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Collection Summary

Creator: The University of St. Thomas, Houston
Title: Center for Thomistic Studies Collection
Dates: 1966-2009
Abstract: Papers created by the Center for Thomistic Studies that record the creation and history of The Center for Thomistic Studies of the University of St. Thomas, Houston.
Identification: Center for Thomistic Studies
Quantity: 8.4 linear feet
Language: English
Repository: The Archives of The University of St. Thomas, Houston,
3800 Montrose Blvd., Houston, Texas 77006-4626

Historical Note

Rev. Victor Brezik, C.S.B., stretched the imaginations of many when he teamed up with Houston Philanthropist Hugh Roy Marshall in 1975 to revive the teachings of the medieval philosopher Thomas Aquinas, at the university by establishing the Center for Thomistic Studies.

Marshall, who graduated from UST in 1974 with a philosophy degree, thought the Thomistic philosophy he had studied “made sense” in a way nothing else had. Together he and Father Brezik established the only Ph.D. program at UST. Once that was accomplished the dynamic duo then convinced Anton C. Pegis, a distinguished philosopher and president emeritus of the Pontifical Institute in Toronto, to become the first director of the Center. After Dr. Pegis’s sudden death in 1978, Professor Vernon J. Bourke accepted the position of Interim Director from 1978-1980.

In October 1979, the University held a symposium honoring the 100th anniversary of Aeterni Patris, the papal encyclical, which launched the revival of Thomistic philosophy in the 20th century. This highly successful event, generously funded by the Strake Foundation, and attended by philosophers from all over North America, staked out the Center’s claim to leadership in the field. The following fall the first classes in the new program were held. Houston had become the latest destination in a 750-year intellectual journey that had also passed through Paris, Salamanca, Rome and Toronto.

The scope of the Center’s work falls into four general areas: teaching, research, publication and community service.

The graduate philosophy library, located on the lower floor of the Doherty Library, has been named after our chief benefactor, Hugh Roy Marshall. It is still in operation and will continue to grow.

Historical Note

Fr. Victor Brezik, C.S.B., was born in Hallettsville on May 2, 1913. He attended St. Thomas High School in Houston and went on to join the Basilian order in 1932, being ordained as a priest in 1940. He studied in Toronto and received his Licentiate in Mediaeval Studies at the Pontifical Institute in 1943, center of the North American renaissance in Thomistic philosophy, and his Ph.D. in 1944. Fr. Brezik came back to Houston in 1954 as a member of the faculty at the new University of St. Thomas. He studied under two great Thomists of this century, Jacques Maritain, and Etienne Gilson, who was a speaker at UST in 1956.

The Rev. Victor Brezik, CSB, Endowed Scholarship for graduate students in Philosophy at the Center was established on March 26, 1999 by the Basilian Fathers of Toronto. The scholarship/fellowship is awarded to students at UST who are accepted for regular admission into the graduate program of the Center and who meet all scholarship academic requirements.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The collection of the Center for Thomistic Studies covers the period from 1966 to 2009 and is an on-going collection. Subjects include: Preparation and opening of the Center Affiliations and associations Advisory Board Members Correspondence of the President, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Director of the Center, Fr. Victor Brezik and Dean of Arts and Sciences Faculty from the Center and the Department of Philosophy, Visiting Professors and Pontifical Faculty Budgets and financials SACS approval of the Center Statutes of the Center Majors in Philosophy Faculty Senate, Faculty Council, Graduate Council, Arts and Sciences Council, Undergraduate Council, Board of Directors meetings and minutes Student courses, grades, housing, honor society, financial aid, admissions, senior night awards, library acquisitions, bookstore, grades Seminars, symposiums, lectures, bioethics seminar, visiting professors Newsletters, brochures, catalogs, publicity Notre Dame Press, Lumen Christi Press and Regenery Publishing Company


The Collection is arranged according to major subjects: Faculty, Administration, Fund Raising, Public Relations, Students, Courses, Phi Sigma Tau Honor Society, Academic Activities, Publications, and Affiliations and Associations.
Series Descriptions
Series I: Series 1: Faculty files are listed alphabetically and include credentials, research papers, speeches, and correspondence. Pontifical faculty and visiting professors are included.
Series II: The administrative series includes graduate and undergraduate budgets, advisory board members, meetings and reports; meetings of chairs, faculty, and the graduate council; academic advising, admissions, financial aid, faculty senate meetings and minutes, graduate council meeting and minutes, correspondence of President, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Directors of the Center and Fr. Victor Brezik, CSB.
Series III: The fund raising series lists the major donors to the Center, and a dinner and Mass of thanksgiving honoring benefactors.
Series IV: This includes public relations material consisting of brochures, catalogs, the Cauldron, a student newspaper and Dimensions, a university newsletter, faculty newsletters, press releases and newspaper clippings.
Series V: The course related series includes graduate and undergraduate course offerings, book prizes, a reading exam, major in philosophy, graduation and senior night, critical thinking reading, and course bibliographies compiled by Anton Pegis.
Series VI: The student series includes correspondence and student listings.
Series VII: The Phi Sigma Tau Honor Society series includes correspondence, financials, a short history, newsletters, memberships, booklets, pamphlets.
Series VIII: The Academic Activities consists of a list of friends, speakers, papers, brochures and correspondence from Aeterni Patris Symposium, Aquinas lectures, Bioethics seminar, Christian Faith and Culture meetings, newsletters, brochures, meetings and correspondence, and Colloquia.
Series IX: The publications series includes Center publications, Handbooks for Faculty, Administrators and Adjunct Faculty, correspondence of Lumen Christi Press, Notre Dame Press and the Regenery Publishing Company.
Series X: The affiliations and associations series includes the American Catholic Philosophical Association (ACPA), American Philosophical Association (APA), International Academy of Philosophy, Intercollegiate Studies Institution, Inc., International Council of Universities of St. Thomas Aquinas (ICUSTA), Maritain Association, National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).
Series XI: The restricted file contains confidential material that cannot be accessed.


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Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

This collection, like other archival materials, must be maintained in a climate-controlled environment.

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American Philosophical Association
Center for Thomistic Studies
Congregation of St. Basil
Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc.
International Council of Universities of St. Thomas Aquinas
Maritain Association
National Endowment for the Humanities
University of St. Thomas
Aqinas, Thomas
Brezik, Fr. Victor
Gilson, Etienne
Maritain, Jacques
Marshall, Hugo
Pegis, Dr. Anton
Catholic university
Thomistic Studies
Houston (Tex.)
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Administrative Information

Custodial History

These papers have always been in the possession of the University of St. Thomas.

Preferred Citation

Center for Thomistic Studies Collection, Courtesy of the Archives of the University of St. Thomas, Houston

Acquisition Information

The files were obtained from the Center for Thomistic Studies. A folder containing correspondence between Victor Brezik, while in college, and Dr. Etienne Gilson has been transferred to the Fr. Victor Brezik Collection.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Faculty; 1977-2009

Box Folder
1 1 Founding Years Faculty List; 2009
2 Boyle, Joseph; 1980-1987
3 Brown, Oscar; 1980-1987
4 Elders, Leo, S.V.D.; 1980-1984
5 Elders, Leo, S.V.D.; 1985-1988
6 Koterski, Joseph; 1980-1990
7 Lee, Patrick; Correspondence, Credentials; 1980-1991
Box Folder
2 1 Lee, Patrick; Research Papers; 1981-1989
2 Liccione, Michael J.; 1980-1987
3 Macierowski, Edward M.; 1977-1983
4 Marculescu, Ileana; 1979-1984
5 Marler, Jack C.; 1981-1986
6 Mullady, Brian T; 1986-1987
7 Royal, E. Peter, C.S.B; 1978
8 Pontifical Faculty; 1984-1986
9 Bourke, Vernon J.; Visiting Professor; 1980-1985
10 Kovach, Francis J., Visiting Professor,; 1983-1985
11 Wilhelmsen, Frederick D., Visiting Professor; 1984-1985
12 Faculty Council Minutes; 1986-1994
13 Faculty Notices; 1996-1997
14 Faculty Senate Meetings and Minutes; 1983-1991
Box Folder
3 1 Faculty Senate Meetings and Minutes; 1992-1995
2 Graduate Faculty Meetings and Minutes; 1980-1985
3 Senior Faculty Committee; 1981-1987
4 Undergraduate Faculty Meetings, Minutes, Agendas; 1983-1987
5 Visiting Professors for the Center, Others; 1981-1982
6 Visiting Professors for the Center, Others; 1983-1986

Series II: Administrative; 1966-1999

Series IIa: Undergraduate Budgets; 1966-1998

Box Folder
3 7 Budgets; July 1981-September 1985
8 Budgets; October, 1985-December 1988
Box Folder
4 1 Budgets; July 1989-Deceember 1991
2 Budgets; 1992
3 Budgets; 1993
4 Budgets; 1994
Box Folder
5 1 Budgets; 1995
2 Budgets; 1996
3 Budgets; January-June, 1997
4 Budget Preparations; 1989-1998
5 Departmental Expenditures and Budgets, ; 1966-1981

Series IIb: Graduate Budgets, 1982-1998

Box Folder
5 6 Budgets; 1982-1983
7 Budgets; 1984
Box Folder
6 1 Budgets; 1985
2 Budgets; 1986
3 Budgets; 1987
4 Budgets, February, 1988-December, 1989
5 Budgets, January, 1990-December, 1991
6 Budgets; 1992
7 Annual Reports for the Center, 1991-1995
Box Folder
7 1 Budgets; 1993
2 Budgets; 1994
3 Budgets; 1995
4 Budgets; January, 1996-November, 1996
5 Budgets; January, 1997-June, 1997
6 Budgets, General; 1982-1985
Box Folder
8 1 Budget Preparations; 1991-1998

Series IIc: Advisory Board; 1974-1999

Box Folder
8 2 Correspondence, Luncheon, Meetings, Reports; 1980-1985
3 Members, List of; 1978
4 Bourke, Vernon J.; 1986-1988
5 Boyle, Leonard E., OP; 1980-1987
6 Clark, Mary T., RSCJ; 1981-1985
7 Dougherty, Jude P.; 1982-1985
8 Fabro, Cornelio, CSS; 1980-1981
9 Fitzgerald, Desmond J.; 1983-1989
10 Gallagher, Donald; 1983-1985
11 Henle, Robert J., SJ.; 1980-1985
12 Langan, Thomas; 1985
13 Lawler, Ronald D., OFM.; 1983-1993
14 Lescoe, Rev. Francis; 1980-1987
15 Maurer, Armand A.; CSB; 1981-1987
16 McInerny, Ralph; 1981-1991
17 Owens, Joseph, CSsR.; 1983-1987
18 Reichman, James B., SJ.; 1982-1984
19 Robb, James H.; 1979
20 Sweeney, Leo, SJ.; 1979-1988
21 Synan, Edward A.; 1981-1986
Box Folder
9 1 Veatch, Henry B.; 1974-1999
2 Wallace, William A.; OP., 1984
3 Weisheipl, James A.; OP., 1981-1985
4 Zedler, Beatrice H.; 1982

Series IId: Correspondence, 1975-2003

Box Folder
9 5 Arts and Sciences, Dean; 1989-1997
6 Business Office; 1981-1997
7 Brezik, Fr. Victor, CSB; 1975-1994
8 Center, Director of the; Kennedy, Fr. Leonard; 1981-1987
9 Center, Director of the; Lawler, Fr. Ronald D.; 1980-1984
10 General; 1984-1997
Box Folder
10 1 Academic Affairs, Vice President for; 1983-1993
2 Brezik/Bourke; 1977-1978
3 Brezik/Bourke; 1979
4 Brezik/Bourke; 1980-1998
5 Brezik/Lawler; 1979-1993
6 Brezik/Marshall; 1974-1984
7 Brezik/Marshall; 1985-1996
8 Brezik/Marshall; 1997-2003
Box Folder
11 1 Brezik/Pegis and Pegis Family; 1975-1985
2 Brezik/Strake; 1967-2001
3 President’s Office/H.R. Marshall; 1974-2002

Series IIe: General; 1980-1998

Box Folder
11 4 Academic Advising, Pre- registration, Spring; 1993
5 Admissions; 1984-1986
6 Alumni; 2008
7 Arts and Sciences Council Agendas, Meetings, Minutes; 1991-1992
8 Board of Director Meetings for Center; 1981-1987
9 Bookstore; 1987-1992
10 Divisional Chairs Meetings and Reports; 1989-1991
11 Events of the Center; 1981-1982
12 Formal Opening of the Center; 1980
13 Graduate Council Meetings; 1993-1995
Box Folder
12 1 History of the Graduate Philosophy Program by Fr. Brezik; n.d.
2 Housing; 1981-1985
3 Hugh Roy Marshall Graduate Library; 1976-1984
4 Language Exam Committee; 1981-1985
5 Library Acquisitions; 1976-1985
6 President’s Reports and Correspondence; 1980-1985
7 Proposal for the Graduate Program by Anton Pegis; 1976
8 Registrar; 1981-1983
9 Registrar; 1984
10 Registrar; 1985-1986
Box Folder
13 1 Reflections Regarding Center Meeting Held September 3, 1985; September 3, 1985
2 Statutes of the Center; 1979-1990
3 Students: Financial Aid; 1980-1982
4 Students: Financial Aid; 1983-1985
5 Students: Financial Aid; 1986-1996
6 Search for New Director; 1996-1998

Series III: Fund Raising; 1973-2009

Series IIIa: Donors; 1978-2009

Box Folder
13 7 Founding Donors; 2009
8 Bredeweg/Kennedy Negotiations for Center Funds; 1985
9 Burkitt Foundation; 1982-1986
10 Family, Crooker, John H.; 1979
11 Cullen Chair in Philosophy; 1979-1984
12 DeRance, Inc.; 1979-1985
13 Donovan, Dr. and Mrs. Michael M.; 1973-1991
Box Folder
14 1 Hotze, Ernest G., Ceco Compressor Engineering Corp.; 1981-1992
2 Mitchell, Dolores; Charitable Annuity Trust; 1981-1983
3 Marshall, Hugh Roy; 1978-1984
4 Quintana Petroleum Co.; 1983-1991
5 Scanlan Foundation, Endowment of Bishop Nold Chair in Philosophy; 1981-1985
6 Strake Foundation; 1989-1991
7 Veatch, Henry B.; 1981-1986
8 Webre, Lloyd P.; 1981
9 Others; 1979-1997

Series IIIb: General; 1981-1987

Box Folder
14 10 Dinner Honoring Benefactors of the Center; 1981-1987
11 Mass of Thanksgiving for Center Benefactors; 1982

Series IV: Publicity; 1975-2003

Box Folder
14 12 Brochures and Miscellaneous Items; 1979-1984
13 Catalogs for the Center; 1982-2002
14 The Cauldron, Student Newspaper; 1979-1984
15 Dimensions, University Newsletter; 1975-1980
16 Newsletters, Faculty; 1980-1986
17 Press Releases and Newspaper Clippings; 1975-2003

Series V: Students; 1969-1984

Box Folder
15 1 Correspondence; 1969-1986
2 Lists; 1983-1984

Series VI: Course Related; 1975-1996

Box Folder
16 1 Book Prizes Presented to Students; 1982-1986
2 Course Bibliographies Compiled by Anton C. Pegis; 1975
3 Course Offerings, Graduate; 1980-1986
4 Course Offerings, Undergraduate; 1981-1986
5 Course Offerings, Undergraduate; 1992-1996
6 Critical Thinking Readings; 1996
7 Graduation and Senior Awards Night; 1984-1986
8 Major in Philosophy; 1969-1986
9 PhD Dissertation Defenses; 1988-1993
10 Prospectus of Graduate Program Leading to MA and PhD Degrees; 1981
11 Reading Exam, M.A.; 1979-1985

Series VII: Phi Sigma Tau Honor Society; 1984-1997

Box Folder
17 1 Booklets and Pamphlets; 1984-1995
2 Correspondence; 1985-1986
3 Correspondence; 1987-1995
4 Correspondence; 1996-1997
5 Financials; 1984-1993
6 Memberships; 1986-1987
7 Short History and Newsletters; 1984-1987

Series VIII: Academic Activities, 1978-2009

Box Folder
17 8 Aeterni Patris Symposium, Correspondence and Memos; 1978-1979
9 Aeterni Patris Symposium, Dinner and Friends List; 1979-1980
Box Folder
18 1 Aeterni Patris Symposium, Speakers, Papers, Brochures; 1979
2 Aquinas Lecture; 1981-1996
3 Bioethics Seminar; 1983-1984
4 Christian Faith and Culture, Brochures, Newsletters, Pamphlets; 1981-1986
5 Christian Faith and Culture, Meetings and Correspondence; 1983-1986
6 Colloquia; 1987-1995
7 Lectures, Lecturers and Symposiums; 1981-2009

Series IX: Publications; 1980-1982

Box Folder
18 8 Academic Publications of the Center; 1983-1987
9 Graduate Bulletin for Center; 1987-1988, 1989-1991
10 Handbook for Faculty, Administrators and Adjunct Faculty; 1980-1992
11 Correspondence, Lumen Christi Press; 1983-1987
Box Folder
19 1 Correspondence, Notre Dame Press; 1983-1984
2 Correspondence, Notre Dame Press; 1985
3 Correspondence, Notre Dame Press; 1986-1991
4 Correspondence, Regency Press; 1983
5 Notre Dame Press, Brochures, Pamphlets; 1984-1986

Series X: Affiliations and Associations; 1978-1987

Box Folder
19 6 American Catholic Philosophical Association; 1980-1984
7 AAmerican Catholic Philosophical Association; 1985
8 American Catholic Philosophical Association; 1986
9 American Philosophical Association; 1978-1997
10 International Academy of Philosophy; 1980-1983
Box Folder
20 1 Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc.; 1983-1986
2 International Council of Universities of St. Thomas Aquinas; 1995-1996
3 Maritain Association; 1980-1986
4 National Endowment for the Humanities; 1986-1993
5 Proposal of MA Program Submitted to Southern Association of Colleges and Schools; 1979
6 Correspondence, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Approval of Center; 1980-1982
7 Correspondence, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools; 1981-1982
8 Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Criteria for Accreditation; 1989
9 Correspondence, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Self-study; 1982-1988

Series XI: Restricted; 1971-1981

21 This information is restricted from research.