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Texas State Department of Public Welfare:

An Inventory of Department of Public Welfare Executive Office Central Files at the Texas State Archives, 1943-1977, bulk 1972-1974


Creator: Texas. State Department of Public Welfare.
Title: Department of Public Welfare Executive Office central files
Dates: 1943-1977
Dates (Bulk): bulk 1972-1974
Abstract: These files document the work of the Texas Department of Public Welfare, predecessor of the Texas Department of Human Services (DHS), which administered state and federal programs serving low-income families with children, and elderly or disabled persons, regulated long-term care facilities, and administered programs for survivors of family violence and victims of natural disasters. The records consist of correspondence, planning records, personnel materials, and administrative records, dating 1943-1977, bulk 1972-1974, from the executive offices of the Texas Department of Public Welfare (later renamed the Texas Department of Human Resources, and then the Texas Department of Human Services), including the files of commissioners Burton Hackney, Jerome Chapman and Randy Pendleton. Other records from the executive offices include files from the federal Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW), 1960-1974; files from the Children's Bureau of HEW, 1943-1970; and Jean Cragen's files on the Youth Care and Rehabilitation Task Force, 1973-1976.
Quantity: 69 cubic ft.
Language: These materials are written in English.
Repository: Texas State Archives
Sponsor: This EAD finding aid was created in cooperation with Texas Archival Resources Online.

Agency History

The Public Welfare Act of 1939 (Senate Bill 36, 46th Texas Legislature, Regular Session) created the Texas Department of Public Welfare. Previously, the Child Welfare Division of the Board of Control (established in 1931 but not funded until 1935), the Texas Relief Commission (1933-1934, later part of the Board of Control, 1934-1939), and the Old Age Assistance Commission (1936-1939) had performed parts of the new agency's functions. The Department of Public Welfare (DPW) became the Department of Human Resources (DHR) in 1977 (Senate Bill 1325, 65th Legislature, Regular Session), and the Department of Human Services (DHS) in 1985 (Senate Bill 351, 69th Legislature, Regular Session). The functions of the agency grew to include state and federal services for low-income families with children, and elderly or disabled persons, as well as regulate long-term care facilities and administer programs for survivors of family violence and victims of natural disasters.

The governing Board of Public Welfare (later called the Board of Human Resources, and then the Board of Human Services) was composed of three members (expanded to six members in 1989), appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate, for overlapping six-year terms. The board appointed the chief administrative officer, called variously the Executive Director of Public Welfare, the Commissioner of Public Welfare (beginning in 1941), the Commissioner of Human Resources, or the Commissioner of Human Services.

Over the years the administrative structure of the agency has undergone significant and frequent changes. A consistent feature of the department, however, has been the division of work between the state offices (which develop and coordinate programs) and the regional offices (which actually deliver the services). House Bill 2292 (78th Legislature, Regular Session, 2003) merged 12 state health and human services agencies into five, officially abolishing the Texas Department of Human Services, and dividing its functions between two state agencies: the newly created Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS), and the already existing Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC).

Burton Hackney served as chairman of the Texas State Board of Public Welfare from 1958 to 1967, before he was appointed commissioner of the Department of Public Welfare in 1968. He served briefly as commissioner until 1971 when he accepted a position in the Governor's Office in Comprehensive Health Planning.

Jerome Chapman and Randy Pendleton served as deputy commissioners of the Texas State Board of Public Welfare, under the supervision of Burton Hackney and Raymond Vowell.

(Sources include: Texas Department of Human Services records appraisal report; Vivian Elizabeth Smyrl, Texas Department of Human Services, Handbook of Texas Online; other finding aids: Texas Department of Human Services meeting files, 1933-2004, 20.57 cubic ft. and Texas Department of Human Services organization charts, 1967-1968, 1970, 1972-1987, 1989-1990, 1993-2000, 0.24 cubic ft., all accessed on May 22, 2014.)

Scope and Contents of the Records

These files document the work of the Executive Office of the Texas Department of Public Welfare (DPW), predecessor of the Texas Department of Human Resources (DHR) and the Texas Department of Human Services (DHS), which administered state and federal programs serving low-income families with children, and elderly or disabled persons (including: temporary financial assistance for basic family needs, nutritional assistance, access to healthcare and nursing home and community-based care); regulated long-term care facilities; and administered programs for survivors of family violence and victims of natural disasters. These records consist of central files from the executive offices of the Texas Department of Public Welfare, dating 1943-1977, and are specifically the files of commissioner Burton Hackney (1960s-1971), and Deputy Commissioners Jerome Chapman (1960s-1976) and Randy Pendleton (1973). Some records include correspondence, planning records, personnel materials, and administrative records for different programs within DPW, such as the Health, Education, and Welfare Department (HEW) (1960-1974), the Children's Bureau of HEW (1943-1970), the Bureau of Health Insurance, and the Texas Medical Assistance Program. The bulk of materials are subject files from 1972-1974 which encompass administrative records and personnel files.

Organization of the Records

These records are organized into eleven groups:
Burton Hackney's files, 1960s-1971, 6 cubic ft.
Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) files, 1960-1974, 12 cubic ft.
Subject files, 1972-1974, 28 cubic ft.
Subject files, 1960s-1976, 8 cubic ft.
Jean Cragen's files on Youth Care and Rehabilitation Task Force, 1973-1976, 2 cubic ft.
Randy Pendleton's files, 1973, 1 cubic ft.
Jerome Chapman's files, 1960s-1976, 4 cubic ft.
Phon-o-grams, 1973-1977, 2 cubic ft.
Commissioners' files, 1960-1975, 2 cubic ft.
Children's Bureau Department of HEW, 1943-1970, 3 cubic ft.
Commissioners' files, 1969-1973, 1 cubic ft.


Restrictions on Access

Because of the possibility that portions of these records fall under Public Information Act exceptions including, but not limited to, names, home addresses and other identifying information (Texas Human Resources Code, Section 12.003); medical records (Texas Government Code, Section 552.101, information confidential by law, Texas Occupations Code, Section 159.002(d)); and other client information (Texas Human Resources Code, 21.012, 42 Code of Federal Regulation, 431.301-431.307, and 45 Code of Federal Regulations, 5b.1-5b.13), an archivist must review these records before they can be accessed for research. The records may be requested for research under the provisions of the Public Information Act (Texas Government Code, Chapter 552). The researcher may request an interview with an archivist or submit a request by mail (Texas State Library and Archives Commission, P. O. Box 12927, Austin, TX 78711), fax (512-463-5436), email (Dir_Lib@tsl.texas.gov), or see our web page (http://www.tsl.texas.gov/agency/customer/pia.html). Include enough description and detail about the information requested to enable the archivist to accurately identify and locate the information. If our review reveals information that may be excepted by the Public Information Act, we are obligated to seek an open records decision from the Attorney General on whether the records can be released. The Public Information Act allows the Archives ten working days after receiving a request to make this determination. The Attorney General has 45 working days to render a decision. Alternately, the Archives can inform you of the nature of the potentially excepted information and if you agree, that information can be redacted or removed and you can access the remainder of the records.

Restrictions on Use

Most records created by Texas state agencies are not copyrighted. State records also include materials received by, not created by, state agencies. The researcher is responsible for complying with U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17 U.S.C.).

Technical Requirements


Index Terms

The terms listed here were used to catalog the records. The terms can be used to find similar or related records.
Personal Names:
Hackney, Burton, active 1958-1977
Chapman, Jerome, active 1960-1977
Pendleton, Randy, 1937-2009
Corporate Names:
Texas. Department of Human Resources.
Texas. Department of Human Services.
Administrative agencies--Texas.
Public welfare administration--Texas.
Public welfare--Texas.
Human services--Texas.
Human services--Texas--Management.
Document Types:
Agendas--Human services--Texas--1943-1977.
Reports--Human services--Texas--1943-1977.
Correspondence--Human services--Texas--1943-1977.
Legal documents--Human services--Texas--1943-1977.
Administering human services.
Administering public welfare.

Related Material

[Note: The records of the Department of Human Services and its predecessors are too numerous to list here. See the finding aids in the Texas State Archives' search room. In addition, many of the State Archives' holdings of these records are unprocessed at this time. Citations in this list that include call numbers are unprocessed and have no finding aid. A records appraisal report is available in the Archives search room that may help locate both processed and unprocessed records. It is also available online at http://www.tsl.texas.gov/arc/appraisal/human.html.]

Texas State Archives
Texas Department of Human Services, Board of Human Services meeting files, 1933-2004, 20.57 cubic ft.
Texas Department of Human Services, Organization charts, 1967-1968, 1970, 1972-1987, 1989-1990, 1993-2000, 0.24 cubic ft.
Texas State Board of Control records, 1854, 1885-1890, 1909-1979, undated, bulk 1935-1953, 103.47 cubic ft.
Texas State Board of Control board members files, 1885-1890, 1917-1953, undated, bulk 1920-1953, 40.06 cubic ft.
Texas Department of Human Services, Executive administrative correspondence, 1978-1983, 125 cubic ft. [Note: These records are part of a backlog that has not been described in any Archives finding aid. A cursory inspection of the container lists suggests that they contain correspondence files; advisory committee reports; and subject files (both those organized alphabetically prior to fiscal year 1983, and others organized alpha-numerically, according to the Uniform Administrative Filing System adopted by the agency in fiscal year 1983). Call numbers are 1999/163-1 thru 125.]
Texas Department of Human Resources, Office of the Commissioner, Speeches of Raymond W. Vowell, 1971-1977, 0.6 cubic ft. [Note: These unprocessed records mostly contain speeches of Commissioner of Public Welfare Raymond Vowell, 1971-1977, dealing with social services generally and the administration of social service programs. The speeches were given to various audiences, including the agency itself, legislators, other social service professionals, and during investigations. Typescripts contain many marginal notes. Call number is 1983/213.]
Texas Department of Human Services, Executive Offices, Subject and correspondence files, 1976, 7 cubic ft. [Call numbers are 1992/183-1 thru 7.]
Texas Department of Human Resources, Executive Offices, Administrative files, 1977, 12 cubic ft. [Call numbers are 1994/110-1 thru 12.]
Texas Department of Human Resources, Office of the Commissioner, Administrative files, 1979, 13 cubic ft. [Call numbers are 1994/111-1 thru 13.]
Texas Department of Human Services, Office of the Commissioner, Administrative files, 1981-1982, 4 cubic ft. [Call numbers are 1992/189-1 thru 4.]
Texas Department of Human Resources, Office of the Commissioner, Administrative files, 1982, 7 cubic ft. [Call numbers are 1994/109-1 thru 7.]
Texas Department of Human Services, State Office, Administrative and subject files, 1982-1989, 2 cubic ft. [Call numbers are 1995/076-1 thru 2.]

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

(Identify the item and cite the group), Texas Department of Public Welfare Executive Office central files. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Accession Information

Accession number: 1991/188

These records were transferred to the Archives and Information Services Division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission by the Executive Office, Texas Department of Human Services on August 16, 1991.

Processing Information

Processed by Catherine Bell, October 2013

Appraisal Information

These records were appraised as archival by Tony Black in January 2001. The appraisal report can be viewed on the agency website at https://www.tsl.texas.gov/arc/appraisal/human.html.

Detailed Description of the Records

Department of Public Welfare, Executive Office central files,1943-1977, bulk 1972-1974,
69 cubic ft.

Burton Hackney's files, 1960s-1971
1991/188-1 File A
Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)
File B
Reverend Russell Jack Ballard
Hurricane Beulah
File C
Hurricane Carla
Honorable Waggoner Carr
Texas Catholic Conference
Texas Institute on Children and Youth
Civil defense
Community Welfare Council
Reports by Mr. Max Cook and Dr. Bill Allen
File D
Dallas County housing
Dallas Morning News
"Dallas Sit-In" articles
Day care licensing cases - Mistletoe Sitters
Dr. George Drake
File E
El Paso
File F
Fort Worth
File G
Hector Gonzales
File H
File I
File J
1991/188-2 American Public Welfare Association, 1967-December 1968
Budget request, 1969-1969
Records management analysis of files
On-going Administrative Advisory Committee
Administrative responsibility of each division
Administrative study
State Office staff meeting
DPW group insurance
State employees insurance
Medical Assistance Act
Board meeting re: Vendor Medical Care Program
Medical Care Program - medical publicity
Budget submission, 1969
Medical care prescriptions - drugs
Correspondence with Legislature and Congress re: Social Security Amendments of 1967, 1967
PL 91-79 (Disaster Relief Act of 1969), 1969
Equal Opportunity Act (EOA) division
Financial Services division
File K
File L
TSWA legislative forum
Attorney General, medical assistance payments
Dr. Morris Kagan
1991/188-3 HR 5710 (Social Security Amendments of 1967), 1967
Title VI (Civil Rights)
Bureau of the Budget Circular A-87
Post office
United States Department of Agriculture
White House Conference on Children
Social and rehabilitation services, 1967
Social and rehabilitation services, 1968
Social and rehabilitation services, 1969
Social and rehabilitation services, 1970
Social and rehabilitation services, 1971
Medical care other states
Out- of state correspondence, 1971
Out- of state correspondence, 1970
Out- of state correspondence, 1969
1991/188-4 Medical Services division
Quality control state report, 1968-1969
State report, 1966-1967
Quality Control division
Division of Training and Staff Development
Health division
Highway Department state
Hospital Austin state
Hospitals and Special Schools, Texas State Board for
Immigration and Naturalization Bureau
Interagency Committee on Vocational Rehabilitation - TEC
Internal Revenue Services
Mental Retardation Planning, Interagency Committee on
Parks and Wildlife Department
Legislative Budget Board
Texas Legislative Council
Texas State Library
Economic Opportunity Act, TOEO (Texas Office of Economic Opportunity)
Public Safety, Department of
Secretary of State, 1967-1968
State Programming, Institute of
Texas A and M University
Texas Research League
Regional organization, University of Texas
Correspondence re: change in Social Security Act
1991/188-5 Lubbock
Manpower development project
Medical Care Advisory Committee
File M
File MC
File N
File O
Optometric Association
File P
Planned Parenthood
File R
Shannon West Texas Memorial Hospital
National Association of Social Workers
Starvation in Texas
File S
Stun file
File T
File U
File V
Vancronkhite and Maloy, Inc. Consultant
Valley Baptist Hospital
Welfare Rights article
John H. Winters
Wichita Falls Child Welfare
File W
File XYZ
Automatic data processing
Commodity distribution and food stamps
Burton Hackney's files, 1970-1971
1991/188-46 Child development file no. 1
Child development file no. 2
Department evaluation committee report
Data systems
Simplified eligibility determination
DPW analysis of the Automatic Data Processing Division
[2 folders]
Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) files, 1960-1974
1991/188-6 September 1965
October 1965
November 1965
December 1965
January 1964
February 1964
March 1964
April 1964
May 1964
June 1964
July 1964
August 1964
September 1964
October 1964
1991/188-7 January - December 1960
January - December 1961
January - December 1962
January - December 1963
January 1965
February 1965
March 1965
April 1965
May 1965
June 1965
July 1965
August 1965
1991/188-8 November 1964
December 1964
January 1966
February 1966
March 1966
April 1966
May 1966
June 1966
July 1966
August 1966
1991/188-9 December 1968
Bureau of Health Insurance state buy - in letters
January 1967
February 1967
March 1967
April 1967
May 1967
June 1967
July 1967
1991/188-10 September 1966
October 1966
November 1966
December 1966
April 1968
May 1968
June 1968
July 1968
August 1968
September 1968
October 1968
November 1968
1991/188-11 June 1969
July 1969
August 1969
September 1969
October 1969
November 1969
December 1969
January 1968
February 1968
March 1968
Health, Education, and Welfare Quality Control
Handbook transmittal no. 86
1991/188-12 August 1967
September 1967
October 1967
November 1967
December 1967
May 1970
April 1970
March 1970
February 1970
January 1970
January 1969
February 1969
March 1969
April 1969
May 1969
1991/188-13 General, 1972
General, 1971
[2 folders]
Correspondence, December 1972
November 1972
October 1972
November 1971
December 1971
October 1971
August 1971
September 1971
June 1971
July 1971
State plan characteristic
1991/188-14 Reports of administrative review findings
Quality Control
Quality Control schedules and instructions
Submittals to HEW statistic reports
1962 Study of Recipients
Form FS 2829
Economic Opportunity Act of 1964
Miscellaneous file
Economic Opportunity Act Title V
State plan characteristic
Case Reading Project
Unnumbered bulletins
Correspondence, 1964-1972
Bulletins, 1968-1971
Miscellaneous material
May 1972
April 1972
March 1972
February 1972
January 1972
January 1971
February 1971
State plan for staff development
State and local staff development directors meeting
1991/188-15 March 1973
February 1973
January 1973
December correspondence, 1973
November correspondence, 1973
August 1972
July 1972
June 1972
1991/188-16 April 1971
May 1971
March 1971
June 1970
July 1970
August 1970
September 1970
October 1970
November 1970
December 1970
Correspondence, October 1974
Correspondence, September 1974
Correspondence, August 1974
Correspondence, July 1974
Correspondence, June 1974
Correspondence, 1974
Correspondence, May 1974
1991/188-17 Correspondence, April 1974
Correspondence, March 1974
Correspondence, February 1974
Correspondence, January 1974
Correspondence, October 1973
Correspondence, September 1973
Correspondence, August 1973
Correspondence, July 1973
Correspondence, June 1973
Correspondence, May 1973
Correspondence, April 1973
Subject files, 1972-1974
1991/188-18 1972-1973:
Booz - Allen
Budget material and appropriations
Buildings and facilities
Civil defense
Committees Medical Advisory Committee
Dallas trip, February 21, 1974
Bond drive, 1973
Conference and conventions general
Conferences, American Public Works Association (APWA)
Conferences and conventions, poverty and mental retardation
Child support collection
Conferences and conventions, Amarillo Potter Co. Child Welfare Board
Conferences and conventions, child abuse
Conferences and conventions, Texas Medical Association
Contract operations
Commodity distribution program
Day care
Day care licensing cases
Family planning
Fair hearings
Food stamp program proposals statewide and computerization
Budget hearing
Committees Department Personnel Advisory Committee
Study of department PA delivery systems
1991/188-19 Administrative reorganization
Assistant Commissioner for Data Systems
Deputy Commissioner, administrative management
Deputy Commissioner, program administration
Assistant Commissioner, medical administration
Assistant Commissioner financial and reports and statistics
Assistant Commissioner, personnel and training
Assistant Commissioner, planning and coordination
Automatic Data Processing Division
Business Management Division
Commodity Distribution Division
Contract Services Division
Field Operations Division
Financial Services Division
General Counsel
Institutional Services Division
Legal Services Division
Medical Assistance Division
Medical Services Division
Operational research
Public Information Office
Quality Control Division
Reports and Statistics Division
Social Security Division
Educational leave
Systems and Procedures Division
Training and Staff Development Division
Administrative changes
AFDC - Simplified eligibility determination
Adult social services
Airplane correspondence
Airplane reports
1991/188-20 Nursing Home Program, general correspondence
Nursing Home Program, correspondence
Nursing Home Program, Nightengale Nursing Home
Nursing Home Program, Webber Nursing Homes
Nursing Home Program, NH cost study project
Nursing Home Program, owners lists
Processed Title XIX claims
Utilization review
Vendor Drug Program, correspondence, legislative, congressional, and state Offices
Vendor Drug Program, correspondence with pharmacists
[2 folders]
Vendor Drug Program, general correspondence
Vendor Drug Program, proposals
Vendor Drug Program, paid prescriptions
Vendor Drug Program, statistics
Wichita Falls Child Welfare Board
1991/188-21 Food Stamp Program, county judge letters
Hatch Act
Health, Social and Rehabilitation Information System
Houston Comprehensive Services
Insurance, state employees ins.
Insurance, DPW Group Ins.
Insurance, DPW Vehicle
Manuals, availability of
Memoranda, executive budget letters
Memoranda, ARS memo
Out - of - state correspondence
Out - of - state travel requests
Recipients in other states
Staff meetings regional
Staff meetings state office
Statistical memo no. 4
Training contracts with colleges and universities
Translation of agency forms
Validation, quality control and fraud
Validation, quality control and fraud Clifford Jeffcoat
APWA, September 25, 1973
General correspondence, 1974
Hew audit exception
Early diagnosis and screenings
Family Planning
Nursing Home Program correspondence with legislative, congressional, and state offices
Nursing Home Program general correspondence
[2 folders]
1991/188-22 File A
File B
File C
File D
File E
File F
File G
File H
File I
File J
File K
File L
File M
File Mc
File N
File O
File P
File Q
File R
File S
File T
File U
File V
File W
File XYZ
1991/188-23 1973-1974:
Aircraft - itinerary and expense monthly report
[4 folders]
APWA, 1973
[2 folders]
APWA meeting, June 1974
APWA, September 1974
APWA, meetings
APWA, Personnel Committee, 1974
1991/188-24 Appreciation letters from DPW
[2 folders]
Associations file 2
Attorney General cases
Attorney General cases file 2
Attorney General opinions requested
Attorney General general opinions requested
Attorney General reports
Attorney General reports placement of Illinois wards in Texas child caring institutions
Austin Evaluation Center
Austin Housing Authority
Board of Control
Buckwald file
APWA Social Security Liaison Committee
Raymond W. Vowell, Commissioner
1991/188-25 Budget
[2 folders]
Budget Legislative Budget Board
Budget proposals
Budget zero base budget
Legislative app. request no. 2
Budget Office of the Governor
Business management
Certification Services section
Child care organization:
Alternatives to institutional care
Charter studies
Charter studies, denied
Charter studies, donor agencies
Charter studies, extension
Charter studies, recommended
Commercial boarding homes
Day care program comments - min.
Day care program Commissioner's materials
Family Code Title 2
Funds information requested
1991/188-26 Day care program
Investigations, Artesia Hall
Buckner Orphan's Home
Investigation, Friends Special School
Investigations, Mary Lee Schools
Licensing procedures standards
Licensing applications
Licenses issued
Licenses revoked
License revoked, Bexar St. Baptist
License revoked, Kiddie Kollege
License revoked, Orange Goose School
Licensing revoked, Wood Acres
Licensing standards
Texas Penal Code article 606A
Waiver requests
Child Guidance Center - Austin
Child support
Child support, absent parent
Child support, legal actions
Child support, paternity
Authorized employees of the House Subcommittee on Public Welfare
Child care organization, investigation, Boles Home
Child care organization, license revoked, Githens
1991/188-27 Child support statistics
Child Welfare League of America
[2 folders]
Child Welfare Services
Child welfare, child abuse
Child welfare, child abuse project
Child Welfare Services, custody
Harris County Child Welfare Board
[2 folders]
Commission for the Deaf
Commission on Services to Youth and Children
Comprehensive health insurance plan
Comprehensive health planning
1991/188-28 Computer information
Congressional record
Continuing education, August 1974
Continuing education
Continuing education, executive management training
Continuing education, 1972-1973
Continuing education, stipend employees
Contract services, contracts cancelled
Contract services, 1974
Contract services, Booz, Allen Public Administration
Contract services, manpower
Contract services, Peat, Marwick, Mitchell and Co.
Contract services, 1973
Continuing education, St. Edward's proposal
1991/188-29 Contract services, statistics
Council of Governments
Council on Tax - Financed Health Care Programs
Credit card and telephone charges
Data systems
Data systems, 1973
Data systems, Special Projects Bureau
Department of Community Affairs
[2 folders]
Department of Health
DPW Board
Department of Public Welfare State Office
Disaster Emergency Services
Division of Planning Coordination
[2 folders]
Division of Planning Coordination, Comprehensive Employment and Training, CETA
Department of Planning Coordination, HUD
1991/188-30 Division of Planning Coordination, manpower
Division of Planning Coordination, Texas Commission on Alcoholism
Division for the Spanish Speaking
1115 Projects
1115 Project New Lives
1115 Projects EDP Master Plan
Early childhood development
Employees educational opportunities
Employees fringe benefits
Employees retirement system
Employee orientation
Employment inquiry
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Employment, prospective employees
Executive mail center
Energy crisis
Family code
Field administration, 1974
Field administration, 1973
Field administration, format of a regional plan
Field administration, pilot project - Home Care
Financial Services:
1991/188-31 American repatriates
Federal justification
Fraud units, Dallas
Reports and statistics
AFDC administration
AFDC case inquiry
AFDC complaints
AFDC federal correspondence
AFDC reports and statistics
Food Stamps Administration
Food Stamp Program Administration
Financial Services, food stamp cases
Financial Services, food stamp complaints
1991/188-32 Financial Services, food stamp federal correspondence
[3 folders]
Financial Services, food stamp reports and statistics
House Committee on Human Resources
[2 folders]
Identity verification protection vendors
Information Services
Hillcrest Foundation
Hogg Foundation
Guides Association
HEW Lawsuit
House Bill VI
Group Hospital Services Inc. annual statement
Green Thumb
Greater South Texas Cultural Basin
Foster Care Program, children
Fundraising programs
1991/188-33 Fiscal Division
Foster Care Program adults
Fiscal affairs, 1974
Immigration and State Welfare Systems
Investigation/ fraud
Invitations, 1974
Invitations, 1973
Legal Services
Legislation state current
Management tracking system
Media requests
Legislation federal current
Meetings, 1974
1991/188-34 Interstate Compact Placement of Children
[5 folders]
Memos to Dolph Briscoe
Mental Health/ Mental Retardation
[2 folders]
Merit System
[2 folders]
Merit System Council
Moody Foundation
National Governor's Conference
National Health Institution
National Public Employment Relations Act
National Welfare Rights
1991/188-35 Personnel, complaints against
Personnel, complaints from
Personnel, conflict of interest
Personnel, Employee Indoctrination Program
Personnel, memoranda
Personnel, manual revisions
Personnel, performance reports
Personnel, positions
Personnel, reassignment
Personnel, promotions
Personnel, reinstatement
Personnel, resignations
Personnel, retirement
Personnel, State Personnel Sub - Committee
Personnel, suspension
Personnel, sympathy
Personnel, transportation
Texas Public Employees Association
Personnel, 1973
Personnel from Mr. Chapman's office
[4 folders]
Press releases
PROGRAM administration
Program reviews
Program review of financial services
Public Assistance
Public Assistance No. 2
Public Assistance Aid to the Needy Blind
1991/188-36 Office of Information Services
Office of Information Services - Health and Human Resources Division
Office of Management and Budget
Office of Migrant Affairs
Organizational proposals pending
Out of state - Alabama
Operational research
Out of state - Alaska
Out of state - Arizona
Out of state - Arkansas
Out of state - California
Out of state - Colorado
Out of state - Connecticut
Out of state - Florida
Out of state - Georgia
Out of state - Hawaii
Out of state - Illinois
Out of state- Indiana
Out of state - Iowa
Out of state - Kansas
Out of state - Louisiana
Out of state - Maine
Out of state - Maryland
Out of state - Massachusetts
Out of state- Michigan
Out of state - Minnesota
Out of state - Mississippi
Out of state - Missouri
Out of state - Montana
Out of state - Nebraska
Out of state - Nevada
Out of state - New Jersey
Out of state - New Mexico
Out of state - New York
Out of state - North Carolina
Out of state - North Dakota
Out of state - Oklahoma
Out of state - South Carolina
Out of state - Tennessee
Out of state - Utah
Out of state - Washington
Out of state - Washington DC
Out of state - West Virginia
Out of state - Wisconsin
Personnel, bonds
Personnel, case history
Personnel, commendation
Personnel case history Jenkins, Lucy
Personnel, John Ripley
1991/188-37 Public Assistance Aid to the Partially and Totally Disabled
[2 folders]
Public Assistance Aid to Families With Dependent Children Eligibility
Public assistance, eligibility
Public assistance, Old Age Assistance
Public assistance, Food Stamps, field visits
Public assistance, fraud cases, 1974
Public assistance, fraud cases, 1973
Public assistance, modification
Public assistance, WASHINGTON material
Public information
Public employees, honesty blanket policy
Public information, publications
Public information, requests
Public law 93-66
Public Relations Program
Purchase request
Quality control, 1974
[2 folders]
Quality control, 1973
[2 folders]
Rehabilitation Commission
Rehabilitation Commission, Public Assistance Quarterly
Rehabilitation Commission PA/VR Project
Responses to request for information
1991/188-38 Social services, 1973
Social services, contracts
Social security, buy - in letters
Social services, inquiry
Social services, homemaker services
Social services, adult alternate care plan
Social services, public information
Social services, public information requests
Social services, reports
Social services, research and demonstration work plan
Social services reg.
Special services, 1973-1974
Special services Division
Speeches, Mr. Vowell
Staff meetings
State Board of Insurance
Standards for residential facilities for the mentally retarded
Supplemental Security Income, 1974
Supplemental Security Income, 1973
1991/188-39 Responses to request for information, 1974
Responses to questionnaires, 1973
Responses to questionnaires, 1974
Review response form
Senate Committee on Human Resources
Social Security, 1974
Social Security, 1973
Social Security
Social Security, bendex letters
Secretary of State, correspondence
Social Security, buy-in letters
Social services, 1973
Social services, 1974
1991/188-40 Supplemental Security Income, 1973
Supplemental Security Income, state conversion procedures manual
Supplemental Security Income, Human Resources 11333
Supplemental Security Income, Human Resources 3153
Supplemental Security Income, case inquiries
Supplemental Security Income, 1974
Supplemental Security Income, identical memos
Supplemental Security Income, program information
Supplemental Security Income, SDX tapes
Systems and procedures, 1974
Texas Medical Assistance Program, budget eligibility
Texas Medical Assistance Program, community services for the elderly
Texas Medical Assistance Program, Medicaid (XIX)
Texas Medical Assistance Program, Dallas Regional Medical Services letters
Supplemental Security Income, presentations
1991/188-41 Texas Medical Assistance Program Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT), administration
Texas Medical Assistance Program EPSDT, federal correspondence
Medicaid administration
Social services reporting system
Social services No. 1
Texas Medical Assistance Program:
Medicaid Title XIX
EPSDT reports and statistics
Medical administration, 1974
[2 folders]
1991/188-42 Medical program administration
Medical program federal correspondence
Medicaid (XIX) administration claims
Medicaid (XIX) contracts, 1973
Medicaid (XIX) administration eligibility
Medicaid XIX, general complaints
Medicaid XIX, reports and statistics
Medical assistance, 1973
Medical program general care complaint
Medical assistance, 1974
Medical program current operations of Group Hospital Service Inc.
Medical program general case inquiry
Medical program general investigation/fraud
Medicaid Title XIX, administration
Medicaid Title XIX, federal correspondence
Medicaid Title XIX, general case inquiry
Medicaid Title XIX, general complaints
Medicaid Title XIX, legislation
Texas Medical Administration Program, nursing home administration
[2 folders]
1991/188-43 Texas Medical Assistance Program:
Nursing home
Nursing home, federal correspondence
Nursing home, 1974
Nursing homes, administration audit
Nursing home, administration policy statement
Nursing home, care complaints
Nursing homes, general care complaints
Nursing homes, general cases
Nursing homes, general payment
Nursing homes, general case complaints - Rose
Nursing homes, general investigation/fraud
[2 folders]
Nursing homes, leave of absence
Nursing homes, legislation
Nursing homes, reports and statistics
Nursing homes, state long term care letters 1
Texas Admissions and Review Program
Nursing homes, utilization reviews
Utilization review
Vendor Drug administration
Texas Medical Assistance Program:
Vendor Drug Program, 1974
Vendor Drug, audit requests
Vendor Drug, general complaints
Vendor Drug, investigation
1991/188-44 Vendor Drug Program, contracts
Vendor Drug Program, Texas Pharmaceutical Association
Vendor Drug Program, general payment
Texas Public Employees Association
Texas Association of Community Action Agencies
Texas Research League
Title IV
Title IV-A, funds for children in day care
Title IV-B
United fund
United fund, Texas United Community Services
United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Services, Commodity Distribution Program
United States Department of Agriculture
United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Services, news
United States Department of Agriculture, Food Distribution Program
[2 folders]
United States Department of Agriculture, Food Stamp Program
[3 folders]
1991/188-45 United States Department of Agriculture, Food Distribution Program investigation
United States Department of Agriculture, Food Stamp Program inquiry
United States Department of Agriculture, Food Stamp Program investigation
United States Department of Agriculture, food stamp complaints
United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service, notices
United States Department of Agriculture, food processing contracts
Unnumbered letters
Volunteer programs
Youth Care and Rehabilitation Task Force
Work Incentive Program, 1974
Work Incentive Program, 1973
Work Incentive Program
Subject files, 1960s-1976
1991/188-47 Jerome Chapman, 1960s-1976:
Hunger and starvation
Nursing homes
HEW summer programs for children
Information and Publications Office
HEW - Social Service
HEW - Meeting S.S. Amendments, 1967
Legal Division, 1974
Administrative management, 1973
1991/188-48 State administrators, 1973
SSI Washington
Community Council of Beaumont - North Jefferson County
Texas Social Welfare Association, 1969-1970
Texas Public Employees Association
Texas Public Employees Association, 1972
Texas Public Employees Association, legislation
Texas Public Employees Association, resolutions, 1970
Texas Research League
Texas Pharmaceutical Association
Training Division
US Commission on Civil Rights Study
Vending machines
Legal Services, 1973
Medical - Title XIX Preprinted State Plan
Medical administration
Housing authorities
1991/188-49 F - letters
Senate Bill 168 Family Code
ADP agreement with state of Oklahoma
ADP monthly printouts
Agriculture, United States
Aging Governor's Committee
Budget requests
Bulletins, HCW
Annual report
Annual finance report
Fiscal Division, Child Welfare Unit Services expenditures
Social Services, adoption
Planned Parenthood, world population
Mental Retardation, pact
Mental Retardation, 1966-1967
General federal registers, congressional records, etc
Child Development Advisory Committee
HEW correspondence relating to purchase of service
Travis County
Child development, 1972
1991/188-50 Administrative Review Committee
Social Services
General administration
Budgetary concerns
Assistance Payments Division
Child development, 1973-1974
Lawsuit, Debbie Sue Williams
State Agency, DPW Division Executive Division
Executive Division
Executive Assistant
1991/188-51 Child development
Early childhood development
Administrative Study Committee
Committees: Interagency Task Force on Youth
State Personnel Policy Study Committee
Automatic typewriters MT/ST
Child Support Collection Division
Reading folder
Texas Public Employees Association
1991/188-52 Texas Public Employees Association
Texas Public Employees Association, 1973-1974
Government Relations Advisory Committee, 1975
Regional administrators meeting, 1975
Data Systems, AFDC Process Improvement Project
Automatic Data Processing Division
Automatic Data Processing Division, 1973-1974
Assistant Commission for Data Systems and Management Administration
File letters unnumbered, 1972
1991/188-53 Publicity
Program administration staff meetings
Minutes state office staff
Medical eligibility, January 1, 1974
Nursing home cost structure
Summit Oaks Achievement Center, Brenham Campus
Research and Demonstration Day Care Project
State agencies
Child Welfare, general, 1968
Questions regarding Child Welfare Board
St. James Kindergarten and Nursery
Texas Department of Corrections
Vocational rehabilitation
Phase III System's analysis and design
Basic computer concepts, 1966
1991/188-54 American Red Cross reports and Statistics Bulletin No. 2
Reports and Statistics Bulletin No. 4 payments
Reports and statistics appeals
Reports and Statistics Bulletin No. 5, Public Assistant Investigations
Reports and statistics, personnel
Reports and statistics, monthly statistical tabulation of medical assistance
Reports and statistics, 1973-1974
Reports and Statistics Division, 1969
Stipend placement meeting
HEW Medical Assistance Plan
HEW State Annual Report on the Aged, Mentally Ill and Mentally Retarded
Program Administration, 1969-1970
Regulations Social Services
Harris County Contract
Research and Demonstration Day Care Project
Social Services, 1969
Administration/ program support
HEW Audit - day care, 1973
HEW Audit skilled nursing homes, 1973
Demonstration Regions Advisory Committee
Project Enable Board
Public Welfare organizational chart
Jean Cragen's files on Youth Care and Rehabilitation Task Force, 1973-1976
1991/188-55 Youth Care and Rehabilitation Task Force, general correspondence
Youth Care and Rehabilitation Task Force, House Committee on Human Resources
Youth Care and Rehabilitation Task Force, Child Mistreatment Prevention Program
Comprehensive state plan
Youth Care and Rehabilitation Task Force:
Juvenile Delinquency
Interagency Task Force
Task Element status reports
Task I
Task II
An operation model for licensing supervision and consultation
Youth Care and Rehabilitation Task Force:
Interagency Health and Human Resources Commission
1991/188-56 Task III Child Mistreatment Prevention Program
[2 folders]
Task V
Task VII
Interagency Task Force
Task IX
Child Mistreatment Prevention Program
Task X
Task XI
Task XII
Texas Commission on Services to Youth and Children
Texas Family Code
Child abuse series from The Christian Science Monitor
Randy Pendleton's files, 1973
1991/188-57 Family code
Family planning
Federal legislation
Financial Services - AFDC
Fiscal affairs
Food Stamp Program
Home health services
Legal services
Legislative Budget Board
Long range planning
Medical administration
Mental Health/ Mental Retardation
National Governor's Conference
Nursing homes, cost structure in Texas, 1970
Nursing homes, administration
Nursing homes, payment
Personnel hearing, Hubert C. Wright
Personnel, resignation
Public assistance
Public assistance, appeals
Public complaints
Public information, requests
Public law 92-603 (SSI)
Quality control
Recipient correspondence
Recipient fraud
Recommendations for congressional action
Sick leave utilization
Social Services, federal matching
State offices - DPW
Statistical reports
Texas Commission on Services to Children and Youth
Texas Public Employees Association
United States Department of Agriculture and Food Distribution Program
Vendor drug
Visits requests and reports
Jerome Chapman's files, 1960s-1976
1991/188-58 Commodities Division, 1972
Commodity Distribution Division, 1973-1974
Contract Services Division, 1971
Contract Services Division, 1972
Family assistance plan
Economic Opportunity Act, 1967-1971
Social Services Division, 1973
Fiscal division, 1971-1972
4C Program
Legal Services, 1971
1991/188-59 HEW unnumbered state letters, 1969
HEW unnumbered state letters, 1970
HEW unnumbered state letters, 1971
Chapman's files, general, 1972-1973
HEW unnumbered state letters, 1972
HEW unnumbered state letters, 1973
Chapman's files, medical services
Chapman's files, AFDC
Chapman's files, Child Welfare
1991/188-60 State report, 1966
Social Services Division, 1972
State letters, 863-895
State letters, 896-915
State letters, 916-955
State letters, 956-984
State letters, 985-1010
State letters, 1011-1060
State letters, 1061-
Unnumbered state letters, 1966
Unnumbered state letters, 1967
Unnumbered state letters, 1968
1991/188-61 Quality control state report, 1968
Fiscal Division
Financial Services Division
Social Services Division, 1970
Fiscal Division, 1973-1974
General correspondence
Child Welfare, child abuse
Child Welfare, HR 16760
Phon-o-grams, 1973-1977
1991/188-62 Phon-o-grams for Randy Pendleton and Jack Blanton, 1973-1977
1991/188-63 Phon-o-gram for Raymond W. Vowell, 1973-1977
Phon-o-gram for Jerry Chapman, 1974-1977
Commissioners' files, 1960-1975
1991/188-64 Data systems
AFDC Program expressed in Title IV
Buy-in agreement for medical insurance under Part B of Title XVIII
Governor's Office, Committee on Aging
Governor's Office, Committee on Human Relations
Governor's Office, Interagency Health Council
Governor's Office, Public Service Career Project
Health Department
Health Department, Texas Health Data Institute
State Board of Insurance
Lieutenant Governor's Office
Mental Health and Mental Retardation
Merit System Council reports
State Board of Licensure for Nursing Home Administrators
Department of Public Safety
Rehabilitation Commission, Texas
Texas Research League
State Retirement System
Secretary of State
Texas Commission for Services to Children and Youth
Legislative Committees Disease Prevention by Immunization
Treasury Department
University of Texas System
University of Texas LBJ School of Public Affairs
County and state governments, general
Governor's Office, Human Resources Council
Letters written for Mr. Chapman's signature
Letters written for Mr. Vowell's signature
Correspondence out - Bob
Other letters written by Bob
1991/188-65 Governor's Office, 1971
Governor's Office, 1972
Governor's Office, 1973
Good Neighbor Commission
Texas Employment Commission
Governor's Office, 1970
Department of Corrections
State Comptroller
Community Affairs, Department of Community Services Model Cities
Attorney General, 1971
Attorney General, 1972
Attorney General, 1973
Division of Governor's Office, Operations Analysis
Field Operations Division, 1973
Executive staff meetings, 1975
Business management general
Financial Services, 1975
State letters index
Mr. Chapman's SSI file
EOA correspondence, 1965-1969
Children's Bureau Department of HEW, 1943-1970
1991/188-66 September 1, 1943 - September 1, 1944
September 1, 1944 - September 1, 1945
September 1, 1945 - September 1, 1946
September 1, 1946 - September 1, 1947
September 1, 1947 - September 1, 1948
September 1, 1948 - September 1, 1949
September 1, 1949 - September 1, 1950
September 1, 1950 - September 1, 1951
September 1, 1951 - September 1, 1952
1991/188-67 September 1, 1952 - September 1, 1953
September 1, 1953 - September 1, 1954
September 1, 1954 - September 1, 1955
September 1, 1955 - September 1, 1956
September 1, 1956 - September 1, 1957
September 1, 1957 - September 1, 1958
September 1, 1958 - September 1, 1959
September 1, 1959 - September 1, 1960
1991/188-68 September 1, 1960 - September 1, 1961
September 1, 1961 - September 1, 1962
September 1, 1962 - September 1, 1963
September 1, 1963 - September 1, 1964
September 1, 1964 - September 1, 1965
September 1, 1965 - September 1, 1966
September 1, 1966 - September 1, 1967
September 1, 1967 - September 1, 1968
September 1, 1968 - September 1, 1969
September 1, 1969 - September 1, 1970
Commissioners' files, 1969-1973
1991/188-69 Department of Housing and Urban Development
Internal Revenue Services and Price Commission
Federal legislation, miscellaneous
HEW Appropriations Bill
Alien Policy, proposed HEW regulation re: illegal aliens
HR 16311, Family Act of 1970, HR 17550, Social Security Amendment
HR1, Welfare Reform Act
P1 90-248, Amendments to the Social Security Act, Title IV, 1967
PL 92-152, "State and Local Fiscal Assistance Act" (Revenue Sharing), 1972
HR 1, testimony before Senate Finance Committee
Social Security increase
Congressman A
Congressman B
Congressman C
Congressman D
Congressman De la Garza
Congressman E
Congressman F
Congressman G
Congressman H
Congressman J
Congressman K
Congressman L
Congressman M
Congressman P
Congressman Pickle
Congressman Patman
Congressman R
Congressman S
Congressman T
Congressman Tower
Congressman W
Congressman Y
American Public Welfare Association, National Council of State Welfare Administration
American Public Welfare Association
American Public Welfare Association, Southwest Regional Conference meetings
American Red Cross
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Texas Medical Association
Texas Nursing Home Association
Welfare Rights Organization