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Richard B. Ferrier:

An Inventory of His Papers, 1952-2007, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator Ferrier, Richard B.
Title: Richard B. Ferrier Papers,
Dates: 1952-2007
Abstract: Materials in this collection encompass the musical career of architect and professor Richard B. Ferrier.
Collection # AV 0101
Quantity: 7 boxes (6.5 linear feet)
Language English
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Lubbock native Richard B. Ferrier, FAIA, took a degree at Texas Tech University and one in art from University of Dallas. He worked as an architect in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and taught at the University of Texas Arlington, where he served as associate dean from 1985-1995. Ferrier wrote the history of architecture for the Boy Scouts of America merit badge book and was noted for his landscape drawings and watercolors. He was a consultant and participated for years as critic in the design charrettes at the Prairie View A and M School of Architecture.

As a musician, Ferrier replaced John Denver as singer in a Lubbock band and was tapped to play guitar behind J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers on "Last Kiss" (uncredited and unpaid). He later recorded with the alt-Country groups RBF and Corduroy Cowboy Company as a singer-songwriter, working in what he called the "progressive country" genre. Born March 29, 1944, he was mourned by students and colleagues at his death from lung cancer on August 5, 2010.

Scope and Content

This collection contains various formats of recordings from the personal collection of Richard Ferrier. There are studio recordings as well as live performances, programs recorded from the radio, and also other artists' music. The papers (track listings and the like) that describe the individual recordings have been removed and placed in folders. The recordings include Beta Tape, 4-, 5-, 7-, and 10-inch tape reels, cassette tapes, compact discs, 45 rpm records, and transcription discs.

R. B. Ferrier's collection is organized into formats of recordings and then by date, if specified. Each item has a distinct ID number, and if a recording had papers or track listings that went along with them, they have been separated and put in a folder corresponding to the box number. This folder is in the general paper and track listings boxes of the Crossroads archive. The collection is in good condition and is part of the Crossroads of Music archive.


Access Restrictions

The collection is open for research. Copyright is retained by the authors of items in this collection, or their descendants, as stipulated by U.S. copyright law. Audio and visual recordings may need to be reformatted prior to use and require advance notice to the Reference Librarian.

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Subjects (People)
Abbott, Gary
Buffet, Jimmy
Cannon, Ace
Carroll, Billie
Carter, Cliff
Evans, Gene Weldon, 1941-2013
Ferrier, Richard B.
Hubbard, Ray Wylie
Murphey, Michael Martin
Nelson, Willie
Walker, Jerry Jeff
Wright, Frank Lloyd
Subjects (Organizations)
Asleep at the Wheel (Musical group)
Austin City Limits (Television program)
Cavaliers (Musical group : J. Frank Wilson)
Classic IV, The (Musical group)
Corduroy Cowboy Company (Musical group)
Cowboy Twinkies (Musical group)
Electric Ballroom, Dallas (Tex.)
Four Teens (Musical group)
KAFM Radio
KERA Dallas/Ft. Worth (Television station)
Nite Owls (Musical Group)
Sharps Combo (Musical Group)
Texas Playboys (Musical Group)
Texas Weather (Musical Group)
Turning Point (Musical Group)
Wayne Nelson and the Sharps Combo
Subjects (Places)
Austin (Tex.)
Dallas (Tex.)
Lorenzo (Tex.)
Lubbock (Tex.)
Alternative Country Music--Texas
Popular music
Popular music--Texas
University of Texas at Arlington. School of Architecture

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Preferred Citation

Richard B. Ferrier Papers, 1952-2007, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas


Accession number(s):
2007-0151-A and 2012-0171-A

Gifts, 2007 and 2012

Processed by

Elissa Stroman

Collection Inventory



box folder
1 1 Artwork: Watercolor reproduction and model sketches, 1991 and undated
2 Correspondence, undated
3 Curriculum vitae for Richard B. Ferrier, FAIA, 2007
4 Newspaper clippings, 1975-1976 and undated
5 Periodicals: Buddy (Dallas, Texas), 1975-1976
6 Periodicals: Movement (Dallas, Texas), July 1975
7 Periodicals: Monterey Mirror (Monterey High School. Lubbock, Texas, Texas), 1993-1994
8 Photographs: Portraits and on-stage photos, undated
9 Photographs: Texas Weather singing duo head shot autographed by Vicki Smart, undated
10 Posters: Corduroy Cowboy Company, undated
11 Publications: Architecture from the Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Series, 1995 and 2004
12 Publications: KFM 92.5 Coloring Book (Alt-country stars, drawn by Lynn Newman), undated


Audio Visual Materials

4-inch Reel-to-reel tape
box item
1 1 RBF: San Angelo demos / Night Owls / "Last Goodbye", undated
5-inch Reel-to-reel tape
box item
1 2 Atkins Jr. High Band Contest: United Nations / Air Force Band / American Folk Rhapsody, April 1959
3 RBF, Don Baggett: "Didn’t, Don’t Won't"/ "The Bump" (L. Wilborn) / "She Walks in Beauty" / "A Little Sad" / "She Used to Be" (RBF), 1959
4 RBF, Baggett: "Teensville Heaven" / "Only You", 1959
5 Sharps Combo (RBF, Destine Gray): "Teensville Heaven", November 28, 1960
6 "Our First Date" (Master), 1962
7 "Tonight Tomorrow and Always" (RBF) / Hoodlum Priest: "Strictly Undecided" / RBF, Danny Payne: "The Three Bears" (Jim Solley) / "Too Many Girls" (Sonley Roush) / RBF, David Sprague: "The Shape I'm In", 1962-1965
8 Jim Solley instrumental, undated
9 RBF: "Mr. Sandman", undated
10 Burkett Session, 1964
11 RBF: Big Springs Master Session: with J. Frank Wilson and Cavaliers on "Candy Kisses" / "Candy and Flowers" / "Schoool Sidewalks" / "Tonight Tomorrow and Always"; with Bobby's band on "Kiss You If I Can" / "Say You Love Me" / "Too Many Girls", 1964
12 "Falling in Love" (RBF) / "Boyo", March 25, 1963
13 Roush Demos, 1964
14 RBF: "He’ll Learn about Her" (Master), April 1, 1964
15 RBF: "Let Me Know (Say You Love Me)" / "She Used to Be" (RBF), November 17, 1964
16 Dic Demos Lubbock: "Too Many Girls" / "Shape I'm In", 1964
17 Dic Demos: "Say You Love Me" (RBF) / "Too Many Girls" (RBF) / "Tonight Tomorrow and Always" / "Take Jody and Run Away" (Merle Kilgore), 1960-1965
18 RBF Demos, 1964
19 Ronson Studio: "Take Jody", 1965
20 Ronson Studio: Barbra Raney (Bobby on guitar), undated
21 KLBK Jingles Master: "Food Facts", 1966
22 Ronson Studio: Royce Clark, 1965-1967
23 RBF lyrics and music: "New Mexico" / "Cowgirl from Waco" / "Outlaws (Are Really Women)" / "Lovin' Each Other" / "If You Listen", 1975-1976
24 RBF lyrics and music: "Me and Ginny" / "Could We Go to New Mexico"; with James Johnson: "Livin' Like a Song", 1975-1976
25 RBF: "Me and Ginny" / "Touch Me Back" / "I've Been Wonderin'" (Importance), 1976
26 RBF: "Little Bird" (For Brenda Taylor), 1980
27 RBF: "Only You" / "Our First Date", undated
28 Jim Solley Demos, undated
29 RBF Demos Copy: "Too Many Girls" / "Shape I'm In", undated
30 RBF: 1st and 2nd Autum Session: "Misty Evening Lady" / "Me and Jinny" [sic] / "Cowboy Twinkee" / "Henry Wade" / "Touch Me Back", undated
31 "Dallas County Jail Doors" for Henry Wade, undated
32 Lone Star Beer Radio Commercial, undated
33 Ferrier, undated
34 [No markings], undated
7-inch Reel-to-reel tape
box item
2 1 RBF, Don Baggett: Master: 58th Street Sessions (RBF lyrics and music)(av 35), 1959-1962
2 RBF: Demos (RBF lyrics and music) (av 36), 1955-1964
3 RBF: Mitchell Studio Master (av 37), 1959-1963
4 RBF: Demos Original Songs (av 38), 1960-1964
5 Sharps Combo: NCO Club Reese AFB (av 39), 1962
6 RBF, Carter, Young, Hewett: Snyder, TX (av 40), 1963
7 RBF: Instrumental Demos (av 41), 1963
8 Dave Brubeck Quartet at Carnegie Hall (av 42), undated
9 Carter, Hall, Crothers, RBF: Snyder Grad Dance (av 43), May 1963
10 RBF, Young, Carter, Hewett: Lorenzo Grad Dance (av 44), May 21, 1963
11 RBF, Young, Carter, Hewett: Lorenzo Grad Dance II (av 44), May 21, 1963
12 Billie Caroll (av 46), undated
13 Billie Caroll: Demos Clovis (av 47), September 13, 1963
14 Phil Holliday and RBF: Demo (av 48), November 27, 1963
15 Charlie and RBF: Incidentals (av 49), December 1963
16 RBF: Big Beats and Demos (av 50), undated
17 Christmas 1963 (av 51), 1963
18 The Nomads: 1964 Session and RBF (av 52), 1964
19 Cliff Carter (av 53), April 11, 1964
20 RBF, Barbra Raney: Ronson Studio (av 54), 1965
21 The Hoodlum Priests / Back-up recordings (av 55), undated
22 Weiss, H. Keith Jones: Env. Slide Show (UTA) "Rhymes and Reasons" (av 56), June 18, 1970
23 Film Soundtracks: Summer of ’73 / Saturday (av 57), undated
24 Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown (av 58), October 31, 1972
25 Sean and RBF (av 59), 1972-1975
26 Sean and RBF (av 60), 1974
27 Mt. Horeb (av 61), 1974
28 Rough Cut:s Original and Other Material, Demos (av 62), 1974-1975
29 Ferrier Songs: Demo Tape (av 63), 1974-1976
30 Cordoroy Cowboy Company Live at Eldorado Club, Paris, Texas (av 64), Summer 1975
31 Corduroy Cowboy Company (RBF, Jim Johnson, Rick Box, Walter McDonald, Louis Peters, Frank DeSeon) (av 66), February 15, 1975
7-inch Reel-to-reel tape
box item
3 1 Corduroy Cowboy Company (RBF, Jim Johnson, Rick Box, Walter McDonald, Louis Peters, Frank DeSeon) (av 66), November 1975
2 KAFM 92.5 Talent Search (Corduroy Cowboy Company, Galactic Cowboy Band, Will Barnes Band, Talty Road, Rusty Gordon Band) (av 67), 1955-1964
3 Ray Wylie Hubbard: KAFM concert (av 68), November 1975
4 Electric Ballroom Show: CCC (RBF, Mike McClain, Mat Tapp, Chris Campbell, Buddy Fink, Stacy Harris, Steve Langdon) with Woof Brothers (av 69), January 1976
5 RBF: Master Original Songs (av 70), 1976
6 RBF: "Henry Wade" / "Touch Me Back" (av 71), January 20, 1976
7 Walter and RBF: Gilbert Street Art. Recording (av 72), 1975-1980
8 Bob Dyllon [Dylan?] Mono (av 73), undated
9 NCO Club [illegible] (av 74), May 1963
10 RBF: Lubbock (av 75), undated
11 Masters: "New Mexico" / "Cowgirl from Waco" / "Outlaws" (av 76), May 21, 1963
12 RBF and Sean: "All Over Again" / "Importance" / "Another Day" / "End of a Song" / "If You Listen" / "Old Enough to Know Better" (av 77), undated
13 "Me and Ginny" / "Misty Evening Lady" / "New Mexico" / "Importance" / "Lovely Rings" / "Lovin' Each Other" / "Mary and Me" / "Outlaws" / "End of a Song" / "Cowgirl from Waco" / "Touch Me Back" (av 78), undated
14 RBF Original Songs: "New Mexico" / "Cowgirl from Waco" / "Ginny's Song" / "End of a Song" / "Outlaws" (av 79), November 27, 1963
15 Ferrier Demo (Live and studio): "Touch Me Back" / "Lovin' Each Other" / "I've Been Wonderin'" / "Importance" / "Misty Evening Lady" / "First Song for Mary" / "Outlaws" / "Cowgirl from Waco" / "True and Gentle Lady" / "Long Way from Lubbock" / "Cowboy Twinkee" (av 80), 1974-1977
16 Studio Master: "Takin' It Layin' Down" / "Jinny's Song" / "End of a Song" (av 81), undated
17 Ferrier Demos (av 82), undated
18 Demos Peeping Tom (av 83), April 14, ????
19 Quad Mixes: "Me and Jenny" / "Cowboy Twinkie" / "Misty Evening Lady" (av 84), undated
20 NAB Stereo Dub: "Me and Jenny" / "Cowboy Twinkie" (av 85), undated
21 RBF, Jim. Walter, Tom L., Louis, Ric, Tom Morrell: 1st Autumn Session/Rough Mix (av 86), undated
22 "Me and Ginny" session / R.B.’s mix (av 87), undated
23 Ronson Studio KLBK Demos (av 88), undated
24 Studio Cuts (av 89), undated
25 Ferrier Demos (av 90), undated
26 Demos / RBF Songs: "Me and Ginny" / "Cowboy Twinkee" / "Misty Evening Lady" (with J. Johnson) (av 91), undated
27 CCC RBF Demo Tape (av 92), undated
28 CCC Uncle Willows Reel 1 (av 93), undated
29 CCC Uncle Willows Reel 2 (av 94), undated
30 Corduroy Cowboy Company: 2nd Takes (av 95), undated
31 CCC (Sean and Dic): Faces Ad KAFM (av 96), undated
32 Underwoods Radio Spots-Mstr / KLLL Session (av 97), undated
33 Radio Broadcast Lubbock (av 98), undated
34 KLLL Session Lubbock (av 99), undated
box item
4 1 Sharps Combo: KDAV Radio show (av 100), undated
2 Mt. Horeb (av 101), 1974
3 Mary Songs (av 102), undated
4 Dic Ferrier and Betty (av 103), undated
5 CCC Live at Whisky River: Original Songs Mix Down ("Lovin' Each Other" / "Delta 19" / "Lovely Rings" / "Port Aransas Love Song" / "You and Me" / "Henry Wade" / "Mary and Me" / "Hot Buttered Biscuit" (av 104), undated
6 Inn of 6 Flags--A / Willows- B (av 105), undated
7 "Rhymes and Reasons" Slide Show Master (av 106), 1970
8 Sean and RBF: "Old Enough to Know Better" / "Maybe Baby" (av 107), undated
9 Sean and Chama: A Trip to the River film soundtrack (av 108), undated
10 Ray Wylie Hubbard at Atoka (av 109), undated
11 Brad Sledge (av 110), undated
12 The Everly Brothers (av 111), undated
13 Frank Lloyd Wright: Address to Oklahoma University, introduction by Bruce Goff (av 112), May 2, 1952
14 Frank Lloyd Wright (av 113), undated
Commercial 7-inch Reel-to-reel tape
box item
4 15 The Folkswingers (Glen Campbell, Rod Dillard, Doug Dillard, Dean Webb): 12 String Guitar (World Pacific WPTC 1021) (av 114), undated
16 Bread: Baby I’m A Want You (Elektra ESTQ 5015-QF)(av 115), 1972
17 The Genius of Ray Charles (Atlantic ALC-1911)(av 116), undated
18 Martin Denny: Exotica (Liberty 7034)(av 117), undated
19 The Doobie Brothers: The Captain and Me (Warner WSTQ 2694-QF)(av 118), 1973
20 Arlo Guthrie: Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys (Warner RSTQ 2142-QF)(av 119), 1973
21 Holly in the Hills and The Buddy Holly Story Volume II (av 120), undated
22 Various artists: Jazz Sampler Series (United RQ 403) (av 121), undated
23 A Journey into Stereo Sound (London LPM 70000) (av 122), undated
24 The Moody Blues: A Question of Balance (London THS J 12403) (av 123), undated
25 [Tape missing] (av 124), undated
26 Mantovani and His Orchestra: Strauss Waltzes (London LPM 70002)(av 125), undated
27 Vienna State Opera Orchestra: Rimsky Korsakov's Scheherazade (Vanguard VTC-1620) (av 126), undated
28 Howard Roberts: Color Him Funky (Capitol ZT-1887) (av 127), February 1963
29 Edmund Ros and His Orchestra: "The Sound of Music" in Latin Tempos for Dancing (Rodgers and Hammerstein) (London LPM 70032)(av 128), undated
30 Carly Simon: No Secrets (Elektra ESTQ 5049-QF)(av 129), 1972
31 Frankfurt Radio Symphony (Pierre-Michel LeCone, conductor): Overtures by Weber and Rossini (Monitor MOTC-902) (av 130), undated
10-inch Reel-to-reel tape
box item
5 1 Corduroy Cowboy Company: Studio Master (av 131), 1974-1975
2 Corduroy Cowboy Company: Studio Master (av 132), March 24-28, 1975
3 Corduroy Cowboy Company: Live at Whiskey River 1 (av 133), November 8, 1975
4 Corduroy Cowboy Company: Live at Whiskey River 2 (av 134), November 8, 1975
5 Corduroy Cowboy Company: Mother Blues/Dallas 1 (av 135), August 10, 1975
6 Corduroy Cowboy Company with Ray Wylie Hubbard and the Cowboy Twinkees: Mother Blues/Dallas 2 (av 136), August 10, 1975
7 Corduroy Cowboy Company: Live at Electric Ballroom, Dallas (av 137), January 3, 1976
8 Corduroy Cowboy Company: Live at Electric Ballroom, Dallas (av 138), February 1976
9 Corduroy Cowboy Company: Live at Whiskey River (av 139), undated
10 Corduroy Cowboy Company: Live at Whiskey River (av 140), undated
11 Corduroy Cowboy Company: Live at Whiskey River 1 (av 141), December 1975[?]
12 Corduroy Cowboy Company with Rusty Wier: Live at Whiskey River 2 (av 142), December 1975[?]
13 Corduroy Cowboy Company: Live at Whiskey River 2 (av 143), December 1975[?]
14 Jerry Jeff Walker and Willie Nelson: Radio Concerts KZEW-FM (av 144), February and December, 1974
15 Jerry Jeff Walker: (Out-of-print albums) Mr. BoJangles, Five Years Gone, Bein’ Free (av 145), undated
16 KAFM: Side of the Road Gang (David Patten, Rick Kasper. Mike Ito, Billy Joe Howard, Phillip "Radar" Watkins, Steve Nerron, Frank Harrell, Mitchell Smithey) / Ray Wylie Hubbard (av 146), undated
17 David A. Coe, Ray W. Hubbard, Willie Nelson live on radio (av 147), undated
18 [no markings] (av 148), undated
19 [no markings] (av 149), undated
Cassette tape
box item
6 1 RBF: Studio in Jr. High/ High School/ College (av 158), undated
2 RBF, Don, Sharp, JH: Ferrier Songs (av 159), undated
3 RBF: Ferrier Songs: "End of a Song" / "Touch Me Back" (av 160), 1976
4 RBF and Corduroy Cowboy Company: KAFM: Live From Electric Ballroom (av 161), February 1976
5 RBF and Corduroy Cowboy Company: KAFM: Live From Electric Ballroom (Copy 2) (av 162), February 1976
6 RBF: Live at Willie Nelson's Whiskey River (Copy 2) (av 163), undated
7 Corduroy Cowboy Company: Live at Willie Nelson's Whiskey River (Original) (av 164), undated
8 Christmas Songs (av 165), undated
9 Corduroy Cowboy Company (Daddy) / Various Progressive C. Stars and R.W. Hubbard (av 166), undated
10 RBF and Corduroy Cowboy Company: KAFM: Live From Electric Ballroom, Studio (av 167), February 1976
11 Film I--A Short Film in 8 MM (av 168), undated
12 Copy Film I--A Short Film in 8 MM / Copy Film II- Back to the Place but Not the Time (av 169), December 1975[?]
13 Leon Russell film (av 170), undated
14 RBF: Song Writing Tape (av 171), undated
Compact disc (CD Photo)
box item
6 15 RB Ferrier music photos (av 171a), undated
Compact disc (Audio)
box item
6 16 R B Live (av 172), February 1976
17 R B Live (Copy 2)(av 173), February 1976
18 Electric Ballroom AIF Files (av 174), January 1976
19 Audio CD (av 175), undated
20 Richard B. Ferrier Song Lyrics (av 176), undated
21 Corduroy Cowboy Company Rides Again Boloring Book (av 176a) (Copy 2) (av 173), undated
22 R B Live Dallas KAFM (av 176b), February 1976
23 RBF: Songs Never Intended for the iPod (av 176c), undated
45-rpm records
box item
6 24 RBF: A: "The Ballad of Henry Wade" / B: "Touch Me Back" (SM and A 61x81) (av 178), undated
25 RBF: A: "The Ballad of Henry Wade" / B: "Touch Me Back" (SM and A 61x81) (Copy 2) (av 179), undated
26 RBF: A: "Me and Jinny" / B: "Cowboy Twinkie" (SM and A) (av 180), undated
27 Billie Carroll: A: "Humbuggin' Me" (J. Miller-R. Morgan) / B: "Gary Dean Brown" (Dic Ferrier) (Shane 56 JCSL 44729) (av 182), undated
28 Wayne Nelson and the Sharps Combo: A: "Fink" (F-247, Wayne Nelson) / B: "Tears of Things" (F-248, Jim Solley) (Fernwood 136) (av 183), undated
29 Four Teens: "Go Little Go Cat" (James Bassey) / "Spark Plug" (Dave Burgess) (Challenge 45-246/7) (av 185), undated
30 Gene Evans: A: "Big Time Ladies Man" (G. Corbin-R. Corbin) / B: "Tell Me" (G. Evans-R. Corbin-G. Corbin) (Dart 132) (av 186), undated
31 Texas Weather: A: "One-Man Woman" (L. Tietggen) / B: "Leaving You in California" (J. Barker) (Bluebonnet BRC-72375) (av 187), 1975
32 The Classics IV: A: "It's Too Late" ((Willis) / B: "Don't Make Me Wait" (B. Osborn) (Arlen of Philadelphia 746) (av 188), undated
33 The Nite Owls: A: "Walking the Dog" (Tom Barsanti) / B: "Please Let the Sun Shine" (Danny Payne) (Red Feather 45-161718-LT) (av 189), undated
34 Ace Cannon: A: "Tie Me to Your Apron Strings Again" (Joe Goodwin-Larry Shay) / B: "Big Shot" (Vernon Edwards) (Fernwood 137 DJ copy) (av190), undated
35 Turning Point: A: "Road To Peace" (B. Williams-G. Frank) / B: "All for Me" (B. Williams-G. Frank) (Turning Point 101) (av192), undated
33-rpm record
box item
6 36 Gary Abbot: A: "Release Me" (Gary Abbot), "You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere" (Rick Sparks) / B: "Place in the Sun" (Gary Abbot), "Feelin' Alright" (Gary McCullough-Randy Crow) (Galaxy 4358 (av191), undated
Transcription discs
box item
6 37 [Unlabeled] 1, 2 (av 177), undated
38 [Unlabeled] 1, 2 (av 184), undated
39 Dick Ferrier and the Sharps: "Spark Plug" / "Johnny Be Good" / "Torquay" / "Sea of Love" (Mitchell Recording) (av 181), undated
Betatape video transcription
box item
1 35 Part I- KERA Opry House: Willie Nelson with Jerry Jeff Walker, Steve Fromholtz, Sammy Smith (av 150), undated
36 Part II- KERA Opry House / KLRN Austin City Limits: Willie Nelson (av 151), May 1977
37 Austin City Limits: Jimmy Buffett, Rusty Wier (av 152), June 1977
38 Sound Stage: Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman, Michael Martin Murphey (av 153), February 1978
39 Austin City Limits: Michael Martin Murphey (av 154), March 1978
40 Austin City Limits: Texas Playboys, Ernest Tubb (av 155), March 1978
41 Austin City Limits: Leon Redbone, Steve Fromholz, Alvin Crow, Marcia Ball, Asleep at the Wheel Part II (av 156), undated
42 Austin City Limits: Asleep at the Wheel (av 157), undated