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Creator: Steindorff, Georg, 1861-1951.
Title: Georg Steindorff papers
Dates: 1841-1953
Abstract: The Georg Steindorff papers document the work of eminent German Egyptologist Georg Steindorff (1861-1951). The collection includes correspondence, field notes, lecture notes, maps, photographs, published writings, research files, and newspaper clippings generated or collected by Dr. Steindorff throughout his career.
Accession No: Collection BridArch 2.023
Extent: 24 boxes (13 linear feet)
Language: Material is in German,French,English, Coptic, Arabic, and Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Repository Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

Biographical Note

Georg Steindorff was born in Dessau, Germany, on November 12, 1861. He studied Egyptology and oriental languages at the University of Göttingen, earning a Ph.D. in 1884. After working at the State Museum and lecturing at the University of Berlin for nearly a decade, Steindorff was appointed Professor of Egyptology at the University of Leipzig in 1893. At Leipzig Steindorff co-founded and led the Ägyptologische Institut (Egyptian Institute) for forty-two years, filling its collections with purchased antiquities and with artifacts excavated at Giza, Tjebu, Aniba, and elsewhere. A prolific author, Professor Steindorff wrote for both scholarly and popular presses. For more than four decades he also served as editor of his discipline’s leading journal, Zeitschrift für Ägyptische Sprache und Altertumskunde.

On April 19, 1887 Georg Steindorff married Elise Oppenheimer, the sister of sociologist Franz Oppenheimer and daughter of Berlin Reform Rabbi Julius Oppenheimer. After the publication of the Nuremberg Laws in 1935, Dr. Steindorff lost his position at the Egyptian Institute due to his Jewish lineage even though he had converted to Protestantism decades earlier. In 1939 the Steindorffs sought refuge in the United States, locating near Los Angeles, where Dr. Steindorff continued to consult and publish until his death in 1951.


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Scope and Contents of the Collection

This collection documents the research, writings, and professional activities of prominent Egyptologist Georg Steindorff, whose career spanned from the 1880s until his death in 1951. The Georg Steindorff papers include field notes, maps, and photographs from excavations in Egypt and Sudan, photographs and descriptions of artifacts held by many prominent institutions, and both transcriptions and translations of hieroglyphic and Coptic texts. The large number of published writings in the collection reflect Dr. Steindorff’s broad expertise in Egyptian history, culture, religion, languages, art, architecture, and material culture.

Arrangement of the Collection

The Georg Steindorff papers are divided into twelve topical series. The first six series represent general topics of study within Egyptology. The final six focus on Dr. Steindorff and his scholarly work as an archaeologist, author, and curatorial consultant.
Series 1: Egyptian Society and Religion, circa 1890-1940
Series 2: Architecture, circa 1890-1950
Series 3: Philology, 1841-circa 1950
Series 4: War and Weapons, circa 1890-1940
Series 5: Art, circa 1890-1940
Series 6: History, circa 1890-1950
Series 7: Expeditions and Excavations, circa 1890-1940
Series 8: Writings, 1884-1951
Series 9: Research Files and Personal Data, 1887-1951
Series 10: Correspondence, 1894-1953
Series 11: Photographs, circa 1900-1951
Series 12: Maps and Charts, circa 1830-1940


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Steindorff, Georg, 1861-1951.
Egypt -- History, Ancient.

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Nachlass Georg Steindorff, Ägyptisches Museum und Universität – Georg Steindorff – in Leipzig.

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[Identification of item], Georg Steindorff papers, Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University.

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Purchased from Elise Oppenheimer Steindorff, 1952

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Rehoused and described by Timothy S. G. Binkley with editorial assistance from Thomas L. Gertzen, 2015.

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Ada Negraru, 2016.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Egyptian Society and Religion, circa 1880-1940
17 folders

The first series comprises notes and articles on Egyptian society and religion.
Box Folder
1559A 01 Egypt: Das Land, Das Volk, Chronologie, Perioden der Geschichte, circa 1890-1940
02 Egypt: Das Volk, Ursprung und Vorfahren, circa 1890-1940
03 Aegypten und das Ausland, circa 1890-1940
04 Mumien; Die letzten grossen Königsgräber; Totenkult; Särge, circa 1890-1940
05 Götter und Religion (Gods and religion), circa 1890-1940
06 Der Tagesablauf eines Pharaos (The private life of a pharaoh), circa 1890-1940
07 Funerary Practices and Beliefs, circa 1890-1940
08 Nubische Friedhöfe der vor- und frühgeschichtlichen Zeit, circa 1890-1940
09 Massengrab, circa 1890-1940
10 Wissenschaft, 1931-1934
11 Thier - und Pflanzenwelt; Haus und häusliches Leben, Brauverfahren; Trachten, circa 1890-1940
12 Die Verwaltung des neuen Reichs; Rechtswesen, circa 1890-1940
13 Steindorff, Georg. “Der Ka und die Grabstatuen.” Zeitschrift für Ägyptische Sprache und Altertumskunde, 1911
14 Brettspiele, circa 1890-1940
15 Gosen und Exodus, circa 1890-1940
16 Böhlig, Alexander. “Das Christentum in Ägypten.” Zeitschrift für Missionskunde und Religionswissenschaft, 1936
17 Aegyptiaca, circa 1890-1940

Series 2: Architecture, circa 1890-1950
13 folders

The second series comprises essays, manuscripts, and notes on Egyptian architecture.
Box Folder
1559B 01 Architecture (in German and English), circa 1930s
02 Baukunst. allgemeines; Das mittlere Reich, Architektur; Protodorische Säule, circa 1890-1940
03 Wohnhäuser und Paläste; Palast des Merenptah, Memphis, circa 1890-1940
04 Notizen und Vorarbeiten: Baukunst, circa 1890-1940
05 Städte; drawings and photographs - Semne, circa 1900-1950
06 Baukunst – Stadt und Festung; Pfeiler und Säule; Tempel; Kapellen der älteren Zeit, circa 1890-1940
07 Häuser, circa 1900-1950
08 Gräber; Die älteren Grabformen; Entstehung der grossen Pyramide; Pyramiden, circa 1900-1950
09 Grab des Eji / Theben, circa 1900-1950
10 Tempel, circa 1900-1950
11 Pyramiden, circa 1900-1950
12 Haus von Amarna, circa 1900-1950
13 Tanis, circa 1900-1950

Series 3: Philology, 1841-circa 1950
59 folders

The third series comprises translations of Egyptian and Coptic texts, article reprints, essays, and notes on historical and comparative linguistics.
Box Folder
1560B 03 Siegesinschrift des Pianchi. Darst. Urkunden der älteren Aethiopenkönige, circa 1890-1940
04 Reprints of articles by Steindorff: “Der Name Josephs Saphenat-Pὰneach” (Genesis 41:45), “Weiteres zu Genesis 41, 45” “Der Name Pakruru,” circa 1890-1910
05 Egyptian Antiquities in the Pier Collection inscriptions, circa 1906-1920
06 Bentresch - Stele, circa 1890-1940
07 Ka, circa 1890-1940
08 Notes on Gardiner’s Egyptian Grammar, circa 1927-1940
09 Erzählung: Verwunschener Prinz (Tale of the enchanted prince), circa 1890-1940
10 Saitische Formel (Saite period formula) auf dem Rückenpfeiler einer sitzenden Osiris Statue, circa, 1890-1940
11 Translations and comments on inscriptions on tombs and sculptures, circa 1900-1950
12 Metternich-Stele, circa 1925-1940
13 Notes on artifacts in New York, circa 1920-1950
14 Article “Hiéroglyphique” translated from German into French, 1841
15 Winkler. Tübingen. Photographs of rock drawings. Inscription notes. 1936
16 Troglodyten material, circa 1920-1940
17 Grab des Tutankamun, circa 1920-1940
18 Zeitschrift für Ägyptische Sprache articles by Steindorff, 1908-1933
19 Steindorff: “Das altägyptische Alphabet und seine Umschreibung” circa 1892-1900
20 Articles “Das Hettiter- Problem” and “Die Lösumg des Hethitischen Rätsels” 1915
21 Die hettitischen Denkmäler und ihre Stätten; Die hettitischen Hieroglyphen, circa 1890-1940
22 Von Boghazköi: Entzifferung des Hettitischen durch Friedrich Hrožny; Die Hettititer zuerst aus der Bibel bekannt, circa 1890-1940
23 Keuleninschriften, circa 1890-1940
24 Reden: Grab des Merirē; Grab des Penehse; Grab des Heje; Grab des Pentu; Grab des Meh, circa 1890-1940
25 Titulaturen: Titel des Aton; Grab des Penehs; Titel des Königspaares; Die Prinzessinen; Heje; Ahmes, circa 1890-1940
26 Turin, 1913
Box Folder
1561A 01 Kürzere Texte 1-65, circa 1890-1940
02 Kürzere Texte 66-72, circa 1890-1940
03 Inscription translation notes, circa 1890-1940
04 Bound manuscript Aegyptische Lautlehre I. Die Konsonanten, Berlin, 1890
05 Gunn, Battiscombe. “The Inscribed Sarcophagi in the Serapeum.” 1926
06 Brockelmann, Fischer, Heffening, and Taeschner: Vorschlag eines internationalen Transkrintionssystemes für die islamischen Literatursprachen, circa 1900-1940
07 Urkunden V Totenbuch Übersetzung, circa 1900-1940
08 Wreszinski, Walter. “Der Gott Wĥ.”OLZ, 1932
09 Grab des [?] LD III 229-232, circa 1884-1940
10 Gardiner, Alan H. “Der ägyptische Ursprungs des semitischen Alphabets.” 1923
11 Die hieroglyphische Gedaechtnisstafel an der Pyramide des Cheops, geschrieben von Georg Steindorff, 1 April 1878
12 Aethiopen-Texte, British Museum, circa 1929
13 von Gall, Freiherr. “Die Herkunft unserer Schriftsprache.” after 1909
14 Steindorff, Georg. “Ein ägyptisches Grab in Siwa.” 1926
15 Vergleich von Schriftzeichen: Arabisch, Hebräisch, Aramäisch, Assyrisch, circa 1890-1940
16 Johannes Evangelium, Asintisch, circa 1890-1940
17 Critique of Egypt and the Old Testament by T. E. Peet, 1922
18 Möller, Georg. “Die Ägypter und ihre lybischen Nachbarn.” circa 1921
Box Folder
1564B 14 Wilcken, Koptische Fragmente aus den nitrischen Klöstern in der Bodleian Library, circa 1890-1940
15 Steindorff, Georg. “Gesios und Isidoros.” Zeitschrift für Aegyptische Sprache, 1883
16 Steindorff, Georg. Kurzer Abriss der Koptischen Grammatik. Berlin, 1921
17 Steindorff, Georg. “Mouillirung der Liquida - im Ägyptisch-Koptischen.” 1889
18 Steindorff, Georg. “Zwei altkoptische Mumienetiketten.” 1890
Box Folder
1565A 01 Steindorff, Georg. “Bemerkungen über die Anfänge der Koptischen Sprache und Literatur.” Boston, 1950
02 Steindorff, Georg. “Eine koptische Bannbulle und andere Briefe.” circa 1892
03 Steindorff, Georg. “Neue koptische Urkunden aus Theben.” circa 1891
04 Steindorff manuscript: Die Bildung der dreiradicalen Nomina im Koptischen. Berlin, 1884
05 Notes on Coptic writings of the Bible and notes on the rules of different cloisters, circa 1890-1940
06 Notes on Actes et Contrats des Musées Égyptiens de Boulaq et du Louvre, 1883-1884
07 Crum and Steindorff notes: Koptische Rechtsurkunden; Coptic papyrus translations, circa 1890-1920
08 Papyri in the British Museum and the Louvre, circa 1890-1940
09 von Lemm, Oscar. “Sahidische Bruchstücke der Legende von Cyprian von Antiochien.” St. Petersburg, 1899
10 Notes on and photographs of Christian tombstones from Nubia, circa 1926-1950
11 Joannes Leipoldt manuscript: Sinuthii, scripta e codicibus Parisinis elegit et descripsit, 1902
12 Unbound Coptic manuscript with Arabic colophon, undated

Series 4: War and Weapons
15 folders

The fourth series comprises sketches of and notes on Egyptian warfare and weaponry.
Box Folder
1563B 22 Heerwesen, circa 1890-1940
23 Waffen, 18. Dynastie; Waffen, mReich; Waffen, aReich, circa 1890-1940
24 Kriegsdarstellungen (depictions of war), circa 1890-1940
25 Kriegsdarstellungen im Benihassan; Kriegsdarstellungen im Grabe des Nomarchen Cheti; Kriegsdarstellungen im Grabe des Chnemhotep I, circa 1890-1940
26 Bogen aus Holz; Hornbogen; Lederköcher; Rohrpfeile, circa 1890-1940
27 Notes and sketches of weapons and tools, circa 1890-1940
28 Futterale für Dolche und Wurfspieße, circa 1890-1940
29 Frühzeit: Hammer, Keulenköpfe, Pfeile, circa 1890-1940
Box Folder
1564A 01 Kriegerrelief, Museum von Kairo (Warrior relief, Museum of Cairo), circa 1890-1940
02 Kriegsbeil; Beilklinge aus Kupfer (Bronze); Schwertbeil aus Kupfer, circa 1890-1940
03 Arms and Tools, Berlin and London museums, circa 1890-1940
04 Dolch aus Bronze mit Griff aus Holz und Elfenbein; European bronzework, circa 1890-1940
05 Keulen, circa 1890-1940
06 Book review: Borchardt, Ludwig. Altägyptische Festungen an der zweiten Nilschnelle, 1923
07 Sethe: Kriegswaffen, circa 1890-1940

Series 5: Art, circa 1890-1940
36 folders

The fifth series comprises notes, annotated inventories, articles, and other publications on the art of ancient Egypt.
Box Folder
1564A 08 A Brief Description of the Principal Monuments. The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, 1931
09 Aegyptische Kunstgeschichte im Überblick / aesthetics of Egyptian art, circa 1890-1940
10 Steindorff article reprints: “Das Lied an’s Grab, ein Sänger und ein Bildhauer des mittleren Reiches” (1896); “Eine Statue der Frühzeit” (1920); “Ein bronzener Gefäßuntersatz” (1937), 1896-1937
11 Die Cachette von Karnak; Die Königsmumien von Dĕr el-Gabri, circa 1890-1940
12 Notebook 119: Meisterwerke ägyptischer Plastik, circa 1890-1940
13 Aegyptisches Kunstgewerbe, circa 1890-1940
14 Breasted, James Henry.Egyptian Art: Syllabus of a course of six lecture-studies, 1898
15 Ramesside statuette description and photograph, Los Angeles County Museum, circa 1947
16 Aegyptische Rundplastik, circa 1890-1940
17 Plastik, Frühzeit; Plastik, mittleres Reich; Plastik, neues Reich und Spätzeit, circa 1890-1940
18 The Aesthetics of Egyptian Art (in English and German): Architektur, Flachkunst, Rundplastik, circa 1890-1940
19 Altägyptische Porträtplastik, circa 1890-1940
20 Grundlagen der aegyptischen Zeichenkunst; Grab von Hierakonpolis; Osiris, circa 1890-1940
21 Zur Flachkunst des Alten Reiches, circa 1890-1940
22 Flachkunst des Mittleren Reiches, circa 1890-1940
23 Flachkunst des Neuen Reiches, circa 1890-1940
24 Kunstgeschichte: ÄZ und AR Typologie, circa 1890-1940
25 Schminkpaletten, circa 1890-1940
26 Paulsen, Friedrich. “Aegyptischer Schmuck.” 1922
27 Inschriften auf Zauberstäben, Cairo, Boston, Baltimore; Magical knives, Walters Art Gallery, circa 1890-1950
28 Two Egyptian statues of the Ramesside age; Statue der Enehey, circa 1890-1940
29 Stela of Horus on Crocodiles, circa 1890-1940
Box Folder
1564B 01 Museum Turin notes, photographs, letter, circa 1935
02 Museum Vienna notes, circa 1890-1940
03 Museum Kairo notes, circa 1890-1940
04 Museum Berlin notes, circa 1890-1940
05 Museum Merowe und Chartûm notes; British Museum notes, circa 1890-1940
06 Skarabäen; Horus – Myth of Edfu; Buhen stele, circa 1890-1940
07 Kunst: Haarnadeln, Kämme, Ringe; Perlenketten; Elfenbeinschnitzereien; Töpfe; Spiele, circa 1890-1940
08 von Oppenheim, Max. Der Tell Halaf eine neue Kultur, circa 1930
09 Steindorff, Georg. Zur Geschichte der ägyptischen Kunst von den Anfängen bis Tut-ench-Amun, 1927
10 Sammlung Kevorkian, New York University artifact descriptions and photographs, circa 1935-1950
11 Die wichtigsten Denkmälerstätten, circa 1900-1940
12 Aegypische Skulpturen im Albertinum zu Dresden (38); “Ernte, Wein und Lustbarkeiten.” circa 1900-1940
13 Cylinder seals, Walters Art Gallery, circa 1935-1950
Box Folder
1996B 05 Bound manuscript: Copies of Egyptian monuments presented to Dr. Steindorff by Dr. Ludwig Stern, circa 1900-1950

Series 6: History, circa 1890-1950
24 folders

The sixth series comprises notes on Egyptian cultural and political history.
Box Folder
1565B 01 Ägyptische Geschichte im Überblick, circa 1890-1940
02 Die vorgeschichtliche Zeit; Die älteste Geschichte und Kultur Ägyptens; Frühzeit, circa 1890-1940
03 Die wirtschaftlichen Verhältnisse (Handel und Verkehrswesen); Verwaltung im alten und mittleren Reich, circa 1890-1940
04 Vorgeschichte; Die Frühzeit; Die ältere Königszeit Dyn. I und II, circa 1890-1940
05 Altes Reich, Dynasties III-IV; Das alte Reich und das Ausland, circa 1890-1940
06 Zeit zwischen Altem Reich und Mittlerem Reich; Mittleres Reich, Das Ausland im mittleren Reich, circa 1890-1940
07 Blütezeit, Manuskript der Nachträge; 1939 Yearly Report of the Vooraziatisch-Egyptisch Gezelschap, circa 1890-1940
08 Das neue Reich, XVIII Dynastie, circa 1890-1940
09 XVIII Dynastie (Tell el-Amarna); Thutmosis I., circa 1890-1940
10 XIX Dynastie; Ramses I., Sethos I., Ramses II., Merenptah; Steindorff, Georg. “Die Libyer im Alterum (Nach Ägyptischen Quellen)” circa 1890-1940
11 Die Ägypter in Äthiopien, circa 1890-1940
12 Die Äthiopen in Ägypten, circa 1890-1940
13 XXV. Dynastie; XXVI. Dynastie, circa 1890-1940
14 Das neue Aegypten: I. Einleitung; II. Die französische Expedition, circa 1890-1940
15 Forrer, E. “Die Hethiter und ihr Reich.” circa 1920-1940
16 Notebook 37: Geschichte der Libyer; Merenptah, circa 1890-1940
17 Notebook 122: Materialien zur Frage der Seevölker, circa 1890-1940
18 Verfall und Hyksoszeit, XIII-XVII Dynasties, circa 1890-1940
19 Notebook 124: Vorgeschichtliches Ägypten; The art and culture of prehistoric Egypt, circa 1900-1950
20 Das neue Reich in Nubien, circa 1900-1940
21 Art and Civilization of Prehistoric Egypt, circa 1930-1950
22 Ketzerzeit; Turin papyrus, circa 1900-1940
23 Notes on Amenophis IV: Der Aton-Tempel von Karnak, circa 1890-1940
Box Folder
1996A 02 Amenophis des IV schematoscher (Oversize), circa 1900-1940

Series 7: Excavations and Expeditions, circa 1890-1940
57 folders

The seventh series comprises notes, articles, lectures, photographs, and reports on archaeological excavations in Egypt.
Box Folder
1561B 01-03 Tagebücher, 1899-1900
04 Tagebuch Siwe und Nubien, 1899-1900
05 Steindorff, Georg. “Reise nach Siwe,” 1900
06 Zwischen den Katarakten, 1899-1900
07 Grabung am Sphinxtempel zu Giseh, 1905
08 Tagebuch: Sudân, 1906
09-10 Sieglin Expedition, Gise, 1909-1910
Box Folder
1562A 01-04 Ernst von Sieglin Expedition, Anibe, 1912-1914
05 Ernst von Sieglin Expedition, Quw, 1913-1914
06 Petosiris, Dendera, Kairo, / Oberägypten, Kairo, 1925-1926
07 Kairo: Arabische Bauwerke / Palästina, Syrien, 1925-1926
Box Folder
1562B 01 Lipsius Grab, circa 1890-1940
02 Harji Gandil, circa 1890-1940
03 Wadi Halfa, Tempel der 18. Dynastie; Wadi Halfa, Tempel des mR, circa 1890-1940
04 French expedition to Aswan and Wadi Halfa, 1894
05 Gräber von Hamaîje, circa 1890-1940
06 Petrie notes and photographs, circa 1890-1940
07 Steindorff, Georg. “Der ägyptische Ausgrabungswinter,” 1925-1926
08 Einleitung und Gise – Grabung, circa 1890-1940
09 Steindorff , Georg. “Wie in Ägypten ausgegraben wird,” circa 1890-1940
10 Fassung und Materialien für Geschichte der Ausgrabungen, 1934
11 Möller. Ausgrabungen in Ägypten. circa 1890-1940
12 Stairway-Tombs, circa 1890-1940
13 Steindorff, Ricke, Aubin, Sonderdruck. “Der Orakeltempel in der Ammonsoase,” 1933
14 Kurruw notes, map, and Tabiry Stele photograph, circa 1890-1940
15 Tell el Amarna photographs , circa 1890-1940
16 Marteba des Uhemca, circa 1890-1940
17 Richard Lepsius Expedition (1842-1845) data, circa 1890-1940
18 Sudan, circa 1890-1940
19 Plauman: Felsengrab Wahka’s II, circa 1890-1940
20 Wahka I, circa 1890-1940
21 Meroë: Stadt und Pyramiden, circa 1890-1940
22 Qau, die Gaufürsten: notes and notebooks by different people, 1906-1912
23 Möller: Bericht über Qau, circa 1890-1940
24 Grab des Ramses, Theben, circa 1890-1940
Box Folder
1563A 01 Steindorff, Georg. “Aniba Vorläufiger Bericht …der in den Jahren 1912-1914 und 1930-1931 unternommenden Ausgrabungen,” circa 1931-1950
02 Gräberliste – Fassung, circa 1900-1940
03 Gräberlisten: Aniba? (notebook 32), Lagepläne (notebook 33), circa 1900-1940
04 Aniba, Inschriften, circa 1900-1940
05 Steindorff, Georg. “Die älteren Kulturperioden Nubiens von der Neuzeit bis zum Ende des Neuen Reiches” and newspaper clippings, 1931-1935
06 Kairo and Leipzig artifact descriptions and stele translations, circa 1890-1940
07 Aniba excavation maps, drawings, and photographs, circa 1910-1930
08 Suakin (Sudan) Sports, circa 1900-1934
09 Aniba notes, Die ägäische Vase, circa 1900-1940
10 Festung von Kubân; Aniba notes, artifact descriptions, and photographs, circa 1900-1940
11 Ausgrabung Aniba, Tagebuch, 1930-1931
12 Service des Antiquités archaeological survey of Nubia (37), 1930-1931
13 Research notes: New York Public Library resources, circa 1925-1950
14 Book review of Aniba I, 1938
15 Book review of Die Fürstengräber on Qâw, 1930-1931
Box Folder
1996B 01 Ägypten und Nubien. Zeichnungen (drawings) von H. Thiersch, 1900

Series 8: Writings, 1884-1951
60 folders

The eighth series comprises articles, books, lectures, and accompanying manuscript notes and newspaper clippings.
Box Folder
1560A 01 Byblos und Aegypten, 1920s
02 Nil, circa 1890-1940
03 Steindorff, Georg. “Die Könige Mentuhotep und Antef.” 1894
04 Bädeker material including notes and bound Aus Baedeker’s Ägypten: articles or chapters by Georg Steindorff, Franz-Pascha, and Hans Stumme, circa 1920s
05 Steindorff, Georg. “Eine neue Art Ägyptischer Kunst.” Reprinted from Aegyptiaca – Festschrift für Georg Ebers, 1897
06 Steindorff, Georg. “Der Ugnû-Stein = Lapis lazuli” 1892
07 Steindorff, Georg. “Religion und Kultus im alten Ägypten.” Jahrbuch des Freien Deutschen Hochstifts, 1904
08 Steindorff, Georg. “Die Ostgrenze Ägyptens und der Suezkanal.” Zeitschrift für Politik, 1917
09 A Royal Head from Ancient Egypt. Smithsonian Institution Freer Gallery of Art Occasional Papers, 1951
10 Steindorff, Georg. “Ein religiöser Reformator im alten Ägypten.” Velhagen & Klassings Monatshefte XIV, 1899-1900
11 Steindorff, Georg. “Das Kloster des heiligen Makarios.” Velhagen & Klassings Monatshefte XX, 1905-1906
12 Steindorff, Georg. “Bei den Senûsis in der Amonsoase.” Velhagen & Klassings Monatshefte XVI, 1901-1902
13 Steindorff, Georg. “Wallfahrten im alten Ägypten.” Reclams Universum, 1925
14 Realencyklopädie für protestantishe Theologie und Kirche entries, circa 1890-1940
15 Steindorff, Georg. “Das Ägyptologische Institut” 1909
16 Steindorff, Georg. “Nubien, die Nubier und die sogenannten Troglodyten.” Reprinted from Studies Presented to F. LL. Griffith, 1932
17 Steindorff, Georg. Prolegomna zu einer Koptischen Nominalclasse. Dissertation, Universität Göttingen, 1884
18 Steindorff, Georg. “Christliche Grabsteine aus Nubien.” Tipografi Poliglotta Vaticana, 1941
19 Steindorff, Goerg. “Ein neu ausgegrabener ägyptischer Tempel.” Die Woche, 1899 July
20 Steindorff, Georg. “Das Wesen des ägyptischen Volkes” Rektorwechsel an der Universität Leipzig, 1923 October
21 “Rede des abtretenden Rektors.” Rektorwechsel und Enthüllung des Kriegerdenkmals, Universität Leipzig, 1924
22 Steindorff, Georg. “Aus einer altägyptischen Kleinstadt” und “Wanderungen durch den alten Orient.” Velhagen & Klassings Monatshefte XII, 1897-1898
23 Steindorff, Georg. “Deutsche Ausgrabungen im Orient.” Deutsche Rundschau, 1894 March
24 Steindorff, Georg. “Vierzehn Jahre ägyptischer Ausgrabungen.” Deutsche Rundschau, 1895 August
25 Steindorff, Georg. “Ägypten vor Tut-ench-Amun.” 1920s
26 Steindorff, Georg. “Querschnitt durch Kairo” Der Querschnitt, 1929 June
27 “Ägypten.” Brockhaus Konversations-Lexikon, 1910
28 Steindorff, Georg. “Ägypten.” Jahresberichte der Geschichtswissenschaft, 1889-1890
29 Addison, F. A Short Guide to the Museum of Antiquities, Gordon College, Khartoum, 1934
30 Notes on Kostol and descriptions of small antiquities in museum collections, circa 1920s
31 Sitzungs-Berichte der Archäologischen Gesellschaft zu Berlin No.12, 1892
32 “Archäologische Gesellschaft zu Berlin.”Wochenschrift für klassische Philologie , 1893
33 “Vorgeschichtliche Altertümer Aegyptens” 1908
34 Typhonia (English manuscript), circa 1930s
35 Steindorff, Georg. “Das Ägyptische Museum der Universität” in Leipzig als Stätte der Bildung, 1919
36 Steindorff, Georg. “An Amerikas hohen Schulen.” 1905
Box Folder
1560B 01 Steindorff, Georg. Koptische Grammatik (annotated copy), 1894
02 Bulletin of the Art Division of the Los Angeles County Museum, Vol.1, No. 2, 1947
Box Folder
1563B 01 Ein Tag am Hofe des Pharao, circa 1890-1940
02 Der König und sein Hof; Titulaturen des Königs, circa 1890-1940
03 Sudan, circa 1890-1940
04 Die neuesten ägyptischen Ausgrabungen, 1928
05 Die religiöse Reformation; Amenophis IV.; article “Der Ketzerkönig Echnaton” 1917
06 From Fetishes to Gods in Egypt, The Metropolitian Museum of Art, 1941 February 9
07 Notebook 115: Die altägyptische Frau, Berlin, 1911
08 Notebook 116: Auf unbekannten Wegen in Ägypten, Leipzig, 1926
09 Das ägyptische Kunstgewerbe, circa 1890-1940
10 Notebook 109: Tatsachen zu Vermutungen über das Ende der 18. Dynastie, circa 1890-1940
11 Notebook 102: Philister und Seevölker (Lybyer), circa 1890-1940
12 Notebook 110: Das älteste Africa im Lichte der ägyptischen Denkmäler, circa 1890-1940
13 Notebook 111: England und Aegypten (Der Suezkanal und England – Deutschland in Aegypten), 1927 May
14 Notebook 107: Kulturbilder aus dem alten Aegyten, Leipzig, 1932 February
15 Das alte und das neue Ägypter, Leipzig, 1915 February 27
16 Notebook 112: Broadcast lecture - Das erwachende Aegypten, 1930 May 4
17 Notebook 108: Aegyptische Königsgräber, circa 1890-1940
18 Notebook 113: Die aegyptische Kunst in Nubien und Sudan, Leiden, 1925 November
19 Notebook 105: Ein Tag im Hunderttorigen Theben, circa 1890-1940
20 Masterpieces of Egyptian sculpture, circa 1890-1940
21 Book: Religion der Ägypter, in Arabic, circa 1890-1940
Box Folder
1996A 01 Steindorff, Georg. “Bemerkungen zu den Berliner Särgen” (Oversize), 1885

Series 9: Research Files and Personal Data, 1887-1951
79 folders

The ninth series comprises topical research files, notebooks, copies of writings by and about Georg Steindorff, reviews of works by Steindorff, and indices of published articles on Egyptology.
Box Folder
1566A 01 Breasted, James Henry, Jr. “The Writings of Georg Steindorff.” 1946
02 Newspaper clippings on ancient Egypt, 1915-1937
03 Articles written by or mentioning Georg Steindorff, 1923-1932
04 Heinrich Brugsch articles from Die Vossische Zeitung, 1888-1894
05 Notes on the Gezira Irrigation Project, The Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, 1926
06 Illustrierter Reisekatalog: Verzeichnis bewährter Reisehandbücher und Führer, Leipzig, 1894
07 Advertisment for Velhagen & Klasings Monatshefte, 1905-1906
08 Suezkanal-Unternehmen, Eingabe an Seine Erzellenz den Deutschen Reichskanzler, 1916
09 Jahresbericht des Ärchäologischen Instituts der Deutschen Reiches, 1937-1938
10 Berichte über die Verhandlungen der Sächsischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig, 1937-1938
11 Pyramiden-Unsinn (pyramid nonsense), 1936-1937
12 Posener, Georges. “Les Douanes de la Méditerranée dans L’Égypte Saïte.” 1947
13 List of records in the Griffith Institute, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 1947
14 Memoires Mission Achaeologique Francaise au Caire, circa 1900-1950
15 Report on experiments with different clays and ingredients for the making of pottery, circa 1900-1950
16 Book reviews, 1890-1951
17 Articles “Georg Steindorff zum 70. Geburtstag” and “Heinrich Schäfer zum 80. Geburtstag” 1931-1948
18 In memoriam Georg Möller, Eduard Meyer, Francis Llewellyn Griffith, Thomas Eric Peet, and James Henry Breasted, 1922-1936
19 “Experience of a Monuments Officer in Germany.” College Art Journal, 1946 May
20 Pelizaeus-Museum, Hildesheim; Writings of Günther Roeder, circa 1900-1940
21 Daressy, G. “Tombeaux et Steles-Limites de Hagi-Qandil” 1893
22 Ibscher, Rolf. “Das Präparieren antiker Handschriften” 1948
23 Descriptions and photographs of artifacts in American museums (Baltimore, Boston MFA, Cairo, MMA New York, Brooklyn Museum), circa 1937-1950
24 Steindorff birthday and United States citizenship articles, 1941-1944
25 George Andrew Reisner memorial address, 1942
26 Reviews of works by Georg Steindorff, 1942-1948
27 Coptic Grammar grant Lehrbuch der Koptischen Grammatik, 1944
28 Walters Art Gallery exhibition “The Egyptian Pantheon” 1948-1949
29 Book seller’s lists – Steindorff listings, 1951-1952
30 Lists of articles on Egyptian subjects in The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, circa 1937-1950
31 Bodley, Nicholas B. “The Auloi of Meroë.” American Journal of Archaeology reprint, 1946
32 Catalogue 148, Publications de L’Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale du Caire, 1946
33 Seele, Keith E. “Horus on the Crocodiles.” Journal of Near Eastern Studies reprint, 1947
34 Dunham, D. “The place of Archaeology in the Art Museum.” American Association of Museums, Salem, Massachusetts, 1946 January
35 Partial documents and unclassified notes, circa 1900-1950
Box Folder
1566B 01 Notebook: Aegyptisches, 1886
02 Notebooks 1, 2 and 3: Inschriften Mittleres Reich, 1884
03 Notebook 4: Aegyptiaca, circa 1890-1942
04 Notebook 5: Geographische Texte, circa 1890-1940
05 Notebook 6: Kleine Texte des Alten Reiches, circa 1890-1940
06 Notebook 7: Kleine Texte des Mittleren Reiches, circa 1890-1940
07 Notebook 8: Historische Inschriften der XVIII. Dynastie, circa 1890-1940
08 Notebook 9: British Museum und Ashmolean Museum; Notebook 10: Hieroglyphs and translations, circa 1890-1940
09 Notebook 11: Verzeichnis von Altertümern im Kriege von Prof. Steindorff aufgenommen, circa 1890-1940
10 Notebook 12: London, circa 1890-1940
Box Folder
1567A 01 Notebook 13: Descriptions of artifacts in the British Museum, 1894
02 Notebook 14: London, 1892
03 Notebook 15: Houses / Hausmodell; artifact and inscription drawings, circa 1890-1940
04 Notebook 16: Artifact drawings and notes, circa 1890-1940
05 Notebooks 17-18: Leiden, 1891-1892
06 Notebook 19: Die Hieroglyphen / Hieroglyphics, circa 1890-1940
07 Notebook 20: Aegyptische Topographie, circa 1890-1940
08 Notebook 21: Ornamentations; artifact drawings and notes, circa 1890-1940
09 Notebooks 22-23: Städtisches Museum, Frankfurt, circa 1890-1940
10 Notebook 24: Gipsabgüsse aus dem British Museum, circa 1890-1940
11 Notebook 25: Silsile; Tempel von Assuan; Philae; Tempel von Ombos; Die nördliche Tempelanlagen von Karnak; Tell el Amarna, circa 1890-1940
Box Folder
1567B 01 Notebook 26: Inschriften aus dem Kloster von Bawît, circa 1890-1940
02 Notebook 27: Inschriften, hieroglyphics translations, circa 1890-1940
03 Notebook 28: Historische Texte der Ramessidenzeit, circa 1890-1940
04 Notebook 29: Khartûm, Grabstein, Urkunde des Jusch Saϊ, circa 1890-1940
05 Notebook 30: Artifact notes, drawings, and inscriptions, circa 1890-1940
06 Notebook 31: Ägyptische Religion; “Religion und Kultus im alten Ägypten” 1904
07 Notebook 35: Vorgeschichte; Frühgeschichte, circa 1890-1940
08 Notebook 39: Texte Sethos’ Inschriften von Karnak, circa 1890-1940
09 Notebook 40: Museum von Kairo, circa 1890-1940
10 Notebook: Allerlei (miscellaneous notes), circa 1890-1950
Box Folder
1568A 01 Index of articles in Mitteilungen des Deutschen Instituts für ägyptische Altertumskunde in Kairo, circa 1932
02 Index of articles in Aegyptus, circa 1932
03 Index of articles in Recueil de travaux relatifs à la philologie et à l'archéologie égyptienne et assyrienne, circa 1932
04 Index of articles in Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, circa 1932
05 Index of articles in Zeitschrift Für Ägyptische Sprache und Altertumskunde, circa 1933
06 Index of articles in Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, circa 1932
07 Index of articles in Bulletin de l'Institut français d'archéologie orientale, circa 1932
08 Index of articles: Annales du Service des antiquités de l'Egypte, circa 1932
Box Folder
1996A 03-05 Articles written by or mentioning Georg Steindorff (oversize), 1887-1932
06 Advertisement for When Egypt Ruled the East, 1942
Case Drawer
Map case 7 Broadside. Frauendank 1914, Ortsgruppe Leipzig, 1914

Series 10: Correspondence, 1894-1953
17 folders

The tenth series comprises incoming and outgoing letters divided into two subseries: correspondence about the book Aniba and general, unclassified correspondence. The unclassified correspondence was extracted from throughout the collection and is filed in chronological order.
Subseries 1: Aniba Correspondence
Box Folder
1568B 01 Aniba correspondence, 1929-1933
02 Correspondence with publishers and printers, 1930-1936
03 Financial records / Rechnungen, 1930-1935
04 The University Museum, Philadelphia (Gunn, Miller, Moon), 1929-1939
05 Schleif and Plumann, 1933-1935
06 Dietrich Marcks, 1928-1937
Subseries 2: Unclassified Correspondence
Box Folder
1568B 07-17 Correspondence, 1894-1953

Series 11: Photographs, circa 1900-1951
35 folders

The eleventh series comprises photographs of excavations, artifacts, and institutional collections.
Box Folder
1569A 01 Die Mastaba des Uhemka, circa 1900-1940
02 Relief from the temple of Sebennytos, 1950
03 Bronze statuettes of Isis and Amon, Walters Art Gallery, circa 1940-1950
04 Amarna princess, Kansas City Museum, circa 1937-1950
05 Grab des Mentemhēt, Thebes, circa 1937-1950
06 Königstatuetten der VI. Dynastie, The Brooklyn Museum, 1949
07 Karnak Hohepriester (high priest) relief, circa 1900-1950
08 Tempel von Kasr es-Sagha, circa 1920-1950
09 Aniba excavation and artifacts, circa 1910-1950
10 Waffen (weapons), Ägyptisches Museum, Berlin, circa 1900-1950
11 Egyptian statues and reliefs, various museums, circa 1900-1950
12 Egyptian art and artifacts, circa 1900-1950
13 Los Angeles County Museum collections, circa 1937-1950
14 Bronzeständer und andere Kleinfunde, circa 1900-1950
15 Skarabäen, circa 1900-1950
16 Nordfriedhof, circa 1900-1950
17 Hypocratesstatue, Museuo Arqueologico Nacional, circa 1900-1950
18 Reliefs, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 1944
19 Scupltures and refliefs, Brooklyn Museum, circa 1937-1950
20 Deir El Bahri Temple, circa 1930-1941
Box Folder
1569B 01 Neuerwerbungen: Papyrus, coffin, head rests, Walters Art Gallery, circa 1935-1950
02 Sakhmet mit obelisk, Toeris, Walters Art Gallery, circa 1935-1950
03 Sculpture: Head of a Queen (22.407), Walters Art Gallery, circa 1930-1950
04 H. A. Winkler photographs of Aramaic rock inscriptions, circa 1900-1940
05 Artifacts for sale through R. Stora, New York, 1940
06 Elephantine near Aswan, circa 1930-1950
07 Temple of Ramses II, Thebes, 1941
08 Rectangular chest in the shape of a shrine; crocodile sculpture, 1951
09 Crocodile sculpture, H. Hoffmann collection (sold, Paris, 1899), circa 1950
10 Sammlung Kevorkian II, circa 1935-1950
11 Egyptian reliefs, circa 1930-1950
12 Reliefs AR (Old Kingdom), circa 1930-1950
Box Folder
1996B Samanud (Sammenhud) reliefs photographs, notes, and correspondence, 1943
Boston MFA Sarkophag des Aspalte (Sarcophagus of King Aspalta), circa 1940s
Sammlung Kevorkian II (large photographs), circa 1935-1950

Series 12: Maps and Charts, circa 1830-1940
16 folders

The twelfth and final series comprises maps and charts of Egypt, Sudan, Turkey, and Palestine. Some maps contain hand annotations.
Box Folder
1567B 11 Soudan Egyptien et Abyssinie; Région Équatoriale, 1895
Box Folder
1996A 07 El Kurruw, Sudan, circa 1900-1940
08 Aegyptus; Le Fayoum; Umgebung von Cairo; Skizze des Gebirges bei Theben (1902), circa 1900-1950
09 Nekropole von Theben (1929); The Theban Necropolis, circa 1900-1940
10 Fouilles dans la Necropole Memphite, circa 1899
11 Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (2 maps); Egyptian Sudan Khartoum, 1902-1904
12 Cairo Governorate, Survey of Egypt, 1919
13 Asiatische Türkei, circa 1890-1930
14 Karte des alten Alexandrien, von Wilhelm Sieglin gezeichnet; Alexandrie, Plan de la Ville, circa 1890-1940
15 Nouvelle Carte de L’Égypte, Leipzig, 1884
16 Der Nil; Le Nil; Le Delta, circa 1900-1940
17 Unter-Eypten und der Suês-Kanal; Charts of Nile valley Archeological sites, circa 1900-1940
18 Unidentified maps with Arabic titles, circa 1890-1940
Case Drawer
Map case 7 Students’ Map of Palestine, circa 1905
Communications Map of Lower Egypt and the Fayum, 1929
Berg Barkal und seinen Bauwerken, circa 1900-1937
Egyptian Sudan, 1902
Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (2 maps), 1921, 1926
Nordfriedhof Aniba Grabung (2 charts), 1913-1914
El Qurna, Survey of Egypt, 1922
A. V. Prokesch. Land Zwissen der kleinen, circa 1830-1880
Mudiria Beni Suef / Mudiria Minia, circa 1906
Karte der Türkei, 1905