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Nela Río papers

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Creator: Río, Nela
Title: Nela Río papers
Dates: 1967-2007
Abstract: Nela Río is an Argentine-Canadian poet who has published nine collections of poetry and has had her poetry and short stories anthologized in both the United States and Canada. She served as a professor of literature at the University of St. Thomas in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada for thirty-three years. The collection contains papers dealing with Nela Río’s creative pursuits as well as her academic interests. Many of the original drafts of her published poetry collections, early manuscripts of unpublished poems, and drafts of early translations of her work are contained within this collection. The collection spans three decades and illustrates the depth and activity of Nela Río’s life.
Accession No: A2008.0009
Extent: 21 boxes (8.5 linear feet)
Language: Material is in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.
Repository DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University

Biographical Note

Nela Río was born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1938. From an early age she remembers writing and at age 13 she wrote her first award winning story—winning a school prize for the best short story. At 14, she began to write poetry in a small notebook that she called "origins." She wrote in these notebooks to prevent herself from tearing out the poems she disliked, learning to "re-write instead of destroy." By the time she entered college Río was a seasoned author. Together with some friends, they organized a literary review for the university they attended. After she graduated from college, she decided to enter into graduate studies.

She began her graduate studies in Argentina, but for both political and personal reasons she had to leave Argentina and began her studies anew at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia in 1965. Unfortunately, she did not finish the program as her infant son passed away while in Georgia. The pain caused her to move to another location and she found herself in Canada in 1969. Nela Río soon found a position at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada where she taught for 33 years. She became a Canadian citizen in 1977. However, because of the emphasis on her academic career Río had not published literary works since her years in Argentina. In the 1980s she resumed her literary career with her book of poetry En las noches que desvisten otras noches (In the Nights that Disrobe other Nights). She remembers that it was her politicization caused by reprehensible state-sponsored terrorism and torture in Latin America during that time that inspired her to write. Also, she drew upon an emerging Third-World feminism to establish solidarity between women across continents.

Since then she has published eight more collections of poetry which cover topics from repression to torture to love and romance. She has won international acclaim, receiving awards from all over Europe and North America, for her poetry and short stories. Her work has been published in many languages including English and French.


Nela Río, "CV/Resumes," Box 8, Folder 5 in collection

Nela Río, "Correspondence with Hugh Hazelton," Box 4, Folder 7 in collection

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Nela Río collection is a combination of papers that documents both the literary and academic accomplishments of Nela Río. It contains manuscripts and early drafts of published work as well as unpublished poems and short stories. There are also drafts of English and French translations of Río’s work. Many of the artist books in Box 2 are one of a kind, put together by the author herself for various readings. Río’s visual art illustrates the depth of Río’s artistic talent, as well.

Nela Río’s academic career is also represented in the collection. It contains many academic papers, presentations, correspondence, and various projects of Río’s. In her academic pursuits, Río often tried to focus on women as active agents in history and literature; this is seen in her work and papers in this collection.

Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is organized into 5 series:
Series 1: Nela Río’s Creative Manuscripts, Drafts, and Writings
Series 2: Nela Río’s Correspondence and Papers
Series 3: Nela Río’s Academic Papers, Presentations, and Projects
Series 4: Correspondence and Work for the Project "La Voz y la Escritura"
Series 5: Recordings


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Related Materials

Nela Río’s translator, former SMU professor Elizabeth G. Miller, also donated her papers. See "Elizabeth Miller papers," SMU 2007.0402.

The author also donated 1704 books. These books are searchable in the library catalog.

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Nela Río papers, DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University.

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Gift, Nela Río, 2007.

Finding aid written by

Aaron Sanchez, 2008.

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Lara Corazalla, 2010.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Nela Río’s Creative Manuscripts, Drafts, and Writings

This series contains Nela Río’s creative works including; early manuscripts, drafts, artist books, and copies of published work. Of particular interest is the only poem that Nela Río wrote originally in English dedicated to the memory of her late infant son.
Box Folder
1 1 Manuscripts, 1967-78
2 Manuscripts, 1991-1997
3 Allí Leonilda, Manuscript (1992)
4 Entre nardos y amapolas, Manuscript (1996)
5 Espiral sobre piedra roja, Manuscript
6 El Grito del espejo, Manuscript
7 Laberinto vertical, Manuscript
8 El Mundo que tu no viste, Manuscript
9 En las noches que desvisten otras noches
10 Assorted Poems, Manuscripts
11 Assorted Poems, Manuscripts
12 Assorted Poems, Manuscripts
13 Assorted Poems, Manuscripts
14 Visual Art
15 Francisca sin techo, Digital art and spoken word project (CD)
Box Folder
2 1 Artist Books
2 Artist Books
3 Artist Books
4 Artist Books
5 Artist Books
Box Folder
3 1 Copies of Published Work, 1989-1993
2 Copies of Published Work, 1994-1999
3 Copies of Published Work, 2002-2004
4 Copies of Published Work, undated
5 Copies of Published Work, undated
6 Copies of Published Work, undated
7 Videos, A Silent Love and In Transit

Series 2: Nela Río’s Correspondence and Papers

This series contains Nela Río’s correspondence with various people including three of her translators Elizabeth G. Miller, Hugh Hazelton, and Samuel Zimmerman. It also contains flyers, brochures, and conference programs from previous years, newsclippings, articles, and various reviews of her books and press material. It illustrates the active creative and personal life of Nela Río.
Box Folder
4 1 Correspondence, 1978-1990
2 Correspondence, 1991-1992
3 Correspondence, 1993-1994
4 Correspondence, 1995-1996
5 Correspondence, 1997-1999
6 Correspondence, 2000-2007
7 Correspondence with Hugh Hazelton
8 Correspondence with Elizabeth G. Miller
9 Correspondence, undated
10 Flyers and Brochures, 1979-1989
Box Folder
5 1 Flyers and Brochures 1990-1999
2 Flyers and Brochures 2000-2008
3 Articles
4 Conference Programs, 1989-1998
5 Conference Programs, 1999-2007
6 Book Reviews and Press Material
7 Newsletters
8 News clippings
Box Folder
6 1 Photographs and Pictures
2 Certificates
3 Student Comments on Writing

Series 3: Nela Río’s Academic Papers, Presentations, and Projects

Not only an artist, Nela Río also engaged in academic pursuits and projects. Two of her research interests included eroticism and colonial literature written by women. Also she actively engaged in projects dealing with public education, art, and human rights. Included in this series are various papers, presentations, notes, published articles, and background on projects.
Box Folder
7 1 Academic Work, Papers
2 Academic Work, Papers
3 Academic Work, Presentations
4 Academic Work, Published Articles
5 Academic Work, Research Notes
6 Notes on Eroticism
7 Copies of Documents from Archivo de las Indias, Seville Spain
8 Statement on the Relationship between Scholarship and Creativity in her Writing
9 Correspondence about Tenure
Box Folder
8 1 Project, Around the World in Five Languages
2 Project, The Poetic Dialogue between Sor Leonor de Ovando and Eugenio de Salazar
3 Project, Suddenly a Butterfly
4 Professional Portfolio
5 CV/Resumes
9 1st Annual International Exhibit of Poem Posters
2nd Annual International Exhibit of Poem Posters
3rd Annual International Exhibit of Poem Posters
4th Annual International Exhibit of Poem Posters
5th Annual International Exhibit of Poem Posters
10 Various Poem Posters
Nela Río Poem Posters
Nela Río Poem Posters
Nela Río Poem Posters
International/Multicultural/Multlingual Poetry Reading Poem Posters
Outspoken Art/Arte Claro Poem Posters
Outspoken Art/Arte Claro Poem Posters
Outspoken Art/Arte Claro Poem Posters
Outspoken Art/Arte Claro Poem Posters

Series 4: Correspondence and Work for the Project "La Voz y la Escritura"

This series contains correspondence, transcripts of recordings, and the work of authors who contributed to Nela Río’s project "La Voz y la Escritura" (The Voice and Writing).
11 Alassia, Angel
Ambroggio, Luis Alberto
Aleman Laurencigh, Aldo
Altamirano-Ninalquín, Rafael MaRío
Aquine Molina, Roberto
Adélia Maria
Adón Pilar
Arévalo, Marta de
Bao, Santiago Miguel
Berenguer, Teresa
Ballesteros, Emilio
Boéchat, Susana
Bressano de Alonso, Olga
12 Calderón, Juan
Cancino, Jorge E.
Castelpoggi, Atilio Jorge
Caulfield, Carlota
Cavero, Soledad
Chacón, Carlos
Colón Ruiz, Dr. José O.
Corcoba, Victor
Cortés, Pura López
Cos, Hugo Juan de
Cos Caussee, Jesús
Costa, Maria Virginia
Da Costa, SilvéRío R.
Cotto, Shirley
De la Cruz, Sergio
Cuadrado Morales, José
Daruich, Enrique
Dávila, Carlos
Diez Serrano, Isabel
Diniz, Tania
Falcón Tapiador, Enrique
Falconi, Mariana
Filardi, Francisco
García, Rosalina
Gómez-García, Antonio
Gonper, Joan
Gutiérrez Richaud, Cristina
Gurces, Diego
13 Garcia Rodriguez, Elmys
Goldemberg, Susana
Gomes Barbosa, Manoel
González, David
Guerrero, Amparo
Guidi, Raquel
Gracia Trinidad, Enrique
Henriksen, Zheyla
Herrera, Walther Ceferino
Hoffman, Nelson
Huerta, Encarnación
Iriarte, Fabián
Labat, Juan Carlos
Lamounier, Célia
Lasala de Weidmann, Silvia
Lobo, Susana
Madeira Teonilda
Malta, Victor
Martínez Nunez, Cristina
Mayor Marsán, Maricel
Medina Cabral, Betty
Menendez, Jose Luis
Milsztajn, Rasália
Miranda, Veronica
Montero Lobo, Juan
Moraz, Nilda Elva
Nieto, Isabel de
Ovejero, Graciela
14 Olga Allocatti, Beatriz
Oquendo, Xavier
Orihuela, Antonio
Ortega Isla, Miguel
Ostrosky, Jennie
Páez Boggione, Osvaldo
Parisotto, Donato
Peralta, Telma
Quinones, Magalay
Ramis Vaquer, Juan Antonio
Revagliatti, Rolando
Reyes, Angela
Ríosalido, Jesús
Romo-Leroux Giron, Dra. Piedad
Ruiz de Torres, Juan
Salinas, Teresa del Valle
Sobrón, Rosa María
Stabile, Uberto
Strejilevich, Nora
Ticoulat I Coll, Anna María
Toro Garland, Fernando
Toroiano, Marita
Urquiza, Pedro
Van Bredam, Orlando
Varsovia, Ulises
Vignoni, Carmen
15 Vale, Hilda
Vanégas, Sara
Váscones, Carmen
Vilalta, Maria
Waack, Eduardo
Yácomo, Margarita
Labat Manuscript
News Clippings and Articles
Voz y Escritura, notes

Series 5: Recordings

These recordings are part of Nela Río’s project "La Voz y La Escritura" (The Voice and Writing). It is a collection of Latin American and Spanish authors who recorded themselves reading their own work in the original language of the pieces.
16 Cassette Tapes
Porgrama Contextos 10/10/00
L.R. Casnati, Poemas y cuento
Juan Carlos Labat, Poemas y cuento
Olga Bressano de Alonso, Poemas
Rolando Revagliatti, De mi mayor estigmas (si mal no me equivoco)
Cristina Martínez Núñez, Esta cara es la valida, no obtante queda a tu criterio
Magaly Quiñones Lee, 5 poemas de su autoría
Encarnación Huerta Palacios,
Susana Goldemberg,
Luis Alberto Ambroggio
Pilar Adon, Poemas
Leilia Ramozzar, poemas
Juan Calderón
Cristina Gutierrez Richard
Radio Rivadavia "25 mil y esta noche"
Unmarked tape
Atilio Jorge Castelpoggi
Judith Weiss
17 Mary F. Jone
Isabel Diez Serrano
Anna-Maria Ticoulat i Coll
Hilda Norma Vale
Rolando Revagliatti
Fabián Iriarte
Victor J. Martinez
Jorge Cancino
Orlando Van Bredam
Emilio Ballesteros
Enrique Gracia Trinidad
Cristina Martínez Núñez
Tape marked Coloquio 1994
IV Coloquio March 2000
Taller de Traducción
Taller de Traducción
Zheyla Henriksen
Romo-Lereux Girón
18 Telma Peralto Rogau
Verónica Capellino
Daruieh Enrique
Alma M. Ticoulat
Rosalia Milsztas
Rosalina García
Sara Vanegas
Shirley Otto
Verónica Miranda
(2 small tapes) Carmen Vascones
Tirofijo va a Málaga
Antonio Porpetta
Pablo Neruda
Unmarked tape
Donna Hunter
Silvia Lasala de Weidmann
Pablo Urquiza
Sara Vanégas Coveña
Jennie Ostrosky
19 Nora Strejilevich
Adelia Maria Woellner
Carlos Chacón
Soledad Cavero
José O. Colón Ruiz
Mari Carmen y Eduardo Itziar
III Coloquio
A Viva Voz: Siete poetas de cordoba
Rosa María Sabrón
Juan Ruiz de Torres
Angela Reyes
María Vilalta
Teonilda Madera
Sergio Rolando de la Cruz
Ulises Varsovia
Jesús Ríosalido
Marita Troiano
Graciela Ovejero
Miguel Ortega Isla
Santiago M. Bao
20 Soledad Cavero Rivas
Hugo Juan de Cos
Rosa María Sobrón
Nilda Moraz
Maria Vilalta
Julio Pinones
Angel Alassia
Marta de Arévalo
Irma Trotta de Basiano
Rosa Maria Sobrón
Elizabeth G. Miller
Saúl Ibargoyen
Hernán W. Bravo
Norma Rita Pereyra
Ferrer Gimenez
Unmarked tape
Laura Hernández de Martínez
21 (Cassette tapes) Laura Hernández de Martínez
(VHS) Carmen Vascones
(VHS) Denise DeMourathe
Maria Virginia Costa (Poemas)
Marked: Para Nela, con mi agradecimiento… Jorge
TRíologia en Cuatro
Adélia Maria Woellner
Maria Engenía Berríos Carrasola
Miguel Angel Tenorio
Miguel Angel Tenorio
I Love You: International Poetry and Art Against Violence Towards Women
Susan McMaster