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School of Nursing Collection

Papers Describing the History of the School of Nursing, The University of St. Thomas, Houston

Collection Summary

Creator: The University of St. Thomas, Houston
Title: School of Nursing
Dates: 1966-1986
Abstract: Papers recording the history of the School of Nursing, University of St. Thomas, Houston.
Identification: School of Nursing
Quantity: 8.5 linear feet
Language: English
Technical: Agreements, applications, articles, correspondence, course evaluations and descriptions, faculty contracts, faculty transcripts, grade reports, minutes, rules and regulations, and an undergraduate catalog
Repository: The Archives of The University of St. Thomas, Houston,
3800 Montrose Blvd., Houston, Texas 77006-4626

Historical Note

In 1905 the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word established the St. Joseph’s School of Nursing at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Through the cooperative efforts of the University of St. Thomas and Sisters of Charity, the School of Nursing moved to the campus of the University in 1972. Students continued to receive their practical experience at St. Joseph’s Hospital. In 1974 the first University graduates of the program were awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. The School of Nursing program had a reputation for high quality in the Houston medical community. The program was fully accredited by both the Board of Nurse Examiners (BNE) for the state of Texas located in Austin and by the National League for Nursing (NLN) located in New York City. During the 1984-85 time period, the Board of Directors conducted an extensive study and determined that the economics of the nursing program had become prohibitive. After an eighty year history in Houston and a fourteen-year tenure at the University of St. Thomas, the school officially closed June 30, 1986.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The files for the School of Nursing are from 1966 to 1986. They include: The School of Nursing faculty, budgets, Board of Nurse Examiners (BNE), progress reports and miscellaneous items, annual reports, curriculum and curriculum changes, gift transmittal forms, correspondence to/from the Dean of School of Nursing, accredited schools, State Board Test Pool Examination, National League for Nursing Self-Evaluation Committees and Councils, Ceremonies, Spring Awards Day, Mass, Commencement, HEW federal funding, awards and applications for training grants, nursing alumni associations, and the Dominican college phase out.

Arrangement of the Collection

The contents of the collection are arranged first by the files originated by the School of Nursing, faculty, curriculum and administrative, followed by the accrediting agencies, the National League for Nursing and the Board of Nurse Examiners. Student grades are restricted and complete the collection.


The papers are arranged by series, beginning with faculty files, curriculum descriptions, administrative files, nursing associations and student grades.
The inventory lists the papers comprising the collection. Faculty members and information about the administration, curriculum and accreditation process are described within the collection.
Series Descriptions
Series I: Faculty files are listed alphabetically and include employment records.
Series II: Course descriptions are listed by course number.
Series III: The Administrative series includes agreements, alumni, articles, committees, Board of Directors reports, budgets, commencement, correspondence, councils, finances, funding, HEW training grants and faculty funding, scholarships and other miscellaneous items.
Series IV: The National League for Nursing series includes accreditation, announcements, objectives, preamble, progress report, self-evaluation report and miscellaneous items.
Series V: The Board of Nurse Examiners series consists of annual report, progress reports, gift transmittal forms, licensure examination, fact sheet, enrollment and graduation lists, forms, magazines, newsletters, general correspondence, requirements and standards, Dominican College phase out, and test pool examinations.
Series VI: Student grades (restricted) from 1979 to 1985.


Restrictions on Access

Access by permission of the Archivist only.

Restrictions on Use

Contact the Archivist for information on use.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

This collection, like other archival materials, must be maintained in a climate-controlled environment.

Index Terms

All of the terms and names listed below can be found in the finding aid. The names are of organizations involved with the operation of the School of Nursing.
University of St. Thomas
Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word
St. Joseph Hospital
National League for Nursing
Catholic university
nurse education
Houston (Tex.)
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Separated Material


Administrative Information

Custodial History

These papers have always been in the possession of the University of St. Thomas.

Preferred Citation

School of Nursing Collection, Courtesy of the Archives of the University of St. Thomas, Houston

Acquisition Information

The files were obtained from the School of Nursing and the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. They were inventoried by Nancy Vesey, who, as the Administrative Assistant to the VPAA, was responsible for sending many of the files to the Archives and processing the collection.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Faculty; 1966-1986

1 A-C, 1973-1985
2 D-K, 1972-1986
3 L-P, 1973-1985
Box Folder
4 1-18 Q-Z, 1973-1986
19 Adjunct Faculty, 1982-1983
Box Folder
5 1 Faculty, 1966-1984
2 Faculty Contracts and New Faculty Correspondence, 1974-1981
3 Minutes, Meeting, Faculty, Level III, 1982-1985
4 Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1975-1982
5 Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1983-1985

Series II: Curriculum; 1975-1986

Box Folder
6 1 N 2441: Clinical Lab Objectives, 1983
2 N 2441: Final Exam, 1984
3 N 2442: Man’s Adaptive Health Behavior and Analysis, 1982-1985
4 N 2442: Man’s Adaptive Health Behaviors I-B, 1982-1985
5 N 2442: Nursing Interventions I-B, 1984-1985
6 N 2442: Orthopedics-Healing Sensory Exam, n.d.
7 N 3451, 3651: Maternal Child Nursing and Final Exam, 1982-1985
8 N 3452: Nursing Theories II-B and Exam, 1982-1985
Box Folder
7 1 N 3652: Nursing Interventions II- B, 1984-1985
2 N 3652: Psychiatric Nursing Clinical Rotation, 1983
3 N 4204: SPL in Nursing Intro to Baccalaureate Nursing, 1984-1985
4 N 4221: Fundamentals of Research in Nursing, 1984-1985
5 N 4342: Behavioral Outcomes of Nursing Education Programs, 1985
6 N 4342: Nursing Theories III-A, 1983-1985
7 N 4342: Nursing Theories III-B, 1981-1986
8 N 4441, 4641: Assignments, Objectives, 1982-1984
Box Folder
8 1 N 4441: Nursing Theories III-A, 1982-1984
2 N 4542: Nursing Interventions III-B-Critical Care, 1984-1986
3 N 4542: Nursing Interventions III-B-Secondary Care, 1983-1986 1983-1986
4 N 4542: Nursing Interventions III-B-Tertiary Care, 1983-1985
5 N 4542: Primary Track Area of Practice, 1983-1986
6 N 4542: Secondary Care, 1983-1986
7 N 4641: Applied Theory, n.d.
8 N 4641: Nursing Interventions III-A, 1985-1986
9 Math Pre-Test, 1983
10 Nursing Courses, 1975-1976
11 Nursing Course Outlines, Complete List for Fall, 1984

Series III: Administrative; 1967-1986

Box Folder
9 1 Ad Hoc Task Force Memo, Review and Profile, 1984
2 Admission, Progression and Graduation Committee Minutes, 1984
3 Administrative Council, 1975-1981
4 Advanced Standing Examination, 1974-1981
5 Advisory Committee, 1972-1979
6 Aims and Purposes, 1974
7 American Council on Education, August 7, 1981-September 18, 1981
8 American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 1981-1985
9 American Nurses Association, Inc., February, 1971; October, 1984
10 Articles, Campus Monthly, Newspaper Clippings, 1971-1984
11 Aquinas Honor List, 1972-1986
12 Board of Directors Report, 1984
Box Folder
10 1 Brochures, Others, 1971-1984
2 Brochures, UST, 1977-1984
3 Closure of School of Nursing, 1986
4 Education Agreement Between UST and St. Joseph’s Hospital Baccalaureate Program, 1970-1982
5 Facilities Agreement, UST/St. Joseph’s Hospital, 1972-1981
6 Graduation, 1977-1982
7 Helen Pittman Testimonial, 1974-1985
8 Inter-Office Memos, Letters, General Correspondence, 1974-1986
9 Nursing Alumni, 1975-1985
10 Policy on Unsafe Nursing Practice, 1984
11 Search Committee for Dean of School of Nursing, 1980-1981
12 Self-Study, Biscayne College, June 1967-September 1967
13 Spring Awards Day, Commencement, Baccalaureate Mass, 1982-1984 1982-1984
14 SREB-Council on Collegiate Education for Nursing, 1973-1978
Box Folder
11 1 Budgets, 1973-1975
2 Budgets, 1975
3 Budgets, 1976
4 Budgets, 1976-1977
5 Budgets, 1978-1981
6 Budgets, 1982-1983
7 Budgets, 1985-1986
Box Folder
12 1 Agreements from V.A. Hospital, 1976-1984
2 Correspondence with St. Joseph’s Hospital re Budget w/them, 1975-1984
3 Clinical Affiliation-Agreement with Hermann and Methodist Hospital, 1983
4 Disadvantaged Learners, 1981-1984
5 Dominican College and School of Nursing, 1971-1982
6 Ethics, 1975-1983
7 Miscellaneous Items, 1978-1985
8 Nursing Campaign Advisory Council, 1983-1984
9 Nursing School Planning Committee, 1983-1984
10 “Other” Agreements, 1973-1985
Box Folder
13 1 Donation Requests (Beg File), June 1985 to October 1985
2 Funding Correspondence for School of Nursing, 1971-1985
3 Future Financing, 1979-1985
4 Long-Range Funding, UST/Sisters of Charity, 1975-1977
5 HEW Application for Training Grant, 1972-1982
6 HEW Awards Under Titles VII or VIII of Public Health Services, 1972-1984
7 HEW Federal Funding Grants, 1971-1986
8 Marketable Securities for Finance Committee, 1975
9 Nursing Endowment, 1983-1985
10 Parry Foundation, 1980-1985
11 Scholarship Fund, 1972-1986

Series IV: The National League for Nursing; 1968-1985

Box Folder
14 1 Accreditation Announcement by National League for Nursing, 1968-1970
2 National League for Nursing Miscellaneous Items, 1977-1985
3 National League for Nursing Preamble, Objectives/Accreditation, 1980
4 Progress Report Submitted to National League for Nursing, January, 1972-October, 1972
5 Report for Accreditation Purposes, 1974
6 Progress Report to National League for Nursing, October, 1972
Box Folder
15 1 Self-Evaluation Report Submitted to National League for Nursing, 1974
2 Self-Evaluation Report Submitted to National League for Nursing, 1980

Series V: The Board of Nurse Examiners; 1968-1986

Box Folder
16 1 BNE Fact Sheet, 1971-1972
2 BNE Progress Reports, 1971-1972
3 BNE Progress Reports, January, 1971-January, 1972
4 BNE Progress Reports, 1974-1975
5 BNE Progress Reports, 1977-1980
6 BNE Progress Reports, 1981-1983
7 BNE Progress Reports, 1984-1986
Box Folder
17 1 Accredited Schools List, 1981-1984
2 Administrative Chart and Philosophy of School of Nursing, May, 1974
3 Curriculum Changes, 1976
4 Enrollment and Graduation Lists, 1972-1985
5 Faculty by Highest Credentials Earned, January, 1972-Fall, 1984
6 Forms, Magazines, Newsletters, Miscellaneous Items, 1976-1982
7 General Correspondence, 1972-1986
8 Gift Transmittal Forms, June, 1982-June, 1983
9 Materials sent to BNE, 1968-1975
10 Memos to Deans/Directors, 1973-1986
11 Memos – Shirley Dooling, Dean, 1972-1981
Box Folder
18 1 Memos – Helen Gaevert, Dean, 1982-1986
2 National Council Licensure Examination, 1982-1986
3 Nursing Faculty Salaries, 1979-1980
4 Nursing vs. Liberal Arts Hours, 1979-1983
5 Nurse Practitioner Program, 1975-1976
6 Phase out, Dominican College, 1972-1973
7 Reports from Board of Nurse Examiners, 1973-1984
8 Requirements and Standards for Professional Nurse Examiners, 1972-1974
9 Resolution, Sisters of Charity of Incarnate Word, September, 1971
10 Rules and Regulations Relate to Licensure and Practice, 1981-1984
11 Scores (BNE), 1974-1986
12 State Board Test Pool Examination, 1974-1980
Box Folder
19 1 Annual Reports, January, 1974; July, 1983
2 SACS Accreditation Report, 1972-1973
3 Self-Evaluation Report for Re-Accreditation by UST/St. Joseph’s Hospital/ School of Medical Records, October, 1975

Series VI: Student Grades; 1979-1985

Box Folder
20 1 Grades, 1979-1985