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An Inventory of Ben F. Barnes' Correspondence Files (Part I: State Representative) at the Texas State Archives, 1960-1971


Creator: Texas. Office of the Lieutenant Governor.
Title: Records of Ben F. Barnes: Correspondence files (Part I: State Representative)
Dates: 1960-1971
Abstract: These records include incoming letters and copies of outgoing letters, telegrams, news clippings, postcards, petitions, invitations, brochures, studies, opinion surveys, and periodicals. Records date from 1960 to 1971 and are the correspondence files of Ben Barnes during his tenure with the Texas state legislature, mostly his time as State Representative (1960-1968). Correspondence, with attachments, is generally with constituents, officials, other legislators, and with members of state or federal boards, agencies, and commissions.
Quantity: 111.4 cubic ft. (total correspondence)
Location: Please note that these records are stored at the State Records Center. Because of the possibility that portions of these records fall under the Public Information Act exceptions, these records must be reviewed by an archivist before they can be accessed for research. Records requested before 10:00 a.m. will usually be available for review by an archivist by 4:00 p.m. the same day. Records requested after 10:00 a.m. and before 3:00 p.m will usually be available for review by an archivist by noon the next day. See the statement in this document for further information.
Repository: Texas State Archives
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Ben F. Barnes Biographical Sketch

Ben Frank Barnes served Texas as lieutenant governor, Speaker of the House, and state representative. In his first political campaign, Barnes was elected in 1960 at the age of 22 as state representative for Brown, Coleman, Comanche and Runnels counties in West-Central Texas. He was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives by his colleagues in 1965 and became the youngest Lieutenant Governor of Texas in 1968, a position he held until 1972 when he lost a race for governor. Ben Barnes was born April 17, 1938 at Gorman, Texas and grew up on his father's peanut farm at Comyn, between DeLeon and Dublin. Barnes enrolled in Texas Christian University in Fort Worth in 1955, later transferred to John Tarleton College, and finally to the University of Texas at Austin where he graduated in 1960 with a degree in business administration. Barnes also attended the University of Texas Law School.

While a representative, Barnes served as chairman of the House Rules Committee and as vice-chairman of the Banks and Banking Committee. As Speaker, Barnes supported passage of the Consumer Credit Code, clean-air and water-quality legislation, legislation establishing programs for the elderly and legislation in behalf of the mentally ill and handicapped. During his first term as Speaker, Barnes led in the passage of legislation which created the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation. He was instrumental in creating the Coordinating Board for the Texas College and University System and the Governor's Committee on Aging, in revising and codifying the Uniform Commercial Code, in raising teachers' pay, and in revising the Code of Criminal Procedure. Some of the major issues faced during his terms as speaker were redistricting, improvement of higher education, the promotion of tourism in Texas, and efforts to attract new industry to the state.

As Lieutenant Governor, Barnes witnessed the creation of two nursing schools, a dental school, three medical schools, and four senior colleges; an increase in the minimum wage; and the adoption of the Liquor Reform Bill. He backed legislation in the area of mass transportation, and legislation creating the Texas Rehabilitation Commission. Throughout his four terms in the two offices, Barnes was also interested in the issue of higher education.

President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed Barnes to his Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations in 1965. In 1968, Barnes represented the U.S. Department of State at the Committee on Agriculture of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Barnes represented this Department again in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Civil Defense Committee Conference in Brussels.

One of the overriding concerns of the 1972 elections was the Sharpstown stock-fraud scandal in which charges of fraud involving stock purchases were leveled against nearly two dozen state officials and former state officials. Though never directly implicated, Barnes' reputation was tainted by the scandal which caused him to lose his bid for the governor's office in 1972. Barnes retired from politics and became president of the Bennett-Barnes Development Company in Brownwood which was primarily involved in construction and real estate development. He also entered into partnerships and various business ventures, some with former governor John Connally.

Agency History

The office of lieutenant governor is extremely powerful and influential in Texas state government. The Texas Constitution (Article IV, sections 1 and 16) gives the lieutenant governor power to act as governor in the event of the governor's absence from the state, or his/her death, resignation, impeachment, or inability or refusal to serve. The Constitution has also designated the lieutenant governor to serve as president of the Texas Senate. The current Rules of the Senate give the lieutenant governor authority to appoint all senate committees and their chairs, to decide all questions of order, to supervise all senate employees, and to determine the order of senate business. Texas statutes have made the lieutenant governor chairman of the Legislative Budget Board (which drafts the state budget) and the Texas Legislative Council (which is the legislature's main source for drafting bills); chair or vice-chair of the Legislative Audit Board (which appoints the state auditor) and the Legislative Education Board (which oversees state education policy); and member of the Legislative Redistricting Board (which redistricts house and senate seats after each decennial census).

Scope and Contents of the Records

These records include incoming letters and copies of outgoing letters, telegrams, news clippings, postcards, petitions, invitations, brochures, studies, opinion surveys, and periodicals. Records date from 1960 to 1972 and are the correspondence files of Ben Barnes during his tenure with the Texas state legislature, including his time as Lieutenant Governor. (This first part of the finding aid includes files that cover almost the entire period, 1968-1971, but mainly files that cover Barnes' tenure as State Representative, 1960-1968). Correspondence, with attachments, is generally with constituents, officials, other legislators, and with members of state or federal boards, agencies, and commissions. Correspondents include such notables as Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ), Hubert Humphrey, George Herbert Walker Bush, Ralph Yarborough, and J.J. (Jake) Pickle. Topics of the correspondence include pending or proposed legislation, natural disasters in various parts of the state (hurricanes, tornadoes), welfare, job assistance, prisoners-of-war (POWs) and missing-in-action (MIAs) in Vietnam, the Apollo II landing, and welfare reform. Opinion surveys mailed to members of the National Federation of Independent Businessmen (NFIB) asked questions concerning blue laws, welfare, taxes, busing of school children, insurance, business affairs, and government rearrangement.

To prepare this inventory, the described materials were cursorily reviewed to delineate series, to confirm the accuracy of contents lists, to provide an estimate of dates covered, and to determine record types. The researcher should note that the contents of the boxes listed below have been compiled from a list provided at the time the records were transferred. Archives staff have not had the opportunity to verify the contents of the boxes and, therefore, cannot vouch for the accuracy of the list.

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Arrangement of the Records

Correspondence files are arranged into three groups: those files covering the entire period (dating 1965-1971); those files covering Ben Barnes' years as a State Representative (1960-1968); and those files covering his tenure as Lieutenant Governor (1968-1972). Most records are filed according to a very detailed numerical filing system that grouped correspondence according to topics addressed in the correspondence. Records are in roughly chronological order within this filing system. Some correspondence is filed alphabetically by last name of correspondent. Incoming letters are often attached to copies of outgoing letters. All records remain in order as received.


Restrictions on Access

Because of the possibility that portions of these records fall under Public Information Act exceptions, an archivist must review these records before they can be accessed for research. The records may be requested for research under the provisions of the Public Information Act (V.T.C.A., Government Code, Chapter 552). The researcher may request an interview with an archivist or submit a request by mail, fax, or e-mail including enough description and detail about the information requested to enable the archivist to accurately identify and locate the information requested. If our review reveals information that may be excepted by the Public Information Act, we are obligated to seek an open records decision from the Attorney General on whether the records can be released. The Public Information Act allows the Archives ten working days after receiving a request to make this determination. The Attorney General has 45 working days to render a decision. Alternately, the Archives can inform you of the nature of the potentially excepted information and if you agree, that information can be redacted or removed and you can access the remainder of the records.

In accordance with Texas Government Code, Chapter 306, Ben F. Barnes allowed public access to the communications between himself and his constituents on July 29, 2004.

Restrictions on Use

Most records created by Texas state agencies are not copyrighted and may be freely used in any way. State records also include materials received by, not created by, state agencies. Copyright remains with the creator. The researcher is responsible for complying with U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17 U.S.C.).

Where necessary, records will be redacted or restricted to comply with the Public Information Act and the Attorney General's decision.

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Related Material

The following materials are offered as possible sources of further information on the agencies and subjects covered by the records. The listing is not exhaustive.

Texas State Archives
Manuscript collections: Lieutenant Governor's Office, Barnes (Ben) Scrapbook, 1965-1972 (3 reels of microfilm)

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

(Identify the item), Correspondence files, Records of Ben F. Barnes, Texas Office of the Lieutenant Governor. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Accession Information

Accession number: 1995/037

These records were transferred to the Archives and Information Services Division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission by the Texas Secretary of the Senate on December 22, 1994.

Processing Information

Lisa M. Hendricks, October 1997

Nancy Enneking, September 2001

Tony Black, July 2004

Detailed Description of the Records

Correspondence files (Part I: State Representative), 1960-1972,
111.4 cubic ft.

Correspondence spanning entire period, 1965-1971
1995/037-61 Regnad, 1965, 1967, 1969-1970
Whitman Case, 1966
Stun, 1965-1971:
Juinata Atkerson
Russell Jack Ballard
Alton Belter
Ancil S. Blalock
N. W. Bragg
Mrs. Ellis M. Clark
Robert Cole
P. H. Dillion
Fortune Teller
Miss Mary Galligher
Mrs. Rosie Greenway
Johnny May Hackworth
W. B. Hallmark
R. L. Kelley
Mary P. Kirksey
Nettie Bae Blakey Lott
Mrs. Flora McCarty and Leona Metcalfe
Lola V. Park
Bruce Shipp
Joe V. Simms
J. Russell Smith
1995/037-62 Stun, 1967-1971:
W. Tarver
Clarence L. Terry
Mrs. Freida Tillman
Mrs. B. E. Walker
John C. Williams
H. W. Wolf
1995/037-125 Lists, 1966-1969:
List of Amarillo Council of Progress
List of Dallas Jet Owners, 1969
List of Lobbyists, 1969
List of Rural Mail Carriers
Miscellaneous Lists
Extent [4 folders]
1995/037-126 Miscellaneous Lists
Extent [3 folders]
List District 10 Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA), March 8, 1967
Lists, 1966
Lists, 1967
Extent [4 folders]
Lists, 1968
Extent [5 folders]
Correspondence as State Representative, 1960-1968
1995/037-173 59th Legislature, 1965-1967:
1995/037-174 N-Z
Press, 1965
General A-H, 1965
1995/037-175 General I-Z, 1965
Legislation, 1965
Stun File, 1965
General Thank Yous, 1965
1995/037-176 General Thank Yous, 1965
Thank Yous for Xmas, 1965
Job Assistance, 1965
Information Requests, 1965
Speaking Accepted, 1965
Speaking Declined, 1965
Wedding Invitations, 1965
Federal Government, 1965:
Federal Government
Omar Burleson
Jake Pickle
Graham Purcell
Jack Brooks
O. C. Fisher
Richard White
Ralph Yarborough
Kika de la Garza
Joe Pool
John Tower
Federal--General, 1965
White House (President), 1965
LBJ Ranch, 1965
Legislation, 1965
Office of Economic Opportunities, 1965
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1965
State Government, 1965
Interstate, 1965
Governor's Office, 1965
John Connally, 1965
Lt. Governor's Office, 1965
Supreme Court, 1965
Meade Griffin, 1965
Zollie Steakley, 1965
House of Representatives, 1965:
John Allen
Bet Atwell
A. C. Atwood
Bob Bass
Tom Bass
Vernon Beckham
Joe Bernal
John E. Blaine
Steve Burgess
Pat Cain
Frank Cahoon
Neil Caldwell
Don Cavness
Bill Clayton
James D. Cole
R. H. Cory
David Crews
Temple Dickson
Lee Duggan
John Field
Bill Finck
Dave Finney
Paul Floyd
Gene Fondren
Wilson Foreman
Jesse T. George
David G. Haines
DeWitte Hale
Forrest A. Harding
Ed J. Harris
Jack R. Hawkins
Bill Heatly
Gene Hendryx
Tom Holmes
D. C. Howard
Alonzo Jamison
Jake Johnson
J. E. (Jake) Johnson
Glenn A. Johnson
Delwin Jones
Grant Jones
Charles Jungmichael
Rufus Kilpatrick
Walter Knapp
Honore Ligarde
Raul Longoria
Felix McDonald
Dick McKissack
James McLaughlin
J. E. Miller
Hudson Moyer
Raul Muniz
Sam Murphy
Menton J. Murray
Gus Mutscher
Dean Neugent
Jim Nugent
Travis Peeler
Randy Pendleton
Ace Pickens
Maurice Pipkin
Reed Quilliam
Bill Rapp
Benal B. Rosson
Milton Schiller
Ralph Scoggins
Joe Shannon
Tommy Shannon
W. C. Sherman
J. M. Simpson
Richard Slack
James Slider
Will Smith
Neal Solomon
Vernon J. Stewart
James W. Stroud
John Traeger
J. E. Ward
Ralph Wayne
Willis Whatley
Leroy Wieting
Former House Members, 1965
Former Senate Members, 1965
Tour of Texas Instruments, 1965
Texas Social Welfare Association, 1965
Dairy Products, 1965
Texas Association for Retarded Children, 1965
1995/037-177 General Legislation A-Z, 1967
1995/037-178 Against Parimutuel Betting, 1967
Against Liquor A-Z, 1967
Abortion, 1967
Traffic Safety, 1967
Deaf Bills, 1967
1995/037-179 Capital Punishment, 1967
Parimutuel Betting and Liquor by the Drink Miscellaneous and A-Z, 1967
Gasoline Tax, 1967
Equal Legal Rights, 1967
1995/037-180 For Daylight Savings Time, 1967
Minimum Wage Law, 1967
Bus Drivers Bill, 1967
Air and Water Pollution, 1967
Redistricting Bill, 1967
Higher Education, 1967
Code of Criminal Procedure, 1967
Teacher Pay Raise A-Z, 1967
Dyslexia, 1967
Mental Health and Mental Retardation, 1967
Water and Irrigation Districts, 1967
Judicial, 1967
Hospital Districts, 1967
State Employees Retirement, 1967
Milk Bill, 1967
Cosmetologists, 1967
For Liquor by the Drink A-F, 1967
1995/037-181 Liquor by the Drink G-Z, 1967
For Parimutuel Betting A-Z, 1967
Firemen's and Policemen's Bill, 1967
1995/037-182 4 Year College--Permian Basin, 1967
State Employees Pay Raise, 1967
City Sales Tax, 1967
Banking Legislation, 1967
Against Daylight Savings Time A-Z, 1967
Nurse Licensing, 1967
Constitutional Revision, 1967
Court Reporter Bill, 1967
Redistricting (Olin Teague), 1967
Workman's Compensation, 1967
Liquor and Betting (against), 1967
1995/037-184 Texas Welcome (President Kennedy), November 1963
Envelopes--Speaker of the House
Congratulations, 1963-1964
Speaker of the House Miscellaneous, 1963-1964
Extent [3 folders]
1995/037-185 Speaker of the House, 1963
Extent [6 folders]
1995/037-188 Friendly cards
County cards
City cards
Speaker's apartment stamp
KHUL radio tape
1995/037-203 State Representatives, miscellaneous correspondence, A-Z, 1962
1995/037-205 59th Legislature, 1965
Thanks for Christmas, 1965
Job Assistance, 1965
Sympathy, 1965
Senate, 1965
Texas A&M University, 1965
Texas Tech University, 1965
James Connally Institute, 1965
Midwestern University, 1965
Baylor University, 1965
Tarleton State University, 1965
Texas Woman's University, 1965
University of Texas--Austin, 1965
Southwest Texas State University, 1965
Angelo State College, 1965
North Texas State University, 1965
Sul Ross University, 1965
West Texas State University, 1965
Rice University, 1965
Board of Control, 1965
State Board of Insurance, 1965
Texas State Department of Health, 1965
State Commission for the Blind, 1965
Texas Department of Public Safety, 1965
Texas College and University System Coordinating Board, 1965
Water Pollution Control Board, 1965
Legislative Budget Board, 1965
Texas Water Development Board, 1965
Texas Aeronautics Commission, 1965
Texas Youth Council, 1965
Texas State Historical Survey Commission, 1965
Texas Parks and Wildlife, 1965
Teacher Education Agency, 1965
Comptroller of Public Accounts, 1965
Texas Commission on Higher Education, 1965
Agriculture Commission, 1965
Texas Legislative Council, 1965
Texas Industrial Commission, 1965
Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1965
Texas Department of Correction, 1965
Texas State Hospitals and Special Schools, 1965
Good Neighbor Commission, 1965
Texas State Soil Conservation Board, 1965
Toledo Bend Project, Sabine River Authority, 1965
Upper Leon Soil and Water Conservation District, 1965
1995/037-206 Southern Council of State Government, 1965
Guadalupe Park, 1965
Restoration of Historical Forts and Missions, 1965
Hemisfair '68, 1965
National Legislative Conference, 1965
Ford Foundation Intern Program, 1965
United Fund, 1965
General Organizations, 1965
Longhorn Club of Austin, 1965
Teachers Association, 1965
Texas Motor Transportation Association, 1965
Texas Good Roads Association, 1965
Texas Restaurant Association, 1965
Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation, Inc., 1965
Texas Public Employees Association, 1965
Guest Coaches Association, 1965
West Texas Chamber of Commerce, 1965
Texas Municipal League, 1965
Southwest Peanut Growers Association, 1965
Texas Classroom Teachers Association, 1965
Texas Research League, 1965
Texas Farm Bureau, 1965
Texas Nurses Association, 1965
Labor Organizations, 1965
Texas Partners of the Alliance, 1965
Texas Society of Professional Engineers, 1965
State Health Department
Miscellaneous Letters, 1960
Correspondence, 1961
Miscellaneous Information, 1961
Miscellaneous--Speaker of the House, 1961
Letters to be answered, 1962
Voting Record--House of Representatives
1995/037-83 Christmas cards received:
[2 folders]
1995/037-234 1967
1995/037-235 1967
1995/037-90 Miscellaneous information (letters), 1960-1963
1995/037-106 Form letters, 1965-1967
Constitutional Revision, 1969
Appropriations, 1966-1968
Special Session, 1968
Appointments to be made by the Speaker and boards of which he is Ex Officio Member
Re: H. B. 1479--CNP Utility District Recommendations of the Texas Water Rights Commission, 1969
Letter of Transmittal House of Representatives of the State of Texas, 1969
Interim Committees authorized by House Concurrent Resolutions and House Simple Resolutions passed by the regular session of the 61st Legislature
Number, author of House and Senate Bills and joint resolutions introduced up to and including May 24, 1969, 1969
Senate Status Report--Office of Secretary of the Senate, Greg Hooser, statistician
Liquor by the Drink (Against), 1968:
Alpha A-L, 1968
1995/037-107 Alpha M-Z, 1968
1995/037-120 General (alphabetical), 1965-1968:
1995/037-121 "H,"1966-1968
"I,"1965, 1966, 1968
1995/037-122 "Q,"1967
"X, Y, Z,"1967-1968
Legislation, 1967-1968
Freeport Legislation, 1967
Taxes, 1967
Gun Laws, 1967
SA Medical Complex, 1967
Rock River Woolen Mills, 1967
Kids, 1966-1968
Appreciation, thanks, congratulations (alphabetical), 1965-1968:
1995/037-123 "C,"1965-1968
1995/037-124 "L,"1966-1968
1995/037-125 "W,"1967-1968
"X, Y, Z,"1966-1968
Miscellaneous, 1965
Christmas, New Years Thanks, 1965-1968
Job Assistance, 1966-1968
[Note: 1966, 1967 folders are in chronological order; 1968 in alphabetical order]
Sympathy, 1966-1968
Information requests A-K, 1966-1968
Information requests L-Z, 1966-1968
Weatherford Jaycees, May 1966
Hurst-Euless Chamber of Commerce Banquet, September 2, 1966
DeLeon Chamber of Commerce, February 3, 1967
Miscellaneous Lists, 1966
Mercedes, May 10, 1966
Visit in Big Spring, March 8, 1967
Guest list for, April 26, 1966
Houston Luncheon, April 18, 1966
Pleasanton Lions Club, November 1966
1995/037-126 Special Messages, 1965, 1966, 1968
1995/037-134 Federal Government, 1965-1968:
Federal Government, 1965-1968
Omar Burleson, 1966-1968
Edward Clark, 1967
Olin E. Teague, 1966-1968
J. J. Pickle, 1966-1968
Ray Roberts, 1967
Graham Purcell, 1968
Henry B. Gonzales, 1967
George Bush, 1967
John Young, 1967
1995/037-135 Jack Brooks, 1966-1968
O. C. Fisher, 1967
George Mahon, 1967
Richard C. White, 1966-1967
Ralph W. Yarborough, 1966-1967
Wright Patman, 1967-1968
Kika de la Garza, 1968
Joe Pool, 1966
John G. Tower, 1966-1967
Bob Eckhardt, 1968
Earle Cabell, 1968
Mark Hartfield, 1968
Jim Wright, 1968
Carl Albert, 1968
General, 1966-1968
White House (President), 1966-1968
Vice-President, 1967-1968
LBJ Ranch, 1966
Legislation, 1967
Advisory Commission on Inter-Governmental Relations , 1966-1968
Department of Health, Education, Welfare, 1967-1968
Department of Justice, 1967
Department of Public Housing and Urban Development, 1966-1967
U. S. Department of Transportation, 1967
Office of Economic Opportunity, 1967
Department for State Agency for Internal Improvements, 1966
Army, 1968
State Government, 1966-1968
Interstate, 1966-1968
Governor's Office, 1966-1968
Governor John Connally, 1966-1968
Lt. Governor's Office, 1966-1968
Attorney General's Office, 1966-1968
Secretary of State, 1966-1968
Supreme Court Chief Justice Calvert, 1966-1968
Joe Greenhill, 1967
Meade Griffin, 1967
James Norvell, 1967
Clyde Smith, 1967
Zollie Steakley, 1967
Ruel C. Walker, 1966
Texas Mental Retardation Planning Study, 1966-1967
1995/037-136 House of Representatives (chronological), 1966-1968:
House of Representatives, 1966
Speakers' letters to full membership, 1964-1967
General political file
60th Legislature nominees
Malouf Abraham, 1966-1967
Joe Allen, 1967-1968
John Allen, 1966-1968
Dave Allred, 1966-1968
Maurice Angly, Jr., 1968
W. R. Archer, 1967-1968
Robert L. Armstrong, 1966-1968
Ben Atwell, 1966-1968
A. C. Atwood, 1966-1968
Bill W. Barton, 1966-1968
Bill Bass, 1966
R. W. Bass, 1966-1967
Tom Bass, 1966-1968
Vernon Beckham, 1966-1968
Otha Birkner, 1966-1967
John E. (Ned) Blaine, 1966-1968
Jack Blanton, 1967-1968
William O. Braecklein, 1966-1968
Rex Braun, 1966-1968
Ronald Bridges, 1966-1968
Steve Burgess, 1965-1968
Frank Cahoon, 1966-1967
Pat Cain, 1966-1967
Neil Caldwell, 1966-1968
Frank Calhoun, 1966-1968
Oscar Carillo, 1966-1968
Don W. Cavness, 1966-1968
James H. Clark, Jr., 1966-1968
Jim Clark, 1966-1968
Bill Clayton, 1966-1968
James D. Cole, 1966-1968
R. H. Cory, 1966-1968
David Crews, 1966-1968
Lauro Cruz, 1966-1967
Russell B. Cummings, 1966, 1968
Cletus A. Davis, 1966-1968
Temple Dickson, 1966-1968
Hilary B. Doran, Jr., 1967-1968
A. L. Dramberger, 1966-1968
Lee Duggan, Jr., 1966-1967
John Field, 1966-1968
Bill Finck, 1966-1968
Charles A. Fennell, 1967-1968
David Finney, 1965-1968
Guy Floyd, 1966-1968
Paul Floyd, 1966-1968
Wilson Foreman, 1967
Gene Fondren, 1966-1968
J. A. Garcia, 1968
Roy H. Garwood, Jr., 1966-1967
Jesse T. George, 1966-1967
Don Gladden, 1966-1967
Curtis M. Graves, 1966-1968
David Haines, 1966-1968
Sue Hairgrove, 1966-1968
L. Dewitt Hale, 1965-1968
Don Hand, 1966-1967
John Hannah, 1967-1968
Forrest A. Harding, 1965-1968
Ed J. Harris, 1967-1968
Jack R. Hawkins, 1966-1968
Clyde Haynes, 1966-1968
Fred Head, 1967-1968
Bill Heatly, 1966-1968
Bob Hendricks, 1966-1967
Gene Hendryx, 1966-1968
George Hinson, 1965-1968
Lamoine Holland, 1966-1968
Tom Holmes, 1966-1968
Z. W. Holmes, Jr., 1968
D. C. Howard, 1966-1968
1995/037-137 Cordell Hull, 1967
Alonzo W. Jamison, 1965-1968
Jake Johnson, 1966-1968
J. E. Johnson, 1966-1968
Glenn Johnson, 1966-1968
Delwin Jones, 1966-1968
Edmund E. Jones, 1968
Grant Jones, 1966-1968
Charles Jungmichel, 1966-1968
Rufus Kilpatrick, 1967-1968
Walter L. Knapp, Jr., 1966-1968
Dan Kubiak, 1968
Honore Ligarde, 1966-1968
Joseph Lockridge, 1967-1968
Frank Lombardino, 1966-1968
Raul Longoria, 1966-1968
John Lowrance, 1968
James L. Lovell, 1966, 1968
Felix McDonald, 1966-1968
Dick McKissack, 1967-1968
Jack McLauthlin, 1967
J. E. Miller, 1967
Aubrey L. Moore, 1966-1968
Griffith Moore, 1967-1968
Tom Moore, Jr., 1967-1968
Paul C. Moreno, 1966-1968
Hudson Moyer, 1966-1968
Raul Muniz, 1966-1968
Menton J. Murray, 1966-1968
Sam H. Murphy, 1966-1968
Burke Musgrove, 1966-1968
Gus Mutscher, 1966-1968
J. T. Newman, 1966-1968
R. C. Nichols, 1968
James Nowlin, 1966-1968
Dean Neugent, 1966-1968
James E. Nugent, 1966-1968
Jack C. Ogg, 1967-1968
Fred Orr, 1966-1968
Carl A. Parker, 1966-1968
Travis A. Peeler, 1967
R. G. Pendleton, 1966-1968
Ace Pickens, 1966-1968
W. S. Pickett, 1966-1968
Maurice S. Pipkin, 1966-1967
Rayford Price, 1966-1968
Reed Quilliam, 1965-1968
Bill Rapp, 1966-1968
Joe Ratcliff, 1966-1968
C. L. Ray, Jr., 1966-1968
George H. Richardson, 1966-1968
Renal B. Rosson, 1966-1968
Bob Salter, 1966-1968
Henry Sanchez, 1967-1968
Tati Santiesteban, 1966-1968
Milton Schiller, 1966-1968
Gerhardt A. Schulle, 1966-1968
Charles Scoggins, 1967
Ralph W. Scoggins, 1966-1968
Chris Semos, 1967-1968
Joe Shannon, Jr., 1966-1967
Tommy Shannon, 1966-1968
W. C. Sherman, 1966-1967
J. M. Simpson, 1967-1968
Richard C. Slack, 1966-1968
James L. Slider, 1966-1968
Will L. Smith, 1966-1968
Neal Solomon, 1966-1968
Vernon Stewart, 1966-1968
James W. Stroud, 1966-1968
Bill T. Swanson, 1967-1968
Omar L. Tarbox, 1966-1968
Bob L. Thomas, 1966-1967
John H. Traeger, 1967-1968
Donald R. Uher, 1967-1968
R. L. Vale, 1965 1966 1968
Arthur Vance, 1967-1968
Glenn Vickery, 1966-1967
J. E. Ward, 1966-1968
Ralph Wayne, 1966-1968
J. D. Weldon, 1967
Willis Whatley, 1966-1968
Leroy Wieting, 1966-1968
Lyndon Williams, 1966-1967
Billy Williamson, 1966-1968
John Wright, 1966-1968
1995/037-138 Former House Members (alphabetical), 1965-1968
Nominees (alphabetical), 1968
Senate (chronological), 1965-1968:
A. M. Aikin, 1967-1968
Jim Bates, 1968
Joe Bernal, 1966-1968
B. E. Berry, 1967
H. J. Blanchard, 1966-1968
Ronald Bridges, 1968
Chet Brooks, 1966-1968
Joe Christie, 1966-1968
Criss Cole, 1966-1968
Wayne Connally, 1966-1968
Tom Creighton, 1966-1968
Louis Crump, 1966
Henry Grover, 1966-1968
(1967 missing)
Ralph Hall, 1967-1968
Dorsey Hardeman, 1967
Roy Harrington, 1967-1968
O. H. Harris, 1968
Grady Hazelwood, 1966-1968
Charles Herring, 1966-1968
Jack Hightower, 1967-1968
Barbara Jordan, 1967-1968
Don Kennard, 1966-1968
Mike McKool, 1968
Oscar Mauzy, 1967-1968
William Moore, 1968
George Parkhouse, 1967-1968
William Patman, 1966-1968
David Ratliff, 1967-1968
Bruce A. Reagan, 1968
A. R. Schwartz, 1966-1968
W. E. Snelson, 1968
Jack Strong, 1967-1968
Jim Wade, 1965-1968
Murray Watson, 1965-1968
Charles N. Wilson, 1965-1968
J. P. Word, 1966-1968
Former Senators, 1967
Court of Criminal Appeals, 1966-1967
Texas Civil Judicial Council, 1967-1968
School and University, 1965-1968
Texas A&M University, 1963-1968
Texas Tech University, 1966-1968
James Connally Institute, 1966-1968
Midwestern University, 1967
Hardin-Simmons, 1966-1967
Baylor University, 1965-1967
Tarleton State, 1966-1968
UT [University of Texas] at El Paso, 1965-1968
UT [University of Texas] at Arlington, 1966-1968
Mc Murray College, 1966-67
1995/037-139 Southern Methodist University (SMU), 1966-1968
TWU [Texas Woman's University], 1966-1967
University of Texas Miscellaneous, 1966-1968
UT [University of Texas] Frank Erwin, 1967
UT [University of Texas] Permanent University Fund, 1966-1968
Stephen F. Austin, 1966-1968
Southwest Texas State University, 1967
Abilene Christian College, 1965-1967
Texas Southern University, 1967
Angelo State College, 1966-1968
Cisco Junior College, 1966 1968
North Texas State University (NTSU), 1966-1968
University of Houston (U of H), 1966-1968
East Texas State, 1967-1968
Sul Ross, 1966-1968
Texas A&I, 1967
West Texas State University, 1966
Sam Houston State, 1968
TCU [Texas Christian University], 1968
Board of Control, 1966-1968
Texas Water Rights Commission, 1965-1968
House Employees, 1966-1968
Contingent Expense, 1963-1968
Chief Clerk, 1965-1968
Payroll, 1966-1967
1995/037-140 Payroll, 1967 1968
Journal Clerk, [196--]
Printing Department, 1966-1967
Robo Type, 1965-1967
State Board of Insurance, 1966-1968
1999/037-140 Texas State Department of Health, 1966-1968
State Commission for the Blind, 1967-1968
Texas Department of Public Safety, 1966-1968
Railroad Commission of Texas, 1966-1968
Texas Fine Arts Commission, 1967-1968
Coordinating Board of Texas Colleges and Universities , 1966-1968
Water Pollution Control Board, 1966
Legislative Budget Board, 1967-1968
Texas Water Development Board, 1966-1968
General Land Office (Jerry Sadler), 1967-1968
Texas Highway Department, 1967-1968
1995/037-141 Texas Aeronautics Commission, 1966-1968
State Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, 1966-1968
Texas Youth Council, 1966-1967
Texas State Historical Survey Committee, 1966-1968
Texas Parks and Wildlife, 1966-1968
State Auditor, 1966-1968
Texas Education Agency, 1966-1968
Comptroller of Public Accounts, 1966-1968
State Board of Morticians, 1966-1967
Texas State Library and Legislative Reform Section , 1967
Agriculture Commission, 1966-1968
State Securities Board, 1967-1968
Texas Legislative Council, 1966-1968
Texas Industrial Commission, 1966
Board of Pardons and Paroles, 1966-1967
Institute of Texas Cultures, 1967
State Department of Public Welfare, 1967-1968
Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1966-1968
Texas Department of Corrections, 1966-1968
Texas State Hospitals and Special Schools, 1965-1967
Good Neighbor Commission, 1966-1968
TEC [Texas Employment Commission], 1966-1968
Texas Fine Arts Commission, 1967-1968
State Building Commission, 1968
Texas Tourist Development Agency, 1968
Austin State School, 1968
Toledo Bend Project Sabine River Authority, 1968
Upper Leon Soil and Water Conservation Department , 1966
Texas Liquor Control Board, 1968
Legislative Audit Comm. [?], 1968
Texas Water Quality Board, 1968
Texas Animal Health Commission, 1968
Industrial Accident Board, 1968
Consumer Credit Commission, 1968
Brazos River Authority, 1968
Projects, 1966 1968
Symposium, 1966-1968:
Symposium, 1966
1995/037-142 Symposium, 1967-1968
Symposium (Printed material), 1967
Symposium A-M, 1966-1968
Symposium (Miscellaneous), 1966
Agriculture Committee, 1966, 1968
Speaker's Day, 1965, 1967:
A-M, 1967
1995/037-143 M-Z, 1967
Bills, 1967
Robo Letter C [?] General Thanks, 1967
Publicity, 1967
Chronology, 1965
Peru Trip, 1965-1968
National Legislative Conference (San Antonio), 1967
Correspondence, 1968
1995/037-144 Correspondence, 1966-1967
San Francisco and Hawaii Trip, Dec. 1-6 1968
Guadalupe Park, 1966-1968
Restoration of Historical Forts and Missions, 1966-1968
Hemisfair, 1966-1968
National Conference of State Legislatures, 1966-1968
Citizens Conference of State Legislatures, 1968
1995/037-145 Citizens Conference of State Legislatures, 1967
National Legislative Conference Booklets, 1967
National Legislative Conference, 1966-1968
Ford Foundation Intern Program, 1965-1968
Tour of Texas Instruments, Inc., 1967
March of Dimes, 1967
Capitol Conference, 1967
Council of State Government Louisville, 1967
Infocade, 1966
The American Political Science Association, 1967
Bay City Dedication, 1966
State Urban Action Center, Inc., 1967-1968
United Fund, 1968
1995/037-146 United Fund, 1968
Texas Partners of Alliance, 1966, 1968
Easter Seal, 1968
Organizations General, 1966-1968
Texas Social Welfare, 1966-1968
Longhorn Club of Austin, 1966-1968
Dairy Products Institute of Texas, 1966-1967
Texas Association of Retarded Children, 1967-1968
Texas Cottonseed Crushers, Inc., 1967
Texas Real Estate Association, 1967
Texas Federation of Women's Club, 1966
NAACP, 1966
American Legion, 1966 1968
American Cancer Society, 1966-1968
National Society of State Legislatures, 1967
Association of General Contractors, 1966-1968
Teacher's Association, 1966-1968
Texas State Teachers Association, 1966-1968
Texas Council of Exceptional, 1967
Texas Motor Transportation Association, 1967
Texas Farmers Union, 1967-1968
Texas Good Roads Association, 1966-1968
Texas Restaurants Association, 1966-1968
Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation, Inc., 1966-1968
Texas Public Employees Association, 1967-1968
Texas Legislative Service, 1966-1967
Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers, 1967-1968
State Bar of Texas, 1967-1968
Texas Youth Conference, 1967
1995/037-147 Texas Youth Conference, 1968
Guest Coaches Association, 1967
Permian Basin Petroleum Association, 1967-1968
West Texas Chamber of Commerce, 1966-1968
Mechanical Contractors Association of Texas, Inc., 1967
Texas Coaches Association, 1967
Texas Hereford Association, 1967
Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers, 1966-1967
Texas Municipal League, 1966
SW Peanut Grower's Association, 1966-1968
East Texas Chamber of Commerce, 1967
Texas Classroom Teachers Association, 1967-1968
Texas Research League, 1966-1968
Texas Farm Bureau, 1966-1967
Texas Nurses Association, 1966-1967
Labor Organization, 1968
Texas Society of Professional Engineers, 1966
Texas Electric Cooperatives, 1968
Tax-Assessor Association, 1966
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