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Office of Student Services

Papers Describing the Office of Student Services, The University of St. Thomas, Houston

Collection Summary

Creator: The University of St. Thomas, Houston
Title: Office of Student Services Collection
Dates: 1979-2007
Abstract: Papers recording the history of the Office of Student Services under Dean Jack Hank, University of St. Thomas, Houston.
Identification: Office of Student Services
Quantity: 1.3 linear feet
Language: English
Repository: The Archives of The University of St. Thomas, Houston,
3800 Montrose Blvd., Houston, Texas 77006-4626

Historical Note

The bulk of this collection was created during the late 1990s, a period of time when major civil rights and anti-war activities had subsided as the 1991 Gulf War flared and ended quickly. "In loco parentis" had faded away but the new policies were still subject to interpretation and implementation. The campus of the University of St. Thomas, Houston's Catholic university, was generally a conservative and therefore subdued place of study and worship. Education and employment were the concerns of the 1990s.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The materials within this collection were collected during the 1979-2007 time period. Materials include: agendas, annual reports, an apostolic constitution, budget authorizations, budget requests, calendars, contacts, correspondence, economic models, enrollment reports, graphs, a job description, meeting minutes, occupancy reports, an organization chart, policy drafts, projections, questionnaires, a resume, sales of class rings, sales reports, security reports, statistics, survey results and an undergraduate catalog.

Arrangement of the Collection

The contents of the collection are arranged in series and within each series by alphabetical order of the topic.


Series Descriptions
Series I: Office of Student Services: Organization and operation of the Office of Student Services including an organization chart and budget information.
Series II: University Administration and Governing Bodies: University organizations such as the Faculty Council and Faculty Senate.
Series III: Services: Services to Students including Campus Ministry, Counseling and Testing, Health, Security and Sports.
Series IV: Residential Life: Statistics and reports concerning dormitories and apartments and articles relevant to managing student residences.


Restrictions on Access

Access by permission of the Archivist only.

Restrictions on Use

Contact the Archivist for information on use.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

This collection, like other archival materials, must be maintained in a climate-controlled environment.

Index Terms

All of the terms and names listed below can be found in the finding aid. The names are of organizations and people involved with the operation of the Office of Student Services.
Congregation of St. Basil
Office of Student Services
Student Services Board Committee
University of St. Thomas
Hank, Jack
McFadden, Joseph M., Ph.D.
Miller, J. Michael, CSB
Catholic university
residence life
Houston (Tex.)
Document Types:

Separated Material

The 1993 list of faculty members with tenure and the Five Year Program Review Cycle was removed and transferred to the appropriate VPAA collection.

Administrative Information

Custodial History

These papers have always been in the possession of the University of St. Thomas.

Preferred Citation

Office of Student Services Collection, Courtesy of the Archives of the University of St. Thomas, Houston

Acquisition Information

The files were collected during the 1979-2007 time period and then transferred to the Archives.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Office of Student Services

Box Folder
1 1 Activities, Student, Office; 1992-1999
2 Agendas, Accomplishments, Reports; Committee, Board, Services, Student; 1991-1995
3 Agendas, Minutes, Reports; Committee, Board, Services, Student; 1996-2000
4 Agendas, Jack Hank and Father Miller, CSB; 1997-1999
5 Base, Data; Board, Services, Student; 1998, 2000
6 Catalog, Undergraduate; 2005-2007
7 Chart, Organization; 1991
8 Contacts; n.d.
9 Correspondence; 1990-1998
10 Drafts, Policies, Affairs, Student; 2004,
11 Education, Physical, Instructor, Tennis; Gooding, Michael; 1991
12 Enrollment; 1991-1998
13 Financial, Budget, Pepsi/Vending, Ledger, General; 1993-1998
14 Graduates, Follow-up; 1990-1998
15 Ledger, Payroll, Student; 1998-1999
16 Requests, Funding, Student; 1995-1999
17 Sales, Cart, Coffee; 1998
18 Sales, Ring, College; 1997-1999

Series II: University Administration and Governing Bodies

Box Folder
2 1 Agenda, Minutes; Council, Faculty; 1990-1995
2 Day, Study, Faculty; 1990-2001
3 Ex Corde Ecclesiae; Apostolic Constitution; 1990
4 Minutes, Senate, Faculty; 1990-1995
5 Reports, Administrative; 1995

Series III: Services

Box Folder
2 6 Clubs; 1998
7 Ministry, Campus; 1993-1999
8 Newsletters, Reports; Opportunities, Volunteer, Office of; 1992-1993, 1997-1998
9 Security, Campus; 1993-1999
10 Services, Counseling, Testing and, Career; 1987-1993
11 Services, Counseling, Testing and, Career; 1994-2001
12 Services, Health; 1999, n.d.
13 Services, Overview of; Odyssey, Success at College; 2004
14 Services, Sports, Recreation and, Department of; 1991-2001

Series IV: Residential Life

Box Folder
3 1 Budgets; Auxiliary Operations, Residence Halls, Various; 1996-2000
2 Changes, Policy, Housing; 1990, 2002
3 Forms, Evaluations, Advisors, Resident; Advisors, Sophomore; n.d.
4 Forms, Survey, Graphs; 1989, n.d.
5 Housing, University; Model, Economic; 1998-2003
6 Life, Residence, Office of; 1991-1997
7 Management, Service, Food; 1993, n.d.
8 Parking; 1991, n.d.
9 Publications; Conduct, Campus; 1975-1990
10 Publication; “Counselors on University Governance,” n.d.
11 Reports, Occupancy, Hall, Residence; 1997-2001
12 Services, Dining, Model, Economic; 1997-2003
13 Statistics, Hall, Residence; 1979-1995
14 Statistics, Housing; Models, Economic, Residential, Apartments; 1997-2003
15 Statistics, Housing; Student, Proposed; 1992
16 Surveys, Hall, Residence; Environment, Residence; 1984-1985
17 Surveys, Life, Residence; 1991
18 Surveys, Life, Residence; 1992-1997
19 Surveys, Life, Residence; 2000-2001
20 Surveys, Satisfaction, Chartwells; 1997-1998
21 “Student’s Guide to Academic Services;” n.d.