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James O. Breeden faculty papers

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Creator: Breeden, James O.
Title: James O. Breeden faculty papers
Dates: 1959-1993
Abstract: This collection is comprised of papers from Southern Methodist University history professor James Breeden on administration, academic, campus life, and athletic issues at SMU from the 1970s through the early 1990s. Most of the collection is made up of correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, and other papers related to university operations. Of particular interest in this collection is material on courses and curriculum development (including some of Dr. Breeden’s history courses), faculty compensation and benefits during this time period, university committees and groups such as the Faculty Senate, University Assembly, Undergraduate Council, Women’s Studies Council, and the Faculty Athletic Committee. Some material on the 1986-87 football "death penalty" is also included.
Accession No: SMU 1993.0200
Extent: 12 boxes (6 linear feet)
Language: Material is in English
Repository Southern Methodist University Archives, DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University

Biographical Note

Dr. James O. Breeden worked as a professor of American history at Southern Methodist University from 1969 until 2004. Breeden was a member of the armed services, and served in Germany. He received a Ph.D. from Tulane University, and taught history of medicine courses at the University of Washington in the late 1960s before coming to SMU.

Dr. Breeden’s area of historical focus was the American South, in particular antebellum Southern history. During his thirty-five year tenure at SMU, he taught the American history survey course; an undergraduate class in historiography; and Southern history courses, including on the development of science and medicine in the region.

Breeden worked as chairman of the history department in his later years at SMU, and also served as faculty advisor to the SMU chapter of Beta Theta Pi fraternity. He wrote and edited several books, including Joseph Jones, M.D. (1975), Advice Among Masters: The Ideal in Slave Management in the Old South (1980), Medicine in the West (1982), and Long Ride in Texas: The Explorations of John Leonard Riddell (1994).

Retired since 2004, Dr. Breeden holds the title of professor emeritus of history from SMU. He and his wife moved to South Carolina to be near their children. For several years the Breedens owned a used bookstore, named "Boomers" after the family dog. They sold the bookstore recently and live in Charleston and Charlottesville, Virginia.


"Hilltop history: Students use archives to conduct research on University." Annotations (Vol. III, No. II), Fall 2001, pg. 2.

Mears, John. Recollections on James Breeden. Email, Southern Methodist University Clements Department of History.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

Originally, the papers in this collection were arranged in two separate collections:

SMU 1993.0200

SMU 1994.0228

The material in the 1994 collection was similar enough to the larger one that the two were merged. The 1993 accession number is now used for the combined collection.

The Breeden faculty papers are divided into five series. Most of the papers were not arranged in any discernable order when the SMU Archives received them, and they have been arranged according to the aspect of SMU they detail, such as faculty and administration (Series 1), history department (Series 3), and SMU athletics (Series 6).

Within each series, the papers have been arranged topically. Many of the papers relate to both regular and ad hoc university committees on which Dr. Breeden served. Correspondence, minutes from meetings, drafts and final versions of reports on topics such as athletics, alcohol policy, and the status and future of SMU, and some university news releases and news clippings are all included. The papers relate to both academic and non-academic issues, and are useful in getting a sense of the internal workings of SMU during the 1970s and 1980s.

Users should note that the SMU Archives also contains another collection of papers on Dr. Breeden. The Breeden student papers collection (SMU 1994.0225) contains student papers on the history of SMU written for a history course taught by Dr. Breeden. This collection is also open for research use.

Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is organized into six series:
Series 1: Faculty and administration
Series 2: University governance
Series 3: History department
Series 4: Academics
Series 5: Campus life
Series 6: SMU Athletics


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James O. Breeden faculty papers, Southern Methodist University Archives, DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University.

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Gift, James O. Breeden.

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Paul H. Santa Cruz, 2009.

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Lara Corazalla, 2009.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Faculty and administration

1969-1990. The material in this series regards faculty issues, and some information on SMU’s administration. Specifically, this series contains records on faculty compensation, tenure and promotion, and retirement. Some meeting and budget material is also included, and Dr. Breeden’s papers from the reaccreditation process undertaken at SMU in the late 1980s by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) has also been placed here, as much of it touches upon the nature of SMU administration and faculty.
Box Folder
1 1 Appointments
2 Faculty appointment guidelines, search committees
3 Prospective and hired faculty
4 Tenure and promotion
5 SMU faculty compensation
6 SMU employee retirement plan
7 Faculty-staff tuition benefit plan, 1972
8 Staff appreciation and awards
9 Resignations, retirements, and deaths
10 Meetings, 1971, 1987-1989
11 SMU faculty, humanities and sciences, 1969-1977
12 Budget codes and issues
13 Miscellaneous budgets
14 Faculty Forum Steering Committee
15 SMU faculty travel policy
16 Dedman College Committee on Research Leaves, 1987-1988
17 SMU Research Council, 1988-1990
18 Faculty Evaluations Committee
19 Faculty Club, 1973-1974
20 Responsibility Center Management
21 A. Kenneth Pye named as SMU President, 1987
22 Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), reaccreditation of SMU
23 SACS reaccreditation, Financial Feasibility Task Force report
Box Folder
2 1 SACS reaccreditation, financial information
2 SACS reaccreditation, space, organization, and administration; health and safety
3 SACS reaccreditation and Administrative Processes Committee
4 SACS reaccreditation, Administrative Processes Committee members and meetings
5 SMU Press
6 Miscellaneous faculty issues
7 Miscellaneous

Series 2: University governance

Bulk dates, 1970-1977. This material was placed in a separate series from Series 1, as these papers relate more to SMU governance—specifically, governing committees of the university—than they do to strictly faculty issues and events. Most of the papers in this series detail meetings and actions taken by the SMU Faculty Senate, and the University Assembly. A major subject in this series is the governance report finalized in 1970, revisions to it, and reactions to the changes made in SMU’s governance by faculty and students during the first half of the 1970s.
Box Folder
2 8 Faculty Senate, membership, 1973-1976
9 Faculty Senate, governing documents
10 Faculty Senate, resolutions
11 Faculty Senate, meetings and reports, 1973-1975. 1989, undated
12 Faculty Senate, Executive Committee, 1974-1975
13 Faculty Senate, committees
Box Folder
3 1 Faculty Senate, Hardin resignation, 1974
2 Faculty Senate, university calendar, 1975-1976
3 Faculty Senate, other faculty issues
4 Faculty Senate, articles
5 Faculty Senate, SMU retirement plan
6 Student Senate
7 Board of Trustees’ task forces, 1974
8 Budget
9 Presidential Search Committee
10 University Assembly
11 University Assembly, members and bylaws
12 University Assembly, meetings, 1972-1973
13 University Assembly, Executive Committee
14 University Assembly, Committee on the Student Center
15 University Assembly, Committee on Orientation of New Students
16 University Assembly, Committee on Public Safety
17 University Assembly, other committees
18 University Assembly and governance plan
19 Report on SMU Governance, 1970
20 "The Governance of Southern Methodist University," booklet, 1970
21 President’s Governance Evaluation Committee
22 President’s Governance Evaluation Committee, meetings, 1973-1974
Box Folder
4 1 Governance revision
2 Governance plan reports/revisions
3 University Governance Office
4 Shared Governance Council
5 Constitution of Dedman College, draft
6 Governance, School of Humanities and Sciences
7 Miscellaneous

Series 3: History department

1971-1989. Dr. Breeden served as a history professor, and the papers in this series relate to the SMU history department: undergraduate curriculum, the history MA program (and the question as to whether or not to create a Ph.D. program), general department information, meetings and events, and courses that Dr. Breeden taught.
Box Folder
4 8 Articles of Operation for department
9 Department overview
10 Course offerings/curriculum
11 Enrollment
12 Graduate programs
13 History theses list (1916-1977)
14 Department financial information
15 General department issues
16 History students, student awards
17 Faculty and history-related meetings and events
Box Folder
5 1 Academic Council meetings (from Luis Martin, chairman of history department)
2 Dr. Breeden’s course, "The New South"
3 Dr. Breeden’s course, "The Hero in American History"
4 Dr. Breeden’s course, "The South in American History"
5 Dr. Breeden’s course, "The American Civil War"
6 General Dedman College/SMU
7 Papers
8 Prospective faculty
9 Southwestern Social Science Association
10 Miscellaneous

Series 4: Academics

1972-1989. This series contains Dr. Breeden’s papers relating to academics-related committees of which he was a member. Some material on university curriculum and proposed course additions and changes is also included. Dr. Breeden participated in such university committees as the Undergraduate Committee, the Women’s Studies Council, the university Retention Committee, and the Library Committee, in addition to several small ad hoc groups. The series contains meeting schedules and minutes, member lists, reports, and other such information.
Box Folder
5 11 Undergraduate Committee, 1972-1973
12 Undergraduate Council and Dedman College issues
13 Undergraduate Council meetings and course changes, 1974-1976
14 Undergraduate Council meetings and course changes, 1986
15 Undergraduate Council meetings and course changes, 1987
16 Undergraduate Council meetings and course changes, 1988
17 Undergraduate Council, Center for Teacher Preparation
18 Course changes, African-American Studies
19 Course changes, Anthropology
20 Course changes, Anthropology/Physiology cross-listing
Box Folder
6 1 Course changes, Biology
2 Course changes, Chemistry
3 Course changes, Economics
4 Course changes, English
5 Course changes, Foreign Languages
6 Course changes, Geology
7 Course changes, History
8 Course changes, Mathematics
9 Course changes, MLA degree program
10 Course changes, Philosophy
11 Course changes, Physical Education
12 Course changes, Physics
13 Course changes, Political Science
14 Course changes, Psychology
15 Course changes, Religious Studies
16 Course changes, Sociology
17 Course changes, Statistics
18 Course changes, Women’s Studies
19 Undergraduate Council, writing courses (Cornell)
20 Undergraduate Council, miscellaneous
21 University Academic Affairs Committee
22 Women’s Studies Council, members
23 Women’s Studies Council, meetings
24 Women’s Studies Council, events
25 Women’s Studies Council, development and course offerings
26 Women’s Studies Council, awards
27 Women’s Studies Council, miscellaneous
28 Retention Committee, retention issue and formation of committee
29 Retention Committee, meetings, 1984-1985
30 Retention Committee, surveys and results
Box Folder
7 1 Retention Committee, articles on student retention
2 Retention Committee, miscellaneous
3 "Toward the 21st Century" report, 1989; internal report
4 "Toward the 21st Century" report, 1989; internal report and final recommendations
5 SMU learning and writing centers
6 SMU reading and learning center
7 Athletic academic support
8 Academic advising
9 Report of the Committee on Advising and Orientation, 1981
10 Task Force on Student Academic Support
11 Academic orientation program, 1989
12 Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Concerns
13 Commission on Undergraduate Studies to President Zumberge, 1978
14 Academic Priorities Task Force
Box Folder
8 1 Library Committee, members and meetings
2 Library Committee, library development
3 Library Committee, library operations
4 Library Committee, budgets and finances
5 Library Committee, miscellaneous
6 Kahn Family Fund, SMU libraries
7 Student recognition
8 Graduation planning
9 Advisory Council, members
10 University scheduling, holidays and final exams
11 Code of Academic Honesty, 1977
12 Judicial Council
13 Honor Council
14 American Studies Institute Steering Committee
15 Campus computers
16 SMU bioethics seminar
17 Texas Committee for the Humanities Proposal, 1974
18 Other academic-related issues
19 Miscellaneous

Series 5: Campus life

Bulk dates, 1983-1990. The material in this series relates to non-academic SMU issues. Much of it concerns campus life-related committees—both standing and ad hoc—upon which Dr. Breeden sat. Most of the papers are from the Student Center Governing Board (referring to the Umphrey Lee Center, although some material on the construction of the Hughes-Trigg center is also included), the campus Department of Public Safety (specifically, the parking committee), and the Serious Judicial Offenses Panel. Other papers in this series relate to campus efforts to address drug and alcohol abuse.
Box Folder
9 1 1972 Ad Hoc Committee on Student Organizations
2 Student Center Governing Board, members, 1983-1985
3 Student Center Governing Board By-Laws
4 Student Center Governing Board, operation of student center
5 Student Center Governing Board, Umphrey Lee Center manual
6 Student Center Governing Board, meetings, 1983
7 Student Center Governing Board, meetings, 1984
8 Student Center Governing Board, meetings, 1985
9 Student Center Governing Board building program
10 Department of Public Safety Advisory Council, members
11 DPS Advisory Council, meetings, 1983-1985
12 DPS Advisory Council, meetings, 1986-1989
13 DPS Advisory Council, meetings, 1990
14 DPS Advisory Council, department operations
15 DPS Advisory Council, incident reports
16 DPS Advisory Council, annual reports, 1987, 1989
17 DPS Advisory Council, SMU crime prevention program
18 Campus lighting
19 DPS Advisory Council, pamphlets
20 DPS Advisory Council, articles
21 DPS Advisory Council, miscellaneous
22 Serious Judicial Offenses Panel, purpose of
23 Judicial Review Panel meetings, serious cases panel, 1991-1992
24 Serious Judicial Offences Panel, feedback on policy recommendations
Box Folder
10 1 Serious Judicial Offences Panel, policy drafts
2 Serious Judicial Offences Panel, final version of policy
3 Serious Judicial Offences Panel, articles, information on rape
4 Serious Judicial Offences Panel, other sexual misconduct policies
5 Serious Judicial Offences Panel, miscellaneous
6 DPS Parking Committee, members
7 DPS Parking Committee, meetings, 1986-1988
8 DPS Parking Committee, SMU parking overview
9 DPS Parking Committee, SMU parking decals
10 DPS Parking Committee, statistics
11 DPS Parking Committee, campus parking areas and regulations
12 DPS Parking Committee, vehicle/parking regulations, 1987-1989
13 DPS Parking Committee, parking miscellaneous
14 Miscellaneous campus safety issues
15 1971 Ad Hoc Committee on Alcoholic Beverage Policy
16 Formation of SMU Alcohol Committee, 1984
17 Alcohol Policy Review Committee, fraternity correspondence
18 Report of the Alcohol Policy Review Committee, October 17, 1984
19 Alcohol Policy Review Committee, meetings
Box Folder
11 1 Final version of SMU alcohol policy, 1985
2 President’s Task Force on Alcohol and Drug Education, 1987
3 Proposals for SMU alcohol and on-campus Greek social events policies
4 Articles, college and alcohol
5 Miscellaneous alcohol committee material
6 Fraternity Study Committee, 1983
7 SMU pamphlets
8 "Who’s Who" committee
9 Students’ Association mid-year report, November 15, 1988
10 Enrollment information, general
11 Campus events and development
12 Living and learning center committee
13 SMU housing materials, 1959-1960

Series 6: SMU Athletics

1973-1987. Most of the papers in this series relate to either the Faculty Athletic Committee during the 1970s, or the SMU football scandal (the "Death Penalty") and the surrounding events from the late 1980s. Some material from the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s investigation of alleged illegal practices in the football program from 1981 is also included.
Box Folder
11 14 Faculty Athletic Committee meetings, 1973
15 Faculty Athletic Committee meetings, 1974
16 Faculty Athletic Committee meetings, 1975
17 Faculty Athletic Committee meetings, 1976
18 Faculty Athletic Committee meetings, 1977
19 Faculty Athletic Committee meetings, 1978
20 Faculty Athletic Committee meetings, 1979
21 Faculty Athletic Committee Annual Report, 1973
22 Faculty Athletic Committee Annual Report, 1974
23 Faculty Athletic Committee Annual Report, 1975 (?)
24 Faculty Athletic Committee Annual Report, 1977
25 Faculty Athletic Committee Annual Report, 1979
26 Faculty Athletic Committee
27 Athletic Council
28 Hiring information
29 Athletic Director Search Committee
Box Folder
12 1 Russ Potts, University of Maryland
2 "Return to Glory," Russ Potts; Plan for SMU football program
3 Southwest Athletic Conference, NCAA
4 SMU teams, player information and season schedules
5 Athletic Department budgets, finances
6 Registration for athletes
7 Women’s Intercollegiate Athletics
8 Title IX
9 1981 NCAA investigation of SMU football
10 "Death Penalty," NCAA Infractions Report, February 24, 1987 (6 copies)
11 "Death Penalty," statement, Board of Governors resolution, and news release
12 "Death Penalty," correspondence, 1986-1987
13 "Death Penalty," restructuring of SMU Board of Trustees
14 Report, University Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics, May 14, 1987
15 National Academic Athletic Advisors Association
16 General