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Dime Novel Club Collection:

An Inventory of the Magazines, 1877-1956 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

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Title: Dime Novel Club Collection,
Dates: 1877-1956 and undated
Abstract: The collection contains magazines (both original and facsimile reprints) of American dime novels from the late 19th to the mid-20th century.
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Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Scope and Contents:

This collection contains both original and facsimile reprints of dime novels from 1877-1956, along with several undated records. A dime novel is an inexpensive, melodramatic or sensational novel, published during the period of 1850-1920. The dime novels focus on the United States, with an emphasis on the American Southwest, science-fiction, global exploration, and detective stories. Some of the publications do not indicate whether they are an original or a reprint, and several of those labeled reprints do not have a reproduction date. These stories were distributed through a “dime novel club,” in which a subscriber could obtain a new novel each month. Subjects and themes include: the American Civil War, the American Revolutionary War, baseball, detective stories, science-fiction, war stories, and people in the American Southwest such as Kit Carson, Buffalo Bill, Calamity Jane, and Wild Bill Hickok.



The collection is organized by periodical series.


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Dime novels
Adventure stories
Frontier and pioneer life

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Dime Novel Club Collection, 1877-1986 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

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Collection Inventory


Beadle’s Dime New York Library

box folder
1 1 “Kit Carson, Jr., the Crack Shot of the West,” vol. I, no. 3, 1878
2 “B’hoys of Yale; or, The Scrapes of a Hard Set of Collegians,” vol. III, no. 32, 1878
3 “Buffalo Bill, the Buckskin King; or, The Amazon of the West,” vol. VIII, no. 92, 1880


Beadle’s Half Dime Library

box folder
1 4 “Deadwood Dick, the Prince of the Road; or, The Black Rider of the Black Hills,” vol. I, no. 1, 1877
5 “Seth Jones; or, The Captives of the Frontier,” vol. I, no. 8, 1877, Facsimile reprint: Aug. 1946
6 “Daring Davy, the Young Killer; or, The Trail of the Border Wolf,” vol. V, no. 108 (2 copies), 1879, Facsimile reprint: undated
7 “The Huge Hunter; or, The Steam Man of the Prairies,” vol. XI, no. 271, 1882
8 “Pawnee Bill the Prairie Shadower,” vol. XXII, no. 560, 1888


Beadle’s Pocket Library

box folder
1 9 “Deadwood Dick on Deck; or, Calamity Jane, the Heroine of Whoop-up,” vol. V, no. 57, 1885


Beadle’s Popular Library

box folder
1 10 “Wild Bill’s Sable Pard,” vol. II, no. 48, 1892


The Boys’ Star Library

box folder
1 11 “Jack Wright and his Electric Air Rocket; or, The Boy Exile of Siberia,” no. 341, 1893, Facsimile reprint, July 1946


The Campfire Library

box folder
1 12 “Camps in the Rockies; or, Adventures Among the Trappers,” vol. III, no. 59, 1888, Facsimile reprint, May 1946


The Champion Library

box folder
1 13 “Boston Bill; or, The Mad Mountaineer,” vol. I, no. 11 (2 copies), 1881


Diamond Dick Library

box folder
1 14 “Diamond Dick Jr.’s Call Down; or, The King of the Silver Bowl,” no. 175, 1896, Facsimile reprint, undated


Diamond Dick Jr.

box folder
1 15 “Dashing Diamond Dick; or, The Tigers of Tombstone,” no. 104, 1898, Facsimile reprint, undated


Frank Reade Library

box folder
1 16 “Frank Reade Jr.’s New Electric Submarine Boat ‘The Explorer’; or, To the North Pole Under the Ice,” vol. I, no. 17, 1892
17 “Frank Reade Jr. and His Queen Clipper of the Clouds,” vol. II, no. 44-no.45, 1893, Fascimile reprint, Feb. 1946


The Liberty Boys of ‘76

box folder
1 18 “The Liberty Boys of ’76; or, Fighting for Freedom,” no. 1, 1901, Facsimile reprint, Nov. 1946
19 “The Liberty Boys and LaFayette; or, Helping the Young French General,” no. 764 (2 copies), 1915, Facsimile reprint, undated


The Log Cabin Library

box folder
1 20 “Gentlemen Joe the Gilt Edged Sport,” no. 159, 1892, Facsimile reprint, Aug. 1945
21 “Rocky Mountain Sam,” no. 397, 1896, Facsimile reprint, Sept. 1946


Morrison’s Sensational Series

box folder
1 22 “Frank James on the Trail,” vol. I, no. 46, 1882, Facsimile reprint, undated


The New York Detective Library

box folder
1 23 “Chased Over Three Continents,” vol. I, no. 452, 1891
24 “The Haunted Churchyard; or, Old King Brady, the Detective, and The Mystery of the Iron Vault,” vol. I, no. 371, 1890, Facsimile repring, June 1945
25 “The James Boys in No Man’s Land; or, The Bandit King’s Last Ride,” Vol. 1, no. 438, 1891, Facsimile reprint, Dec. 1945


Nick Carter Detective Library

box folder
1 26 “Nick Carter, Detective,” no. 1, 1891


The Nugget Library

box folder
1 27 “Tom Edison Jr.’s Electric Sea Spider,” no. 134, 1892


Old Cap Collier Library

box folder
1 28 “The Lawyer Detective; or, The Mystery at Three Oaks Ranch,” no. 379, 1890


Old Sleuth Library

box folder
1 29 “Old Sleuth, Badger and Co.,” vol. III, no. 59, 1891, Facsimile reprint, undated


Pluck and Luck

box folder
1 30 “The Red Leather Bag: A Weird Story of Land and Sea,” no. 170, 1901, Facsimile reprint, April 1956
31 “Two Boys’ Trip to an Unknown Planet,” no. 174, 1901, Facsimile reprint, undated


Saturday Library

box folder
1 32 “The Golconda Gold Mine; or, A Scheme for Millions,” vol. II, no. 152, 1888


Secret Service

box folder
1 33 “The Bradys After the Tong Kings; or, The Red Lady of China Town,” no. 565, 1909



box folder
1 34 “Muldoon’s Boarding House,” no. 39, 1900, Facsimile reprint, Sept. 1945


Tip Top Library

box folder
1 35 “Frank Merriwell at Yale; or, Freshmen Against Freshmen,” vol. 1, no. 40, 1897


The War Library

box folder
1 36 “The Mysterious Major; or, Was He Blue or Gray,” vol. 6, no. 269, 1887, Facsimile reprint, March 1946


Wide Awake Library

box folder
1 37 “Sea Dog Charlie; or, The Adventures of A Boy Hero,” vol. 2, no. 1182, 1893
38 “Custer’s Last Shot; or, The Boy Trailer of The Little Horn,” vol. 2, no. 1196 (2 copies), 1894, Facsimile reprint, undated
39 “The True Life of Billy the Kid,” vol. I, no. 451, 1881, Facsimile reprint, 1945
40 “Muldoon’s Baseball Club in Philadelphia,” vol. I, no 971, 1890
41 “Frank Reade and his Steam Man of the Plains,” vol. I, no. 541, 1883, Facsimile reprint, July 1945


Wild West Weekly

box folder
1 42 “Young Wild West: The Prince of the Saddle,” no. 1, 1902, Facsimile reprint, undated


Young Sleuth Library

box folder
1 43 “Young Sleuth in Demijohn City; or, Waltzing William’s Dancing School,” vol. III, no 77, 1892, Facsimile reprint, June 1946