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An Inventory of Senate Committee on Education Records at the Texas State Archives, 1972-1993, bulk 1983-1992


Creator: Texas. Legislature. Senate. Committee on Education
Title: Senate Committee on Education records
Dates: 1972-1993
Dates (Bulk): bulk 1983-1992
Abstract: The Texas Senate Committee on Education is a standing committee concerned with all aspects of education in public schools and with higher education in state colleges and universities in Texas. Records are correspondence, memoranda, minutes, transcripts, magazine articles, journal articles, newsletters, reports, newspaper clippings, legislative bills, bill analyses, and lawsuits. They document public education reform and public education financing in Texas and date from 1972 to 1993, bulk 1983-1992.
Quantity: 127 cubic ft.
Location: Please note that these records are stored at the State Records Center. Because of the possibility that portions of these records fall under the Public Information Act exceptions, these records must be reviewed by an archivist before they can be accessed for research. Records requested before 10:00 a.m. will usually be available for review by an archivist by 4:00 p.m. the same day. Records requested after 10:00 a.m. and before 3:00 p.m. will usually be available for review by an archivist by noon the next day. See the "Restrictions on Access" statement in this document for further information.
Language: These materials are written predominately in English.
Repository: Texas State Archives
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Agency History

The Texas Senate Committee on Education is a standing committee concerned with all aspects of education in public schools and with higher education in state colleges and universities in Texas. State agencies within the committee's jurisdiction include the State Board of Education, the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation. Chairmen of the Committee during the years represented in these records are: Senators Oscar Mauzy, 63rd-66th Legislatures, 1973-1979; W. E. "Pete" Snelson, 67th Legislature, 1981; Carl Parker, 68th-72nd Legislatures, 1983-1991; and Bill Ratliff, 73rd Legislature, 1993.

The Senate Committee on Education was at the center of public education reform and public education financing, engaged in such activities as doing research, holding hearings, and drafting legislation. Public school education reform was highlighted with the passage of House Bill 72 (68th Texas Legislature, 2nd Called Session) in the summer of 1984. This reform act was formulated by the Select Committee on Public Education, appointed by Governor Mark White and chaired by Dallas businessman Ross Perot. Senator Parker was a member of the Select Committee. HB 72 provided equalization formulas for state financial aid for public education, initiated competency testing for both entering and existing teachers, and set academic achievement as a priority in public education with the adoption of a no-pass/no-play rule prohibiting students scoring below 70 in any class from participating in sports and other extracurricular activities.

In addition to the Select Committee on Public Education, other special committees were created to study education reform issues. Chairman Parker and other Senate Committee on Education members served on these special education committees. The Select Committee on Higher Education (SCOHE) was established by House Concurrent Resolution 105 (69th Legislature, Regular Session) 1985, to make a comprehensive study of all issues and concerns relating to higher education in Texas, including curriculum requirements, projected needs for higher education programs, and faculty workloads/class size. The Select Committee on Education was created by Governor Bill Clements in 1988 to examine the educational system, public education financing, and student performance, and to make recommendations for improvements. House Concurrent Resolution 107 (70th Legislature) in 1987, created the Special Committee on Post-Secondary Medical, Dental, and Allied Health Education (SCOME). SCOME was to investigate the governance and role of each medical teaching institution, and the long-term manpower needs for physicians in Texas, and make recommendations for a cost-effective methodology to fund health-related education. Finally, in 1991, the Joint Select Committee on Higher Education, 72nd Legislature, made recommendations to improve quality, access, business management, and research opportunities at the state's higher education facilities.

The funding of Texas public school education was before the Texas Legislature throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s. The impetus for this concern was lawsuits filed in the Edgewood School District in San Antonio that challenged the state's reliance on property taxation for financing education, claiming that the system discriminates against property-poor school districts such as Edgewood. In 1990 a state district judge declared that Texas' method of financing education was unconstitutional. The Senate Committee on Education responded by assisting the 71st Legislature in drafting a variety of plans in an effort to come up with a constitutional school finance plan. One attempt was the so-called "Robin Hood" plan, taking funds from richer districts and redistributing money to poorer ones. This proposal was defeated by the voters at the polls. The 72nd Legislature subsequently passed a similar plan giving richer districts several options to pass funds to poorer districts. This plan was challenged in court as unconstitutional.

Scope and Contents of the Records

The Texas Senate Committee on Education is a standing committee concerned with all aspects of education in public schools and with higher education in state colleges and universities in Texas. Records are correspondence, memoranda, minutes, transcripts, magazine articles, journal articles, newsletters, reports, newspaper clippings, legislative bills, bill analyses, and lawsuits. They document public education reform and public education financing in Texas and date from 1972 to 1993, with the bulk from 1983 to 1992 when Senator Carl Parker was chairman of the Senate Committee on Education. The two dominant subjects in the committee's records are public education reform and public education financing. The other pressing issue found throughout these records is public education financing. Records are from the Senate Committee on Education and other special education committees including the Select Committee on Public Education (House Bill 72, 68th Texas Legislature, 2nd Called Session), the Select Committee on Higher Education (SCOHE), the Special Committee on Post-Secondary Medical, Dental, and Allied Health Education (SCOME), and the Joint Select Committee on Higher Education. Senator Carl Parker served on all of these special committees and most of the records from these special committees are Senator Parker's copies. Records of note from the Senate Committee on Education internal operations include minutes, meeting files, legislative bill files, and the correspondence of Chairman Carl Parker. Other records concern public education, higher education, and public school financing.

Organization of the Records

Records are organized into four series as created and maintained by the staff of the Senate Committee on Education. Each series is divided into further groups. Some series have further subdivisions:
Committee administration records, 1972-1993, 45 cubic ft.
Public education files, 1972-1992, bulk 1983-1992, 28 cubic ft.
Higher education records, 1973-1992, 37 cubic ft.
Public school finance records, 1972-1992, bulk 1985-1991, 17 cubic ft.


Restrictions on Access

Materials do not circulate, but may be used in the State Archives search room. Materials will be retrieved from and returned to storage areas by staff members.

Because of the possibility that portions of these records within each series fall under Public Information Act exceptions including, but not limited to: confidentiality of a memorandum of a communication of a resident with a member of the legislature (V.T.C.A., Government Code, Section 306.003); confidentiality of a communication of a citizen with a member of the legislature (V.T.C.A., Government Code, Section 306.004); confidentiality of communication of an assistant or employee of the Texas Legislative Council with a member of the legislature (V.T.C.A., Government Code, Section 323.017); and privacy (V.T.C.A., Government Code, Section 552.101), an archivist must review these records before they can be accessed for research. The records may be requested for research under the provisions of the Public Information Act (V.T.C.A., Government Code, Chapter 552). The researcher may request an interview with an archivist or submit a request by mail (Texas State Library and Archives Commission, P. O. Box 12927, Austin, TX 78711), fax (512-463-5436), email (Dir_Lib@tsl.state.tx.us), or see our web page (http://www.tsl.state.tx.us/agency/customer/pia.html). Include enough description and detail about the information requested to enable the archivist to accurately identify and locate the information. If our review reveals information that may be excepted by the Public Information Act, we are obligated to seek an open records decision from the Attorney General on whether the records can be released. The Public Information Act allows the Archives ten working days after receiving a request to make this determination. The Attorney General has 45 working days to render a decision. Alternately, the Archives can inform you of the nature of the potentially excepted information and if you agree, that information can be redacted or removed and you can access the remainder of the records.

Restrictions on Use

Most records created by Texas state agencies are not copyrighted. State records also include materials received by, not created by, state agencies. Copyright remains with the creator. The researcher is responsible for complying with U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17 U.S.C.).

Technical Requirements


Index Terms

The terms listed here were used to catalog the records. The terms can be used to find similar or related records.
Personal Names:
Parker, Carl.
Corporate Names:
Texas. Select Committee on Public Education.
Texas. Select Committee on Higher Education.
Texas. Legislature. Special Committee on Post-Secondary Medical, Dental, and Allied Education.
Texas. Legislature. Joint Select Committee on Higher Education.
Education, Higher--Texas.
Educational law and legislation--Texas.
Texas--Politics and government--1972-1993.
Document Types:
Clippings (information artifacts)--Education--Texas--1972-1993.
Bills (legislative records)--Education--Texas--1972-1993.
Reforming and financing public education in Texas.

Related Material

The following materials are offered as possible sources of further information on the agencies and subjects covered by the records. The listing is not exhaustive.

Texas State Archives
Texas Legislature, Senate, Committee on Education, Cassette tapes, 1972-1977, 1983-1991, 1 cubic ft., RESTRICTED. [There is no finding aid for these unprocessed records. Call number is 1993/211.]
Texas Legislature, Select Committee on Education, Minutes and exhibits, 1988, 0.7 cubic ft. [There is no finding aid for these unprocessed records. Call number is 2004/103.]
Texas Legislature, House of Representatives, Committee on Public Education, Records, 1982-1992, bulk 1988-1992, 42 cubic ft., RESTRICTED.
Texas Legislature, Senate, Records of Senator Carl Parker, 1977-1982, 21 cubic ft., RESTRICTED. [There is no finding aid for these unprocessed records. Call numbers are 1995/155-1 thru 21.]
Texas Legislature, Senate, Records of Senator Carl Parker, 1977-1989; 79 cubic ft., RESTRICTED. [There is no finding aid for these unprocessed records. Call numbers are 1999/143-1 thru 79.]
Texas State Board of Education minutes and agenda, 1950-2005, 33.5 cubic ft.
Texas Governor Mark White records, 1947, 1962-1987, bulk 1983-1986, undated, 424.75 cubic ft.
Texas Legislature, Senate committee minutes, 1959-1967, 1972-1979, 1999-2008, bulk 1999-2008, 6.95 cubic ft. [Includes Senate Committee on Education minutes, 1977-1979, and Senate Select Committee Education Reform and Public School Finance minutes, 2006.]
Texas, Comptroller's Office Executive Administration Division records, 1973-1988, 1991-2002, 18.75 cubic ft. [See series Reports, 1978-1986, bulk 1982-1986, 3 cubic ft.]
Texas Education Agency, Executive Office files and pilot study projects, 1970-1991, 73 cubic ft. [There is no finding aid for these unprocessed records. Call numbers are 2003/100-1 thru 73.]
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board records, 1966, 1970-1972, 1976-1997, 1999-2002, bulk 1978-1983, 37.9 cubic ft.
Edgewood Independent School District et al. v. Kirby et al., C-8353, Texas Supreme Court case files [This case file is in off-site storage at the State Records Center. Records requested before 10:00 a.m. will usually be available for review by an archivist by 4:00 p.m. the same day. Records requested after 10:00 a.m. and before 3:00 p.m. will usually be available for review by an archivist by noon the next day.]
Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center, Liberty, Texas
Texas Legislature, Senate, Records of Senator Carl Parker, 1978-1994, 47 cubic ft., RESTRICTED. [There is no finding aid for these unprocessed records. Call number is 1995/054.]

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

(Identify the item and cite the series), Texas Senate Committee on Education records. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Accession Information

Accession numbers: 1992/299, 1993/112

These records were transferred to the Archives and Information Services Division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission by the Senate Committee on Education on August 17, 1992 and January 14, 1993.

Processing Information

Processed by Paul B. Beck, September 1994

Revised and DACS compliance by Jessica Tucker, November 2011

Detailed Description of the Records

Committee administration records, 1972-1993,
45 cubic ft.

The Texas Senate Committee on Education is a standing committee concerned with all aspects of education in public schools and with higher education in state colleges and universities in Texas. Records document public education reform and public education financing in Texas and date 1973-1993. Administrative records from the Senate Committee on Education are organized into five groups: minutes and meeting files, Chairman Carl Parker correspondence, Texas Constitutional Revision Commission, committee office policy, and education legislation. Minutes and meeting files date 1972-1986, 1991-1992. Senator Parker's correspondence (1985-1993) is further divided into three subgroups: chronological, alphabetical, and schools and universities. Correspondence within the schools and universities group includes protests over the proposed closing or merger of various state universities in 1986 and the issue of public school finance. Education legislation includes bill status books and legislative summaries, 1975-1987, and copies of bills related to education, including public school financing, from the 69th-72nd Legislatures, 1985-1991.
The records are organized into five groups: minutes and meeting files, Chairman Carl Parker's correspondence, Texas Constitutional Revision Commission, committee office policy, and education legislation. Chairman Carl Parker's correspondence is further divided into three subgroups: chronological, alphabetical, and schools and universities.
Preferred Citation
(Identify the item), Committee administration records, Texas Senate Committee on Education records. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.
Processed by
Paul B. Beck, September 1994
Minutes and meeting files, 1972-1986, 1991-1992
1992/299-38 62nd Legislature, 4th Called Session, 1972
63rd Legislature, Regular Session, 1973
64th Legislature, Regular Session, 1975
65th Legislature, Regular and Called Sessions, 1977-1978
66th Legislature, Regular Session, 1979
67th Legislature, Regular Session, 1981
1992/299-39 68th Legislature, Regular Session, 1983
69th Legislature, Regular Session and 1st Called Session, 1985
1993/112-74 69th Legislature, 2nd and 3rd Called Sessions, 1986
1993/112-86 72nd Legislature, Regular Session, February-April 1991
Senate Bill (SB) 351 Conference Committee, 1991
Incoming correspondence, public school finance, 1991
1993/112-87 72nd Legislature, Regular Session, April-May 1991
Senate Interim Education Committee, November 6, 1991
72nd Legislature, 4th Called Session, November-December 1992
Chairman Carl Parker correspondence, 1985-1993
Chronological, 1985-1988:
1992/299-21 January 1985
February 1985:
March 1985:
April 1985:
1992/299-29 N-Z
May 1985:
1992/299-23 June 1985:
July-August 1985
September-November 1985
December 1985
January-April 1986
June-July 1986
[7 folders]
1992/299-29 May-August 1986
September-November 1986
December 1986
"No response necessary, "1986-1987
[4 folders]
1992/299-22 January-August 1987
1992/299-24 February 1987-January 1988
April 1988
Alphabetical by topic, 1989-1992:
1992/299-25 No response/no return address, 1990
Absence policies, 1990
Accountability, 1990
Bus transportation, 1989
Career ladder, 1990
Career ladder, librarians, 1988-1989
Class size, 1989-1990
Commercial driving schools, 1989
Community college funding, 1989
Consolidation, 1990
Corporal punishment, 1989
Counselors, 1990
Crimes on campus, 1989
Court reporting exams, 1989
Early retirement, 1989
General, 1989-1990
Graduate student insurance, 1988-1989
Health insurance program, 1989-1990
Higher education funding, 1989
Lamar university, 1989
Lottery, 1990
No pass/no play, 1990
Nurses public schools, 1989
Permanent university fund, 1989
Pre-kindergarten programs, 1990
Proprietary schools, 1988-1990
Out-of-state students (tuition), 1989
Public broadcasting, 1989
PSF (Public School Funding) suggestions, 1990
Public school health service, 1989
1992/299-27 Quality public education, 1989
Regional day schools for deaf, 1989
SB (Senate Bill) 40, 1989 SB 85, 1989
[2 folders]
SB 95, 1989
SB 417, 1989
SB 478, 1989
SB 650, 1989
SB 1019, 1989
Salaries district, 1989
School year, 1989-1990
Site-based decision making and management, 1989
South Texas, 1989
South Texas and Texas A&M, 1989
Special education, 1989-1990
State funding HB (House Bill) 72, 1989
State funded hospitalization, 1989
State schools, 1989
Tax increase, 1989
Teacher induction, 1989
Teacher education, 1990
Teacher retirement system, 1989
Teacher salary increase, 1989-1990
[2 folders]
Teams, 1989
Testing for entering freshmen, 1989
Texas Academic Skills Program, 1989
Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Program, 1989
Texas A&M funding, 1989
Textbook adoption, 1989-1990
Tuition equalization grant, 1989
University of Dallas, 1989
University of Houston funding, 1989
University Interscholastic League, 1989
Vocational education, 1990
Voucher system, 1990
Year round schools, 1990
Letters dictated by Parker, 1990
1993/112-1 Administrator evaluation, 1990
Accountability, 1990
Adult education, 1991
After school child care, 1990
At-risk students, 1990
Career ladder:
Center of families, 1990
Choice, 1991
Corpus Christi State University, 1991
Congratulations, 1990
Compensatory education, 1991
Clinical laboratories, 1990
Consolidation, 1991
Cost of Education index, 1991
Discipline, 1990-1991
Deaf education, 1991
Financial aid, 1991
Ethnic students, 1990-1992
Football coaches retirement program, 1991
HB 130, 1991
Home schools, 1990
Higher education issues, 1991
Health insurance for teachers, 1990-1991
Innovative programs, 1990-1991
Kindergarten, 1991
Lamar University, 1990-1991
Legislative districts, 1991-1992
Libraries, 1990-1991
Miscellaneous, 1991
No pass/no play, 1990-1991
Requests, 1991
No response:
Nursing, 1990-1991
Physical education, 1990-1991
Pre-kindergarten, 1990-1991
1993/112-2 Pan American University, 1990
Partnership, 1991
Pregnancy and parenting program, 1991
Private schools, 1991
Proprietary schools, 1990-1991
Channel One, 1992
Public school Finance, Comal Independent School District, 1991-1992
Quality education, 1990-1991
SB 1, 1990-1991
SB 49 and SJR (Senate Joint Resolution) 1, 1991
School district boundaries, 1990
Slow learners, 1990-1991
Sharp proposal-higher education cuts, 1991
[2 folders]
Higher education funding, 1991
Sharp proposal-tuition hike, 1991
Site-based management, 1991
Size of schools, 1990
Special education, 1991
SREB (Southern Regional Education Board), 1991
Staff salaries, 1990
Student research, 1990
Students, 1991
TAAS (Texas Assessment of Academic Skills) testing, 1990
Taxes, 1991
Teachers, 1991
Teacher education, 1990-1991
Teacher in-service, 1991
Teacher retirement system, 1991
Technology, 1990-1991
Testing, 1991
Texas Southern University, 1991
Texas State Technical Institute, 1991
TexPREP, 1991
Tuition equalization grant, 1991
University of Houston, 1990-1991
University of Texas, 1991
Vocational education, 1991
Year-round schools, 1990-1991
1993/112-3 APPAC (Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenthood Advisory Council), 1992-1993
[2 wallets]
Accelerated programs, 1992
Admissions-higher education, 1992
Attorney General opinions, 1992
Bill Childs-Childs' Bookstores, 1992
Career ladder, 1992
CED (County Education District) tax collection, 1992
Channel One, 1992
Consolidation, 1992
Correspondence by last name (staff casework and correspondence record), 1992
Dental schools, 1992
Discipline, 1992
Early retirement, 1992
Fees-university, 1992
Financial aid, 1992
Graduate tuition, 1992
Handicapped students, 1992
Health insurance, 1992-1993
Higher education funding, 1992-1993
Innovative programs, 1992
Lamar University, 1992
Letters of recommendation, 1992
Lottery, 1992-1993
Miscellaneous, 1992
No pass/no play, 1992
No response/no return address, 1992
Optional retirement program, 1992-1993
Property tax, 1992
Proprietary schools, 1992
Proration, 1992
1993/112-4 Registration-public education, 1992
Scholarships, 1992
School board meetings, 1992
School choice, 1992
Sex education, 1992
Special education, 1992
State board of education, 1993
Student loans, 1992
TAAS test, 1992
Tax restructure, 1992
Teacher education, 1992
Teacher-miscellaneous, 1992
Teacher preparation, 1992
Teacher retirement system, 1992-1993
Teen pregnancy, probably 1992
Texas education agency, 1992
Texas State Technical College, 1992
Tuition, 1992
Vocational education, 1992
Warren ISD (Independent School District), 1992
Year-round school, 1992
Schools and universities:
1992/299-26 Public school finance correspondence, 71st Legislature, 1990
Closing elementary schools, West Orange Grove Independent School District, 1983-1985
No return address, 1984-1985
No reply necessary, 1985
Texas Tech tuition increase, 1985
No return address, Alpine (Sul Ross State closing), June 1986
No response necessary, Steel traps, Parker's district, Porter Elementary, 1986
Miscellaneous legislation, 1988-1989
1992/299-28 Terry Heller, Senior Education analyst, Senate Education Committee, 1985-1986
General letters of interest, 1985
Mergers-closures-state universities East Texas State University, 1986
TSTI (Texas State Technical Institute) Sweetwater, 1986
Texas A&M Galveston, 1986
Texas Woman's University, July-August 1986
[2 folders]
Pan American University, 1986
Lamar University, 1986
Public school finance:
1993/112-1 February 1991
March-May 1991
June-December 1991
1993/112-4 SB 102, SB 103, and SB 104 (student loans), 1991
Nancy C. Kessling, (Friendswood ISD), 1990-1992
Public school finance:
[2 wallet folders]
1993/112-5 1990-1992
[1-3 of 6 wallet folders]
1993/112-6 1990-1992
[4-6 of 6 wallet folders]
Texas Constitutional Revision Commission
1992/299-39 Education Committee report, 1973
Staff report, 1973
Article VII-education, 1973
Committee office policy
1993/112-64 How A Bill Becomes Law, 71st Legislature, 1989
Basic Steps in the Texas Legislative Process, undated
Budget-committee, 1991-1992
Senate State Affairs Committee procedure manual, 1984
Senate rules, 71st Legislature, 1989
Committee office policy, 1987-1989
Other political information, clippings, 1987-1988
Staff development, 1985-1986
Sam Kinch's Texas Weekly, 1986-1988
Education legislation
Bill status books:
1992/299-37 64th Legislature, Regular Session, 1975
65th Legislature, Regular Session, 1977
66th Legislature, Regular Session, 1979
67th Legislature, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Called Sessions, 1981
68th Legislature, Regular Session, 1983
69th Legislature, Regular Session, 1985
70th Legislature, Regular Session, 1987
Legislative summaries:
1992/299-17 Senate Education Committee (SEC), Synopsis of Action, 63rd Legislature, probably 1973
Legislation, 64th Session, 1975
Bills Referred to SEC, 64th Legislature, 1975
Hobby-Clayton recommendations, 65th Legislature, 1977
House Public Education Committee, report, 65th Legislature, 1977
Bills referred to SEC, 65th Legislature, 1977
Texas Legislative Service, final report, 1977
65th Legislature, 2nd Called Session, tax reform, probably 1977
Final list of bills passed by the 66th Legislature, 1979
[3 folders]
Summary of items vetoed, probably 1979
Governor Clements' proclamation, 1981
Last action report, 66th Legislature, 1979
Bills referred to SEC, 66th Legislature, 1979
Last action report, 67th Called Session, 1982
SEC legislative summary, 67th Regular and Called Sessions, 1981
House interim charges (studies), 1981
Newsletter, 67th legislature, 1981
1992/299-18 SEC legislative summary, 68th Session, 1983
Bills passed, by author, 68th Session, 1983
List of bills, 68th Legislature, 1983
List of bills, by subject, 68th Session, 1983
Legislation referred to SEC, 64th-66th Legislatures, 1977-1981
Senator Parker's bills, 68th Session, 1983
Committee history, 69th Session, 1985
Summary of state budget, Legislative Budget Board, 1985
Education legislation, 69th Session, 1985
List of bills, 69th Session, 1985
List of bills, by bill number, 69th Session, 1985
List of bills, by author, 69th Session, 1985
Summary of bills from the 2nd and 3rd Called Sessions, 69th Legislature, 1986
69th Legislature summaries, 1985
Products of SB 525 (Career Ladder Bill), probably 1985
Transcript, Committee of the Whole, 2nd Called Session, 68th Legislature, 1984
Bills reported from Education Committee, 69th Session, 1985
1992/299-19 Summary of Actions in the 69th, 3rd Called Session, 1986
Committee history, 69th Legislature, 1985
Legislative history, Carl A. Parker, 1983-1990
70th Legislative Session, summary, 1987
Bills vetoed by the Governor, 70th Legislature, 1987
Lists of bills, 70th Legislature, 1987
Legislative summary, 70th Session, 1987
Carl Parker's legislation, 70th Session, 1987
Committee history, 70th Session, 1987
Committee summaries and legislative charges, 70th Session, 1987
HB 173, 70th Legislature, 1987
1992/299-20 SEC bills, information, 70th Legislature, 1987
Interim studies, 70th Legislature, 1987
Parker's legislation, 70th, 1986-1987
Tax Equity Committee, 1987-1988
[2 folders]
Higher education budget, 70th Legislature, 2nd Called Session, 1987
Legislation updates, 70th Session, 1987
Education legislation passed, 70th Legislature, 1987
Final impact school district state aid, 1988-1989
School years, 1987
Education legislation summary, 70th Regular and Called Sessions, 1987
1992/299-21 Correspondence and bill files, 69th Legislature, 1985
Completed fiscal note requests, 1985
Bills referred, memo folder, 1985
Hearing requests, 69th Session, 1985
1992/299-25 Sponsor notification letters, 1984-1985
Agenda notices to Committee members, 1985
Engrossed bills, 1985
Completed Committee history forms, 1985
Side-by-sides, 1985
Side-by-sides, career ladder issues, 1985
Comparison of extracurricular activity referred to the SEC, 1985
Side-by-side for school discipline issue, 1985
Side-by-side for paperwork reduction, 1985
Career ladder supplement, 1985
1993/112-40 Senate Education Committee, Subcommittee on Teachers, 1985
Subcommittee on Students, 1985
SB 525 by Parker, Omnibus Education Legislation, 69th Legislature, 1985
Senate Education Committee meeting, March 27, 1985
Bill files:
69th Legislature, 3rd Called Session:
1993/112-75 SB 17, state funding of community education services centers, 1986
SB 17, bill analysis, 1986
SB 17, fiscal note, 1986
SB 18, Hazardous Waste Research Center at Lamar University, 1986
SB 18, bill analysis, 1986
SB 19, minimum sick leave program for professional personnel of school, 1986
SB 19, bill analysis, 1986
CSHB 13, as amended, Haley, fiscal note, 1986
CSHB 13, Amendment #1, 1986
CSHB 13, Amendment #2, 1986
CSHB 13, Amendment #3, 1986
CSHB 13, Amendment #4, 1986
CSHB 13, Amendment #5, 1986
CSHB 13, Amendment #6, 1986
HB 50, Paperwork reduction efforts in public schools, 1986
HB 50, bill analysis, 1986
HB 50, fiscal note, 1986
SB 26, experienced teacher allotment, 1986
SB 26, bill analysis, 1986
SB 38, retirement eligibility and benefits for certain members, 1986
SB 38, bill analysis, 1986
SB 49, the venue of suits brought against the UIL, 1986
SB 49, bill analysis, 1986
SB 49, fiscal note, 1986
Senate Concurrent Resolutions (SCR) 17, community education, 1986
SCR 17, bill analysis, 1986
HB 63, venue of lawsuits re: University Interscholastic League, 1986
HB 63, fiscal note, 1986
HB 13, removal, suspension of public school student, 1986
HB 13, bill analysis, 1986
HB 13, fiscal note, 1986
Committee Substitute House Bill (CSHB) 13, as amended, 1986
Committee Substitute Senate Bill (CSSB) 16, fiscal note, 1986
CSSB 16, revised, bill analysis, 1986
SB 19, Lieutenant Governor Hobby, referred to finance, 1986
SB 17, Lieut ant Governor Hobby, referred to finance, 1986
HB 5, re: removal, suspension, or expulsion of a public school student, discipline, 1986
SB 3 and HB 13, side-by-side issues, 1986
SB 3, re: discipline in public schools, 1986
SB 3, bill analysis, 1986
CSSB 16, bill analysis, 1986
SB 3, fiscal note, 1986
CSSB 3, discipline in public schools, 1986
SB 16, creation of a hazardous waste alternative center at Lamar, 1986
SB 16, bill analysis, 1986
SB 16, fiscal note, 1986
CSSB 16, re: hazardous wastes at Lamar, 1986
Discipline, side-by-side, August 12, 1986
Discipline, side-by-side, SB 3 and HB 13, August 18, 1986
SEC (Senate Education Committee) meeting, August 12, 1986
SEC (Senate Education Committee) meeting, August 19, 1986
Discipline, side-by-side, August 8, 1986
69th Legislature, 2nd and 3rd Called Sessions, bills referred 1986
3rd Called Session, committee files:
1993/112-75 SEC meeting, September 2, 1986
SEC meeting, September 22, 1986
SEC meeting, September 29, 1986
Miscellaneous reports, 1985, undated
[3 folders]
70th Legislature, Regular Session, 1987:
1993/112-88 Senate Bills, SB 86-SB 1398 (not inclusive)
Senate Concurrent Resolutions:
SCR 49, re: comparable faculty salaries
SCR 55, general funding policies
71st Legislature summaries:
1993/112-76 71st Session budget (newspaper clippings), 1988
71st Session summaries (newspaper clippings), 1988-1989
Senator Parker's legislative agenda, 1989
71st Regular and 1st Called Session education legislation passed, 1989
71st Called Sessions 2 thru 6-Summary of Bills referred to Senate Education Committee, 1990
1990 Called Sessions on public education, 1990
71st Legislature, Regular Session, 1989:
1993/112-76 SB 4-SB 502 (not inclusive)
1993/112-77 SB 503-SB 1068 (not inclusive)
1993/112-78 SB 1095-SB 1849 (not inclusive)
SJR 39-SJR 53 (not inclusive)
SR 167-SR 679 (not inclusive)
SCR 4-SCR 48 (not inclusive)
1993/112-79 SCR 49-SCR 153 (not inclusive)
HB 3-HB 2566 (not inclusive)
HB 3-HB 2566 (not inclusive)
1993/112-80 Committee Substitute House Bill (CSHB) 2526-HB 2974 (not inclusive)
HCR 28-HCR 266 (not inclusive)
HCR 28-HCR 266 (not inclusive)
71st Legislature, 1st Called Session, 1989:
1993/112-76 SB 5-SB 79 (not inclusive)
HB 42
HB 67
HB 126
71st Legislature, 3rd Called Session, 1990:
1993/112-81 SJR 1-SJR 11 (not inclusive)
SB 1-SB 69 (not inclusive)
71st Legislature, 4th Called Session, 1990:
1993/112-81 SJR 1-SJR 7 (not inclusive)
SB 1-SB 41 (not inclusive)
71st Legislature, 5th Called Session, 1990:
1993/112-82 SJR 1
SR 45
SB 1-SB 74 (not inclusive)
71st Legislature, 6th Called Session, 1990:
1993/112-82 SB 1 1990 Education Finance Act
Tax Response to SB 1
SB 1 press releases
SB 1 Conference Committee
Alternative proposals for SB 1
SB 1 TEA printout
Comptroller's analysis
SB 1 summaries
History of SB 1 by Parker
Implementation of SB 1
Legislative intent
SB 2-SB 28 (not inclusive)
Sunset Bill files:
1993/112-63 SB 501, By Parker, GSLC (Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation), 1989
SB 418, By Green, State Textbook Committee, 1988-1989
SB 417, By Green, Central Education Agency, 1989
SB 457, By Parker, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, 1989
SB 417, By Green, Texas Education Agency, 1989
72nd Legislature, Regular Session, 1991:
1993/112-83 HB 43-HB 2885 (not inclusive)
SJR 19-43 (not inclusive)
SCR 29 -68 (not inclusive)
SB 15-SB 328 (not inclusive)
1993/112-84 SB 328-SB 932 (not inclusive)
1993/112-85 SB 1011-SB 1589 (not inclusive)
1992/299-35 CSHB 2, primary, secondary, post-secondary Education
HB 158, Teacher Retirement System
HB 11, revenue
HB 211, disproportionate share
SB 3, general government reorganization
SB 27, medical service fee at Texas Woman's University
SB 39, Higher Education Grievance Panel
CSSB 63, refunding tuition and fees
SB 67, tuition grant program
SB 102-SB 104, enable coordinating board to sell bonds
SB 111, creation of the State Budget Policy Committee
SB 125, refunding tuition
SB 153, UT-Permian Basin
SB 226, establishing a law school at Texas A&I, 1991
SB 269, faculty and staff use of student health services
SB 328, resident tuition for inmates
SB 445, outstanding rural scholar program
SB 578 non-voting faculty regent
CSSB 591, I Have A Dream program
SB 635, Texas Baccalaureate Education System Trust
SB 673, multicultural courses
SB 675, Minority Doctoral Incentive program
SB 824, powers and duties of Boards of Regents, re: contracts
SB 835, international education fee
SB 933, library exemptions
SB 1013, tuition exemption for blind/deaf students
SB 1142, Tuition exemption for foster care students
SB 1153, rights of junior college faculty
SB 1160, nursing shortage
1992/299-36 SB 1206, health insurance for higher education
SB 1222, TSTI (Texas State Technical Institute)
SB 1237, annexing territory by Del Mar College
SB 1357, TSTI campus in Marshall
SB 1367, student regent
SB 1554, Texas Academy of Leadership in the Humanities
SCR 68, part-time faculty
HB 2, Department of Insurance
HB 35, removal of Jefferson Davis Statues at UT-Austin
HB 43, crime statistics and security measures
HB 223, textbook reimbursement
HB 272, single-member districts
HB 277, UT-Permian Basin
HB 310, distribution of free condoms
HB 405, drug-free zones
HB 647, length of leases of UT land
HB 685, bonds for coordinating board
HB 1002, required course in racism and sexism
HB 2110, emergency appropriations
HB 2362, transfer of students between certain institutions of higher learning
1993/112-88 Education organizations and agencies platforms
72nd Legislature, 1st Called Session, 1991:
1993/112-88 SB 7, functions of state agencies
SB 11, Teacher Retirement System
SB 15, funding of higher education
SB 16, Corpus Christi State University
SB 17, appropriation bill
SB 44, truth in taxation
SB 58, recruitment of teachers
SJR 3, constitutional amendment re: Employees Retirement System
SJR 5, income from permanent school fund
HB 2, primary, secondary, and post-secondary education
72nd Legislature, 2nd Called Session Texas Legislative Council, 1991:
1993/112-88 Master lists of bills
1992/299-34 SB 9, SPGSC (State Purchasing and General Services Commission)
SB 20, college loans
CSSB 20, bonds for college loans
SJR 2, college loans
HB 6, student regent
HB 14, testing deaf/blind students
HB 31, bonds for the coordinating board
CSHB 39, SPGSC (State Purchasing and General Services Commission)
[3 folders]
HB 43, calculation of grade point average
SB 1, appropriations
HB 1, appropriations
HB 2, public and higher education
SB 10, public and higher education
72nd Legislature, 4th Called Session, 1991:
1993/112-85 SB 1, re: public school education
SB 5, financing public schools
SB 13, financing public education
SJR 1, constitutional amendment for equity standard for public school finance
SJR 2 constitutional amendment for system of public free schools
HB 14, establishing University of North Texas Health Science Center

Public education files, 1972-1992, bulk 1983-1992,
28 cubic ft.

The Texas Senate Committee on Education is a standing committee concerned with all aspects of education in public schools and with higher education in state colleges and universities in Texas. Records document public education reform and public education financing in Texas and date from 1972 to 1992, with the bulk dating from 1983 to 1992. Types of records include correspondence, memos, reports, studies, legal briefs, legislative bills, and maps. Records categorized as public education files by the staff of the Senate Committee on Education are arranged into four groups: alphabetical by topic, reports, subject files, and Select Committee on Public Education. The distinction between alphabetical by topic and subject files is elusive. Both include files on a wide variety of education issues with public education reform and financing as the dominant topics. The subject files tend to be more recent but there is overlap with the alphabetical by topic group. Researchers should check both for topics of interest. The subject files are in random order. Senator Parker was a member of the Select Committee on Public Education that drafted the "no-pass, no-play" education reform package in 1984 known as House Bill 72; the Select Committee on Public Education files are from his service on that committee.
The records are organized into four groups: alphabetical by topic, reports, subject files, and Select Committee on Public Education.
Preferred Citation
(Identify the item), Public education files, Texas Senate Committee on Education records. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.
Technical Requirements
Processed by
Paul B. Beck, September 1994
Alphabetical by topic
1993/112-7 AIDS research/reports as related to public education, 1987-1989
AIDS in public schools, 1987
Adult basic and secondary education, 1986
Alternative Instructional Arrangements, Report of the Select Committee on Public Education, 1982
Arts education, 1990
Academic excellence indicators, 1989-1992
Appraisal of administrators, 1989-1990
School administrators, 1990
Superintendents, 1989
Principal selection, 1987
Administrative costs, 1990-1991
TASA (Texas Association of School Administrators) Advisory Committee on Administrative Costs, 1990-1991
[Academic excellence] performance indicators, 1989-1990
Accreditation, Texas Education Agency, undated
Cost of education, 1987-1990
Curriculum, 1989
Curriculum for citizenship, 1987
Curriculum revisions, HB (House Bill) 246, 1984
Curriculum Study Panel (HCR (House Concurrent Resolution) 90), 1980
Curriculum Report, State Board of Education, 1989
Curriculum-advance placement courses, 1988-1991
Counselors, 71st Legislature, 1989
Consolidation, 1990
Computers in education, 1986-1988
Computing patterns in Texas schools, 1984
Desegregation information, 1983-1985
Educational Excellence Plan, 1990
Educational Economic Policy Center, 1991
1993/112-8 Career ladder, mentoring programs in other states, 1988-1990
Career ladder, SB (Senate Bill) 525, 1985
Career ladder task force, 1990
Tennessee career ladder, 1990
Career ladder legislation, 1985-1990
Attorney general requests/opinions, 1992
Bilingual education, 1987
Multiple assessment information, 1988-1990
1993/112-9 Certification and teacher testing, ETS (Educational Testing Service), teacher testing materials, 1983
Teacher testing timeline, 1985
Florida teacher competency laws, undated
Senator Parker's speech re: repeal of subject area test, 1987
Financial reports for TRS (Teacher Retirement System), 1990-1991
Teacher Retirement System, 1987-1990
Attorney General's opinion, 1980
Senate Education Committee's newsletter re: taxes for teachers' salaries, 1983
State Board of Education technology plan, 1988
TEAMS (Texas Educational Assessment of Minimal Skills), 1988-1990
Texas Assessment of Academic Skills, 1990
SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) data, 1990
Basic skills, 1990
Teacher certification, 1989-1990
Alternative teacher certification, 1989
1993/112-10 Child care research, 1988-1989
Research, 1990 report, Child Care and Educational Services, 1989
Beaumont/Port Arthur project, school age care, 1990
General information, 1989-1990
SB 913, Re: childcare provided by public schools, 1990
Intergenerational programs, 1985
General, 1985-1989
Communities in schools, AISD (Austin Independent School District), 1987
"Choice"/open enrollment, 1989-1990
Class size, data, 1986-1991
Research, 1987-1989
Legislation, 1984-1989
Summary of studies and states' actions, 1985-1988
Waivers, 1988-1989
1993/112-11 Driver's education, HCR 127, 1984-1985
Extracurricular activities/Los Angeles rule, 1986-1987
Costs of extracurricular activities, 1987
Facilities, general, 1989-1990
School Facilities Advisory Committee, 1990
Texas School Facilities Study: 1986-1996, 1987
Texas Education Agency report, 1992
State Board of Education report, 1992
Honeywell, 1990
Asbestos, 1985-1986
SB 951, summary of the facilities bond program, undated
Financing, 1975
Gifted and talented programs, Texas Education Agency, 1987
Future problem solving, 1984
Update, 1986-1991
Illegal aliens, undated
Immigration education, 1985-1987
Immigration procedures/laws, 1974-1977
Indian education, 1980
Interstate migrant education council, 1984
Legal: neighborhood schools, undated
MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund), school finance lawsuit, 1985
Minority student recruitment and retention, 1985
Minority Recruitment Advisory Committee, 1990-1991
Minority recruitment, engineering and science programs, 1990-1991
Texas Education Agency, Advisory Committee, 1991
Request for proposal, 1991
TAME (Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering), 1991
No Pass/No Play, Side-by-Side Legislation, 70th Legislature, 1987
Carter High School ruling, 1989
1993/112-12 Pre-School, early childhood reports, 1987-1989
Testing and tracking issues, 1988-1990
Early childhood education, 1988
Kindergarten hardship waivers, 1986
Kindergarten issue, 1987
Pre-Kindergarten education, 1985-1990
SB 1, Pre-Kindergarten evaluation and monitoring, 1989-1990
Family literacy, 1989-1990
HB 1292, Public school parent involvement program, 1990
Keenan illiteracy project, 1985-1989
Private/public schools, tuition tax credit, 1983
Private school accreditation, 1983-1984
School principals-research, 1989-1990
Private schools in Texas, 1984-1986
Reforms America 2000-federal education promotion, 1991
Mandates on school districts, undated
Select Committee on Education-final report, 1988
Restructuring schools, 1989
Evaluating reforms, 1984-1988
Private education, 1978-1979
Education reforms, 1988-1989
Alabama reforms, 1989-1990
Connecticut reforms, 1990
Educational goals, 1989-1990
Governance of public education, 1991
Handicapped-Needs and Concerns of Disabled Texans, 1980
Legal: handicapped students, 1984
Handicapped learning disability, 1988
Texas School for the Deaf, 1987
Dyslexia, 1986-1987
1993/112-13 TASP (Texas Academic Skills Program), 1988-1990
Arizona educational restructuring project, 1990
Educational goals in SREB (Southern Regional Education Board) states, 1990
Clements' educational excellence program, 1989
South Carolina reforms, 1990
Xerox corporation, 1987
Metropolitan Life Survey, 1989
Rutgers Study, The Progress of Reforms, 1989
Carnegie Report, Redesigning America's Schools, 1986
Commissioner Kirby's speech to Texas House of Representatives, 1986
Evaluating State Education Reforms: A Special Legislative Report, 1987
National Governor's Association, Restructuring Schools, 1989
Kentucky Education Reform Act, 1990
Regional service centers, 1985-1986
Committee Reports and Recommendations, Senate Working Group-Interim Public School Finance, 1992
Task Force on Public Education, 1989-1990
State Board of Education recommendations, 1988
SCOPE (Select Committee on Public Education), recommendations, 1984
Subcommittees, 1983
Education reform, speeches, etc., 1983
SCOE (Select Committee on Education) minutes, 1998
Final report and recommendations, 1988
1993/112-14 Teacher insurance, 1990-1991
Teacher salaries, 1988-1992
Impact on entrance into teaching, 1984
Sallie Mae award to first year teachers, 1986
In-service education, 1986
School year extension, 1986-1988
Equal access, 1985
Legal: Creation Statute, Louisiana, 1990
Special education, 1988-1990
State Board of Education (SBOE) recommendations to the 72nd Legislature, probably 1991
Rules for curriculum, 1984
Members' fundraisers, 1989
Coordinating Board liaison meeting, 1989
Long range plan for public education, 1990
Sunset of SBOE rules, 1990
Goals in education-research, 1988-1989
SREB (Southern Regional Education Board) benchmarks, 1990
Student services, 1990-1992
Texas Academic Skills Program, 1986-1990
1993/112-15 Teacher appraisal, 1987
Teacher supply, 1981-1982
Teacher statistics, 1983
Availability of Teachers for Texas Public Schools, 1984
Texas Education Agency (TEA), rights-TEA policy, 1991
Governor's TEA management review, 1990
Updates, 1992
Report on public education legislation, 1991
Performance audit, 1990
Key performance targets, 1st quarter, 1992
Teacher education research and reports, 1984-1986
Alternative teacher certification, 1987
Teacher centers, 67th Legislature, 1980
Future of teacher education, 1984-1986
Project 30, 1989
Training teachers in technology, 1989
Educating a Profession, 1985
Legislative and administrative actions for teacher education policy, 1984-1987
1993/112-16 Vocational education, adult programs, 1992
Master plan, 1986-1988
Programs, 1989
Regional planning, 1990
CVAE (Coordinated Vocational Academic Education) information, 1990
Consortium, 1991
Public hearing on master plan, 1986
LEB (Legislative Education Board), 1988
Windham School System, 1989-1990
New directions in Texas, 1987
Responses to questions, Legislative Education Board, 1987
School year length, 1990
Paperwork: Texas teachers' views, 1987
SB 45, credit in Teacher Retirement System, 1989
Teacher retirement, 55 with 30 Years, 1989
Rule of 85, 1988-1989
Optional retirement system, 1989
Retirement windows, 1986-1987
Rule of 80, 1987
Retirement issues, 70th Legislature, 1987
Conversion of funds, 1988
Pension program, 1988
Teacher salaries and fringe benefits in public schools, undated
Teacher testing, 1984
Legal: high school exit exams, 1981-1983
Teacher testing-constitutionality, 1985
Preprofessional Skills Test, 1985
1993/112-17 Coordinating Board, Master Plan for Texas Higher Education, 1990
Southern Regional Education Board, Readiness for School, probably 1992
University of Texas System, Development Plan for Border Area Institutions of Higher Education, 1992
Texas Education Agency, A Leadership Initiative for Improving Special Education Services in Texas, 1992
Rand, Implementing a Novel Computer-Related Algebra Course, 1992
House Research Organization, Wrap-up of 1990 Special Sessions on Public Education, 1990
Coordinating Board, Fifth Annual Narrative Report on the Texas Equal Educational Opportunity Plan for Higher Education, 1991
State Auditor, Overview of the Optional Retirement Program, 1991
Texas Southern University, 1992
Texas State Technical College, 1992
University of Texas system, 1992
A Proposal for a Professional School of Pedagogy, 1992
National Center for Postsecondary Governance and Finance, Developing State Fiscal Incentives, 1989
Texas economy, 1989
Texas school statistics, 1986-1989
Texas comptroller, Crisis in the Classroom, 1989
Economic Policy Institute, U.S. Spending on Education v. Other Nations, probably 1990
Subject Files
1993/112-20 SB 351, 72nd Legislature, Homestead Exemptions, 1991
SB 351, 72nd Legislature, Conference Committee Report, 1991
Comparison of House and Senate versions of SB 351, 1991
HB 2, 72nd Legislature, public education, 1991
SB 1, 71st Legislature, 6th Called Session, 1990
Higher Education Reauthorization Act, 1991-1992
Texas Quality Management Task Force, 1991
NCLS (National Conference of State Legislatures) conference, 1991
Parker article, 1988
Comparative data, 1987-1991
Legislative Education Board, 1991
Postsecondary Education Planning Commission report, 1991
Innovative Program grants, 1991
Equity Center, 1991
Consolidation, 1991
Property tax, undated
Cost of education, small schools, 1991
1993/112-21 University of North Texas, Center for Economic Development report, 1990
Texas Academic Health Centers, 1991
TPR (Texas Performance Review), 1990-1991
SB 1118, 72nd Legislature, public education, 1991
Equal opportunity, University of Texas-Austin, 1991
Coordinating Board, minutes, March 1990
Revenue, 1991
Funding policies and formulas, 1988-1989
Texas agricultural experiment, undated
1993/112-22 Videodiscs, 1991
[Note: file contains an article about videodiscs but no actual videodiscs.]
Whittle Communications, 1989-1990
Braille Textbook Production report, 1992
Texas textbook controversy, 1984
Textbooks, current adoption, 1986-1987
Textbook adoption process, 1983
School buses, safety belts, 1989
Seat belts on school buses, 1985-1987
Safety equipment of school buses, 1985
University Interscholastic League, 1983-1984
Ability grouping articles, 1987-1989
Ability grouping and student achievement, 1986
Teacher expectations-articles, 1978-1982
Urban schools, 1990
Vocational education, SREB (Southern Regional Education Board) reports, 1988-1989
SREB-state consortium, 1992
SREB Vocational Select Committee on Education, 1983-1987
School to work transition, 1992
Carl Perkins funds, 1990-1991
Literacy and training, 1988
2 plus 2 Plan, 1986
Federal vocational education, 1990
Master plan, 1990
Texas Education Agency Annual Performance Report, 1992
High school, report, undated
1993/112-23 Legislating Reform, report by Carl Parker, 1988
School board member training, 1984-1992
Legal: limits on school board discretion, undated
HISD (Houston Independent School District) educational reform programs, 1983
Edgewood audit, 1989
District local funds, 1990
Energy conservation measures, 1986
Grand Prairie Independent School District, 1978
Redistricting, 1982
Governor's Education Action Group, 1981-1982
Partnerships in education, general information, 1990
Boston University-Chelsea liaison, 1990
Minnesota Academic Excellence Foundation, 1990
The Dunbar School, 1988
Florida, third party evaluation, 1989
Georgia, 1989-1990
Business and education coalition, 1990
Texas A&M task force, 1990
Parental support, 1989
PEIMS (Public Education Information Management System), 1987
Pilot programs, 71st Legislature, 1989
Policymaking, public education, 1977-1980
Polls for education, 1989-1990
Property Tax Code, 67th Legislature, 1981
1993/112-24 Higher order thinking skills, 1988
Status of health education, 1987
Home schooling, 1985-1992
Texas Association of Non-Public Schools, 1985-1986
Homeless students in school, 1991
HB 72, "No Pass, No Play" background, 1987
Post HB 72 project, 1989
Texas Literary Council report to 71st Legislature, 1989
Texas Literacy Council, Partnership Grants Program, 1989
Task Force on Literacy, 1987
Creative Education Institute, 1991
JTPA (Job Training Partnership Act), 1987-1990
Middle school education, 1990-1991
1992/299-13 Senate reports, Texas Teacher Retirement benefits, 1972-1973
Paraprofessionals in education, 1979
Report, Instructional Computing Patterns in Texas Schools, 1983
Dallas area hospital television system, 1980
Perkins v. Board of Directors, teacher contract renewal, 1982
Personnel, in-service training, 1977
Collective bargaining, 1974-1976
Contract 1975 Child Care, after school care, 1976
SB 965, Child Care Licensing Act, 1975
Legislation, 1974-1975
Day care centers, 1973
Advisory council for early childhood education, 1976-1977
Day care services, history of development, Department of Public Welfare, 1974
Class size, research, 1978-1980
1992/299-14 LBB (Legislative Budget Board) budget estimates, public education, 1981-1984
[2 folders]
PSF (Public School Finance) issues, transportation, 1973-1979
Special session, May 1982
67th Texas Legislature, summaries, 1981
SB 159, education appropriations, 1981
Budget, 1981
Bills referred to the SEC (Senate Education Committee), 1981
PSF, 67th Legislature, 1981
Snelson Survey, superintendent response, 1981
Texas School Bond Guarantee Bond Program, finance, construction, undated
Public School Finance, issues, SB 1, aftermath, 1977-1978
PSF, summary of legislative proposals, 1975-1981
SB 350, public school finance plan, 66th Legislature, 1979
Pupil projections, 1979
School Volunteer Act, 1980
PTA (Parent Teacher Association) school volunteer, 1979
Property tax relief, 1979-1980
Proposition 13, 1979
Migrant study, 1979-1981
Migrant Task Force meetings, 1979
Texas Rural League Association, 1980
Legal: home schools, Wisconsin v. Yoder, undated
Legal: prayer in schools, undated
Legal: private education, financial aid, 1973
1992/299-15 Uniform group insurance for public employees and public school teachers, 1978
Research, Impacts of Elementary School Teaching, 1978
67th Legislature, Public School Board Advisory Committee, meeting, October 1981
SB 477, Bilingual Education Act, 67th Legislature, 1981
Bilingual education, 1981
House study group reports, redistricting, 1980-1981
School districts, insurance contracts, 1980
Continuing adult educator, 1976-1980
Community education, 1979
Regional education service centers, 1980-1982
County administration, 1979
Legal, athletic director contract renewal dispute, Vail v. Board of Education of Paris Unified District, 1983
Defamation, undated
Seniority and race in school layoffs, undated
Nepotism, Pena v. Rio Grande City, 1981
1992/299-16 Proposed legislation, pilot health screening, 64th Legislature, 1974
Health screening, 65th Legislature, 1976-1980
Health screening project funding, 1976
Health screening program, 1973-1980
Health professions, 1980
Summary of the report of the Committee on the Study of Educational Programs for the Deaf and Visually Handicapped, 1975
Federal, handicapped, 1983
Gifted and talented education, 1976-1978
[3 folders]
Transportation, 1975-1979
Textbooks and instructional materials, 1978-1979
Testing, educational, 1976-1979
Competency, student, 66th Legislature, 1979
Report, Educating Americans in 21st Century, 1989
Teacher certification, 1976-1980
Select Committee on Public Education
1993/112-26 Articles of interest, 1983
Teacher's career ladder, 1984
National Commission on Excellence in Education report A Nation At Risk and articles, 1983
Dr. Mortimer Adler, the Paideia Proposal, 1983-1986
John Goodlad, A Study of Schooling, 1983
Summary, State National Education Reports, 1983
National reports, 1983-1984
State statistics, 1983-1984
President Reagan and education reform, 1983
Equity Coalition, 1984-1985
Subcommittee recommendations, 1984
Recommendations of various groups, 1984
Texas Education Agency, personnel accounting for state funding, 1983
Parental responsibility laws, 1984
Voluntary student code of conduct, probably 1984
Texas Education Agency, proposed preamble forms, 1984
Staff memos-suspension of handicapped students, probably 1984
Bilingual education-court cases, probably 1984
Charging tuition for non-residents, probably 1984
Home schooling-status of law, 1983-1984
Edgewood Independent School District, potential lawsuit, probably 1984
Corporal punishment, probably 1984
Legislative Action Subcommittee, 1984
1993/112-27 Educating the Child, 1984
Highlights of HB 72, probably 1984
Implementing HB 72, tutorials at Houston Independent School District, 1984-1985
Highlights of SB 525, 1985
Senate Education Committee, legislative summary, 68th Session, 1983
HB 72 aftermath-clippings, 1984
PEST (Public Education Study Team), 1984-1985
Revenue/taxes, 1983 accountable cost study, 1984
Special education, gifted and talented, 1984
Compensatory education, 1983
Career ladder proposals, 1984
Waco Independent School District, 1984
Teacher shortage overview, 1984
PTA Legislative Program, 1984
Bilingual education, 1983-1984
Equity Center school finance, 1983
PLATO Computer Demonstration Project, 1983
PLATO Computer Demonstration Project, 1983
Public school finance litigation, Edgewood School District, probably 1984
State Board of Education-maps, undated
Appointments issue, probably 1984
Reforms, etc., 1984
Myths and facts about education reform proposals, 1984
Texas Education Agency, District Management Survey, 1984
Salary increase proposal, 1983
School audit project, 1976-1984
Comparative overview/assessment of educational systems, 1982
Community education, probably 1983
Teacher salary, background, 1983
Organization and management, 1982-1983
Position papers-recommendations, 1984
1993/112-28 Price Differential Advisory Index Committee, 1984
Finance amendments, Senator Parker, 1984
Committee of the Whole Senate on Education, subcommittee reports, 1984
Parker, Conference Committee information, 1984
Amendments to HB 72, 1984
Committee of the Whole Report, 1984
Senate Committee of the Whole, Teacher Subcommittee reports, HB 72, 1984
HB 72 floor amendments, 1984
Subcommittee on Teachers, 68th Legislature, 2nd Called Session, Senator Carl Parker, 1984
Subcommittee notes, SB 1 by Parker, 1984
Side-by-side comparisons, House and Senate versions, HB 72, 1984
1993/112-29 Side-by-side analysis of legislative proposals, 1984
Position papers, school groups, 1984
Mexican American Legislative Caucus, 1984
Amendments, Texas State Teachers Association, 1984
Governor Mark White's presentation, 1984
Recommendations-preliminary costs and figures, 1984
SBOE (State Board of Education) rules, 1984
Final version, HB 72, 68th Legislature, 2nd Called Session, 1984
Committee of the Whole Senate on Education, subcommittee reports, 1984
Roster, 1984
Newspaper article, 1984
HCR 65, HB 72 Conference Committee report, 1984
Serota management study, 1984
SCOPE recommendations, 1984
Governor White's proposals, 1984
Haley/Parker, first draft, Education Reform Act, 1984
Questionnaire on SCOPE recommendations, 1984
Support data, handouts, HB 72, 1984
Amendments to Parker/Haley, second draft, 1984
SB 1, by Parker, 1984
Parker/Haley Draft, side-by-side comparisons, public school finance, 1984
Originals, 1984
68th Legislature, 2nd Called Session, Tax Bill, 1984
Public Education Forum on Education, 1984
SCOPE-legislative summary, 1984
SCOPE-final recommendations, 1984
HB 72, explanation of print-out mania, 1984
1993/112-30 HB 72, PSF (Public School Finance) basics, 1984
Teacher Retirement System, 1984
Briefing packet, senatorial homework, 1984
Commissioner Bynum's proposal, 1984
School finance proposals, 1984
Financing/trends in Texas state government, 1983
Bullock's public school finance plan, 1983-1984
SCOPE-public school finance recommendations, 1984
Public school finance, Representative Paul Colbert's explanation, probably 1984
Joint meeting, Senate Education Committee and SCOPE, 1983
Host Committee for Joint Meeting, 1983
Jones' finance proposal, 1984
Glasgow's finance proposal, 1984
Parker's finance proposal, 1984
Johnny Vaselka's school finance plan, probably 1984
Parker School Finance Amendment, Impact Model to SB 1, 1984
Parker/Glasgow School Finance Amendments and Impact Model to SB 1, 1984
School finance, side-by-side comparisons, 68th Legislature, 1st Called Session, probably 1983
1993/112-31 HB 72 fiscal impact model, Texas Education Agency, 1984
Implementation of HB 72, explanations and interpretations, Texas Education Agency, 1984
HB 72 teacher salary facts, probably 1984
Conference Committee reports and final drafts, 1984
[2 wallets]
HB 72, 68th Legislature, 2nd Called, 1984
Agency administration funding, 1985
Texas Education Agency, special populations, student weights, 1985
State Property Tax Board, impact model, 1985
Legislative Budget Board, projection model, 1985
Texas Education Agency, PDI (Price Differential Index) student accounting, 1985
Texas Association of Taxpayers, Hard Choices, 1986
University Interscholastic League, testimony, 1983
Legislative Action Subcommittee:
1993/112-31 January 28, 1984 meeting, 1984
Senator Carl Parker, chairman, 1984
1993/112-32 Summary, Select Committee Organization, 1984
Staff memos, 1984
State/federal relations, 1984
State/federal relations, 1984
HB 72, Educating the Child Subcommittee, 1984
Memos on issues, 1984
UIL (University Interscholastic League) organization, 1984
Gallop poll on education, probably 1984
Memo from Bullock's office, 1984
Special court system, probably 1984
Meeting files, 1984
Home schooling, 1984
Education reform highlights, HB 72, 1984
Financial impact, Texas Education Agency, 1984
HB 72 time line, 1984 fiscal note, June 19, 1984
Drafts of SCOPE recommendations, 1984
Texas Legislative Council, preliminary drafts-miscellaneous amendments, 1984
SCOPE recommendations, 1984
SCOPE legislation, discipline management programs, 1984
Community Guidance Centers, 1984
Training of school board members, 1984
Teacher and administrator testing, 1984
Regional Education Service Centers, 1984
Uniform school calendar, 1984
Committee of the Whole Senate on Education, Subcommittee on Educational Quality, 1984
Memo-joint meeting, Senate Education Committee and SCOPE, 1984
Subcommittee on Finance, 1984
Subcommittee on Teachers, 1984
1993/112-33 Committee of the Whole Senate on Education, Subcommittee on Organization, 1984
Legislative Action Subcommittee, 1984
Subcommittee on Teachers, 1984
Vote sheets, Subcommittee on Teachers, 1984
HB 72, Conference Committee, 1984
Senator Parker, State Board of Education Information, 1984
Candidates for State Board Of Education, 1984
Cultural education facilities financing, 1984
Public School Finance, Permanent School Fund, 1985
Joint Select Committee on Fiscal Policy, meeting, 1984
Committee of Whole, Senator Parker, 1983
State taxes and finance, 1983
State budget, research, 1983
Legislative Budget Board information, 1983
68th Legislature, school finance, 1983
Appropriations and Senate Finance Committee, 1983
Committee Substitute Senate Bill 179, Appropriations Bill, 1983
Price Differential Index, 1984
1993/112-34 Public school finance testimony, February 23, 1983
Joint Meeting of the Senate Finance Committee and Senate Education Committee, 1983
Public Education Finance, 70th Legislature, 1986
Public Education Program Budget 1988-89 Biennium, 1987
Senate finance riders, 1987
Clements budget, 1987
House Budget & Oversight Committee, 1987
Compensatory Education, 70th Legislature, 1987
71st Legislature, SB 417, Texas Education Agency Sunset Bill, 1989

Higher education records, 1973-1992,
37 cubic ft.

The Texas Senate Committee on Education is a standing committee concerned with all aspects of education in public schools and with higher education in state colleges and universities in Texas. These records document higher education reform and financing in Texas and date from 1973 to 1992. Types of records include correspondence, minutes, meeting files, hearing testimony, legislative bills, magazine and newspaper articles, reports, studies, and speeches. The Senate Committee on Education records related to higher education are divided into five groups: budget, committees, reports and studies, chief clerk's research files, and subject files. Budget records relate to state appropriations to universities and colleges from 1985-1989, especially Lamar University within Senator Parker's district. The committees group includes records from three special committees created to study specific issues related to higher education. The three committees were the Select Committee on Higher Education (SCOHE); the Special Committee on Post-Secondary Medical, Dental, and Allied Health Education (SCOME); and the Joint Select Committee on Higher Education. Committee records include meeting files, hearing testimony, research files, and reports. There are also some copies of records from House Bill 72-Select Committee on Public Education interfiled with the records from the Select Committee on Higher Education (SCOHE). Education-related research files are distributed among the last three groups: reports and studies, chief clerk's research files, and subject files. Reports and studies are from a variety of sources including the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the Carnegie Foundation, and the Southern Regional Education Board. The chief clerk's research files involve investigations of several state universities, academic skills testing, a faculty workload study, tuition at state universities, and teacher education. The subject files contain the bulk of the research files and the majority of the records in this series. The wide variety of topics considered by the Senate Committee on Education in the subject files under "higher education" include: the Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation and financial aid, student demographics, the availability of health insurance for college students, minority achievement in higher education, mergers of state universities in South Texas, faculty salaries and workloads, tuition, and response to the reports and studies from the various legislative and special committees that worked on higher education issues.
The records are organized into five groups: budget, committees, reports and studies, chief clerk's research files, and subject files.
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Paul B. Beck, September 1994
1993/112-18 Career ladder, letter of estimate, 1985
Senate Bill (SB) 835, fees and deposits of institutions of higher learning, 1989
SB 1414, Health Professions Resource Center, 1989
Science and technology legislation, 70th Legislature, 1987
Coordinating board appropriations request, 1986
Appropriations-issue docket, 70th Legislature, 1987
Appropriations, 70th Legislature, 2nd Called Session, 1987
Budget process, 1985
Revenue estimating and research, 1983-1986
Legislative Budget Board, fiscal size up 1984-85 biennium, probably 1983
Federal grant information, 1983-1987
School finance system, 1984
Rulemaking authority, undated
TEG (Tuition Equalization Grant) program, 1987
ICUT (Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas) private higher education, 1985
Higher education-articles of interest, 1985
TI-IN satellite network, 1986
Proprietary schools, 1988
Junior college moratorium, 1985
Public junior colleges, appropriations, 70th Legislature, 1986
Texas State Technical Institute, 1986
Lamar Faculty Advisory Group, 1986
Lamar University Hazardous Waste Center, 1986-1987
71st Legislature, 1989
Lamar University system, 1986
Faculty, 1986
Attorney General Opinion re: Lamar University at Orange, 1985-1987
69th Legislature, 2nd Called Session, budget, 1986-1987
Budget FY 1990-1991, 1988
Faculty salaries project, 1986
Select Committee on Higher Education (SCOHE):
1993/112-25 Task Force on Public Education, 1989-1990
House Bill (HB) 72, "No Pass, No Play" goals and effects, 1985-1986
Explanations and interpretations, 1984-1986
State Board of Education, 1984
Gifted and talented, 1985
Changes, 69th Legislature, 1985
Summary, 68th Legislature, 2nd Called Session, 1984
History, 1984
Effects of HB 72 on school expenditures, 1985
Texas Research League on school expenditures, 1984
Problems and issues, 1984
Minimum teaching duties, 1985
Implementation workshop-career ladder, 1985
Highlights of career ladder, 1985-1986
Newspaper articles, 1985
SBOE (State Board of Education)-extracurricular rules, 1985-1986
Training for School Board members, 1986
School District annual performance reports, 1985-1986
Long-range plan, 1986
Educational Productivity Council, 1984
70th Legislature, State Board of Education, 1987
Articles of interest, 1985-1986
SCOHE (Select Committee on Higher Education) regional boards, 1986
Task Force on Quality and Access, 1986
Senator Parker's charges, 1985
House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 105, 1985
Final legislation, 1987
Cost of recommendations, 1987
Articles of interest, 1986
Task Force on Research and Technology, 1986
Task Force on Funding, Governance, and Management, 1986
1993/112-53 Articulation between colleges and high schools, 1986
Articulation report, research, 1985-1986
Enrollment figures-articulation study, 1986
Recommendations of Task Force on Research, Technology, and Higher Education, 1986
Chairman Temple's recommendations re: Coopers and Lybrand Report, 1986
Texas Charter for Public Higher Education, drafts, December 1986
Parsley's Report on Medical Schools to Task Force on Quality and Access, 1986
Initial recommendations of Task Force on Quality and Access, 1986
Governance recommendations, 1986
Recommendations by Mexican American Task Force, 1986
Report on Community Colleges to Task Force on Quality and Access, 1986
Recommendations adopted by Quality and Access Task Force, 1986
Task Force on Governance and Management, 1986
Transcripts of hearings, 1986-1987
Task Force on Research, 1986
Members, addresses, 1986
Staff biographies, 1986
A Generation of Failure, Hardesty Report to Coordinating Board, 1986
Texas United Faculty recommendations, 1986
Library study, 1986
Texas Council of University Librarians, 1986
SCOHE report by sections:
1993/112-53 I. International Comparisons, 1985
II. Public Elementary/Secondary Education Reforms in Texas, 1986
III. Higher Education Reform in Other States, 1986
IV. The Postsecondary Student, 1986
V. The Quality of a Baccalaureate Degree, 1986
VI. Teacher Education, 1986
VII. Funding, 1986
VIII. Research, 1986
SCOHE final report, 1987
Drafts of final report, 1987
1993/112-56 Recommendations and reports to Task Force on Quality and Access, 1986
Drafts of final recommendations with notes, 1987
Draft recommendations by task forces and subcommittees, 1986
Summary of SCOHE recommendations, 1987
Final report, 1987
Comparative data about higher education; a resource directory, 1986
Southern Regional Education Board, reports, 1986-1987
HCR 105, 1985
SCOHE members, opinions and resumes, 1986
SCOHE meeting schedules and agenda, 1985-1986
Ohio articulation, 1986
Carnegie Foundation report, 1983
Medical school libraries, 1986
Management audit, Coopers & Lybrand, 1986
Senator Parker's articulation study, 1986
1992/299-6 Testimony of medical schools, 1986
University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston, 1986
Texas A&M College of Medicine, 1985-1986
1992/299-7 Meeting of Senate Education Committee, July 19, 1986
Report on teacher education, 1987
Task Force on Quality and Access, The Texas Academic Library, 1986
Texas A&M University System overview, 1986
Lamar University-presentation to committee, Affirmative Action plan, 1986
Articles of interest (newspaper clippings), 1985-1987
Teacher transcript study, 1986
Topics to be discussed by SCOHE, 1986
SCOHE correspondence from members, 1986
Letter to Governor White re: SCOHE, 1985
SCOHE meeting files, 1985-1986
El Paso, February 27, 1986
Presentations, February 1986
February-March 1986 presentations, March 1986
Interim study, House Committee on Public Education, 64th Legislature, 1976
Touche Ross study, 1980
Governor's Task Force on Higher Education, 1980-1982
1992/299-10 Meeting files, 1986-1987
Subcommittee meetings, 1986
Task Force meetings, 1986
Criteria for mergers, 1986
Proposal for merger of TWU (Texas Woman's University) and NTSU (North Texas State University), 1986
Presentations by universities, 1986
1992/299-11 Meeting transcripts, 1985-1986
1992/299-12 New policy or laws resulting from Select Committee on Higher Education, 1988
Report to Task Force on Quality and Access, Medical Schools and Health Science Centers, 1986
Assessment in different states, 1986
Summary of teacher education studies, 1986
Reform-South Carolina, 1985
Information on CLEP (College Level Examination Program) tests, 1984-1989
Value Added Assessment Program, 1985-1986
Access-Comparison with West Virginia, 1985
Performance funding-Tennessee, 1986
Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex High Education Task Force, 1984
Meeting file, 1986
Librarian's Best Friend, resources used by them, 1986
Education Commission of the States, Task Force on Education for Economic Growth, 1983 Business-Higher Education Forum, America's Competitive Challenge, 1983
Special Committee on Post-Secondary Medical, Dental, and Allied Health Education (SCOME):
1993/112-54 Report of the Special Committee, draft, 1988
Medical Advisory Committee report, 1988
Meeting, Texas A&M College of Medicine, 1988
Report of Select Committee on Medicaid and Family Services, 1988
Research articles, 1987-1988
Bibliographies, 1988
Testimony before committee, 1988
Testimony on nursing shortage, 1988
Memorandums, 1988
Agenda, 1988
Cost of medical education, 1988
Sprague Plan, 1988
Proposal by Coopers and Lybrand, 1988
Funding medical schools, 1988
Texas Medical Association, physician manpower, 1986-1988
Parker's issues for committee, 1988
Report, educational and general income, 1986
Subcommittee on Medical Education and the Health Professions, 1988
Research articles, medical education, 1986-1987
Rural medical education, 1987
Annual questionnaire, Liaison Committee on Medical Education, undated
1992/299-6 Medical schools, 1982-1988
Texas health care data, 1987
Dental Advisory Committee report, 1988
Profiles of Texas universities with maps indicating counties of student residency, undated
Texas medical/dental data, probably 1986
Nursing Advisory Committee, 1988
Nursing education, 1988
Nursing fact sheet, 1988
Allied Health Committee, 1988
Study on medical education, 1988
Higher education-dental, 1985
Medical school enrollment figures, 1976-1987
Medical school interim study, Senate Concurrent Resolution (SR) 163, 67th Legislature, 1982
State Board of Medical Examiners, 1986
Meeting, July 8, 1988
Nursing education, 1988
Medical and dental schools- background data and fact sheets, 1987-1988
Southern Regional Education Board, Assessing Governance Alternatives for University-Owned Public Teaching Hospitals, 1988
State Rural Medical Education Board, 1987
1992/299-8 Issues, 1988
Medical school applicants' scores, 1988
American Osteopathic Association, Standards for Residency Training, 1986
UT medical branches, probably 1987
Baylor College of Medicine, 1986
Residency programs, 1988
Committee roster, 1988
Indigent health care, 1988
Nursing, 1987-1988
Physician payment plans, 1988
Medical malpractice, 1986-1988
Other states' research on medical education, 1984-1986
Medicaid in Texas, undated
Health education funding/planning, 1988
SCOME meeting files:
1992/299-8 Houston, March 24, 1988
Austin, May 5-6, 1988
Austin, May 26-27, 1988
Austin, June 9-19, 1988
Austin, June 23-24, 1988
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, 1986-1988
Baylor University, 1983-1986
1992/299-12 Baylor College of Dentistry, 1987
Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, 1986
A&M College of Veterinary Medicine, 1986
Medical Education Appropriations 1988-1989, 1987
Appropriations per medical student, 1988
Indigent health care findings, 1988
Facts on each medical school, 1986-1987
Meeting file, January 1988, 1988
Correspondence-schedules, 1988
General fact sheet provided for SCOHE, 1985
Higher education test scores, 1985
Reports, 1986-1987
Medical schools, 1986-1987
Galveston College health occupations program, 1987
Interim Study on Allied Health, 1987-1988
Research, 1987-1988
Joint Select Committee on Higher Education, 72nd Legislature:
1993/112-39 Interim charges, 1991
SCOHE, 1991
Staff meeting, October 1991
Committee meeting, November 1991
Constituent letters, 1991
Higher education rankings, 1983-1991
ASHE (Association for the Study of Higher Education) annual meeting, 1991
ASHE proposal, 1992
Advanced Technology Board, 1991
Report on Select Committee on Higher Education, 1987
To do: constituents, 1990-1992
To do: projects, 1991
NASFAA (National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators), 1991
Research projects-faculty salaries, 1992
Student affairs, policy article, 1992
SCOHE meeting, March 17, 1992
Quality work force planning speech, 1992
Legislative-Superintendent Conference, 1992
Projects, 1991
Responsibility centered budgeting, probably 1992
Russell Eng v. Texas Southern University, 1992
Requests from committee members, 1991
ECS (Education Commission for the States) Conference, 1992
Salary and full time Employee data for higher education institutions, 1992
Research articles, 1990-1992
Faculty salary comparisons with Texas, probably 1992
Lamar-Texas Education Agency proposal, 1992
1993/112-55 Select Committee on Higher Education (SCOHE) mission statement, Texas Charter, 1986
Senator Parker PSF (Public School Finance) plan, 1993
1993/112-55 March 1992
September 1992
Formula Funding Considerations and Concerns for Texas State Technical College, 1992
TSTA (Texas State Technical College) recommendations, 1992
LBJ School, administrative cost study, 1992
University of Houston, 1992
Fair Share School Finance Plan, 1992
1993/112-39 Texas Education Agency, Chapter 2 State Advisory Committee, 1992
Public school legislative mandates, 1992-1993
Reports and studies
1993/112-74 Senate Education Committee Library Study, library study reports/research, 1986-1990
Responses to library study, 1990
[2 wallets]
Library reports and summaries, 1991
Report, Status of Academic Research Libraries at Texas Public Colleges and Universities, 1991
Library presentation overheads, 1991
1992/299-4 Texas Education Opportunity Plan, 1986
Southern Regional Education Board, Access to Quality Undergraduate Education, 1985
Getting Students Ready for College, 1986
Student Readiness, 1989
Improving Student Preparation, 1986
Education Commission for the States, Levers for Change, 1985
Carnegie Foundation, College: The Undergraduate Experience in America, 1986
Coordinating Board, Texas College and University System, follow-up survey of May 1984 Graduates, 1984
Rand Corporation, Steady Work: Policy, Practice and Reform of American Education, 1988
Assessing Teacher Supply and Demand, 1988
National Institute of Learning, Involvement in Learning, 1984
State of Florida, College-Level Academic Skills Project, 1983
California, Challenge of Change: Reassessment of the California Community Colleges, 1986
Mood, Alexander, The Future of Higher Education, undated
Coordinating Board, remedial courses, A Generation of Failure, 1986
Roueche, Baker, Roueche, College Responses to Low-Achieving Students, undated
Legislative Joint Committee on Higher Education in South Texas, public hearings, 1988
Coordinating Board, Upper-Level Institutions and Off-Campus Educational Units of Texas Public Universities, 1977
Select Committee on Higher Education, Community Colleges: The Wellspring for Higher Education, 1988
Coordinating Board, Overview Memo, Junior College System, 1985
LBB (Legislative Budget Board), recommendations for public junior colleges, 1978
University of Texas, Study on Excellence, 1975
Lamar University, teacher education, 1989
Coordinating Board, Texas College and University System, Commissioner Ashworth's Proposed Plan for Texas Higher Education, 1980
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Changes in Population Labor Force, Employment and Unemployment in the United States-Implications for Education and Training, 1986-1987
National Institute of Education, Teacher Shortage, 1983
Teacher shortage, 1986-1989
Texas Education Agency, teacher shortage in Texas, 1984
Commission on Standards for the Teaching Profession, 1989
Center for Policy Studies and Research, State Mandated Testing in Texas: The Teacher Response, 1987
Bibliography on competency test, 1985
National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, The Costs of Assessment, undated
National Institute of Education, Assessment in Professional Education, 1985
What Undergraduates Learn: The Role of Assessment in Large Research Universities, 1985
The Growing Interest in Measuring the Educational Achievement of College Students, 1985
1992/299-5 Guaranteed Student Loans Coordinating Board, Proposed Approach to Assisting the State of Texas in Evaluating Alternatives for a Student Loan Guarantee Program, 1978
Report of Special Interim Study Committee on State Involvement in and Administration of Student Loan Programs for Texas, 1978
Coordinating Board, Financial Aid for Graduate Students in Texas, 1984-85, 1986
Sloan Commission on Government & Higher Education, 1978
Background material for Coordinating Board Report, 1978
Coordinating Board, Final Report on Project to Evaluate Alternatives for a Student Loan Guarantee Program, 1978
Attorney General opinions, 1977-1980
Interim Committee on Guaranteed Student Loan Authority, 1978
Coordinating Board, funding process, probably 1984
Indigent health care legislation issues, 1986
Permanent University Fund investments, 1986
Foreign higher education issues, 1991
Higher education/governance, 1987
History of the Coordinating Board, 1986-1987
Carnegie Council, Fair Practices in Higher Education, 1979
Trustee Selection in Public Colleges and Universities, 1980
Bibliography of literature on efficiency and retrenchment in higher education, 1985
Graduate education, 1975-1991
Florida, access to higher education, 1986
Law schools, 1973-1978
Paralegal program, 1981
Medical schools, family practice residency, 1977
Minorities in Higher Education: The Changing Southwest, 1984
Mexican American Legislative Caucus, 1985
Southern Regional Education Board, The Enrollment of Black Students in Higher Education, 1985
Under-representation of black and Hispanic students in higher education, 1986
Women in universities issues, 1990-1991
Tennessee performance funding, 1980-1986
Minority recruitment and retention conference, 1990
Racial and ethnic makeup of college enrollments, 1986
Chief clerk's research files
1992/299-8 Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, 1985
Engineering programs at institutions of higher learning, 1987
West Texas State University-finance, 1986
House General Investigating Committee-NTSU (North Texas State University), 1980
NTSU investigation, 1975-1980
UT-Arlington, Institute of Urban Studies (appropriations), 1977
Student semester credit hours, 1983
TSU (Texas Southern University) audit crisis, 1979
Research commercialization, Public Information Project, 1986
Governor's Task Force on Higher Education, 1982
Responses to research requests, 1987
1992/299-9 Coordinating Board, Committee on Testing Rising Junior Exam Meetings, 1985-1986
Rising junior exams in other states/countries, 1984-1986
Testing in other states, 1985
Committee on testing of college sophomores, 1985
Recommendations, 1986
Final report, 1986
Coordinating Board, Meeting on TASP (Texas Academic Skills Program), 1988
Texas Academic Skills Council, meeting, 1987
Minutes, 1987-1988
Survey of Academic Advisors, 1988
Truth in testing, 1979
Instructional television, 1984-1986
Satellite transmitted academic resources, 1986
TI-IN (Texas Interactive-Instructional Network, Inc.), 1985
Association for Higher Education, 1981
Maryland, state of-instructional TV, 1985
Coordinating Board, instructional TV, report, 1986
Teachers Teacher appraisal, 1986-1987
Teacher education background statistics, 1986
University of Texas study, 1983-1984
Austin College, 1986
Issues in teacher education, Texas Education Agency, 1985
Alternative certification programs, 1986
PPST (Pre-Professional Skills Test), 1985-1987
Tuition resolutions, 1980
Texas v. other states' tuition rates, 1984-1987
Residency, 1973-1979
Coordinating Board, Survey on Exemptions, Waivers, Tuition, and Fee Revenues, 1987
Tuition issues, 1974-1986
1992/299-10 Faculty Workload Study, HB (House Bill) 1012, junior college small classes, 1979
Advisory Committee recommendations, 1978
Correspondence, 1978
Student tuition, SCR 101, 66th Legislature, Legislation, 1981
State of Texas, Annual Narrative Report...on the Texas Equal Educational Opportunity Plan for Higher Education, 1986
Subject files
1993/112-35 Demographics, 1988
Texas Desegregation Plan, 1983
Texas Federal Desegregation Plan, 1981
Economy, 1991
Enrollment, forecasts, 1984-1990
Enrollment caps, 1989
Headcount enrollment comparison, 1986
Facilities, articles of interest, 1987
Deferred maintenance, 1990
Faculty, assessment of faculty time, 1991
Faculty shortages, 1991
Faculty sick leave, 1986
Salary comparisons, 1988-1990
Salary policies and guidelines, 1986
1993/112-36 Fiscal Notes, Office of the Comptroller, 1989-1991
College freshmen stats, 1990-1991
Formula Advisory Committees, 1989-1991
Formula funding, 1991
Incentive and Initiative Formula Study Committee, 1989
Legislative Budget Office, base of reference, 1988
Committee on Statewide Governance of Higher Education, 1991
Grades, 1988
Graduate student insurance, 1988
HEAF (Higher Education Assistance Funds) funds, Lamar University, 1990
Health insurance, 1990
International issues in education, 1990
1993/112-37 Accreditation, 1981-1985
Local funds, subcommittee on dedicated and local funds, 1986
State Auditor, Higher Education Special Report, 1986
Attorney General's opinion, JM-575, 1986
Governor Clements' executive policy budget, 1987
Optional retirement program, 1987
Financial aid, 1986-1988
Pell Grant formula, 1989
Student guide to financial aid, 1989
Summary of student financial aid, 1988
Santiesteban's bills, Mexican and Central American students, 1987
Higher education and the Hispanic, 1984-1986
Libraries - articles, 1990
Partnerships in higher education, 1990
Polls in higher education, 1991
Mathematics, 1991
Report of Special Committee on Post-Secondary Medical, Dental, and Allied Health Education, 1988
Education Commission of the States, forum and annual meeting, 1986
TASP (Texas Academic Skills Program) test, report by Coordinating Board, 1989
TASP fact sheet, 1986-1989
Coordinating Board, Committee on Testing, report, 1986
Tuition and fees, 1984-1989
Teacher education, 1988
Select Committee on Public Education, Subcommittee on the Teaching Profession, 1984
Technology and telecommunications, 1984-1986
1993/112-38 Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, 1988-1991
SB 501, sunset legislation for Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, 1989
Undergraduate education, 1989
Statewide study of upper-level institutions, 1990
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Commissioner Ken Ashworth (resolution), 1990
SB 457, Coordinating Board Sunset Bill, 1989
Legislative appropriation request, 1990
Healthcare study, 1989
Senator Parker's research file, 1987-1991
College Savings Bonds, 1988-1989
NAICU (National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities) education savings accounts, 1987-1988
New York college savings fund, 1988
Federal Tuition Assistance Program, 1987
Angelo State University, 1990
Corpus Christi State University, 1991
Dallas County Community Colleges, planning, 1990-1991
Texas State Universities (newspaper clippings), 1990-1991
Texas Southern University, State Audit Reports, 1988-1989
1993/112-40 AHE (Association for Higher Education of North Texas), 1990-1992
Articulation, Higher Education Act, reauthorization, 1991
National Endowment for the Humanities Report, To Reclaim a Legacy, 1984
Texas Equal Educational Opportunity Plan for Higher Education, 1985
Higher education fact sheet, 1987
Coordinating Board file, Senator Parker's project, 1986
Accreditation, higher education, 1980-1986
67th Legislation, higher education, 1981-1986
Admissions, pool of applicants to higher education, 1981-1985
Admission requirements, other states, 1984
Required coursework, higher education, 1987
High school preparation of college students, 1987
Economic development, 1987
State employment data, 1990
1993/112-41 Analysis of student loan transactions, 1991
American educational complex, 1989-1991
Academic programs, (studies), 1990-1992
Appropriations, state per student funding comparisons, 1989
Budget reports, Texas Association of Taxpayers, 1986
Fiscal activities report, 1990
U.S. Department of Education, 1992
State budget summary 1992-93, probably 1991
College readiness, 1988
Community colleges, 1989-1991
College student loan bonds, 1990
Committee Reports, Special Senate Interim Committee on Workfare, report to 71st Legislature, 1989
Senate Special Advisory Committee on Bishop College, 1990
Joint Committee on Higher Education in South Texas, 1988
Higher Education Work Group, draft policy, 1991
Select Committee on Medicaid and Family Services, 1988
Select Committee on Education-final report, 1988
An Analysis of the Texas Higher Education Formula System, 1986
Coordinating Board, Texas Higher Education Texas Southern University Presentation, 1991
Sales of bonds, special meeting of Board, 1992
Minutes of January 31, 1992 meeting, 1992
Report, newsletter, 1990
1993/112-42 Coopers & Lybrand Higher Education newsletter, 1990
Incentive and Initiative Formula Study Committee, 1989-1990
State lottery for Texas, 1990-1991
SHEEO (State Higher Education Executive Officers) data sources, 1991
Master Plan for Higher Education, Coordinating Board, 1989-1990
Enrollment-minority, 1991
Minority math/science education colloquia, 1989
Minority achievement in higher education, 1990
Texas Educational Opportunity Plan, 1989
Racial Issues on Campus, Southern Regional Education Board, 1990
Legislative Budget Board briefing document on education issues, 1988
Southern Regional Education Board, meeting, 1991
Reports, Texas Employment Commission, probably 1985-1988
Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, memorandum of understanding, 1990
Annual report, 1991
School or Scandal, report, 1989
Governor's Executive Development Program, 1991
Nursing Education Advisory Committee, 1990
Nursing formula study, 1989
Coordinating Board, Report of the Study Committee on Nursing, 1975
McMurphy Nursing Project, 1989
Coordinating Board, study on the use of part-time faculty, 1990
Part-time faculty, 1989
Responses regarding part-time and full-time faculty, 1986
1993/112-43 Texas State Technical College, 1991
Lamar University, Carl Perkins applications, 1991
Innovative Grant Program, 1992
Minority student Recruitment, 1988
Annual report, 1991
Colleges and universities, articles of interest, 1991
Memos to Senate Education Committee members, 1989
Energy efficiency and utility expenditure review, 1989
Educational goals, 1990
Renovation v. new construction, 1989-1990
Proprietary schools, Proprietary School Act, 1989
Joint Interim Committee on Proprietary Schools, 1989-1990
Commercial driving schools, 1990-1991
Court reporting schools, 1989
Truck driving schools, 1989
1993/112-44 Ethics in teacher education, 1988
Teacher education-implementation, 1989
SB 994, teacher education, Senator Parker, 1987-1989
Profiles of Texas universities with maps, undated
State Universities, South Texas legislation, 1988
Joint Committee on Higher Education in South Texas-testimony, Brownsville, 1988
Edinburg, 1988
Laredo, 1988
University of Texas and Pan American University merger-statement of intent, 1988
Merger agreement between TAMU (Texas A&M University System) and USST (University System of South Texas), 1988
Higher education in the Rio Grande Valley, 1988
Higher education in South Texas, 1987
Mexican American Task Force on Higher Education, 1986
Report of the Legislative Joint Committee on Higher Education in South Texas-draft, 1988
1993/112-45 Higher education-history, probably 1985
Subcommittee on dedicated and local funds of the Texas House Appropriations Committee, 1985
House briefing, revenue and education, 1986
Permanent University Fund-history, 1984
Available university fund, 1980
Proposition 2 (Constitutional College Building Fund), 1985-1986
Proposition 2, State Auditor's Report, 1986-1988
Budget, 1986-1987
Local funds in higher education, 1984-1986
Texas Research League, Reports to Select Committee on Higher Education, 1986
Higher Education Finance-local funds, 1985-1986
Cash flow-higher education finance, 1984-1986
Governor Clements' State of the State, 1987
Faculty flight, 1987
Paperwork reduction, 1987
HB 1831 (re: fees in higher education), probably 1987
Higher education in Texas (newspaper articles), 1986-1987
Salaries-higher education, 1983-1987
Faculty salary project, 1987
1993/112-46 Demographics-public school, 1979
School guidance counselors and curriculum, 1985-1986
School Counselors Project, 1982-1987
Higher education admission requirements, 1986
Tuition, 1983-1985
CSHB 1147 (re: tuition rates), 1985
Dallas Community College, 1986
Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, 1976-1986
Women and minorities-Engineering and Science Recruitment Fund, 1989
Minority Recruitment Advisory Committee, 1990
HB 102, minority recruitment, engineering, 1988-1990
Minority achievement and university attendance, 1990
Minority recruitment-Baylor Program, 1986-1987
Minorities issues/research, 1985
Core curriculum, 1985-1986
Curriculum-remedial courses, 1984-1986
New Jersey Remedial Program, 1985
Southern Regional Education Board meeting-student testing, academic skills, 1985
SAT test scores- articles of interest, 1985
Position papers on higher education-memos and research, 1983-1985
Research facilities revitalization, 1985
South Carolina higher education, 1986
Minnesota post-secondary education, 1986
Faculty pensions/salaries, 1985-1986
1993/112-47 National educational statistics, 1988
Indicators of education status and trends, 1985
Federal budget information, 1986-1987
Federal higher education programs, 1985
Vouchers-disadvantaged children, probably 1985
State student scores, 1984-1986
California articulation report, 1987
Tuition equalization grants, 1981-1984
Teacher testing, 1983-1985
Student testing, 1985
Coordinating Board Committee to Study Student Testing, 1985
Advanced Placement Examinations, 1986
Student assessment, 1985-1986
Texas Equal Opportunity Education Plan, 1984-1986
Faculty salaries, 1986-1987
Professional employee group health insurance, 1984
Higher education source books-originals, 1985
Coordinating Board (press releases), 1985
Higher education reform efforts in other states, 1984-1985
Student costs in ten mid-west states, 1985
1993/112-48 Formula Advisory Committee, senior college and university, 1985-1986
Finance-Texas, letter to Chronicle of Higher Education, 1986
Senator Snelson, chairman, funding notes, 1981
Jess Hays remarks, Texas Foundation for Higher Education, 1987
Coordinating Board, implementing the reforms, 1988
HB 2182, legislative intent letter, 1988
Select Committee on Higher Education-Coopers and Lybrand Management audit, 1986
Coordinating Board, higher education formulas, 1987
Senator Parker's career ladder project, 1987
Gifted and talented students, 1985-1987
Kindergarten and limited English proficient programs, 1986
Student transcripts, 1985-1989
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, 1986-1989
Southern Legislative Conference, 1988-1989
State funding program-handicapped weights, 1985
SB 460, program weights, probably 1985
Vocational education, 1984-1985
Vocational education projects, 1986
Community education, 1986
1993/112-49 White House Science Council report, 1986
College student assessment research, 1985
Funding incentives, other states, 1986
Texas Research League reports, 1986
Federal policies and programs for youth, 1987
Federal government responses-discipline, 1984
State comparisons, financing, 1984-1986
Summaries of states' studies of higher education, 1986
National higher education reports, 1985
Texas Comptroller Bob Bullock's report, The High Finance of Higher Education, 1985
Education-speech material, 1983-1988
Speech notes, Commissioner Kirby, 1983-1988
Senator Parker's speech materials, 1984-1988
Senator Snelson, journal article, 1981
HJR 19 (re: funding for higher education), 1983
SCOHE (Select Committee on Higher Education) reading material, 1986
Corrections connection, 1988
Illiteracy, 1987-1988
Proposition 2, speech, 1988
Illiteracy/dropouts, 1990
Public Forum on Education, Beaumont, 1984
Southeast Texas Task Force for Quality Education, 1983-1984
1993/112-50 Select Committee on Education, meeting file with testimony, August 1988
Final report and recommendations, 1988
Interim Study of Continuing Adult Education, 1979-1980
Survey of top ten graduates from 19 high schools across the state, 1983
Survey on teacher pay raises, 1983
Continuing Education Study, nontraditional scheduling, 1980
Questionnaire, 1980
Background information, 1975-1979
Professional recertification, 1980
Correspondence, 1979-1980
Community/junior colleges, 1976-1977
Enrollment breakdowns and projections, 1978-1980
Survey, 1980
1993/112-51 Assessment of agency performance, Legislative Budget Board, 1992
SCR 22, Select Committee on Public Education, interim study, 1981
Subcommittee for Legislative Implementation and Finance Formulas, 1982
Subcommittee on Construction, Rehabilitation and Repair, and Capital Debt Financing, 1981-1982
Subcommittee on Construction Finance, 1981
Edit and Review Subcommittee, 1982
Select Committee on Education, Public School Finance, (newspaper articles), 1988
1993/112-52 Florida Postsecondary Education Planning Commission (PEPC), 1982-1991
PEPC reports, 1990
Articulation Agreement, PEPC, 1987
Quality of Instruction at the University of Texas, 1989
Coordinating Board, energy research in applications, 1990-1991
Research assessment program, 1989
Higher education rankings, 1991
Research program review, 1989-1990
Advanced technology programs, 1988
Rural scholar recognition program, 1991
SCOHE (Select Committee on Higher Education), report card, 1987
Bill packet, 1987
Scholarships, 1990
Out-of-state tuition waiver, 1989
Implementation of South Texas legislation, 1989
Committee on Higher Education in South Texas, 1987-1991
South Texas educational programs, 1988-1991
Student privacy, 1987-1988
Tuition raises-student views, 1991
Teacher education, 1989-1990
Formula for tenured faculty, 1986-1989
TASP (Texas Academic Skills Program), 1989-1990
Coordinating Board-TASP summary test results, 1989
TASP Chapter-legislative perspective, 1989-1990
1993/112-55 Texas Nursing Education Cost Study and Funding Recommendations, 1990
Coordinating Board, Committee on Statewide Governance of Higher Education, 1990
Women and minorities recruitment, 1990-1991
SB 992, by Parker, reduction of paperwork, 1987
Lamar University, budget cuts, Coordinating Board, 1985-1986
Project, 1988-1991
Institute and appropriations, 1991
Texas Research League, enhancing access to higher education, 1986-1991
Undergraduate education, University of Texas, 1989
Study of upper-level universities, 1989
Single County Education District (CED), school finance plan, 1992
Family Practice Residency Program, 1990
1992/299-1 Higher education in Texas overview, 1981
Postsecondary education outlook, 1979
Summary of recommendations on higher education from previous sessions and studies, 1986
Accountability, 1976 state appropriations for colleges, 1986
State appropriations for colleges, 1986
Junior colleges-finance committee meeting, 1981
Facts about ACC (Austin Community College), 1981
Dallas County Community College system, 1986
TSTI (Texas State Technical Institute) annual report, 1985
Governor's Advisory Committee on Postsecondary Educational Planning, 1975
Correspondence courses, 1985-1986
Student enrollment, 1986
Construction space planning, 1980-1983
Faculty health insurance study, Tom Sanders, 1983
Group health insurance, SB (Senate Bill) 95, 65th Legislature, 1978
Group health insurance, college professors, 1983
Higher Education Coordinating Board-statistics on entering college students, 1981-1985
Average budgeted faculty salaries, 1975-1985
Faculty salaries, 1981-1986
[2 folders]
Faculty salary statistics, 1985-1986
67th Legislature-faculty salaries, 1980-1981
Faculty in Jeopardy, by Hugh Gardner, undated
Reagan Administration's Chapter 1 Voucher Program, 1985-1986
Tenure, 1985-1988
Figures on numbers of students exempted from paying tuition and/or fees, 1986
Student aid file, 1985-1987
Participating lending institutions directory, undated
Student Loan Programs, old legislation, 1977
Financial aid for Texas students-publications, 1977-1981
Summary of student financial aid in Texas, 1986
Comparison of enrollment/financial aid, 1962-1985, 1986
The Use of Student Financial Aid to Attract Prospective Teachers, 1986
Physician Student Loan Repayment Program, 1986
Texas Public Educational Grants Program, 1985
67th Legislature, Student Loan Program, 1981
Athletic scholarships, 1985
Student aid available by the Coordinating Board, 1988
Tuition equalization, 1973
Tuition Assistance Plan, 1985
Student financial aid summary, 1985-1986
Memo-Mack Adams, tuition and/or fee exemptions, 1984
Profile of financial aid applicants, 1978
Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, annual report, 1986
1992/299-2 A&M teacher education, scholarship program, 1986
Carnegie Forum on Education and the Economy, 1986
Carnegie: The Undergraduate Experience, 1986
Teacher education and preparation and student assessments, 1986
[2 wallets]
SB 123, LBB (Legislative Budget Board) Performance Report, education, 1986-1987
Southern Regional Education Board, 1986
1992/299-3 Faculty workload study, 65th Legislature, HB 1012, 1978
Ad Valorem Tax, House Joint Resolution (HJR) 111, 67th Legislature, 1981
Construction funding, 67th Legislature, 1981
Construction legislation and support data for HJR 19, 68th Legislature, 1981-1983
Support materials for construction legislation, 1981-1983
Construction Special Session, 67th Legislature, 1981
Final Report on Review of the Four Existing Higher Education Authorities in Texas by Touche Ross & Co. to Legislative Budget Board, 1980
Legislative Budget Board Report on Higher Education Authorities, 1980
Higher education authorities-material response to House Subcommittee Investigation, 1980
Special Committee on Higher Education Financing, S.C.R. 101, 66th Legislature, 1981
Tuition rates, 1984-1989
1992/299-17 Legislation on higher education authority, 1989
Tax Reform-Proposition 13, 1978-1980
Higher Education Coordinating Board formulas, 1978-1986
Strategic Economic Policy Commission, report, 1988
College installment payments, 1988
Medical education and related issues, 1988
Liability insurance and university health centers, 1986
Governor Clements/higher education, 1986-1987
White v. Clements on education issues, 1986
Carnegie Report, 1986
General articles and fact files from the Chronicle of Higher Education, 1985-1986
"No-pass, No-pay, "higher education financial aid, 1986
Legal, religious institutions and public policy, Bob Jones University v. U.S., undated
Tax deductions for educational expenses, 1984
Title IX, to what does it apply, undated
Students' First Amendment rights, undated
Financial exigency in higher education, undated
Faculty flight/brain drain, 1987
Tax base/junior community colleges, undated
Miscellaneous reports, 1986-1988
1992/299-32 Report of the Select Committee on Higher Education, 1987
Higher education in Colorado, 1985
SB 578, Conference Committee, 1985
Implementation issue, HJR 19, 1983
Conference Committee, HJR 19, 1983
Conference Committee, HJR 19, 1983
Conference Committee, HJR 111, 1981
HJR 111, Repeal of ad valorem tax and to provide for building programs at state institutions of higher learning, 1981
[3 folders]
Higher education construction proposals-comparison, probably 1981
Higher education support material, 67th Legislature, 1981
Texas Southern University, 1979-1982
Bishop College, 1980
Technology education, 1982-1986
Vocational education, 70th Legislature, 1987
Speaker's Economic Advisory Group, Alternatives for Revitalizing and Diversifying the Economy, 1987
1992/299-33 Foundation School Program, probably 1984
Select Committee on Public Education, first draft of recommendations, 1984
Perot's article, First Impressions, 1984
Discipline techniques, 1983-1984
State Board of Education meeting files, 1984
Coordinating board, 1988
Testimony to Special Committee on Medical, Dental, and Allied Health, April 6-8, 1988
UT (University of Texas) Health Science Center- Houston, 1986-1987
UT Health Science Center-San Antonio, 1986
UT Health Science Center-Dallas, 1985-1987
UT Medical Branch-Galveston, 1988
Texas health careers, 1988
Medical education resource file, 1987
Higher education in Kentucky, 1981-1985
Higher education in California, 1985-1986
Higher education in California, 1985-1986
71st Legislature:
1992/299-62 HEAF (Higher Education Authorization Fund) reauthorization, 1989
State Board of Education bills, 1988-1989
TASP (Texas Academic Skills Program) test, 1988-1990
State Board of Education, TEAMS (Texas Educational Assessment of Minimum Skills) issues, 1988
Texas Education Agency Sunset Reports, 1988
Vocational education-Governor's Report, 1986-1989
71st Legislature bills and recommendations, 1989
Articles, crime and dropouts, 1988
SB 404, re: open records, 1988
Textbook, direct shipment, 1989
Student absence rule, 1989
SB 895, by Harris, re: admissions to University of Texas-Dallas, 1989
SB 502, re: annexation of unaccredited school districts, 1989
SB 457, Lamar Amendment, 1989
SB 77, by Parker, proprietary schools, 1989
Teachers and career ladder legislation, 1988-1989
SB 1145, by Parker, appraisal of career ladder, 1989
Governor's Incentive Plan, 1988

Public school finance files, 1972-1992, bulk 1985-1991,
17 cubic ft.

The Texas Senate Committee on Education is a standing committee concerned with all aspects of education in public schools and with higher education in state colleges and universities in Texas. Records document public education reform and public education finance in Texas and date 1972-1992, bulk 1985-1991. Types of records include minutes, correspondence, plans, reports, speeches, survey forms, legal briefs, legislative bills, and bill analyses and are arranged in four groups: Governor's Task Force on Public Education records, school finance plans, survey of school superintendents, and subject files. Records from the Governor's Task Force on Public Education, 1989-1990, include the objectives, plans and final report. School finance plans include both Texas plans and those from other states. The Texas plans include legislation, such as SB 1 from the 71st Legislature (1989), and economic impact models. The survey of school superintendents was performed by the Senate Committee on Education in 1992 to solicit feedback and suggestions concerning school financing from all Texas school superintendents. Subject files include reports, speeches, research files, seminar papers, and copies of the Edgewood v. Kirby case that declared the Texas school financing system unconstitutional. Records relating to public school financing can also be found throughout the Public Education files and Higher Education records series.
The records are organized into four groups: Governor's Task Force on Public Education, school finance plans, survey of school superintendents, and subject files.
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Paul B. Beck, September 1994
Governor's Task Force on Public Education
1993/112-68 Agendas-scheduled meetings, 1989-1990
Minutes, 1990
Memos re: task force activities, 1989-1990
Associations' positions, 1990
Members of the Task Force, probably 1990
Objectives, probably 1990
Henry Cisneros (clipping), 1989
Representative Glossbrenner, 1989
Reading research, 1990
Parker preliminary school finance plan, 1989
Staff preliminary reports, 1990
Task Force Report, first draft, 1990
Public school finance, 1989-1990
Governor's Task Force Plan, 1989-1990
Task Force Report, draft, 1990
Analysis of task force recommendations by Texas Education Agency, 1990
Task Force, comparison of four finance plans, 1990
Final report, The Path to a Quality Education for All Texas Students, 1990
Research and resource materials, 1990
School finance plans
1993/112-59 Tom Luce education plan, 1989
Court master plan, 1990
Parker plan, 1989-1990
Advisory Panel on Fiscal Neutrality, 1990-1991
School Finance Working Group, 1991
School Finance Symposium, 1988-1989
State Board of Education school finance plan, 1990
Sources of funding, 1989-1990
Lottery, 1990
Floating Cork Plan, 1991
House Bill (HB) 3, By Glossbrenner, Recapture School Finance Plan, 1991
Senate Bill (SB) 49, by Parker, re: statewide property tax, 1990-1991
HB 668, Penny Pool Plan, 1991
State Board of Education plan, 1991
Comparison of plans, 1991
Michigan plan, 1991
Federal funding, 1988
Tax exemptions, 1991
Texas Research League, 1989-1990
Ann Richards, probably 1990
Overview information, 1988-1990
$600 million printout, 1990
SB 1, by Haley/Glasgow, 1990
SB 9, by Uribe, 1990
Uribe/Luna plan, impact models, 1990
SB 20, by Santiesteban, 1990
SB 31, by Hobby, Parker, Caperton, 1990
SB 31, subcommittee, 1990
SB 31, subcommittee amendments, 1990
1993/112-60 SB 31, re: appropriations, 1990
SB 31, engrossed, 1990
SB 33, by Green, 1990
71st Legislature, 3rd Called Session, 1990
71st Legislature, 5th Called Session, 1990
71st Legislature, 6th Called Session, 1990
Fiscal notes, 1990
Republican Caucus, SB 1, 1990
SB 351, presentation to Governor's Task Force on Revenue, 1991
The Case for Libel Law Reform, 1990-1991
Alternative I, modified, 1991
Option I, 1991
Parker Plan I, No Recapture Year 1, vote for enrichment, 1991
Option II, 1991
Parker Plan III, compromise House/Senate, 1991
Option III, 1991
Parker Plan IV, minus oil and gas revenues, 1991
Amendments, 1991
As Passed By the Senate: Analyze Listing, Current Tax Effort Amount Per Pupil, Report A, 1991
Comparison of Senate and House, District Listing, Current Tax Effort Amount Per Pupil, Report B, 1991
Total Dollar Amounts, Report C, 1991
Comparison, total dollar amounts, 1991
Maximum Tax Effort Per Pupil, Report E, 1991
Comparison, Maximum Tax Effort, Report F, 1991
Maximum Tax Effort Dollar Amounts, Report G, 1991
Comparison, Maximum Dollar Amounts, Report H, 1991
Conference Committee Impact Models, Reports A-H, 1991
Inserts, 1991
1993/112-61 Select Committee on Education, Financial Considerations Subcommittee, 1988
Vowell's Plan, 1987-1988
Equity Center data, 1988
School Bonds, 1988 research, clippings, 1988
SB 10, by Parker, re: guaranteed yield component of the Foundation School Program, 1989
SB 1019, re: changes in public education funding, 1989
Basics of public school finance, 1989
Financial condition of local school districts, 1989-1992
District enrichment rate, 1990
Senator Parker-Edgewood School District, 1989
State lottery, 1990
SB 351, memos, outlines, proposals, etc., 1991
SB 351, miscellaneous reports, presentations, etc., 1991-1992
Inequity in Illinois school finance, 1991
HB 2 and SB 10, re: primary, secondary, and post-secondary education, 1991
Parker's public school finance, 1989-1991
SB 351, with unequalized enrichment after Edgewood III, 1991
1993/112-62 District IV school questionnaire, 1986
District IV articles, clippings, 1986
Region V Task Force, Lamar University and public schools, 1983
Port Arthur ISD (Independent School District), 1984
SB 199, by Parker, re: environment and technology, research materials, 1988
1993/112-68 71st Legislature, 3rd Called Session comparison of PSF (Public School Finance) Plans, 1990
PSF recommendations, 1989
Equity Center recommendations, 1989
Parker Plan, 1989
Ratliff Plan, 1990
SB 20, by Santiesteban, 1990
SB 31, by Parker/Caperton/Hobby, 1990
SB 9, by Uribe/Luna, 1990
Yudof Plan, 1989
Miscellaneous, 1989
School finance information and handouts, 71st Legislature, 3rd Called Session, SB 31, bill history, 1990
Accountability and incentive elements of SB 31, as engrossed, 1990
Attorney General's Opinion re: countywide tax, 1990
Funding elements of SB 31, 1990
Glossary of school finance terms, 1990
Highlights of SB 31, by Parker, 1990
Highlights of Committee Substitute to Senate Bill (CSSB) 31, 1990
1993/112-69 Impact models by Texas Education Agency, 71st Legislature, 4th Called Session SB 1, by Parker, 1990
House Plan, by Glossbrenner, 1990
Comparison of school finance bills with no growth in ADA (average daily attendance), 1990
SB 1, as passed by the Senate, April 13, 1990
Senate/House alternatives compared during Conference Committee, April 1990
House finance alternative, April 1990
Senate finance alternative, April 1990
Printout comparing Current, Senate, House, and Conference Committees during 1990-1995, April 23, 1990
Conference Committee report, April 22, 1990
Conference Committee report with full year ADA, April 1990
SB 1 compared to current law, April 1990
Conference Committee information, 71st Legislature, 5th Called Session concessions offered to the Governor contained in the Conference Committee report, SB 1, 1990
Amendments/concessions to Governor, May 1990
Side-by-side analysis, 1990
Press releases, May 1990
Court master's plan, submitted, June 1, 1990
SB 1, bill history, 1990
Funding options proposed by the Governor, May 1990
Governor's school finance plan, May 1990
1993/112-70 Staff memos and research, 1989-1990
PSF tax numbers, 1990
Financing PSF, (newsletters), 1988-1989
SB 1 support materials/amendments, (71st Legislature), 1990
McFarland request/Governor Clements proposal, 1990
Attorney General's Opinion request, 1990
Senator Parker, SB 1, 1990
Lease purchase, SB 31, 1990
Subcommittee amendments, SB 31, 1990
SB 31 amendments, by Senator Johnson, 1990
1993/112-71 71st Legislature, 5th Called Session, Senator McFarland's School Finance Plan, Texas Education Agency printouts, 1990
Comparison of cost estimates, SB 1 and SB 30, 1990
Parker Plan X-never introduced, 5th Called Session, 1990
Modeling assumptions, Committee Substitute HB 1, 5th Called Session, 1990
TEA (Texas Education Agency) printouts, SB 1, 5th Called Session, 1990
Modeling assumptions, SB 1, 4th Called Session, 1990
Research, 1991
SB 49, by Parker, 1990
SJR 1, by Parker, 1990
Information on Statewide Property Tax, 1990
Recapture figures, 1991
School finance plans, 1990
SB 351, 72nd Legislature:
Engrossed versions, 1991
Amendments, 1991
Impact model, Senate engrossed version, 1991
Comparison of House and Senate versions, impact model, 1991
Conference Committee, Senate alternatives, 1991
Impact model, Special House briefing, 1991
Side-by-side, 1991
Conference Committee Report, third printing, 1991
1993/112-72 Impact model, as passed out of Conference Committee, 1991
Conference Committee report, final version, 1991
Explanatory literature on Conference Committee compromise, 1991
Impact model, tax response from the Office of Lieutenant Governor, 1991
SR 413, authorizing the Conference Committee, 1991
Senate floor debate on the Conference Committee report, 1991
Impact model for House floor debate, 1991
Justice McCown's order and transcript, 1991
Judge McCown's ruling-press release, 1991
Class action motion in Edgewood v. Kirby, 1991
Second Conference Committee, House and Senate plans, 1991
Literature on second Conference Committee report, 1991
Resolutions to go outside boundaries in Conference Committee report, 1991
Impact models for second Conference Committee report, 1991
Enrolled version, 1991
Judge McCown's April 4, 1991 order, 1991
Trial before Judge McCown, 1991
Background history of public school finance, chronology, 1990
General background, 1973-1986
Rodriguez v. San Antonio Independent School District, 1972
Public school finance, 1972-1980
Basics of public school finance, probably 1989
Billy Walker, School finance report, Texas Center for Education Research, 1989
1993/112-73 Hobby/Bullock working group material, 1988
Select Committee on Education (SCOE), meeting materials, 1988
Recommendations, 1988
Side-by-side of PSF plans, 1989
Summary of Kentucky education reform package, 1990
71st Legislature, 3rd Called Session, Impact models by TEA, 1990
Side-by-side supplements, 1990
71st Legislature, 4th Called Session TEA handouts to Conference Committee, miscellaneous amendments/proposals to SB 1, 1990
Goals amendment, 1990
Conference Committee on SB 1:
Meeting file, 1990
Report, draft, April 23, 1990
Reports, side-by-side analysis, April 1990
Final report, April 24, 1990
Accountability and efficiency elements from final report, 1990
Press releases, 1990
Attorney General's Opinion, May 2, 1990 re: Judge McCown's decision, 1990
Governor's veto proclamation, HB 150, 1990
Modeling assumption, SB 1, 1990
TEA report on HB 1, 1990
1993/112-19 Select Committee on Public Education-recommendations, 1984
Governor's Task Force on Public Education, 1990
Select Committee on Education, final report, 1988
Performance funding, 1989-1990
Price Differential Index, 1988-1989
Prorations, 1990
Lottery report, 1990
Unfunded mandates, 1989
Recapture, 1991
TEA printout on the master's plan with $550 million additional funding, 6th Called Session, 1990
Abatements, 1991
Tax burdens, 1990
Countywide taxation, 1990
Minerals and utilities taxes, 1991
SB 351, 71st Legislature, impact model, district tax per pupil, 1991
Property tax exemptions, 1991
Rollback, 1990
Spending comparisons, 1991
State property tax board-school district taxes, 1989-1990
States' Court Cases re: school financing, 1990
Public school finance in other states:
Colorado Public School Finance Act, 1988
Connecticut plan, 1988
Indiana reforms, 1987-1988
Oklahoma, 1989
Oregon, 1991
Florida, 1991
New Jersey, 1991
Tennessee, 1992
Virginia, probably 1990
1993/112-30 General information, 1975-1978
California, 1978
Colorado impact study, 1975-1979
Florida public school plan, 1975-1976
Illinois, 1976
Maine, 1975
Maryland school construction program, probably 1976
Massachusetts, 1975
Michigan, 1974
Missouri, undated
Ohio, 1977
1993/112-31 Oregon, 1974
South Dakota, 1976
Utah, 1973
Wisconsin, 1976
Texas court cases Re: school finance, 1977-1978
HB (House Bill) 1126, 64th Legislature, 1975
HB 1126, implementation, 1974-1975
Weighted pupil approach presentation, 1975
Basic issues and summary of different plans, 1975
Comparison of public school finance bills, 1975
Houston Independent School District, 1975
Governor's Office of Educational Research and Planning, 1974
Cost estimate for HB 1083, 1975
Recommendations by the House Education Committee, 1973-1974
House Committee of 24, 1974-1975
Texas Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 1974
TASB (Texas Association of School Boards), 1974
Texas Education Agency issues documents, 1974-1975
Texas Education Agency, 1974
Implementation schedule, HB 420, State Board of Education, 1975
Texas State Teacher's Association, 1975
Senate Education Committee proposed principles, 1973
Special Education finance, 1975
Seminars, National Legislative Conference, 1972-1974
Texas Education Agency, The Briefer newsletter, 1974-1976
Texas Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, property tax hearing, 1976
Senator Mauzy, Equal Education Opportunity, 1977
Representative Massey, School Finance Reform in the States, 1977
Survey of school superintendents
[Surveys are filed alphabetically by school district name.]
1993/112-65 A-C, 1992
D-H, 1992
I-M, 1992
1993/112-66 Mc-S, 1992
T-Z, 1992
Miscellaneous returns, 1992
Subject files
1993/112-57 Gifted and talented programs, 1985-1990
[2 folders]
Project Headstart, 1985
Teacher/student testing, 1980-1985
School facilities study, Center for Policy Studies and Research, 1985
Senate Resolutions (SR) 481, school facilities study, 1985-1986
Senator Parker, facilities study, 1986
Select Committee on Education, 1988
History of public school finance in Texas, undated
Proposition Zero, 1985
Electricity/energy savings plan, 1988
School finance working group, 1988
School finance alternative to satisfy Edgewood v. Kirby, 1988
Master of Chancery, Preliminary Plan, Edgewood v. Kirby, 1990
Equity in Public School Finance, Texas Center for Educational Research, 1988
Edgewood v. Kirby, Lawsuit, 70th Legislature, 1987
Accountable cost-PDI (Price Differential Index), 1986-1988
Meeting notes, Subcommittee on Quality, 1988
Research, school finance in other states, 1987
Parker's PSF (Public School Finance) proposal, mineral wealth, 1988
Parker's PSF plan, November 1989
Glossbrenner data, 1989
Public school finance proposals, side-by-side, 1989
Florida restructuring, 1989
Accountability research, undated
1993/112-58 Pros and cons-issues, 1990
HB 2885, re: appraisal districts in multi-county education districts, 1991
SB 351, re: public school finance, 1991
SB 351, Lieutenant Governor Bullock's press release, 1991
Senator Parker, Plan #1, statewide property tax, 1990-1991
SJR 1-SB 49, re: school finance-statewide, undated
Property tax, by Parker, 1991
Administrative costs, school districts, 1991
Judge McCown's decision, master's plan, April 1, 1991
House version, SB 351, 1991
Senator Parker, public school finance and constitutional amendment, 1991
Public school finance notes, 1991
Teacher health and salary, 1991
SB 351 notes, 1991
Newspaper articles, 1991
Judge McCown, SB 351, trial, June 17-20, 1991
Penny Pool Plan, 1989-1991
Equity Center Plan, 1991
HB 3, re: multi-tier system of funding, by Glossbrenner, 1991
Research materials, 1989-1991
Sharp education plan, 1991
SBOE (State Board of Education), 1991
Equity Center impact model, 1991
Impact model, SB 49, 1991
1993/112-67 Texas Research League, 1989
Supreme Court Decision, Edgewood v. Kirby, legal/legislative remedies, 1989
House Research Group, the basics of public school finance, 1989-1990
[2 folders]
Texas Center for Educational Research, Billy Walker research, 1989
County-wide tax assessment, 1990
Goals for public education in Texas, undated
Statewide data by Texas Education Agency, 1990
Federal budget legislation, 1990
Governor's Texas Education Agency Management Review Team final report, 1990
Texas Association of School Boards, Legislative and Regulatory Mandates Imposed on Local School Districts, probably 1990
Colorado public school finance reforms, 1988-1989
Oklahoma reforms, 1989
South Carolina reforms, 1988
Tennessee reforms, undated
Other states' reforms, 1990
Other states' reforms, 1990
Texas Prefreshman Engineering Program, 1990
Tom Luce Education Plan, 1989
SB 1, by Parker, Caperton and Hobby, re: public education appropriations, 1990
SB 1 research materials, 1989-1990
1993/112-68 Senator Parker's articles and press releases, 1990
Miscellaneous articles, 1990
Edgewood v. Kirby:
Background information, 1989
Lower Court decision, 1987
Texas Supreme Court decision, 1989
Decision of court to extend May deadline, Attorney General's letter, 1990
Transcript of hearing, May 1, 1990
Decision, Judge McCown, September 25, 1990
Edgewood II, Supreme Court decision, 1991
1993/112-88 250th District Court, Travis county, final judgment, June 1, 1987
Findings of fact and conclusions of law, August 27, 1987
Additional conclusions of law, June 6, 1988
Court of Appeals, 3rd District, briefs, January 7-8, 1988
Judgment and opinions, December 14, 1988
Supreme Court of Texas, opinion, October 2, 1989
250th District Court, Travis county, Judgment and Opinion, September 24, 1990
Supreme Court of Texas, appendix to brief, October 11, 1990
Brief of state-appellees and cross-appellants, November 15, 1990
Motions for rehearing, February 1991
1992/299-30 SB (Senate Bill) 1 information, 1977
Peat Marwick Report-Joint Senate Interim Committee to Study Public School Finance, 1972-1973
Restructuring of Public Elementary and Secondary School Finance, 1974
A Role for the Federal Government in Reforming American School Finance, 1973
State Board Committee Unveils Finance Plan, 1972
State Limitations on Local School Taxes and Spending: A Paper Tiger, 1977
Texas Classroom Teachers Association proposals, 1973
Texas Public School Finance: Fewer Students, More Money, 1973
Texas Public School Finance: Resolving the Issue, 1973
Toward Equally Effective Education for All Texas Children, 1976
Transportation Costs Study, Texas Education Agency, 1979
Senate Committee to Study Urban Education in Texas, 1972
Weighted Pupil Study Report, Governor's Office, 1973-1974
Texas ACIR (Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Relations?) proposals, 1976
House Public Education Committee, 1976
Representative Kubiak's proposal, 1976
HB 147 by Massey, 1976
Senator Mauzy's proposal-costs, 1976
State Board of Education, 1976
TASA (Texas Association of School Administrators), 1976
Texas Association of School Boards, 1976
Texas Education Agency, 1974-1976
Texas State Teacher's Association, 1976
School Finance Commission, 1978
Legislative Commission on Public School Finance, 1978