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Kidd-Key College and Conservatory records

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Creator: Kidd-Key College and Conservatory.
Title: Kidd-Key College and Conservatory records
Dates: 1876-1989
Abstract: Kidd-Key College and Conservatory began in the late 1860s as the Sherman Male and Female High School, supported by the North Texas Methodist Conference. In 1888, Lucy Ann Thornton Kidd-Key became president of the school and tirelessly promoted it as a bastion of fine arts education for genteel ladies. Included in this collection are records of the college from August 1876, shortly before the school was chartered as North Texas Female College, to its closing in 1935, as well as biographical and historical information and alumnae records extending to 1989. These materials include student and faculty records, correspondence, writings, clippings, minutes, scrapbooks, yearbooks, catalogs, photographs, artifacts, transcripts, and financial ledgers. Material for the early years is extremely sparse. The bulk of material dates from 1888 to the mid 1920s.
Accession No: A2002.0001 and A2002.0001x
Extent: 30 boxes, including 12 oversize boxes, and 35 bound volumes (23 linear feet)
Language: Material is in English
Repository DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University

Biographical Note

Lucy Ann Thornton Kidd-Key, was Kidd-Key College's foremost supporter as well as its president for almost three decades. She was born in 1839 in Kentucky to parents Willis Strother and Esther (Stevens) Thornton. Following her formal education at Georgetown, Kentucky, she married Henry Byrd Kidd. Dr. Kidd died in 1876 or 1877, leaving Lucy heavily in debt with three children to raise. Her precarious financial position and her educational background in fine arts led her to seek work as an educator.

Kidd first found employment as an assistant principal at a female institution in Kentucky and then as the presiding teacher at Brookhaven, Mississippi’s Whitworth College. In this position, Kidd established her reputation as a successful educator, leading Bishop G. D. Galloway to recommend her to the Southern Methodist Conference for the position of president for the debt-ridden North Texas Female Academy.

Kidd married Methodist bishop Joseph S. Key in 1892. To avoid losing the name familiar to her friends and patrons, she attached Bishop Key’s appellation to her own, henceforth signing all professional and personal papers as "L. A. Kidd-Key." Kidd-Key retained her position as president of the college for twenty-eight years, until her death in 1916.

Historical Note

Kidd-Key College and Conservatory began in the late 1860s as the Sherman Male and Female High School, an enterprise that was supported by the North Texas Methodist Conference. In 1874, this institution became the North Texas Female College. A charter was granted the school in 1877, but financial instability led to its closing in 1886. In 1888, the school was reopened under the presidency of Lucy Ann Thornton Kidd, who tirelessly promoted the school as a bastion of fine arts education for genteel ladies.

Kidd’s marketing strategy was successful. The college continued to expand and by 1893, shortly after her marriage to Bishop Joseph S. Key, Lucy Kidd-Key began advertising the establishment as the North Texas Female College and Music Conservatory. From a modest beginning in 1888 with 100 students, the college reached, by 1908, its peak enrollment of 521 students.

Yet, despite hiring the finest teachers and furnishing students with the best equipment, including 120 pianos by 1910, the school began to decline. Kidd-Key’s strict rules, including mandatory church attendance and requiring all students to be chaperoned when off campus, became less popular after the turn of the century. By 1916, when Kidd-Key died, enrollment was down to about 400 students in all departments.

Succeeding presidents relaxed rules, added new and more timely subjects, and refurbished buildings and grounds—to no avail. Kidd-Key’s long reign as president had set too firmly the reputation of the college as a venue for producing young girls of Victorian manners and morality. Changing the name of the institution in 1919 to Kidd-Key College and Conservatory probably furthered this connection in the public mind. In addition, the opening of Southern Methodist University in 1912 diminished Methodist support for smaller institutions in Texas. This reduced support, coupled with the financial contraction of the Great Depression, led to the closing of the college in 1935.


Kidd-Key College Archives; Larry Wolz, "Kidd-Key College," Handbook of Texas Online

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Kidd-Key College Archives consists of 22 linear feet of material.

Included in this collection are records of the college from August 1876, shortly before the school was chartered as North Texas Female College, to its closing in 1935, as well as biographical and historical information and alumnae records extending to 1989. These materials include student and faculty records, correspondence, writings, clippings, minutes, scrapbooks, yearbooks, catalogs, photographs, artifacts, transcripts, and financial ledgers.

Material for the early years is extremely sparse, consisting of a contract dated August 1876, a certified copy of the original charter in 1877, several pictures of faculty members including the president, J. R. Cole, and a few items relating to operation and activities of the school.

The bulk of material dates from 1888 to the mid 1920s, a period which includes the years that Kidd-Key served as president, as well as the first of two separate presidential tenures by her son, Edwin Munger Kidd.

The final series in the collection (Boxes 28-30) consists of duplicate copies of some materials found in other series.

Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is organized into 11 series:
Series 1: Organizational records, 1876-1959
Series 2: Faculty records, 1916-1976
Series 3: Student records, 1876-1930
Series 4: Catalogues, 1877-1930
Series 5: Promotional materials, 1877-1935
Series 6: Photographs, 1870-1935
Series 7: Artwork
Series 8: Artifacts, 1907-1915
Series 9: Financial ledgers, 1904-1933
Series 10: Kidd-Key Alumnae and Ex-Student Association, 1900-1989
Series 11: Duplicates, 1877-1934


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Kidd-Key College and Conservatory.
North Texas Female College.
Women--Education (Higher)--Texas.
Kidd-Key, Lucy Ann Thornton.
Kidd, Edwin Munger.

Related Materials

This is one of the collections in the Archives of Women of the Southwest.

The Horton Foote papers (A1992.1810) contain an essay written by his mother, Harriet Gautier Brooks, when she was a student at Kidd-Key College in 1909. The essay, "The Author of Uncle Remus," can be found in Box 101, Folder 2 of that collection.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Kidd-Key College and Conservatory records, DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University.

Acquisition Information


Custodial History

In a special ceremony held on June 4, 1938, Southern Methodist University adopted the alumnae of Kidd-Key College and Music Conservatory, replacing their Kidd-Key diplomas and certificates with credentials confirming them as alumnae of SMU. At the same time they were adopted by the university, they were also granted membership in the SMU Alumni Association. These events marked the beginning of a warm relationship between the "North Texas Female College and Kidd-Key Conservatory Alumnae and Ex-Student Association" (hereafter referred to as the A&E-SA) and their new alma mater.

The A&E-SA began holding their annual April meetings in Dallas near SMU, and eventually moved them onto university grounds. Given a room in the Fondren Library on the SMU campus, the A&E-SA began collecting their letters, pictures, papers, yearbooks, and other memorabilia of their college years in an effort to prolong the memory of Kidd-Key College and Lucy Ann Thornton Kidd-Key. Thus was founded the Kidd-Key College Archives, now housed at DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University.

Processing Information

Processed by Constance Bishop in August 2002.

Encoded by

Lara Corazalla, 2006

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Organizational Records, 1876-1959
1 box

This series contains correspondence, writings, and clippings regarding the organization and operation of Kidd-Key College. The series contains primary sources including charters, correspondence, minutes and contemporary clippings. Folders 6 and 7 contain secondary writings concerning the college and its faculty.
Box Folder
1 1 Charters, amendments, and renewals, official copies, 1877, 1905, 1919, 1927
2 Contract, 1876
3 Correspondence of university officials
4 Minutes book, faculty meetings, 1926-1927 and 1928-1929
5 Clippings [contemporary] regarding the operation and buildings of the college
6 Clark, Elmer, ed. "Educational survey: Methodist Episcopal Church, South." Nashville: Educational Campaign Commission, 1922.
7 Domatti, Ruth O. "A history of Kidd-Key College." Reprint. Southwestern Historical Quarterly 63, 2 (October 1959).

Series 2: Faculty Records, 1916-1976
1 box

This series contains faculty records including articles, brochures, memoirs and other information. Folders 9 to 29 contain information about named faculty members. Folders 19 to 21 include secondary biographical information on Lucy Ann Thorton Kidd-Key. The series also includes personal correspondence of Lucy Kidd-Key, clippings and biographical information from secondary sources. They are arranged by subject.
Box Folder
1 8 Programs and flyers regarding recitals, plays, performances of faculty members
9 Barry, Maggie W.
10 Becker, John
11 de Oyarzabal, Anita
12 Gontzoff, Theodore
13 Gracey, Allen Curry
14 Gulli, Luigi
15 Key, Joseph S., Methodist Bishop (obituary)
16 Kidd, Edwin, Christmas greeting, 1917
17 Kidd-Key, Lucy Ann Thorton, personal correspondence, 6 items +2 envelopes
18 Kidd-Key, Lucy Ann Thorton, clippings (some regarding attendance at contemporary events, some biographical).
19 Mood, R. G. and C. W. Dennis, ed. "Minutes of the fiftieth annual session of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South." [n.p.]: R.G. Mood and C. W. Dennis, [1916?].
20 "Hall of remembrance: the Heroes and heroines of Texas education, the 1954 selections."[n.p.: n.p., 1954?]
21 Wendland, Nora Lee Mayhew, ed. "Worthy mothers of Texas, 1776-1976." Belton, Texas: Texas Mothers Committee, 1976.
22-23 Mickwitz, Harold von, clipping announcing return to Kidd-Key [1927?], published memoirs, 1946.
24 Mullen, Kern, clipping of article regarding career and retirement, 1951 July 08.
25-26 Renard, Frank. Includes some personal and business correspondence, sketches, postcards from honeymoon. Second folder (26) is a guest register of a Cecilian Club meeting, 1946 March 26.
27 Rischard, Hans
28 Spurlock, E. L.
29 Venth, Carl, poem by Connally, Helen
30 Versel, Louis, sheet music and clipping regarding recital

Series 3: Student Records, 1876-1930
4 boxes, including 1 oversize box

This series contains Kidd-Key College student records. They are divided into categories based on type and then arranged chronologically. Folders 31 to 35 contain notes, ticket stubs, programs, school work, etc. Folders 36 to 51 contain scrapbooks. Folders 52 through 80 contain yearbooks.
Box Folder
2 31 Academic
32 Social activities
33 Student life
34 Contemporary school publication, "Sherman Institute Miscellany" 54, 7 (March 1895)
35 Winn, Earle, senior class president. Contains correspondence, clippings, other memorabilia, 1914.
Box Folder
2 36 Mountcastle, Willie, 1888-1889
37 Barlow, Clara, 1890-1899
38 Swanson, Myrtle, 1876
39 Abernathy, Lula May, 1902
40 Marshall, Bart, 1906-1907
41 Alford, Bessie Lou, 1908
42 Brooks, Eva, 1908
43 Luedecke, Pansy, 1911-1912
44 Fagan, Lucy, 1912
46 [unknown], 1914
47 Evans, Gene, 1917
49 Cooksey, R. M., 1923
50 [unknown, undated]
51 [unknown, undated]
Box Folder
3 (Oversize) 45 Hasbro, Margareitte, and Hasbro, Ruth, 1914
48 Phanstiel, Viola, 1919
Yearbooks, "The Key" (unless otherwise noted)
Box Folder
4 52 1903
53 1904
54 1905
55 1906
59 1908-1909 junior’s book, "Forget me not"
60 1910
63 1913
64 1914
70 1920
Box Folder
5 71 1921
72 1922
73 1923
77 1927
78 1928
80 1930

Series 4: Catalogs, 1877-1930
2 boxes

This series contains Kidd-Key College catalogs from the years 1877 through 1930 with a long gap from 1878 to 1892 and a short gap between 1925 and 1926. The catalogs are arranged chronologically. They are unbound, unless otherwise noted.
Box Folder
6 81 1877-1878
82 1892-1893 (1 only)
83 1893-1894
84 1894-1895
85 1895-1896
86 1896-1897
87 1897-1898
88 1898-1899 (1 bound only)
89 1899-1900
90 1900-1901 (1 bound only)
91 1901-1902
92 1902-1903 (1 bound only)
93 1903-1904 (1 only)
94 1904-1905 (1 bound only)
95 1905-1906
96 1906-1907 (1 bound)
97 1907-1908
98 1908-1909
99 1909-1910
100 1910-1911
101 1911-1912
Box Folder
7 102 1912-1913
103 1913-1914
104 1914-1915
105 1915-1916
106 1916-1917
107 1917-1918
108 1918-1919
109 1919-1920
110 1920-1921
111 1921-1922 (1 only)
112 1922-1923 (1 bound)
113 1923-1924 (1 only)
114 1924-1925
115 1924 (January supplement, renamed "Bulletin")
117 1926-1927 (1 only—renamed "Annual Catalog")
118 1927-1928
119 1928-1929
120 1929-1930 (1 bound only)

Series 5: Promotional Materials, 1877-1935
3 boxes, including 1 oversize box

This series contains promotional materials including booklets and advertisements. Additionally there are graduation announcements and programs, information about student recitals, plays, and performances, clippings, a few student certificates and diplomas. They are divided into categories based on type and then arranged chronologically. Folders 121 to 125 include Booklets and Advertisements. Folders 126 to 135 contain Booklets.
Booklets, Advertisements
Box Folder
8 121 1930-1931
122 1931-1932
123 1932-1933 (1 bound only)
124 1933-1934 (1 only)
125 1934-1935
Box Folder
8 126 1920-1921
127 1921-1922
128 1923-1924
129 1924-1925
130 1926
131 1927
132 1928
133 1929
134 Miscellaneous publications, 1897, 1908, (2) 1917, 1918
135 Advertisement brochures, postcards, 1877-1929, most undated
Graduation Announcements, Invitations, and Programs
Box Folder
9 136 Announcements and invitations, 1891-1925 (some years missing)
137 Programs, 1914-1935 (some years missing)
Recitals, Plays, Performances, Students
Box Folder
9 138 1878-1899
139 1900-1909
140 1910-1914
141 1915-1919
143 1920-1930, undated
Student Clippings
Box Folder
9 144 Activities sponsored and/or hosted by the college and/or students
145 School-related events (mostly regarding student recitals, plays, performances)
146 School-related social activities (parties, dances)
Printed Materials
Box Folder
10 (Oversize) 142 Recital poster, student Bomar Cramer, 1915
147 Certificate, Hattie Benson. 1890 2 years of Voice Music
148 Diploma, Clara Barlow, 1893 Mistress of English Literature
149 Diploma, Ina Ashburn, 1894 Mistress of English Literature
150 Diploma, Beatrice Baldwin, 1894 Mistress of English Literature
151 Diploma, Genevieve Keyes, 1923 Associate in Arts

Series 6: Photographs, 1870-1935
3 boxes, including 2 oversize boxes

This series contains photographs of Kidd-Key College buildings, faculty, staff and students. They are mostly arranged chronologically.
Box Folder
11 152 College buildings and grounds
153 Faculty and staff
154 Key, Joseph S., Methodist Bishop
155 Kidd-Key, Lucy Ann Thornton
156 Students, 1890-1899
157 Students, 1900-1909
158 Students, 1910-1919
159 Students, 1920-1929
Box Folder
12 (Oversize) 161 Faculty, 1878
162 Graduating class, 1878
163-164 Graduating class, 1894 (2 parts)
165 Student body, 1898
166 Kidd-Key, Lucy Ann Thornton, [1903?]
167 Graduating class, 1908
168 Students receiving visitors, 1911
169 Senior class, 1918
170 George Washington costume ball, 1919
171-172 Compositions, students and buildings, [undated]
173 Composition, Southern Methodist University Glee Club, [undated]
174 Print, Asbury, Francis (1745-1816, "first Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church") from original portrait by Bruff [undated]
175 Print, Lee, Robert. E. (1807-1870), from 1865 photograph, [undated]
Box Folder
13 (Oversize) 176 Print, "Mr. Pickwick’s Reception," by Eytinge, S. Jr., 1870
177 Graduating class, 1895, 22" X 27"
178 Graduating class, 1894 (full class)
179 Graduating class, 1895, 22" X 27" (2nd copy)
180 Graduating class, 1896, 22" X 28"
181 Graduating class, 1897
182 Graduating class, 1897
183 Graduating class, 1900
184 Graduating class, 1902
185 Kidd-Key, Lucy Ann Thorton, tinted, [1903?]
186 George Washington costume ball, 1905
187 Kidd-Key, Lucy Ann Thorton, [1909?]
188 Student body, 23 Sept 1910, 10" X 26"
189 Student body, 1917-1918, 9" X 40" (trimmed)
190 Student body, 1917-1918, 10" X 44", (2nd copy)
191 Student body, 1918-1919, 8 ¾" X 35"
192 Student body, 1919-1920, 8" X 30"
193 Student body, 1920-1921, 8" X 37 ½"
194 Student body, 1920-1921, 8" X 28 ½" (2nd copy)
195 Student body, 1922-1923, 9 ½" X 31 ½"
196 Drawing, charcoal, Cone Johnson (Texas lawyer, politician, 1860-1933), 16 August 1928
197 Photograph, Spurlock, Dr. Edwin Lee, during tenure as president [1923-1928]
198 Unidentified female subject, [ca. 1950s?]
199 Print, "Littleton Fowler (1803-1846), Missionary to Republic of Texas, 1837-1846" [undated]
200 Original drawing, female subject wearing Kidd-Key sweater, by [Lidler?], Alice Luella [undated], laminated

Series 7: Artwork
1 oversize box

This series contains two framed paintings by Kidd-Key art instructor, Eva Fowler.
Box Folder
14 (Oversize) 201 Painting by Eva Fowler, landscape in oil
202 Painting by Eva Fowler, wharf and boats, undetermined medium [probably watercolor]

Series 8: Artifacts, 1907-1915
6 oversize boxes

This series contains various artifacts related to Kidd-Key College including felt runners, pennants, a framed handkerchief, a wooden exercise bat, a graduation dress and underskirt, 2 mortarboards, 1 velvet tam, 1 velvet cap, a graduation robe, a bell, paint brushes, pins, diploma covers, medals, a penknife, and a ribbon. The artifacts are divided by type into six oversize boxes.
15 (Oversize) 1 square runner, blue felt
2 square runners, blue felt, fringed
1 rectangle runner, blue felt
3 blue felt pennants (1 lg., 1 med., 1 sm.)
handkerchief, framed, Kidd-Key, Lucy Ann Thornton
wooden exercise bat
16 (Oversize) underskirt for graduation dress, 1907
17 (Oversize) graduation dress, 1907
18 (Oversize) 2 mortarboards
1 velvet tam that students of Kidd-Key were required to wear when going to town
1 velvet cap
19 (Oversize) graduation robe, 1915
20 (Oversize) bell that sat on Lucy Kidd-Key’s desk and was used to summon students into her office.
Paint brushes used by Eva Fowler (art teacher at college).
6 pins (2 on fob with Kidd-Key drop-charm, all have insignia of Kidd-Key College)
2 diploma covers, blue cardboard
3 scholastic medals
penknife with Kidd-Key insignia
Kidd-Key ribbon
Box also contains 2 white "satin," padded hangers for display of clothing during exhibitions (hangers are not officially a part of the collection)

Series 9: Financial Ledgers, 1904-1933
35 bound volumes

This series contains 35 bound volumes of financial ledgers of Kidd-Key College covering student accounts, student supplies, cash accounts, general operating expenses and the bookstore. The ledgers are arranged by category and then chronologically. The ledgers are large and bound in leather, which is deteriorating. The paper pages inside, however, are in good condition.
B01 Student Accounts, 1904-05
B02 Student Accounts, 1906-07
B03 Student Accounts, 1908
B04 Student Accounts, 1910-11
B05 Student Accounts, 1911-12
B06 Student Accounts, 1912-13
B07 Student Accounts, 1913-14
B08 Student Accounts, 1914-15
B09 Student Accounts, 1915-16
B10 Student Accounts, 1916-17
B11 Student Accounts, 1917-18
B12 Student Accounts, 1918-19
B13 Student Accounts, 1919-20
B14 Student Accounts, 1920-21
B15 Student Accounts, 1921-22
B16 Student Accounts, 1922-23
B17 Student Accounts, 1923-24
B18 Student Accounts, 1930-31
B19 Student Accounts, 1931-32
B20 Student Accounts, 1933 September
B21 Student Supplies, 1928
B22 Student Supplies, 1928-29
B23 Cash Accounts, 1912-1914
B24 Cash Accounts, 1914-1915
B25 Cash Accounts, 1916-1918
B26 Cash Accounts, 1918-1920
B27 Cash Accounts, 1920-1921
B28 Cash Accounts, 1928
B29 General Operating Expenses, 1910
B30 General Operating Expenses, 1913-1915
B31 General Operating Expenses, 1915-1918
B32 General Operating Expenses, 1921-1922
B33 General Operating Expenses, 1922-1923
B34 Bookstore, 1927
B35 Bookstore, undated

Series 10: Kidd-Key Alumnae and Ex-Student Association (A&E-SA), 1900-1989
7 boxes, including 1 oversize box

This series contains materials related to the Kidd-Key Alumnae and Ex-Student Association (A&E-SA). This series contains correspondence related to the adoption of Kidd-Key alumnae and ex-students by SMU, as well as student transcripts and records, photographs, and membership cards. It also contains correspondence related to the Kidd-Key College Archives. Additionally, there are organizational records and papers of A&E-SA and printed materials, pamphlets, articles and brochures about individual members or local groups. The files are sorted by category and then arranged chronologically. The files are sometimes arranged alphabetically within the categories.
Correspondence Between SMU and Kidd-Key Alumnae, Ex-Students, and Faculty
Box Folder
21 203 Adoption of Kidd-Key alumnae and ex-students
204 Transcripts and records, A-C
205 Transcripts and records, D-F
206 Transcripts and records, G-H
207 Transcripts and records, I-L
208 Transcripts and records, M-P
209 Transcripts and records, R-S
210 Transcripts and records, T-Z
Box Folder
22 211 Correspondence between SMU and interested parties, regarding Kidd-Key College Archives
212 Correspondence between members and organization (A&E-SA)1940-1949
213 Correspondence between members and organization (A&E-SA)1950-1959
214 Correspondence between members and organization (A&E-SA)1960-1969
215 Correspondence between members and organization (A&E-SA)1970-1979
216 Correspondence between members and organization (A&E-SA)1980-1989
217 Writings and reminisces of college alumnae, most gathered at annual meetings
Organizational Records and Papers
Box Folder
23 218 Membership list of the Austin Kidd-Key Club (Austin, Texas)
219 Lists of candidates, programs, and sample certificate employed in the ceremony marking the adoption of the Kidd-Key alumnae and ex-students by SMU, 1936
220 Constitution and by-laws of the A&E-SA
221 Financial: mostly invoices from printer and mailroom for handling of annual newsletters
222 Membership lists of the A&E-SA
223 A&E-SA Newsletters and other papers, 1950-1959
224 A&E-SA Newsletters and other papers, 1960-1969
225 A&E-SA Newsletters and other papers, 1970-1979
226 A&E-SA Newsletters and other papers, 1980-1989
227 A&E-SA Newsletters and other papers, undated
228 Memorial project papers, including lists of donors, information on evolution of project.
Printed Materials
Box Folder
24 229 Newsletters and Invitations to A&E-SA members, 1900-1939
230 Newsletters and Invitations to A&E-SA members, 1940-1949
231 Newsletters and Invitations to A&E-SA members, 1950-1959
232 Newsletters and Invitations to A&E-SA members, 1960-1969
233 Newsletters and Invitations to A&E-SA members, 1970-1979
234 Newsletters and Invitations to A&E-SA members, 1980-1989
235 Pamphlets and brochures of the soloist career of alum and former faculty member, Barry, Jenny Hill.
236 Article, program produced by the Bomar Cramer Music Club for centennial of Sherman, September 1948.
237 Program booklets for Cecilian Singers meetings, 1947-1948, 1950-1951, 1952-1953, 1954-1955.
238 Brochures advertising activities of the Norfleet Trio
239 Program booklets for the Renard Club, 1927-28, 1929-30, 1930-31, 1931-32; Junior Renard Club, [undated]; membership list [undated]
240 Invitations for Sherman Kidd-Key Club annual luncheon, 1963, 1964
241 Articles about the college written after closing, some describe the new buildings erected after grounds were sold.
242 Notices of A&E-SA meetings; some contain histories of college, information about students and teachers.
243 Newspaper articles about a few A&E-SA members’ lives and careers after graduation.
244 Obituaries of many of the A&E-SA members and Kidd-Key instructors.
245 Identifying information for some of the oversized group pictures.
246 Donor lists containing information names of donors, dates, and other information about some of the gifts to the Archives
247 Notebook containing notes about the college, its faculty, and students, [probably belonged to Connelly?]
Box Folder
25 248 Photographs of Association meetings and members
249 Photographs of College and grounds
Box Folder
26 (Oversize) 250 Framed portrait of Payne, Lucille Elizabeth Woodward, president of Alumnae and Ex-Student Association, 1942-70. Commissioned in 1970s to hang in the Kidd-Key room of Fondren Library.
27 Membership cards of the Alumnae and Ex-Student Association (index cards containing names and addresses of members, most with notation that member is "Deceased")

Series 11: Duplicates, 1877-1934
3 boxes

This series contains duplicates of yearbooks, catalogs, and booklets found earlier in the collection. Also included are duplicate typed copies of the Kidd-Key College Hymn. The materials are arranged chronologically by type.
Duplicate Yearbooks
28 1904
Duplicate Catalogs
29 1877-1878
30 1918-1919
1922-1923 (bound)
1924 (January supplement, renamed "Bulletin")
Duplicate Booklets, Advertisements
30 1930-1931
Duplicate Booklets
30 1920-1921
30 Duplicates of the Kidd-Key College Hymn, undated