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Inventory of the Sterling C. Evans Papers:

845-1996 (bulk: 1939-2001)

Descriptive Summary and Abstract

Creator Evans, Sterling C.
Title Inventory of the Sterling C. Evans Papers:
Dates 1845-1996 (bulk: 1939-2001)
Abstract The Sterling C. Evans Papers, 1845-1996 (bulk: 1939-2001), include personal correspondence with friends, family members, and business associates; personal notebooks; plat maps, blueprints, diagrams of land: legal and financial documents surrounding real estate transactions; favorite quotations and poems; manuscripts; a travel diary; notes, notebooks of advertising and commercial brochures; photographs, newspaper clippings, receipts for gifts, and personal artifacts. The collection also contains the papers of his life-long assistant, Dorothy Whitley.
Identification TAMU MSS 00135
Extent 26.5 linear ft.
Language English.
Repository Cushing Memorial Library College Station, TX 77843-5000

Biographical Note

Sterling C. Evans (1899- 2001) banker, rancher, and namesake of Texas A & M University's Sterling C. Evans Library, was born in Devine, Tex. 5 August 1899, the third child of the four children of John Henry Evans and Emily Evaline Crutchfield Evans. The elder Evans arrived in Texas from Burnt Corn, Ala. as a teenaged migrant farm worker. In succeeding years, he married and purchased a farm in Devine, Tex. When he sold the farm in Devine, the family moved to Melon, Tex., where the four Evans children rode a horse to a one-room school. So that he could attend high school, Sterling C. Evans moved in with a family friend in Uvalde, Tex. and eventually graduated president of the class of 1917. After visiting with a friend at Texas A & M University, Evans was so impressed by the school that he enrolled himself. Evans graduated from Texas A & M University in 1921 with a degree in Animal Husbandry. It was during his tenure at Texas A & M University that Sterling C. Evans developed his life-long love for livestock, literature and the Texas A & M University itself.

During his undergraduate years at Texas A & M, Evans became the school's leading student in livestock judging-a skill he maintained and would use the rest of his life in discriminating keepers from culls among the Santa Gertrudis cattle and Quarter Horses he raised on his ranches.

In his sophomore year of college, Evans was admitted to the Texas A & M University chapter of the prestigious liberal arts college organization called the Junto Society, founded by then director of the Texas A & M University library, Thomas Mayo. The original chapter of the Junto Society has been founded in 1727 by Benjamin Franklin, and ultimately became the nucleus of the American Philosophical Society. The cited purpose of the society was "to seek out the truth, encourage good fellowship, and take advantage of the benefits of occasional wine and song." Evans once recalled "it was one of the most interesting groups with which I've ever been associated." Evans practiced the self-educating process encouraged by Mayo and the Junto Society throughout his life, resulting in his ability to quote Shakespeare, the Bible, Dickens, or Marcus Aurelius with relative ease.

In 1921, despite the Great Depression looming, Sterling Evans was offered several intriguing opportunities upon his graduation from Texas A & M, including an offer from a West Indies sugar plantation. Nevertheless, it was Evans' Alma mater that called him to service with the Texas Agricultural Extension Service.

As part of TAES, Evans traveled throughout the state working with county extension agents and developing 4-H programs. It was during this time, at a county cooperative meeting in Sherman, Tex., that he met Kate (also called Cathrene or Cathy) Thomas who would become his wife in December 1922. It was also during this period of time that he fell in love with the land and agricultural production. He also learned that often success in farming and ranching had more to do with financing, marketing, and credit than sweat, dedication and the weather.

In 1932, on the heels of Roosevelt's New Deal, Evans found a way to parlay his experience with the farm cooperatives of the Texas High Plains to gain entrance into the newly developed Federal Farm Credit Administration. In the consolidation efforts, a search was conducted in Texas to find the person most likely to make a success of the new program and, after numerous recommendations especially by E. J. Kyle of the School of Agriculture at Texas A & M University, Sterling Evans was made president of the Houston, Tex. based Farm Bank for Cooperatives. After several years of proving his adeptness in the banking industry, Evans was promoted to president of the separate, but related, Federal Land Bank. His co-workers described his work in building the bank to be manifested by intense business acumen and vision.

In 1959, Evans retired from the Federal Land Bank because he wished to spend more time in pursuit of his growing private business interests-ranch partnerships with his friend Gus Wortham-and to begin his appointed term on the Texas A & M Board of Regents.

Sterling C. Evans had been excited to become an Aggie in 1917, when he first came to the Texas A & M University campus, and it is said that, at the Brackettville, Tex. celebration of his 100th birthday in August of 1999, surrounded by friends and fellow Aggies from all around the world, he was wearing his trademark Texas A & M maroon tie and sang along with the Aggie War Hymn. For the rest of his life, Texas A & M and its students had remained Evans' passion and the focus of his often extraordinary generosity.

In 1952, as a member of the Association of Former Students, Evans founded a loan fund for families wanting to send their sons to Texas A & M. During that year, he also served on the board of the Texas A & M Research Foundation, and the next year, he added a term on the board of the Texas A & M Development Foundation. From 1959 to 1971, Evans served on the Texas A & M University System Board of Directors (later the Board of Regents), and was president of the board from 1963-1964.

It was Evans appointment to the Texas A & M University Board of Directors in 1959 that thrust him into the midst of a whirlwind of controversy about admitting women to the all-male Texas A & M College. A proponent of this mostly unpopular change, it was during Evans term on the Board of Directors that he both observed and participated in the extreme political maneuvers on the part of both sides of the controversy, until the matriculation of the first class of Texas A & M freshman that included women. In 1963, approximately 150 women began classes in the newly renamed Texas A & M University during the presidential administration of James Earl Rudder. However, it was not until 1971, the last year of Evans' term on the board, that the university catalogue proclaimed an official policy of the equal and unrestricted admission of academically qualified women to Texas A & M University.

During the same period of time that he was involved so closely in Texas A & M politics, Evans and his mentor and friend, Gus Wortham, also built a highly successful partnership in buying distressed ranch properties. After restoring these run-down properties, Evans and Wortham would build successful agricultural businesses raising cattle and crops, then find a marketing niche, and re-sell the properties at a profit. As one newspaper reported in the early 1940s, Sterling C. Evans "is responsible for putting the business in agri-business."

Evans' first foray into the buying of farmland had been his own purchase of 180 acres on the outskirts of College Station, Tex., which he called Poor Acres. Evans sold this property in order to come up with part of the down payment for his first joint venture with Wortham: a 3,000 acre cotton plantation in Milam County, Tex. Over the next three decades, Evans and Wortham bought and sold over half a dozen farms and ranches in Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana. While the ranches the partners bought and sold appear to have been successful endeavors, each had a unique marketing angle, usually honed by Evans. Also, while owned by the Evans/Wortham partnership, these ranches were very hospitable centers of society, where both little known and world-renowned persons were equally entertained. Notably the Cypress, Tex. Nine Bar Ranch and the Little Eva Plantation in Chopin, La. were sites for extravagant social events, and were also visited by dignitaries from all over the world, who were interested in breeding Santa Gertrudis cattle or hybrid pecans.

The Little Eva Plantation, near Natchitoches, La., was perhaps the greatest beneficiary of Evans' creative energies in that, in addition to developing an enormous pecan operation, he reconstructed a facsimile of the original of Uncle Tom's Cabin, and marked the graves of two individuals who were supposedly the inspirations for characters in Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin, set in Louisiana. Additionally, Evans and Wortham completely restored a historical African-American church that is still located on the grounds of the plantation.

Evans was also responsible for the first large-scale exportation of Santa Gertrudis cattle to Russia, Venezuela, and Australia. Even into his later years, Evans maintained a keen interest in the potential for developing increased agribusiness in Russia. As late as the mid-1980s, Evans was still corresponding with Russian agricultural officials about exploring the feasibility of setting up an agricultural experiment station in Russia, to focus on research into the cultivation of walnuts.

At age 93, Evans sold his ranch in Castroville, Tex., bought his last new ranch, and moved his entire extended family to Brackettville, Tex. At 95, he, along with close friends, even designed and remodeled an entertainment enclave in Zacatecas, Mexico. There, Evans enjoyed long evenings hosting dinners for friends, accompanied by the music of mariachis, and, on most evenings, was the last one to retire. His accountant told a biographer that, at age 98, he was still actively researching new business opportunities. Evans' keen interest in all new developments in business and agriculture, boosted by his indefatigable mental energy, is evident throughout his fifty years of nearly continuous correspondence with close personal friends, business acquaintances, as well as Texas A & M University students, administrators, and faculty.

Sterling Evans died 5 July 2001 in Del Rio, Tex. and is buried beside his wife in the Community Cemetery of Brackettville, Tex.

It might be noted that, according to most authorities, the middle initial in Sterling C. Evans' name did not stand for a given name. Evans merely adopted the initial at some point because he was not given a middle name at birth, and he "liked the way it sounded" with a middle initial to complete his name. Texas A & M University's Sterling C. Evans Library is therefore named in honor of an identity Evans forged for himself.


  • Junto Society. 5 May 2003.
  • Stokes, William N., Henry C. Dethloff and Susan B. Powell. Sterling C. Evans: Texas aggie, banker, cattleman. 2nd ed. Foreword by Dean Fred M. Heath, Texas A & M University Libraries. College Station: Texas A & M University Press, 2003. Cushing Memorial Library and Archives: TEXAS F391.E93 S75 2003

Scope and Content Note

The Sterling C. Evans Papers, 1845-1996 (bulk: 1939-2001), include personal correspondence with friends, family members, and business associates; personal notebooks; plat maps, blueprints, diagrams of land: legal and financial documents surrounding real estate transactions; favorite quotations and poems; manuscripts; a travel diary; notes, notebooks of advertising and commercial brochures; photographs, newspaper clippings, receipts for gifts, and personal artifacts. The collection also contains the papers of his life-long assistant, Dorothy Whitley.

The papers reflect Evans' personal life, his early career in the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, his professional career with the Federal Land Bank, and his retirement to a second career of investments in and operating large ranches and plantations in Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana. In addition, the papers reflect his generosity and his involvement with Texas A & M University through his service to the Board of Regents during a pivotal time in the university's history as well as his support of the university library.

While the papers record Evans' early career, they more extensively detail his agricultural business after his retirement from the Federal Farm Credit Administration and the Federal Land Bank. This post-retirement career is highlighted by a growing friendship with Gus Wortham of Houston, Tex. and their joint real estate ventures such as: Randle Lake Plantation in Milam County, Tex., Bear Lake Plantation in Tallulah, La., Crescent Plantation in Louisiana, Little Eva Plantation in Chopin, La., Nine Bar Ranch in Cypress, Tex., and the U Bar Ranches in Medina County, Tex. and Hidalgo County, N.M., as well as other smaller operations. These subject files include personal correspondence, legal documents, financial documents, photographs, brochures, advertising materials, and news-clippings

Correspondence includes Evans' exchanges with his wife, Cathrene Thomas Evans, and well-known professional associates such as: Gus Wortham, W. N. Stokes, John Wasson, Eugene Butler, Mildred McCoy, Carl Detering, John Lindsey, Earl Rudder, Frank Vandiver, William Mobley, Perry Atkission, Ray Bowen, Irene Hoadley, Fred Heath, Ambassador Edward Clark, and Dolph Briscoe. Also included is correspondence from many family members, and close friends, as well as students from Texas A & M University and Evans' former employees.


Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into 7 series:
Series 1. Personal Correspondence, 1949-1999
Series 2. Personal Financial and Legal Information, 1939-1993
Series 3. Agribusiness and Ranching, 1864-1994 (bulk: 1953-1994)
  • Subseries 3.1. Nine Bar Ranch, Cypress, Tex., 1953-1977
  • Subseries 3.2. U-Bar Ranches, Brackettville and Castroville, Tex., Hachita, N. M. and other locales, 1962-1992
  • Subseries 3.3. Little Eva Plantation, Chopin, La. 1864-1991 (bulk: 1955-1979)
  • Subseries 3.4. Other Agricultural Properties, 1941-1980 (bulk: 1941-1970)
  • Subseries 3.5. Cattle Sales, 1950-1984
Series 4. Texas A & M University, 1954-2001
  • Subseries 4.1. Sterling C. Evans Library, 1982-1984
Series 5. Dorothy Whitley, 1959-1996
Series 6. Writings and Memorabilia, 22 March 1939-1994 and undated
Series 7. Photographs and Clippings, 1917-2001



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Wortham, Gus S., 1891-1976
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Crescent Plantation (Madison Parish, La.)
Farm Credit System (U.S.)
Federal Land Bank Associations
Little Eva Plantation
Nine Bar Ranch
Randle Lake Plantation
Sterling C. Evans Library
Texas A&M University
Texas Agricultural Experiment Station
U Bar Ranch
Agriculture -- Economic aspects
Real Property
Santa Gertrudis cattle
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Bracketville, (Tex.)
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Chopin, (La.)
College Station, (Tex.)
Cypress (Harris County, Tex.)
Houston, (Tex.)
Medina County, (Tex.)
Milam County, (Tex.)
Natchitoches, (La.)
Tallulah, (La.)

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Gift of the Estate of Sterling C. Evans in .

Processing Information

Processed by Tissa Salter in May 2003with additional processing by Robyn Schuster and Aletha Andrew in June-Aug. 2003

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series 1. Personal Correspondence, 1863-1999 (bulk: 1949-1999).

Series 1. Personal Correspondence, 1863-1999 (bulk: 1949-1999) consists mainly of social and informal correspondence, including letters, greeting and Christmas cards. Also present are spiral bound guest notebooks containing names and contact information for people who visited Evans at his various ranches through the years. Also present with related correspondence is an annotated draft of the foreword composed by Evans for the biography of Gus Wortham,
    Gus Wortham: Portrait of a Leader, written by Fran Dressman (College Station: Texas A & M University Press, 1994)
1/1-16 Correspondence, 1938-1999.
Miscellaneous business and personal communications including social notes, invitations, medical and miscellaneous informal correspondence.
2/1 Greeting Cards. ITEM SEPARATED [held in box 3], 1978-1995
Numerous greeting cards from business affiliates, friends and family. Includes birthday and Christmas cards from 1978 to 1995 and undated.
2/2 Wedding Announcement, 1922
Formal wedding announcement from bride's mother, Mrs. E. O. Thomas, announcing that her daughter Kate had married Sterling C. Evans; implies the couple's first home was in Bryan, Tex. Envelope is addressed to Miss Ollie Evans. Announcement reads "Mrs. E. O. Thomas, announces the marriage of her daughter, Kate, to, Mr. Sterling C. Evans, on Thursday December seventh, nineteen hundred and twenty two, Whitewright, Texas, At Home, Bryan, Texas"
2/3 Letters to Cathrene Evans, 1953-1955
Letters written by Evans to his wife while he was on business trips in New York, N.Y. and Washington, D.C. Six letters on Hotel Stationary: Waldorf Astoria, New York, NY and Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C.
2/4 Inauguration of Texas Governor Allan Shivers, 1953
Invitation and program for inauguration of Texas Governor Allan Shivers in 1953
2/5 Gus Wortham biography, 25 Jan.1994-11 July 1996
Includes: correspondence about and draft of foreword composed by Evans for the biography of Gus Wortham; Gus Wortham: Portrait of a Leader, written by Fran Dressman (College Station: Texas A & M University Press, 1994); 22 color photographs, measuring 4 in. x 6 in. ITEM SEPARATED [held in box/folder 18/1], 5 Aug. [1995?]
2/6 Texas A & M University Football Game, Nov. 1987
Correspondence, ticket stubs, hotel receipt, social invitations from the President of Texas A & M University, the Chancellor of Texas A & M University System, and the Director of the Sterling C. Evans Library, 1987
2/7 Evans' 100th birthday celebration, 1999
Includes letter of congratulations from family and business executives. The Brackett News 29 July 1999 article on front page Evans Approaches Century Mark., also includes a birthday banner.
2/8 Blank personal Stationery, undated
Address "P.O. Box 777/Castroville,TX 78009"
2/9 Guest books, 1949-1987
Three stenographer's notebooks, all in the same handwriting. Two recording telephone calls and addresses; one notebook of which is labeled as the "new book" and the other as "old book". Third notebook lists the visitors.


Series 2. Personal Financial and Legal Information, 1922-1994, (bulk: 1939-1993)

Series 2. Personal Financial and Legal Information, 1922-1994, (bulk: 1939-1993) contains mostly personal correspondence, including a few notes, pertaining to Evans' personal financial and legal affairs, particularly referring to family wills and estates. Financial documents include bank statements, tax forms, cancelled checks, ledgers, receipts, and materials about credit card accounts. Files are arranged with general correspondence, financial and legal materials presented first, followed by two groups of subject files, the first arranged alphabetically by names of persons, the second alphabetically by names of business or other corporate bodies.
2/10 Correspondence between Evans and Gus Wortham, 1970
Letters concerning partnership and financial settlements [received in repository torn in four parts and taped back together]
2/11 Correspondence, 13 Feb. 1973- 5 Aug. 1988
Concerns Evans' personal financial transactions. Includes Valentines cards, get well notes and thank you notes from personal friends
2/12 Ledgers and check registers, 1959-1988
Contains photocopy of what appears to be a hand-written ledger for Evans' personal investments during 1959- 1982
2/13 Investments and check register, 1978-1991
Investments and check register on handwritten ledger sheets for 1978-1991; individual computer print-outs of Evans assets and liabilities for years 1986 and 1988
2/14 Check registers, 1983-1986.
Three registers numbered by hand in ink #5, #6, and #7
2/15 Financial statements, 1977-1994
Original hand written in pencil ledger for the year 1977 (not bound). Photocopy of 1978 income ledger. Photocopy of income and disbursements 12/31/1997 year ending unbound. Bound monthly reports from accounting firms; reports for the years 1979-1983 and 1989 are not present
2/16--19 Tax information, 1954-1983
Information, stubs, and receipts for charitable donations and miscellaneous expenses and income used in calculating Evans' personal tax returns; Income Reporting Slips for 1983
2/20 Working chart of accounts, 1992.
Computer generated working chart of accounts for general, U-Bar Ranch, Brackettville Ranch, Spring Ranch 31 Oct.1992
2/21 Depreciation schedule, 1991.
Photocopy, 14 p. depreciation schedule for D. Hannis Ranch, Spring Ranch, Brackettville Ranch 31 Dec. 1991
2/22 John Henry Evans, 3 Feb. 1863.
Birth Certificate for Sterling Evans' father. Also included are two pages of hand-written notes regarding the life of John B. Evans including his wife, Betty Roberts and her parents. Undated and author unknown. "John B. Evans" is believed to be John Bell Evans, John Henry's father.
2/23--24 Ollie Evans Leuschner, 1981-1989.
Financial and inheritance matters concerning the estate of Evans' sister, including ownership maps and correspondence and a photocopy of the will of Ollie Evans Leuschner.
5/4 Alwilda Ryon and Mary Thomas Ryon, 1959-1972.
Financial and inheritance information concerning E. O. Thomas, Alwilda Ryon, and Mary Thomas Ryon
5/5 Clarice Thomas Scott, 1972-1973
Financial and inheritance information from Dorothy Ann Kinney attorney-at-law to Mrs. Sterling C. Evans regarding the sale of shares from the estate of Clarice Thomas Scott. Includes a check register with a blank check from the account of Helen T. Sparks.
5/6-7 Helen Thomas Sparks, 1979-1987.
Tax Returns and trial balance sheets. Correspondence between Evans and Mary Evelyne Miller concerning the inheritance of Helen Thomas Sparks. Dorothy Ann Kinney held the Power of Attorney for Helen Thomas Sparks. Correspondence between Dorothy Ann Kinney and Evans regarding what Evans inherited from Helen and Helen's accounts.
5/8 Sheldon Z. Wert, , 5 July 1977.
Photocopy of two pages of financial information concerning value of farm equipment. Equipment includes tractors, shredders, sprayers, mowers, trucks, joints, sprinklers, trailers, bale carriers, etc.
5/9 American General Companies, 1 Aug. 1973.
Contains listing of staff and directors of all offices. An alphabetical listing of companies appears on pages I-IV of the directory.
5/10 Credit Card Service Bureau of America, 1980-1991
Includes membership card. Registered cards include: VISA, Hertz, ATT, Texaco, Exxon, Phillips, Frost Bros., Joskes, Telephone Credit Card, Southwestern Bell.
5/11-12 Evans & Peterson, 1959-1972
Correspondence concerning a large tract of investment real estate purchased from Texas A & M University by Evans and his partner Russell G. Peterson; miscellaneous financial documents, bank statements and ledgers
5/13-6/1 Evans & Wortham (also referred as E & W), 1955-1974.
Letters to various managers concerning routine business matters and correspondence concerning joint financial accounts; handwritten recap of joint financial relationships; check stubs and pocket ledger of Social Security tax breakdown of farm workers' income; tax documents regarding Social Security tax withholding for farm employees
6/2 Exchange Bank & Trust, 1978.
Regarding Evans personal savings account, including a deposit book.
6/3--5 Federal Land Bank, 1939-1959.
Stockholders' meeting programs and Annual Reports for each year; three pamphlets Evans appears to have composed
6/6 Frost Bank, 22 Mar.1978-12 Dec.1978
Correspondence concerning renewing of certificates of deposit
6/7-8 LeBlanc & Associates, 1977-1987
Correspondence between U.S. federal tax returns; correspondence from Leblanc and Affiliates accounting firm in Lafayette, La to Evans. Amortization schedule for Real Estate Lien Note loaned by Evans. Correspondence between Leblanc and Dorothy Whiteley and Leblanc and Evans
6/10 Wortham Foundation, 1958-1971
Financial statements for Foundation for which Evans was apparently a trustee


Series 3. Agribusiness and Ranches, 1864-1994 (bulk: 1953-1994)

Materials in Series 3. Agribusiness and Ranches, 1864-1994 (bulk: 1953-1994) detail the development of Evans' ranching enterprises. Correspondence records Evans' incisive decision-making and the strong friendships he made and maintained within the cattle industry. Particularly noteworthy is the record of Evans' successful partnership with Gus Wortham, from the early growth of their association and friendship, through to the partnership's amiable dissolution in later years. In particular, information found in subseries 3.3. Little Eva Plantation, Chopin, La., 1864-1991 (bulk: 1941-1970) highlights the importance Evans placed on cultivating the historical context of many of his ranches.


Subseries 3.1. Nine Bar Ranch, Cypress, Tex., 1953-1977 1953-1977

Subseries 3.1. Nine Bar Ranch, Cypress, Tex., 1953-1977 contains chiefly sale catalogues, Santa Gertrudis cattle breeding information, pedigrees, sales receipts, as well as some correspondence, advertising tear sheets and photographs of bulls, accompanied by many clippings regarding the Nine Bar Ranch in Cypress, Tex., owned by Sterling C. Evans and Gus Wortham. This was the first major ranching and marketing venture by the two partners. Also present are correspondence and sales materials concerning cattle sales to Russian buyers. Though only in existence for about twenty years, Nine Bar Ranch's history of operations set the pace for marketing strategies still emulated by a multitude of modern cattle and horse ranches.
6/11 Brand and memberships, 1953-1963
Information on Nine Bar Ranch registration and membership in Santa Gertrudis breeders' organization
6/12-7/4 Cattle Sales and advertising. ITEM SEPARATED [held in box 8] 1959-1977
Invitations and cattle auction sale catalogues from the annual Nine Bar Santa Gertrudis cattle sales, some catalogues annotated with sale prices and buyers' names; binders of cattle photographs, pedigrees, and advertising tear-sheets; a bull pedigree from 1968; two hard-bound books and one soft-bound booklet on the history of the Santa Gertrudis cattle breed, the King Ranch, and recognized breeders of the cattle
7/5 Cattle sales chits, 1960-1972
Receipts from annual premium production sales, handwritten in pencil and stapled together by year
7/6-7 Cattle sales to Russia, 1966-1985
Materials regarding several large cattle sales to Russian Breeders. Includes travel information for Evans' visit to Russia. Extensive correspondence from Russian visitors to Nine Bar Ranch
7/7a Nine Bar Ranch Print. ITEM SEPARATED [held in map case], undated
One print mounted on map board depicting Nine Bar Ranch, measuring 16 in x 20 in.
7/8-11 Clippings and photographs, 1959-1979.
Clippings regarding Nine Bar Ranch social events and cattle marketing, sales, and visits from foreign cattle buyers; newspaper and tabloid articles about the premier sales held at the Nine Bar Ranch; photographs of bulls
7/12 Santa Gertrudis Journal, July 1973
An ad for Nine Bar Ranch on page 5 advertising the production sale of bulls and heifers on Oct. 10, 1973
7/13 Photographs. ITEM SEPARATED undated
Photographs of 9-Ranch bulls. One appears to be a photograph of a painting


Subseries 3.2. U-Bar Ranches: Brackettville and Castroville, Tex.; Hachita, N.M., 1962-1992

Subseries 3.2. U-Bar Ranches (1962-1992), is composed predominantly of financial documents, advertising and promotional materials for cattle sales, photographs of ranch home interiors and exteriors, and correspondence surrounding the ownership and operation of three large ranches in Texas and New Mexico. Also present are several plat maps and blueprints housed separately as oversized items. Files are arranged first by type, with correspondence, then general financial and legal files, followed by a group of financial and legal subject files arranged alphabetically by topic, and finally files of photographs and clippings, followed by oversized maps and blueprints.
7/14-15 Correspondence, 1962-1986
Miscellaneous correspondence: with hired hands and bankers; concerning ranch employees as well as Evans' college financial assistance to children of employees; regarding ranch operations and social events
7/16-17 Financial and legal documents, 1968-1977
Bill of sale showing purchase of ranch at auction; documents showing transfers of assets and agreements; deeds, release of lien, security, etc. for purchase of ranch; Profit/loss reports; document introducing the ranch for sale to Evans as Medina Ranch; financial reports and statements
8a/1-6 Monthly Finances, 1984-1989
Balance sheets and income tax from Castroville
8/2 Animal Control, 1992
Agreement for control of animal damage on private property Val Verde/Kinney Farm and Ranch News newsletter for Aug. 14, 1991 and Medina Co. ASCS Media U.S. Department of Agriculture newsletter for Nov. 29, 1991 and Aug. 14, 1991.
8/3--5 Appraisals, 1977 & 1983
Copies of various appraisals of resources of ranch. 2 bound appraisal reports containing sketches of room house and land dimensions, color photographs, and narrative section with purpose of appraisal, land description, descriptions of improvements and value of land. One bound supplemental report.
8/6 Photocopy and supplemental report, 1981
Photocopy of appraisals of ranch horses for sale. 14 Sept. 1981 Supplemental report; sand and gravel prospects, and aerial land maps of U Bar Ranch
8/7 Brand registrations, 1968-1970
Includes correspondence regarding the transfer of brands to purchased livestock and certificates of branding.
8/8 Notes, undated
Photocopies of hand written notes regarding yearly cattle production, average weaning weights, counts of horses and cattle, and number of registered Santa Gertrudis.
8/9 Cattle sales and Advertising. ITEM SEPARATED [held in box 18/2] 1978-1982
Handwritten notes concerning cattle; binder containing advertising of cattle and includes announcement of sale of entire herd to Shelton Ranches as well as Shelton Ranch's announcement of purchase. Two index page, forty-two full page advertisements, p. 5 of the Santa Gertrudis Journal, Aug. 1979-Nov. 1982 and p. 5 and 15 from Jan. 1983 regarding sale of U-Bar Ranch, ITEM SEPARATED
8/10 Cattle sales for Tony Gonzales, 1989
Photocopies of sales chits and a handwritten listing of animals sold on behalf of Tony Gonzales, an Evans employee. Correspondence regarding filing of wool and mohair production.
8/11 Feed analyses, N.M., 1968
Analysis of feed rations in comparison with various feeds and costs
8/12-13 Gravel contracts, 1977-1981
Correspondence and legal documents concerning a gravel quarrying contract and additional options for a quarry located on the U Bar Ranch
8/14 Grazing leases, 1968-1969
Correspondence, forms and permits concerning Bureau of Land Management grazing leases in New Mexico; applications for a grazing license and permit.
8/15-17 Insurance policies, 1965-1984
Includes: policies, statements, claims, and communications with J.L. Wortham & Sons Insurance, 1981-1983. Photocopies of statements with payments
8/18 Real estate. Land sale. U Bar Ranch, Castroville, Tex., 1981-1983
Information on prospective buyers for Sterling C. Evans' five million dollar U Bar Ranch in Castroville, Tex., ultimately sold to H. B. Zachry through the Texas A & M Development Foundation to settle the estate of Cathrene Evans. Includes earnest money contracts; authorization to sell; water bacteriology reports; combined projected cash flow for Robert A. and Norma Felburg were the buyers of U Bar Ranch; warranty deed to Texas A&M Development Foundation as Trustee; open market agreement; eight 4 in. x 6 in. color photographs of U Bar Ranch with captions.
8/19 Real Estate. Sheldon Z. Wert and A. D. Taylor, 1973-1981
Concerning a tract of land in Bexar County, Tex. and a sale between Sheldon Z. Wert and A.D. Taylor. Itemized list of legal services regarding the negotiation of land sale with Samuel R. Lyle, et al. With charges for an oil, gas, and mineral lease. Agreement of sale for farm equipment and baled hay on U Bar Ranch, 1977; bill of sale; title of insurance; warranty deed; A.D. Taylor is the buyer. Photocopies of receipts for cattle equipment, optional contract Sheldon Z. Wert , seller of U Bar Ranch; Evans was the buyer.
8/20 Real Estate. Rio Vista property, 1976-1981
Abstract for land in San Antonio, Tex. Includes receipt for the updated survey of U Bar Ranch. Survey includes building layouts
9/1 Receipts for automobiles, 1973-1982
Original purchase receipts; photocopy of car service receipts
9/2-3 Taxes, 1968-1984
Property county receipts for taxes paid in Hidalgo County, N.M.; tax assessments and protests ; tax receipts and agricultural exemption information, Bexar County, Tex. For 1980-1984
9/4 U. S. Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, 1978-1994
Miscellaneous forms and correspondence, including pecan crop payment and the establishment of crop yields. Federal cost-sharing for soil and water conservation in clearing trees for cattle grazing forms
9/5 Warranties and contracts, 1977-1981
Deposit slips from City Public Service. Maintenance agreements for machinery, type writers, scooter, horse registration forms, written agreements for hay
9/6 Water rights, 1976-1982
Legal documents concerning water rights and usage permits.
9/7 Photographs and clippings. Ca. 1989
Snapshots of ranch home interiors; U-Bar Ranch exterior scenes accompanied by some photocopies of photocopied pages of the album pages measuring 8 ½ x 11 inches with handwritten annotations about identifications of subjects; clippings regarding the purchase of N.M. ranch, social event, and newsletter; photographs of Henri Castro home; article The Day the Railroad Did Come to Castroville (almost) by Herbert Bilhartz; One-hundred and forty-four color photographs measuring 4 in. x 5 in. with black and white key describing each, one color photograph measuring 4 in. x 5 in., seventeen color photographs measuring 4 in. x 4 in. of house interior, ITEM SEPARATED [held in box 18/3].
9/7a Maps, undated
Ten maps of U Bar Ranch including Medina/Uvalde County Maps and a Texas County and City Maps. ITEM SEPARATED. [held in Map Case].


Subseries 3.3 . Little Eva Plantation, Chopin, La., 1864-1991 (bulk: 1955-1979)

Subseries 3.3. Little Eva Plantation, Chopin, La., 1864-1991 (bulk: 1955-1979) contains correspondence, financial and legal documents, advertising and promotional materials, photographs and related clippings or articles concerning not only the running of the Little Eva Plantation in Chopin, La., but both the replica of the original building on the plantation known as Uncle Tom's Cabin, removed from the property with permission of the plantation owner, and never returned, by D. B. Corley in 1893 for display at the Chicago World's Fair, and the Uncle Tom's Cabin Museum in Dresden, Ontario, Canada. Titles of files in the papers are, for the most part, the same as those found on existing files and envelopes as received in the repository. Files in the series are arranged generally by format, then by subject, beginning with a file of background historical material on the Little Eva Plantation, followed by files of general correspondence and general financial materials, followed by a section of subject files arranged in alphabetical order covering topics such as cattle breeding, purchases and sales, insurance, investments, invoices and receipts, land sales and purchases, leases for land and oil, loans, pecan and soybean crops, taxes, Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic Site, ending with files of photographs, clippings, slides, microfilm and oversized maps and drawings. Noted as ITEM SEPARATED are a group of six oversized ledger books and maps which are housed separately in the repository.
9/8 Background Information on Little Eva Plantation, 1864
U.S. Civil War era background materials and maps; transcripts of Civil War letters, dated from 18 Apr. 1864-6 Apr. 1965, and communications apparently from in and around the area of Natchitoches and Alexandria, La. and the Little Eva Plantation. Also maps [ITEM SEPARATED] of Cane River Crossing, dated April 1864, and Monett's Ferry, dated 1864
9/9-13 Correspondence, 1955-1977
Correspondence, clippings, and a photograph collected by Evans when contemplating the purchase of the Little Eva Plantation. Included are dossiers from the Central Louisiana Claim Service, a firm of private investigators hired by Evans. Some correspondence pertains to the possible reprinting of Daniel E. Corley's book, A Visit to Uncle Tom's Cabin, as well as attempts to gather biographical information on Robert B. Corley and Robert McAlpin, the latter plantation owner supposedly represented in Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin, as Simon Legree. Biographical information present on both Daniel E. Corley and Robert McAlpin, along with a photograph of Corley; also newspaper clippings concerning Little Eva Plantation, as well as the Corley book. Other correspondence pertains to land acquisitions and title disputes; photographs and magazine stories on the plantation. Considerable correspondence on Evans' idea that corporations might want to contract to buy pecans for candy-making. One letter from Denton A. Cooley, M.D. concerning a heart exam of an individual. Some correspondence with St. Simon Baptist Church and Springhill Baptist Church concerning the removal of the church on the plantation and Evans' financial assistance; correspondence with Mildred McCoy, owner of the Bayou Folk Museum housed in the former home of author, Kate Chopin. Numerous discussions concerning land, pecan crop, and hired help; correspondence concerning possible sale of plantation, pecan crop information, vendors of supplies and machinery, and, of note, a letter and brochure stating that a location in Dresden Ontario, Canada is the original inspiration for Uncle Tom's Cabin; correspondence chiefly concerning the last efforts to sell the plantation and advice of its sell. Numerous clippings present also. Death of Gus Wortham mentioned in a 1976 letter
9/14-10/2 Financial statements and accounts, 1955-1977
Drafts of land and lumber contracts income and expense reports, annual and monthly financial reports and contracts and correspondence regarding the sale of Little Eva to Herald Hill and renting of Little Eva Plantation pastures to    Carlos del Valle. Rough figures, finished financial reports, and correspondence concerning miscellaneous financial aspects of the plantation operations; also Expense Account #21 for 1973. Oil, gas, and mineral leases correspondence with Shell Oil Company; lumber purchase contracts
10/3 Advertising brochures, 1959-1966 and undated
Clipped article on Productions Tested Bulls regarding extra daily weight gain through an added ½ lb. Graining ability. IBM advertisement from U.S. News and World Report 7 Jan. 1963, Duane's Agricultural Report v.29: no.6-3 (16 Feb. 1966). Travel brochure San Juan/National Historic Site/Puerto Rico. Acknowledgment concerning purchase of imprinted tumblers; fertility information. Brochure for Santa Gertrudis bulls in commercial herds from Nine Bar Ranch. Article from "American Fruit Grower." Page 50 titled "2066-One Hundred Years from Now." Registration certificate for Nine Bar Santa Gertrudis cattle. Other advertisements include "Welcome to King Ranch, Home of Santa Gertrudis" brochure, Western Livestock Journal from Dec. 1962, page 5 article Today's Trend…Measurements, Briggs Ranches performance and production advertisement for Santa Gertrudis, abstracts from Journal of Animal Science relative to heat tolerance work done by the University of Missouri, comparative relationships on the age of women and cows concerning physiological functions, graph and figures of average adjusted wearing weights by month, and the Cattleman May 1968 issue featuring Evans and Nine Bar in their "Medals for Fertility" article regarding Santa Gertrudis cattle.
10/4 Cattle breeding, 1973-1978
Application for Little Eva Plantation for membership to Santa Gertrudis Breeders International, including correspondence as well as certificates of registration for Sterling C. Evans of Little Eva Plantation and cattle initial pedigree records. Cattle breeding advertisements.
10/5 Cattle purchases, 1974
Purchase chits for steers bought in Louisiana from Lacy Cattle Co. in Alexandria, LA from 16 Dec. 1974-Spring 1975. Includes description, # of head, weight price and amount.
10/6-7 Horse and cattle sales, 1965-1979
Records of Little Eva Plantation cattle sold to buyers and shipped to N.M.; weight cards and sales receipts for sales of cattle. Also included is legal transfer of 9- (Nine Bar) brand to new Little Eva Plantation owners, A. D. Taylor and David E. DeVille. King Ranch cattle and horse literature as well as solicitations from cattle buyers. Cattle purchase receipts 9-chits of sold cattle. Horse breeding advertisements.
10/8-10 Insurance, 1957-1978
Bound insurance proposal from Niagra Fire Insurance Company with 18 4 in. x 6 in. photos of the plantation in Louisiana including a plot map and correspondence and invoices concerning insurance coverage on Little Eva Plantation, and, to a minor extent, on the U-Bar Ranch, principally from John L. Wortham & Son Insurance Co. Also present are documents concerning a large personal injury claim and court award. Photocopies of insurance payments and policies. Automotive insurance policies from The Maryland.
10/11 Investments. Mississippi Chemical Corporation, 1958-1980
Correspondence and investment documents from Mississippi Chemical Corporation, a company in which Evans apparently invested at its inception, and with which Evans continued to do business for his ranches. Includes patronage refund allocation stubs
10/12 Invoices and receipts, 1973-1974
Sales chits from furniture purchases. Invoice and bill of lading for moving of the contents of Evans' house at Nine Bar Ranch in Cypress, Tex. to Little Eva Plantation in Chopin, La.; receipts and correspondence concerning remodeling the home at Little Eva Plantation including hand drawn floor plans and a layout of estimated cost of services. Photocopies of plumbing bills and appliances.
10/13 Loans. Alexandria Production Credit Association, 1973-1979
Loan documents from and correspondence with Alexandria Production Credit Association. Includes collateral pledges, statements of interest and fees paid to Production Credit Association, and annual income and expense reports
10/14 Loans. Federal Land Bank of Louisiana, 1959-1983
Various loan documents, financial projections, and correspondence from and with the Federal Land Bank of Louisiana. Loan applications, annual balance sheets, finance statements, account statements and payment receipts. Loan disbursement statements, where Evans' name is misspelled on the documents as "Stirling". Financial disclosure statements and stock certificates.
10/15 Oil leases, 1977-1982
Oil leases on Louisiana hill land and bottom-land owned by Evans; correspondence, legal documents and photocopies of checks regarding mineral leases on Little Eva Plantation. Includes plot and contour maps and tax receipts
10/16 Operations, 1961-1977
Photocopies of articles regarding pecan crop production brochures for Little Eva. Contracted agricultural studies on crop yields, maps, brochures, inventories of farm equipment, production projections, affidavits of size, copy of mineral lease, copy of deed in which Evans purchases an undivided half-interest from Wortham of Little Eva Plantation, U Bar Ranch and other aspects of the Equipment inventory and plot maps with areas indicated by hand in colored pencil.
Box 11 Ledgers, undated
Six oversized ledger books recording the operations Evans & Wortham partnership.
10/17, 12/1-2 Pecans and soybeans, 1955-1980
Appraisals of Little Eva Plantation. Pecan production appraisals; information on pecan horticulture from Texas A & M University and Louisiana State University, memberships in pecan-growing organizations, equipment purchases, insecticides, fertilizers, harvesting machines; pecan orders, boxes, bags, probably items used in designing marketing for the Little Eva pecans; miscellaneous sales records for sales of pecans and soybeans
12/3-6 Real Estate. Land sales. Little Eva Plantation, 1912-1991
Agricultural leases for land sale. Photocopies of mortgage. Correspondence concerning leases and sales of Little Eva. Six black and white 8 x 10 inch photos and one color 8 x 10 inch picture of farm scenes. Correspondence with many different parties concerning the prospect of purchasing the Little Eva Plantation; copies of important documents related to sale of Little Eva Plantation, including reproduced financial and descriptive documents; papers recording sale of Little Eva Plantation [31 Dec. 1975-June 1987]; final transaction documents for the sale of Little Eva Plantation, including a photograph of closing-day gathering in the office; documents related to closing of sale and final settlement; records of sales, transfers, and plat maps; newspaper and tabloid clippings of articles related to Uncle Tom's Cabin, the Little Eva Plantation and its pecan orchards. Also included are many photographs and real estate brochures. One letter present from the person who apparently bought the plantation from Evans. Also included is a log of the oil well from Newman Brothers Drilling Company, the deed for Little Eva, Survey maps of the plantation, and the state of Louisiana tax receipts.
12/6a Documents, undated
Important documents including mineral leases, affidavit, pecan inspection report, list of equipment on Little Eva, and costs and returns on pecans. Some documents were photocopied for the purpose of selling Little Eva, including an oil/mineral lease, plot maps, and pecan information
12/7-8 Real Estate. Land sales. Legal Materials of Little Eva Plantation, 1955-1972
Correspondence and legal documents concerning the Little Eva Plantation land transactions from law firms and real estate agencies. Legal correspondence with Evans' lawyers: Watson, Williams, Brittain, and Murchison. Legal documents concerning the cash sale of deed for Little Eva. Land deeds from Abraham Land and Mineral Co.
12/9 Real Estate. Land sales. Rex Fair Real Estate. ITEM SEPARATED [held in box 19/1] ca.1972
File created by Rex Fair Real Estate contains photographs and advertising material apparently used to sell the Little Eva Plantation. Descriptive photographs of land and houses as well as professionally produced sales literature; brochure from Rex Fair Real Estate. Fifteen 4 x 4 inch color photographs, two 5 x 7 inch color photographs, and an article titled, "A Statistical Profile of the City of Natchitoches and Natchitoches Parish." ITEM SEPARATED one page written description of property indicated by hand with pink pencil; forty-eight photographs mounted on black paper (twelve pages with four photos per page) with captions. Photographs are 4 x 5 inch color. Also includes twelve 4 x 5 inch color photographs of interior and exterior of one of the houses on the property.
12/9a Inspection reports, undated
Inspection reports of pecans on Little Eva Plantation. Includes a list of farm equipment found on Little Eva, photocopies of photographs of Little Eva, and plot maps of Natchitoches parish.
12/10 Real Estate. Land sales. Taylor land, 1953-1954
Surveys, correspondence from the law offices of J.A. Robinson and Watson and Williams, as well as miscellaneous documents concerning acquisition of property called the Taylor land in Louisiana, survey of Chopin Plantation dated 3 May 1958, four boundary surveys of Little Eva plantation dated 17 January 1958, 16 August 1962, 23 July 1964, and 21 March 1962
12/11 Real Estate. Land sales and leases. David Deville, 1977-1981
Photocopies of "Act of Exchange" land releases. Documents and correspondence concerning personal notes held by Evans for David Deville, related to the purchase of Little Eva Plantation; documents and correspondence concerning agricultural lease and ownership transfer of Louisiana bottom land leased to Deville by Evans
12/12 Stock certificates, 1965-1976
Stock certificates for grain cooperative and statements of capital credit.
12/13--14 Taxes, 1955-1978
Receipts for county and state property tax paid by Evans on land and cattle owned in Louisiana; documents pertaining to taxes refunded for farm use of oil and gas
12/14a Louisiana agricultural lands, 1975-1977
Thaxton deals regarding real estate correspondence. Information regarding Louisiana agricultural lands
12/15 Uncle Tom's Cabin, 1929-1976
Correspondence and a few clippings concerning Evans' interest in publishing a reprint of the book A Visit to Uncle Tom's Cabin written by D. B. Corley, published in 1895. In 1893, D. B. Corley had persuaded the plantation owner to allow the original of Uncle Tom's Cabin to be transported to the Chicago World's Fair for display. Since, according to Evans, Corley never saw that the original cabin was returned to the plantation, Evans had a modern replica reconstructed from available illustrations and descriptions. Also present is a photostatic copy of the Library of Congress copy of Corley's book. Correspondence with J. D. Thomson, curator of Uncle Tom's Cabin Museum in Dresden, Ontario, Canada. [Later Uncle Tom's Historic Site.] [For microfilm of the Library of Congress copy of the Corley book see folder D13 ]
12/16 "A Visit to Uncle Tom's Cabin", undated
The book "A Visit to Uncle Tom's Cabin", by D. B. Corley, a reprint of 1893 edition. Seventy-eight pages.
13/1 U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Agricultural and Stabilization Service, 1973-1976
Documents from U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Agricultural and Stabilization Service
13/2--3 Clippings and articles, 1929-1991
Clippings and magazine articles including: 1929 newspaper article, consisting of copies and pieces of original news page with story about Uncle Tom's Cabin; announcement of Wortham & Evans purchase of Little Eva Plantation; issue of "Santa Gertrudis Journal"; "Cyanograms" article; clipping about Mr. Dave Mitchell, 60-year Evans' employee
13/4 Microfilm, undated
A Visit to Uncle Tom's Cabin, by D. B. Corley, published in 1895, [microfilm copy produced by Library of Congress]
13/4a Brochures, undated
Two brochures of Little Eva Plantation
13/5 Photographs, ca. 1960s- 1970s
Photographs of exterior and interior scenes of Little Eva Plantation and Church, negatives and copy of article. Twelve 5 x 7 inch black and white photographs on plantation, shows residence, church and an aerial view of an airfield and hanger; twenty-four 8 x 10 inch black and white photographs of houses on the property, church, trees, grave of "Uncle Tom"; fifteen color 8 x 10 inch aerial views of plantation, church and houses; eleven 8 x 10 inch black and white photographs of cabin on property, grave of "Uncle Tom", and woods; three 5 x 7 inch black and white and one 5 x 7 inch color photographs of church and congregation; eleven 4 x 5 inch color aerial views of plantation; one 4 x 5 inch black and white photos of maids; one 4 x 5 inch color photograph of house; one 3 x 3 inch photograph of church; ninety-nine 4 x 5 inch color photographs of house and furnishings. ITEM SEPARATED [held in box 19/2]; One black and white photograph of Little Eva Church measuring 14 x 11 inch. ITEM SEPARATED [held in Map Case]; Twenty-eight photographic negatives. ITEM SEPARATED [held in box/folder 21/1]
13/5a Slides. ITEM SEPARATED [held in box 19/3] undated
Forty-nine color slides made from aerial photographs of Little Eva Plantation. Slides include aerial views, landscapes and structures.
13/6 Maps. ITEM SEPARATED [held in map case], undated
Over 20 maps of the Little Eva Plantation and surrounding Cane River area of Louisiana


Subseries 3.4. Other Agricultural Properties, 1941-1980 (bulk: 1941-1970)

Subseries 3.4. Other Agricultural Properties, 1941-1980 (bulk: 1941-1970) is comprised of financial documents, advertising and promotion materials, photographs, and correspondence regarding the Randle Lake Plantation in Thorndale, Tex., the Bear Lake Plantation and the Crescent Plantation, both in Tallulah, La., and the Big Bear Ranch, as well as several other properties owned or co-owned by Evans. Many of these files represent activities in the earliest portion of Evans' career as a ranch owner. The files are arranged first in groups by name of partnership or property, and, within each of those groups, generally by format or type of materials. A few fairly general files, including clippings, are placed just after the end of the entire group of named property files.
13/7 Financials. Evans and Peterson, 1971-1972
Regarding Evans and Russel G. Peterson dealings with Trans Delta Real Estate
13/8 Grain Elevator. Evans and Peterson, 1959-1967
Correspondence and information on a grain elevator in Tallulah, La., jointly owned by Evans and Russell G. Peterson
13/9 Annual reports. New Mexico properties, 1961-1969
Annual Reports for Belen Ranch, Tucker Town Farm, Meadow Lake Farm, and New Mexico Ranch
13/10 Annual reports. Wortham & Evans, 1950-1973
Financial data on ranching interests held jointly by Wortham and Evans
13/11-12 Real estate. Wortham & Evans, 1967-1973
Materials concerning dissolution and disposition of Wortham & Evans Properties includes correspondence between Wortham and Evans, as well as legal documents concerning separation of properties, 1967-1973
13/13 Advertising. Randle Lake Plantation, Thorndale, Tex., 1954
Magazine ads and brochures advertising Santa Gertrudis cattle and quarter horse sales.
13/14 Real estate. Land sale. Randle Lake Plantation, Thorndale, Tex., 1941-1968
Deeds of Trust and a few items of correspondence. Residence plans and photograph of Randle Lake Plantation home.
13/15 Taxes. Randle Lake Plantation, Thorndale, Tex., 1945-1963
U. S. Income tax receipts for taxes paid on Randle Lake Plantation; U. S. Social Security tax documents for farm workers' wages
13/16 Articles. Randle Lake Plantation, Thorndale, Tex., 1954
Farm Family November 1954 story on Randle Lake Plantation cattle feeding operation, photocopy.
13/17 Photographs. Randle Lake Plantation, Thorndale, Tex. ITEM SEPARATED [held in box 20/1] ca. 1960-1994
Twenty-nine color polaroid pictures with captions typed on labels and placed on bottom of picture border. Pictures are dated 2 Feb. 1994 and depict the weekend home, pecan orchard, show barn, head quarters, corral pins, grain elevator, Caffield Lake, river bottoms, pastures, managers home, and the work shop. ITEM SEPARATED [held in box 20/1]
13/17a Farm Family, undated
Photocopy of "This Month's Work" from "Farm Family" and a black and white picture of a structure on Randle Lake Plantation, courtesy of "The Cameron Herald".
13/18 Maps. Randle Lake Plantation, Thorndale, Tex., Randle Lake Plantation, Thorndale, Tex. ITEM SEPARATED, ca. 1950s
Four Randle Lake Plantation Plat maps
13/19--21 Financial and legal documents. Bear Lake Plantation, Tallulah, La., 1959- 1978
Correspondence, mineral leases, deeds, and promissory notes, mineral leases, deeds, promissory notes
14/1 Real estate. Advertising and land sales. Bear Lake Plantation, Tallulah, La., 1960-1961
Includes narrative written by Teddy Roosevelt about the region, used for publicity purposes, news clipping of Roosevelt statue in Tallulah, and sales brochures
14/2 Cattle breeding. Crescent Plantation, Tallulah, La., 14 July 1955- 27 Feb. 1969
Brand registrations, hand-written figures on cattle, ledger listing of cattle, registration of cattle held at Crescent Plantation in Tallulah, La.
14/3 Financial and legal documents. Crescent Plantation, Tallulah, La. and Mansford Plantation, 1 May 1962- 9 July 1970
Deeds, appraisals, accounting, liens, promissory notes, correspondence regarding Crescent Plantation.
14/4 31 Dec. 1955- 31 Mar. 1970 ., 31 Dec. 1955- 31 Mar. 1970
Annual profit/loss reports and statements of operation for Evan & Wortham Crescent Plantation.
14/5 Legal materials. Lawsuit. Crescent Plantation, Tallulah, La., 2 Dec. 1965- 31 Jan. 1966
Concerning lawsuit brought by Wortham & Evans against Louisiana Power & Light regarding power lines
14/6 Loans. Crescent Plantation, Tallulah, La., 31 July 1959- 13 May 1970
Crescent Plantation mortgage loan documents and correspondence
14/7--8 Real Estate. Land appraisals and sales. Crescent Plantation, Tallulah, La., 1955-1972
Promotional materials for Crescent Plantation; professional photographs of plantation and Gus Wortham; correspondence, appraisals and title opinions; correspondence concerning highway and utility right-of-ways; advertising concerning attempts to sell the plantation; legal documents concerning a land foreclosure; extensive historical information on the plantation; correspondence with vendors for promotional items
14/9 Taxes. Crescent Plantation, Tallulah, La., 30 Dec. 1955- 13 May 1970
Tax receipts and correspondence
14/10 Clipping. Crescent Plantation, Tallulah, La., 1967
Report on social event
14/11 Photographs. Crescent Plantation, Tallulah, La., ca. 1950s-1960s and undated
Photographs of Crescent Plantation home (interior and exterior) including pictures of Evans with his family and friends as well as house maids. Sixty-one total photographs. Thirty-four 4 x 4 inch color; ten 4 x 4 inch black and white; fifteen 4 x 5 inch color; one 4 x 5 inch black and white; one 5 x 7 inch color; One print mounted on map board of Crescent Plantation measuring 16 x 20 inch. ITEM SEPARATED [held in Map Case].
14/11a Pamphlet, undated
One Crescent Plantation Pamphlet
14/11b Map, ITEM SEPARATED [held in Map Case]. undated.
Seven maps of Crescent Plantation and Peterson Louisiana including aerial views, grain elevator, hand pencil plantation plot maps, and survey maps.
14/12 Hirsch Ranch, 8 May 1967- 6 Nov. 1972
Recipe for beef cattle protein supplement, income and expense statements for the Wortham & Evans partnership for years 1967-1968, news clippings and letter concerning a 'pear-burner' to control prickly pear cactus, miscellaneous correspondence
14/13 Depreciation Schedule 1987, 1987.
Photocopy of full size ledger sheets for depreciation schedules.
14/14 Real estate. Land sales, 27 July 1936
Warranty deed for 336 acres in LaSalle County, Texas
14/15 Real estate. Land sales, 29 Dec. 1986- 15 June 1988
Prospective land acquisitions. Various pitches by individuals and real estate companies for Evans to consider properties available for purchase. Includes 4 x 6 inch color photographs (10) of a ranch in Uvalde, TX. One 3 x 4 inch color photograph of the ranch in between Leakey and Campwood, TX.
14/16 Real estate. Title abstracts, 1961-1980 ITEM SEPARATED [held in Box 14a], undated
Seventeen abstracts of title for lands in South Texas owned by Evans and the Texas Livestock Marketing Company
14/17 Taxes, 1989-31 Dec. 1991
Miscellaneous calculations of property taxes owed by Evans for Medina and Kinney County
14/18 Walnuts. Russia, 1936-4 Oct. 1985
Correspondence and translations from Russian journals concerning Evans' interest in developing a horticultural experiment station in Russia for growing walnuts
14/18a Maps. ITEM SEPARATED [held in map case], undated.
Five (5) maps of Evans and Peterson's Lubbock land, Gus S. Wortham properties, and Madison Perish, Louisiana.
14/18b Survey. ITEM SEPARATED [held in map case], 26 Nov. 1972.
One survey of Alamo Angus Ranch measuring 44 ¾ in. x 34 ¾ in. completed by Raymundo Villarreal.
14/18c Maps. ITEM SEPARATED [held in map case], 30 Dec. 1977-6 Sept. 1983.
One survey of Medina County, Texas measuring 14 in. x 8 ½ in. dated 6 Sept. 1983; one design layout of the ranch home of Mr. & Mrs. Ard Richardson on Castroville Road, measuring 22 in. x 15 in.; one conservation plan map for Evans, Bexar County, Texas measuring 23 ¼ in. x 16 in. dated 30 Dec. 1977.


Sub-series 3.5. Cattle Sales, 1950-1984

Subseries 3.5. Cattle Sales (1950-1984) includes mainly cattle sale catalogues from mostly other ranches than Evans'; some correspondence, advertising materials and brochures representing Evans' ranches and plantations as well as those owned by his many friends and business associates. Many of the outside sales had Evans' cattle consigned to them. Additionally, many of the ranches had foundation herd-stock purchased from Wortham's and Evans' Nine Bar Ranch in Texas. Files are arranged by format, with correspondence followed by cattle sales general information, then by a group of cattle sales catalogues arranged alphabetically by name of ranch. A file of miscellaneous cattle sale catalogues and one of clippings complete the subseries.
14/19 Correspondence, 1977-1983
Correspondence related to Santa Gertrudis Auctions including letters of thanks from owners and managers of ranches; correspondence, along with publications, concerning advertising and other miscellaneous matters
14/20--21 Cattle sales, 1977-1982
Pedigrees and photographs; sales chits, hand tallies and some correspondence regarding Santa Gertrudis cattle sold
14/21a Cattle sales correspondence. Winrock Farm, 1966.
Regarding the 9th annual cattle sale.
14/22 Cattle sale catalogues. Armstrong Ranch, 21 Feb. 1967
One catalogue from the Second production sale featuring the blood of "Thirteen". Purchaser notes handwritten [by Evans?].
14/23 Cattle sale catalogues. Briggs Ranches, 29 Sept. 1977- 5 Oct. 1982
Six catalogues from annual production sale.
14/24 Cattle sale catalogues. Cauble Ranch, 16 Oct. 1968
One catalogue from Cauble Ranch's two-day production sale of primarily cutting horses.
14/25 Cattle sale catalogues. Chaparrosa Ranch, 1971-1988
Ten cattle sales catalogues from annual Cowman's Choice production sale; clippings; cattle sales report; personal invitations to the sales
14/26 Cattle sale catalogues. Clarendon Plantation, 13 Dec. 1985
One catalogue production sale of primarily cattle from Burton, South Carolina.
14/27 Cattle sale catalogues. Connally Ranches, 17 July 1979
One annual production sale catalogue with photograph of John Connally and his wife on cover. Purchaser notes hand written [by Evans?] in catalogue.
14/28 Cattle sale catalogues. Fitzhugh-Straus-Fay-Monsen, 20 May 1974
One full color catalogue from the Second Annual 100% Purebred Simmental Sale, San Antonio, TX
15/1 Cattle sale catalogues. King Ranch, 1950-1984
Thirteen annual production sale catalogues; three copies of "The Running", the King Ranch newsletter.
15/2 Cattle sale catalogues. Los Amigos, 31 Mar. 1978
One production sale catalogue with purchaser notes handwritten [by Evans?]
15/3 Cattle sale catalogues. Pioneer Breeders Sale, 13 Oct. 1973- 5 Oct. 1981
Invitation announcements to production sale and five annual production sale catalogues with purchaser notes handwritten [by Evans?]
15/4 Cattle sale catalogues. Rancho La Puerta, 14 Apr. 1982-1 May 1982
One invitational production sale catalogue with handwritten purchaser notes [by Evans?]; also contains invitation to sale and note from Evans to B. K. Johnson
15/5 Cattle sale catalogues. Rio Grande Valley Sale, 9 Nov. 1977-15 Nov. 1978
Two annual production sale catalogues with handwritten purchaser notes [by Evans?]
15/6 Cattle sale catalogues. San Jose Cattle Company, 8 May 1978- 2 Oct.1979
Two annual production sale catalogues with handwritten notes [by Evans?] regarding herd sire prospects
15/7 Cattle sale catalogues. Shelton Ranches, 1980
One production sale catalogue; two black and white photographs of Evans with Robert Shelton
15/8 Cattle sale catalogues. South Texas Santa Gertrudis, 1979-1984
Two production sale catalogues with handwritten purchaser notes [by Evans?]
15/9 Cattle sale catalogues. Tri Star Production Sale, 1978-1980
Three annual production sale catalogues with handwritten purchaser notes [by Evans?]
15/10 Cattle sale catalogues. Western Heritage, 15 July 1978
One catalogue for a large annual charity sale of Santa Gertrudis cattle, Quarter Horses, and art
15/11--12 Cattle sale catalogues. Winrock Farms, 1958-1978
Contains: invitations and catalogues for Winthrop Rockefeller's annual cattle sales; photographs of Evans attending sales and social engagements; clippings
15/13 Cattle sale. Miscellaneous, 1 Oct. 1963- 12 Oct. 1972
Nineteen production sale catalogues with handwritten purchaser notes [by Evans?]. Four black and white photographs. ITEM SEPARATED [held in 20/2a].


Series 4. Texas A & M University, 1954-2001

Series 4. Texas A & M University (1954-2001) is comprised chiefly of correspondence between Evans and several administrative units of Texas A & M University, as well as the Aggie Club and Former Students Association. Also present is a telegram of the then U. S. senator from Texas, Price Daniel, a program for the 1973 Texas A & M University commencement exercises and a file of clippings. Files are arranged first by format with correspondence files sub-arranged alphabetically by name of university group, followed by three separate files for a telegram, the program and clippings. Subseries 4.1. Sterling C. Evans Library, (1975-1994) contains materials more directly related to Evans' patronage of the Texas A & M University Libraries.
15/14 Correspondence. Administration, 1 July 1983- 13 June 1994
Correspondence with the Texas A & M University Administration, including correspondence regarding engagements of the Friends of the Sterling C. Evans Library; three 4 x 6 inch black and white photos of Eugene Butler and Evans
15/15 Correspondence. Aggie Club, 1 Oct. 1985- 12 Nov. 1985
Correspondence regarding Evans's donation to the 12th Man Permanently Endowed Scholarship and the plaque presentation
15/16 Correspondence. Agriculture Departments, 1985-1992
Information regarding biotechnology for agriculture and Kinney County's Emergency Feed Program
15/17 Correspondence. Development Office, 30 Dec. 1983- 15 Oct. 1986
Regarding charitable grants, trusts, and scholarship funds
15/18 Correspondence. Former Students Association, 14 Feb. 1984-8 Feb. 1995
Regarding The Century Club, Association of Former Students, and the new Association of Former Students building
15/19 Correspondence. Students, 24 Apr. 1988
One letter from Jennifer Mobley, an Evans scholarship recipient
15/20 Telegram. Price Daniel, 17 Jan. 1959
Telegram to Evans from U. S. senator from Texas, Price Daniel; one torn portion of a news paper article regarding young Evans building a fish trap
15/21 Program, 4 May 1973
Program for Texas A & M University commencement in 1973; Distinguished Alumni Award Program
15/22-23 Clippings, 1959-2003
15/23a Prints by G. Canaan. ITEM SEPARATED [held in map case], undated
Six prints measuring 14 in. x 11 in. signed by the artist titled "The President's Home" numbered 152/300; "The Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center" numbered 102/250; "The J. Earl Rudder Center" numbered 103/200; "The Academic Building" numbered 252/500; "The System Administration Building" numbered 110/445; "The Albritton Tower" numbered 102/250.


Subseries 4.1. Sterling C. Evans Library, 1975-1994

Subseries 4.1. Sterling C. Evans Library (1975-1994), containing mainly correspondence and articles, with some photographs, illustrates Evans' involvement as a benefactor of the Texas A & M University Libraries, and the high level of esteem in which he was held by administrators, faculty and staff within the library. Evans' patronage had a profound effect on elevating the status of Sterling C. Evans Library to that of a nationally ranked research institution.
15/24 Correspondence, 1982-1991
Correspondence regarding: Sterling C. Evans Library; concerning a dispute about the provenance of the Mariposa Ranch Papers, 1991
15/25 Library Events and newsletters, 1961-1979
Program, speech, and related news clippings for 1975 Dedication of Sterling Evans Library; invitation, photographs, and program for 1979 Dedication of Evans Library building addition; correspondence, issues of library newsletters, script of a speech given by writer James Michener at library fundraiser hosted by Evans; San Antonio Excellence Dinner materials, including interview with James Michener, photographs of guests, Evans, and newspaper item describing event
15/26 Photographs. ITEM SEPARATED [held in box 20/3], undated.
Pictures of Evans with friends and library personnel. Later pictures depict Evans in his home and office in a donor development visit by Fred Heath, Dean of TAMU Library and Adelle Heddleston and Dorothy Whitely. Eighteen color 4 x 6 inch color photographs; one black and white 5 x 7 inch; five color 3 x 5 inch
15/27 Clippings and articles, 1974-2000
Clippings and other published articles concern: Evans donation to library; article in The Texas Aggie about Evans and the library; library publication about Arco donation to library; miscellaneous newspaper clippings and newsletter concerning Evans' philanthropic efforts on behalf of Sterling C. Evans Library. Two periodicals "Spirit: News from the Texas A & M Foundation". Spring 1998 issue features Sterling C. Evans on front cover and is autographed by him as well. Article regarding Evans appears on pages 2-3 and was written by Mary Jo Powell. Spring 2000 issue, page 15, displays John H. Lindsey '44 of Houston, who became the third recipient of the Sterling C. Evans medal.


Series 5. Dorothy Whitley, 1959-1996

Series 5. Dorothy Whitley, (1959-1996) contains correspondence, financial documents, materials recording business transactions, memberships, and the business activities of a notary public, created and collected by Dorothy Whitley, Sterling C. Evans' Executive Secretary, confidant, and lifelong personal assistant.
16/ 1 Personal Correspondence. 1983-1993
One letter from 1964 from Internal Revenue Service references checks (attached) supplied in the Dr. Ross, 1983-1987 Margraves income tax investigation. One letter from 1974 references a silver replacement for Mrs. Sterling Evans. The bulk of the correspondence is comprised of personal notes and Christmas cards
16/2-9 Personal Financial Information, 1956-1996
Internal Revenue and Social Security Administration, bank statements, cancelled checks, ledgers, legal documents, receipts, statements, credit card accounts, and miscellaneous hand-written notes
16/10 Personal Clubs, Memberships, and Charitable Donations, 1967-1987
Represented are memberships in the Houston Junior League, San Antonio Tea Room, San Jacinto High School Reunion planning, Vanderbilt School of Music
16/11--12 Real estate. Homes owned, 1963-1991
Titles, transactions, receipts for remodeling of homes in Castroville and Houston; principally 2305 Persa, Houston, Tex. and the Redus House, Castroville, Tex.
16/13--14 Legal documents. Wills and inheritances, 1939-2001
Legal documents pertaining to the estates of Dorothy Whitley, Spencer C. Evans, Catherine T. Evans, and Ruby Ross Mitchell
17/1 Notary Public Office, 16 Nov. 1959-1992
Ledgers, records, and certificates resulting from Whitley's appointment and service as notary public
17/2 Personal memorabilia, 1966-1987
Programs, invitations, materials related to auto repair, stamps, business cards, photographs as well as newspaper and magazine clippings


Series 6. Writings and Memorabilia, 22 March 1939-1994 and undated

Series 6. Writings and Memorabilia, (22 March 1939-1994 and undated) contains a journal kept by Evans from 22 March-June 1939, recording a trip to Brazil to study that country's cotton industry, daily diaries, clipped and handwritten or typed quotations and poems, published books, booklets and brochures collected by Evans, as well as business cards, draft cards, a library card, advertising postcards, and certificates recording honors bestowed on Evans, along with a few personal artifacts such as an engraved penknife, and a card enclosing a handkerchief.
17/3 Journal, 22 March 1939-13 June 1939
Extremely detailed handwritten journal of about 70 pages chronicling a trip Evans took to Brazil to investigate cotton production
17/4 Notes, ca. 1955
Handwritten notes and outline by Evans, apparently for an article or speech on cooperatives
17/5 Pocket notebooks, 1940s-1960s
Over 20 pocket-sized notebooks and address books containing a wide variety of notes written by Evans
17/6 Manuscript, March 1995
Draft of narrative, containing photographs, by Evans' friend and biographer, W. N. Stokes, about a trip to Big Bend and a visit to an 1889. Draft for Santa Gertrudis Journal's April issue on Briggs Ranches. Cyndy Cowley sent Evans the manuscript for corrections before it was published. Evans made notes and corrections on the draft in red ink.
17/7 Address Pages, undated
Names and addresses in Evans' handwriting
17/8-9 Poems, Quotations and anecdotes, 1921-1994 and undated
Miscellaneous anecdotes, quotations, some handwritten on scraps of paper by Evans, poems, newspaper clippings, and typed poetical quotations as well as notes about poems collected by Evans; also a mock letter from the State Comptroller's office concerning reimbursement for the castration and accidental death of a TAMU Dairy bull
17/10-11 Published books, booklets, and brochures collected by Evans, 1921-1960s
Two small paperback books: Son, Remember, by the 75th Anniversary Committee of Texas A & M University, a story about Richard Coke; and The Romance of the Ranchos by Palmer Conner, a story about large and/or historical ranches of Los Angeles County, California, containing illustrations and map insert; 1921 Longhorn Yearbook; 1958 phone directory for Farm Credit Banks of Houston; Federal Land Bank of Houston History; brochure stating mission and listing members of the Philosophical Society of Texas; also, a menu for a Society dinner apparently attended by Evans in the 1960s
17/12 Calling cards, undated
Twenty-five business and calling cards placed in a folio. Folio remains in the file; Business cards were removed from the folio. ITEM SEPARATED [held in box/folder 22/2].
17/13 Card and Handkerchief, undated
Birthday card signed "Bess" with envelope addressed to "Katchie" enclosing an embroidered handkerchief.
17/14 Certificates and Proclamations, 1936-1999 and undated
Various documents commemorating honors given to Evans including a photocopy of the Certificate of Appreciation as President of the Texas Agricultural Workers Association, letter of appreciation from co-workers at the Internal Revenue Service at Houston, Honorary Membership to the Saddle and Sirloin Club, photocopy of the Stewards Fellowship plaque, Philanthropic Award from the Texas Library Association, Chancellor's Century Council Certification of Recognition, 100th Birthday greeting from George W. Bush, 100th Birthday greeting from Kinney County Chamber of Commerce, Certificate of Appreciation from St. John's Missionary Church in honor of 100th Birthday, Resolution from the Farm Credit Board of Texas, recognition in agriculture from the Texas Academy of Honor in Agricultural Credit.
17/15 Draft cards, 1942-1943
Three "Notice of Classification" draft cards for Evans from the U.S. Selective Service. Cards authorized by the signature stamp of "James S. Griffith", member of the local board.
17/16 Pocket-knife; small, engraved, undated
Pocket knife with two blades and engraving that reads "Sterling C. Evans"
17/17 Lenses for eyeglasses, undated
Placed in envelope with handwriting in red ink which reads "This was Mr. Evans first lens after cataract operation. Was replaced on 6-25-71" signed by "D." probably his assistant Dorothy Whitley.
17/18 Library card, 1970
The Houston Public Library card for Evans
17/19 Postcards, ca 1955
Advertising postcards by Schiewitz from National Farm Loan Association. A reprint of Chapter XXIV of a Ranchman's Recollections by Frank S. Hastings. Forward states that Evans had it reprinted and sent to "special friends" during Christmas of 1980.
23/1 Photographs, 1939-1994.
Various photographs of Evans with family, friends, and business associates.


Series 7. Photographs and Clippings, 1917-2001

Series 7. Photographs and Clippings, (1917-2001) contains many photographs depicting Evans as a businessman, as well as with his family, as well as numerous news clippings detailing aspects of his career.
17/20 Photographs. ITEM SEPARATED [held in box 20/4] 1917-2001 and undated
Evans' parents, ca. 1930s-1960s; One photo of Evans as a young boy with a group of other boys, one of Evans appearing reflective with a quotation stapled to it, other miscellaneous photos, undated; Evans in youth; school picture, ca. 1917; Evans alone; ca. 1940s-1980s; Evans with Mrs. Evans, ca. 1940s-1950s; Cathrene Thomas Evans, ca. 1920s-1980s; Evans in early agricultural context, ca. 1930s-1950s; Evans in banking contexts, ca. 1940s-1960; Evans with and around cattle, ca. 1960s; Miscellaneous photos of Evans, ca. 1955-1985; Evans with Gus Wortham, ca. 1950s-1970s; Evans in casual contexts, ca. 1940s-1990s; with family and friends, ca. 1950s-1990s; Evans office, undated ca. 1980s; Awards and speeches, undated ca. 1960s-1980s; Miscellaneous, 1966; Evans with W.N. Stokes, 1980; Evans' personal photos of Dorothy Whitley, ca. 1950s-1990s; Trip to Davis Mountains/ Gearhart Ranch. Photos of landscape and cattle, ca. 1985; Grandfather Crutchfield, undated; Houston Excellence Dinner, undated ca. 1980s; Evans and figurines, ca. 1980s; Charlene Clark's visit to U Bar Ranch, 1986; Evans in Texas A & M University context, ca. 1980s-1990s; Evans in later years, ca. 1990s-2001; Mexico, undated ca. late 1990s; various individuals, undated; Unidentified, undated; Aesthetic; animals, flowers, etc., undated; photographs of Chagua Martinez , Evans' long-time domestic assistant, ca. 1980s-1990s; view of Earth taken from Apollo 8 space capsule, 1969. Four 8 x 10 inch black and white; forty-five 5 x 7 inch black and white; thirteen 5 x 7 inch color; seventy-nine 3 x 5 inch black and white; two-hundred and thirty-three 3 x 5 inch color. Included correspondence to Mr. Evans from Bill Stokes, Jr. regarding pictures.
17/21 Castroville guide, undated
Castroville visitor's guide with information on Castroville, photographs of points of interest and city map
17/22 Color Transparency, 30 June 1969
Apollo 8 color transparency and photo release; correspondence with the Santa Gertrudis Journal regarding the return of the Apollo 8 earth view transparency.
17/23 Photographs. ITEM SEPARATED [held in box 22/1] Brazil, 1939
Scenes depicting cotton gins in South Brazil. Black and white photographs (242) depicting the Brazilian cotton industry, including the clearing of land, as well as picking, transporting and ginning of the cotton. Evans appears in some photographs; some photographs annotated; related to an article Evans published in Progressive Farmer. Two-hundred and forty-two black and white 3 x 5 inch photographs
17/24-25 Clippings and published articles, 1938-2003
File contains originals and photocopies including: autographed reprint of article by Margaret Lothrop, 1938; clippings and articles about Brazil, including several articles written by Evans and about perceived cotton industry threat from Brazil, ca. 1939; clipping from Paraguay-Guarani about figurines collected by Evans on his 1939 trip to South America early banking career, ca. 1940s-1960s; awards and honors, ca. 1950s-1960s; Interview with parents, 1961; three issues of Houston Magazine containing stories related to Evans' banking career, 1941-1945; miscellaneous newspaper articles about Evans, 1985-1992; issue of The Cattleman magazine containing story about Evans, accompanied by correspondence concerning it. 1993; miscellaneous articles about Gus Wortham and the Wortham Foundation, 1973-1990; Article about Watler L. Pfluger, a close personal friend of Evans, 1983; news articles concerning life and death of Evans' long-time friend and Texas A & M University alumni, Pat Zachry, 1984; news article and program regarding James Earl Rudder and D-Day commemoration activities in College Station, Tex. 1994; news clippings on various people and events in Castroville, ca. 1985; issue of True West Magazine, with annotation referring to an article on the U-Bar Ranch history ca. 1914, 1968; newspaper clipping about Chagua Martinez, a long-time domestic assistant, ca. 1970s; issue of Bank of Cooperatives newsletter, featuring Evans as a past president, 1983; "The Progressive Farmer" dated Jan. 1945 article on page 9 regarding Evans as "'Man of the Year' in Texas Agriculture", ITEM SEPARATED [held in map case]; "Progressive Farmer and Southern Ruralist" dated Dec. 1939 article on "Tree Cotton in North Brazil by Evans, ITEM SEPARATED [held in map case]; "The Texas Farmer-Stockman" dated Sept. 1964 with picture of Evans on cover ITEM SEPARATED [held in map case]; "The Picture of the Month Club" member's portfolio issued to Helen Thomas, ITEM SEPARATED [held in map case].
17/26 Photograph. ITEM SEPARATED [held in map case], 22 Sept. 1967
One black and white photograph, measuring 19 ¾ in. x 16 in., mounted on mat board of the American Ambassador with personal note reading "To my old and cherished great friend Sterling C. Evans" dated 22 Sept. 1967; one black and white photograph of Evans mounted on mat board, measuring 20 in. x 16 in.; one black and white print mounted on mat board, measuring 16 in. x 20 in., of the Board of Directors-Faculty-Staff Dinner dated 26 Apr. 1971; one black and white photograph titled "Company B-1 Texas A and M College 1917-18" measuring 25 ½ in. x 8 in.