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Tent Shows:

An Inventory of the Records, 1902-1953 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

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Creator Ashby, Clifford
Title: Tent Shows Records,
Dates: 1902-1953 and undated
Abstract: The papers, donated by Texas Tech theatre professor Clifford Ashby, concern Tent Shows from 1902-1953 and undated.
Collection # S 1015.1
Quantity: 12 boxes (12.0 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

From the turn of the century through the era of the Great Depression, tent shows were a popular medium of entertainment particularly in rural areas. Harley Sadler and Harvey Haverstock were among the famous tent show owners in Texas and the Southwest.

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The collection of play scripts is arranged in alphabetical order by title.


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Subjects (Persons)
Sadler, Harley, 1892-1954
Sadler, Harley, 1892-1954--Career in tent shows
Sadler, Harley, 1892-1954--Contributions in politics and government
Sadler family
Subjects (Organizations)
Brunk's Comedians
Harley Sadler's Own Show
Texas--Politics and government
Texas--Social life and customs
Entertainers--Texas, West
Politics, Practical--Texas
Tent shows--History--Sources
Tent shows--Texas--History
Theater, Open-air
Theatrical producers and directors--Texas--History
Traveling theater

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Tent Shows Records, 1902-1953 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas


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Abel Ramirez, August 2000

Biographical Sources

Ashby, Clifford. "Trouping Through Texas: Harley Sadler and His Tent Show. "Ohio: Bowling Green University Popular Press, 1982.

Collection Inventory

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1 Index Cards Index to Identified Material, undated


Titled Scripts

box folder
1 2 Aaron Slick from Pumpkin Crick - Ada Beats the Drum, 1942-1947 and undated
3 Adam and Eva, undated
4 Alias the Deacon- Ann's Little Affair, 1928
5 Are you a Mason?, Undated
6 The Awakening of John Slater, 1902-1953 and undated
7 The Balloon Girl, 1902-1953 and undated
8 Beans, Beans, Beans and Black Ghost, 1922 and undated
9 Blind Alley and Broken Dishes, 1916-1936 and undated
10 Broken Road and The Burglar and Thed the Lady, undated
box folder
2 1 Business before Pleasure, 1902-1950 and undated
2 Call of the Woods, 1902-1953
3 By the Waters of Minnetonka, Cockling Toby, undated
4 Caprice, undated
5 Checkers, undated
6 Cinderella O'Reiley, Clodhopper, 1939-1949 and undated
7 Clouds and Sunshine, undated
8 Clouds and Sunshine and Cloverdale Farm, 1911 and undated
9 The Cokesbury Stunt Book, undated
10 The Comeback, undated
11 The Counterfeiters and The Clash, 1948 and undated
12 The Constant Wife, The Cowboy, She... 1927-1930
13 The Cow Puncher, Dawn of the Mountains, undated
14 Dawn of the Mountains, 1902-1953 and undated
box folder
3 1 Dearie, Bill Dance, undated
2 Dollar Down and Dollar a Week, undated
3 Dolly of the Follies, Dotty and Daffy, 1934 and undated
4 The Elder Brother, undated
5 Father and Son, 1949 and undated
6 The First Mrs. Fraser, Fool Proof, 1949 and undated
7 For Cryin' Out Loud!, undated
8 Forgotten Men, undated
9 The Gate to Happiness, The Genius of Gentle Men, 1930 and undated
10 The Fortune Hunters, The Front Page, 1949 and undated
11 The Ghost Bird, The Girl He Couldn't Buy, 1927 and undated
12 The Girl Who Ran Away, undated
13 God's Child, undated
box folder
4 1 Good for Nothing Husband, undated
2 The Governor's Lady, First Love, undated
3 Hardboiled, The Haunted Hunt, undated
4 The Haunted House, Heart of Peggy, 1926 and undated
5 Help Wanted, Her Compassionate Marriage, undated
6 Her Own Money, Her Unborn Child, 1927 and undated
7 Here Comes the Bride, undated
8 Hiring Time, Hootin-Nonny Papa, undated
9 Hot Air, Husbands for Sale, undated
10 If the Wind Had Only Blown the Other Way, undated
11 In the Wrong Bed, the Infidel, undated
box folder
5 1 The If Girl, Its in the Bag, 1944 and undated
2 The Invaders, Is I in love? I is!, undated
3 The If Girl, (Director's Scripts) 1929 and undated
4 The Jailbird, undated
5 Jealous Wives, Jensen Hypex Projectors, 1945 and undated
6 Jess of the Bar-Z Ranch, undated
7 Just like Judy and Keep to the Right, 1922-1929 and undated
8 Johnny's in Town, undated
9 Kempy, undated
10 Kidnapped, undated
11 Kidnapped, Law of the North, The Laurels, undated
12 Lena Rivers, undated
box folder
6 1 Life of Dora Thorne, Little Chiesler, 1917 and undated
2 A Little Clodhopper, The Little Homestead, 1918-1943 and undated
3 Live and Let Live, The Lunatic's Lullaby, 1948 and undated
4 Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me and Mad Honeymoon, undated
5 The Man from Texas, The Man Worth While, undated
6 Mary's Ankle, Meal Ticket, 1932 and undated
7 The Meanest Man in the World, Meet the Family, undated
8 Meet the Wife, 1926 and undated
9 Meet the Wife, The Midnight Murder, 1923-1926 and undated
10 The Millionaire's Son and The Shopgirl, The Misfit, 1947
box folder
7 1 The Mouse, My Dad from Wyoming, undated
2 My Friend From "Arkansaw", undated
3 The Mysterious Doctor "X", The Mystic Island, undated
4 Naughty, undated
5 New Brooms, undated
6 New Brooms (Director's Scripts), undated
7 New Deal, the New Editor, undated
8 New Toys, 1924 and undated
9 No Wedding Bells or The Unmarried Mother, undated
10 No Wedding Bells, undated
11 On the Road to Casa Grande, and The Only Son, undated
12 The Open Road, Out of the Field, undated
box folder
8 1 Out of the Night, 1929 and Undated
2 Over the Hills, Over the Hills to the Poorhouse, 1929
3 Pat Piper's Place, Puppy Love, 1929 and undated
4 Raggedy Nan and Restless Place, 1939 and undated
5 Retribution, Ring Around Elizabeth, 1942 and undated
6 Rip Van Winkle, Rodeo Ranch, undated
7 The Rosary, Rose of the Range, undated
8 S.S Florida, St. Elmo, undated
9 Saintly Hypocrites and Honest Sinners, undated
10 The Sap, Sealed Lips, 1931 and undated
box folder
9 1 A Sense of Honor, Undated
2 Sherlock Holmes, The Show-off, 1924 and undated
3 Shure Microphones, Skidding, 1949 and undated
4 She Got What She Wanted, Shepherd of the Hills, undated
5 So This is Arizona, Some Baby, undated
6 Spider's Web, Sputters, undated
7 Strictly Dishonorable, Sundown on Honeymoon Ranch, undated
8 Sunshine Around the Corner, Sweetest Girl in the World, undated
9 Take My Advice, Ten Nights in a Barroom, 1928-1937
10 Tennessee's Partner, undated
box folder
10 1 Tess of the Storm Country, Three's a Family, 1942
2 Thundering Herd, Tildy Ann, undated
3 Toby Buts In, Toby Goes to Washington, undated
4 Toby the High-Pot-Nist, Toby the Yankee Doodle Dandy, undated
5 Toby's Legacy, Tommy, undated
6 Tommy, Director's Scripts, undated
7 Tonight, Tomorrow and After That, Treat Me Kindly, 1935 and undated
8 Tropical Love, undated
9 Tumbleweed, undated
10 Turn to the Right, Two Ton Tessie, 1931 and undated
box folder
11 1 Uncle Tom's Cabin, Under Clover, Undated
2 Under Arizona Skies, 1910
3 Underdog and Until you Return, 1945 and undated
4 Unwanted Child, undated
5 Valley Center, undated
6 Virtue Awakened, The Vinegar Tree, 1931
7 Wages of Sin and Wandering Spirit, undated
8 The Watts Family, The Wedding of the Painted Doll, 1923-1929 and undated
9 What Anne Brought Home, When a Girl Loves, undated
10 When a Woman Marries, When Dreams Come True, undated
box folder
12 1 When Night Falls, Why Girls Walk Home, 1926 and undated
2 Why Lindy Ran Away, undated
3 A Wise Fool, Won by Waiting, undated
4 Yes My Darling Daughter and Your Uncle Dooley, 1936-1947
5 Play Advertisements, 1953 and undated
6 Unidentified Scripts, undated
7 Scripts, 1910-1931 and undated
8 Scripts, 1910-1931 and undated
9 Scripts, Leathey Robert, "Meal Ticket," and "Singer and the Fool", 1929-1934
10 News clippings, 1932 and undated