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J. Allen Hansley photographs

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Creator: Hansley, J. Allen
Title: J. Allen Hansley photographs
Dates: 1976-2004
Abstract: J. Allen Hansley was a Dallas celebrity photographer. This collection of photographs consists of images of movie stars, politicians, musicians, celebrities, charity events, parties and weddings in Dallas, Texas. Included in the collection are photographs, negatives, video cassettes, compact discs, and his camera and manuscript material related to Hansley's photography business.
Accession No: Ag2006.0009
Extent: 30 Boxes (30 linear feet)
Language: Material is in English
Repository DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University

Biographical Note

J. Allen Hansley was born in Dallas, Texas on January 20, 1949. He was a well-known celebrity and event freelance photographer in Dallas for over 30 years. The earliest examples of Hansley’s photography are slides dating from the late 1970s to 2004. Hansley was employed by many local organizations and businesses, but he also traveled to other areas for his work. Hansley specialized in event photography including parties, weddings, store openings, anniversaries, corporate portraits, fashion shows, business and political conventions and various meetings. His photographs were used in news papers and magazines as well as brochures and flyers. Some of his videos were aired on WFAA-TV in Dallas. His client/event list included the Loews Anatole Hotel, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, USA Film Festival, the opening of the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, official photographer for the “Ramses the Great” Exhibit in Fair Park Dallas in 1989, the Crystal Charity Ball, the Cattle Baron's Ball, the Dallas Opera and Dallas Symphony Orchestra events. Hansley’s digital work was listed on websites such as and PhotoReflect.

Hansley donated some of his time photographing charity events for such organizations as the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society, The Salvation Army, Bryan’s House for children with AIDS and the Dallas Child Advocacy Group as well as others.

In addition to work for these organizations, he was also a recognized celebrity photographer or paparazzo, capturing shots of many actors and actresses, political figures and social elite.

Hansley traveled extensively during his career going to Moscow, in the then Soviet Union, Egypt, Mexico, Spain, England, Italy, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. During these trips he would take “stock photos” and video in addition to paid assignments on location. Hansley died in February, 2005.

References: J. Allen Hansley’s autobiography, September 1, 2004 (unpublished).

Scope and Contents of the Collection

An interesting aspect of the collection is seeing the changes in photographic technology over the years. Included are slides from the late 1970s and approximately 240,000 35mm negatives from the 1980s and early 1990s. By the mid 1990s, Hansley began to branch out into digital photography, keeping master copies of events on floppy disks. During the late 1990s, he created his own website (DallasFACES) a cyber magazine of events that he covered where people could look at and order copies of the images. From the late 1990s until the end of his career, Hansley started using the new medium of CDs for his collection. It is during this time that he also began to experiment with artistic digital photography. Though it is not documented, it seems he also made a business of creating disks for other artists, models and musicians. Also in the collection are binders of business related material including invoices, contacts and business cards.

Series 1 is made up of photographs of many celebrities and events for which there are negatives; also included are some related manuscript materials and albums. In the manuscript materials, there are examples of promotional information from Hansley’s business including his business cards and affiliates, and also correspondence from 1984 to 2004. There are also clippings of Hansley’s published photography dating from 1980 to 2002, along with some undated material. While almost all of the society pictures are credited to Hansley, some of the advertisements do not bear his credit line, but they are assumed to be by him. There is also documentation of Hansley’s business: phone messages, invoices, and contacts.

Series 2 consists of 35mm negatives organized by Hansley into numbered binders and makes up most of the collection. A majority of the listed subjects are of events. From the dates given, the negatives range from 1980 to 1999. In addition to the binders of negatives, there are sets of negatives that are still in sleeves and listed as “to sort”; several of these have notes attached regarding what the negatives represent.

In series 3, there are examples of Hansley’s digital art and miscellaneous photographs of Hansley. Several photograph albums containing groups of miscellaneous photographs such as those from travel or weddings are also included. Besides the photographic prints and negatives, there are several boxes containing floppy disks or CDs with digital photography. There is also a box of cassette tapes, most of which are TV recordings, a Graflex camera and lens.

Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is organized into 4 series:
Series 1: Photographic Prints and Manuscript Material, 1980-2004
Series 2: Negatives, 1980-1999
Series 3: Digital Materials, circa 1995-2004
Series 4: Camera and Lens, circa 1990


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Collection is open for research use.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

J. Allen Hansley photographs, DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University.

Acquisition Information

Gift, Lee Hansley, 2006, 2008, 2009.

Processing Information

Most of the collection consists of 35mm negatives organized by Hansley in binders. While many of these binders have lists of the contents, they were not organized in a uniform manner, and often dates were not included. During processing, the negative binders were arranged by year to the degree possible and housed in archival boxes. Slides were transferred into archival sleeves and stored in binders. Prints, correspondence and documents were filed by year in archival storage boxes.

Processing by Laura Irick, 2009.

Finding aid written by

Finding aid by Anne E. Peterson and Laura Irick with assistance from Ada Negraru, 2009.

Encoded by

Lara Corazalla, 2009.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Photographic Prints and Manuscript Material, 1980-2004
3 Boxes

Box Folder
1 1 Correspondence 1984-1989
2 Correspondence 1990-2004
3 1992 Phone Messages & Schedules
4 Photographer/Business information
5 Contacts
6 Omni – Melrose Hotel, Dallas, Texas
-arrows indicating photographs that are Hansley’s [assumed]
Box Folder
1 7 Flyers and Brochures, Undated
8 Clippings, Unknown Dates
9 Clippings, 1980-1989
10 Clippings, 1990-1994
11 Clippings, 1995-1999
12 Clippings, 2000s
13 Invoices
14 Printed Email correspondence
15 The Print Shop Photo Pro User’s Manual
16 Lavazza Coffee Calendar 2003
17 Photographs of Hansley
18 Framed photograph of Hansley
19 “Business Card Report”
20 “Master Negative Files”
21 Celebrity Photographs A-G
Allman Brothers, The
Brittany, Morgan
Bolton, Michael
Bronson, Charles
Carter, Jimmy
Channing, Carol
Clark, Dick
Crawford, Cindy
Cronkite, Walter
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
Deneuve, Catherine
Diddley, Bo
Diller, Phyllis
Dorsett, Tony
Duffy, Patrick
with Steve Kanaly
Duvall, Shelley
Eber, Jose
Fairchild, Morgan
Ferraro, Geraldine
Ford, Betty
Gatlin Brothers
George, Phyllis
Goodman, John
Grant, Cary
Gray, Linda
Box Folder
1 22 Celebrity Photographs H-L
Hagar, Sammy
Hagman, Larry
Hamilton, George
Harper, Tess
Helmond, Katherine
Hemmingway, Mariel
Hepburn, Audrey
Hirt, Al
Hope, Bob
Johnson, Lady Bird
with Betty Ford
Kanaly, Steve
Keach, Stacy
Keaton, Diane
King, Coretta Scott
Kristofferson, Kris
Ladd, Cheryl
Landers, Audrey
with Judy Landers; Ruth Landers
Lansbury, Angela
with Caroline Rose Hunt
Lemmon, Jack
Lennox, Annie
Lewis, Huey
Lewis, Richard
Lynn, Loretta
Box Folder
1 23 Celebrity Photographs M-S
McEnroe, John
McNichol, Kristy
MacLaine, Shirley
Manchester, Melissa
Mason, James
Minnelli, Liza
Miscellaneous unidentified celebrity photographs, some perhaps from the TV show, Dallas
Moore, Roger
Morris, Gary
Nelson, Willie
Newton, Wayne
North, Oliver
Paulsen, Pat at DaVinci’s with Debbie Kepley, ca. 1980
Pavarotti, Luciano
Powers, Stephanie
Princess Stephanie of Monaco
Principal, Victoria
Potts, Annie
Quinn, Anthony
Rainier, Prince of Monoco
Rawls, Lou
Reagan, Nancy
Richards, Ann
Rogers, Kenny
Scott, George C.
Sharif, Omar
Shields, Brook
with Linda Carter
Simon, Paul
Smothers Brothers
Sorbo, Kevin
Stallone, Sylvester
Steinham, Gloria
Stiers, David Ogden
Stills, Stephen
Strauss-Halbrecht, Nancy
Summer, Donna
Sumner, Gordon (Sting)
Box Folder
1 24 Celebrity Photographs T-W (end)
Taylor, Elizabeth
Tower, John
Trump, Donald
Trump, Ivana
Tucker, Tanya
Turner, Lana
Turner, Tina
Wahl, Ken
White, Vanna
Wilson, Mary
Wolfman, Jack
Wonder, Stevie
Wynne, Angus
Wynne, Shannon
Wynne, Socque
Box Folder
1 25 1991 Garth Brooks Concert, with Chris LeDoux, Reunion Arena
Photographs from concert, backstage with Dallas social scene
Folder 16a Brooks, Garth
Folder 16b LeDoux, Chris
Box Folder
1 26 Tony Dorsett Photo Shoot
27 Unidentified Costume Party – Caroline Rose Hunt, Margaret Hunt Hill, Raymond Nasher, Mary Noel Murchison Lamont and Bill Lamont, Shannon and Clint Murchison, Judy Murchison, Jacque Wynne
28 1998, Digital Prints, 8x10
29 1999, Digital Prints
30 Digital Prints, 8x10
2 Albums, 1986-circa 1990
1986 Neiman Marcus Fortnight ~ Australia
Rudy Gatlin Wedding [of The Gatlin Brothers band] to Kim Harmon, 12 May 1990
Album of unknown wedding
Album of unknown wedding
Album of at least 7 weddings, all unknown
Album of prints from Europe
3 Oversize prints and posters, 1979-1983
Prints, 8x10, mounted on board
Cash, Roseanne 1981
Cross, Christopher 1981
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
Diamond, Neil 1981
European Views
Flowers, Wayland, and Madame 1983
Francis, Connie 1983
Gilley, Mickey 1981
Hagar, Sammy 1982
Lemmon, Jack
Princess Caroline of Monaco 1979
Raitt, Bonnie 1981
Tubb, Ernest 1982
Turner, Tina
Prints, ca. 10 ½ x 13 ½, mounted on board
Havens, Richie 1982
Lewis, Ramsey 1981
Marvin, Lee
Reed, Oliver, Rod Steiger, and Anthony Quinn 1981
Sheppard, T.G. 1981
Steiger, Rod 1982
Thomas, B.J. 1982
Collage of 3 portraits mounted on board, Shirley MacLaine, 1983
2 posters - Lives I’ve Never Lived. A Portrait of Minor White, by Abe Frajndlich, preface by Peter Bunnell, autographed by Abe Frajndlich

Series 2: Negatives, 1980-1999
21 Boxes

1 1991 Binders
#1, Miscellaneous Events, 1991
James K. Wilson Silver Cup Awards
Sharon McCutchin’s Birthday
SMU Piano Delivery
Press Club Opening
Center Human Nutrition Annual Meeting
Corbitt Party for Carolyn Shamis
Gourmet Fantasy
FINA – Theater Center
Visit of the Queen Protest
Hotel Crescent Court- Dessert
Texas Festival
Chapman Party – Ann Bradley
#2, Crystal Charity Ball Events, 1991
Charity Partners Breakfast – Notre Dame School, Camp John Marc Meyers
New Members Luncheon
Major Gifts Meeting
Datebook Photographers
Office Staff
Datebook Kickoff
Charities Tour
Crystal Charity Ball
Crystal Charity Ball at Donosky’s
Crystal Charity Ball Check Presentation
Crystal Charity Ball Major Underwriters Party
Crystal Charity Ball Committee
Strauss Reception
Fashion Show
Sfuzzi Reception
#3, Miscellaneous Events
Pan – Texas
Cravens Actors Reception
St. Anthony – Apple Core
Spaniel Event
Roughton Galleries – Gallery Walk
Chapman Party for Jones
Symphony Association Annual Meeting
Gatsby Garden Party
Golden Nugget Reception
#4, Miscellaneous, 1991
ICF [International Craniofacial Foundation/World Craniofacial Foundation] Chicken Hawks
Mimi Lay Hodges Birthday
New Orleans Stock
500, Inc.
Elaine Everitt
Dupree/ Miller Jose Eber
Texas Art Gallery – Dallas Times Herald
Dupree/ Miller John Amos
Brad’s Party
Masters of Croquet Kickoff
#5, Miscellaneous
Dallas Symphony – Summer Series
Theater 3
TACA at Pappadeaux
TACA Summer Party at the Lupe Murchison house
Worthington Groundbreaking
AMC Greenlakes – Rocketeer
Contract Design Center – Frank Lloyd Wright designs
D Magazine – Reception at Branson’s
Huffines Wedding
D Magazine – Soviet Space
City Czech
Montage Cake Cutting
SPCA [Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals] Annual Meeting
Lisa Kessler Headshot
#6, Miscellaneous Events
Sarah Norton – Venetian Room
Maroney Birthday
Melrose Hotel - B. T. Washington Reception
KVIL[Radio Station] – Scham and Hanson
NEXUS – LA Tour Trolley
Dallas Independent School District – Protest
Stephen Cotton Birthday
BOMA [Building Owners and Managers Association] Kickoff Stampede
Container Store
Schneider Party at Brook Hollow
Jill Sloan – Heath Party
Mark Chestnut Party and Concert
#7, Miscellaneous 1991
Garth Brooks/ Chris LeDoux
Deep in the Heart of Texas
Heart Ball
Margie August Daughter Bridal Shot
Wayne Headshot
Childworks at Valley Ranch
KVIL at Kempi’s
King Rehearsal Dinner
Medieval Times Groundbreaking
Paul Darden Party
#8, Miscellaneous, 1991
Lupton Rehearsal Dinner
Opera Ball
Girls Inc.
Southwestern Gala Preview
Beaux Arts Ball Kickoff
Wikert Wedding Party for Friends
World Cup Pre-Events
Brinker International Christmas Party
Strauss Christmas
#9, Miscellaneous, 1991
Roughton Galleries Christmas
Dallas Women’s Foundation Luncheon
Debutante Party on Swiss (Amy Talkington)
Aldersgate Church
Hamlisch- Anatomy of Peace
YPO [Young Presidents’ Organization] Christmas
I Delle Rabin Headshot
Mayor Annette Strauss – Irish Flag
Louise Mandrell at Meyerson
SPCA – NorthPark
Symphony Debutante Pre-Party
El Fenix Restaurant Christmas
D Magazine Cadillac
#10, Miscellaneous, 1991-1992
Timberlawn Christmas 1991
Tennis Party at Cass’s 1991
Hollinsworth/ Pepper Wedding
Sale Street – Vineyard Fair 1991
Kidney Foundation Luncheon 1991
USA Film at Tiffany’s 1991
Vogel Alcove Concert 1992
Helen Bryant/ Nancy Smith
Christmas Tree 1991
Southwestern Gala 1992
USA Film - Shelley Duvall 1992
Calvin Klein Reception
2 #11, Miscellaneous, 1988-1989
Golden Nugget Reception
Bridgette Bentley Birthday
Chili’s Restaurant Officers Party 12-13-1988
General Electric Capitol Golf
Multiple Sclerosis Bachelor Bid Kickoff 1989
Anatole Hotel - Aquino
#13, Miscellaneous 1991-1992
Texas Commerce Bank – Teller Triathlon 1-24-1992
Party for Carla 1-26-1992
Dallas Symphony Orchestra 10K Pre-Party
Dallas Symphony Orchestra Yes- Armstrong
Trolley Event – LA Tour
Leadership Texas – D’Art
National Jewish – Mario’s Chiquita
ESCADA Opening
Crystal Charity Ball New Members 1992
Crystal Charity Ball Charity Selection 1992
Multiple Sclerosis Rodeo Party at Stampede 1992
Crystal Charity Ball Table Setting 1991
Multiple Sclerosis Rodeo Party at Gazebo 1992
Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes 1992
Opera Committee Meeting
#14, Miscellaneous, 1991-1992
Children’s Craniofacial Christmas Party 1991
Paloma Picasso for Tiffany’s 2-7-1992
Great Texas State Fair Gala Kickoff 2-6-1992
Sally Brice Birthday 2-1-1992
500, Inc. Party with Gary Collins and Mary Ann Mobley
Suicide and Crisis Center Kickoff 1992
Multiple Sclerosis Multicities Walk Kickoff 1992
Crystal Charity Underwriting Kickoff 1992
Crystal Charity New Members Luncheon 1992
Sara Music Bat Mitzvah 1992
Multiple Sclerosis Rodeo Party at Beau Nash 1992
City of Dallas – Visit of Monterrey Mayor
Bloom – Jim Mills and Scottish Chefs
#15, Miscellaneous, 1992
Eberstein Bar Mitzvah Parties
Crystal Charity Ball – Special Gifts
Cousteau Society Cake
Farm Aid
Childworks at Lady Primrose
Leukemia Texas Dinner
Wendy Howe – Cat
Cremona Ad – DallasFACES
Embrace the Serpent Reception
Shamrock Run
Crystal Charity Ball – Charities Tour
Preston Fest - Super Cities Walk
Pro - Choice Rally
Crystal Charity Ball- Datebook Kickoff
Center Human Nutrition
City of Dallas – Consular Luncheon
Salvation Army Luncheon
Multiple Sclerosis Yellow Rose Gala
Texas Kid Anniversary Party
#16, Miscellaneous, 1992
USA Film Festival – Tony Curtis Parties
Beaux Arts Ball at Cass’s
Fight Night 4
Young Audiences – Bill Blass
Beaux Arts Ball
#17, Miscellaneous, 1992
USA Film Fest Week
Multiple Sclerosis Rodeo Events – Smith, Adophs, Rodeo
Press Club Headliner Announcement
TCB [Texas Commerce Bank?] Blitz
Volunteer Center Lunch
Women Helping Women
Elizabeth Gage Dallas
Lawyers Wives Luncheon
Jay Leno Reception
KVIL Teachers Chorus
#18, Miscellaneous, 1992
Barrett Reception
Dallas Symphony Orchestra – Sunday Fest
FINA/ Gatlin Brothers Gala & Events
Visit of President of Chile
Carson Art – Jack Palance
#19, Miscellaneous, 1992
Franco – American Luncheon
Cattle Baron's Ball – Dedman Party
Chelsea Street Securities – Milton Berle
Preston Royal Newsletter 6-1992
Cattle Baron's Ball
J. Crew Opening
Femme[s] Du Monde
Joe Campisi Golf
Dallas Symphony Orchestra Annual Meeting
Multiple Sclerosis Bach Bid Kickoff – Crescent
Susan G. Komen for the Cure – Washington
#20, Miscellaneous, 1979-1992
Catherine the Great
Blind Lemon – Art Bar Expansion
Leslie Crozier – Fairmont Event
Morton’s of Chicago – Becky Powell
Texas Music Alley Dedication 7-12-1992
Texas Music Awards 1981
WCT [World Championship Tennis] – DaVinci’s 5-1979 – missing
3 #21, Miscellaneous, 1992
Freedom Fest 7-5-1992
Flower Seller – Miscellaneous
Hansley Family at Gravesite
Sanger Harris – Singer, Bo Diddley
Taste of West End 7-19-1992
Annie Leibovitz – Photographer, Reception
Vickey Gnuse Birthday 7-18-1992
Go Perot [Ross Perot] Sign
Starck Club – Blow Monkeys
Texas Cowgirls at Playboy
Gilley’s 4th of July Fiasco
Girls Inc – Individual Shoot
D.J. Carr - 10 ½
Patti Wynne Pregnant
#22, Miscellaneous
Moscow – Last Show – Kremlin
KVIL vs. Bolton’s Bomber
Starck Club – Miscellaneous
Barry Wells
Miscellaneous - Out Car Window
Live Girl – Car Wreck
Fred Travelleno – Celebrity
Burl Ives – Celebrity
The Babies
Sammy Hagar
Quarter Flash
Robin Trower – Singer
Moody Blues – Band
Muddy Waters – Singer
Mickey Gilley for CBS
Gloria Vanderbilt
Sylvia Crystal
Englebert Humperdinck – Singer
Ray Charles – Singer
#23, Miscellaneous 1987
Willie Nelson – Singer - 4th of July 1987
USO (United Service Organizations) Gala
WHO Band Concert with Stevie Ray Vaughan - Singer
Ted Nugent – Fort Worth
#24, Miscellaneous.
Hard Rock Café – Opening
Starck Club – Dominatrix
Sleuth Reception
Wayne Newton – Singer
#25, Miscellaneous, 1992
USA Film Festival – Armand Assante
Mariel Hemingway
Kenny Rogers/ Eddie Rabbitt – Singers
Multiple Sclerosis Bachelor Preview – Boardwalk
Hugh Robinson Birthday
James Taylor – Singer
Nancy Hamon Barney’s Party
Multiple Sclerosis Bachelor Bid
Kidney Mother/ Daughter Luncheon
Robert Mosbacher – Ronald Reagan
Montage Kickoff
Barbier Press Photographs 8-21-1992
Harwood – Pacific Award
Montage – Broom Ball
#26, Miscellaneous, 1986-1987
Multiple Sclerosis - Rodeo
Ballet – Solarization
Amy Hansley Recital 1986
Austin Hansley Birthday 1986
Wendy Robbiens Halloween
Princess Grace Foundation Kickoff
Martin Aimes – Closseau Show
Circus – Unicorn
Ann Archer – Terry Jastrow
Stanley Marcus
Hansley Christmas 1987
Rocky Horror – Live Show
Dallas Ballet
Hansley Family – Susan Pregnant
Pia Zadora
Amy Hansley- First Birthday
Texas Shakespeare Festival Tour
Dallas Symphony Orchestra - DD Luckie
#27, Miscellaneous, 1992
Sheraton Grand Ballroom
Terry Gwin Birthday
Graphics Group - Kodak
Neiman Marcus - Mattito’s
Heart Ball- Scavenger Hunt
Greer Garson Theater Events
Montage Skating
Express Fashion Show
Crystal Charity Ball - Fashion Show
Jill Sloan Party for Friend
#28, Miscellaneous, 1992
Midnight at Meyerson Kickoff
Susan McAdams Luncheon
Greer Garson Dessert Reception
Kent Shop Anniversary
Fight Night Houston 9-2419-92
Greer Garson Community Tour 9-26-1992
USA Film- Harry Hausen
Heart Ball 1992
Leukemia Texas - Mi Casa
City of Dallas- Dijon
Preston Royal - Newsletter Oct. 2, 1992
Susan G. Komen for the Cure- Underwriters Party
Leukemia Texas Chili Cook-off
Worthington Dedication 10-12-1992
#29, Miscellaneous, 1992
The Big One - Bass Installation 10-15-1992
Graphics Group Halloween
Ragsdale Party at Dallas World Aquarium
Meadows Museum - Bonnelli Dinner
Bob Banner Teaching Class
Susan G. Komen for the Cure - Regis Check Presentation
Memphis Group Shot
Leontyne Price, Singer - Masters Class
Meadows Award
Soccer Party at The Big One
Bob Banner- Meadows Award Rehearsal
Hope Foundation- Lose Your Blues
1993 Multiple Sclerosis Rodeo Announcement Party 11-6-1992
#30, Miscellaneous, 1992
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Weekend 1992
4 #31, Miscellaneous, 1992
Catherine the Great - 250,000th Visitor
Mirage/ Golden Nugget- Ft. Worth
Southwestern Gala Press Party
UCP (United Cerebral Palsy) - Improv
American Indian Party
State Bank and Trust Opening
Bryan’s House Golf
Park Place Lexus Western Opening
Morton Downey Jr.
University of Missouri - Jefferson Club
Gazebo Interiors
Communities Foundation
Team Bank- Texas Christian University
#32, Miscellaneous, 1992
Team Bank- Christmas- Oak Lawn
Dallas Women’s Foundation
KVIL Christmas
Crystal Charity Ball
#33, Miscellaneous, 1991-1992
Dallas Symphony Orchestra - Governor’s- Musicians Luncheon 11-17-1992
Catherine the Great - Duke of Gloucester
Supercuts- Christmas 1992
Planet Rock Interiors
Lite 97.9- Christmas 1992
Ashby/ Godat Christmas 1991
Barrett Christmas 1992
Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center / KXAS Christmas 1992
Film Fest “Leap of Faith”
San Francisco Rose 15th Anniversary
Notre Dame/ St. Paul’s Kickoff
Susan G. Komen for the Cure / Brinker International Award
#34, Miscellaneous
Fearing Wedding
Jim and Lori Events
Haddock Wedding
Margie August’s Daughter Wedding
#35, Miscellaneous, 1992-1993
Hotel St. Germain- Ernst & Young
Ashby/ Godat Christmas 1992
Team Bank/ Bank One 12-22-1992
Bank One- Teddy Bears 12-18-1992
Bank One- Bedford 12-18-1992
Worthington- Interiors/ Exteriors 12-26-1992
Hansley Christmas Tree
Nance Chapman- Christmas Open House 1992
Cattle Baron's Ball Christmas 1992
Midnight at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center 1992
Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau New Years 1992
Carolyn Shamis 1-7-1993
Hill and Knowlton- America’s Treeways September 1-6,1993
Hyatt Laser Show 1-6-1993
#36, Miscellaneous, 1991-1993
Southwestern Gala Underwriters 1993
Black Tie & Boots- Washington 1993
Stanley Korshak Bridal Boutique
USA Film Fest- Kid Film Ad.
Cattle Baron's Ball - Christmas 1991
Cattle Baron's Ball - Gittings Window
Worthington Exteriors
USA Film Fest - Kid Film 1993
Worthington – DMA (Dallas Museum of Art) Tour
Liener Temerlin
Southwestern Gala 1993
Lu Ann Hicks Friend’s Birthday
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Affiliates 2-4-1993
#37, Miscellaneous, 1993
Worthington- Theatre 3 Reception
Crystal Charity Ball - New Member 3-3-1993
Mad Hatters Tea Party 3-3-1993
ESCADA - Gene Jones 2-9-1993
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Education Center
Stanley Korshak Bridal Boutique 1-14-1993
Leukemia Texas Irving 2-4-1993
Crystal Charity Ball- Charities Selection
National Tree Trust Lufkin
Crescent Club Valentines 2-13-1993
Crystal Charity Ball- New Members 1993
KVIL- Superbowl
Catholic Foundation McGill Award 2-10-1993
#38, Miscellaneous, 1992-1993
Anna and Andy Wedding
Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center – St. Paul’s Concert
Bank One - Best of the Best
Bank One- 2-26-1993
Crystal Charity Ball- Underwriting 1993
Ms Rodeo at the Gazebo 1992
Spain - 1993
#39, Miscellaneous, 1993
Linz Award
Price Waterhouse Academy Award Party
A.S.I.D. (American Society of Interior Designers) Gala 4-3-1993
Nexus Anniversary Party 4-1-1993
Crystal Charity Ball- Special Gifts
Bifulco- Exxon Sculpture
Hollywood USA Exteriors
Crystal Charity Ball - Barrett Reception
D Art - Senses Beyond Sight
Science Place/ OxyChem
Wynne Wedding, Miscellaneous
Southern Methodist University Science Place Pix
Volunteer Center Luncheon
Beaux Arts Ball
Real Estate Council Luncheon
Crystal Charity Ball - Check Presentation
Crystal Charity Ball - Clements Reception
Dallas Museum of Art Icon Tour - Worthington
Bank One - Habitat for Humanity
Lee Park Easter
#40, Miscellaneous, 1993
Leslie Crozier Headshot 3-18-1993
Leslie Crozier- People Magazine Breakfast
Bryan’s House Open House 3-25-1993
Multiple Sclerosis Rodeo
Bob Kruegar Reception 3-26-1993
Dallas Hospital District Luncheon
Highland School
David Webb Birthday
Northwood University Luncheon 5-18-1993
5 #41, Miscellaneous, 1993
Child Care Group Gala
Sherri Crow Party
KVIL “Last Cheers” Party
Fight Night 1993 – Leslie Crozier
Worthington Pool Party Jacqueline F. – Grand Kids
Girls, Inc. at J Crew
Wesav Reception – 5-26-1993
Executive Lecture Series – David Lereah
Bricey’s Bridal Portrait
Comerica Event – 6-1-1993
#42, Miscellaneous, 1993
Cattle Baron’s Ball – Children’s Party
Dallas Women’s Foundation – Circle of Honor
Mark Kohler Birthday
Delta Flying Colonels
Chip Armstrong Birthday
Sound of Freedom MCI BBQ
Park Cities Gallery - Ann Cushing Gantz
MIX Radio 102.9 Cheers Party
Bullington Going Away Party
#43, Miscellaneous, 1993
USA Film Festival
Italy, May
#44, Miscellaneous, 1993
Cattle Baron’s Ball
Worthington - Crescent Club
Real Estate Council Luncheon 6-10-1993
Dallas Symphony Orchestra at Flagpole Hill
Edna’s 75th Birthday
Sol’s Taco Lounge
Highland Park Café
Susan Woodruff Birthday
Frontier of Flight
Accessories Faux Real
Bastille Day-Buffalo Club
#45, Miscellaneous, 1984-1988
SPCA Dog Bowls
Mary Kay Museum Opening
Crescent-Marketing Center 6-22-1984, 6-25-1984, 2-15-1985
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Dallas Cares
Crescent Club – Larry Hagman Party 1988
Arts for Humanity
#46, Miscellaneous, 1993
Tommy Tune
CIAO Z Opening
KD Headbook Party
Mi Cocina Opening
Dallas Ballet-Lee Park
Gene Jones-Lilly Dodson
Business Committee for the Arts Luncheon
Quadrangle Quake
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Article-Scene Magazine
Sonny Bryan’s – Macy’s
Linda Frame Headshot - Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Eberstein Bar Mitzvah
Susan G. Komen for the Cure - St. John Boutique
Marilyn Schwartz Reception
Fonya – Headshot
Carla McKinley-Party for her Mom
#47, Miscellaneous, 1979-1993
Z Z Top
Dallas Women’s Foundation 1988
USA Film – Cheryl Ladd/Kenwohl
Cattle Baron's Ball 1986
Morton G. Meyerson Symphony Orchestra Press Conf. 2-15-1989
Davidson Wedding
Dallas Cologne 1988
Nichols/Melman Wedding
True Stories Premiere
Dallas Youth Found –Lasorda
Leukemia Texas Luncheon 1990
DaVinci's 2-28-1979
Edelman Related Negatives
Cattle Baron's Ball at Stanley Korshak
USO Gala
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
DL Coburn/David Mecey
Neiman Marcus Shoes 2-28-1990
Gatsby Ball 1989
Bastille Day Miscellaneous 1993
Miscellaneous Neg. System 1
Sammy Hagar
Elizabeth Taylor at North Park Neiman Marcus
#48, Miscellaneous, 1987-1993
Jack Lemmon – USA Film Festival
Texas Music Awards
Tina Turner at Tango
Byran’s House - Just Brakes 8-3-1993
MIX 102.9-Bill Lee
Bill Noble Publicity
Huey Lewis – Mistral
Tommy’s 10-8-1987
Gary Morris
James Mason/Ginger Rogers
KVIL 20th Anniversary
Cavelletto Opening
Hamlisch – Anatomy of Peace
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Luncheon
Bob Wade Reception
Starck Club – Swimwear
Sfuzzy – NY
Crescent Club – Larry Hagman Party
Dallas Women’s Foundation Lunch 1988
Randy White’s Opening 8-31-1993
#49, Miscellaneous, 1985-1993
Multiple Sclerosis Rodeo – the Judds
Jesuit College Preparatory School
Meek Anniversary Party 8-14-1993
Bridge Breast Cancer Center
Montage ’93 – Texas Monthly
Aetna Headshots
Bartlett Christmas card
Laura – Crystal Charity Ball Reception
KVIL – Outdoor shot
8.0 Restaurant – Reopening
Shawne Fielding/Charlie Williams
Post Family-Oklahoma 12-10-1985
Dallas Symphony Orchestra Ball 1985
Crystal Charity Ball – Best Dressed 1993
Randy Galloway – Cherry Oakley
#50, Miscellaneous, 1993
Heart Ball
UT Southwestern/Cuburn
Fe Zandi Recep. 1993
Aetna-Richardson YWCA
Baron Cass Birthday 1993
Texas University / Oklahoma University Mayors Trophy
Bill Noble at Gazebo
NAB(National Association of Broadcasters) Miscellaneous
Cynthia Michaels Promo
Multiple Sclerosis Committee – Patrizio’s Restaurant
Galeri Kornye – Salazar
6 #51, Miscellaneous, 1993
Bryan’s House Putt-a-Thon
Challenge of Breast Cancer – 9-24-1993
Jerry Stone Event
American Indian Arts Press Conference
Twinkle & Andy’s Party
Leukemia Texas Chili Cook-off
Aetna – Board Meeting
Montage ’93 – Kickoff
#52, Miscellaneous, 1986-1993
Connie Francis/Mel Tillis
Dynasty Ball 1986
Women Helping Women 1993
David Burrows Luncheon/ Susan G. Komen for the Cure Race Meeting
Bastille Day 1993
Crystal Charity Ball at Neiman Marcus, Chanel
Catherine Deneuve
Franco/American Hazelton Party
#53, Miscellaneous, 1993
Texas Film and Video Magazine Test 9-19-1993
Donna Beavers – The Mansion
Crystal Charity Ball – Underwriting and Datebook Wrap 10-20-1993
Crystal Charity Ball – Major Underwriters 10-28-1993
Burrows – Halloween 10-30-1993
Shawne Fielding – Headshot 11-4-1993
Shannon Wynne – Self Magazine 11-8-1993
Minyard Food Fair – 11-7-1993
Salvation Army – Bill Waugh Reception
Pruitt Headshots – Gallier and Wittenburg
KVIL “Drive Time Drive Away” 11-6-1993
University of Texas Southwestern – Bashour Dinner
Trinity Ministries 11-15-1993
Opera Ball for Dolly
Linz Award Kickoff
African-American Museum Gala and Opening
#54, Miscellaneous, 1993-1994
Ronnie Milsap 11-9-1993
Bill Noble Opening 11-16-1993
Donna Beavers Breakfast 11-11-1993
Salvation Army DAC (Disaster Assistance Center?) 12-4-1993
Swiss Ave. Tour of Homes – Donna Bearers Open House
Renee Cross Bridal Portraits
Cotton Party 12-3-1993
Dallas Women’s Foundation 12-2-1993
USA Film Kid Film Reception 1-22-1994 C, D
#55, Miscellaneous, 1993
National Center Learning Disabilities
Crescent Club Children’s Christmas 12-8-1993
Dallas Opera – La Traviata
Shawne/ Charlie with Children (2900)
Science Place Christmas
Dallas Opera Dinner
Dallas Opera (additional pix from La Traviata) December 15, 18, 1993
#56, Miscellaneous, 1993
CEO Institute 11-2-1993
California Pizza Kitchen 10-25-1993
Suzan Powter Reception 10-29-1993
Bryan’s House Golf 1993
Crystal Charity Ball at MLK, Jr.
Crystal Charity Ball
Turtle Creek Chorale “Oz”
Hyatt Golf at Dallas Fort Worth Airport
Neiman Marcus / Horchow Catalogue Events
#57, Miscellaneous, 1993-1994
Park Place Lexus 11-4-1993
North Park Central Groundbreaking 11-9-1993
Park Place Mercedes 11-18-1993
Murray’s Birthday 11-19-1993
Charlie and Shawne’s New Year’s 1993
Crescent Club New Year’s 1993
Ashby/Godat Christmas 1993
Vanessa Dress Rehearsal
Sherry Crow Evergreen Headshot
Flying Dutchman Dress Rehearsal 1-25-1994
#58, Miscellaneous, 1993-1994
Stubbs Davis
Elliott Birthday 1-16-1994
Lloyd Paxton/ASID Reception 1-22-1994
USA Film/Rubyin Paradise 10-27-1993
Noble Interiors
Junior League Party 1-20-1994
Planet Hollywood-Wall breaking 2-7-1994
Junior League Ball 1-28-1994
Fe Zandi Reception 2-3-1994
Flying Dutchman Reception 1-27-1994
Graeme Jenkins/Greiner Middle School 2-2-1994
Dallas Opera Backstage Dinner 2-1-1994
Graeme Jenkins/Opera Conductor
1994 McGill Award 2-2-1994
House of Blues-New Orleans 1-29-1994
#59, Miscellaneous, 1994
Gene Jones Reception Lilly Dodson 2-18-1994
Cowboy Parade 2-18-1994
YWCA Family of the Year
Dallas Symphony/Tom Thumb 10K Kickoff
Rodeo Quesco – Tina Fay
Express America – Hard Rock
Crystal Charity Ball at Dallas Country Club 2-24-1994
Planet Hollywood – Patrick Swayze
Crystal Charity Ball - New Members Luncheon 3-2-1994
KISS-FM (Radio Station) Anniversary 2-28-1994
#60, Miscellaneous, 1994
Crystal Charity Ball at Brook Hollow Country Club / New Members
David Griffin 2-28-1994
Natalie Elliott
University of Texas – Oklahoma University Concert
American Indian Reception
Dallas Opera – Greiner School
Ann Scovell Test
Sherry Crow – Evergreen Gala
Gregory’s Family Place
Massingill Billboard
Cotton Wedding
Crescent Club Managers Party
7 #61, Miscellaneous, 1994
Loyd Paxton 4-14-1994
USA Film Festival – John Waters 3-31, 4-1-1994
Shawne and Charlie Headshots Again
Sweet Briar College Reception 4-5-1994
Girls, Inc Luncheon 4-5-1994
Multiple Sclerosis Rodeo Weekend
#62, Miscellaneous, 1994
Crescent Club Mother’s Day 5-8-1994
Parkland Hospital 100th Anniversary 5-6-1994
ESCADA Fashion 5-11-1994
Pet Pal in Coppell 5-7-1994
Cynthia Sutton for Cosmo 6-1-1994
Dallas Child Advocacy at Sipango Restaurant
Tom Thumb – Cheese Award 5-23-1994
Bob Wade – Fish at Dallas Museum Art
LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) Skins Game Reception 5-27-1994
#63, Miscellaneous, 1994
Tulsa Fight Night 4-28-1994
Pet Pals at the Zoo 5-3-1994
Crescent Club Members Party 5-11-1994
Susan Parish/Jeffrey Engage 5-14-1994
Crystal Charity Ball – Jenny Reeves
Dallas Opera – Angel Luncheon 4-18-1994
Leukemia Texas Celebrity Waiters 5-18-1994
Susan G. Komen for the Cure 5-12-1994
Atlantic Café 5th Anniversary 5-21-1994
Ivy Party 5-21-1994
#64, Miscellaneous, 1994
Kathy West Birthday
ASID-Rusty Rose 4-8-1994
Dallas Child Advocacy 4-12-1994
Monica’s 4-7-1994
Rita Harvey’s Sister Reception 4-7-1994
ASID – Stern Tour and Exhibit 4-9-1994
MS Rodeo Delta Creek 4-12-1994
FINA Scholarship Dinner
Beaux Arts Ball 4-23-1994
Child Care Group Gala 4-16-1994
Concours D’Elegance 4-23-1994
USA Film Fest Week April 22-28, 1994
Bryan’s House Open House 4-24-1994
#65, Miscellaneous, 1994
Pet Pal – Tom Thumb
Shawne and Charlie’s Reception 6-11-1994
Lloyd Paxton Fete Noire et Blanc 5-7-1994
Frontiers of Flight 6-4-1994
amfAR Events June 9-10, 1994
Buckaroo Ball 6-25-1994
Wade Party 6-24-1994
AMC Grand Press Conference 6-8-1994
#67, Miscellaneous, 1994
Boys and Girls Club 6-11-1994
Miss Firecracker 7-3-1994
Osborne’s Friend Birthday 6-29-1994
Austin’s Birthday
24 Carat Club Gala 9-17-1994
Fine Jewelry Show 9-19-1994
#68, Miscellaneous, 1994
EDs - World Cup Museum Party 6-9-1994
Cowboys – Arlington Opening
Gallopin’ Gala Kickoff
Lilly Dodson – Manuel
Cat at SPCA for Sutton
Two Kenny Rogers Event 8-13-1994
Planet Hollywood-North Texas Film 8-14-1994
Santa Fe – Miscellaneous 6-24-1994
#69, Miscellaneous, 1994
Shawne and Charlie’s Reception 6-11-1994
Santa Fe Vacation 9-1-1994
Planet Hollywood Opening 8-22-1994
Crystal Charity Ball Best Dressed Fashion September 8- 9, 1994
Stanley Korshak Fashion 9-14-1994
Susan G. Komen for the Cure - Sprint Check 7-21-1994
USA Film - Russ Meyer 11-3-1994
#70, Miscellaneous, 1994
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Weekend 1994
Fight Night Houston 10-13-1994
TCJJ Luncheon 9-27-1994
Gallopin’ Gala - Sipango 9-29-1994
Bartlett Christmas card 1994
London Trip 10-12-1994
Jerry Ford Party 9-30-1994
Gallopin’ Gala 10-1-1994
Q Grill Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake 10-4-1994
Susan G. Komen for the Cure - Race Publicity Pix 9-27-1994
Palm Anniversary Party 9-22-1994
Aquarium Party
Gigi and Jim’s Party at Wikert’s 9-14-1994
Susan G. Komen for the Cure – Judy Rhodes Fashion 9-15-1994
KVIL Open House – 9-22-1994
Texas Business Hall of Fame Reception 9-16-1994
Susan G. Komen for the Cure – Aetna Check 9-12-1994
Evergreen Gala – Kickoff 8-24-1994
Tom Thumb - Arlington Opening 8-24-1994
8 #71, Miscellaneous, 1994
USA Film/Curse of the Starving Class 10-14-1994
Sapphire Charity Meeting 11-2-1994
Koda Halloween 10-29-1994
La Bohème Cast Party 11-2-1994
YWCA Family of the Year Kickoff 11-1-1994
Sonny Bryan’s Interiors 11-2-1994
Fur Ball 10-22-1994
Crow Luncheon 10-19-1994
Apples to Zinnia’s 10-26-1994
#72, Miscellaneous, 1994
Crystal Charity Ball - Major Donor 10-27-1994
Carlos Falchi Opening 11-10-1994
Press Club Gridiron Headliner Anniversary 11-9-1994
North Wedding Reception 11-5-1994
Trinity Ministries Gala Thank You
Bobby Norris Rodeo Event 9-30-1994
Matrix Awards, Casa View Auto
Donna Silverman Headshot 10-17-1994
Jennifer Fox Headshot 12-9-1994
#73, Miscellaneous, 1994
Galleria – Sapphire Charity Pix 11-25-1994
David Griffin Co. 12-13-1994
Schelegal Christmas 12-2-1994
NuVo Jewelry Designer 12-1-1994
Sewell Christmas 12-21-1994
Cotton Birthday 12-16-1994
Jerry Ford / Jeannette Christmas 12-16-1994
Diane Cash Birthday 12-17-1994
Price Waterhouse Open House 12-15-1994
La Bohème Dress Rehearsal 10-31-1994
Coronation of Poppea 11-16-1994
Shelmire Family Reunion 11-27-1994
#74, Miscellaneous, 1994
Cinderella Dress Rehearsal, 12-5-1994
Crystal Charity Ball
Price Waterhouse Christmas 12-10-1994
#75, Miscellaneous, 1994
Ashroy Christmas Caroling 12-24-1994
Dallas Women’s Foundation 12-8-1994
Cattle Baron's Ball 9-10-1994
Richard Fisher / Loyd Bentsen
London Miscellaneous 10-11-1994
Texas Embassy Cantina 10-11-1994
Garden Gala 11-12-1994
Buford Berry Birthday/Wedding Reception, 11-19-1994
#76, Miscellaneous, 1994-1995
Valentino Backstage 1-4-1995
Dress Rehearsal 1-4-1995
Opening Night 1-6-1995
Sara Hickman’s Party for Friends 1-8-1995
Inaugural Gala 1-17-1995
Sheraton Park Central Group
Quest for Success Additional Pix 12-17-1994
Cowboy’s Arlington 12-7-1994
USA Film Festival-Kid Film January 21-22, 1995
Cynthia Sutton Birthday 1-14-95
Rigoletto Dress Rehearsal 1-24-1995
#77, Miscellaneous, 1995
Evergreen Gala Pre-Party 1-26-1995
Crystal Charity Ball - Charity Selection 2-1-1995
ASID – Lacerte Reception 1-26-1995
Junior League 2-3-1995
Sonny Bryan’s Las Colinas 2-8-1995
KVIL Alpine Tour February 1995
Children’s Medical Party
Sara Hickman Concert
Trisha Crisp Going Away 2-15-1995
Norsworthy Party 2-10-1995
#78, Miscellaneous, 1995
YWCA Family of the Year 2-28-1995
Ballet Dallas 3-3-1995
Evergreen Gala 3-4-1995
Hockaday Gala 3-11-1995
Frontiers of Flight 3-18-1995
Crystal Charity Ball 3-8-1995
Pavarotti Events 2-4-1995
FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation) - Belgian PM 2-10-1995
#79, Miscellaneous, 1995
USA Film Festival 1995
#80, Miscellaneous, 1995
Mr. Stanley’s Birthday (Stanley Marcus) 4-28, 29-1995
Ballet Dallas 4-21-1995
Kidney Foundation - Wine Tasting Kickoff
Crozier and Henderson Events 6-1-1995
9 #81, Miscellaneous, 1995
Event for Leslie 4-28-1995
Sonny Bryan’s 4-9-1995
Mexican Cultural Center 4-25-1995
Ballet Dallas 4-21-1995
Dallas Military Ball
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Saks Fashion 5-13-1995
Childcare Group Gala 4-29-1995
Whittenberg Birthday 5-31-1995
Greenhill School 6-3-1995
Voices of Change 5-21-1995
YWCA- Capital Campaign 6-13-1995
Shuford Party 6-9-1995
Susan G. Komen for the Cure - Race Office 6-8-95
YWCA - Mentors and Allies 6-7-1995
Crystal Charity Ball- Mid-Year Lunch 6-7-1995
Susan G. Komen for the Cure - Race NP Announcement 6-14-1995
#82, Miscellaneous, 1995
Susan Gwin Birthday 4-14-1995
Bob Wade – Austin Chuy’s
Van Cliburn – Steinway Hall 4-15-1995
Crystal Charity Ball – Advisory Board Reception 4-11-1995
Crystal Charity Ball – Check Presentation 3-31-1995
Farmers Market Chef 4-1-1995
8.0 Restaurant Anniversary
Sweetheart Ball and Reception April 7-8, 1995
Beaux Arts Ball Reception 4-5-1995
Dallas Garden Society Easter Egg 4-8-1995
Press Club Gridiron 4-8-1995
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Race – Breakfast at Tiffany’s 3-25-1995
Gail Johansen Birthday 4-3-1995
Child Care Group Pix 4-6-1995
#83, Miscellaneous, 1995
Academy Awards Party 3-27-1995
YWCA - Capital Campaign 6-13-1995
Gallier & Whittenberg – Gables 6-14-1995
Electro Home Party 6-16-1995
KVIL Event 6-22-1995
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Race – Home Interiors Check 6-27-1995
Highland Park 1965 30 Year Reunion 6-24-1995
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Race at Barney’s 6-24-1995
Dallas AMB – Forum at Lacertes 5-5-1995
Mexico Trip 7-1-1995
Dallas Women’s Foundation Circle of Honor 6-27-1995
#84, Miscellaneous, 1995
Highland Park Village Art Gallery 5-8-1995
Norsworthy Party 6-3-1995
Norsworthy Party 5-21-1995
YMCA 4-27-1995
Opera Sweetheart Ball 5-13-1995
Kentucky Derby Party 5-6-1995
Mel Gibson 5-6-1995
Wyndham Anatole “Fantasy Island” 7-8-1995
Norsworthy Party Dallas World Aquarium 7-7-1995
Boys and Girls Club – Circus 7-13-1995
#85, Miscellaneous, 1995
Bryan’s House Annual Meeting 4-25-1995
Bryan’s House – Brian and Kids
Barbier Party 5-4-1995
Crystal Charity Ball Breakfast 3-3-1995
Coopers & Lybrand Golf
Multiple Sclerosis Rodeo 1995
#87, Miscellaneous, 1995
Leslie/ Care 10-16-1995
Autism Event 10-1-1995
Stanley Korshak Jewelry 9-28-1995
USA Film- Donen
Kathryn Baumen
Crystal Charity Ball - Best Dressed 9-7-1995
Susan G. Komen for the Cure - Rainbow Runners 8-17-1995
Women’s Suffrage 8-26-1995
Men for the Cure- 10-2-1995
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Race for the Cure Event 8-26-1995
Fashion Show for Dallas Country Club 10-11-1995
Stanley Korshak at the Greene’s 10-5-1995
Visiting Nurses 10-9-1995
Elsa Klensch at Lily Dodson’s 8-23-1995
In the Pink at Aerobics Center 10-7-1995
Michael Kors at the Gazebo 9-22-1995
Ballas Reception 8-24-1995
Farmers Market- Pepper Fest
ESCADA Fashion 10-11-1995
E Bar S Ranch Duke of Ireland 10-11-1995
Armstrong School 10-21-1995
Ballas Fashion 10-21-1995
Beaux Arts Ball Kickoff 10-10-1995
Crozier Event 10-19-1995
Ballet Dallas 10-18-1995
Crystal Charity Ball – Underwriters 10-26-1995
#88, Miscellaneous, 1995
Hunt Family 12-10-1995
Beaux Arts Ball Reception 11-16-1995
USA Film – James Earl Jones 12-1-1995
Hard Rock – Bryan’s House Check 11-30-1995
Junior League at Rose’s 11-29-1995
Akin, Gump… 11-18-1995
IMAX 11-30-1995
YWCA - Family of Year Announcement 11-8-1995
Ivana Trump
Bryan’s House Reception 10-23-1995
Junior League Rehearsal 11-13-1995
SPCA Fur Ball 10-28-1995
Tablescapes 11-30-1995
Plano Realty Event 11-7-1995
#89, Miscellaneous, 1996
Dallas Women’s Foundation 11-20-1996
Fojtasek Halloween 10-31-1996
Giant 9-20-1996
Dallas Women’s Foundation Circle of Honor 6-12-1996
Parkland Homes Event 6-1-1996
Toscana Party 6-17-1996
Dallas Arboretum Event 5-30-1996
#90, Miscellaneous 1996
Mi Cocina 9-25-96
Church’s-Habitat 9-18-1996
Lauck Group Design 9-19-1996
Bon Appétit
ESCADA 10-9-1996
Montgomery Headshot
Northwood University
Texas Business Hall of Fame 1996
10 #91, Miscellaneous, 1996
Leslie’s Event 4-30-1996
Nabors and Friends 4-18-1996
Opera Wine Auction 4-19-1996
Kidney Foundation Tea
Beaux Arts Ball at the Greene’s 4-10-1996
Pool Millionaire
Leeann Kendrick Party
Crystal Charity Ball Underwriters 4-10-1996
Elizabeth Taylor 4-24-1996
Clay Walker 4-26-1996
USA Film/ Shakespeare Maloney Reception
Crystal Charity Ball New Members 3-26-1996
AT&T Academy Awards 3-25-1996
USA Film - “Up Close and Personal”
USA Film – Polly Platt
Susan G. Komen for the Cure – NP 10-3-1996
US/ Mexico Chamber Lunch 4-17-1996
Beaux Arts Ball Preview 4-24-1996
Beaux Arts Ball 4-27-1996
#92, Miscellaneous, 1995-1996
Kidney Luncheon 8-23-1995
Chuck Norris 9-13-1995
Crystal Charity Ball – Best Dressed 9-7-1995
Lee Park – Easter 1996 4-7-1996
Downtown Developer Headshot 11-10-1995
Dallas Women’s Foundation 11-15-1995
Cheryl Headshot
Michelle Test
Ev’lyn PJ Model Test
Bob Hope Reception Fairmont Hotel
Catharine Crier 4-9-1996
PI BETA PHI 4-9-1996
#93, Miscellaneous, 1995
Magic Johnson Galleria 11-29-1995
Beaux Arts Ball – Stanley Korshak 12-14-1995
Dallas Opera – Romeo & Juliet Cast Party 12-15-1995
Ballet Dallas – Nutcracker 12-15-1995
IMAX Tour 11-30-1995
Page Parks 12-8-1995
Thornton Party 11-10-1995
Ballet Dallas 12-15-1995
Tricia Wilson Party 12-17-1995
Westinghouse Security 12-17-1995
Bob Wade – Ft. Worth 11-15-1995
Sewell Christmas 12-21-1995
Voyager Store Opening
Price Waterhouse Christmas 12-9-1995
#94, Miscellaneous, 1996
First Financial – Marino 6-28-1996
Beck Weathers
First Financial – Mankoff 7-1-1996
Shawne’s Birthday 6-27-1996
ESCADA - Munich
Sweetheart Ball Reception 4-12-1996
Sweetheart Ball 4-13-1996
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Race Event 5-17-1996
Bryan’s House Open House 5-14-1996
Crystal Charity Ball – Fashion Luncheon 5-15-1996
Grand Prix Directors Reception 5-22-1996
DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) Opening Day 6-14-1996
Leslie’s Event 6-19-1996
Sambuca – Emmitt Smith 6-6-1996
DART Event at Union Station 6-13-1996
#95, Miscellaneous, 1996-1997
Greenhill School 4-13-1997
Susan G. Komen for the Cure 10-18-1996
Susan G. Komen for the Cure 10-17-1996
#96, Miscellaneous, 1997
Faye Dunaway
Stedman Graham
Meals on Wheels 4-16-1997
USA Film Fest
Author at Borders Books
Ultimo Opening
Texas Film Awards
Salma Hayek
#98, Miscellaneous, 1996-1997
DTV 7-17-1997
Michael Johnson at Planet Hollywood
Ralph Lauren Polo 10-2-1996
DART Opening
Science Place at Carter Malouf 9-11-1996
Cheerleaders at Joey’s 8-4-1997
Montage Directors with Nasher 8-8-1997
#99, Miscellaneous, 1995-1996
Crozier & Henderson 8-29-1995
Kidney Foundation Reception 8-9-1995
500, Inc. 5-30-1996
Kidney Foundation Lunch 8-23-1995
KVIL Listener Wedding 8-23-1995
Anatole Hotel – Kids Cooking 8-27-1995
Ballet Dallas – Prestonwood 6-24-1995
Susan G. Komen for the Cure – Rainbow Runners
Farmers Market 5-2-1995
Palmlund Wedding Portrait
#100, Miscellaneous, 1996
Shawne’s Aids Arms Party 5-19-1996
2500 Deep Elm
11 Unidentified folder of negatives, 12 sheets, lettered, no dates
“A” 1998
Sweetheart Ball Reception 4-17-1998
Sweetheart Ball 4-18-1998
AMC 5-18-1998
Gridiron 1998 5-30-1998
Michael Faircloth 5-26-1998
“B” 1998
Ruby Room Opening
PF Chang’s 3-26-1998
Film Fest 98
Melanie Griffith
Titanic Dinner 4-14-1998
Children’s Medical [Center Foundation] President’s Lunch
Vocal Majority
JDF- Buenos Aires
Salvation Army Luncheon
ESCADA Fall 1998
Stoneleigh P Anniversary
Planet Hollywood- Major League
Laurel Barrett
Art Fest 1998
Savvy Awards
Party at Mike Mullen’s
Neiman Marcus at Granada Theater
AirBud at Planet Hollywood
Circus at Planet Hollywood
Elton John 8-8-1998
Dallas Fort Worth – Dunning
Andrea’s Birthday
Southwestern Medical – Marcus Dinner
“C” 1997
Kidney Foundation Luncheon 9-9-1997
Legend Airlines
Musick Christmas
Aerial Innovations 12-4-1997
Crawford Christmas 12-24-1997
Crystal Charity Ball
Rachofsky’s Party
Harley Hog Heaven
Lone Wolf
Howie Long at Planet Hollywood
Sewell Christmas 12-18-1997
Dallas Women’s Foundation
“D” 1997-1998
Churches Event 9-17-1997
Walker, Texas Ranger “Lucas” 9-14-1997
Shelter Golf
Autism 9-20-1997
ADA Headshots
“Ladies Room” 3-19-1998
USA Film - Shelly Duvall
500, Inc. 3-21-1998
Japan American Society 3-10-1998
Highland Park Village – National Historical
Sewell Emp. Party 2-26-1998
Texas Exes 2-28-1998
PF Chang’s 3-28-1998
TCI Cable at African- American Museum
Boys and Girls Club 6-23-1998
Dallas Fort Worth Circle of Honor 1998
“E” 1998
George Hamilton 4-1-1998
Cattle Baron's Ball at Lilly Dodson 8-21-1998
Mitchell Anniversary
YPO Party at McGarr’s 9-11-1998
Arts for People 9-10-1998
Cigar Lifestyles Show 9-25-1998
HPV [Highland Park Village?] Food and Wine 10-3-98
Dallas Forth Worth – Alumni Luncheon 98
Dallas Fort Worth – Diversity
USA Film Festival – Love is the Devil
Egypt – Oct. 1998
Corrigan - 11-5-1998
“F” 1996-1997
Linz Award 4-8-1997
ESCADA 4-16-1997
Meals on Wheels 4-16-1997
Salma Hayek
Scotland 1997
Evergreen Gala 1997
Deason Christmas 12-14-96
Crystal Charity Ball
Costa Rica
“H” 1998-2000
Special Olympics Event 12-11-1998
Hawking Reception
Stanzel Party 12-12-1998
Turkey Event 11-26-1998
Sasso – Infinity Car
Aerial Innovations Christmas 1998
Bill Hayner Birthday 1998
Shelter Golf 9-28-1998
Fairmont Hotel - Gingerbread
V.O.A. [Volunteers of America?] – Shuck and Jive
Haddock Retirement 8-4-2000
“I” 1996-1997
Dyslexia Event Lilly Dodson’s 4-1-1996
Deton [Denton?] Foundation
Rosewood 1-3-1997
Chanel Fashion 9-19-1996
Sweetheart Ball Reception 4-11-1997
Chip Moody Golf 6-21-1997
Texas Boys Choir 9-17-1996
Tootsies Exteriors 7-25-1997
Fairmont French Chef 8-6-1997
Amen Wardy 8-14-1997
Elvis at Fairmont 8-16-1997
Leave it to Beaver
Planet Hollywood - Kevin Sorbo
Kidney foundation Luncheon Reception 8-28-1997
Steven Seagal Concert
Leningrad Cowboys
Cattle Baron's Ball 9-13-1997
“J” 1997
Strauss Anniversary 9-6-1997
Kidney Foundation Chairwomen Photographs
Leslie’s Event at Prestonwood
LeAnn Rimes
Bryan’s House Gala 9-2-1997
500, Inc. Holly Jolly Follies 12-15-1997
Lone Wolf Café
YPO Christmas 12-5-1997
Beshears Party
Buffett Event for Leslie 11-13-1997
500, Inc. Bow Tie Bash 11-8-1997
Salvation Army at Dedman
500, Inc. Headshots
Nature Conservancy
Kick Drugs 12-8-1997
12 Miscellaneous #101, 1993-1994
African American Museum Gala 11-12-1993
Crystal Charity Ball – Best Dressed 1993
Crystal Charity Ball – Cass Reception
Crystal Charity Ball at DCC [Dallas Country Club?] 2-24-1994
Planet Hollywood – Patrick Swayze 2-25-1994
Crystal Charity Ball at Brook Hollow Gulf Club 2-2-1994
Miscellaneous #102, 1997
Patrick Kennedy 5-19-1997
Hunter Sullivan at The Joint 6-12-1997
Relocation Partners 5-15-1997
Europe Trip 5-1997
Slaughter Birthday 6-6-1997
Dallas Forth Worth - Circle of Honor 6-4-1997
Walk About
Coopers & Lybrand Golf
Dallas Ambassador Forum May 9-10, 1997
Miscellaneous #103 1996-1997
Fight Night 1997
Tom Arnold at the Planet Hollywood
KVIL/ Coors Event 7-10-1997
Jungle Red Party
Shannon’s Babies
Wine Dinner at Dallas Country Club
ML Leddy’s Ft. Worth
Fojtasek’s Grandchildren
Chickenhawk’s 12-20-1996
Sonny Bryan’s DFW 11-12-1996
Tootsies Interiors 7-24-1997
Walker Texas Rangers 12-14-1996
Cindy Crawford – Planet Hollywood
Miscellaneous 1996
Geena Davis at Planet Hollywood
Starck Club – Dennis Rodman
MS Rodeo – Merle Haggard
USA Film – Ian McClelland
“K” 1997
Seay 9-30-97
Palm Restaurant – Family Place 9-18-1997
USA Film Festival- Jon Voight 9-20-1997
Positively Texas
Fults Barbeque
HPV Food and Wine 10-4-1997
ESCADA 10-8-97
Tom Stone Birthday 10-11-1997
Cullen Ranch 10-23-1997
Arts for People 10-30-1997
Joey’s Halloween 10-31-1997
25th Anniversary WCT [World Championship Tennis]
“Cowboys Cheerleaders” Binder
Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, Neiman Marcus – Fortnight Opening Events
Miscellaneous 1999-2000
USAFF [USA Film Festival] XXX
Mexican American Event
Herman Group Open House
Suzanne McKee 1-17-1999
TCI – CSPAN 1-28-1999
USA Film- Kid Film 1-23-1999
Zoo Party
TCI – Colleyville
Soccer 7-24-1999
Heath Birthday 7-24-1999
Adams Mark New Year’s 2000
Mexico April 2000
Liberty Noodles
Communities Foundation 8-8-2000
Health Expo 10-06-2000
13 Events 1980-1990
1980 & 1991 Plaza Show Negatives.
1985-86 & 1990-94
La Boheme Dress Rehearsal 10-31-1994
USA Film – Curse of the Starving Class 10-14-1994
Comerica 12-22-1994
[Unknown 30 exp.]
Harmon Reception at E Bar
Sanger Harris Reunion
Park Place Lexus 11-4-1993
Film Fest 1992
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Washington - Miscellaneous
Dallas Women’s Foundation Luncheon1990
Stanely Korshak - Cattle Baron’s Ball Fashion
Pebble Willie Try Wedding
Cattle Baron's Ball
Negatives to slides miscellaneous
Nick’s Uptown – Johnny Reno
Amy’s Recital 1985
Beaux Arts Ball- Last Hurrah!
[Unknown 31 exp.] 4-7-1994
Model test
David Burrows Brunch – Susan G. Komen for the Cure Meeting at Westin July 11-12, 1993
Paul Simon Sound Check 6-10-1994
Cole Smith Wedding
Miss Universe – Swimsuit
Miss Universe – Miss Israel
Hansley Family at Gravesite
Bloomingdale’s Texas Anniversary Party
USA Film – Charles Bronson / Lee Marvin
USA Film – Quinn, Steiger, Reed
USA Film – David Carradine
USA Film – Lee Grant
Gourmet Gala 1986
Fright Night 4
Gourmet Gala – 3-2-1985
Miss Universe Dress Rehearsal
Model Test
1987-1988 Susan G. Komen for the Cure
1989 Susan G. Komen for the Cure Luncheon, Race
1990 Aspen
1990 Cattle Baron's Ball
1990 Crystal Charity Ball
1990 Crystal Charity Ball Events #2
1990 ICF [International Craniofacial Foundation/World Craniofacial Foundation] Events, Washington , D.C. includes Senate hearings, tour, White House, gala; Dick Clark Rock Ball
1990 Susan G. Komen for the Cure Events
14 Events 1991
Parkinson’s Disease Events
Dallas Press Club Events
Dallas Military Ball
1991 ICF [International Craniofacial Foundation/World Craniofacial Foundation] Events
Harold Simmons Birthday
Leukemia Texas Celebrity Waiters Luncheon
MS Events
Riggs/ Cash Halloween
Crystal Charity Ball Events
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Events
15 Events 1991-1995
1991 Cattle Baron's Events
1991 Beaux Arts Ball Events
1991 SPCA Love Run
1991 Installation of Meyerson Organ
1991 Rosewood Lanesborough Events
[1991-?] USA Film Festival Events
Audrey Hepburn
Academy Awards Party
Wrap Party at Tolbert’s
Glenn Ford
Daddy’s Dyin
[also includes negatives of Pierce Brosnan, Oliver Stone, Janet Leigh]
[1992] Gatlin Gala
1992 Dallas Ambassadors Forum
1993 Susan G. Komen for the Cure Weekend Binder
1995 Susan G. Komen for the Cure Binder
16 Events 1995-1999
[Miscellaneous 1995-1996 #1]
Forbes Reception 3-8-1996
Pointer Sisters 3-12-1996
Adult Literacy Council 3-19-1996
Bob Wade - !Guanamobile 11-9-1995
Nordstrom’s Gala 3-21-1996
Velvet E! 3-20-1996
Dyslexia Event Lily Dodson’s 4-1-1996
USA Film- Jackie Chan 2-9-1996
YMCA Annual Meeting 4-3-1996
8.0 Exteriors 4-3-1996
Nancy Chapman Party for Rick
Dyslexia Event Hall of State 4-2-1996
Wine Tasting 3-11-1996
[Miscellaneous 1995-1996 #2]
Claudia Shiffer 1-6-1996
Altermann- Morris Sculpture
Tricia Wilson Party
Junior League Platinum Sponsors
Ft. Worth Stock Show Parade
Cheese Event 1-14-1996
1995 Crystal Charity Ball
[Communities Foundation]
[Yellow Rose Gala]
1996 MS Rodeo Weekend
1996 USA Film Festival
[Miscellaneous 1996]
EXCAP Luncheon 5-4-1996
Theta Show House 4-25-1996
Mariano’s Margarita Party 5-10-1996
Jenny Reeve’s Party for Emily and Mike 5-9-1996
Kiss Party 6-7-1996
Meals on Wheels Event 5-5-1996
First Plus/ Levinson & Hill 7-17-1996
IMAX Opening 6-8-1996
Delta Chi
ASA Airlines
Heartball Program Pix August 6-7, 1996
First Financial 7-23-1996
Nordstrom Fashion Show 8-10-1996
Kidney Events August 21-27, 1996
USA Film – Manny & Lo 8-27-1996
D Magazine Shoot of Interior Designer 8-30-1996
Tom Hughes Statue
Childcare Group Reception
Grand Prix
First Plus Financial 7-26-1996
Giant 9-20-1996
[Miscellaneous 1996]
Dyslexia Event Lily Dodson’s 4-1-1996
ESCADA Show 4-17-1996
Slater Reception 5-25-1996
AMC Palace 5-23-96
[Miscellaneous 1996- 1997]
JDF - Morocco
Greenhill School 4-13-1997
N Touch
Thalian Ball 10-13-1996
Robega Miscellaneous
Bryan’s House- Anasazi Gallery 12-4-1996
1997 MS Rodeo Weekend Binder
[Miscellaneous 1998-1999]
Halloween on Beverly 10-31-1998
Jesky Reception 11-15-1998
Miller Wedding
UCR 1-13-1998
[Unknown 2 rolls]
Rolls Royce 2-20-1999
Dallas Video Festival 3-25-1999
17 Events 1999 and unknown dates
[Miscellaneous 1999] Updated 8-10-2003 - B
Miller Anniversary
DCALC Luncheon 1999
Video Fest 1999
amfAR “2 by 2” 3-28-1999
Adams Mark Hotel -3-11-1999
JDF 3-20-1999
Girls Inc.
Mikaila 3-22-1999
Free of Eden
Shakespeare 6-20-1999
Cuba Gooding Jr. – Planet Hollywood
USA Film? 1999?
New Ports
Deer Meadow Ranch
Aerial Photographs
YMCA – Father of the Year
Origins- 6-10-1999
Dallas Morning NewsPlano Morning News
Unknown dates binders:
Amy McCall Debutante Parties
Edie Boswell Debuntante Parties
Gladney Fashion Show
Jubillee Dallas
KVIL Italy Trip
Sweetheart Ball
Southwest Stars and Stripes Salute
18 Miscellaneous
(2) Binders of unknown social events
[National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) Negatives Binder]
NCA – Justin at End
NCA – End of First Day
Cheerleader Camp
NCA – Best Cheerleader Finals
NCA – Vine at End
NCA – Grand Prairie
NCA – Collegiate Finals- Last
NCA – Collegiate End Sam Houston
NCA – Collegiate Winners
NCA – Collegiate Last of Pre Finals
NCA – Collegiate Baylor, North Texas
NCA- Finals Awards
NCA – Collegiate Exhibition Duncanville, Garland
NCA – Best Cheerleader
NCA – Collegiate Navarro, Baylor
NCA – Collegiate, Next to Last
NCA – Cy Fair at End
(2) Binders of miscellaneous slides
1996 DIFFA [Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS] with negatives and slides
1 Binder Miscellaneous
YPO Ballard 04-18-2001
YPO at SMU 03-25-2001
YPO Mansion
YPO Stephen Ambrose 02-09-2000
YPO Lech Walesa 03-09-2000
YPO at Capitol Grille 08-21-2000
YPO at Park Place Motors 10-28-1999
YPO Richard Butler
YPO Stars Game 10-13-2000
YPO Sammy’s Barbeque 11-11-1999
YPO 09-17-1999 - Transferred to CDRom Program 1-22-2001
Baylor Dentistry
Hayner Birthday – Granada
KRLD Headshots [envelope]
Southwestern Medical Dinners (2)
Sons of Harmony
YPO Phil McGraw
Liquid 9-9-2000
Coopers Aquarium Party
Gypsy Tea Room Stud54 [?]
Mikaila at Sipango
Luminant at North Dallas Athletic
Houston Sambuca
Garland 4th 2000
Martini’s Mutts and Models
Food Event at Liquid
Swaney Pool Party 2000
DIFFA 1999
USA Film – Logos
Amber Campisi
Lunch with the Queen
“Air Center Helicopters Inc.”
Eckerd sleeves with miscellaneous unmarked negatives
19 Miscellaneous
Alabama, country singers, at Hard Rock Café
Shirley Maclaine, actress, Reception
Jose Eber, hair stylist, Mansion Party
Clements Roast, September 28, 1989
Dallas Women’s Foundation, Roselyn Carter
Paul Neinast, hair stylist, Lilly Dodson
Rumors Cast Party
TACA at Arboretum
Stewart Copeland, musician, at Hard Rock Café
Cotton Bowl Parade, 1990
Natalie Weinberger, Komen Race/ University Club
Other folders with photographs of various parties and events

Series 3: Digital Materials, circa 1995-2004
5 Boxes

1 Video Tapes
Floppy Disks, 1998-2001
CDs, 1996-2003
2 Events 1996 - 05/17/2001
3 Events 05/18/2001 - 05/08/2003
4 Events 05/09/2003 - 11/12/2003
5 Travel, Hansley art, music, celebrities, computer program
Celebrities: Ian Von Dahl; Angie Harmon; Nikki Costa; Mark Cuban, Mavericks Basketball Team Owner; David Finfrock, Weather Forecaster
6 Video Cassettes

Series 4: Camera and Lens, circa 1990
1 Box

1 Graflex Camera and Camera Lens