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Helen DeVitt Jones:

An Inventory of Her Papers, 1944-1995 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator Jones, Helen DeVitt
Title: Helen DeVitt Jones Papers,
Dates: 1944-1995 and undated
Abstract: Personal and professional papers of Helen DeVitt Jones a philanthropist and the daughter of David DeVitt, co-founder of the Mallet Ranch.
Collection # S 1271.1
Quantity: 6 boxes (8.0 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Helen DeVitt Jones was an active philanthropist and donated much of her wealth to the fine arts, culture, and education. Her contributions to Texas Tech University through the Helen Jones Foundation have helped to fund different aspects of the university. She passed away in September of 1997. Her sister Christine DeVitt was just as active in the business.

Helen DeVitt Jones was also the daughter of David DeVitt, co-founder of the Mallet Ranch. This ranch at one time covered some 200 sections in four counties: Hockley, Terry, Cochran, and Yoakum. By 1990, the Mallet Ranch covered nearly 45,000 acres. The Johnson and DeVitt family members were still operating the Ranch in 1998. Oil was discovered on the ranch in the late 1930s.

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of a few Mallet Ranch records, Christine DeVitt's Estate files, legal and financial materials concerning DeVitt properties, homes, stock and bond interests, bank records, taxes and insurance records. Additionally, there are records on the Helen Jones Foundation, grants, memberships, and Helen Jones' participation in charitable organizations and Texas Tech University.



The materials are arranged into the following series: Mallet Ranch and Christine DeVitt's Estate files, legal and financial materials, foundations, grants, memberships, personal matters, and memorabilia. Also transferred were audio/visual items, photographs and scrapbooks, framed posters, a map, and exhibit materials.


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Access to some materials may require permission of Archivist of Record.

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Subjects (Persons)
DeVitt, Christine
DeVitt, David Mantz
DeVitt family
Jones, Helen DeVitt
Mallet Ranch (Tex.)
Mallet Ranch (Tex.)--History
Cowboys--Texas--Mallet Ranch
Philanthropists--Texas, West
Ranches--Texas, West
Ranch life--Texas, West
Women philanthropists--Texas, West

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Helen DeVitt Jones Papers, 1944-1995 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

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Gifts, 1989-1994

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Abel Ramirez, 2000

Additional Sources

Murrah, David J. Oil, Taxes, and Cats: a History of the DeVitt Family and the Mallet Ranch. Lubbock: Texas Tech University Press, 1994.

Liljestrand, Lauren. E. David M. DeVitt and the Mallet Land & Cattle Co. Thesis (M.A.)--Texas Tech University, 1994.

Collection Inventory


Mallet Ranch and Christine DeVitt's Estate Files

box folder
1 1 Mallet Ranch, 1949-1989
2 Pan-American Petroleum Corporation and Amoco Surface Lease, 1957-1982.
3 Statements on Cash Receipts and Disbursements, Information on Producing Wells and Crops, 1983-1990
4 Mallet Ranch and Christine DeVitt Checks Issued, 1986-1989
5 Estate of Christine DeVitt & Helen DeVitt Jones, Partners, 1957-1989
6 Christine DeVitt's Estate Evaluation of Producing Properties, 1984
7 Cotton: Consolidated Cotton Company, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Payment Statements, 1986-1988


Legal Matters

box folder
1 8 General Documents, 1949-1985
9 Abstract of Title to DeVitt Properties, 1878-1973
10 Christine DeVitt's Last Will and its Execution, 1987-1989


Financial Matters

Stocks, Bonds and Securities
box folder
1 11 Santa Fe Railway, Santa Fe Industries Stocks, 1951-1984
12 Stein Roe & Farnham Stock Fund, Inc., 1975-1987
13 West Texas Utilities Stock, 1952-1954
14 Ramsey Petroleum Co. Stock, 1949-1951
15 The Texas Company Stock, 1948-1969
16 Stocks: Varia, 1983-1986
17 A.B. Culbertson & Co. American Legion Bonds, 1966-1972
18 Rauscher Pierce Securities Corporation, 1975
Dorothy Gail Secrest
box folder
1 19 Dorothy Gail Secrest and Helen DeVitt Jones: Finances, 1950-1959
20 Dorothy Secrest Account, 1962-1970
box folder
1 21 Moving and Lease of a House, 1952-1955
22 House at 1808 Atlanta Avenue, Lubbock, TX, 1980-1982
23 House at 4803 18th, Lubbock, TX, 1969-1973
24 House at 4503 13th, Lubbock, TX, 1976-1982
25 Duplex at 5211 18th and 1801 Aberdeen, Lubbock, TX, 1979-1984
26 Christine DeVitt's Residence
box folder
2 1 Checkbooks with the First National Bank at Lubbock, 1976-1987
1 First National Bank at Lubbock: Checkbooks, 1976-1987
2 First National Bank at Lubbock: Securities Sold or Purchased, 1982-1988
3 First National Bank at Lubbock: Charges, 1982-1988
4 First National Bank at Lubbock: Deposit Tickets, 1983-1988
5 First National Bank at Lubbock: Deposit Tickets, 1983-1989
6 First National Bank at Lubbock: Safekeeping Receipts, 1983-1986
7 First National Bank at Lubbock: Correspondence, 1949-1985
8 First National Bank at Lubbock: Miscellanea, 1975-1988
9 La Salle National Bank, Chicago, IL, 1973-1978
10 Various Banks: Correspondence and Miscellanea, 1951-1989
Loans, Trust, Mortgage
box folder
2 11 Magnolia Loan, 1949
12 Loan to Dr. Elgar F. Laird, 1954-1961
13 Loans, 1970-1981.
14 Harold G. and Mary E. Baldridge Trust, 1960-1982
15 R.L.Rasmussen: Chattel Mortgage and Sale of Painting "Infanta Isabella of Spain," 1959-1963
box folder
2 16 Leachman, Matthews & Gardere, Attorneys and Counsellors: Correspondence with W.Tom Jones, 1950-1952
17 Miscellanea: Bills, Receipts, Notes, Letters, Deposit Slips, 1957-1988
18 Personal Ledgers, 1949-1978
box folder
3 1 Helen Secrest Jones (Helen DeVitt Jones) Tax Returns, 1947-1949
2 Income Tax Returns, 1963-1986
3 Income Tax Returns, 1987
4 Income Tax Returns, 1988
5 Employer's Tax Returns, 1971-1985
6 Windfall Profit Tax, 1981-1984
7 Christine DeVitt's Estate Tax Returns, 1983-1985
8 Analysis of Taxes by Kirkwood and Darby, Inc., 1983
9 Analysis of Taxes by Kirkwood and Darby, Inc., 1984-1987
10 Shurmon and Kirkwood, Kirkwood and Darby, Tax Consultants: Correspondence, 1951-1989
11 Ad Valorem Taxes, 1950-1987
12 Rendition of Taxable Property, 1983-1990
13 Tax Assessors-Collectors: Tax Receipts, 1983-1984
14 Tax Assessors-Collectors: Tax Receipts, 1985-1989
15 Lubbock Central Appraisal District: Tax Statements, 1985-1987
16 Lubbock County Tax Receipts, 1951-1971
17 City of Lubbock: Lubbock Independent School District Tax Receipts, 1949-1971
18 Presidio County, TX: Tax Receipts, 1961-1986
19 Levelland, TX: Taxes, 1984-1987
20 City of San Antonio, TX: Tax Receipts, 1954-1957
21 San Antonio, TX: Alamo Heights Independent School District Tax Receipts, 1953-1958
22 Bexar County, TX: Tax Receipts, 1953-1958
23 Helen DeVitt Jones, Tom Jones: Poll Tax Receipts, 1944-1964
24 Miscellanea, 1983-1990


Foundations, Grants, Memberships and Participation

Texas Tech University
box folder
4 1 Texas Technological College Trust and Texas Tech University Trust, 1966-1970
TTU: Institute for Studies in Pragmatism and Peirce Professorship
box folder
4 2 Reports on Charles Sanders Peirce Professorship, 1983-1987
3 Helen DeVitt Jones, Kenneth Ketner and Charles S. Hardwick: correspondence, 1979
4 Claude Ventry Bridges: Letters to Helen DeVitt Jones, 1979
5 Brochures, Books and Related Correspondence, Research Paper, 1978-1982
Texas Tech University
box folder
4 6 DeVitt Jones Advisory Committee, 1966
7 Museum Development, ICASALS, 1966-1993
8 Lubbock International Cultural Center, 1988
9 Department of Art, 1967-1988
10 Department of Music, 1984
11 College of Business Administration, 1985
12 College of Agricultural Sciences, 1986
13 TTU Health Sciences Center, 1984
14 Center for Smaller Schools Project, 1980
15 Kamalaksha Das Gupta: Radiation Research, 1974-1982
16 Helen DeVitt Jones' Support, Cooperation and Participation: Varia, 1966-1989
box folder
4 17 H.D. J. Charitable Trust for Menninger Foundation and St. Mary of the Plains Hospital, 1962-1978
18 Menninger Foundation for psychiatric treatment, education and research, Topeka, KS, 1959-1968
19 "The Villages," Topeka, KS, 1979-1989
20 National Committee for Citizens in Education (NCCE), 1982-1989
21 Greenpeace U.S.A., Center for Defense Information, World Policy Institute etc., 1983-1984
22 Santa Rosa Children's Hospital Foundation, San Antonio, TX, 1955-1966
23 H.D.J.'s Support, Cooperation and Participation within Lubbock, TX: Varia
24 H.D.J.'s Support, Cooperation and Participation outside Lubbock: Varia, 1957-1989


Personal Matters

box folder
4 25 Medical Bills, 1984-1985
box folder
4 26 The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States, 1953-1970
27 Pan-American Life Insurance Company (includes insurance of W.Tom Jones), 1953-1968
28 Houses and Paintings: Insurance, 1973-1982
29 Automobile Insurance, 1965-1982
30 Personal Catastrophe Liability Insurance, 1983-1984
31 Varia, 1962-1982
box folder
4 32 Anne Snyder, Secretary to Helen DeVitt Jones: letters to H.D.J., 1955-1969
33 Helen DeVitt Jones: Letters to Anne Snyder, 1962-1969
34 Dorothy Secrest: Letters to Helen DeVitt Jones, 1984-1991
35 Raymond B. Spurlock: Correspondence with Helen DeVitt Jones and Anne Snyder, 1958-1963
36 Letters to Helen DeVitt Jones: Varia, 1958-1995
box folder
4 37 Helen DeVitt Jones: Handwritten Notes and Miscellanea, undated



box folder
5 1 Letters to Helen DeVitt Jones, 1965-1967
2 Helen DeVitt Jones, Family and Friends: Photographs, ca 1980's
3 The Helen DeVitt Jones Home. The Villages, Topeka, Kansas, undated
4 Center for Human Interdependence, Orange, CA: 1985-1986
5 Center for Human Interdependence, Orange, CA: 1986-1987
6 Center for Human Interdependence, Orange, CA: 1987-1988
7 Bob and Karolyn Snyder: Trip in Israel and Greece, 1985-1986
8 Educational Leadership and Program Evaluation: North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, 1993
9 Christine DeVitt Memorial Book, 1983
box folder
5 10 Pictures of HDJ, her family, friends, associates, social events etc.
box folder
5 11 National Assoc. for the Advancement of Colored People, Texas Assoc. of Schools of Art, 1987-1988
12 Peewee Girls, Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, 1988-1990
13 Lubbock Public Television: KTXT 5, Baylor University, undated
14 Boy Scouts of America, undated
Helen DeVitt Jones' Acknowledgments
box folder
5 15 Recognition, Awards and Appreciation, 1971-1992, and undated
Collectors Cards
box folder
5 16 Mallet Ranch Headquarters signed by H.D.J. and Christine DeVitt, and unsigned; Windmill
box folder
6 1 Fourth U.S. Cavalry Memorial Regiment, 1989
box folder
6 2 "Well Done!" by Ling Fu-Yang, undated