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Barry Lopez:

An Inventory of His Papers [Part 2], 1964-2001 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

CreatorLopez, Barry, 1945-
Title:Barry Lopez Papers,
Dates:1964-2001 and undated
Abstract:Papers of author Barry Lopez from 1964-2001.
Collection #R14.1
Quantity:76 boxes and 2 tubes (67.0 linear feet)
Repository:Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Barry Lopez is an essayist, author, and short story writer. His books include Arctic Dreams, for which he received the National Book Award, and Of Wolves and Men, a National Book Award finalist, as well as several collections of short stories and two collections of essays. He has received fellowships from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the John Burroughs Society, the Orion Society, and other institutions. In his nonfiction, Mr. Lopez writes often about the relationship between physical landscape and human culture. In his fiction, he frequently addresses issues of intimacy, ethics, and identity. His work has been widely anthologized and translated into thirteen languages. He travels widely and has collaborated with a number of artists on a variety of projects in theater, music, and the fine arts. Since 2003 he has been Visiting University Scholar at Texas Tech University. He lives on the McKenzie River in rural western Oregon.

Book publications include:

  • Lopez, Barry. Resistance. New York: Knopf, 2004.
  • Lopez, Barry. Vintage Lopez. New York: Vintage, 2004.
  • Lopez, Barry. Light Action in the Caribbean. New York: Knopf, 2000.
  • Lopez, Barry. About This Life. New York: Knopf, 1998.
  • Lopez, Barry. Apológia. Athens: U of Georgia P, 1998.
  • Lopez, Barry. Lessons from the Wolverine. Athens: U of Georgia P, 1997.
  • Lopez, Barry. Field Notes. New York: Knopf, 1994.
  • Lopez, Barry. The Rediscovery of North America. Lexington, UP of Kentucky, 1990.
  • Lopez, Barry. Crow and Weasel. Berkeley: North Point, 1990.
  • Lopez, Barry. Crossing Open Ground. New York: Scribner, 1988.
  • Lopez, Barry. Arctic Dreams. New York: Scribner, 1986.
  • Lopez, Barry. Winter Count. New York: Scribner, 1981.
  • Lopez, Barry. River Notes. Kansas City, MO: Andrews & McMeel, 1979.
  • Lopez, Barry. Of Wolves and Men. New York: Scribner, 1978.
  • Lopez, Barry. Giving Birth to Thunder. Kansas City, MO: Andrews & McMeel, 1978.
  • Lopez, Barry. Desert Notes. Kansas City, MO: Andrews & McMeel, 1976.

Scope and Contents

The collection contains correspondence, research materials, manuscripts, speaking engagement files, guest teaching files, book reviews, college class work, and magazines. Most of the materials concentrate on Lopez’s research for Arctic Dreams, Of Wolves and Men, Apologia, Crow and Weasel, and other writings. The guest teaching files deal with his time at Notre Dame and Eastern Washington University.

The collection is in good condition and is part of the James Sowell Family Collection in Literature, Community and the Natural World.



The collection is organized into the following series:
1. Biographical Information (interviews)
2. Correspondence– Business and Reader
3. College class work, radio material
4. Articles and Manuscripts for Magazines
5. Manuscripts and research for books: (a) Desert Notes 1976, (b) Of Wolves and Men 1978, (c) Giving Birth to Thunder 1978, (d) River Notes 1979, (e) Winter Count 1981, (f) Arctic Dreams 1986, (g) Crossing Open Ground 1988, (h) Crow and Weasel 1990, (i) The Rediscovering of America 1991, (j) Field Notes 1994, (k) Lessons From the Wolverine 1997, (l) About This Life 1998, (m) Apologia 1998, (n) Beginnings of new books.
6. Research – Miscellaneous and Concerning Wolves
7. Projects
8. Guest teaching - Notre Dame and Eastern Washington University
9. Speaking Engagements
10. Calendars
11. Closed Boxes
12. Newspaper Collection
13. Small Artifacts
14. Manuscripts and Research: Miscellaneous
15. Arctic Dreams
16. Reviews and Oversized Research
17. Of Wolves and Men
18. Calendars
19. Oversized boxes and tubes of maps, broadsides, newspapers
Due to the size of the inventory, this finding aid has been split into three files:
Ephemera and Interviews, Correspondence, and Research for Books, Boxes 1-20
Manuscripts and Research, Boxes 21-64
Manuscripts and Research - Miscellaneous, Boxes 65-76, tubes 1-2, and oversize drawers (O 10.20; O 3.1)


Access Restrictions

The collection is open for research. Copyright is retained by the authors of items in this collection, or their descendants, as stipulated by U.S. copyright law.

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Subjects (Persons)
Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945-
Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945- --Archives
Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945- --Correspondence
Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945- --Manuscripts
Arctic regions.
American literature--20th century
Natural history
Natural history in literature
Novelists, American--20th century--Correspondence

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Barry Lopez Papers, 1964-2001 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

Collection accession #(s):
2000-0297-X, 2002-0052-B

Purchase, 2000

Processed by

Edie Wishman, 2001

Collection Inventory


Desert Notes

2“Desert Notes,”
3“The Raven,”
4“The Hot Spring,”
7“Blue Mound People,”
9“The School,”
10“The Wind,”
11“Coyote and Rattlesnake” (Photos in SWCPC 834),
13“Desert Notes” typed manuscripts (2), 1974-1975
14Miscellaneous Notes,
15“Toward a Time of Waiting,”
16Desert Notes,
17Original Manuscript,
18Magazine submissions,
221Correspondence and Miscellaneous,
2Design and Production (2 folders of photographs and negatives moved to SWCPC 834),
3Pre-publication comments, review copy requests,
4Advertising and Promotion (Newspaper removed for flat storage),
6Reviews (Original Newspaper reviews removed for flat storage),
7Copy of Northwest Review with a review of Desert Notes,
8Evolution of Desert Notes,
9Correspondence with Dennis Corrigan,
10Desert Notes, revised galleys,
11Desert Notes, second printing,
12Desert Notes reader correspondence,


Of Wolves and Men

231Notebook “Of Wolves and Men” (Cassette tape it was with now in storage),
2Research Materials from “Of Wolves and Men” (Photos moved to SWCPC 834),
3Early Records of Submission,
4Miscellaneous materials and notes A (entire box of miscellaneous photos moved to SWCPC 834),
5Copy of Sports Illustrated, May 12, 1975
6Miscellaneous materials and notes B,
7Notes, Section I,
8Notes, Section II A,
9Notes, Section II B,
10Notes, Section III A,
11Notes, Section III B,
12Notes, Section III C (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
13Notes, Section IV A,
14Notes, Section IV B,
15Notes, Section IV C,
16Notes, Section IV D,
17Notes, Section IV E,
18Notes, Section IV F,
19Notes, Section IV G,
20Notes, Section IV H,
21“The Development of the Wolf in North America,”
22“The New Wolf,”
23“To Kill a Wolf,”
24“Wolves in the Lower 48,”
25Book Proposal Final Draft,
26Initial Book Proposal, Early Drafts,
27Miscellaneous Notes, Mostly for Section I,
28Marginalia, Research,
29“Laugher” and other Wolf legends,
30Miscellaneous Research I,
31Miscellaneous Research II (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
32Miscellaneous Research III (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
33Miscellaneous Articles Section Four,
34Miscellaneous Articles Section Three,
35Magazine, Reports,
36Nunamiut Eskimo, Naskapi,
241Scientific Research Papers,
2Scientific Articles, Popular Media,
3Scientific Articles, Miscellaneous I,
4Scientific Articles, Miscellaneous II,
5Of Wolves and Men Materials: A Case Study for Species Reintroduction,
6Mech, Scientific Papers,
7Miscellaneous Reports, Science,
8North Dakota Outdoors,
9The Alaska Sportsman,
10Wolf Necropsy Report, ADF and G,
11Wolf Reports, ADF and G,
12Wolf Reports, ADF and G,
13Off Prints, Science,
15Bibliographic Essay,
19Introduction / Epilogue,
20Section I, First Draft,
21Section II, First Draft,
22Section III, First Draft,
23Section IV, First Draft,
24Section I, Corrections and Additions,
25Section II, Corrections and Additions,
26Section III, Corrections and Additions,
27Section IV, Corrections and Additions,
28Section I, Second Draft,
29Section II, Second Draft,
30Section III, Second Draft,
31Section IV, Second Draft,
251Section I, Third Draft,
2Section II, Third Draft,
3Section III, Third Draft,
4Section IV, Third Draft,
5Section I, Fourth Draft,
6Section II, Fourth Draft with Laurie Graham’s comments,
7Section III, Fourth Draft with Laurie Graham’s comments,
8Section IV, Fourth Draft with Laurie Graham’s comments,
9Section I [chapters 1,2,3], Fifth Draft,
10Section II [chapters 4,5,6], Fifth Draft,
11Section III [chapters 7,8,9], Fifth Draft,
12Section IV [10,11,12,13,14], Fifth Draft,
13Final Draft I,
14Final Draft II,
15Copy-edited Manuscript I,
16Copy-edited Manuscript II,
17Of Wolves and Men Draft Copy,
18Final Editing, Design and Production,
19Book Illustrations, photocopies,
20Of Wolves and Men Oversized Material,
21Illustrations, Ideas/Sources (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
22Advertising and Promotion (Newspaper clippings and poster removed for flat storage),
261Copy of New Yorker (Advertisement for "Of Wolves and Men" on page 170), October 16, 1978
2Charles Scribner’s Son’s Catalog, 1979-1980
3John Burroughs Award,
4Christopher Awards,
5Bestseller Lists,
6Reviews, Original,
7Reviews, Photocopied (Original newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
8Original Reviews I,
9Original Reviews II,
10Wolf Tour (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
12Correspondence, Laurie Graham,
13Correspondence, Peter Schults (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
14Post Publication Connections,
15Post Publication Correspondence, Personal,
16"Of Wolves and Men" Reader Correspondence (Photos in SWCPC 834), 1978-1979
17"Of Wolves and Men" Reader Correspondence 1980-1992 (Newspaper removed to flat storage and photo from card sent by Gretchen Benoit on June 3, 1986 and photo of woman with a wolf from Margery Riddle also in SWCPC 834),
18Post Publication, Miscellaneous Materials (Newspaper clippings photocopies of newspapers removed for flat storage),
20Popular Articles, Post Publication,
21The Wolves and Humans Project,
22Oregon Wolf Study Group, Oregon Wolves,
23Oregon Wolves (Newspapers removed for flat storage),
24Newspaper Articles, Post Production (Original copies of newspapers removed for flat storage),
25Northwest Wolf Preservation Society,
26North American Wolf Society,
27Scientific Articles, Post Publication I,
28Scientific Articles, Post Publication II,
29Wolf Transplants (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
30Wolves (Newspaper clipping removed to flat storage from Jack Leer, photo from Leer in SWCPC 834),
31Minnesota Wolf – (Oversized photocopied newspaper articles removed for flat storage),
32Of Wolves and Men, Reference,
33Wolf Press Conference (Newspaper removed for flat storage), December 3, 1992


Giving Birth to Thunder

271Initial Research (Photo with writing on back in SWCPC 834),
2Research Articles,
3Published Coyote Stories,
4Remedios Wycoco,
5First Drafts I,
6First Drafts II,
7Publishing Inquiries,
8Magazine Publishing Inquiries,
9Pacific Northwest Review Manuscript (Slides removed for storage),
10“Three Trickster Stories”,
11Northwest Review Publication,
12Individual Stories,
13Book Manuscript Revisions,
141973 Manuscript I,
151973 Manuscript II,
161974 Manuscript I,
171974 Manuscript II,
181977 Manuscript I,
191977 Manuscript II,
20Story Order,
21Final Sources,
22Barre Toelken’s Forward, Original Manuscript,
24Bibliographic Notes,
25Final Proofed Manuscript I,
26Final Proofed Manuscript II,
27Miscellaneous (Newspaper removed for flat storage),
28Miscellaneous Correspondence,
31Production, Advertising, Promotion (Photo and cover proof in SWCPC 834),
32Coyote Notebook,
33Promotion and Pre-Publication Comment,
34Reviews (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
36Post Publication Correspondence,
37Programs from plays “Coyote Dreams” and “Exiled” that used "Giving Birth to Thunder" (Videocassette tape, set of compact disks, and compact disk removed for storage),
38Note cards with information about books relating to Native American folklore (83 total),
39The Jefferson Dances – Production using text from "Giving Birth to Thunder",


River Notes

2The Search for the Heron,
3The Log Jam,
4The Bend,
5The Falls,
7The Shallows,
8The Rapids,
9The Salmon,
10Hanner’s Story,
15From Peter Schults’s Manuscript,
16Final Draft (Proofed by Sandra),
17Final Draft,
18Final Draft-Reading copy for recording with David Darling (Cassette of finished product removed for storage),
291Page Proofs,
2Final Page Proofs,
3River Notes, corrected galleys,
4Production (Photos, slides, and negatives in SWCPC 834),
5Advertising and Promotion (Newspaper removed for flat storage, photo in SWCPC 834),
6Reviews (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
8"River Notes" Fan Mail,
9Reviews, Paperback,
10"River Notes" Miscellaneous (Hanner’s Story was adapted for “Bearwalker and Other Stories” 2 pack cassette removed for storage. Piece of leather found in the box removed for storage),
11"River Notes" unauthorized use (Cassette tape removed for storage),
12Letterpress Publishing, Winter 2000


Winter Count

2“Winter Herons”,
4“The Orrery”,
5“Winter Count 1973: Geese, They Flew Over in a Storm”,
6Actual Winter Counts,
7“The Tapestry”,
8“The Woman Who Had Shells”,
9“The Lover of Words”,
10“The Location of the River”,
11Reworking of “Restoration” and “The Tapestry” manuscript notes,
12Structure for the book,
13Corrected Second Draft,
14Corrected Third Draft,
15First Draft of Book Manuscript,
16Laurie Graham’s Edited Manuscript,
17Copy Edited Manuscript,
18Bound Galleys,
19: Final Editorial,
20Winter Count – Front Cover (Soft cover artwork photos in SWCPC 834),
21Artwork (Photos in SWCPC 834),
22Design and Production,
23F and G’s,
24Advertising and Promotion (Newspaper clipping removed for flat, photos in SWCPC 834),
25Winter Count, Reviews/Originals,
26Avon, Cover, Reviews,
27Print Magazine, Honorable Mention,
28Friends of American Writers Award,
29Reviews, original copies (Original Newspapers removed for flat storage),
30Reviews, photocopies,
31Winter Count, Master Page Proofs,
32Cover Proof of Winter Count,
33Winter Count, Master Galleys,
34Barry Lopez’s Galleys, Winter Count,
35"Winter Count" Reader Correspondence
36Acquiring the Eye of the Eagle by Tea Schiano with Parts of "Winter Count" used (Feather removed for storage),


Arctic Dreams

311Arctic Dreams Research Material: Seal Material,
2Arctic Dreams Research Material: Barren Ground Caribou,
3Arctic Dreams Research Material: Photocopies articles,
4Arctic Dreams Research Material: Alaska Department of Fish and Game Booklets (3),
5Arctic Dreams Research Material: United States Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service,
6Arctic Dreams Research Material: "National Geographic", February 1983
7Arctic Dreams Research Material: "National Geographic", February 1985
8Arctic Dreams Research Material: International Marine Mammals Scientist Directory, 1979
9Arctic Dreams Research Material: The Bowhead Whale: Biological Basis for Decision,
10Arctic Dreams Research Material: Miscellaneous research items (Newspaper removed for flat storage),
11Arctic Dreams Research Material: The Seabirds of Greenland,
12Arctic Dreams Research Material: Peary Caribou and Musk oxen on Western Queen Elizabeth Islands, NWT 1972-74,
13Arctic Dreams Research Material: Arctic, March 1982
14Arctic Dreams Research Material: Investigation of the Occurrence and Behavior Patterns of Whales in the Vicinity of the Beaufort Sea Lease Area,
15Arctic Dreams Research Material: Norton Sound: Draft Environmental Impact Statement OCS Proposed Oil and Gas Lease Sale 57,
16Arctic Dreams Research Material: Aerial Surveys of Endangered Whales in the Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, and Northern Bering Sea,
17Arctic Dreams Research Material: Seabird Resources of the Barents Sea,
18Arctic Dreams Notebooks,
19Arctic Dreams Notebooks,
20Arctic Dreams Notebooks,
21Arctic Dreams Notebooks,
22Arctic Dreams Notebooks,
23Arctic Dreams Notebooks,
24Arctic Dreams Notebooks,
25Nome (Newspaper removed for flat storage), April 1982
26Devon Island, May 1982
27Arctic bay,
28Resolute ,
29M.V. Soodoc (Mini sample tool set removed for storage),
30Arctic Dreams Miscellaneous (Newspaper clipping about Rockwell Kent removed for flat storage),
321Beaufort Tropic Study, Final Report,
2Prudhoe Bay, (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage), March 1982
3SOHIO folder and contents,
5Literary Allusions,
7Calgary Geology Symposium (Newspaper removed for flat storage),
8Calgary Geology Symposium II (Newspapers removed for flat storage),
9Marine Mammal Protection Act,
10Miscellaneous Marine Mammal,
11Gyrfalcon/NWT (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
13Subsistence Hunting/Alaska,
14Miscellaneous Arctic Mammal,
15General Notes NWT (Sam Miller/Old Squaw newspaper removed for flat storage),
16Pan Arctic, January 1982
17Oceanographer, September 1981
18Hearne, Franklin Seton – By Rick Davis,
19Language – Animals Names,
21General Notes I,
22General Notes II,
23Arctic I,
24Arctic II,
25Arctic III,
26 Miscellaneous Publications I,
27Miscellaneous Publications II,
28Miscellaneous Publications III,
29Miscellaneous Articles I,
30Miscellaneous Articles II,
31Miscellaneous Articles III (Newspapers and oversized articles removed for flat storage),
32Max Dunbar: Ecological Development in Polar Regions,
33Diubaldo on Stefansson,
34Remmert on Arctic Animal Ecology,
35Lawrence Irving on Arctic Life of Birds,
36McKinlay on The Karluk,
37U.S. Arctic Oil and Gas,
331Arctic Dreams – Inuit Resource Harvest Calendar,
2Lancaster Sound Green Paper,
3Handbook of Marine Mammals,
4Information North,
5The Arctic Policy Review,
6Alaska Sea and Coasts,
7Northern Perspectives,
9The Polar Times,
10“Whalers: History of the Hull Industry”,
11The Arctic Coastal Zone Management Newsletter,
341Bodfish on Bowheads,
2Arctic Whalers,
3Schledermann on Banks Island,
4Wild Animals of North America, Gunn on Muskoxen, Lentfer on Polar Bear,
5Pleistocene Overkill on Banks Island, Paul Wilkinson,
6Copper Inuit/Hickey,
7Muskoxen, miscellaneous reprints (Newspapers removed for flat storage),
8Banks Island/Rick Will,
9Hone on Muskoxen,
10Harington on Muskoxen and related papers,
11Martha Robus on Muskoxen,
12Gray on Muskoxen,
13Muskoxen domestication / transplant (Newspaper clippings removed for storage),
14Hansson / Thomassen at Kongsøga,
15Polar Bear, Miscellaneous reprints,
16Uspenski/“The Polar Bear”,
17Polar Bear/Oritsland, Kurten, Manning, etcetera,
18Polar Bear Articles I,
19Polar Bear Articles II,
20Polar Bear/Ringed Seal Reprints,
21West/Dawson, Arctic Fossils (Photocopied and original newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
23“Cultural Resources/Mid-Beaufort Sea”,
24Rapoport, Watson, Hall and Berger,
25Climatic Fluxuation, Vibe,
26Archeology, Miscellaneous Reprints,
27Migration (Newspapers removed for flat storage),
28Narwhal, miscellaneous reprints I,
29Narwhal, miscellaneous reprints II,
30General Notes I,
31General Notes II (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
351Research Notebook I (Research notebook II was removed to flat storage because it contained only newspaper clippings),
2Outline/Production Notes,
3Working Ideas,
9II Additions,
11III Additions,
12IV Notes,
13IV Bibliography,
14IV Additions,
15V (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
16V Bibliography,
17V Additions,
19VI Additions,
20VII (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
21VII Additions (Newspapers removed for flat storage),
23VIII Additions,
24XI Pre-Parry,
26IX Additions,
28X Additions (Oversized photo copy of newspaper removed for flat storage),
30Bering Epilog (Newspaper removed for flat storage),
31Arctic Dreams – Uncorrected 1st Draft I,
32Arctic Dreams – Uncorrected 1st Draft II,
34Introduction I,
35Introduction II,
36Banks Island: Ovibos Moschatus,
37Tôrnârssuk: Ursus Martimus,
38Lancaster Sound: Monodon Monocerus,
40Ice and Light,
41The Country of the Mind,
42The Intent of Monks,
43A Northern Passage,
45Forward, Pond’s Bay 1823, Arktikos,
46Muskoxen, Polar Bear, Narwhal,
47Migration, Ice and Light,
48The Country of the Mind,
49The Intent of Monks, A Northern Passage, Epilog,
2Pond’s Bay, 1823,
4Banks Island: Ovibos Moschatus,
5Tôrnârssuk: Ursus Martimus,
6Lancaster Sound: Monodon Monocerus,
8Ice and Light,
9The Country of the Mind,
10The Intent of Monks,
11A Northern Passage,
13Front Matter,
14Forward, Prolog, Arktiko’s,
15Muskoxen, Polar Bear, Narwhal,
17Ice and Light, The Country of the Mind,
18The Intent of Monks, A Northern Passage,
23Banks Island: Ovibos Moschatus,
24Tôrnârssuk: Ursus Martimus,
25Lancaster Sound: Monodon Monocerus,
26Migration: The Corridors of Breath III,
27Ice and Light,
28The Country of the Mind,
29The Intent of Monks,
30A Northern Passage,
32Third Draft Manuscript Materials,
35Arctic Dreams,
36Third Draft Notes (Oversized newspaper photocopies removed for flat storage),
371Arctic Dreams Manuscript 1 of 4: 4th Draft,
2Arctic Dreams Manuscript 2 of 4: 4th Draft,
3Arctic Dreams Manuscript 3 of 4: 4th Draft,
4Arctic Dreams Manuscript 4 of 4: 4th Draft,
5Arctic Dreams Corrected 5th Draft 1 of 4,
6Arctic Dreams Corrected 5th Draft 2 of 4,
7Arctic Dreams Corrected 5th Draft 3 of 4,
8Arctic Dreams Corrected 5th Draft 4 of 4,
9Notes on 5th draft, Laurie and Peter,
10Final Manuscript I,
11Final Manuscript II,
12Final Manuscript III,
13Final Manuscript IV,
14Final Manuscript V,
15Final Manuscript Corrections I,
16Final Manuscript Corrections II (Newspaper clippings removed for storage),
17Final Manuscript Corrections III,
18Manuscript Corrections Correspondence,
381Arctic Dreams Final Draft 1 of 2,
2Arctic Dreams Final Draft 2 of 2,
3Arctic Dreams 1st and 2nd galleys with corrections,
4Arctic Dreams 1st and 2nd galleys with corrections,
5Arctic Dreams 1st and 2nd galleys with corrections,
6Arctic Dreams 1st and 2nd galleys with corrections,
7Master Galleys I,
8Master Galleys II,
9Master Pages I,
10Master Pages II,
391 Arctic Dreams Bound Galleys,
2Arctic Dreams Bound Galleys,
3Illustration Possibilities (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage, photos in SWCPC 834),
4Wendell Minor,
5Artwork/Correspondence with Ruth Kolbert,
6Artwork – Elousie Ann (Mounted Art work removed for storage),
7Master Repos I,
8Master Repos II,
9Master Repos III,
10Design, Joel Schick,
11Maps and Illustrations I,
12Maps and Illustrations II (Oversized map material removed for flat storage),
13Maps and Illustrations additional ideas,
14Notes on Appendix and Index,
15Gazetteer and Species Lists,
17Final Production,
18Cover Proofs,
19Cover Proofs II,
20Panarctic / Legal, etcetera,
21Arctic Dreams 1st and 2nd serial rights,
22Corrections after 1st printing,
24Miscellaneous: Awards, Book Clubs, Adaptations, etcetera,
25Advertising and Promotion I (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage. Photo in SWCPC 834),
26Advertising and Promotion II,
27American Book Tour (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
28Canadian Book Tour (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
29English Book Tour (Mounted photo of cover for English paper back in SWCPC 834),
30Best Seller Lists (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
31Peter Schults on Arctic Dreams (Newspapers removed for flat storage),
32BOMC (Newspaper removed for storage),
401Original Reviews I (Newspaper clippings and oversized material removed for flat storage),
2Original Reviews II,
3Original Reviews III (Oversized newsletter removed for storage),
4Reviews, photocopies I (Oversized copies removed for flat storage),
5Reviews, photocopies II (Oversized copies removed for flat storage),
6Original Reviews, England (Oversized magazine removed for flat storage),
7English Reviews, photocopies (Newspaper and oversized material removed for storage),
8Additional Copies of Reviews (Oversized copies removed for storage),
9Arctic Dreams excerpt, Notre Dame Magazine (Excerpt from Outside removed for flat storage),
10Arctic Dreams excerpt, North American Review,
11Arctic Dreams excerpt, Equinox,
12Arctic Dreams excerpt, Anchorage Daily News (interview),
13Orion Review, Reader Response, B.L.’s response,
14Miscellaneous Publications I,
15Miscellaneous Publications II,
16 Miscellaneous Publications III,
18"Arctic Dreams Reader" Correspondence, 1985
19"Arctic Dreams" Reader Correspondence (Newspaper clippings and April 16, 1986 clipping removed from a letter sent by John Ruby April 2, 1986 removed for flat storage), 1986
20"Arctic Dreams" Reader Correspondence (Newspaper clipping removed for storage), 1987
21"Arctic Dreams" Reader Correspondence (Newspaper clipping sent in a letter from Chris O’Brien January 24, 1989 removed for flat storage. Slide from Celeste Roberge in letter dated July 12, 1988; photo of Jada Altman from her letter; photo of Ms. Holland of quilt sent in letter dated September 1, 1989; photos from Martin Desch from letter dated October 29, 1988; and others from Brundege and Fisher in SWCPC 834), 1988-1989
22"Arctic Dreams" Reader Correspondence 1990, 91, 92 (Photos from a letter sent by Mary-Glynn Boies in SWCPC 834),
23Santa’s Scenic Trip Home by Mason Williams with text inspired by Arctic Dreams,
24Folder with no contents (was saved by Lopez) (Container of pencils removed for storage),


Crossing Open Ground

411Grand Canyon I,
2Grand Canyon II (Newspaper removed for flat storage, photo in SWCPC 834),
3Notes and itinerary, June 23-July 2, 1980
4Grand Canyon Notebooks,
5Grand Canyon, National Geographic Magazines, May 1967 and July 1978
6Grand Canyon – Guidebook to the Colorado River part I and II, by W. Kenneth Hamblin and J. Keith Rigby, 1968-1968
7Grand Canyon – The Anasazi,
8Grand Canyon – A Sketch of the Grand Canyon Prehistory, The Grand Canyon River Guide,
9Original conception/early correspondence,
10Final Editorial,
12“The Stone Horse,”
13"White Goose,"
14 “Gone Back Into the Earth,”
15“Trying the Land,”
16“Landscape and Literature,”
17"Yukon Charlie" rewrite,
18“Boarders” rewrite,
19“The Bullrider,”
20“A Presentation of Whales,”
21“Children in the Woods” rewrite,
22“The Lives of Seals,”
23“Searching for Our Ancestors,”
24“Grown Men,”
25“The Passing Wisdom of Birds,”
26Articles considered but not used,
27Copy edited manuscript,
28Final Manuscript,
29Crossing Open Ground, Galley Proofs,
30Crossing Open Ground, Page Proofs,
31Design and Production,
32Cover (Photo in SWCPC 834),
33Advertising and Promotion, Vintage,
34Vintage Correspondence,
35Picador Edition,
36Advertising and Promotion, Scribner’s,
37Correspondence with Laurie Schieffelin,
38Reviews, Original (Newspapers removed for flat storage),
39Reviews, photocopied,
41Reader correspondence, 1988-1991


The Rediscovery of North America

421Thomas Clark Lecture (First),
2Thomas Clark Lecture (Second),
3First Draft of Essay following lecture,
4Original Manuscript (Second Draft),
5Third Draft,
6Fourth Draft, returned from G.S., edited,
7B.L.’s response to G.S.’s editing,
8Fifth Draft to G. Strickland,
9Miscellaneous Manuscript Materials,
10Flap Copy – edited manuscript,
11Dummy/Mock-up/Cover, University of Kentucky,
12Publicity and Promotion,
13Reviews (Bloomsberg newspaper review removed for flat storage),
14AMICUS Reprint,
15North American Review Reprint,
16Oregon Humanities Reprint,
17Orion Reprint,
18Vintage Press Correspondence,
20"Rediscovery of North America" Correspondence,


Crow and Weasel

431Crow and Weasel Notebook,
2Weasel and Crow Head North,
3First Draft,
4Second Draft, With Jack Shoemaker’s notes,
5Third Draft,
6Fourth Draft,
7Fifth Draft,
8Sixth Draft,
9Prose outline for North Point Press,
10“The Genesis of Crow and Weasel”,
11Copyedited Manuscript,
12Manuscript Notes, 1989
13North Point’s Manuscript incorporating B.L.’s response to copy-editing queries,
14B.L.’s Manuscript responding to N.P.’s copy-editing queries,
15Galley Corrections Notes,
16Early Dummy,
18Original lay-out for Crow and Weasel by Joel Schick,
19Barry’s corrected first galleys, Crow and Weasel,
20Crow and Weasel , Barry’s corrected second galleys,
21Crow and Weasel, corrected second galley cast-off,
22Crow and Weasel, First page proofs,
23Crow and Weasel, Second page proofs,
24Crow and Weasel jacket covers,
25Artwork/Production (Slides removed for storage),
26Joseph Arcure Photographs (Photos in SWCPC 834),
27Crow and Weasel, cover proof,
28Crow and Weasel, first cover with F and G,
29Final Editorial,
30Author Questionnaire,
31Adverting and Promotion,
32Complimentary Copies, letters of comment,
33Crow and Weasel Promo folder,
34Crow and Weasel publication catalog (Photo removed from white folder t0 SWCPC 834),
35Book Tour Schedules,
36Book Tour I,
37Book Tour II (Photo removed from a card from a bed and breakfast to SWCPC 834),
38Book Tour III (photo in SWCPC 834),
39Canadian Book Tour (Photos in SWCPC 834),
40PNBA Bookfair,
41Crow and Weasel, Book Tags,
42Statement prepared at Jack Shoemaker’s request,
43Correspondence, Sue Hertel,
44Response to manuscript readings by Barbara Ras and Laurie Schiefflin,
45North Point Correspondence,
46Correspondence: David Bullen, Tom Pohrt, Jack Shoemaker,
47Correspondence, Tom Pohrt, 1984-1988
48Correspondence: Tom Pohrt, Joel Schick, 2/25/1980–9/1/1983
49Correspondence, Peter Schultz,
50Correspondence, Friends,
51Letter from Mickey Houlihan, about Crow and Weasel,
52Harper Collins - Production (paperback),
53Harper Collins / editorial, advertising, promotion,
54Harper Collins Paperback,
55Random House Canada,
441Miami Reading (Identification Tag removed for storage),
2Eugene Reading (Photo moved from letter dated 11-15-90 from “C.H.” to SWCPC 834),
4Bestseller Lists,
5Magazine Reviews,
6Reviews, Original I (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
7Reviews, Original II,
8Reviews, Original III,
9Reviews, Xerox I (Oversized Xerox reviews removed for flat storage),
10Reviews, Xerox II,
12Paperback Tour (Newspaper clippings removed for storage),
13Post Publication Correspondence (Oversized photocopies newspaper clipping removed for flat storage; photos of bird houses moved from a letter dated April 1, 1993 from David Lopez to SCWPC 834),
14"Crow and Weasel" reader correspondence (Photo of Aaron Raden from his letter moved to SWCPC 834),
15Miscellaneous Correspondence (Newspaper removed for flat storage; photo from letter sent by Susan Atlee Walker dated November 4, 1997 moved to SWCPC 834),
451Crow and Weasel used in class at the University of Oregon,
2Crow and Weasel playbill,
3Crow and Weasel adaptation by Jim Leonard for Samuel French Production,
4Samuel French Edition,
5Pre-Samuel French Productions (Photos in SWCPC 834),
6Crow and Weasel : The Play Final Script,
7Barry Lopez’s Field Notes Minneapolis – last/final rewrite,
8Revised Rehearsal Draft, January 13, 1994
9Music by John Adams, January 1994
10Jim Leonard’s 3rd writers draft with Barry Lopez comments,
11Music by John Adams, Work in Progress, December 1993
12Sundance Workshop 1993: The Script, 1993
13Sundance Workshop, 1993
14John Adam’s Script Notes,
15Jim Leonard’s 2nd draft, June 1993
16Jim Leonard’s 1st spring draft, 1993
17Rehearsal Draft,
18Jim’s draft with B. Lopez comments, July 2, 1992
19Jim’s Draft for 1992 Workshop, 1992
20Sundance/Olema 1992 (Computer floppy disk removed for storage), 1992
21Sundance 1992 (Photo in SWCPC 834), 1992
22Crow and Weasel Sundance material (Photos in SWCPC 834),
23Sundance, 1991
24Reviews (Newspapers removed for flat storage),
25Memorabilia (Dried flowers removed for storage),
26Promotional Material (Newspapers removed for flat storage, photos in SWCPC 834, 2 videocassettes and 3 cassette tapes removed for storage),
27Production Correspondence Barry Lopez / Jim Leonard (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
28Production Correspondence General,
29Pre-Production Correspondence,
30General Correspondence,
31Promotional Material: The Children’s Theater Company,
32Research, Audubon cover, Nov. 1980


Field Notes

461Introduction (Penny removed for storage),
2Teal Creek,
3Empira’s Tapestry,
4The Open Lot (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
7The Negro in the Kitchen,
8The Entreaty of Wiideema,
11Lessons from the Wolverine,
12The Runner,
13Manuscript notes and correspondence,
141st Draft with corrections,
151st Draft with additional corrections,
162nd Draft,
172nd Draft with 1st corrections,
182nd Draft with 2nd corrections,
192nd Draft with 3rd corrections,
203rd Draft,
21 3rd Draft with 1st corrections,
223rd Draft with 2nd corrections,
234th Draft with corrections and add-ins,
24Notes and Corrections,
25Copyedited manuscript with corrections,
26Manuscript after copyediting,
27Page displays,
28 Rough page proofs,
29Rough page proofs with corrections,
30Master rough pages,
31Master rough pages with corrections,
33Catalog material,
34Publisher’s catalogs,
471Rough page proofs of artwork,
2Artwork (slide removed for storage, was located in orange envelope),
3Artwork correspondence and samples,
4Artwork samples – Curt Richter,
5Book Tour I,
6Book Tour II and reviews,
7Avon Trade paperback,
8Critics choice award,
9Publicity for Field Notes in Canada,
10Field Notes Xerox Reviews (Oversized copies removed to flat storage),
11Reviews (Newspaper reviews removed for flat storage),
12Writer’s Festival Packet (Newspaper removed for flat storage),
13Correspondence I,
14Correspondence II,
15Correspondence III,
16Reader correspondence and promotional appearances I (Newspaper clippings from David Templeton removed for flat storage; dried flowers, 8 cassette tapes removed for storage; photo in SWCPC 834),
17Reader correspondence and promotional appearances II,


Lessons from the Wolverine

481Lessons From the Wolverine, T.P.,
2Lessons From the Wolverine 1st page proofs,
3Lessons From the Wolverine, final proofs,
4Lessons From the Wolverine proof copy,
5Lessons From the Wolverine artwork (Slides removed for storage),
6Lessons From the Wolverine jacket photocopied,
8Publicity (Newspaper clippings and oversized material removed for flat storage),
10Lessons from the Wolverine,
11Lessons from the Wolverine Georgia Catalog,
12Lessons from the Wolverine Reviews (Newspaper removed for flat storage),
13Boarders Newsletter,
14Lessons From the Wolverine reviews and publicity,
15Key Porter (Newspaper removed for flat storage),
16Lessons from the Wolverine Southern Book Competition,


About This Life

491About This Life: Essays and Memoir notes I,
2About This Life: Essays and Memoirs notes II,
3Dedication, Indicia,
4“A Voice”, November 24, 1997
5A Voice,
6A Voice,
7A Voice,
8Orienta Apartments (Map removed for flat storage),
9A Writer’s Work,
10The Whaleboat/Outside (Photos in SWCPC 834),
11The Whaleboat,
12The Whaleboat,
13The Whaleboat,
14The Whaleboat,
15The Whaleboat,
16Learning to See/Doubletake,
17Learning to See,
18Learning to See,
19Learning to See,
20Death: A Memoir,
21Death: A Memoir,
22Shipshewana/427 (Contains Speed: Memoir),
23Theft: A Memoir,
25Dragon Kiln Info (Newspaper removed for flat storage; photo in SWCPC 834; pottery item removed for storage),
27“Effleurage”, August 10, 1997
28Effleurage: The Stroke of Fire,
29Dragon Kiln Essay,
30Manuscript notebooks (2),
31Effleurage: The Stroke of Fire,
32Effleurage: The Stroke of Fire,
33The Mind of the Dragon (handmade Book removed for storage),
34“The Mind of the Dragon” catalog statement,
36Dragon Kiln/Miscellaneous,
37“Ashen Beauty” catalog,
38American Craft Magazine,
39Draft stamped, August 10, 1997
40About This Life manuscript parts,
42About This Life Draft 1 part I,
43About This Life Draft 1 part II,
44About This Life Draft 2 part I,
45About This Life Draft 2 part II,
501First pages a-110,
2First pages 111-278,
31st pass pages I, January 5, 1998
41st pass pages II, January 5, 1998
52nd pass pages I, February 17, 1998
6Second pass pages II, February 17, 1998
7About This Life uncorrected proof,
8Promotional folder,
10Madison, Article by Mark Mordue discussing "About This Life" and Lopez, July/August 1999
11Miscellaneous Media I (Newspapers removed for flat storage, two tapes entitled “Conversations on the Coast” and “Interview with Morgan Smith” were removed for storage),
12Miscellaneous Media II (Newspaper and oversized newspaper copies removed for flat storage),
13Miscellaneous Media III (Oversized photocopies removed for flat storage),
14"About This Life" name card,
15"About This Life" Tour, June 27-July 8,
16Book Tour I,
17Book Tour II (Photo from Ritz Carlton envelope from Joe Collins moved to SWCPC 834),
18Artwork design cover flap copy,
19Copyediting 1st and 2nd pages,
21Correspondence I,
22Correspondence II,
23Correspondence III,
24Correspondence IV,
25Correspondence V,
26Correspondence VI,



511Correspondence I,
2Correspondence II,
3Correspondence III,
4Production I,
5Production II (Photos in SWCPC 834),
6Production III,
7Production IV (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
8Production V,
9Production VI,
10Production VII (Metal printing plates removed for storage),
11Marketing (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
14Apologia award Southern Book Competition,


New Books

521Coyote Love Press (Hand bound sample removed for storage, book removed to storage),
2Leaves (Photos in SWCPC 834),
3The Letters of Heaven – Knight Library Press,


Research: Miscellaneous

531Outward Bound: Deaths and Research (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage, photos in SWCPC 834),
2Logging Story: Research,
3Notebooks: “America’s Galapagos, the Channel Islands”, November 1972
4Channel Islands Research and Correspondence I (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage, photos in SWCPC 834),
5Channel Islands Research and Correspondence II (Photos in SWCPC 834),
6Channel Islands Research (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage, photos in SWCPC 834),
7Harper’s/Loss of Wilderness (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
8Alaska/Inland Passage,
9Inland Passage (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
10Rescuing Animals (Newspaper removed for flat storage),
11What is Happening to the Animals? (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
12Animals/Op-ed (Newspaper clipping removed for storage),
13Redding Hot Shots Research #1 (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage; photos and negatives in SWCPC 834),
14Redding Hot Shots Research #2 (Negatives removed for storage),
15Redding Hot Shots Research #3,
16Fire-Fighting - Research,
17Fire-Fighting - Tools,
18National Rodeo Finals 1974 – Research #1 (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage; photos in SWCPC 834), 1974
19National Rodeo Finals 1974 – Research #2, 1974
20National Rodeo Finals 1974 – Research #3 (Newspapers removed for flat storage; photos in SWCPC 834), 1974
21Pendleton Round-Up/Research (Photos and slides in SWCPC 834),
22General Research Pendleton Round-Up, 1972
24Winches Research,
254-Wheel Drive Research I,
264-Wheel Drive Research II (Photos and slides in SWCPC 834),
27Clinton E. Frank, Toyota Advertising (Slides removed for storage),
28Freightliner Corporation / Research (Photo in SWCPC 834),
29General Research – Chimp Art (Newspaper removed for flat storage; photo in SWCPC 834),
31Stratten (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
32Evil Knievel – Research (All contents were newspapers and were removed to flat storage),
33Arizona Border (Newspaper clippings removed to flat storage),
541Fine Woodworking Projects,
2Oregon Environmental Council (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
3Death Valley Backpacking 1974 (Photos in SWCPC 834),
4Hemingway (Oversized magazine clipping removed for flat storage),
5Chief Joseph (Negatives removed for storage),
6Poets in the Schools,
7Articles and Notes on Writing (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
8Environment: Research (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
9Notes in Common Apollo XVII,
10Notes in Common Apollo XVII (Oversized material removed for flat storage),
11Salmon and Soils (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
12Miscellaneous Research, 1970s
13Game Wardens, Political Pressures (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
14“The Box and How to Live With It” Research (Newspaper clipping and oversized material removed for storage),
15Musk Oxen Article,
16Song Lyrics,
17Folklore Research (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
18Drugs: Research (Oversized magazine clippings removed for flat storage),
19Bob Dylan: Research (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
20Mount Hood Research,
21Indian/Miscellaneous (Newspapers removed for flat storage),
22Navajo Rugs/Mark Winter (Newspapers removed for flat storage),
23Native American Material,
24General Research: "Arctic" Volume 34, Number 1, March 1981
25General Research: The Effects of Vessel Traffic in the Arctic on Marine Mammals and Recommendations for Future Research,
26General Research: Marine Mammals Species Accounts, April 1984
27General Research: 4th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals Program and Abstracts,
28General Research: The Present Status and Future Management of Arctic Marine Mammals in Canada,
29General Research: Report to the National Marine Fisheries Service on the Historic Status and Reduction of the Western Arctic Bowhead Whale Population by the Pelagic Whaling Industry, 1848-1914,
30General Research: Book Catalogs,
31General Research: Double Page,
32General Research: Calendar – The 6th Annual Gale Literacy Date book, 1970
33General Research: Sierra Club Calendars, 1978-1982
551General Research – Miscellaneous materials (Poster, house plans removed to flat storage; program from United Nations saluting Naomi Uemura with photo in SWCPC 834),
2General Research - Drawings,
3General Research – Newsletters (Large newspapers and oversized material removed for flat storage),
4General Research – Notes and bibliography,
5General Research - Notebook,
6General Research – Panel Reports,
7General Research – Scientific journals and reports,
8General Research – Photocopies sections of books,
9General Research – Photocopied sections of books,
10General Research – Various magazines,
11General Research – Sections torn from various magazines (Oversized magazine clipping removed for flat storage),
12General Research – Science News Magazines (Magazines have been left open as Lopez had them),
13General Research – Photocopied newspaper and magazine articles (Oversized and original newspapers removed for storage),
14General Research: Manuscript, Manuscript A Library of Western and Romantic Literatureby Keith Anderson sent to Lopez,
15General Research – John Lane/Chris Hopes’ notes on crocodile hunters; letter and manuscript From the Three Kingdoms from John Lane,
16General Research – Manuscripts and papers by various authors,
17General Research – Manuscripts and papers given to Lopez from authors such as Conger Beasley, Sebastian Junger, John Szarkowski, and John Tallmadge,
18General Research- Letters to Lopez dealing with research,
19Folders with notes taken on them (were saved when replacing all non-acid free folders.),
20Unidentified poster (Poster was removed for storage),



561Like Frost on a Window,
2Paper citing “Losing Our Sense of Place”,
3Words From the Land,
4John Oliver/Jo Guerreo,
5National Book Foundation,
6Activist Groups,
7Spiritual Quality of Outdoors - books,
8Sunderlal Bahuguna/Chipko,
9Hedin/Hothaus Project,
10David Hoppe Film,
11Make Prayers to the Raven – Mark Badger,
12The Home Planet from a Distance (Slides removed for storage),
13Andrews Scholars,
14Northern West/Television Series,
15Lannan/Los Angeles October 6,
16Washington D.C., 1996
17Gang of Seven,
18Pacific Pipeline,
19Paul Winter – Grand Canyon,
20U of O Dean’s award,
21Idaho Literature Panel,
22Smithsonian Project – Stories From the Earth,
23Smithsonian/Alan Lightman,
24Miscellaneous project proposals,
25Earth Week, 1990
26Earth Day, 1990
27Inactive Files: Earth Day, 1990
28Irkutsk (Newspaper articles and map of Lake Baykal removed for flat storage),
29NSF Meeting Proposal (Photo in SWCPC 834),
30Judy Bates’ Project (Newspaper removed for flat storage),
31Judy Bates (Piece of tree attached to letter dated 10-16-1988 removed for storage),
32What is Revealed 1979 with Gary (Poster and newspaper removed for flat storage),
33Miscellaneous projects, 1967
34National Endowment Applications,
35Truck photos project,
36Photo Essays, Sales,
37Libyan Sands,
38Eulogy for Robert Conley,
39Jed Kesey’s Funeral Service, Son of Ken Kesey,
40Alaska Tundra script – The Traveling Image Company,
41Norton Nature Anthology,
42Chinese Writers Trip to USA, 1990
43L – COG: Arts Advisory Committee,
571Fourth World Wilderness Conference (Newspaper removed for flat storage),
2Testimony: Omnibus Oregon Wild and Scenic Rivers Act (Newspaper removed for flat storage),
3Book Expo America material, miscellaneous catalogs,
4Short stories by Lopez translated for a thesis,
5Wilderness Journal,
6Maude Kerns photo exhibit (Photos in SWCPC 834), 1975
7Grants/Poets in the Schools (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
8Photography exhibit “Horizons/Open Spaces”,
9Lane Community College (Negatives and photos in SWCPC 834), October 1969 – April 1970
10Memo (Many photo files removed from a box containing only this memo sheet and many photos. Most of the photos were identified by Lopez as belonging with other files and were transferred.),


Guest Teaching: Notre Dame

581Faculty Manuscripts,
2Miscellaneous Notre Dame Business,
4Notre Dame (Newspaper removed for flat storage, identification card, silk flower removed for storage),
5Costello/American Studies,
6Notre Dame Faculty: Notes and Correspondence,
8American Studies 395 (Newspaper removed for flat storage),
9American Studies 395,
10American Studies 430,
11American Studies 430,
12Continuing Education Lectures,
13Western Michigan University Talk,
141525 Oak Hill / Jamison,
15Student Correspondence,
16Student Work,
17Finals: America Obscura,
18Finals: Reflection of a Northern Landscape,
19Student Evaluations,
20Gift from Tim McNeil and Katie Boenling,
21Football (Newspaper removed for flat storage),
22Notre Dame Magazine and Sports Illustrated, 1989-1996
23Notre Dame v. Pittsburgh play by play sheets, etcetera, October 28, 1989
24Three Notre Dame Football Official Game Programs,
25Grade book, notes for classes,
26Notre Dame booklets: art exhibits, schedule of courses, etcetera,


Guest Teaching: Eastern Washington

591Eastern Washington University (Poster removed to flat storage),
2Grade book, Eastern Washington University,
3Student biographies,
4Student work, Eastern Washington University,
5Student work, Eastern Washington University,


Speaking Engagements

601University Forum, Oregon Committee on the Humanities, undated
2Centrum, July 1978
3Readings (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage), 1979
4“Power of Animals”, 1979
5Readings and Symposiums, 1980
6Technology: Over the Invisible Line,
7Readings and Workshops, 1981
8Readings and Workshops (Poster removed for flat storage), 1982
9Cancelled, unaccepted work, 1984
10California Parks and Recreation, Santa Cruz, California, March 15, 1984
119th North American Prairie Conference, Moorehead, Minnesota, 1984
12Port Townsend, July 1984
13Cottam Lecture, (Newspaper removed for flat storage), October 29, 1984
14Readings and Workshops (Poster and newspaper removed for flat storage), 1984
15Project: Animal Conference, Notre Dame,
16Washington State,
17AWP/San Diego (Oversized newsletters removed for flat storage),
18Miami University,
19American Studies/Bremerton,
20Kenai Peninsula C. C. (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
21Sitka (Photo moved from letter dated May 7, 1985 to SWCPC 834), June 1985
22Hendrix College/Images of Nature and Literature,
23Japan (Oversized newsletter removed for flat storage),
24Wild and Scenic/Green River, 1985
25University of Iowa (Oversized newsletter removed for flat storage), 1985
26Iowa (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
27Southern Utah,
28Carleton College,
29England (Oversized street plan of Dartmouth removed for flat storage), May 1986
30University of Michigan,
31Berkeley (Newspaper removed for flat storage), May 21, 1986
32Brattleboro, Vermont,
34Bennington Writing Workshop,
35Salmon River, July 1986
36Jackson, Ranger Rendezvous (Photos moved from letter sent by Ron Sutton to SWCPC 834),
371987 (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
38Berkeley, April 11, 1987
611Sierra Club,
2Wolf Symposium, 1987
3U.C. Davis, (Poster removed for flat storage), May 26-27, 1987
4Green Gulch, May 30, 1987
5Manhattan Theater Club (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
6AAOP June 15-17,
7Sitka Writers Symposium, 1987
8Jim Andrews, Lecture,
9Clarkson College (Oversized article removed for flat storage),
10Portland Arts and Lectures (Newspaper removed for flat storage),
11Michigan City (Posters removed for flat storage),
12University of Utah (Newspaper clippings and photocopies removed for flat storage), 1988
13Lopez/Wilson transcript (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
14Whittier College,
15University of Portland (Photo in SWCPC 834),
16The American Academy of Poets,
17George Mason University,
18San Diego State,
19Miami Dade Public Library (Newspaper removed for flat storage),
20Indiana University,
21Wilderness Society,
22Old Dominion University (Oversized newsletter removed for flat storage),
23Michigan City Public Library (Newspaper removed for flat storage),
24Pen, October 23, 1989
25Western Michigan University (Oversized poster removed for flat storage),
26New York Public Library (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
27Amon Carter Museum, R. Adams,
28Robert Adams Lecture,
29Harbourfront Lecture (Newspaper clippings and oversized newsletter removed for flat storage),
30Governor’s Award,
31Society for Ecological Restoration,
32Berea College, Berea Kentucky,
33University of Kentucky (Newspapers and poster removed for flat storage),
34Antarctic Orientation, September 10th (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
35Whittier College, 1990
36Pacific Northwest Booksellers,
3792nd Street “Y”, November 1990
38PEN/NYC, December 1990
39Inauguration (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage), January 14, 1991
40National Book Awards/Beverly Hills, January 1991
41Arizona State,
42California Academy of Sciences (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage), March 7,1991
43Bill Turnbull/North Point Memorial (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage), March 9, 1991
44Every Picture Tells a Story, (Feather from card sent by Deleu Bing on March 13, 1991 removed for storage), 1991
45Spain/USIA, April 1991
46OILA Reading, July 27, 1991
47PNBA, September 22, 1991
48Antarctic Talk, November 5, 1991
49Elliot Bay, December 16, 1991
50The Community School, June 7, 1992
51Graduation Talk/Sun Valley, June 7, 1992
621Portland Art Museum (Newspaper and oversized newsletter removed for flat storage), July 19, 1992
2Denver, October 27 Forest Service (Ribbon removed for storage), October 26-29,1992
3Terry Tempest Williams, October 29, 1992
4Prescott College (Newspapers removed for flat storage), December 1992
5Minnesota (Photo and laminated photos in SWCPC 834), January 22, 1993
6"Earth and the Great Weather" (Newspaper and large mailer removed for flat storage), February 27, 1993
7Antarctica/Academy of American Poets (Oversized poster removed for flat storage), March 16, 1993
8University of Portland (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage), April 30 – May 1, 1994
9Forth Worth/Amon Carter, May 1993
10University of Oregon, June 12, 1994
11Writers and Books/Rochester, October 7, 1993
12Wallace Stegner Reading, October 10, 1993
13Roger Tory Peterson Institute (Name tag removed for storage),
14Oregon Book Awards, 1994
15Portland/Oregon Book Awards (Newspaper removed for flat storage), 1994
16New York Public Library (Feather removed from inside program with ribbon for storage),
17Santa Barbara Arts and Lectures,
18University of Michigan (Newspaper clipping removed for storage),
19UTNE Visionaries, January 26, 1995
20L.A. Public Library (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage, slide removed from letter from Marion S. Siciliano for storage),
21PNBA, March 17, 1995
22Wallace Stenger Memorial (Newspaper clipping and copy of the Examiner removed for flat storage), April 27, 1995
23Wellesley (Newspaper removed for flat storage), September 1995
24Three Rivers/Laurie (Newspaper and magazine removed for flat storage, Circular Decoration removed for storage-tag with object reads: From a man who attended a reading in Pittsburgh, Three River Lecture Series, Mach 25, 1996 who intends to walk from Oklahoma to Minnesota. He offered this and a bag of tobacco.),
26Adelaide writers week (Newspaper removed for flat storage, photo moved from letter from Desiree to SWCPC 834), 1996
27John Fowles, April 24, 1996
28Ohio Newspaper removed for flat storage, video cassetteand audio cassette removed for storage), May 6-10, 1997
29ASLE/WW July 16-18 (Newspapers and oversized photocopy removed for flat storage),
30Reading at ASLE Conference at the University of Montana,
31Southern Festival of Books, 1997
32Great American Book Festival,
33Bread Loaf, 1997
34Author’s Reading at Bridal Veil, May 15, 1998
35Elliot Bay Book Company Reading, July 7, 1999
36Texas Tech University (Posters and newspaper removed for flat storage), October 9, 2001



631Browntrout Calendar,
2Browntrout Calendar (Photos in SWCPC 834), 1996
3Browntrout Calendar Ideas and Images, 1997
4Browntrout Calendar Catalog,

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