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LeEarl A. Bryant:

An Inventory of Her Papers, 1933-1998, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator Bryant, LeEarl A.
Title: LeEarl A. Bryant Papers,
Dates: 1933-1998
Abstract: The collection pertains to the family history, childhood, professional and political activities of the engineer LeEarl A. Bryant.
Collection # AV 23
Quantity: 3 boxes, 4 small AV cartons and 1 oversized folder (5.0 linear foot)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

LeEarl A. Bryant graduated Lubbock High School and became a pioneering female engineering student at Texas Tech, where she completed her BSEE degree in 1965. Later she attained the MSEE at Southern Methodist University, with a specialty in biomedical systems. Her varied career led her to work in telecommunications, defense and transportation before founding her own consulting practice and teaching at Texas Woman’s University in Denton. In addition, she produced the Generations board game, designed to help create genealogical family trees.

In 1994 she ran for a seat representing the Texas 26th U.S. Congressional District, losing to Dick Armey, who became House Majority Leader the next year. In 2002 she was elected the first woman president in the century-old history of the IEEE-USA, the world's largest technical professional association.

Robert S. Bryant, father of LeEarl, was a self-taught electrical engineer and early adopter of ham radio--to the extent of setting up an amateur station for his fiancee (LeEarl's mother) and tutoring her through the licensing process as part of their courtship. Later, he operated an appliance store known as Lubbock Radio. LeEarl Bryant was a music aficionado and practitioner from her youth, as well as an early hifi and stereo enthusiast. Much of her collection consists of quality recordings of family and friends, sound effects and music including marching bands, choral and chamber groups. Other examples in this eclectic assortment include the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, various organists, and the third world-championship bout between Floyd Patterson and Ingemar Johansson.

Scope and Content

The LeEarl A. Bryant papers are a mix of materials and genres: 103 reel-to-reel ¼-inch tape recordings in various sizes and 11 tape cassettes, plus her board game as well as manuscript materials concerning the defunded Superconducting Supercollider research project, 20th-century West Texas politics, ranching in Uvalde County and the Kansas trail drives, and the development of regional media in Pecos—both newspapers and radio. Oversized materials (posters) are located in a drawer in the map cases. Among the digital-only papers are the courtship correspondence of Robert and Alice (Reynolds) Bryant, extensive description of the electrification of West Texas and eastern New Mexico before the REA, as well as Robert's training and service in the U.S. Navy during World War II. The collection is in good condition and is part of the Crossroads of Music archive.


Access Restrictions

The collection is open for research. Copyright is retained by the authors of items in this collection, or their descendants, as stipulated by U.S. copyright law. Audio and visual recordings may need to be reformatted prior to use and require advance notice to the Reference Librarian.

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Bryant, LeEarl A.
Howell, Bernie, Robert
Hubbs, Barney
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Society of Women Engineers
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Amarillo (Tex.)
Dalhart (Tex.)
Lubbock (Tex.)
Naval Training Center San Diego (Calif.)
Pecos (Tex.)
Pratt (Kan.)
Texas, West
Amateur radio stations
Bernie Howell Trio
Courtship--United States
Monterey High School choir (Lubbock, Tex.)
Radio broadcasting
Radio engineers
Radio stations
United States Naval administration in World War II
Women engineers
World War II research collections

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LeEarl A. Bryant Papers, 1933-1998, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas


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Gift, 2014

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Jon Holmes, 2014

Collection Inventory



box item
1 1 Calendar, U. S. House of Representatives (autographed by Rep. Pete Seres), 1992
2 Calendar, U. S. House of Representatives (autographed by Rep. Craig Washington [?]), 1993
3 Generations board game (Genealogy for Fun, Inc.), 1986
4 Matthews, Joseph L., One Hundred Years of Ranching in Texas (inscribed book, transferred to cataloging), 1994
5 Photographs: 2 exterior shots by Paul Brannon of the Wise County courthouse in Decatur, Texas, April 24, 1967
6 Portfolio of Pecos Enterprise articles Eighty Years in West Texas, inscribed by Barney Hubbs, 1974-1978
7 Superconducting Supercollider briefing materials (Congressional Record), May 29, 1991
8 Superconducting Supercollider Briefing Book, 1997 and undated
9 West Texas Citizen newspaper (Lubbock, Texas), 1998
2 Tape and Film Recording magazine (also published as Magnetic Film and Tape Recording, HiFi Tape Recording, and Tape Recording), 1953-1966



box item
1 10 Model of Space Shuttle (Rockwell International), undated
11 Sawyer’s transformer Model F for lighted Viewmaster, undated


Oversized Materials

Portfolio of 7 U.S. Space Shuttle mission posters(Rockwell International), undated
Portfolio of 6 photo reproductions of Space Shuttle Columbia(Rockwell International), undated


Audio Visual Materials

3-1/2-inch reel-to-reel recordings
5 32 tapes, unlabeled, undated
box item
6 1 Jacksonville Oregon, June 25, 1962
2 Jacksonville Oregon, September 24, 1962
3 Santa Claus, Bob and Alice, December, 1962
4 R. S. Bryant, 1965
5 Texas Tech radio Monterey vs. Tascosa, undated
6 Bob in Jacksonville, undated
7 Bob in Jacksonville Number 2, undated
7 Oregon trip, undated
8 Bill Shannon, undated
9 David Harten, undated
10 P. Lamb, undated
11 Plano Texas, undated
box item
7 1 Unlabeled, undated
2 Unlabeled, undated
3 Unlabeled, undated
4 Unlabeled, undated
5 Unlabeled, undated
6 Unlabeled, undated
4-inch reel-to-reel recordings
box item
6 12 Marching contest, 1960
13 Carlsbad, NM to Lubbock Radio, undated
5-inch reel-to-reel recordings
box item
4 1 Recordings of the children since babyhood, 1944, 1952 and undated
2 LeEarl and Kaye performances, April 30, 1954
3 LeEarl and Kaye performances, May 12, 1957
4 Recorded at Mother’s, Reel 1, November 1957
5 Recorded at Mother’s, Reel 2, November 1957
6 Monterey Choir, February 4, 1958
7 Bob’s, LeEarl and Robert on way to Oregon, 1962
8 LeEarl and Kaye performances, undated
9 Baptist choir, undated
10 Bernie Howell Trio, undated
11 "Here’s Howell", undated
12 Sound effects, undated
13 Tape from Dallas, undated
14 Gus howling, undated
15 Benny jabbering, Bob on organ, Dallas on sax, Robert on drums, undated
16 William Kincaid and Vladimir Sokoloff music, undated
6-inch reel-to-reel recordings
box item
3 1 Patterson vs. Johansen / Cmdr. Shepard and JFK conversation, 1961
2 Unlabeled, undated
3 Unlabeled Number 2, undated
7-inch reel-to-reel recordings
box item
3 4 Andre Kostelanetz / Norman Luboff Choir, September 23, 1967
5 Bernie Howell master, July, 1960
6 Bernie Howell master Number 2, July, 1960
7 Bernie Howell 47, undated
8 Bernie Howell organ, undated
9 Bernie Howell, undated
10 Bernie Howell, undated
11 Bernie Howell, undated
12 Bernie Howell final, undated
13 Bernie Howell Trio for staggered heads (not our machines), undated
14 Bernie Howell Trio, undated
15 Bernie Howell organ / George Wright at the Conn electric organ, undated
16 The Five Pennies film sound track (Dot Bel Canto ST/68), undated
17 Record of contest pieces, undated
18 Test tape, undated
19 Misc. music recorded by Dallas, undated
20 Unlabeled, undated
21 Organ, undated
22 Home recordings with drums, undated
23 Code practice material, undated
24 A contest (music and sounds to identify), undated
25 Rix Funeral home, undated
26 Bela Boszormenyi-Nagy, undated
27 Todd, undated
28 Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra (Capitol ZF 53), undated
29 Unlabeled, undated
30 Unlabeled Number 2, undated
31 Unlabeled Number 3, undated
32 Unlabeled Number 4, undated
33 Unlabeled Number 5, undated
34 Unlabeled Number 6, undated
Cassette tapes
box item
7 7 Tapes of LeEarl’s trip CT, MA. NJ, CT, June 1980
8 Tapes of LeEarl’s trip PA, MD. NJ, CT, July 1980
9 LeEarl trip, undated
10 LeEarl trip Number 2, undated
11 LeEarl and Linda vacation, 1980
12 Chris 14th birthday in Lubbock, July 2 and 3, 1998
13 Bob recorded Chickering piano, undated
14 Purina Mission Impossible, undated
15 Unlabeled, undated
16 Unlabeled Number 2, undated
17 Unlabeled Number 3, undated


Digital Manuscripts

Courtship Letters, 1938-1940
Family Documents, 1932-1990
LeEarl Ann Bryant Career Materials, 1975-2000
Photographs and News Clippings, 1932-1990
Radio Materials, 1920-1960
U.S. Navy Materials, 1945
World War II Correspondence, 1945-1946