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Bartow Riley:

An Inventory of His Papers, 1953-2003, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator Riley, Bartow
Title: Bartow Riley Papers,
Dates: 1953-2003
Abstract: The Bartow Riley Papers includes recordings of some of the most prominent old-time fiddlers of the U.S., recorded in live and studio performances by one of their own.
Collection # AV 12
Quantity: 7 boxes (7.0 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Born in the Panhandle town of Dozier, Texas, on November 6, 1921, Bartow Riley was the son of a country fiddler who also sang bass and was recorded with the Copeland Quartet. Bartow grew up playing rhythm guitar behind his father’s groups and hearing other noted fiddlers as they came through as migrant workers to pick cotton each fall. He served in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II.

Riley bought his first fiddle in the 1950s and recorded a number of albums, solo and with others, beginning in the next decade. He owned a television and radio repair shop in Olton, Texas, and performed frequently at fiddle competitions. Riley served as a judge at the National Oldtime Fiddlers Contest in Idaho and as an early board member of the Texas association, while his wife Lylous served as secretary and contributed to the groups’s newsletter. The two appeared in the 1975 Roy Rogers film Mackintosh and T. J. Bartow was inducted into the Texas Fiddlers’ Frolic Hall of Fame in 2004. He passed away in Childress, Texas, on April 11, 2011.

This collection includes unique recordings of many famous fiddlers, such as Eck Robertson, Major Franklin, Benny Thomasson and members of the Solomon family from the 1950s through the 1980s. Many modern commercial recordings in the genre are also included.

Scope and Content

The collection comprises more than 100 recordings on 1/4-inch reel-to-reel magnetic audio tape, plus almost a dozen compact discs including two commercial recordings. The tape materials, recorded at his home, in other private residences, and at old-time fiddler competitions in many locations, include rare performances by recognized masters of the genre. Numbers between song names on some tapes indicate footage numbers on the reel.


Access Restrictions

The collection is open for research. Copyright is retained by the authors of items in this collection, or their descendants, as stipulated by U.S. copyright law. Audio and visual recordings may need to be reformatted prior to use and require advance notice to the Reference Librarian.

Index Terms

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Subjects (People)
Franklin, Major.
Riley, Bartow.
Robertson, Eck, 1887-1975.
Solomon, Norman.
Solomon, Vernon.
Thomasson, Benny, 1909-1984.
Subjects (Organizations)
Chuck Wagon Gang.
National Old Time Fiddlers Association (U.S.)
Texas Old Time Fiddlers Association.
Subjects (Places)
Gilmer (Tex.)
Hale Center (Tex.)
Olton (Tex.)
Country music.
Folk music--United States.
Old-time music.
Texas Old Time Fiddlers Association.

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Bartow Riley Papers, 1953-2003, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas


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Gift, 2010

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Elissa Stroman and Cynthia Curry and David Rauch

Collection Inventory


box folder
1 1 Consent/Release Form signed by Robin Riley for Bartow Riley and Andy Wilkinson for SWC/SCL, September 26, 2010
2 Correspondence from Bob of Saint Albans, West Virginia with reel 070, , April 10, 1967
3 Hale Center Contest Fiddlers, A-Benny Thomasson 1964 Johnny Thorne-Dallas 1964-Bartow Riley on guitar, A-1 Benny Thomasson-Johnny Thorne and B.H. Riley 1964 Hale Center Contest, B-B-1 Benny Thomasson 1964 Ammon Hall Dallas, Sandra Riley 10 KC 12 [illegible],1964
4 List of 113 songs sorted by key, See Table 1 in folder 6,
Key of A - "Old Sport", "Grey Eagle", "Dusty Miller", "Sally Goodin", "Tom and Jerry", "Bill Cheatham", "Twin Reels", "Miller's Reel", "Electric Hornpipe", "Austinelli Reel", "Butterfly Hornpipe", " Brilliancy", "Salt River", "Jack of Diamonds", " Ace of Spades", "Hummingbird Reel", "Speed the Plow", "Boil Them Cabbage", "Old Joe Clark", " Don't Love Nobody", "Cattle in the Cane-break", "Black Mountain Rag", "Draggin' the Bow", "Lime Rock", "Money Musk",
Key of B-flat - "Killikranky", "College Hornpipe", "Done Gone", "High Level Crapshooter", "That's Plenty", "Slim's Hornpipe", same as "Vinton' Hornpipe", "Doc Harris", "Red Lion",
Key of C - "Back Up and Push", "Waggoner", "Billy in the Lowground", "Waggoner's Hornpipe", "Hot Foot", "Wild John", "Johnson's Rag", "Flap Jack Rag", "Pretty Rainbow", "Sixteen Days in Georgia", "Trot Along My Honey", "Cotton Patch Rag", "Rutland's Rag", "3 o'clock in the Morning Waltz", "Dog in the Rye",
Key of D - "Apple Blossom", "Soppin' the Gravy", "Durango Hornpipe", "Fishers Hornpipe", "Forked Deer", "Smith's Reel", "Me and My Fiddle", "Herman's Hornpipe", "Sumner's Reel", "Irish Hornpipe", "Hell Among the Yearlings", "Bush in the Shucks", "Arkansas Traveler", "Bonnie Kate", "Dance of the Golden Rod",
Key of E - "Little Footprints", "John Henry", "Orange Blossom", "Say Old Man Can You Play a Fiddle", or "Lady's Fancy", "Cold Rolled Steel",
Key of F - "Beaumont Rag", "Hot Springs", "Golden Eagle Hornpipe", "Black and White Rag", "Dill Pickle Rag", "Paddy on the Turnpike", "Scotts No. 2", "Wainsboro Reel", "Tugboat", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", "Chinese Breakdown",
Key of G - "Sally Johnson", "Leather Britches", "Kansas City Kitty", "Brownskin Gal", "New Broom", "Bitter Creek", "Blackberry Blossom", "Don't Let the Deal Go Down", "Fort Smith", "Snowbird in Ashbank", "Sally Growler", "Little Joe",
MISC A "Milk Bow Blues" D "Wednesday Night" B-flat "40 Years Ago", "Linda Waltz", "Rustic Dance", F "Waltz of Shannon", "Song of Wanderer", "Crafton Blues", "Back Home in Indiana", "Begin the Beguine", G "Miss Molly", "Jesse Polka", "Clarinet Polka", C "Fascination",
box folder
1 5 Song lists from reel box, Reel 054 SIDE I: double recording Bartow Riley with self on guitar about 20 min, then Pete Osborne on guitar "Sally Johnson", "Grey Eagle", "Dusty Miller", "SallyGoodin", " Say Old Man", "Black Mountain Rag", "Sally Johnson", Mike Riley on piano "Jack of Diamonds", etc. "Ace of Spades"; SIDE II: "Grey Eagle", Mike (Riley) piano "Dill Pickles", "Maple Leaf Rag", Reel 096 Norman Solomon /- "Old Gray Mare Come Chargin' Out of the Wilderness", Norman Solomon "Straley's Waltz", Hoss and Hoss "Bill Cheatham" Norman Solomon "Minor Swing", "Anniversary Waltz", Norman on Guitar / Straley Allsup "Straley's Waltz", Betty and Norman on guitar - "Anniversary Waltz", "Sally Johnson", "Leather Britches", "Dusty Miller", "Tom and Jerry", Hoss and Hoss "Bill Cheatham", "Grey Eagle", ok but bad start, another start better, 3rd start better Norman Solomon / Zipp Durrett / Betty "Blackberry Blossom", "Black and White Rag", good end of tape 9.40 Good "Anniversary Waltz", after a good "Black and White Rag", Norman / Betty / Zipp. Minutes and seconds are notated in left margin, Reel 116 Bartow Riley / Bill illegible "Sally Goodin", "Tom and Jerry", "Sally Johnson", "Mississippi Sawyer", "Billy in the Lowground", "14 Days in Georgia", "Over the Waves", 1963 and undated
6 Table I and Table II, link keys with songs and reel numbers, and musicians with reel numbers, undated

Audio-Visual Materials

Reel-to-Reel Tapes
4-inch and smaller reels
box item
1 1 Riley 044, no label, 2-track, 3-3/4 ips, undated
2 Riley 045, no label, 2-track, 3-3/4 ips, undated
3 Riley 047, Clark Kessinger and Frank, 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, undated
4 Riley 048, Benny Thomasson several times, one of Louis Franklin "Billy in the Lowground", old copy of Major Franklin "Sally Goodin", 2-track, 3-3/4 ips, undated
5 Riley 050, no label, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, undated
6 Riley 051, no label, 2-track, 3-3/4 ips, undated
5-inch reels
box item
1 7 Riley 001, SIDE I: Benny Thomasson "Arkansas Traveler", "Ragtime Annie", "Forked Deer", "Billy in the Lowground", "Apple Blossom", "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", "Say Old Man", "Chicken in the Barnyard", "Tugboat", "Turkey in the Straw"; Miscellaneous practice Re-use SIDE II: Miscellaneous Benny Thomasson "Orange Blossom Special", "Draggin the Bow", "Brilliancy", "Miller's Reel", "Jack of Diamonds", "40 Years Ago", Miscellaneous; 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, 1953
8 Riley 002, Robert "Georgia Slim" Rutland / Eck Robertson in person "Sally Johnson", "Billy in the Lowground", "Leather Britches", "Durango Hornpipe", "Fishers Hornpipe", "Over the Waves", 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, August 1953
9 Riley 003, Arlington Texas, Benny Thomasson, 1st tape I ever got him to make for me! "Sally Johnson", "Billy in the Lowground", "Grey Eagle", "Red Lion", "Liverpool", "Cane Break Tune", "College", "Fisher's", "Bitter Creek",August 1953
10 Riley 004, SIDE I: Cal Brown "Irish Washerwoman", practice "Sally Goodin", "Dusty Miller", "Sally Johnson", "Durango", Mike Riley's Early Piano; SIDE II: miscellaneous, commercial, Artie Shaw "Moonglow" Wade Ray "40 Years Ago" Artie Shaw "In the Mood", 1954
11 Riley 005, SIDE I: Eck Robertson; SIDE II: Benny Thomasson "Lime Rock", "Butterfly or Durango Hornpipe", "Under the Double Eagle", "Black and White Rag", "Grey Eagle", "Dill Pickle Rag", "Sally Johnson", "Apple Blossom", Jim Harris old man playing waltz is written on back of box, inside top and bottom of box is written 1 practice blank, 2 Tommy Jackson / Bartow Riley "Sally Johnson", "Leather Britches", "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", "Orange Blossom Special", (by Gold opera star), 3 Chuck Wagon Gang /?/ Tommy Jackson / Bartow Riley "Jesus is Calling", "Softly and Tenderly", Daddy talking, Pat talking last, 4 Chuck Wagon Gang / Bartow Riley / Mother / Tommy Jackson, Miscellaneous, 5 Miscellaneous, Aunt Irene, practice (no good), 6 Cal Brown 1st tape "Sally Johnson", 7 Benny Thomasson "Grey Eagle", "Sally Goodin", 8 "Fisher's Hornpipe", "College Hornpipe", "Robert's Hornpipe", "Bitter Creek", 9 Cal Brown "Beaumont Rag", "Dusty Miller", 10 Chuck Wagon Gang, 11 practice, Artie Shaw "Moonglow", "40 Years Ago" Wade Ray / Glenn Miller "String of Pearls", 12 Cal Brown "Irish Washerwoman", "Sally Goodin", Mike Riley piano, 13 Mike Riley early piano, 14 practice, 15 Benny Thomasson "Arkansas Traveler", "Apple Blossom", "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", 16 Benny Thomasson "Orange Blossom Special", 17 practice blank, 18 blank, 1954-1958
12 Riley 006, SIDE I Short skit of Tommy Jackson "Sally Johnson" Benny Thomasson / Jerry Thomasson / Jim Harris talking old man "Brownskin" Benny Thomasson in the body shop at his house in Arlington, Texas "Sweet Georgia Brown" "Up Lazy River" "Dinah" "Lime Rock" "Anniversary Waltz" "That’s Plenty" "Austenelli Reel" "Sugarfoot Rag" "Billy in the Lowground" SIDE II Tommy Water on guitar / Bartow Riley on fiddle, 1957-1958
13 Riley 007, Benny Thomasson "Snowbird in the Ashbank", "Dusty Miller", "Tom and Jerry", instruction on "Grey Eagle", "Wagner's Hornpipe", "Tugboat", "Blackberry Blossom", "Billy in the Lowground", Benny Thomasson "Dusty Miller", "Tom and Jerry", 1959
14 Riley 008, Benny Thomasson "Grey Eagle" Bartow Riley / Ray Ashley / Harvey Hammett "Sweet Georgia Brown", 1961
15 Riley 009, Vernon Solomon / Red Straley "Soppin' the Gravy", "Black Mountain Rag", "Sally Goodin", 1962
16 Riley 010, Vernon Solomon / Benny Thomasson / Bartow Riley / Jerry Thomasson / Dale Thomasson guitar at end, 1963
17 Riley 011, Norman Solomon Jamboree, SIDE I: Red Straley "Wild John", "Billy in the Lowground", "Hot Foot", "Soppin the Gravy", "Sweet Georgia Brown", Jack Mears "Devils Dream", "Westphalia", Norman Solomon / Sleepy Johnson / Omega Burden, 1963
18 Riley 012, Ontario Canada Fiddlers from Fiddling De De Ryke of 3836 South 16th, Lincoln 2, Nebraska, several fiddling styles in this one group of fiddlers, Miscellaneous small tapes, Major old record of "Sally Johnson", G.R. Buckner "Sally Goodin", Jack Mears "Forked Deer", "Good for the Tongue", 1963
19 Riley 013, Mike Riley, piano / Bartow Riley miscellaneous, 1963
20 Riley 014, Vernon Solomon / Norman Solomon Jam Session "Flap Jack Rag", Spring 1964
21 Riley 015, Louis Franklin, 1964
22 Riley 016, Benny Thomasson, good "Tom and Jerry" instruction on saw, January 1965
box item
2 1 Riley 017, B.H.Riley / Pete Osborne, stereo, "Sally Johnson", "Sally Goodin", "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", Benny Thomasson "Alabama Jubilee", "Under the Double Eagle", February 1965
2 Riley 018, Pete Osborne / Benny Thomasson, Good "Jack O' Diamonds", "Salt River", "Speed the Plow", "Temperance", February 1965
3 Riley 019, Benny Thomasson, part of record tape, "Say Old Man", "Bonaparte's Retreat", "Laughing Boy", July 1965
4 Riley 020, Good SIDE I: Benny Thomasson / Pete Osborne / Jerry Thomasson "Billy in the Lowground", "Wagner's Hornpipe", "Sumner's Reel", "Bennett's Reel", B.H.Riley "16 Days in Georgia", "Sally Johnson", 32:43, September 1965
5 Riley 021, SIDE I: Benny Thomasson, No. 2 "Boil Them Cabbage Down" "Old Sport", (No. 1), No. 3 "Clarinet Polka", good for the tones, illegible, "Liverpool", "Hornpipe", "Snowshoe", "Durango", "If The World Keeps On Turning", "Soppin' the Gravy"; SIDE II: "Billy in the Lowground", "Sally Johnson", "Ace of Spades", "Jack of Diamonds", "Liverpool", "W", Jerry Thomasson / Pete Osborne Reel? "Dusty Miller", 33:00, September 17, 1965
6 Riley 022, no label, 49:05, 1965
7 Riley 023, Benny Thomasson "Sally Johnson", "Khanawha March", "Garfield March", "Dusty Miller", good lick "Hornpipe", "Blackberry Blossom", Bartow Riley "Billy in the Lowground", Johnny Thorne on guitar "Sally Johnson", Benny Thomasson "Tugboat", "Done Gone", 37:26, March 1966
8 Riley 024, Track 1, Gilmer Texas, Oct 1968; Track 2, Joe Venuti / Eddie Lang and Blue Four, 1st Place Norman Solomon, 2nd Place Dale Morris, 3rd Place B.H.Riley, 4th Place Louis Franklin, 5th ? Broke about 15 or 20 minutes off front of tape; SIDE I: Bartow Riley "Billy in the Lowground", John Dodd "Leather Britches", "Say Old Man", Louis Franklin "Little Joe", "Sally Johnson", Fred Keenan / Paul Woodward / Bill Cox (Austin) / R.C. Burkhalter / Vernon Riddle / Bobby Scruggs / ? / B.H.Riley "Billy in the Lowground", "Lime Rock", Jack Overstreet / Dick Barnett "Forked Deer", "New Broom", B.H.Riley Skit of "Sally Johnson", "Bitter Creek", Dale Morris / Cecil Turner / Orville Burns / E.J.Hopkins / Bill Northcutt / Pee Wee ? (not fiddler) from Louisiana / unknown / Norman Solomon; SIDE II: Run off, Vernon Riddle / Orville Burns / B.H.Riley / Louis Franklin / Dale Morris / Norman Solomon / (Louis-Norm 2 fiddles) / Sleepy Johnson banjo / Norman Solomon / Dale Morris / B.H.Riley / Louis Franklin / Norman Solomon "Grey Eagle", ?, "Lime Rock"; 02:03:31, October 1968
9 Riley 025, SIDE I: Bartow Riley / Zipp Durrett, bad sound, tail end and back side has Shorty Lester on guitar; 01:35:07, January 23, 1969
10 Riley 026, Bartow Riley / Pete Osborne, some Chet Atkins for learning, "Rosetta", "Petite", reverse blank, 56:12, March 24, 1969
11 Riley 027, Bartow Riley / Zipp Durrett "Bitter Creek", "Listen to the Mockingbird", "Orange Blossom Special", "Dill Pickle", "Brilliancy", "Lime Rock", 03:00:00, 1969
12 Riley 028, SIDE I: B.H.Riley / Pete Osborne / Zipp Durrett, good stereo, "Sally Goodin", "Bitter Creek", good "Tom and Jerry", "Grey Eagle"; SIDE II: copied on CDR 9-5-07 good "Sally Johnson", "Little Joe", "Hummingbird Reel", "Dusty Miller", "Grey Eagle", old lick, good, "Tom and Jerry", "Jack of Diamonds", "That's Plenty", "Don't Let The Deal Go Down"; 40:39, April 1970
13 Riley 029, "Softly and Tenderly", 48:46, undated
14 Riley 030, SIDE I: Cal Brown good "Dusty Miller"; SIDE II: Chuck Wagon Gang; undated
15 Riley 031, SIDE I: Mike Riley piano; SIDE II: Georgia Slim "Grey Eagle", "Sally Goodin"; 34:14, undated
16 Riley 032, SIDE I: Tom Jackson / B.H. Riley singing "Heaven Holds All To Me", Pat age 1-1/2 "Boogie Woogie"; SIDE II: Riley Trio, Bartow Riley singing, Mike Riley and Pat talking and singing, Tom Jackson fiddling "Billy in the Lowground", "Sally Johnson"; 33:39, undated
box item
3 1 Riley 033, written on tape: 24 Jack Mears, miscellaneous Tom and Vernon, 26:22, undated
2 Riley 034, Benny Thomasson, good "Tom and Jerry", instruction on saw, 36:35, undated
3 Riley 035, written on tape: 36, 55:11, 2-track, 3-3/4 ips, undated
4 Riley 036, Clark / Keith / ? / (Clark Kessinger?) "Under the Double Eagle", "Trombone Rag", "Durango Hornpipe", "?", "Chinese Breakdown", "3 o'clock in the Morning Waltz", 05:41, 06:15, undated
5 Riley 037, Herman Johnson, Shawnee Oklahoma, 07:01, 10:24, undated
6 Riley 038, SIDE I: Lewis Franklin / Major Franklin 000 "Farewell Blues", 100 "Rosetta", 158 "Red Sails", 2 fiddles, 228 "Once in a While", 320 "My Confession"; SIDE II: Major Franklin "Linda Waltz", 078 "Twinkle Little Star", 107 "Dog in the Rye Straw", 118 "Durango", 162 "Leather Britches", 218 "Bitter Creek", 317 "Brownskin Gal"; 08:11, 07:36, undated
7 Riley 039, SIDE I: Cal Brown "Fisher's Hornpipe", "Beaumont Rag", "Dusty Miller", "Ragtime ?", "Done Gone", "Sally Johnson", Tom W fiddling; SIDE II: Chuck Wagon Gang / Bartow Riley playing French Harp; undated
8 Riley 040, SIDE I: practice, miscellaneous copies of Benny Thomasson playing good "Billy in the Lowground" for learning; SIDE II: empty; 01:33:08, 2-track, 3-3/4 ips, undated
9 Riley 041, SIDE I: conversation and comments; SIDE II: DeDe Ryke Orchestra; 08:17, 2-track, 3-3/4 ips, [very brittle, handle with care], undated
10 Riley 042, SIDE I: Bartow Riley "Tom and Jerry", T miscellaneous, Jack Mears miscellaneous, Berry Thomasson good "Shack in the Bush"; SIDE II: Bartow Riley singing "Don't Trifle With Your Soul"; 07:37, 2-track, 3-3/4 ips, undated
11 Riley 043, no label, 06:14, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, [radio show? extremly fragile 1940s papertape, Handle With Care], undated
12 Riley 046, no label, 17:28, 17:24, 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, [minor shedding, transferred well, tape quality poor in areas], undated
13 Riley 049, Don Overstreet, conversation, 15:32, 15:39, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, undated
7-inch reels
box item
3 14 Riley 052, Reel 1, SIDE I: Track 1 Benny Thomasson, July 1953, 000feet "Grey Eagle", 035 "Leather Britches", 068 "Sally Johnson", 108 "Billy in the Lowground", 142 "Dusty Miller", 181 "Bill Cheatham", 204 "Beaumont Rag", 243 "Done Gone", 272 "Sally Goodin", 315 "Black Mountain Rag", 349 "Fisher's Hornpipe", in 'F', 370 "Durango Hornpipe", 403 "Liverpool Hornpipe?", 423 "Red Lion H.", 443 "College", 464 "Sally Johnson", 514 "Wagner", 559 "50 Years Ago Waltz", 591 "Over the Waves", 638 "Kelly Waltz", 685 "Cane Break Tune", 722 "Bitter Creek", 752 "Boil Them Cabbage Down", 789 "Arkansas Traveler", 832 "Ragtime Annie", 884 "Forked Deer", 922 "Billy in the Lowground", 973 "Apple Blossoms", 012 "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", 075 "Say Old Man", End Track 1; SIDE I: Track 2 000 "Chicken in the Barnyard", "Gal I Left Behind Me", 034 "Tugboat", 052 "Turkey in the Straw", 068 "Orange Blossom Special", 096 "Draggin the Bow", 116 "Brilliancy", 143 "Miller's Reel", 160 "Jack of Diamonds", 173 "40 Years Ago Waltz", 219 Benny (Thomasson) 1959 "Brownskin Gal", 271 "Sweet Georgia Brown", 318 "Up A Lazy River", 351 "Dinah", 383 "Lime Rock", 439 "Anniversary Waltz", 475 "Play Fiddle Play Waltz", 506 "That's Plenty", 556 "Austinelli Hornpipe", 587 "Sugarfoot Rag", 61? "Billy in the Lowground", 681 "Lime Rock", 735 "Butterfly or Dewdrop Hornpipe", 770 "Under the Double Eagle", 831 "Black and White Rag", 888 "Grey Eagle" (1959), 970 "Dill Pickle Rag", 034 "Sally Johnson", 125 "Apple Blossom" Track 2 copied on CD 6-8-05; SIDE II: Track 1 Benny Thomasson / Jerry on second 000 "Apple Blossoms", 037 "Snowbird in the Ashbank", 065 "Dusty Miller", 083 "Tom and Jerry", 120 "Grey Eagle", 164 "Wagner", 183 "Tugboat", 200 "Blackberry Blossoms", 233 "Billy in the Lowground", 282 "Dusty Miller", 321 "Grey Eagle", 363 "Silver Bells", 378 "Sweet Georgia Brown", 414 "College End", 452 "Sally Johnson", 498 "Cotton Patch Rag", 525 marked out, 543 "Sally Goodin", 610 "Black Mountain Rag", 687 "Hi-Level H", 720 "Austinelli", 743 "Dewdrop or Butterfly", 773 "Hornpipe ? Trafalgo", 795 "Liverpool Hornpipe", 825 "Brilliancy", 873 "Apple Blossom", 907 "Brownskin Gal", (stereo?) 962 "Brilliancy", (slow) 018 "Bitter Creek", (slow) 066 "Sally Johnson", 075 "Lime Rock", 138 "Dusty Miller", Track 2 000 "Salt River", 016 "Beaumont Rag", 045 "Black and White Rag", 078 "Billy in the Lowground", 114 "Bush in the Shucks", 140 "Soppin' the Gravy", 165 "Dusty Miller", 205 "Twin Reels", 221 "Canebreak Tune", 245 "College", 272 "Durango Hornpipe", circled 301 "That's Plenty", 345 "China Boy", 372 "Anniversary Waltz", 379 "Twelfth Street Rag", 424 "Black Mountain Rag", 475 "Sally Goodin", 537 "Grey Eagle", 603 Jerry good "Tom and Jerry", 657 "Golden Eagle H", 707 "Leather Britches", 751 "Sally Johnson", 817 "Billy in the Lowground", 875 "Dusty Miller", 655 "Lost Indian ?", 986 "Lost Indian", 035 "Black Mountain Rag", 108 "Sally Goodin", Sept 1962 from 657 ft. track 2, 04:15:12, 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, September 1962
15 Riley 053, Delores De Ryke, 082 good Canadian Fiddlers, 48:08, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, 1962
16 Riley 054, SIDE I: Bartow Riley (Self), stereo, 000 "Sally Johnson", 071 "Billy in the Lowground", 120 "Dusty Miller", 167 "Grey Eagle", 225 "Sally Goodin" miscellaneous, 420 "Sally Goodin", 630 Red Steeley "Leather Britches" good, Mike Riley "Dill Pickle Rag", "Maple Leaf Rag", circled and noted "good", about 20 minutes into side one Pete Osborne on guitar and Bartow Riley on "Sally Johnson"; SIDE II: blank, inside box address for Eddie Rose, 111 Arrid Road, San Antonio 10, Texas; 04:00:00, 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, Reel 054, SIDE I: double recording, Bartow Riley with self on guitar about 20 minutes, then Pete Osborne on guitar "Sally Johnson", "Grey Eagle", "Dusty Miller", "Sally Johnson", Mike Riley on piano, "Jack of Diamonds", etcetera, "Ace of Spades"; SIDE II: "Grey Eagle", Mike piano "Dill Pickles", "Maple Leaf Rag"; this from paper in Manuscript file #3, 1963
17 Riley 055, Mike (Riley) Piano on front cover, Mike Riley Piano last of side one, Benny (Thomasson) "Lost Train Blues", "Harry of the West", on back of box, Inside front lid reads "Mike Piano" Back 000, 1963 summer, 030 Mozart, 290 Chopin, Benny / Bartow (self), Track I SIDE I: Monaural, Benny Thomasson / Bartow Riley "Lost Train Blues", "Harry of the West", "Sally Johnson", "Doughboy Rag", Track 2 miscellaneous, Mike Riley piano, Re-Use Benny Thomasson "Billy in the Lowground", "Bitter Creek", "Tugboat", "Cotton Patch Rag", "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", "Crafton Blues", Bartow Riley (Self) "Sally Johnson", Benny Thomasson playing guitar; 28:06, 2- and 4- track, 7-1/2 ips, Summer 1963
box item
4 1 Riley 056, Ampex 7-1/2 ips 1/2 Track Mono, SIDE I: Louis Franklin / Pete Osborne (been stripping cotton) 000 "Billy in the Lowground", 075 "Sally Johnson", 117 "Sally Goodin", 166 "Tom and Jerry", 200 "Beaumont Rag", 260 "Me and My Fiddle", 300 "Say Old Man or Lady's Fancy", 357 "Sweet Georgia Brown", 408 "Leather Britches", 467 "Rosetta", 510 "Soppin the Gravy", 565 "Apple Blossom", 637 Larry Franklin / Louis Franklin "Liberty", 656 "Silver Lake Blues", 713 "Turkey in the Straw", 757 Larry Franklin "Cripple Creek", 822 "Tom and Jerry", 900 Louis Franklin "Dusty Miller"; SIDE II: 000 Larry Franklin "Cotton Patch Rag", 007 Louis Franklin "Cotton Patch Rag", 034 "Memphis Blues", 060 "Dill Pickle Rag", 087 "Black and White Rag", "A", 110 "Doughboy Rag", "C", 127 "14 Days in Georgia", 128 "Wagner's Hornpipe", 155 "Wild John", 176 "Little Joe", 200 Larry Franklin / ? "Billy in the Lowground", 235 Louis Franklin / Larry Franklin "Silver Lake Blues", 252 Louis Franklin "Brownskin Gal", 295 "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", 345 "Kansas City Kitty", 403 "Last Train Blues", 447 "Sweet Georgia Brown", 500 "Fort Worth Rag (Satisfied)", 550 "Hotfoot", 595 "Ace of Spades"; 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, October 1964
2 Riley 057, Denzil Boyter on front lid, back lid reads Monophonic, Denzil Boyter / Pete Osborne SIDE I: 000 "Sally Johnson", 028 "Black and White Rag", 061 "Sweet Georgia Brown", 097 "Right or Wrong", 150 "Rosetta", 216 "Little Coquette", 263 "Little Rock Getaway", 299 "Up A Lazy River", 350 "Here and There Breakdown", 377 "China Boy", 442 "Brownskin Gal", 481 "Song of the Wanderer", 540 "High Level H"; SIDE II: 000 "Grey Eagle", 031 "Alabama Jubilee", 073 "Snake Charmer", 099 "Draggin' the Bow"; 42:29, 2- and 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, about 1965
3 Riley 058, Monophonic, Dub for Banto Riley Fiddle Music, Fiddle Tunes From Hale Center Benny Thomasson / L.W. Lambert "Devil's Dream", "Cripple Creek", "Black Mountain Rag", "Big Taters", "Goin' Down That Road Feelin' Bad", "Earl's Breakdown", R.C. Burkhalter "Tugboat", Dale Hendrich "Tom and Jerry", Richard Stotz ? (bad) "Sally Johnson", 33:34, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, 1965
4 Riley 059, L.W. Lambert on front cover, Herman Johnson 2 Rags "Good Old Sport", "Billy in the Lowground" by Benny on back cover, 55:37, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, 1965
5 Riley 060, Gilmer Semi-Finals, Dub C H Fa? SIDE I: Louis Franklin "Tom and Jerry", Vernon Solomon "Sally Goodin", Benny Thomasson "Dusty Miller", Norman Solomon "Billy in the Lowground", Gilmer Finals, Bartow Riley "Grey Eagle", Herman Johnson "Dusty Miller", Louis Franklin "Billy in the Lowground", Vernon Solomon "Dusty Miller", Norman Solomon "Sally Johnson", Benny Thomasson "Sally Goodin"; SIDE II: Louis Franklin "Say Old Man", Vernon Solomon "Tom and Jerry", Benny Thomasson "Blackberry Blossom", Norman Solomon "Old Sport", Vernon Solomon "Sally Johnson", Benny Thomasson "Grey Eagle", Norman Solomon "Smith's Reel", Benny Thomasson "Lime Rock", Norman Solomon "Limerock", Benny Thomasson "Sally Johnson", Norman Solomon "Snowshoes", 40:00, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, October 23, 1965
6 Riley 061, At Thurman Frews? SIDE I: 37:16 B.H.Riley / Vernon Solomon / Bartow Riley / Denzil Boyter "Old Sport", "Grey Eagle"; SIDE II: 32:54 Vernon Solomon "Wagner", "Durango", "Fiddlin' Around", "Nashville Waltz", is underlined, Reverse, "Wednesday Night", "Snowshoe", "Hotfoot", "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", "Hotfoot", "Sally Goodin", 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, November 1965
7 Riley 062, Hale Center, Texas, full track 7-1/2 ips, SIDE I: 34:51, Track 1 2, "Sally Goodin", ? Joe Stevens "Ace of Spades", "Apple Blossom", Raymond Brown "8th of January", "Apple Blossom", Ace Sewell / Bartow Riley (Self) "Dusty Miller", "Sally Johnson", Raymond Brown / ? "Apple Blossom", Ace Sewell "Billy in the Lowground", "Forked Deer", Bartow Riley "Dusty Miller", "Sally Johnson", Pete Osborne / Ollie Miller / C.M.Brown, Plainview, Shorty Lester "Paddy on the Turnpike", Charles Overstreet "Sally Johnson"; SIDE I: Track 2 and Reverse Jan. 14, 1968, Benny Thomasson / Zipp Durrett copy of tape single track, "Draggin the Bow", "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", "Back Home in Indiana", "Hummingbird", "Bonnie Kate", "Jack of Diamonds", "Reel", "Austinelli Reel", "Sally Goodin", More stuff Benny T on Track 2 SIDE I: "Song of the Wanderer", "Grey Eagle", "Bill Cheatham", "Hornpipe ?", "Black and White Rag", "That's a Plenty"; Reverse side of reel Track 1 "Hornpipe", writing continues inside front lid of box SIDE II: Track 1 Benny Thomasson / Zipp Durrett "Hornpipe 2", "Grey Eagle", "Bitter Creek", "Billy in the Lowground", Lesson on "Billy", "Wagner", "Wagner's Hornpipe", "Ace of Spades", "Dusty Miller", "Jack of Diamonds", "Brilliancy", "Lime Rock", "Herman's Hornpipe", "Speed the Plow", "Temperance and Teetotaller Reel", "Sally Johnson"; SIDE II: 40:46, Track 2 Bad Quality Benny Thomasson "Beaumont Rag", ok "Say Old Man (Lady's Fancy)", with Bartow Riley on guitar "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", "Durango Hornpipe", "Jole Blon" "Dusty Miller", "Forked Deer", "Wagner's Hornpipe", "That's a Plenty", with Bartow Riley / Benny Thomasson "Sweet Bunch Dances", "Jesse Polka"; 4-track, 7-1/2 ips,1966-1968
8 Riley 063, Bartow Riley, Stereo, SIDE I: 48:02 Bartow Riley / Mike Riley "Maple Leaf Rag", B.H.Riley "Billy in the Lowground", good lick, Jack Mears end of tape "Soppin' the Gravy", "Brownskin Gal", "Say Old Man", good "Sally Goodin", Bartow Riley / Pete Osborne; SIDE II: 49:37 Benny Thomasson, Stereo, "Durango", "Bennett's Reel", good "Lady's Fancy", "Billy in the Lowground", "Beaumont Rag", "Fishers" in F, "Golden Eagle", "Wagner's", "Garfield", "Durango", "Done Gone", "Sally Johnson"; 4-track, 7-1/2 ips,February 1, 1966
9 Riley 064, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, 46:10, Clark Kessinger / Frank ? Good Waltzes, 1967
10 Riley 065, SIDE I: Benny Thomasson 000 "Tugboat", 026 "Ragtime Annie", 065 "Salt River", 112 "That's a Plenty", 166 "Leather Britches", 202 "Billy in the Lowground", 282 "Grey Eagle", 335 "Chicken in the Barnyard", 383 "Maiden's Prayer", 414 "Orange Blossom Special", 500 "Twin Reels", 548 "Money Musk", 600 "Killykranky", 668 "Clarinet Polka"; 49:08, 4-track, 7-1/2 ips,January 6, 1967
11 Riley 066, Stereo, Copied on CD 6-18-03, SIDE I: Benny Thomasson 000 "Old Sport", 020 "Dusty Miller", 058 "Harper Reel", 080 "Fort Smith", 094 "Grey Eagle", 142 "Sally Johnson", 181 "Electric Hornpipe", 202 "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", 249 "Brownskinned Gal", 295 "Old Apple Blossom", 309 "Durango", 360 "Miller's Reel", 409 "Speed the Plow", "Temperance-Teetotaller", 465 "Hotfoot", 495 "Wild John", 546 "Blackberry Blossom", 279 "Billy in the Lowground", 646 "Say Old Man (Lady's Fancy)", good, "Cotton Patch Rag" 44:32; SIDE II: 000 "Tugboat", 024 "Scott's No. 2", 047 "Green Valley Waltz", 072 "Wainsboro Reel", 099 "Dance of the Golden Rod", 121 "Forrester's Reel", 140 "Chinese Breakdown", 156 "Leather Britches", 187 "Bill Cheatham", 215 "Kansas City Kitty (Miss Molly)", 272 "Old Joe Clark", 295 "Boil Them Cabbage Down", 346 "Bush in the Shucks", 392 "Cane Break Tune", 439 "Fascination", 478 "St. Louis Blues", 517 "Sally Johnson", 537 "Black and White Rag", 655 "Draggin' the Bow", 750 "Grey Eagle"; 44:20, 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, January 6, 1967
12 Riley 067, SIDE I: Bartow Riley fiddle / Nolan Price guitar 000 "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", 024 "Sally Johnson", 052 "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", 081 "Kansas City Kitty", 123 "Brownskin Gal", 167 "Sweet Georgia Brown", 206 "Fascination", 270 "Miss Molly", 291 "Chinese Breakdown", 325 "Johnson Rag", 400 "Grey Eagle", 450 "Dusty Miller", 490 "Sally Johnson", 544 Nolan Price guitar track 1 "Twilight Time", 670 Larry Franklin "Soppin the Gravy", 745 "Forked Deer", "Leather Britches", 49:02; SIDE II: Major Franklin "Durango Hornpipe", 043 "Arkansas Traveler", 078 "Last Train Blues or Whoa Mule", "Leather Britches", 137 "Miller's Reel", 187 "Boil Them Cabbage Down", 226 "Billy in the Lowground", 278 "Wagner", 310 "Hotfoot", 344 "Apple Blossom", 390 "Grey Eagle" with Bartow Riley on guitar, 446 "Fisher's Hornpipe", 488 "Texas Serenade", 535 "Crafton Blues", 571 "Say Old Man Can You Play a Fiddle", 633 "Done Gone", 695 "Ragtime Annie", 774 "Hell Among the Yearlings", with Pete Osborne on guitar for "Ragtime Annie" and "Hell Among the Yearlings", back of box says Bartow Riley / Nolan Price on SIDE I Major Franklin / Louis Franklin on SIDE II, 48:56, 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, January 26, 1967
13 Riley 068, Inside lid reads Major Franklin / Lewis Franklin / Larry Franklin / with Pete Osborne on guitar part of time, Bartow Riley part of time, Omega Burden part of time, also on piano are Mrs. O Burden / Mrs. Louise Franklin SIDE I: 000 Larry Franklin "Sally Johnson", 028 "Tom and Jerry", 066 Lewis Franklin "Sally Goodin", 119 "Lost Indian", 139 "Black Mountain Rag", 188 "Fort Smith", with O.O.Burden on guitar 223 "Blue Eagle", 258 "Shortening and Bread", 285 "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", with Lewis Franklin 333 "Brownskin Gal", 389 "Trot Along My Honey", 431 "Cotton Patch Rag", 489 "Billy in the Lowground", 569 "A Song", 590 "Shack in the Bush", 634-660 Major Franklin / B.H. Riley "Sally Johnson", "Wainsboro", 47:28; SIDE II: 000 Major Franklin "Bitter Creek", 030 Lewis Franklin "Don't Love Nobody", 047 "Don't Love Nobody 'A'", with Bartow Riley on guitar 064 "Maiden's Prayer", 083 "Kansas City Kitty", 110 "New Broom", 128 "Tugboat", "Leather Britches", 181 Major Franklin "Blackberry Blossom", 210 "Dusty Miller", 243 "Grey Eagle", 290 "Bill Cheatham", 327 "Sally Goodin", with Bartow Riley on guitar 395 "Brilliancy", 450 "Tom and Jerry", 507 "Sally Johnson", 586 "Tugboat", 655 "Little Joe", 729 "June Bug on a Barbed Wire", 750 "Wainsboro Reel", with Major Franklin, 47:28; 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, January 28, 1967
14 Riley 069, SIDE I: Major Franklin 000 "Wild John", 034 "Lime Rock", 088 Lewis Franklin "Old Joe Clark", 128 "Boil Them Cabbage Down", 142 "Sally Goodin", 186 "Wagner's Hornpipe", 230 Larry Franklin "Billy in the Lowground", 250 "Wagner's Hornpipe", 287 "Cotton Patch Rag", "Grey Eagle", 366 "Dusty Miller", 416 "Whiskey at Br?", 438 "Snowshoe", 460 "Forked Deer", 506 "Soppin' the Gravy", 562 "Apple Blossom", 628 "Sally Johnson", 690 "Leather Britches", 757 "Blackberry Blossom", 806 "Sally Johnson", 51:15; SIDE II: 000 Major Franklin "Blackberry Blossom", 026 "Bitter Creek", 053 "Dusty Miller", 069 "Whoa Mule", 085 "Chicken Barnyard", 097 "Sally Goodin", 152 "Milk Cow Blues", 175 Lewis Franklin "San Antonio Rose", 208 "Last Train Blues", 237 "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", 284 "Sally Johnson", 336 Major Franklin "Sally Johnson", 394 Lewis Franklin "Sally Johnson", 406 "Sally Johnson", 426 "Fire on the Mountain", 448 "Cripple Creek", 475 Major Franklin "Lime Rock", 520 "Durango Hornpipe", 580 Lewis Franklin "Durango Hornpipe", 617 "Dusty Miller", 707 "Say Old Man-Lady's Fancy", with Bartow Riley on guitar, 53:25; 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, January 28, 1967
15 Riley 070, To Bartow Riley, POBox 23, Olton, TX 79064 Clark Kessinger / Georgia Slim, 43::01, 33:30, 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, April 1967
16 Riley 071, Pete Osborne / Bartow Riley 000 "Sally Johnson", 033 "Grey Eagle", 070 "Brilliancy", 102 "Lime Rock", 148 "Slim's Hornpipe", 166 "Say Old Man Can You Play A Fiddle", 213 "Blackberry Blossom", 244 "Bitter Creek", 272 "New Broom", 299 "Soppin the Gravy", 334 "Durango", 362 "Ace of Spades", 402 "Jack of Diamonds", 437 "Bill Cheatham", 486 Dan Yadon "Smith's Reel", 515 Bartow Riley "Smith's Reel", 546 "Billy in the Lowground", 612 "Grey Eagle", 673 "Trot Along My Honey", 752 "Hot Spring", 04:00:00, 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, Feruary 17, 1968
box item
5 1 Riley 072, 1st Hale Center, Texas, July 4, 1968, Bartow Riley (Self) / Zipp Durrett / Shorty B.E. Lester on guitar "Grey Eagle", Miscellaneous Bartow Riley (Self) / Zipp Durrett August 1968, 31:57, 26:25, 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, July and August 1968
2 Riley 073, Bartow Riley (Self) practice August 68, Zipp Durrett / Pete Osborne, September and October 1968, "Grey Eagle", "Speed the Plow", 43:29, 32:41, 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, August, September, and October 1968
3 Riley 074, SIDE I: Zipp Durrett / Bartow Riley miscellaneous "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", "Brownskin Gal", "Dill Pickle Rag", "Blackberry Blossom", "Kelly Waltz", "3 o'clock in the Morning", "Linda Waltz", "Bitter Creek", "Dusty Miller", "New Broom", "Shannon Waltz", 39:22; SIDE II: "Little Joe", "Sally Johnson", take 1 and 2 "Jack of Diamonds", "Ace of Spades", "Brilliancy", bad guitar "Bill Cheatham", "Bonnie Kate", "Hell Among the Yearlings", "Cattle in the Cane Break", "Salt River", "Speed the Plow", "Done Gone", "College Hornpipe", 34:54; 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, March 1, 1969
4 Riley 075, Ollie Miller / Bartow Riley / Vernon Riddle, 3 or 4 tunes in middle, 01:00:09, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, May 18, 1969
5 Riley 076, Good copy of record tape, Bartow Riley / Zipp Durrett / Nolan Price, Ampex copy of record tape 203 Scotch, 48:05, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, 1970
6 Riley 077, SIDE I: Messed up test, Bartow Riley / Zipp Durrett "Tom and Jerry", "Grey Eagle", good, rest test, "Down Home Rag", "That's a Plenty", "When I Grow Too Old", piano, can make good, "Lime Rock", 35:52; SIDE II: Bartow Riley / Pete Osborne "Kansas City Kitty", "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", "Brownskin Gal", "Hummingbird Reel", "Dusty Miller", counting "Jack of Diamonds", good "Somebody Else Taking My Place", "Sally Johnson", good "Blackberry Blossom"; 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, [very brittle], January 1970
7 Riley 078, Bartow Riley / Zipp Durrett / Ollie Miller practice for record, miscellaneous record leftovers, 1st part 203 blank, light brown tape "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", then "Draggin' the Bow", good "Dusty Miller" with Ollie Miller / Zipp Durrett "Sally Johnson", "Jack of Diamonds", "Billy in the Lowground" second take best "Chinese Breakdown" some of this on CD 9-5-07, 34:28, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, 1970
8 Riley 079, Bartow Riley / Zipp Durrett, Good Stereo, Roberts 455 SIDE I: "Jack of Diamonds", "Ace of Spades", "Vintor's Hornpipe", "Rosetta", "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", "Doc Harris Hornpipe", "Bonnie Kate", "Sally Johnson", "Bitter Creek", "Hummingbird Reel", marked original, "Brilliancy", "Jack of Diamonds", "Dusty Miller", 37:59; SIDE II: "Blackberry Blossom", "Sopping the Gravy", "Snowflake Reel", "Draggin' the Bow", "Kansas City Kitty", "Brownskin Gal", "Leather Britches", "Billy in the Lowground", "Wagner Hornpipe", "Wild John", "Herman's Hornpipe", "Lime Rock", marked original, "Shannon Waltz", "Austinelli Reel", some of this on CD dated September 5, 2007, 34:15; 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, January 18, 1970
9 Riley 080, Bartow Riley / Pete Osborne / Zipp Durrett SIDE I: "Bitter Creek", "Grey Eagle" good, "Dusty Miller", "Wheels" Pete Osborne / Zipp Durrett, "Soppin the Gravy", "Soppin the Gravy", "Durango Hornpipe", "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", "Johnson Rag", "That's a Plenty", "Tom and Jerry" part, "Bill Bailey", Pete Osborne / Zipp Durrett, "Sally Johnson", "Chicken Reel" Pete Osborne / Zipp Durrett, 32:03; SIDE II: "Love Letters in Sand" Pete Osborne / Zipp Durrett, "She's Gone From Now On" Pete Osborne / Zipp Durrett / Bartow Riley, "Yesterday Brought Love As Sweet As Clover", "If The World Keeps On Turning", Pete Osborne / Zipp Durrett / B.H. Riley, "Keep a Light Burning Bright", "In My Adobe Hacienda", "Yesterday Brought Love As Sweet As Clover" fiddle, "Little Red Wagon" Bartow Riley / Pete Osborne / Zipp Durrett, "Right or Wrong" Bartow Riley / Pete Osborne / Zipp Durrett, "Somebody Else Taking My Place", side one copied on CD 9-5-07, 33:39; 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, March 1970
10 Riley 081, Bartow Riley / Zipp Durrett, practice session, 1/2 track Stereo front side only Ampex "Sally Johnson" and "Jack of Diamonds" are scratched out and noted "Extra Bad Sound in spots", "Blackberry Blossom" 111 scotch would do, "Kansas City Kitty", "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", "Tom and Jerry" good, "Sally Goodin", 21:54, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, May 22, 1970
11 Riley 082, Bartow Riley, Skit of "Sally Johnson" Tape 1/4 full track Benny Thomasson / Bartow Riley "Jenny on the Railroad", "George Booker", "New Broom", "Sally Johnson", "Lime Rock", "Cattle in the Canebreak", "Brilliancy", "Billy in the Lowground", "Little Joe", copied on Sony HF 90 minute cassette to put it on CD 12-13-05, 02:00:00, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, July 20, 1970
12 Riley 083, Benny Thomasson "Jenny on the Railroad" "George Booker" Bartow Riley / Zipp Durrett near end, 33:14, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, July 20, 1970
13 Riley 084, Benny Thomasson / Zipp Durrett, "Reel", "Bennet's", "3 o'Clock in the Morning Waltz" Bartow Riley als, "Dusty Miller", "College Hornpipe", "Fort Worth Rag", "Carmaime", "It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie", "Sweet Georgia Brown", "Up a Lazy River", "Dinah" copied on Sony HF 90 min cassette 12-13-05, 39:05, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, July 20, 1970
14 Riley 085, Ampex 1/2 track Stereo, 7 1/2" per minute, one side only, "My Brown Fiddle" underlined at top, Orville Burns / Pete Osborne / O.O. Barden "George Booker", "Choctaw", "Billy in the Lowground", "Martha Campbell", "Blue Eagle", "Durango Hornpipe" Ollie Miller / O.O. Burden / Amy, "Hell Among the Yearlings", "Apple Blossom", "Dusty Miller", "Sally Goodin", "Tom and Jerry", "Shortenin' Bread", "Hot Springs", "Beaumont Rag", "Ft Worth Rag (Pig Ankle)", "Waggoner", "Martha Campbell", "Leather Britches", "Lady's Fancy" string down, Louis Franklin "Sally Johnson" Pete / Amy / Ollie, copied on CD July 10, 2003, 01:20:00, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, January 22, 1971
15 Riley 086, Stereophonic, 2-tracks, Ampex 1/2 track, 7 1/2" per min. Louis Franklin / Ollie Burns / Pete Osborne / Amy, "Little Joe", "Saturday Night Rag", "Florida Blues", "Johnson Rag", "Peacock Rag", Start 2 on 45 min noted for "River Road Two Step", Start on 50 min noted for "Tugboat", good Louis / Pete noted for "Brownskin Gal" with R.C. / Pete, "Bitter Creek", End of 2 (45 min) noted for "Billy in the Lowground" Pete / Burden and change guitars noted for "Don't Love Nobody", "Killeen-Fiddlin' Man" with Amy, "Soppin' the Gravy" with Omega, "Forked Deer", "Ragtime Annie", put on start of 4 45 min tape and Burden / Pete / Amy noted for "Salt River" and "Polly Put The Kettle On" and "Bush in the Shucks" and "Money Musk", "Peacock Rag", "Draggin' the Bow", 50:40, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, January 22, 1971
16 Riley 087, 1/2 track Stereo Ampex, 7 1/2" per minute Louis Franklin "Waggoner's Hornpipe", "Wild John" with Louis / Pete / Omega, "Doughboy Rag", "Lady's Fancy", "Sally Goodin", "Tom and Jerry", "River Road Two Step", "Farewell Blue", "Kansas City Kitty", "Cold Rolled Steel", "Turkey in the Straw" with Orville Burns / Ollie, "Choctaw", "Smith's Reel", "Sally Johnson", "Fire on the Mountain" with Orville, Louis Franklin on "Forked Deer" and "Apple Blossom" and "40 Years Ago" and "Blue Eagle" and "Martha Campbell" and "George Booker", 47:21, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, January 22, 1971
box item
6 1 Riley 088, 1/2 track Stereo Ampex, 7 1/2" per minute Louis Franklin / Pete Osborne / Ollie Burns "East Tennessee Blues", "New Broom", "Lost Train Blues", "Woa Mule", "San Antonio Rose", "Jole Blon", "Fire on the Mountain", "Dusty Miller", "Brilliancy", "Bill Cheatham", "Silver Lake Blues", 27:27, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, January 22, 1971
2 Riley 089, 4-track copy of record tape Bartow Riley / Zipp Durrett / Ollie Miller / Nolan Price, 37:18, 4-track, 7-1/2 ips, February 25, 1971
3 Riley 090, Ollie Miller / Zipp Durrett / Bartow Riley "Leather Britches", "Westphalia W", Ollie Miller / Bartow Riley good "Billy in the Lowground" at end of tape, 49:50, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, February 21, 1971 and September 16, 1973
4 Riley 091, Bartow Riley (Self) / Ollie Miller 3-12-71, "Jack of Diamonds" take 2 marked 'would do', "Billy in the Lowground", 079 "Blackberry Blossom" take 5 "Brilliancy", ? "Dusty Miller" take 5, Good "Blackberry Blossom" with Ollie o.k. for record November 1973, 239 "Brilliancy", "Durango Hornpipe", "Snowbird in the Ashbank", "Sally Johnson", same tape as 1971, 42:40, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, March 12, 1971 and November 1973
5 Riley 092, Norman Solomon / Betty / Ronald "Sing a Sad Song" 4:00, "12th St Rag" 2:10, "Wednesday Night Waltz" 3:30, "Nimrod Hornpipe" 1:22, "Bryan's Step" 1:28, "Sally Johnson", "Leather Britches" 2:38, "Billy in the Lowground" bad 1:10, "Wagner's Hornpipe" 1:53, "Charmaine" 2:35, "Estrellita" bad 2:33, "Fiddle Faddle" 1:16, "Somewhere My Love" 2:37, "Skater's Waltz" 2:28, "Sheik of Arabi", "Billy in the Lowground" 1:30, "Clarinet Polka" 1:50, 47:23, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, August 1973
6 Riley 093, Bartow Riley / Ollie Miller, trial tape, "Dusty Miller", "Billy", "?" possibly Blackberry, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, September 16, 1973
7 Riley 094, Bartow Riley / Ollie Miller, "Clarinet Polka", "Hot Springs", 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, February 3, 1974
8 Riley 095, Straley Allsup, Gustine, Texas, Recorded at Bartow Riley's house 1009 G NW Childress, TX, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, October 27, 1974
9 Riley 096, 1st tape Straley Allsup with Norman Thomasson on start and finish, "Straley Waltz" with Norman, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, Reel 096 Norman Solomon "Old Gray Mare Come Chargin' Out of the Wilderness" Norman Solomon "Straley's Waltz", Hoss and Hoss on "Bill Cheatham", Norman Solomon "Minor Swing", "Anniversary Waltz" Norman on Guitar, Straley Allsup "Straley's Waltz" Betty and Norman on guitar, "Anniversary Waltz", "Sally Johnson", "Leather Britches", "Dusty Miller", "Tom and Jerry", Hoss and Hoss on "Bill Cheatham", "Grey Eagle" ok but bad start, another start better, 3rd start better, Norman Solomon / Zipp Durrett / Betty "Blackberry Blossom", "Black and White Rag" good end of tape, 9.40 Good "Anniversary Waltz" after a good "Black and White Rag" Norman / Betty / Zipp. Minutes and seconds are notated in left margin, this from paper in Manuscript file #3, October 27, 1974
10 Riley 097, Straley Allsup / Zipp Durrett / Bartow Riley, less tunes edited out for record, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, November 1974
11 Riley 098, Major Franklin / Ollie Miller "Leather Britches" 1009 G then miscellaneous, Re-use some slow play with Terry Morris, "Don't Love Nobody", "Lone Star Rag", 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, about 1975 and 1987
12 Riley 099, Louis Franklin / Zipp Durrett / Mark / Jenel Rapp / Bill Butler, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, July 9, 1977
13 Riley 100, Louis Franklin / Zipp Durrett / Mark, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, July 10, 1977
14 Riley 101, Bartow Riley / Norman Solomon / Johnny ?, 4-track, 3-3/4 ips, December 1980
15 Riley 102, Reel #3, Bartow Riley / Lylous Riley / Norman Solomon / Betty / Ronald / Zipp Durrett / Mark / J.S. Williams on bass / also Bill Butler (part), at the Riley's house, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, November 9, 1985
16 Riley 103, B.H.Riley / Pete Osborne, 1/2 track, 3-3/4 ips AND 7-1/2 ips, undated
box item
7 1 Riley 104, no label, 2-track, 1/2 track, 7-1/2 ips, [tape in poor condition, minor sticky shed syndrome, some wrinkling], undated
2 Riley 105, foot patting on "Jack of Diamonds", "Linda Waltz", not too good noted on "Don't let the Deal Go Down", "Draggin' the Bow", 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, undated
3 Riley 106, diagrams of 4-track on inside bottom lid with word 'Monaural', Miscellaneous old fiddling taken from old records, Kessinger Brothers and Eck Robertson etcetera, Oscar Harper etcetera, 4-track, Track 1 Kessinger Brothers "Dill Pickle Rag", "Richmond Polka", "Mississippi Sawyer" Eck Robertson "Amarillo Waltz", "Brilliancy", "Sally Goodin", "Arkansas Traveler", Track 2 Oscar Harper "Billy in the Lowground", "Beaumont Rag" Kessinger "Black Hawk Waltz", 4-track, 1/4 track, 7-1/2 ips, undated
4 Riley 107, L.W. Lambert and Band, 4-track, 1/4 track, 7-1/2 ips, 4-track [O/L at 00:27:00 space], undated
5 Riley 108, T O T F A Reel 1, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, undated
6 Riley 109, T O T F A Record Tape, 2-track, 7-1/2 ips, undated
Compact Discs (Audio CDs)
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7 7 Riley 110, Cover reads Cal Brown / Bartow Riley and his son Bud starts on track 18-50, good "Dusty Miller" on track 45, good "Sally Johnson" on track 49, written on CD is Tracks 18-49 Uncle Cal Brown, Plainview, Texas, 1953, Bartow Riley / Bud / Brown on guitar, 1953
8 Riley 111, Cover reads Uncle Cal Brown, Plainview, Texas, Fall 1953, written in CD is Cal Brown starts on selection 5, Fall 1953
9 Riley 112, Cover reads copy of Benny Thomasson / Pete Osborne / Bartow Riley Jam 1967, 2 "Tugboat", 3 "Scott's No. 2", 4 "Green Valley Waltz", 5 "Wainsboro Reel", 6 "Dance of the Golden Rod", 7 "Leather Britches", 8 "Forrester's Reel", 9 "Bill Cheatham", 10 "Kansas City Kitty", 11 "Miss Molly", 12 "Old Joe Clark", 13 "Boil Them Cabbage", 14 "Shack in the Bush", 15 "Cane Break", 16 "Sally Johnson", 17 "Black and White Rag", 18 "Draggin the Bow", 19 "Old Sport", 20 "Dusty Miller", 21 "Harper's Reel", 22 Fort Smith", 23 "Grey Eagle", 24 "Sally Johnson", 25 "Electric Hornpipe", 26 "Don't Let The Deal Go Down", 27 "Brownskin Gal", 28 "Old Apple Blossom", 29 "Durango", 30 "Miller's Reel", 32 "Speed the Plow", 33 "Hotfoot", 34 "Wild John", 35 "Blackberry Blossom", 36 "Billy in the Lowground", 37 "Ladies Fancy" on CD is written (Copy) Benny (Thomasson) / Pete (Osborne) / Bartow (Riley) Jan 1967, #2 First time, January 1967
10 Riley 113, Cover reads Original from Reel 1970 Bartow (Riley) / Zipp (Durrett) / Ollie (Miller) / Nolan (Price) 1 "Don't Let The Deal Go Down" with Zipp 2 "Soppin' the Gravy" with Zipp guitar, 3 "Jack of Diamonds" with Zipp on guitar, 4 "Three o'Clock in the Morning Waltz" with Nolan Price guitar, 5 "That's a Plenty" with Zipp on guitar, 6 "Hummingbird Reel" with Zipp guitar, 7 "Lime Rock" with Zipp guitar, 8 "Westphalia Waltz with Zipp on guitar, 9 "Billy in the Lowground" with Ollie Miller on guitar, 10 "Kansas City Kitty" with Zipp on guitar, 11 "Blackberry Blossom" with Ollie Miller on guitar, 12 "Rosetta" with Zipp on guitar, 13 "Dusty Miller" with Ollie Miller on guitar, 14 "Snake Charmer" with Nolan Price on guitar, 15 "Twin Reels" with Ollie on guitar, On CD is written "Original" Bartow's record with Zipp, Nolan, and Ollie, 1970
11 Riley 114, No cover, on CD is written Terry Morris, Bobby Christman, Al Moulidous, Jerry Thomasson, March 86, March 1986
12 Riley 115, No cover, on CD is written Terry M (Morris) and Bunch A House 87, J.S. William / Zipp (Durrett) / Mark F illegible, 1987
13 Riley 116, No cover, on CD is written Original from tape, Bartow (Riley) and Bill D illegible, 7 selections, about 1996, 1996
14 Riley 117, Commercial CD, Bobby Flores Just For The Record 1 "One More Time 2 "I'd Fight the World" 3 "Just for the Record" 4 "Bubbles in My Beer" 5 "I'll Find A Way (To Free Myself)" 6 "The Same Two Lips" 7 "Spicher Waltz" 8 "I Don't Know Why (I Keep Loving You) 9 "I Lie A Lot" 10 "Be A Good Girl" 11 "Soft Rain" 12 "Your Old Love Letters" 13 "I'm Still Not Over You" 14 "Oh Lonesome Me", 2003
15 Riley 118, No cover, on CD is written Clark Kessinger [Tracks not numbered correctly], undated
16 Riley 119, No cover, on CD is written Kanawha 315, undated
17 Riley 120, Commercial CD, Bartow Riley Panhandle Texas Fiddling 1 "Draggin the Bow" 2 "Don’t Let The Deal Go Down" 3 "Soppin' the Gravy" 4 "Jack of Diamonds" 5 "Three o'Clock in the Morning Waltz" 6 "Grey Eagle" 7 "That's a Plenty" 8 "Hummingbird Reel" 9 "Lime Rock" 10 "Westphalia Waltz" 11 "Sally Goodin" 12 "Billy in the Lowground" 13 "Kansas City Kitty" 14 "Blackberry Blossom" 15 "Rosetta" 16 "Tom and Jerry" 17 "Dusty Miller" 18 "Snake Charmer" 19 "Twin Reels" 20 "Bitter Creek" Fiddle Bartow Riley, Guitar V.C. 'Zipp' Durrett, (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 16, 20) Ollie Miller (12, 14, 17, 19) Pete Osborne (1, 6, 11, 16, 20) Nolan Price (5, 15, 18) produced by Bee Balm Music, 4825 Lower Valley Pike, Springfield, OH 45506, undated
3 Empty reel boxes, Items 17-19