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Creator: Bridwell Library
Title: Collection of Autographs
Dates: 1619-1984
Dates (Bulk): 1800-1950
Abstract: This manuscript collection comprises autographs and other documents bearing the signatures of more than two hundred seventeenth- through twentieth-century celebrities who lived in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Ireland, and Germany.
Accession No: Collection BridColl 01
Extent: 7 boxes (5.5 linear feet)
Language: Material is in English,German,and Spanish
Repository Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

Organizational History

The history of a theological library on the Southern Methodist University campus predates the Bridwell Library building. The School of Theology began its work when the university opened in 1915 and a separate theological library was established in 1925. That library was housed in Kirby Hall, a building that is now Florence Hall, a part of Dedman School of Law. Mrs. Kate Warnick served as the school’s first theological librarian from 1924 to 1950.

Bridwell Library is named for Joseph S. Bridwell (1885-1966), a rancher and businessman from Wichita Falls, Texas, who devoted much of his time and resources to building this Library. In the late 1940s, Mr. Bridwell and his daughter Margaret Bridwell Bowdle donated the funds for the first library building.

On February 8, 1951, the original Georgian building designed by Dallas architect Mark Lemmon was dedicated along with the rest of the Perkins quadrangle. At the time the collection numbered approximately 40,000 volumes. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s Mr. Bridwell continued to support the Library, particularly in the acquisition of rare books.

After Mr. Bridwell's death in 1966, the foundation he established provided funding for the first renovation and enlargement of the Library, which was completed in 1973. The Bridwell Foundation again funded a substantial renovation and expansion of the library in 1988 under the direction of the architectural firm of Hellmuth, Obata, and Kassabaum. The building was rededicated in October 1989. The Bridwell Foundation honors the memory of J. S. Bridwell, generously supporting library acquisitions, programs, and renovation over the past three decades.

Throughout its history, Bridwell Library has collected historical manuscripts, including autographs of famous persons.

Source: accessed 10/22/2013

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The materials in this collection were collected by Bridwell Library and conform to the Society of American Archivists three definitions of autographs: “1. An individual's handwritten signature. 2. A document written in the author's hand; a holograph. 3. Materials bearing the author's signature” ( accessed 10/30/2013). These documents bear the signatures of more than two hundred individuals including presidents, governors, authors, religious leaders, celebrities and other public figures, and private individuals from the United States and five other nations. Most items in the collection originated in North America during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Examples of the types of documents found in the collection include manuscript and typescript letters and poems, signed printed documents, autographed images, and signatures clipped from larger documents.

Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is organized into series:
Series 1: Government, 1619-1984
Series 2: Literature, 1814-1960
Series 3: Religion, 1715-1953
Series 4: Texana, 1821-1951
Series 5: Unclassified, 1705-1970


Access to Collection:

The collection is open for research use. Patrons must sign the Acknowledgement of Legal Responsibility and Privacy Rights form before using this collection.

Publication Rights:

Permission to publish materials must be obtained from the Head of Special Collections of the Bridwell Library.

Copyright Statement:

It is the responsibility of the user to obtain copyright authorization.

Sensitive Materials Statement:

Manuscript collections and archival records may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations. Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications for which Bridwell Library assumes no responsibility.

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Related Materials

Additional presidential letters are located in two Bridwell Library archival collections: John Heyl Vincent papers ( and Dan Ferguson and Ten Tower Ferguson papers.

This collection specifically excludes documents written or signed by leaders of the Methodist movement. To access extensive Methodist-related manuscript and archival holdings at Bridwell Library, please consult the Archives webpage ( and the Methodist Materials webpage (

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item],Collection of Autographs, Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University.

Acquisition Information

Acquired, ongoing.

Processing Information

This collection was arranged and described by Timothy S. G. Binkley, 2013-2014.

The documents in this manuscript collection have been deemed to be of sufficient historical value to merit processing at the item level and digitization. Images of these items may be accessed through the Bridwell Library Digital Collections website:

Finding aid written by

Timothy S. G. Binkley, 2013-2014.

Encoded by

Ada Negraru, 2014.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Government, 1619-1984

This series comprises signed documents created by politicians and members of the judiciary. The files are arranged alphabetically by the author’s surname. Oversize materials are stored flat in boxes seven and eight. Of special note, this series contains materials relating to thirty-five presidents of the United States.
Box Folder
01 01 Charles Francis Adams letter to Jeremiah Colburn, 1881 April 24
02 John Adams letter to Mrs. Mercy Warren, 1790 December 26
Box Folder
06 01 John Adams land grant to Jonas Stanbery (broadside AEU3132), 1800 April 15
Box Folder
01 03 John Quincy Adams poem "The garland braided for thy brow," 1828
John Quincy Adams prayer to open the 2nd session of the 25th Congress (broadside AEU1650), 1837 December 4
04 Fisher Ames autograph, 1801
05 Chester A. Arthur document appointing Benjamin F. Montgomery to serve as a clerk in the Office of the President (broadside AEU1797), circa 1881-1885
06 Dean Acheson autographed card, circa 1923-1971
07 George Bancroft letter to Mrs. Fish, 1873 June 20
08 James G. Blaine autographed card, circa 1850-1893
09 William C. Bryant letter to Rev. Calvin Durfee, 1875 July 20
10 James Buchanan letter to Captain M. C. Meigs (broadside AEU1761), 1858 May 8
11 Aaron Burr letter to Arthur Breese, 1819 February 20
12 Joseph Gurney Cannon autograph, circa 1856-1926
13 Jimmy Carter two autographs on SMU letterhead, 1984 March 26
14 Henry Clay copyright notice issued to F. R. Hassler, 1825-1829
15 Grover Cleveland autographed copy of an October 1896 speech given at Princeton University’s sesquicentennial celebration, 1896 November 27
Grover Cleveland letter to Fanny Crosby, 1905 March 8
Grover Cleveland printed program for "Taking Title to the Old Manse, Mr. Cleveland’s Birthplace in Caldwell, N. J." 1913 March 18
16 Schuyler Colfax calling card, 1884 July
17 Calvin Coolidge letter to Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr., 1925 December 4
Box Folder
07 01 Calvin Coolidge proclamation on Lincoln’s birthday (broadside AEU1893), 1919 January 30
Box Folder
01 17 Calvin Coolidge letter to James M. Beck (broadside AEU1924), 1926 January 20
18 David Crockett receipt from George Patton, 1833 January 12
19 Jefferson Davis calling card, circa 1828-1889
20 Noah Davis letter to P. A. Welch [Welsh?], 1891 April 25
21 Jacob Sloat Fassett autograph, circa 1873-1924
22 Millard Fillmore letter to Ashbury Dickens, Secretary of the Senate, 1854 July 20
Millard Fillmore letter to Benjamin Franklin Tefft, 1854 November 28
23 Gerald R. Ford autograph "On the occasion of my visit to Southern Methodist University," 1983 October 19
Box Folder
07 02 Benjamin Franklin Commonwealth of Pennsylvania land grant to David Redick, 1788 July 4
Box Folder
01 24 John C. Fremont letter to Fred Worth, 1856? August
25 James A. Garfield autograph on a small card, circa 1851-1878
James A. Garfield letter to Orlando Morgan, 1871 March 11
James A. Garfield letter to Horace Steele (broadside AEU2832), 1878 September 25
26 Henry George autograph, 1889 February 27
27 Ulysses S. Grant letter to Columbus Delano, Secretary of the Interior (broadside AEU2885), 1873 July 25
Ulysses S. Grant letter of recommendation for H. G. Lewis, 1883 November 4
28 John Temple Graves typescript article "The Last Meeting" (between Woodrow Wilson and Henry Cabot Lodge), 1920 March 4
29 Horace Greeley letter to "Dear Sir,” 1856 November 19
30 Warren G. Harding letter to W. G. McAdoo, Secretary of the Treasury (broadside AEU1890), 1916 January 4
31 Benjamin Harrison autograph, circa 1853-1901
32 William Henry Harrison to Paul D. Butler, receipt for corn, 1813 September 8
Box Folder
06 02 William Henry Harrison unexecuted marriage license, 1799
Box Folder
01 33 Rutherford B. Hayes document appointing William Barnard to serve as Justice of the Peace in Ashtabula County, Ohio, 1871 April 12
Box Folder
06 03 Rutherford B. Hayes pardon for John W. Painter, 1879 January 20
Rutherford B. Hayes document "Remarks of President Hayes at the Celebration of General Garfield’s Election," 1880 November 4
Rutherford B. Hayes letter to Henry B. Metcalf, 1881 March 19
Box Folder
01 34 Abram S. Hewitt autograph, 1891 May 12
35 R. P. Hobson letter to Mrs. Holmes, 1922 March 15
Box Folder
06 04 Herbert Hoover autographed photograph and letter from Lawrence Richey, Secretary to the President, to Herbert B. Saunders, 1932 November 12
Box Folder
01 36 Herbert Hoover letter to Edwin H. Hughes, 1939 December 16
Herbert Hoover letter to Edwin H. Hughes, 1940 January 25
37 J. Edgar Hoover letter to Herbert Welch, 1942 September 28
J. Edgar Hoover letter to Spessard L. Holland, 1950 October 9
Box Folder
06 05 Andrew Jackson letter to Robert M. Burton (broadside AEU1652), 1835 May 31
Box Folder
01 38 John Jay letter to P.A. Welsh, 1891 April
Box Folder
06 06 John Jay letter to Benjamin Rush, 1796 August 12
Box Folder
07 03 Thomas Jefferson land grant to Thomas Fox and James Taylor, also signed by James Madison (broadside AEU3094), 1807 December 14
Box Folder
06 07 Andrew Johnson letter to H. A. Smythe, Collector of Customs, Port of New York, 1868 August 5
Andrew Johnson document regarding a warrant for the pardon of Perrin Morris (broadside AEU2867), 1868 November 18
Box Folder
01 39 Lyndon B. Johnson letter to John Harden Hicks, 1957 June 15
Box Folder
06 09 Abraham Lincoln document authorizing William H. Seward to affix the seal of the United States to a letter addressed to the King of Sweden and Norway (broadside AEU2909), 1861 March 25
Box Folder
01 40 Robert Todd Lincoln autographed calling card, autographed, 1884 July 7
Robert Todd Lincoln letter to Robert Underwood Johnson, 1922 April 21
41 David Lloyd-George autographed calling card, circa 1890-1945
Box Folder
06 10 John A. Logan letter to William P. Hubbard, 1868 July 23
Box Folder
01 42 Seth Low autograph, 1891 April 25
Box Folder
07 07 James Madison document granting John Skimmer, commander of the ship Mary of Wilmington, permission to set sail for Bristol, England (broadside AEU3144), 1811 January 28
Box Folder
01 43 John L. Manning letter to Gil Dixon Fox, 1871 June 14
44 George C. Marshall typed document ("The Marshall Plan”), 1947 June 5
Box Folder
06 11 John Marshall letter to John Jay regarding the case of Thomas Jameson, 1800 November 5
Box Folder
01 45 William McKinley civil action document, Thomas Fitch and Robert M. Erwin v. Jacob Reith and Eliza Reith and John M. Myers, 1870 May 7
William McKinley letter to T. N. Vail, 1878 August 14
William McKinley letter to General J. C. Black, Commissioner of Pensions, for Mr. Laird, 1887 April 1
William McKinley letter to Captain H. C. March, Treasury Department, 1889 May 31
William McKinley letter to John Bailey, 1894 December 20
William McKinley letter to James D. Gill, 1896 June 23
William McKinley letter to August Kupka (broadside AEU2808), 1896 July 2
Box Folder
07 William McKinley photographs, autographs, and ephemeral items, circa 1880-1901
09 William McKinley document to Diplomatic Consular Officers of the United States in South America recommending Thomas W. Van Sciever, 1893 May 25
Box Folder
01 William McKinley document appointing William Heimke Second Secretary to the Legation of the USA to the City of Mexico, 1897 May 3
46 James Monroe letter concerning a commercial treaty with Great Britain, 1822 June 25
47 Richard M. Nixon letter to George McCullough, 1956 August 16
Richard M. Nixon autographed photograph, circa 1960
Box Folder
06 12 Richard J. Oglesby document commissioning Nixon S. Buckner Captain in Co. I, 79th Regiment, Illinois Volunteers, 1865 February 23
Box Folder
01 48 Francis Wilkinson Pickens letter to the Ordinance Board requesting firearms, 1861 April 11
49 Franklin Pierce autograph, circa 1824-1869
50 James K. Polk letter to William L. Marcy, Secretary of War (broadside AEU1704), 1845 October 30
51 Sir John Poulett document also signed by Robert Harley and Henry Pagett, 1710 November 9
52 Owen J. Roberts autograph, 1930 June 23
53 Andrew Bienvenue Roman, Governor of Louisiana, letter to James K. Polk regarding extradition of Chester Streeter and David Root, fugitives from justice, 1840 September 28
54 Franklin D. Roosevelt letter to Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Harris (broadside AEU1925), 1941 November 26
55 Elihu Root letter to Harry S. New, 1934 September 5
56 Hoke Smith autograph, U. S. Secretary of the Interior, 1894
Box Folder
06 14 Joseph D. Story letter to James Monroe, 1816 December 2
Box Folder
01 57 William Howard Taft letter to Hiram Bingham, Yale University (broadside AEU2791), 1911 March 14
58 Zachary Taylor letter to General Thomas A. Jesup (broadside AEU1750), 1823 October 22
59 Norman Thomas autograph "To Jos. A. Benny;" on verso: Emanuel Fevermann autograph "to Jos. A. Benny," 1940 March 21
Box Folder
06 15 Isaac Tichenor, Governor of Vermont, passport for Frederick Hall, 1807 February 25
Box Folder
01 60 R. W. Thompson letter to Joseph Gales and William Winston Seaton, editors of Daily National Intelligencer, 1841 July 22
61 Thomas Tillotson letter to "Dear John," 1783 May 21
62 Harry S. Truman autograph on a printed copy of his inaugural address, 1949 January 20
Harry S. Truman official statement on the invasion of South Korea by North Korea (broadside AEU1926), 1950 June 27
Harry S. Truman proposed statement on Korea, 1953 January 20
63 John Tyler document addressed to John Canfield Spencer, Secretary of War, circa 1841-1842
Box Folder
02 01 United States Senate book of autographs, 1917
02 Martin Van Buren letter to Mr. P. Trent, 1833 December 30
03 Sir John Villiers receipt for £1000 "for expences of his highness great wardrobe," 1619 April 14
04 George Washington military discharge of Private William Hunth, Second New York Regiment (broadside AEU3169), 1783 June
Box Folder
06 16 George Washington and Thomas Jefferson printed document permitting Levi Peterson to sail the ship Nancy (broadside AEU3162), 1794 February 27
Box Folder
02 05 Woodrow Wilson letter to George Bryan (broadside AEU1883), 1910 November 12
Woodrow Wilson letter to Helen Hunter (broadside AEU2770), 1916 March 28
06 Brigham Young military commission for J. Pulsipher, 1855 November 24

Series 2: Literature, 1814-1960

The second series contains letters and other signed documents created by poets, novelists, and other authors of works in prose.
Box Folder
02 07 Henry Abbey sonnet "A Garnet-Shirl," circa 1860-1910
08 H. M. Alden sonnet "A Child Shall Lead Them," circa 1860-1919
09 Obadiah Cyrus Auringer sonnet "Confession," circa 1869-1937
10 Irving Bacheller letter to Mr. Sloan, 1939 June 17
11 Chambers Baird sonnet "After Many Years," circa 1831-1886
12 Amelia Edith Barr letter to Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Jerkins, 1895 September 13
13 Herbert Bashford sonnet "By the Pacific," circa 1891-1928
14 Arlo Bates poem "Sonnets in Shadow; xxvii,” circa 1870-1918
15 Samuel M. Baylis sonnet "Our Birthright," circa 1874-1941
16 David Belasco letter to Miss Otis,” circa 1873-1931
17 Stephen Vincent Benet signed typescript "John Brown’s Body," circa 1918-1943
18 Craven Langstroth Betts sonnet "Don Quixote," circa 1873-1941
19 Josh Billings (Henry Wheeler Shaw) four lines of poetry, 1876 October 21
20 Waldemar Bonsels letter to Miss Ruth Hill, 1926? October 28
21 R. R. Bowker sonnet "Thomas á Kempis: De Imitatione Christi," 1878
22 Robert Browning poem "All that I know of a certain star," 1881 April 1
23 Wallace Bruce sonnet "Destiny," circa 1864-1914
24 John Burroughs poem "Waiting," 1901 December 5
25 Hezekiah Butterworth sonnet "Inspiration." circa 1859-1905
26 John White Chadwick sonnet "In Extremity," circa 1860-1904
27 John Vance Cheney sonnet "January," circa 1868-1922
28 Herbert E. Clarke sonnet "Rewarded. General Gordon Killed at Khartoum, January 1885," circa 1885
29 Samuel Langhorne Clemens letter William Dean Howells, 1874? December 21
Samuel Langhorne Clemens signed photostatic copy of "Pudd’nhead Wilson has said," 1894 February 14
Samuel Langhorne Clemens personal card, 1898 January 26
30 Titus Munson Coan sonnet "The Afterglow," circa 1821-1881
31 Robert Peter Tristram Coffin poem "Country Church," circa 1912-1955
32 Charles Washington Coleman sonnet, "New Day," circa 1882-1932
33 George Cooper autographed copy song "Sweet Genevieve," 1917 May 21
34 C. H. Crandall sonnet "The Sonnets’ Chime," circa 1880-1920
35 George Ticknor Curtis poem, 1892 May 23
Box Folder
03 01 Richard Henry Dana, Jr., letter to Alice Jacobsen, 1877 March 14
Richard Henry Dana, Jr., calling card, 1877 September 13
02 Josephus Daniels calling card, 1928 April
03 W. E. Davenport sonnet "Humanity," circa 1880-1930
04 Richard E. Day sonnet "To Shakespeare," circa 1870-1930
05 Franklin E. Denton sonnet "Presage of Autumn," circa 1879-1947
06 Charles Dickens autograph, 1842 February 4
Charles Dickens letter to Edward Tagart, 1843 October 23
07 Nathan Haskell Dole sonnet "In the Wilderness," circa 1872-1935
08 Maurice Francis Egan (Maurice de Guérin?) sonnet, circa 1872-1924
09 Edward Eggleston autographed calling card, circa 1857-1900
Edward Eggleston letter to Lucy Larcom, 1871 December 28
Edward Eggleston letter to Mary A. Livermore, 1884 January 6
Edward Eggleston letter to Bishop J. F. Hurst, 1889 January 31
Edward Eggleston letter to Bishop J. F. Hurst, 1893 November 14
Edward Eggleston letter to "My dear Sir," 1900 February 7
10 George Cary Eggleston letter to Harriet Jacobsen, 1887 March 10
11 John Fox, Jr., letter to Mr. Johnson, circa 1882-1919
12 Henry Blake Fuller letter to Joseph B. Gilder, 1896 August 15
13 Edgar A. Guest poem "It takes a heap o’ living," 1922 January 15
Edgar A. Guest poem "Christmas Day," 1929 December 30
Edgar A. Guest letter to Bishop Frederick D. Leete, 1956 August 27
14 Edward Everett Hale autograph, circa 1842-1889
Edward Everett Hale letter to "Dear Sir" regarding borrowing Spanish manuscripts, 1882 October 6
Edward Everett Hale letter to Mrs. Woods, 1885 November 24
Edward Everett Hale letter to "Dear Sir,” 1892 January 12
Edward Everett Hale note, 1899 October 30
15 W. J. Henderson sonnet "Eve," circa 1875-1937
16 Thomas Wentworth Higginson "Sonnet to Duty," circa 1843-1911
17 Oliver Wendell Holmes autograph 1891 May
Oliver Wendell Holmes poem "Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul,’ 1892 February 24
18 Florence Holms letter to “My Dear Emily,” 1894 April 2
19 Julia Ward Howe signed printed copy of "Battle Hymn of Republic" with provenance note, 1886 May 30
20 William Dean Howells autographed verse, circa 1857-1920
21 David Hume letter to Johnston, 1761 January 1
22 Aldous Huxley letter to Esther Hill, 1926 December 23
23 James B. Kenyon sonnet "After the Bath," circa 1878-1924
24 Walter Learned sonnet "To a Fire Fly," circa 1867-1915
25 William James Linton sonnet "Beauty and Truth," circa 1834-1897
26 Arthur J. Lockhart sonnet "Rain. Heard at Early Morning," circa 1875-1925
27 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem "Lives of great men,” 1847 March 12
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem, "The night shall be filled with music," 1878 April 11
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem "The night shall be filled with music," 1854 July
28 William S. Lord poem "The Sonnet," circa 1885-1925
29 James Russell Lowell poem "The Sower," 1883 May 17
30 Edwin Markham poem "Lincoln, the man of the people," circa 1900
Edwin Markham letter to Mr. Griffith, 1913 October 19
Box Folder
07 08 Edwin Markham letter to Bishop Frederick D. Leete and manuscript poems, 1928 July 14
Box Folder
03 31 James Newton Matthews sonnet "Affinity," circa 1872-1910
32 Joaquim Miller manuscript note "Work for the Century,” circa 1857-1913
33 Thomas Moore poem "The time I’ve lost in wooing," 1814 May 19
34 Harrison S. Morris sonnet "Of a Little Brook," circa 1876-1948
35 James Herbert Morse sonnet "I Who Have Toiled,” 1896 August 21
36 James Parton letter to "My dear Sir,” 1887 October 27
37 Samuel Minturn Peck sonnet "Night-fall," circa 1874-1938
38 Samuel T. Pickard letter to Charles H. Wiltsie, 1904 July 22
Samuel T. Pickard book Whittier-Land, 1904 July 22
39 Elizabeth Jones Pullen letter to Charles H. Wiltsie, 1904 July 25
Elizabeth Jones Pullen letter to Charles H. Wiltsie, 1904 August 1
40 George L. Raymond sonnet "The Lost Ally," circa 1859-1929
41 James Whitcomb Riley autograph, circa 1869-1916
42 Arthur Reed Ropes (Adrian Ross) letter to E. C. Sledman, 1894 September 24
43 M. J. Savage sonnet "The Mystic Hope," circa 1892-1940
44 Andrew B. Saxton sonnet "The First Step," circa 1876-1936
45 Clinton Scollard sonnet "Memnon," circa 1880-1932
46 Sir Walter Scott letter to Lady Anne Scott, 1820 February 17
47 George Bernard Shaw letter to Sally (Satty) Fairchild regarding Elbert Hubbard and William Morris, 1904 March 31
48 Samuel Francis Smith poem "My country 'tis of thee" and portrait, circa 1828-1891
Samuel Francis Smith poem "Sabbath Evening," 1891 August 27
49 J. L. Spalding sonnet "An ivory paper cutter," circa 1860-1916
50 Henry Jerome Stockard sonnet "Homer," circa 1878-1914
51 Harriet Beecher Stowe autographed card, 1887 July 30
52 Booth Tarkington letter to Frederick D. Leete, 1929 August 29
Booth Tarkington signed photograph, 1942
Box Folder
04 01 Rose Hartwick Thorpe manuscript "England’s sun was slowly setting,” 1893 December 8
02 Henry Tyrrell sonnet "Idylls," circa 1886
03 Ethelwyn Wetherald sonnet "November," circa 1877-1940
04 Charles Goodrich Whiting sonnet "With a Copy of Shakespeare," circa 1862-1922
05 John Greenleaf Whittier poem "Faith shares the future’s promise," 1868 November 10
John Greenleaf Whittier letter to Elizabeth Pullen, 1889 November 12
06 Francis Howard Williams sonnet "Electra," circa 1853-1908
07 Robert Burns Wilson sonnet "Sunrise," circa 1870-1916
08 Charles H. Wiltsie letter to Samuel T. Pickard, 1904 July 20
08 Charles H. Wiltsie letter to Elizabeth Jones Pullen, 1904 July 22
08 Charles H. Wiltsie letter to Elizabeth Jones Pullen, 1904 July 26
08 Charles H. Wiltsie letter to Elizabeth Jones Pullen, 1904 August 2
09 William Wordsworth poem "The Dragon’s wing, the magic ring," 1844 May 9

Series 3: Religion, 1715-1953

The third series contains documents created by nineteenth- and twentieth-century religious leaders. Methodist materials are excluded from this series and may be found in Methodist-specific manuscript collections at Bridwell Library.
Box Folder
04 10 Sabine Baring-Gould manuscript copy of "Onward Christian Soldiers,” 1922 August 1
11 Anthony Benezet letter to Jacob Linly, 1782 April 21
12 Phillips Brooks letter to "My dear sir" declining an invitation, 1890 May 14
13 John Brown letter to unknown “Rev. Dear Sir,” circa 1808-1858
14 Lyndford Caryl letter to "My Lord," 1755 October 11
15 James Freeman Clarke autograph, 1895 November
16 Albert A. David, Bishop of Liverpool, letter to Harold R. Sloan, 1938 July 11
17 Anne Dutton letter to Philip Doddridge, circa 1715-1765
18 Timothy Dwight letter to Mrs. John Trumbull, circa 1800-1830
19 John Henry Gilmore manuscript verses of hymn "He leadeth me,” circa 1854-1918
20 Karl P. Harrington music and obituary, 1948-1953
21 W. H. Havergal letter to H. F. Lyle, 1834 December 9
22 Joel Hawes letter to Rev. Mr. Fox, 1851 January 19
23 Benjamin Hoadly, Bishop of Winchester, letter to unknown, 1743 January 16
24 Kenneth Scott Latourette letter to Bishop Herbert Welch, 1936 September 26
25 E. J. Peck letter to Mrs. Nurenberg regarding Eskimo missions, 1907 November 26
26 Philip Schaff postcard to Gross Alexander, 1892 January 22
Box Folder
06 13 Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher letter to Professor Paulus, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, 1804 January 21
Box Folder
04 27 Philipp Jakob Spener letter to Elias Veiel, 1677 September 24
28 Francis Wrangham engraved portrait by R. Hicks after a painting by J. Jackson, circa 1830
28 Francis Wrangham engraved portrait by R. Hicks after a painting by J. Jackson, circa 1830
Francis Wrangham poem “To the University of Cambridge” clipping, circa 1843-1883

Series 4: Texana, 1821-1951

The fourth series, Texana, comprises letters and other signed documents created by Texans.
Box Folder
04 29 Joaquin de Arredondo printed document signed by Juan Antonio Vadilla, 1821 July 27
30 Stephen F. Austin document “Habilitado por la Nación Mexicana” 1824 July 5
31 Richard Coke autograph, 1874-1876
Richard Coke signed photograph, circa 1885
32 Document appointing Martha Hill administrator of Levi Bostick’s estate, 1833
Box Folder
06 04 Sam Houston document appointing Stewart Newel as consul of Port of Sabine for the Republic of Texas, 1843 April 22
Sam Houston letter to unknown person, 1846 August 17
08 Albert Sidney Johnston letter to Colonel B. F. Larned, Paymaster General, U.S. Army, 1854 February 20
Box Folder
07 04 Anson Jones abstract for 640 acres of land in Fannin County, Texas, to Mary P. Bullock, 1845 February 21
05 David McKendree Key document appointing Alson B. Ostander postmaster at Dodge Station, Walker County, Texas, 1871 August 13
Box Folder
04 33 Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar letter to "Dear Gaz" asking to borrow $2,000.00, 1840 February 27
Box Folder
07 06 Francis Richard Lubbock document granting 160 acres of land in Tarrant County, Texas, to William M. Bostick, 1863 May 22
Box Folder
04 34 R. Nott letter to the editor of the Dallas News, 1922 May 3
35 Elisha Marshall Pease autograph, circa 1832-1883
36 John H. Reagan charges to jury, 1854 May 23
John H. Reagan letter to Walter B. Whitman, 1904 October 23
37 Judge O. M. Roberts charge to a jury, 1854
38 William Barret Travis receipt for $88.00 to Martha Bostick, 1835 May 35
39 Unidentified author Ella (or Ellen) letter from Crockett, Texas to “Dear Parents,” 1865 June 17

Series 5: Unclassified, 1705-1970

The fifth and final series contains materials signed by or created by entertainers, historical figures, military leaders, celebrities, and lesser-known persons.
Box Folder
05 01 Emma Abbott letter to D. W. Russell, 1878 April 16
02 Benedict Arnold letter "To the Conductor of Artillery Stores,” 1776 August 15
03 P. T. Barnum autograph, 1882 May 5
04 R. Wallace Bollinger letter to Charles F. Bollinger, 1868 February 8
R. Wallace Bollinger letter to Charles F. Bollinger, 1868 June 5
05 John A. Bowman and Madison M. Bowman deed for a milldress to Blake Carlton, 1852 August 13
06 Wallis Budge, 1902-1910
07 Edward Burne-Jones letter to Mrs. Charingtin? circa 1850-1898
Edward Burne-Jones letter to "My dear Crane," circa 1850-1898
08 George Washington Carver letter to C. M. Reves, 1932 October 3
George Washington Carver letter to C. M. Reves, 1935 January 30
09 Ada Cavendish, circa 1859-1895
10 J. J. "Jocko" Clark autograph, circa 1913-1971
11 Ty Cobb autograph, 1928 October 11
12 Douglas Corrigan autograph, 1939 February 18
13 James H. Delano warranty deed for tract of land to Augustus K. Cole, 1855 October 17
14 Anna E. Dickinson manuscript note, 1891 June 3
15 Oliva-Edouard Dionne and Elzire Dionne autographs, circa 1934-1970
16 Neal Doane letter Rev. D. H. Prentice regarding prohibition, 1889 August 8
17 T. W. Dyatt bank draft to William Calder, 1836 February 2
18 Douglas Fairbanks autograph, 1926
19 Cyrus West Field autograph, circa 1839-1892
20 Marriage license of Gotfreid Haas and Mary A. Feiterting issued by T. W. Powell, Delaware County, Ohio, 1868 October 2
21 H. Decatur Hawk voter registration certificate, Sullivan County, Tennessee, signed by E. D. Reid, 1869 July 15
22 Alpine MacGregor signed form sent to the Marquis of Breadalbane nominating Arthur de Montmorency “to compete at the examination for Naval Cadetship,” 1887 January 24
23 Dorothy Maynor autograph, 1940 March 22
24 John Mitchell note to John Barney, acting partner of the late House of Moore and Barney, 1785 December 13
25 Samuel F. B. Morse letter to George Harvey regarding the birthplace of George Washington, 1871 February 27
26 John P. Nicholson letter to Mr. Pennypacker, 1886 October 24
27 Frederick Law Olmsted letter to Mrs. Morell[?], 1889 January 17
28 Absalom C. Pearce and Estelle Miller marriage license, Vanderburgh County, Indiana, 1922 October 3
29 J. Pickering letter to Francis Cholmondeley, 1705 November 20
30 Edward J. Poynter letter to "Dear Duchess," 1896 May 24
Edward J. Poynter letter to Mrs. Thurlow, 1897 February 22
Edward J. Poynter letter to "Dear Duchess," 1918 August 25
31 John Dale Price autographed card, circa 1912-1957
32 John Sims Reeves letter to "My dear Arthur" with letter from Corney Grain to “My dear Miss Boyle,” 1877 January 3
33 Peter Richings letter to W. J. Robjohn, 1866 June 28
34 Caleb Robinson, mariner on board the schooner Sarah and Rebekah, petition to seek a safe place to land, 1799 January 27
35 Alice Lee Roosevelt signed portrait, 1904 Dec. 24
36 Samuel Small, Jr. and Charles Morgridge letter to Mr. Small, 1854 February 3
37 Jacob Smyers bill of the sale for a slave named Isaac to John Titsworth, 1824 July 30
38 Lowell Thomas letter to Mr. Katterlinus, 1927 December 10
Lowell Thomas autograph, 1940 September 25
Lowell Thomas letter to Bishop Anderson, 1941 February 19
Lowell Thomas letter to Mrs. Ording, 1942 February 9
39 Jacob Tonson the younger letter to “Dear Sir,” 1763 June 16
40 Jesse L. Walker stock certificates, 1918-1927
41 Eli Whitney letter to William Lee, Auditor, Treasury Department, 1819 July 26
42 George Ernest Willers apprentice indenture to John Clay at University Press, Cambridge, 1906 April 4
43 Walter Winchell autograph, circa 1920-1970
44 J. Wittman letter to "Dear Sir," 1886 January 28