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Jerè Lowe:

An Inventory of His Papers, 1982-2004, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator Lowe, Jerè
Title: Jerè Lowe Papers,
Dates: 1982-2004
Abstract: This largely audio-visual collection focuses on the musical career of Jerè Lowe and includes works in many media.
Collection # AV 00039
Quantity: 3 boxes (1.5 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Songwriter-producer Jerè Lowe has worked as a music professional for more than four decades, delivering theme music you can recognize from ESPN, CBS, ABC and NBC Sports, as well as everything else from the Travel Channel to Tom and Jerry cartoons. In 1975 he established Lowe Company (LOCO) Sounds in Lubbock, Texas.

Lowe served as artist manager for pianist-composer Doug Smith. He operated Chaparral Enterainment to promote Jack Houston's ImagineLand, a Western-themed, live-action-puppet television production for children beginning in 1994, also handling musical arrangements and production. Lowe still performs as a singer-songwriter in addition to hosting performances to benefit students in the Lubbock Independent Scvhool District.

Scope and Content

The collection contains materials relating to Jerè Lowe's career as a singer-songwriter, arranger and producer. The collection is in good condition and is part of the Crossroads of Music archive.


Access Restrictions

The collection is open for research. Copyright is retained by the authors of items in this collection, or their descendants, as stipulated by U.S. copyright law. Audio and visual recordings may need to be reformatted prior to use and require advance notice to the Reference Librarian.

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Subjects (Persons)
Houston, Jack, 1952-
Lowe, Jerè.
Maines, Kenny.
Subjects (Places)
Lubbock (Tex.).
Country music.
Texas music.

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Jerè Lowe Papers, 1982-2004, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas


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Jon Holmes

Collection Inventory


box folder
1 1 Production notes (AV0039-11 through 14),March 8, 2009
2 Sun Country Harvest song lyricsundated
3 ImagineLand's "Bubble Gum Trouble" (AV0039-44),2004

Audio Visual Materials

Audio cassette tapes
box item
1 4 Lowe: A Collection of Songs (AV0039-1),1989
5 Lowe: Loco Sounds (AV0039-2),1992
6 Lowe: Loco Sounds--Demo / Don Caldwell Studio--Demo (AV0039-3),1991
7 Various: Songwriter's T.V. Special Tape 1 (AV0039-4),undated
8 Various: Songwriter's T.V. Special Tape 2 (AV0039-5),undated
9 Various: Songwriter's T.V. Special Tape 3 (AV0039-6),undated
10 Various: Sun Country Harvest (KBIM-TV, New Mexico division of American Cancer Society benefit) (AV0039-7),undated
Compact disc (CD Audio)
box item
1 11 Kenny Maines/Jere Lowe: "Merry Christmas to You from Me", KK's Video Studio (AV0039-8),undated
12 Various: Occupational Hazard, Transatlantic Management sampler, Tucson, Arizona (AV0039-9),undated
13 Lowe: "Rockin' Robin Again" (AV0039-10),undated
14 Lowe: Jere Lowe Production Music Edit Disc 1: "Moonlight over Tulsa", "We're", "Maine Stream", "Things Are Gonne Be Much Better", "Karo", "Pretty Little Thing", "You Can't Take Away the Wind", "The Cross Land", "Every Now and Then", "Sticks" (AV0039-11),March 8, 2009
15 Lowe: Jere Lowe Production Music Edit Disc 2: "No Nameth", "Las Vegas, I Love You", Sunset on the Boulevard", She Drives a Mercedes Benz", "Hurricane Island", "Island Paradise", "My Cajun Mama", "Shake and Roll", "Island Gunji [?]", "It's Killing Me", "CoMarch 8, 2009
16 Lowe: Jere Lowe Songs Disc 1: "Country Is the Heart Beating in My Soul", "Dallas Girl", "It's Killing Me", "Drowning in My Tears", "Hurricane Island", "Dark Rain", "Julie Blue Eyes", "Every Now and Then", "Mercedes Benz", "I'll Hang on Forever", "I Want tMarch 8, 2009
17 Lowe: Jere Lowe Songs Disc 2: "Pretty Little Thing", "Shake and Roll", "Sunset on the Boulevard", "West Texas Girl", "Take Me Down Easy", "That's How Love Goes", "Things Are Gonne Be Much Better" (AV0039-14),March 8, 2009
DVD disc
box item
1 18 Jack Houston's ImagineLand: #1 "This is ImagineLand" (AV0039-15),1994
19 ImagineLand: #2 "A Little Time" (AV0039-16),1994
20 ImagineLand: #3 "The Big List" (AV0039-17),1994
21 ImagineLand: #4 "Nothing But Net" (AV0039-18),1994
22 ImagineLand: #5 "Stuck Pig" (AV0039-19),1994
23 ImagineLand: #6 "Carrot Tea" (AV0039-20),2006
24 ImagineLand: #7 "Jam Box" (AV0039-21),2006
25 ImagineLand: #8 "Friends are Forever" (AV0039-22),2006
26 ImagineLand: #9 "Rub A Dub Dub" (AV0039-23),2006
27 ImagineLand: #10 "Gertrude's Golden Egg" (AV0039-24),2006
28 ImagineLand: #11 "The Letter" (AV0039-25),2006
29 ImagineLand: #12 "Picture This" (AV0039-26),2006
30 ImagineLand: #13 "Smile a Little Smile" (AV0039-27),2006
31 ImagineLand: #14 "Blue Of Hearts" (AV0039-28),2006
32 ImagineLand: #15 "Whats Buggin' You" (AV0039-29),2006
33 ImagineLand: #16 "Gopherscope" (AV0039-30),2006
34 ImagineLand: #17 "Prairie Pearl" (AV0039-31),2006
35 ImagineLand: #18 "Talk to Me" (AV0039-32),2006
36 ImagineLand: #19 "Worry Worts" (AV0039-33),2006
37 ImagineLand: #20 "Reading Day" (AV0039-34),2006
38 ImagineLand: #21 "Bubble Gum Trouble" (AV0039-35),2006
39 ImagineLand: #22 "Cowboy Songs" (AV0039-36),2006
40 ImagineLand: #23 "A Special Place" (AV0039-37),2006
41 ImagineLand: #24 "Hoe Down" (AV0039-38),2006
42 ImagineLand Gold Volume 1 (3-show collection, boxed, AV0040),2004
43 ImagineLand Gold Volume 2 (3-show collection, boxed, AV0041),2004
44 ImagineLand Gold Volume 3 (3-show collection, boxed, AV0042),2004
45 ImagineLand Gold Volume 4 (3-show collection, boxed, AV0043),2004
VHS video cassette
box item
1 46 ImagineLand: Tales of the Trail: Video demo (10 minutes, AV0039-52),1993
47 Jack Houston's ImagineLand: #3 and #4 "Bobby" and "Dead-Eye McCoy" (AV0039-53),1993
48 Jack Houston's ImagineLand: Sing Along Volume I "This is ImagineLand" (AV0039-39),1994
49 ImagineLand: #9 "Rub A Dub Dub" (AV0039-45),1994
50 ImagineLand: #10 "Gertrude's Golden Egg" (AV0039-46),1994
51 ImagineLand: #11 "The Letter" (AV0039-47),1994
52 ImagineLand: #12 "Picture This" (AV0039-48),1994
53 ImagineLand: #13 "Smile a Little Smile" (AV0039-49),1994
54 ImagineLand: #14 "Blue Of Hearts" (AV0039-50),1994
55 ImagineLand: #15 "Whats Buggin' You" (AV0039-51),1994
56 ImagineLand: #6 "This Is Imagine Land" (AV0039-54),1994
57 ImagineLand: #7 "A Little Time" (AV0039-55),1994
58 ImagineLand: #8 "The Big List" (AV0039-56),1994
59 ImagineLand: #9 "Nothing But Net" (AV0039-57),1994
60 ImagineLand: #10 "Stuck Pig" (AV0039-58),1994
61 ImagineLand: #11 "Carrot Tea" (AV0039-59),1994
62 ImagineLand: #14 "Friends are Forever" (AV0039-60),1994
63 ImagineLand: #16 "Gopherscope" (AV0039-61),1995
64 ImagineLand: #17 "Prairie Pearl" (AV0039-62),1995
65 ImagineLand: #18 "Talk to Me" (AV0039-63),1995
66 ImagineLand: #19 "Worry Worts" (AV0039-64),1995
67 ImagineLand: #20 "Reading Day" (AV0039-65),1995
68 ImagineLand: #21 "Bubble Gum Trouble" (AV0039-66),1995
69 ImagineLand: #22 "Cowboy Songs" (AV0039-67),1995
70 ImagineLand: #23 "A Special Place" (AV0039-68),1995
71 ImagineLand: #24 "Hoe Down" (AV0039-69),1995
7-inch 45 rpm record
box item
1 72 Jerè Lowe: A: "Julie Blue Eyes" / B: "Dark Rain" (Texas Soul TSSS-91082),1982
1/4x5-inch Reel-to-reel tape
box item
1 73 Jerry Lowe: "Broken Heart", "Lost Lover", "Dark Rain" (copy 1 of 2 AV0039-71),undated
74 Jerry Lowe: "Broken Heart", "Lost Lover", "Dark Rain" (copy 2 of 2 AV0039-72),undated
Betacam SP video cassette
box item
1 75 MPI Home Video: Hollywood's Collection; Hollywood's Children (Premiere Video MB R16 P6, no AV number),undated
1/4x10-inch Reel-to-reel tape
76 Jerè Lowe: "That's How Love Goes", "Dallas Girl", "Hurricane Island", "I Wanna Go" (AV0039-73),August 15, 1984
2x10-inch Reel-to-reel tape
77 Jerè Lowe: "That's How Love Goes", "Dallas Girl", "Hurricane Island", "I Wanna Go" (AV0039-74),August 13, 1984