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Maryann Duggan:

An Inventory of Her Papers, 1882-2000 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator Duggan, Maryann
Title: Maryann Duggan Papers,
Dates: 1882-2000 and undated
Abstract: The collection contains personal and research material collected by Maryann Dugan and files of Campbell Jackson Duggan from 1882-2000 and undated.
Collection # S182.1
Quantity: 7 boxes (7.5 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Maryann Duggan was born on October 25, 1925, in Lubbock, Texas and passed away on May 20, 2000, in Boise, Idaho. She was a scientist, researcher, and librarian. Her parents were Mary Gladys Norton Duggan and Campbell Jackson Duggan, a title and abstract specialist in Littlefield, Texas. The Duggans were pioneer families of West Texas. Maryann earned a bachelor's degree in chemistry and biology. She worked for Mobil Oil as an analytical chemist for twenty years. She was a researcher for SMU as a technical information specialist for small businesses in Texas. As a librarian she worked for the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education in Boulder, Colorado and as a consultant to the Library of Congress and the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science. In 1976, Maryann moved to Boise, Idaho and worked for the library of the Veterans Administration Medical Center. In 1999, she published her last work. Entitled "From Whence We Came, Thus We Are," it dealt with the Duggan family.

Scope and Contents

The collection contains materials gathered and compiled by Maryann Duggan during her lifetime. The Campbell Jackson Duggan files are her father's files, while the personal files are Maryann's. The Research Materials were files generated while Maryann researched her family history. The files include genealogy information on Cora Maud Norton Oneal, Alice Duggan Gracy, Annie Moore McGowen Norton, Lois Norton Hard, and her mother Mary Gladys Norton Duggan. Campbell's files encompass land sale records from the 1920s for Littlefield town sites in Lamb County, Texas, specifically the Southmoor and Broad Acres areas.



The collection is organized into the following series: Campbell Jackson Duggan, Literary Production, Legal Material, Personal Files, Printed Materials, Research Materials, and Scrapbook Material.


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Open for research

Index Terms

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Subjects (Persons)
Duggan, Maryann, 1925-2000
Duggan, Campbell Jackson
Duggan, Mary Gladys Norton
Gracy, Alice Duggan
Hard, Lois Norton
Norton, Annie Moore McGowen
Oneal, Cora Maud Norton
Duggan Family--Texas--History--genealogy
Mobil Oil--Texas oil industry
Norton Family --Texas--History--genealogy

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Maryann Duggan Papers, 1882-2000 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

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Gift, 2001

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Karen Hicks, 2004

Collection Inventory


Campbell Jackson Duggan

box item
1 1 "Americans are Gullible- and How!", article by Campbell J. Duggan, 1932
2 Baraca- Philathea Union, correspondence, 1914-1920
3 Business Expenses, 1937-1938
4 Correspondence and Family Data, 1918-1993
5 Death of Lt. Vernon Duggan Hart during World War I, 1918-1921
6 "Did This Ever Happen to You?" manuscript by Campbell J. Duggan, 1938-1941
7 Health Course with Stanford Kingsley Claunch, 1945
8 Lamb County, Texas Land Sales Ledgerbook, 1920-1926
9 Littlefield Potash Company, 1920-1921
10 Paniology, palm reading book, 1936
11 Personal Correspondence, 1920-1922
12 "Ripley's Believe It or Not" contest, 1932-1946
13 Stories by Campell J. Duggan, 1932-1937
14 Untitled Biography by Campell J. Duggan, 1947-1948


Literary Production

box item
1 15 "From Whence We Came, Thus We Are," Reproduction of photos used, 1999
16 "From Whence We Came, Thus We Are," Draft copy with corrections, 1999-2000
17 "From Whence We Came, Thus We Are," Master copy, 1999
18 "From Whence We Came, Thus We Are," by Maryann Duggan, 1999
19 Lois Norton Hard's Trip to Ireland, 1975
20 Lois Norton Hard's narrative on England, 1980s


Legal Material

box item
1 21 Cora Maud Oneal's Estate Matters, 2000
22 Campbell Jackson Duggan, Estate Records, 1974


Personal Files of Maryann Duggan

box item
1 23 American Library Association and U.S. Office of Education, 1969
box item
2 1 Boise, Idaho Veterans Administration Hospital Library, 1976-1979
2 Career data of Maryann, 1945-1985
3 Cemetery plot for Maryann, 1999-2000
4 Check books, 1952-1975
5 College Transcripts, 1942-1970
6 Copies of Diplomas and Certificates, 1941-1983
7 Correspondence, 1925-1999
8 Death Certificate of Maryann Duggan, 1993-2000
9 Employment History, 1945-1984
10 Financial Planning, 1968-1985
11 Income Taxes, 1947-1959
12 Income Taxes, 1960-1969
13 Income Taxes, 1970-1973
14 List of Priorities and Life Experiences, 1968-1986
15 Maryann's personal history, 1990-1996
16 Maryann's early years, 1925-1945
17 Maryann's early years, 1925-1944
18 Maryann's early years, 1945-1958
19 Maryann's early years, 1958-1976
20 Maryann's latter years, 1976-1999
21 Maryann's will, 1993-1996
22 Maryann's photographs of family heirlooms, 1987-1998
23 Maryann and her mother, 1957
24 Maryann's scrapbook, 1942-1945
25 Mobil Oil and Maryann Duggan in newsclippings, 1945-1966
26 Mobil Oil Employment, 1960-1968
27 North Texas State University Graduate School for Ph.D. program, 1970
box item
3 1 Numerology Profile of Maryann, 1990
2 Oil Property and Mineral Interests, 1956-1998
3 Personal Family Data, 1983-1985
4 Philosophy of Life from Gene Parker, undated
5 Resumes of Maryann, 1945-1982
6 Scrapbook Material, 3 7 3 8 1925-1940s
7 Southwestern Library Association, 1969-1972
8 Southern Methodist University's Industrial Information Services Program, 1969-1970
9 Special Libraries Association and Maryann's role, 1955-1993
10 Sunset High School, Dallas, Texas, 1941-1995
11 State of Idaho Health and Welfare, 1980-1984
12 Travel, 1977-1990
13 Unemployment years in Idaho, 1979-1980
14 Univesity of Texas Medical Branch's Library Program, 1969-1970
15 Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, 1975-1976


Printed Materials

box item
3 16 Books (4 items), 1961-1996
17 The Duggans In America, From 1790-1996, 1996
18 Denton High School Yearbooks, The Bronco, 1905-1908
19 Final Report of Library Inter-Network Study by Maryann Duggan, 1971
20 The Cactus, University of Texas Annual, 1909
box item
4 1 College of Industrial Arts Yearbook, The Chaparral, 1907
2 "George Washington Littlefield: Portrait of a Cattleman", by David Gracy II, 1964-1970
3 Goals for Dallas Project with Maryann Duggan, 1969-1970
4 Heritage of Lamb County, Texas, 1992
5 Memories of the Past: Sixty Years of the Petroleum and Energy Resources Division of Special Libraries Association, by Marie Tilson and Marriott Smart, 1993
6 The Norton Family Heritage Book, 1981
7 Oil Field Child by Estha Briscoe Stowe, 1989
8 Since the Land Does Not Talk book on the Moore-Folsom-Johnson-Montfort- Whitfield-Bryan-Smith families, 1949-1999
9 Texas Declaration of Independence facsimile copy, 1930
10 Texas State Genealogical Society, 1964
11 Texas Travel Maps and Brochures, 1980s-1990s


Research Materials

box item
4 12 Abby Moran, 1957-1976
13 Alice Duggan Gracy, 1970-1995
14 Annie Moore McGowen Norton, 1885-1994
15 Annie Moore McGowen Norton, 1894-1985
box item
5 1 Callahan County, Texas, 1948-1962
2 Campbell J. Duggan and Littlefield, Texas, 1990-1992
3 Campbell J. Duggan and Mary Gladys Norton Family, 1915-1999
4 Cemeteries, 1962-1990
5 Cora Maud Norton Oneal, 1946-1999
6 Cora Maud Oneal to Maryann Duggan correspondence, 1975-1990
7 Correspondence for handwriting samples, 1912-1958
8 Dallas-Fort Worth, 1924-1979
9 Daughters of the American Revolution, 1958-1972
10 Duggan family history, 1939-1993
11 Duggan, Malone, and Pitts family record, 1949
12 Duggan and Malone family lines, 1991
13 Duplicated photos used in Maryann Duggan's book, 1990s
14 Eliza Permelia Malone Duggan, 1919-1993
15 Folsom family, 1882-1998
16 Fort Belknap Genealogical Society, 1961-1985
17 Hardy Moore and Edith Folsom, 1927-1994
18 Hollingsworth family and Charity Carroll McGowen, 1964-1978
19 Jefferson, Texas, 1966
20 Kilgore, Texas 1981
21 Lamar County, Texas 1889-1965
22 Lois Norton Hard to Maryann Duggan correspondence, 1958-1991
23 Lois Norton Hard, 1927-1992
24 McGowen family, 1960-1990
box folder
6 1 McGowen and Norton Family Data, 1960-1999
2 McGowen, Moore, and Norton correspondence, 1885-1915
3 Mary Gladys Norton Duggan, 1912-1993
4 Mary Gladys Norton Duggan, 1930-1970
5 Methodist Church, 1954-1959
6 Pedigree and genealogical charts on Norton and Duggan families, undated
7 Percy Caruthers Moore, 1980-1990
8 Percy Moore, 1953-1973
9 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Ft. Worth, 1973-1982
10 Stringtown, Texas, 1974-1992
11 Texas maps and guides, Towns of family history, 1980-1996
12 Texas Wesleyan University on Cora Maud Oneal, 1953-1983
13 Texas Division of the National Society Magna Charta Dames, 1977-1980
14 Thomas Hinds Duggan, 1985-1991 and undated
15 Transcripts of Charity Carroll McGowen Moore's correspondence and manuscript to Dougherty and Moore, 1967-1979
16 University of Texas at Austin and Cora Maud Oneal, 1968-1992
17 William A. Duggan, 1974-2000
18 William Julius Norton, 1885-1962
19 Yellowhouse Ranch and XIT, 1991


Scrapbook Material

box folder
6 20 Lois Norton Hard's Trip to the Holy Land, 1976-1977


Visual Item

box folder
6 21 "From Whence We Came, Thus We Are" microfilm copy of book and Sunset High School 1942 Class Reunion video tape, 1992-1999


Scrapbook Material

box folder
7 1 Scrapbook: Cora Maud Norton Oneal's 90th Birthday, 1982
2 Maryann Duggan's high school diploma and public service award, 1942-1967
3 Texas News Photos broadsides, 1932


Campbell J. Duggan

box folder
7 4 Littlefield, Texas Townsite, Southmoor and Broad Acres, land sales ledger #1, 1924-1929
5 Littlefield, Texas Townsite, Southmoor and Broad Acres, land sales ledger #2, 1924-1925
6 Bills Receivable Ledger #3 for Southmoor Land sales, Littlefield, Texas, 1924-1928
7 Daily Statements Ledger #4 for Land sales in Littlefield, Texas, 1926-1928