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Creator: Bridwell Library
Title: Collection on Schubert M. Ogden
Dates: 1950-2011
Abstract: The collection on Schubert M. Ogden consists of typescript and published writings, correspondence, photographs, tributes, research files, sound recordings, and video recordings of Schubert M. Ogden, Professor of Theology at Perkins School of Theology, 1955-1969 and 1972-1993, and Director of the Graduate Program in Religious Studies 1974-1990. Materials in the collection range in date from 1950 to 2011.
Accession No: Collection BridArch 1.036
Extent: 10 boxes (7.5 linear feet)
Language: Material is in English
Repository Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

Biographical Note

Minister and educator Schubert Miles Ogden was born on March 2, 1928, in Cincinnati, Ohio, the son of Edgar Carson and Neva Louetta Glancy Ogden. He studied at Ohio Wesleyan University (A.B., 1950); Johns Hopkins University, 1950-51; The University of Chicago Divinity School (B.D., 1954, Ph.D., 1958); and Philipps-Universitat, Marburg, Germany, 1962-63. Ogden married Joyce Ellen Schwettman in 1950. They had two children.

Schubert Ogden’s ministerial career began in 1952 when he was ordained a Deacon in the Ohio Conference of the Methodist Church. In 1958 he became an Elder in full-connection with the Ohio Conference. Rev. Ogden joined the faculty of the Perkins School of Theology as an instructor 1956-1958 while completing his doctorate. From 1958 to 1969 he served as assistant professor (1958-1961), associate professor (1961-1964), and professor of theology (1964-1969).

From 1969 to 1972, Dr. Ogden served as University Professor of Theology at the University of Chicago. However, he returned to Southern Methodist University (SMU) in 1972, resuming his teaching duties and assuming new responsibilities as Director of the Graduate Program in Religious Studies 1974-1990. Ogden retired from Perkins School of Theology in 1993.

Professor Ogden was awarded honorary degrees from Ohio Wesleyan University (Litt.D., 1965); the University of Chicago (L.H.D., 1983); and SMU (L.H.D., 1994). He served as President of the American Academy of Religion (1976-77) and became a Fellow in The American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1985. Ogden was named University Scholar / Teacher of the Year by SMU in 1982. His 1994 Doctor of Humane Letters citation from SMU reads as follows:

During his 34 years of teaching on the faculty of Southern Methodist University, Schubert M. Ogden set a standard of excellence that has become a recognized model at home and abroad for systematic theology and for the life of the Academy. In six books and in innumerable essays, articles, and translations, he has addressed the central questions of contemporary theological reflection with uncompromising intellectual rigor and supple creativity of spirit – in short, with wisdom. He has defined and defended theology’s integrity as an academic discipline that rightfully retains its ancient place among the disciplines that constitute a university. He has deepened and enhanced the emerging theological discussion among religious traditions, especially the dialogue between Christianity and Buddhism; and he has done so without diluting the specific character of these traditions or evading the great central question of religious truth. Not least among his achievements, he has throughout his career enriched his colleagues and his students with his clarity of vision and his unflagging pursuit of what is true and what is just. For his invaluable contribution to the shaping of contemporary theological discourse and for his inestimable contribution to the life of this University and its School of Theology, we gratefully confer upon Schubert M. Ogden the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa.


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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The manuscripts, publications, research files, audio recordings, video recordings, and photographs in The Schubert M. Ogden collection provide insights into the academic interests, writings, and career of a prominent American theologian. This collection is not a unified set of faculty papers. Instead, it is an assemblage of research materials by or about Dr. Ogden amassed by Bridwell Library and augmented by donors.

Arrangement of the Collection

The Ogden collection is organized in six series by theme and media:
Series 1: Writings, 1950-2011
Series 2: Jazz Prayer Service, 1959
Series 3: Systematic Theology Confrontations, 1968-1975
Series 4: Photographs, 1960-1990
Series 5: Correspondence, 1961-1989
Series 6: Tributes, 1989-1993
Series 7: Research files, 1954-1990
Series 8: Audio Recordings, 1974-1995


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Acquisition Information

Gift, Schubert M. Ogden.

Gift, Barry Ensign-George, Ph.D., 2016.

Gift, Betty Dotts, 2016.


Processing Information

Timothy S. G. Binkley arranged and described the Schubert M. Ogden collection in September 2010 with the assistance of Heather M. Oglevie.Six inches of typescript documents from Bridwell Library holdings and a bibliography were added to the collection in November of 2011. Series 7, Research Files, and Series 8, Audio Recordings, were added to the collection in 2016.

Encoded by

Lara Corazalla, 2010.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Writings, 1950-2011
4.5 boxes

The first series begins with eleven bound typescripts of works either written by or edited by Schubert M. Ogden followed by ninety-seven folders of typescript articles, essays, lectures, and sermons. The series continues with three folders of typescript book reviews, ten folders of published articles and books, and two bibliography folders.
Subseries 1: Typescript Bound Volumes
Box Folder
2189 01 Schopenhauer: Salvation from Self to Social Conscience, 1950
02 God as Hidden and Known: a Study Based upon the Writings of Rudolf Bultmann and Henry Nelson Wieman, 1954
03 Salvation from Self (1950) and God as Hidden and Known (1954), digital files on CD (digitized 2008)
04 Christ without Myth: a Study Based on the Theology of Rudolf Bultmann, 1954-1978
05 Existence and Faith: Shorter Writings of Rudolph Bultmann, 1960
06 The Reality of God: and Other Essays, 1965
07 Faith and freedom: Toward a Theology of Liberation, 1978
08 The point of Christology, 1981
09 New Testament and Mythology and Other Basic Writings, 1984
10 What is Theology and Other Essays, 1985
11 Is There Only One True Religion or Are There Many? 1991
Box Folder
615A 01 Subseries 2: Typescript DocumentsThe Question of Natural Revelation (academic paper), 1955Is the Old Answer Still Adequate? : Free-Church Answer, 1956-1978
01 The Question of Natural Revelation (academic paper), 1955
02 Is the Old Answer Still Adequate? : Free-Church Answer, 1956-1978
03 Some Thoughts on the Present Situation in Theology, 1956-1990
04 What About So-Called "Liturgical" Worship? 1956-1990
05 Bultmann’s Project of Demythologization and the Problem of Theology and Philosophy, 1957
06 The Debate on "Demythologizing": Its History and Present Status, 1957
07 Why the Theologian is Interested in the Relationship Between Christianity and Communism, 1957
08 Christ without Myth, 1958
09 Seven Homilies on the Meaning of Christian Worship, 1958
10 Niebuhr’s Theological Ethic, 1958-1990
11 May A Christian Smoke? 1959
12 [Sermon on] I Corinthians 3:11-23, 1959
13 [Sermon on] Luke 21:25-36, 1959
14 The Situation in Contemporary Protestant Theology, 1959
15 The Structure of Whitehead’s Philosophy, 1959-1969
16 What Does It Mean to Affirm That Jesus Christ Is Lord? 1960
17 A Discussion by Willie White and Shubert Ogden, 1960-1970
18 Bultmann and the "New Quest of the Historical Jesus, "1961
19 The Significance of Rudolph Bultmann, 1961
20 Foreword [to The Religious Situation of "Operation Abolition" by Godwin], 1962
21 The Ministerial Office, 1962
22 On the Problem of Demythologizing (by Bultmann, tr. Ogden), 1962
23 The Promise of Faith, 1962
24 " You Also Should Do As I Have Done To You" (John 13:1-17, 20), 1962
25 Beyond Supernaturalism, 1963
26 The Understanding of Theology in Ott and Bultmann, 1963
27 Who Represents Christ? 1963
28 Zur Frage Der "Richtigen" Philosophie, 1963
29 "And This Will Be a Sign for You…" (John 6:5-14), 1964
30 "Ask, and It Will Be Given You…" (Luke 11:9-13), 1964
31 Bultmann’s Demythologizing and Hartshorne’s Dipolar Theism, 1964
32 Der Begriff der Theologie bei Ott und Bultmann, 1964
33 The Temporality of God, 1964
34 Theology and Objectivity, 1964
35 Theology and Philosophy: A New Phase of the Discussion, 1964
36 The Christian and Unbelievers, 1965
37 Faith and Truth, 1965
38 Intercessory Prayer in the Life of the Church, 1965
39 Myth and Truth, 1965
40 The Possibility and Task of Philosophical Theology: A Response to Rudolf Bultmann, 1965
41 Welch’s Polemic: A Reply, 1965
42 Present Prospects for Empirical Theology, 1965-1990
43 The Christian Proclamation of God to Men of the So-Called "Atheistic Age, "1966
44 Karl Rahner, 1966
45 Love Unbound: The Doctrine of God, 1966
46 The Permanent Reformation, 1966
47 The Significance of Rudolf Bultmann for Contemporary Theology, 1966
48 Six Theses on the So-called "Death of God Theology", 1966
49 Theology and Metaphysics: Five Theses for Discussion, 1966
50 Transcendental Thomism and Protestant Thought, 1966
51 Friedrick Gogarten, 1967
52 How Does God Function in Human Life? 1967
53 Karl Rahner: Theologian of "Open Catholicism, "1967
54 On Demythologizing, 1967
55 Toward a New Theism, 1967
56 Understanding "The Human" in the Midst of Rapid Social Change, 1967
57 God and Philosophy: A Discussion with Antony Flew, 1968
58 Theology and Metaphysics, 1969
59 Pluralism, 1969-1990
Box Folder
615B 01 The Criterion of Metaphysical Truth and the Senses of “Metaphysics” 1970
02 Theological Education in the Divinity School 1970
03 What Theology Is 1970
04 A Christian Natural Theology? 1971
05 Lonergan and the Subjectivist Principle 1971
06 [Sermon on] Luke 14:7-11 1971
07 The Task of Philosophical Theology 1971
08 On Religion 1971-1990
09 Doctrinal Standards and the Theological Task: A Critique of the Theological Study Commission’s Report 1972
10 "The Reformation That We Want" 1972
11 Reply to Leroy T. Howe, “Faith, Understanding, and the Burden of Theology” 1972
12 [Translation of] Rudolf Bultmann’s "Protestant Theology and Atheism" 1972
13 Doctrinal Standards in the United Methodist Church 1973
14 Response [Perkins Journal] 1973
15 The Authority of the Bible for Theology (ST-5325) 1974
16 Faith and Secularity 1974
17 Falsification and Belief 1974
18 Response [to John Connelly’s The Task of Theology] 1974
19 "Love Divine, All Loves Excelling": Some Reflections on the Theology of a Hymn 1974
20 Prolegomena to a Christian Theology of Nature” 1974
21 Theological Reflections on Higher Education 1974
22 Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread: A Brief 1975
23 On Revelation 1975
24 Ethical Queries About Modern Science 1977
25 Linguistic Analysis and Theology 1977
26 Reply to Peter L. Berger 1977
27 Christ Without Myth—In Retrospect 1978
28 Evil and Belief in God: The Distinctive Relevance of a “Process Theology” 1978
29 Theology and Religious Studies: Their Difference and the Difference It Makes 1978
30 Theology in the Modern World 1978
31 Christian Theology and Neoclassical Theism 1980
32 The Church and Homosexual Persons: The Issue of Ordination 1980
33 “Theological Education and Liberation Theology”: A Response 1980
34 Theology in the University 1981
35 Myth 1983
36 Divine Agency and Divine Action: A Response to W. J. Abraham 1985
37 The Service of Theology to the Servant Ministry of the Church 1985
38 Faith and Freedom 1989
Subseries 3: Typescript Book Reviews
Box Folder
615B 39 Book reviews, 1950-1959
Box Folder
615C 01-02 Book reviews, 1960-1979
Subseries 4: Publications
Box Folder
615C 03-07 Articles, 1950-1979
Box Folder
618A 01-02 Articles, 1970-1991
03 Articles in Perkins School of Theology Publications 1962-1984
04 Books: Existence and Faith; Christ without Myth 1960, 1961
05 Books: The Reality of God; The Point of Christology 1966, 1982
Subseries 5: Bibliographies
Box Folder
618A 06 Chronological bibliography (1953-1968), 1968
07 Alphabetical bibliography from 2011

Series 2: Jazz Prayer Service, 1959
3 folders

The second series focuses on a jazz setting of "The Wesley Orders of Common Prayer" led by Schubert M. Ogden and J. Paul Sampley in the Perkins Chapel on May 20, 1959.
Box Folder
618A 08 Service program, 1959 May 20
Box Folder
616 01 Reel-to-reel audio recording, 1959 May 20
02 Digitized service on compact disc, 1959 May 20

Series 3: Systematic Theology Confrontations, 1968-1975
2 boxes

The third series consists of twenty-eight reels of videotaped theological dialogues held at Perkins School of Theology between 1968 and 1975. The series begins with eight tapes identified as being from the Perkins School of Theology Continuing Education Lending Library. The remaining tapes are either raw footage or faculty copies.
Box Folder
616 03-04 #44-3 Spurgeon Dunnam, Jr.: Faith and Revelation, 1968
05-06 #44-6 John Deschner: Faith and Revelation, 1968
07-08 #44-7 Schubert Ogden: Faith and Revelation, 1968 1968
09 Westerhoff Confrontation: Sunday School - The Future, 1975 April 14
10 Panel Confrontation: Sunday School, 1975 August 7
11 Demo tape: Faith and Revelation 1968
12 #1 Ogden, 1968 September 11
13 #6 Ogden, 1968 September 25
14 #7 Ogden: Faith and Revelation, 1968 October 1
15 #8 Deschner: Faith and Revelation, 1968 October 8
16 #9 Ogden, 1968 October 9
Box Folder
617 01 #10 Ogden, 1968 October 15
02 #11 Deschner, 1968 October 16
03 #12 Deschner, 1968 October 22
04 #13 Ogden, 1968 October 29
05 #14 Deschner: Introduction to the doctrine of God, 1970 October 30
06 #15 Ogden: On love and the doctrine of God, 1970 November 6
07 #16 Ogden: Love as the primary focus of understanding God, 1968 November 12
08 #17 Deschner: Doctrine of God, 1970 November 13
09 #18 Deschner, 1968 November 19
10 #19 Ogden, 1968 November 20
11 #20 Ogden: Christology, 1968 December 3
12 #21 Deschner: Christology, 1968 December 4
13 #22 Deschner, 1968 December 10
14 #23 Ogden: Christology, 1968 December 11

Series 4: Photographs, 1960-1990
1 folder

The fourth series contains one folder of black-and-white images of Dr. Ogden taken during his teaching career at Perkins School of Theology.
Box Folder
618A 09 Photographs 1960-1990

Series 5: Correspondence, 1961-1989
4 folders

The fifth series comprises four folders of work-related correspondence.
Box Folder
618A 10 Student 1961
11 James N. Robinson 1962
12 John Deschner 1970, 1989
13 Perkins faculty 1975

Series 6: Tributes, 1989-1993
2 folders

The sixth series includes two special tributes to Dr. Ogden: a festschrift in his honor and a retrospective interview published in Perspective magazine.
Box Folder
618A 14 Witness and Existence: Essays in Honor of Schubert M. Ogden 1989
15 Perspective interview 1993

Series 7: Research Files, 1954-1990
17 folders

The seventh series contains seventeen folders of topical research materials.
Box Folder
618B 01 Herbert Brawn, circa 1970-1990
02-04 Buddhist-Christian Theological Encounters, circa 1984-1989
05 Bultmann, Rudolf, circa 1986
06 Buri, Fritz, 1969-1990
07-08 Coreth, Emerich, 1954-1970
09 Frei, circa 1970-1990
10 Heidegger, Martin, circa 1965-1990
Box Folder
619A 01 Kelsey, David H., circa 1970-1990
02 Lochman, Jam Milic, circa 1970-1990
03-04 Lonergan, Bernard, circa 1970-1990
05 Münster and Tübingen, 1990
06 Nielsen, Kai, circa 1970-1990
07 Ong, Walter J., circa 1975-1976

Series 8: Audio Recordings, 1974-1995
1 box

The final series comprises fourteen audio cassette tapes of lectures by Professor Ogden. The tapes were donated by Betty Dotts in 2016.
Box Folder
619B 01 The Task of Theology, TT480, Tidings, Nashville, 1970s
02 Doctrine of God, 1974 October 9
03 Response to John Deschner’s Doctrine of God, 1974 October 17
04-08 Ogden A-E, undated
09-14 The Political Meaning of Christianity, 1995 March