-B

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Collection Inventory



box folder
1 1 Arkansas State Penitentiary, 1949-1981 and undated
2 Bibliographic Information Miscellaneous, undated
3 Convict Lease Labor: general, undated
4 Gibbs, 1985-1988
5 Gibbs, article 1890, undated
6 Gibbs, article about the Gibbs family, 1979
7 Gibbs-Bond by Huntsville Citizens to pecure SHNI, undated
8 Gibbs book, 1994
9 Gibbs-Chapter Contents, undated
10 Gibbs-Copy of Sam Houston’s Will, 1986
11 Gibbs-County Tax Rolls, undated
12 Gibbs-Descendants of Sanford St. John Gibbs, January 1985
13 Gibbs-Distribution of Profits, 1935-1948
14 Gibbs-Drafts of Preface and acknowledgements, undated
15 Gibbs-Dr. James Philip, undated
16 Gibbs-Excerpts from a history of San Jacinto County, 1940
17 Gibbs-family genealogy, undated
18 Gibbs-family interviews, undated
19 Gibbs-Financial Condition, 1976-1977
20 Gibbs-History of Cameron Banks, undated
21 Gibbs-History of Firm done by Houston law firm, undated
22 Gibbs-History of Huntsville, First United Methodist Church, undated
23 Gibbs-Inactive (Brazonia Co.), undated
24 Gibbs-Inactive (Brazos Co.), undated
25 Gibbs-Inactive (Castro Co.), undated
26 Gibbs-Inactive (Culberson Co.), undated
27 Gibbs-Inactive (Hale Co.), undated
28 Gibbs-Inactive (Henderson Co.), undated
29 Gibbs-Inactive (Houston Co.), undated
30 Gibbs-Inactive (Jasper Co.), undated
31 Gibbs-Inactive Land Books Grimes County, undated
32 Gibbs-Inactive (Leon Co.), undated
33 Gibbs-Inactive (Liberty Co.), undated
34 Gibbs-Inactive (Madison Co.), undated
35 Gibbs-Inactive (Martin Co.), undated
36 Gibbs-Inactive and Minerals, undated
37 Gibbs-Inactive and Minerals (Newton Co.), undated
38 Gibbs-Inactive (Montgomery Co.), undated
39 Gibbs-Inactive (Swisher Co.), undated
40 Gibbs-Inactive (Trinity Co. and Polk Co.), undated
41 Gibbs-Inactive (Walker Co.), undated
42 Gibbs-Information on family of Sallie E. Gibbs, undated
43 Gibbs-Information on founding SHNI, 1977
44 Gibbs-Information on Gibbs bank, undated
45 Gibbs-Information on J.W. Oliplimb, 1934
46 Gibbs-Information on Sandford Gibbs from NUNN book, 1962
47 Gibbs-Item, article restate historical designation, 1964
48 Gibbs-Interviews with family members, 1986
49 Gibbs-Legal Documents, 1916-1965
50 Gibbs-Letter from Wilbourn Sanford to Dr. J. P. Gibbs, 1930
51 Gibbs-Libraries and articles on Gibbs book, 1985-1987
52 Gibbs-Library Mexita, 1992
53 Gibbs-listings of lands left to SEG Sanford St. J. Gibbs, undated
54 Gibbs-Listing of land owned by G.B. and Co., W.S. Gibbs, undated
55 Gibbs-listing of property left by SEG to her children, undated
56 Gibbs-list of Tenants, 1917-1950
57 Gibbs-LJG’s Chapter Outline (Titles only), undated
58 Gibbs-Management Structure, 1949
59 Gibbs-Memos to W.S. Gibbs from Gibbs Vinson Reprofit, undated
60 Gibbs-Minerals (Montgomery County), undated
61 Gibbs-Minerals (Walker County), undated
62 Gibbs-Minerals (Walker County), undated
63 Gibbs-Mrs. Wilbourn Smith Gibbs, undated
64 Gibbs-Partnership Structure, undated
65 Gibbs-Questions for Gibbs employees, undated
66 Gibbs-Recommendation Re-Timber Holding, 1970
67 Gibbs-Sallie E., undated
68 Gibbs-Sam Houston Letter on Secession, undated
69 Gibbs-Sanford St. John Gibbs, undated
70 Gibbs-Sandford Supports SHNI, undated
71 Gibbs-Sketch of G. B. and Co. for Walker County History, 1984
72 Gibbs-Slave holdings, 1986
73 Gibbs-Some Secondary Sources of Southern Business, undated
74 Gibbs-South Carolina Origins, undated
75 Gibbs, Thomas, undated
76 Gibbs-Thomas Clifton, undated
77 Gibbs-Thomas Gibbs’s will and property inventory, undated
78 Gibbs-T. and S., Contract and TSP 1866, undated
79 Gibbs, T. and S., undated
80 Gibbs-Wilbourn Sanford Gibbs, undated
81 Gibbs-Wilbourn Smith, 1988
82 Gibbs-Will of Sandford St. John 1886, undated
83 Huntsville-History of Newspapers published there, undated
84 Huntsville-1890 pictorial Book, 1979
85 Inactive Walker Company, undated
box folder
2 1 Inactive Walker Company, undated
2 J. A. Herring Superintendent and J. W. Wright, undated
3 J. A. Herring Superintendent and J. W. Wright, undated
4 Photographs, miscellaneous, undated
5 Records Relating to the Penitentiary, undated
6 Reproduction of holdings of the Texas state archives, 1915 and undated
7 Reproduction of the holdings of the Texas State Archives, undated
8 State of Texas, Travis County, undated
9 Texas A and M University Press, 1991-1992
10 Texas A and M University, 1991-1994
11 Texas State Penitentiary, undated
12 Texas State Penitentiary, undated
13 Texas State Penitentiary Archives, undated
14 Texas State Penitentiary System in Rusk, undated
15 Texas State penitentiary System in Rusk, undated
16 TDC-house Journal Report of 1885 Penitentiary investigation, undated
17 TDC-Info on early prison from Baldwin’s thesis on Walker Co., 1957
18 University of Arkansas, 1974-1978


Literary Production

box folder
2 19 “American Prisons: A study in American Social History,” 1936
20 An act establishing a prison system in the state of Texas, 1911
21 “The annals of the American Academy of political and social,” undated
22 Arkansas state penitentiary 1874-1896, undated
23 “The attempt to create a Republican part in Arkansas,” 1942
24 Black intellectual in the New South, undated
25 Brooks-Baxter Contest, undated
26 The Capitol Boycott: A study in peaceful labor tactics, undated
27 Capitol Building Commission, 1979
28 Cecil Gibbs Gee: The story of her life, undated
29 Convict Labor and the labor reformers, undated
30 Convict labor policies by Henry Calvin Mohter, undated
31 “The convict lease system in Arkansas and the fight for,” undated
32 “Henry Tomlin: The man who fought the Brutality,” undated
33 Convict Labor System of Texas, undated
34 Convict Labor in the United States, undated
35 Convict Lease Labor, New York, undated
36 Convict Lease papers, general, undated
37 Courts and convict labor, by Julian Leavitt, undated
38 “Crime and Treatment of the criminal,” 1910
39 “Crime and Treatment of the criminal,” 1970
40 Criminal law, criminology, and police science, undated
41 Early history of labor organizations in Texas 1838-1876, undated
42 Engineers report on Rusk penitentiary, undated
box folder
3 1 Evolution, adaptation and survival, undated
2 Federal experiments with Negro labor 1862-1865, undated
3 “Federal and state laws relating to convict labor,” 1914
4 Fighting the lease system with pardons, undated
5 Four decades of thought on the south’s economic problems, undated
6 Government, politics, citizenship, undated
7 Governor O. B. Colquitt, undated
8 Granger movement in Arkansas, undated
9 Hell exploded: an exposition of barbarous cruelty and prison, undated
10 “Historians guide to statistics,” 1971
11 Historical development of Eastern-Southern Freight rate, undated
12 House papers, undated
13 Ideology of white supremacy 1876-1910, undated
14 Iniquity of leasing convict labor, undated
15 “An interpretive history of Texas Convict Lease 1817-1914, undated
16 Iron and steel in America, undated
17 James Sprunt studies in history and political science, undated
18 “Journal of the house of representatives of the fourth called,” 1910
19 “The knights of labor in the south,” 1978
20 Labor unionism and convict labor, undated
21 Legal systems in Texas, undated
22 Letters from Texas Coast 1875, undated
23 “List of references on prison labor,” 1915
24 “Messages of Governor O. B. Colquitt,” 1913
25 “The minutes of the board of public labor,” undated
26 “A monetary and banking history of Texas,” 1930
27 Negro criminality in the south, undated
28 Negro involuntary servitude in the south 1865-1940, undated
29 On crimes and punishment, undated
30 One solution of the convict labor problem, undated
31 Origin and development of Tennessee’s Prison 1831-1871, undated
32 Our penal system and its purposes, 1909
33 Overthrow of the convict lease system in Tennessee, undated
34 Pardoning power in Texas, undated
35 Peakon’s Magazine, vol. XXIX, undated
36 Penal reform movement in south during the Progressive Era, undated
37 Penal slavery and southern reconstruction, undated
38 Penitentiary, undated
39 Penology in the Westward movement, undated
40 Pills, petticoats and plows, southern country store, undated
41 Pioneers in criminology, undated
42 “A political history of the Texas Prison System 1847-1957, 1962
43 Politics of the convict lease system in Louisiana: 1868-1901, undated
44 Politics and punishment, 1971
45 Populist dreams and negro rights, undated
box folder
4 1 “Prison discipline in America 1847,” 1973
2 Proceedings of the Tax-payers convention of Texas, undated
3 Public welfare administration in Louisiana, 1976
4 “Punishment and reformation, 1895,” 1971
5 Putting a bounty on crime, undated
6 Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, undated
7 “A question of great delicacy: the Texas capitol competition,” undated
8 Race, economics, and the abandonment of convict leasing, undated
9 Records of the capitol building, 1980 and undated
10 “A record of evidence and statements before the penitentiary,” 1913
11 Reforms in the Penal System of Tennessee, 1820-1850, undated
12 Report on the case of Conrich Garcia, undated
13 Report of the commission on Texas Penitentiary 1875, undated
14 “Report on the condition of the state penitentiary, 1870,” undated
15 Report of the condition of the Texas State penitentiary 1876, undated
16 Report of the lessees of the Texas State penitentiary 1876, undated
17 Report of the senate committee investigating the affairs 1915, undated
18 Research opportunities of economic history of south after, undated
19 Rules, regulations, and by-laws for the government 1893, 1977
20 Slavery in the south today by Richard Barry, undated
21 Second annual report of the commissioner of labor, 1886, undated
22 Second biennial report of the house of correction reformatory, undated
23 Sequel to slavery: the new history views, 1977 and undated
24 “The Shadow of slavery: peonage in the south, 1901-1969, undated
25 “A short history of the sugar industry in Texas,” 1961
26 Significance of the racial factor in the length of prison, undated
27 “Speech of Thos. M. Campbell 1906,” undated
28 Southern Country Store 1800-1860, undated
29 South’s Immigrant Problem, undated
30 State Penitentiary, undated
31 State Penitentiary letters, undated
32 State Penitentiary letters, undated
33 State Penitentiary letters, undated
box folder
5 1 State penitentiary letters, undated
2 “The story of punishment: a record of man’s inhumanity,” 1972
3 Sugar land and the men who made it, undated
4 A survey of the Texas Penitentiary system, undated
5 Testimony of assistant superintendent D. M. short,” undated
6 Texas “Black Uprising,” Scare of 1883, undated
7 “The Texas Convict: Thrilling and terrible experience of,” 1970
8 Texas penitentiary 1911, 1969
9 Texas State investigating committee: reports and proceedings, 1902
10 Texas state penitentiary, 1882, undated
11 Texas state penitentiaries paper, 1981 and undated
12 Trade unions and prison labor by E. Stagg Whitin, Ph. D., undated
13 Twentieth annual report of the commissioner of labor 1905, undated
14 “Twentieth Century Texas,” 1942
15 Two Years in the Texas Hell, undated
16 Voices of protest from the New South 1875-1910, 1955
17 “The Wheel of servitude: Black forced labor after slavery,” 1978


Research Materials

box folder
5 18 Handwritten notes for Gibbs book, undated
19 Bibliographic note cards for Gibbs project, 1841-1987, undated
20 Bibliographic note cards for Gibbs project, 1892-1958, undated


Thesis and Dissertations

box folder
5 21 “The administration of governor John Ireland, 1883-1887,” 1934
22 “The administration of governor L. S. Ross 1887-1891,” 1935
23 “The administration of governor S. W. T. Lanham 1903-1907, undated
box folder
6 1 Early History of Walker County, Texas, 1957
2 “The Historian and the Computer,” 1971
3 Historical Account of the East Texas Prison at Risk, 1979
4 “A Historical Overview of the American Labor Movement,” 1975
5 History of the Mississippi Penitentiary, 1930
6 “The Major Administrative Policies of Oran Milo Roberts,” 1925
7 Origin and Early History of the Louisiana Penitentiary, 1934
8 “Penal Systems and Penal Reforms in the South,” 1947
9 “The penitentiary movement in Texas, 1849,” 1970
10 “Prisons, Politics and Business: The Convict Lease System,” 1964
11 “Richard Bennett Hubbard, The Demosthenes of Texas,” 1957
12 “The Rise of the Democrats to Power in Texas,” 1940
13 Silver Politics in the United States: 1918-1946, 1951
14 Sociological Study of Huntsville, Texas 1927, undated
15 “A study of the laws passed during the administration of O. M.,” 1949
16 “Texas under the regime of E. J. Davis,” 1919
17 “Thomas B. Love’s Service in the Texas Legislature,” 1958