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Sandra Scofield:

An Inventory of Her Papers, 1958-2005 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator Scofield, Sandra Jean
Title: Sandra Scofield Papers,
Dates: 1958-2005 and undated
Abstract: The collection contains literary and research materials compiled by Sandra Scofield dated from 1958.
Collection # R18.1
Quantity: 6 boxes (6.0 linear feet)
Language English
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Sandra Scofield was born to Edith Aileen Hambleton in Wichita Falls, Texas, in 1943. Her mother later married Dean Hupp, with whom she had a second daughter, Karen, who lives in Connecticut. As a child, Scofield lived primarily in Wichita Falls, with a brief stay in Ohio near the Hupp family. The family moved to Odessa in 1955, and Scofield remained in Wichita Falls, living with the sisters at the Academy of Mary Immaculate for seventh and eighth grades. The next two years she spent at Our Lady of Victory Academy in Ft. Worth. She graduated from Odessa High School in 1960 and studied at Odessa Junior College and the University of Texas. She left UT in 1963, all work for a B.A. in Speech completed except for one course, and spent the year in New York City and Mexico; the following summer she completed her degree. Scofield attended Northern Illinois University (1967-68), studying theatre, but did not complete a thesis. She spent a year at Cornell University on an acting fellowship in 1968-69. At the University of Oregon she received an M.A. (1977) and Ph.D. (1979), focusing on reading and language education. Scofield traveled in Europe and extensively in Mexico in the early sixties. She lived in California and Oregon with her first husband, Allen Scofield, an Oregon native and Vietnam veteran (Coast Guard). Their daughter, Jessica, was born in 1973. The Scofields were amicably divorced in 1974. Scofield, who had been working in educational research, went to Montana to assist the state Office of Public Instruction with a special project. In July 1975 she married Bill Ferguson, of Helena, Montana, the state English Supervisor. In November of that year, Allen Scofield died following a car accident. Ferguson adopted Jessica Scofield, who is now an artist, and the family moved to Eugene,Oregon and subsequently to Ashland. After Ferguson's retirement from teaching high school English, the family returned to his home state, Montana, and settled in Missoula. Scofield has remained close to her aunt, Mae Perkins of Lubbock, and so has visited Lubbock numerous times for over thirty years. Scofield taught in public schools and colleges, but stopped working in 1983 to write full time. Her first novel was Gringa, based on her observations and experiences in 1960's Mexico. Since then she has published six more novels and a memoir, in addition to numerous book reviews, scholarly publications, and short stories. She occasionally teaches writing in summer workshops, visits MFA programs, has mentored individual writers, and has written a book for writers, The Scene Book to be published by Penguin in 2007. She is currently (2006-07) organizing letters written to her close friend Mary Economidy in the 1960s, and completing writing projects. Her awards include a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship (1991); Beyond Deserving was a 1991 finalist for a National Book Award; and A Chance to See Egypt received the Best Fiction award from the Texas Institute of Letters in 1997.

A list of her publications includes:

  • Scofield, Sandra. Gringa. Sag Harbor, NY: Permanent Press, 1989.
  • Scofield, Sandra. Beyond Deserving. Sag Harbor, NY: Permanent Press, 1991.
  • Scofield, Sandra. Walking Dunes. Sag Harbor, NY: Permanent Press, 1992.
  • Scofield, Sandra. More Than Allies. Sag Harbor, NY: Permanent Press, 1993.
  • Scofield, Sandra. Opal on Dry Ground. New York: Villard Books, 1994.
  • Scofield, Sandra. A Chance to See Egypt. New York: HarperCollins, 1996.
  • Scofield, Sandra. Plain Seeing. New York: Cliff Street Books, 1997.
  • Scofield, Sandra. Occasions of Sin: a Memoir. New York: Norton, 2004.

Scope and Contents

The collection has a variety of materials detailing the literary and scholarly works of Sandra Scofield. They include manuscripts of draft copies, published and unpublished works, short stories, poems, reviews, final copies, revisions, research material, photographs, workshop and conference materials, and academic work and teaching materials. While preparing these papers for shipment, Scofield wrote notes on several boxes and folders and wrote brief histories of each book’s creation and publication. Notes on boxes and folders were photocopied and added to the collection.



The collection is organized into the following series:
  • Literary Production
  • Correspondence
  • Printed Material
  • Academic Material
  • Early Work


Access Restrictions

The collection is open for research.Copyright is retained by the authors of items in this collection, or their descendants, as stipulated by U.S. copyright law.

Copy requests in excess of 5 pages must be approved by the donor or her representative.

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Scofield, Sandra, 1943- --Manuscripts
Women and literature--United States
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Preferred Citation

Sandra Scofield Papers, 1958-2005 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

Purchase, 2005

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Diane Warner and Michelle Roberts, 2006

Collection Inventory


Manuscript Collection

box folder
1 1 Brief biography, 2005
Literary Production,
box folder
1 2 Natural Allies; photocopy of manuscript box, 2005
3 More Than Allies/Natural Allies/Wives and Other Women; writing and publishing history explained by Scofield, 2005
4 Wives and Other Women; business correspondence and contract, undated
5 Natural Allies; typescript: t.p.-11.29, undated
6 Natural Allies; typescript: p. 12[1]–12.5, undated
7 Natural Allies; typescript: p. 16.11–16.12, undated
8 More Than Allies; notes, note cards, review, undated
9 More than Allies; reviews and publicity material, undated
10 Gringa; notebook and research material, undated
11 Gringa; business correspondence, undated
12 “A Cow does not stand still”; 1968, Gringa, undated
13 “An essay pass: March 1968”; 2003, based on Mexico material, undated
14 Gringa; NYTimes 23 April 1989, book review, photocopy, undated
15 Gringa (Real Collisions); synopsis and business correspondence with Permanent Press, undated
16 Real Collisions (Gringa); novel proposal, undated
17 Real Collisions; 1st version, pt. 1, photocopy of manuscript box, undated
18 Real Collisions; 1st version, pt. 1, t.p.–150, typescript, undated
19 Real Collisions; 1st version, pt. 1, p. 151–300, typescript, undated
20 Real Collisions; 1st version, pt. 1, p. 301–406, typescript, undated
21 Real Collisions; 1st version, pt. 2, p. 407–550, typescript, undated
22 Real Collisions; 1st version, pt. 2, p. 551–700, typescript, undated
23 Real Collisions; 1st version, pt. 2, p. 701–850, typescript, undate
24 Real Collisions; 1st version, pt. 2, p. 851–1000, typescript, undated
25 Real Collisions; 1st version, pt. 2, p. 1001–1082, typescript, undated
26 Real Collisions; 2nd version, photocopy of manuscript box, undated
27 Real Collisions; 2nd version, [pt.1] t.p.–149, typescript, undated
28 Real Collisions; 2nd version, [pt. 1], p. 150–274, typescript, undated
29 Real Collisions; 2nd version, [pt. 1], p. 275–400, typescript, undated
30 Real Collisions; 2nd version, pt.2, photocopy of manuscript box, 2005
31 Real Collisions; 2nd version, pt. 2, p. 401–550, typescript, undated
32 Real Collisions; 2nd version, pt. 2, p. 551–624, typescript, undated
33 Gringa; Reviews undated
box folder
2 1 Beyond Deserving; photocopy of folder front and inside pockets, undated
2 Beyond Deserving; tentative outline, The Twelfth Step, typescript with corrections, undated
3 Beyond Deserving; chapters 1-2, typescript with corrections, undated
4 Beyond Deserving; chapter 3, typescript with corrections, undated
5 Beyond Deserving; chapter 5-9, typescript with corrections, undated
6 Beyond Deserving; chapter 17-18, typescript with corrections, undated
7 Beyond Deserving; p. 1-12, typescript with corrections, undated
8 Beyond Deserving; p. 3-18, typescript with corrections, undated
9 Beyond Deserving; 10 p., typescript with corrections, undated
10 Beyond Deserving; 2 p., writing competition announcement, typescript with corrections, undated
11 Beyond Deserving; 37 p., typescript with corrections, undated
12 Beyond Deserving; “fishing,” handwritten on yellow paper, undated
13 Beyond Deserving; notes and research material, undated
14 Beyond Deserving; notes and drafts, typescript and handwritten, undated
15 Beyond Deserving; chart, undated
16 Beyond Deserving; reviews, photocopy of envelope, undated
17 Walking Dunes; photocopy of folder, undated
18 Walking Dunes; writing history explained by Scofield, typescript, 2005, undated
19 “Walking Dunes: a story”; typescript, undated
20 Walking Dunes; story notes, typescript, undated
21 Walking Dunes; handwritten notes, undated
22 Walking Dunes; research material, library notes done in Odessa, Texas, undated
23 Walking Dunes; research material, "The Heiress: a play in two acts" by Ruth and Augustus Goetz, undated
24 Walking Dunes; typescript with corrections, [21] p., undated
25 Walking Dunes; draft pages, undated
26 Walking Dunes; draft April 1990, part one, 18 p., undated
27 Walking Dunes; draft chapters 1-12, typescript with corrections, undated
28 Walking Dunes; draft chapters 6-11, typescript with corrections, undated
29 Walking Dunes; draft pages “David went in …,” typescript with corrections, undated
30 Walking Dunes; draft pages “To avoid …,” typescript with corrections, undated
31 Walking Dunes; draft chapter 14, typescript with corrections, undated
32 Walking Dunes; draft chapter 17, typescript with corrections, undated
33 Walking Dunes; draft chapter 21, typescript with corrections, undated
34 Walking Dunes; business correspondence with SMU Press and readers’ report, with mailing envelope, undated
35 Walking Dunes; Reviews, undated
36 Opal on Dry Ground; photocopy of manuscript box, undated
37 Folder for Opal on Dry Ground, undated
38 Opal on Dry Ground; writing history explained by Scofield, typescript with handwritten addition, 2005, undated
39 Opal on Dry Land; screenplay outline May 1992, typescript with corrections, undated
40 Opal on Dry Land; business correspondence, letter from Emma Sweeney, agent, 8 April 1992, undated
41 Opal on Dry Ground; research material, undated
42 Opal on Dry Ground; handwritten note cards, undated
43 Opal on Dry Ground; notes-chart, undated
44 Opal on Dry Ground; typescript with corrections, undated
45 Opal on Dry Ground; draft chapter 28, typescript with corrections, undated
46 Opal on Dry Ground; synopsis – draft Aug. 1991, undated
47 Opal on Dry Ground; drafts: chapter 33; chapter 4; Christmas day, typescript with corrections, undated
48 "Soda Lakes: a play in two acts"; play, spiral bound; notes; characters and propositions; climaxes; scenario, Sept.1987; misc. pages; scenario “Beats," undated
49 Opal on Dry Ground; screenplay, typescript, undated
50 Opal on Dry Ground; cover art; interviews; reviews, undated
51 Opal on Dry Ground; cover art, (1 removed for flat storage), undated
52 Opal on Dry Ground; reviews and publicity material, undated
53 A Chance to See Egypt; writing history explained by Scofield, typescript, 2005, undated
54 A Chance to See Egypt; short story published in Ascent, photocopy with comments in ink, undated
55 A Chance to See Egypt; draft p. 17-25, typescript with corrections, undated
56 A Chance to See Egypt; draft, chapter list, t.p., p. 203-217, 243-245, 249-252, 259-265, 267-282, typescript with corrections, undated
57 A Chance to See Egypt; draft, misc. pages stapled as group, typescript with corrections, undated
58 A Chance to See Egypt; notes and research, undated
59 A Chance to See Egypt; notes and drafts, undated
60 A Chance to See Egypt; notes-charts, undated
61 A Chance to See Egypt; research material, El ojo del Lago 10.5 (Jan. 1984), undated
62 A Chance to See Egypt; notes, undated
63 A Chance to See Egypt; photographs, undated
64 While at the Arcadia”; Scofield note on relationship to A Chance to See Egypt, business correspondence, handwritten draft, typed draft, undated
65 “While at the Arcadia”; typescript, undated
66 “While at the Arcadia”; typescript with corrections, undated
67 A Chance to See Egypt; reviews, undated
68 Plain Seeing; writing history explained by Scofield, typescript, 2005, undated
69 Plain Seeing; proposal, typescript, undated
70 Plain Seeing; drafts, typescript with corrections, undated
71 Plain Seeing; draft p. 9-11, undated
72 Plain Seeing; notes and charts, undated
73 Plain Seeing; notebook, notes, research materials, correspondence with agent, oversize notes removed for flat storage, undated
74 Plain Seeing; notes, charts, undated
75 Plain Seeing; notes, research material, undated
76 Plain Seeing and A Chance to See Egypt; reading group guide, Cliff Street Books, undated
77 Plain Seeing; reviews, undated
box folder
3 1 Soda Lakes: eight stories about a Texas family; unpublished manuscript, spiral bound, 212 p., undated
2 Occasions of Sin; “Penny’s Gift” 20 p., undated
3 Occasions of Sin; “Legacy” p. 238-338, undated
4 Occasions of Sin; “Mother’s Hair” 2 p., undated
5 Occasions of Sin: memoir; typescript before editing, spiral bound, 139 p., undated
6 Occasions of Sin: a novel; 2000-2001, typescript, spiral bound, 237 p., undated
7 Occasions of Sin; drafts, notes, correspondence, chart, undated
8 Occasions of Sin; “Cutting My Heart Out: on Being a Mother and Daughter,” and, “Aunt Opal’s Indiscretion.” A proposal for companion books, Nov. 1993, undated
9 Occasions of Sin; photograph: family portrait, undated
10 Occasions of Sin; reviews and interviews, undated
11 Occasions of Sin; publicity in Speakeasy, Fall 2004, undated
12 Occasions of Sin; publicity in Poets and Writers July/August 2004, undated
13 Occasions of Sin; publicity and reviews, Bookmarks July/Aug. 2004, undated
14 Occasions of Sin; photocopy of review from The Women’s Review of Books, May 2004 (journal removed for flat storage), undated
15 Occasions of Sin; publicity and reviews, undated
16 Occasions of Sin; reviews and press clippings in envelope from Norton, undated
17 Occasions of Sin; reviews, undated
18 “Where the Light in the Kitchen Falls”; essays adapted from address presented at Public Library of Des Moines, Iowa, undated
19 “Flesh and Word: a reader learns to mother”; draft, March 1994, typescript, undated
20 “Sampling the necessary inventions of motherhood”; book review, Boston Sunday Globe July 7, 1996, photocopy, undated
21 Flotsam – 1968, undated
22 “Falling Oranges, a period piece”; story 1969, typescript with corrections, undated
23 “The Dancer”; story 1969, undated
24 “Mary sighing”; story 1970 or 1971, typescript with corrections, undated
25 “The fall I started fifth grade …”; typescript, undated
26 “After this morning’s waste of time …”; typescript, undated
27 “The year I would turn thirty …”; typescript, undated
28 “A Short Ride on the American Dream”; typescript with corrections, undated
29 “Buying Country Time/ 51st Day”; essay and magazine, Win Peace and Freedom thru Nonviolent Action, Oct. 11, 1973, undated
30 “Small Craft Warnings”; typescript, undated
31 “Catholic School”; typescript with corrections, undated
32 “Deep Purple”; typescript, undated
33 “Her breath caught …”; typescript, undated
34 “Small Malady”; typescript, undated
35 “Standoff at Lonesome Creek”; typescript, undated
36 “The Stepmother” and “Odd One Out”; typescript, undated
37 “Natalie Darling’s Nose”; typescript, undated
38 “The Tin City Lonesomes”; typescript, undated
box folder
3 39 Business and personal 1984-2004 and undated, James Atlas, Martha Bergland, Stephen Dunn, Laura Furman, Ashbel Green, Emily Johnson, Lisel Mueller, Marge Piercy, Richard Rodriguez, Rosa Shand, Margaret D. Richard -, [SMU], undated
40 Business, Permanent Press 1987-1992 and undated, undated
41 Business and personal, 1990-1999 and undated, Rosemary Ahern, Karen Anderson, Alida Becker, Carl Djressi (?), Eileen Drew, Larry Duberstein, Stephen Dunn, Richard Elman, Shelby Hearon, Pam Houston, Judith Lars, Susan Lutz, Michael Dorris, Neil McDowell, Rose Marie Morse, Judith Reagan, Linny Stoval, Emma Sweeny, Diane Reverand, Sharon Oard Warner, Raymond L. Williams, Juliet Wittman, Kimberly Witherspoon, undated
42 Business and Personal 1980-1989 and undated, Mademoiselle, Ploughshares, Atlantic, Antaeus, The New Yorker, James Idema, Cloverdale Press, Ellen Levine, Fran Ringold, Minnesota Review, Touchstone, Missouri Review, Redbook, Northwest Review,Second Wave, Dark Horse, Kalliope, undated
43 Business and personal 1974-1975, Mary Jarrett, Grace Ellis, Dianne Skafte (?), undated
Literary Production
box folder
3 44 Jesse Jones Award, undated
45 National Book Award Brochures, 1991, undated
46 American Book Award Brochures, 1992, undated
47 Literary Oregon, one hundred books, 1800-2000, brochure, undated
48 “Grudges”; Reviews, undated
49 Reviews, by Sandra Scofield, undated
50 Misc., Review by Sandra Scofield and Reviews for Sandra Scofield, undated
51 Interviews, photocopy of boxes, undated
Early Work
box folder
4 1 Early work; photocopy of box, undated
2 "Maiden of the Western Star"; radio script, announcer, undated
3 "Maiden of the Western Star"; radio script, narrator, undated
4 "Maiden of the Western Star"; radio script, director’s copy, undated
5 "Maiden of the Western Star"; radio script, engineer’s copy, undated
6 "Maiden of the Western Star"; radio script, Melinda, undated
7 "Maiden of the Western Star"; radio script, partial script, undated
8 “Richard” (1967); photocopy of file, three manuscripts, undated
9 “Picadilly the Chickenbird,” undated
10 “The white wake of winter …” (1958), undated
11 Notes and story ideas, undated
12 “Red River Crossing, Carol” (1970); photocopy of folder, story and draft, undated
box folder
4 13 “Hungry is the Harvest”; photocopy of folder, typescript of story and poems, 1960, undated
14 “And the Dew was Damp”; 1959, undated
15 9th grade reading list in small spiral bound notebook, undated
16 Poems, undated
17 Poems, (age 16-19), photocopy of folder and typescript, undated
18 Prose and poetry for appreciation, schoolwork, Our Lady of Victory Academy, Ft. Worth, undated
19 Award of Merit, undated
Literary Production
box folder
4 20 "Weekends, Dreaming”; novella, 1975, typescript, undated
21 “Sisters: a Play in Three Acts”; 1973, typescript, undated
22 From 1985 journal, loose pages, undated
23 Poetry; photocopy of folder, handwritten drafts, typescript with corrections, business correspondence, undated
24 Story drafts; “To Speak the Unspeakable” and “What Will Tya Think?” (draft and clean copy), business correspondence, photocopy of file folder, undated
25 Loving Leo/Private Rites; draft pages, photocopy of folder, undated
26 “Where the Light in the Kitchen Falls”; drafts, photocopy of folder, undated
27 Workshop materials; note cards, outlines, evaluations-Iowa Summer Writing Festival, chart, business correspondence, research material, photocopy of folder, undated
Scholarly Production
box folder
4 28 Beyond the Sentence: a guide for teachers of gifted students, 1983-1984, undated
29 No More Fences: a resource teacher’s guide to teaching writing, 1984, undated
30 Language Arts Guidelines for an Oral Language Based Curriculum, a pilot version, 1976-77, undated
31 Functions and Contexts in the Classroom Discourse of Mildly Retarded Secondary Students; Dissertation, U of Oregon, 1979, undated
32 Re: “A guide for teachers of gifted students writing in the elementary grades,” undated
33 General Teacher Effectiveness; Eagle Point School District 9 reading report, 1987, photocopy of envelope, undated
34 Document: Guidelines for Effective Teacher Behavior; report, photocopy of folder, undated
35 Identification of disorders of language processing; notes and lesson plans, undated
36 Academic résumé, Scofield, undated
37 Principal’s Operational Briefing, Dec. 1980, “Turnarounds in Writing Instruction: Building Programs that Work,” undated
38 Curriculum Trends, May 1981, “Fostering Communicative Competence in Children,” undated
39 Model for Teaching: Sept. 1976, Oct. 1976, Nov. 1976, March 1977, Oct. 1977, undated
40 Professional Report, Nov. 1979, “Children and Composition: Teaching from What We Know,” undated
41 OSSC Bulletin, “Principals Make a Difference: The Role They Play in Quality Reading Programs” June 1979, undated
42 OSSC Bulletin, “Defining the Effective Teacher Provocations for Reform in Teacher Education” Feb. 1978, undated
43 A Teacher’s Manual: Strategies in Communication, 1973, undated
box folder
4 44 Photographs of marquee at Powell’s bookstore, undated
45 “Going Out” dining information for Austin, Texas, June 1961, 1962, 1963, undated
Journal and Book Publications
box folder
5 1 ARX, Nov. 1967
2 ARX, Dec. 1967
3 Ascent (14.1) Sept. 1988
4 Body and Soul, March 2004
5 Calyx, uWinter 1986
6 Cosmopolitan, Oct. 1977
7 Fair Lady, Jan. 5, 1977
8 KSOR Guide to the Arts, March 1980
9 KSOR Guide to the Arts, Dec. 1985
10 KSOR Guide to the Arts, Jan. 1988
11 Language Arts, Sept. 1978
12 Left Bank, #5, Dec. 1993
13 Missouri Review (8.3), 1985
14 Moving Out (9.2), 1981
15 Nimrod, Fall/Winter 1985
16 Oregon English, Spring 1981
17 Oxford Magazine, vol. 14, 2000
18 PlainsWoman, Jan. 1984
19 Players, Sept. 1970
20 Ploughshares (9.4), 1983
21 Professional Report, Nov. 1979
22 Redbook, Jan. 1974
23 Redbook, May 1975
24 Redbook, March 1976
25 Redbook, May 1977
26 St. Anthony, Sept. 1976
27 Texas Monthly, May 1988
28 Touchstone (9.2) 1984, 1984
29 Touchstone (10.2), 1985
30 Touchstone (10.3), 1985
31 Towers, May 1967
32 Vecko Revyn, Aug. 18, 1976
33 The Writer, March 1986 (entire issue), Aug. 1999 (p. 7-9)
34 13th Moon (3.2), 1977
35 13th Moon (6.1&2), 1982
36 “Intaglio,” p. 26-39 of campus journal from Northern Illinois University, 1967
37 “The Vigil,” p. 32-36 of campus journal from Northern Illinois University, 1962
38 “The Stage From Dallas” interview conducted by Scofield, photocopy from Players Magazine, 1967?
39 The Writing Life: National Book Award Authors, photocopy of “Writing from Love and Grief and Fear,” undated
40 Common Bonds: Stories by and About Modern Texas Women, edited by Suzanne Comer. Dallas: Southern Methodist U P, 1990
41 Wie Sand auf der Haut, by Sandra Scofield. Düsseldorf: Econ Taschenbuch, 1994. Translation of Walking Dunes, 1994
41 Der Sommer der Frauen, by Sandra Scofield. Düsseldorf: ECON Taschenbuch, 1993. Translation of Beyond Deserving, 1993
42 The Scene Book: A Primer for the Fiction writer, spiral bound galley pages (209 p.), undated
box folder
6 Oversize Newspapers, book covers, brochures, map of Austin, undated