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Homer DeGolyer Collection

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Creator DeGolyer, Homer
Title: Homer DeGolyer Collection
Dates: 1892-1963
Abstract Homer Lewis DeGolyer (1892-1963) had a varied career as soldier, historian and businessman. His collection represents the efforts of a man who held a wide variety of interests and access to a vast array of documents, records, newspapers and journals, and other items invaluable to the historical researcher. As a result, this collection contains little original material but consists primarily of copies of primary and secondary resources. The collection is divided into twelve major categories: personal papers; business papers relating to Southwest Microfilm, Inc.; Dallas history; La Reunion which includes material on La Reunion, Victor Considerant and French Socialism; notes of an unpublished manuscript on William Becknell; circus history; the history of geology and petroleum exploration; Texas history; extracts from Texas newspapers; U.S. history; a varied assortment of research materials; and other items (including the Charles Gates Sturtevant diary) which are cataloged separately.
Accession No. Mss 0047 and Mss 0047x
Quantity: 26 boxes
Repository Southern Methodist University DeGolyer Library

Biographical Note

Homer Lewis DeGolyer (1892-1963) was a man with varied interests, who managed to successfully combine vocation with avocation. Born November 13, 1892, he was the younger bother of E. L. DeGolyer, Sr., noted geologist and bibliophile. Homer's career included the roles of soldier, historian and business man. He served in World War I as a sergeant first class with the 463 Aero Squadron. Immediately after the war he donned his historian's hat by acting as managing editor in the writing and publishing of The History of the Four Hundred and Sixty Third Aero Squadron, published in 1920. DeGolyer kept in touch with his war buddies and regularly attended squadron reunions. Her served briefly as a captain in the Oklahoma National Guard and held membership in the American Legion.

Mr. DeGolyer was a pioneer in the field of microfilming, and, as such, established Southwest Microfilm, Inc., one of the first companies of its type in the area. Under his leadership the company amassed a collection of films dealing with Early Western Americana, a topic of great interest to several members of the DeGolyer family.

He was a noted researcher on the subject of Dallas history and served as a research associate with the Dallas Historical Society. Other topics of interest to him were the Santa Fe Trail, William Beckness, Texas history, the history of mining and geology and the circus. As a circus fan he was a member of The Circus Historical Society, The Circus Review, The Circus Model Builders and Owners Association and served as historian of the The Circus Fans Association.

After retiring from Southwest Microfilm, Mr. DeGolyer maintained an office at Southern Methodist University, where he continued his historical research. He died on December 15, 1963.

Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is organized into ten series:

  • Personal Papers
  • Business papers relating to Southwest Microfilm, Inc.
  • Dallas History
  • La Reunion
  • William Becknell manuscript
  • Circus History
  • Geology and Petroleum Exploration
  • Texas History
  • U.S. History
  • Research Materials

Access Terms

This collection is indexed under the following terms in the Southern Methodist University Libraries' online catalog. Researchers desiring related materials may search the catalog using these terms.
DeGolyer, Homer.
DeGolyer Family.
Becknell, William, 1787 or 8-1856.
Texas--History--To 1846
United States. Army Air Forces. Bomb Group, 463rd

Separated Material

Other items which originally formed part of the Homer DeGolyer Collection but are now cataloged separately include the following: The Charles Gates Sturtevant Diary; one reel of microfilm (MF79.39) which contains a copy of the original handwritten personal narrative of John Jeremiah "Colho" Smith, entitled "A Comanche Campaign"; one reel of microfilm (MF 79.60) which contains a typescript copy of an unpublished manuscript written by Homer DeGolyer, entitled "Warren Angus Ferris and the Three Forks of the Trinity River."

Detailed Description of the Collection

Homer DeGolyer - Personal Papers
Extent 1 box

The Personal Papers group contains items which give some insight into the personal side of Mr. DeGolyer - personal correspondence, including that with fellow squadron members, and membership and identification cards which show his involvement with a variety of organizations. Selected correspondence of E.L. DeGolyer, Sr. and E.L. DeGolyer Jr., as well as reprints of many of Sr's. geological publications are also included. Material on the genealogy of the DeGolyer family and unidentified photographs comprise the remainder of this category.
1:2 Personal Correspondence:
Includes letters, cards, graduation announcements and other miscellaneous items from friends, acquaintances and family.
1:2 Personal correspondence/Historical Research:
Correspondence relating to historical research, arranged chronologically.
1 : 3 463rd AERO Squadron:
Correspondence, brochures and photographs relating to the 463rd AERO Squadron of World War I; DeGolyer was a member of the group. Most material deals with squadron reunions.
1:4 Membership/ID Cards:
Membership and identification cards of Homer DeGolyer.
1: 5 Newspaper Articles:
Clippings pertaining to the career of Homer DeGolyer.
1: 6 Miscellaneous:
Miscellaneous personal items: postcards, cartoon book, menu,newspaper clippings.
1: 7 Cartoons:
Original hand-drawn cartoons by Larry Smith.
1: 8 Personal Correspondence:
Typescript copies of extracts from Sr's. correspondence, 1908-1956, arranged chronologically.
1:10-11 Reprints:
Reprints of articles written by Sr. including the texts of several oral presentations; topic is geology.
1:12 Personal Correspondence:
Selected correspondence of DeGolyer, Jr., 1958-63; arranged chronologically.
1:10-13 Newspaper Articles:
Clippings pertaining to the career of DeGolyer, Jr.
1:14 Photographs:
Unidentified photographs but probably the DeGolyer family.
1:15 Genealogy:
Collection of notes and references pertaining to the genealogy of the DeGolyer family.

Business Papers 1892-1963
Extent 2 boxes

The Business papers contain items relating to Southwest Microfilm, Inc. Included are Mr. DeGolyer's business correspondence, Southwest Microfilm Catalogs, a lengthy index, possibly to the company's newspaper films, and an assortment of price lists and literature related to the microfilm process.
1:16 Correspondence:
Business correspondence of Homer DeGolyer Relating to the activities of Southwest Microfilm; arranged chronologically.
1 : 17 Southwest Microfilm Inc.:
2:1 Southwest Microfilm Newspaper Index:
Contents appear to be an index of newspapers on microfilm; both Texas and U.S. newspapers are represented.
2:2-3 Southwest Microfilm/Miscellaneous:
Literature of the process of producing and using microfilms. Also includes selected Southwest Microfilm price lists and alphabetical lists of films, possibly those of the company.
2:4 Microfilm reader sketches

Dallas History 1892-1963
Extent 2 boxes

The majority of the materials consists of either handwritten or typescript extracts from the original records.
2:5 Maps and Plats:
Includes hand drawn or traced plats; original copy of "Dallas Street Guide, 1936".
2:6 Courts Records, 1846-60:
Contains listing of litigants, with index. Also includes excerpts from Record Book A, the proceedings of Commissioner's Court for 1846-47.
2:7 Marriage Records, 1846-74
2:8 Land Deeds, 1846-69:
Taken from Dallas County Deed Book; shows transfer of property among early Dallas settlers.
2:9 Tax lists, 1857 and 1860:
Indicates total acreage assessed value and location of each landowner's real property; includes amount assess for personal property.
2:10 Census, 1850:
Indicates age, sex and state of birth for names heads of households. Additional data list; in 1850 and the names of individuals representing each occupation.
2:11 Census, 1860; partial census, 1870:
Includes same data as 1850 census.
2:12 Names Lists/Miscellaneous:
Typescript, alphabetized lists of Dallas County residents; possibly extracted from tax lists or deed books, no dates.
2:13 Church Census, 1850-61:
Church Circuit Book for Dallas Circuit, East Texas Conference. Book contains yearly membership list, indicating those who died or moved away during the year.
3:1 Peter's Colony, 1841-45:
Notebook covering wide range of topics relating to the colony and its history. Also includes a photocopy of article entitled "Emigration to the Trinity and Red River Colony, Texas" dated January 4, 1844.
3:2 Three Forks of the Trinity:
Includes notes on history of the area, beginning with Coronado and DeSoto and ending with Warren A. Ferris and William P. King. Also includes typescript copies of Ferris and King correspondence, as well as transactions of the Southern Land Co.
3:3 Bird's Fort:
Material pinpoints location of fort and relates history of its establishment. Includes photocopy of original muster roll of Bird's fort Company and includes brief biography of some members.
3:4 Scyene/Mesquite:
Includes early history of both settlements, of particular interest the name change from Thorpville to Scyene.
3:5 Southwest Business Magazine:
Includes photocopies of selected articles pertaining to Dallas history, taken from issues dated May 1940-July 1941. Magazine published by the Dallas Chamber of Commerce.
3:6 Chamber of Commerce Reports:
Contains two articles, the first entitled 'The Southwest and Dallas", compiled by Clyde V. Wallis, 1942; second article entitled "Story of Dallas, Texas", by Hunt McCaleb.
3:7 Dallas Pioneer's Association:
Typescript extracts from "Dallas Daily Times Herald" and "Dallas Morning News", describing proceedings of annual meetings, usually including names of all officers and committee members. Dates include 1892, 1900-1910 and 1925-1926. Folder also includes list of Garland pioneers.
3:8 County Office Holders, 1846-1926:
Lists names of office holders in positions such as chief justice, district judge, sheriff, tax collector, coroner, etc.
3:9 County Surveys:
Contains numerous lists of survey crews working in the area, 1840-1850. Includes newspaper clipping describing trials and tribulation of Warren Ferris survey crew as it attempted to establish eastern boundary of Dallas County in 1850. Also includes copy of Ferris' field notes and typescript copies of A. G. Walker's correspondence, December, 1846-May 1850; Walker also worked as a surveyor in the Dallas area.
3:10 Militia/Military:
Material contains names of various volunteer companies organized in response to the Civil War; indicates dates of organization and officers of the various units. Also includes list of Dallas area participants in Mexican War and a list of volunteers for service the Indian frontier, 1848.
3:11 Notes:
Includes brief typescript histories of Dallas, plus a lengthy list of published books and articles dealing with all facets of life in Dallas and surrounding areas.
3:12 Notes:
Includes brief typescript histories of Dallas, plus a lengthy list of published books and articles dealing with all facets of life in Dallas and surrounding areas. Also includes article entitled "The Birth of Methodism in Dallas County", author unknown. In addition, a copy of "A Report on N. E. Texas Made in 1849", by Edward Smith and John Barrow, is included.
Contains names and dates gathered from several local cemeteries; some of those included are as follows: Big Springs, Cochran Chapter, Farmers Branch, Fish Trap, Johnson Station. Long Creek School, McCree, Oak Cliff, Old City, Overton, Perry, Pleasant Mound, Roger's, Rylie, Trinity Masonic, West Cockrell, P.A. Watson, Wheatland.
3:13 Miscellaneous:
Includes newspaper articles and some typescript material, in particular a list of Dallas businesses, dated 1878-79.
3:14 Illinois Count Records:
Notebook contains typescript extracts from the county records of several Illinois counties, Pike and Green in particular. Many Dallas pioneers emigrated from those areas in Illinois.
3:15 Miscellaneous Names Lists:
Contains numerous lists of names not easily identified with specific topics and are therefore not cataloged. Many appear to be those of early Dallas residents, while some may be Texas or Missouri pioneers.
4-9 Personal Names Files:
Boxes contain material on early Dallas residents. Files are arranged alphabetically by surname. See "Personal Names Files List".
4 Contains names A-B.
5 Contains names C-D.
6 Contains names E-I.
7 Contains names J-N.
8 Contains names O-S.
9 Contains names T-Z.

La Reunion
Extent 2 boxes

The category on La Reunion includes materials on a variety of subjects pertaining to La Reunion, Victor Considerant and French Socialism. Mr. DeGolyer compiled four notebooks with detailed indices to the contents of each. Also included are handwritten translations of three biographies of Considerant, plus a handwritten translation of his book, Au Texas.
10:1 Notes, Manuscript:
Includes notes on Victor Considerant and Reunion, newspaper extracts and an index to newspaper articles on Reunion. Also included are photostatic copies of several articles on the French colony, plus a typed manuscript entitled "Victor Considerant's Colony of Reunion, Author unknown (possibly Homer DeGolyer).
10:2 Santerre's "Reunion":
Photostatic copy of Eloise Santerre's thesis entitled, "Reunion".
10:3 Du Texas:
Contains photostatic copy of Victor Considerant's book "Du Texas" dated, 1857.
10:4-5 Au Texas:
Typescript translation of Au Texas dated, 1857.
Four loose-leaf notebooks contain material on a variety of subjects pertaining to La Reunion, Considerant and French Socialism. Notebook "A" includes DeGolyer's detailed index to the contents of notebooks "A-D".
Two loose-leaf notebooks contain contain biographical sketches of the major participants in La Reunion; the biographical data appears to come from Santerre's thesis.
Individually boxed are handwritten translations of the following Au Texas by author Victor Considerant; Victor Considerant, His Life and Work by Marie Coignet; Considerant by Eugene de Mirecourt Victor Considerant, His Work by Hubert Bourgin.

William Becknell
Extent 2 boxes

William Becknell, Father of the Santa Fe Trail is the title of an unpublished manuscript written by Homer DeGolyer. The contents of the manuscript category provided the resource material for his work. Included are notes on the genealogy of the Becknell family and extensive data on William Becknell's activities while a resident of Missouri, and later, Texas. The data was extracted from newspapers, county records and census reports. Also included is extensive material on the history of Missouri, particularly the Boon's Lick area. As background, Mr. DeGolyer accumulated much information on the Santa Fe Trail and the commerce between Missouri and New Mexico.
11:1 DeGolyer Correspondence:
Contains the personal correspondence of Homer DeGolyer, as relating to his research on William Becknell.
11:2 Manuscript:
"Finished" manuscript entitled William Becknell, Father of the Santa Fe Trail.
11:3 Genealogy:
Extensive notes on the genealogy of the Becknell family.
11:4-5 Missouri:
Contain material pertinent to William Becknell's activities while a resident of Missouri. Consists of typescript and handwritten extracts from original sources such as newspaper articles, circuit court records (primarily Howard Co.), deed records and probate records. Included is a photostatic copy of Becknell vs. Robidoux court proceedings. Also included are copies of Becknell's correspondence as Captain of the Saline Co. Rangers and minutes of the 5th and 6th General Assemblies of the state of Missouri (Becknell was a member of the assembly). Hand-drawn and traced maps, original source unknown, show location of property ownership in the Boon's Lick area, 1795-1830.
12:1 Texas:
Material pertains to Becknell's activities after moving to Texas in 1835. Included are typescript and handwritten extracts from newspaper articles, court records, probate records, deed records and census reports, primarily from Red River and Titus counties. In addition, photostatic copies of muster rolls show membership of the Red River Blues (1836) and the Red River Minute Men (1841). Contains typed copies of correspondence between Becknell and Brig. General Thomas J. Green, Texas Army.
12:2 John Becknell:
Material pertains to John Becknell, son of William, and his litigation with Etienne Cabet, leader of the Icarians; copies of court records and notes from deed records.
12:3 Santa Fe Trail:
Consists of typescript excerpts from narrative accounts given by early travelers along the Santa Fe Trail. Among the accounts included are those of Jacob Fowler, Joel P. Walker, Stephen Cooper, William Becknell and Joseph Philbert. Also included is material pertinent to the establishment of a permanent route along the Trail: includes a copy of the "Report of the Commissioners on the Road from Missouri to New Mexico, October 1827" and a typescript copy of the diary of Joseph Davis, a member of the survey party.
12:4 Santa Fe Trail/Miscellaneous:
Newspaper clippings pertaining to the Santa Fe Trail.
12:5 Santa Fe Trade:
Contains almost exclusively, typescript copies of newspaper articles discussing travel along the Santa Fe Trail and the merits of commerce with New Mexico; primarily Missouri newspapers.
12:6-9 Missouri History:
Contain a variety of materials pertaining to early Missouri history, with emphasis on the Boon's Lick area: consists mostly of typescript and handwritten notes from original sources. Included are newspaper extracts pertaining to: fur trade, commerce between Missouri and New Mexico, Austin's settlement, travel along the Trail, Indian hostilities and general activities in the Boon's Lick area. Also include extracts from circuit court and deed records, land titles and marriage records, primary from Saline, Howard and St. Charles counties. A separate notebook contains some county records from areas of Kentucky/Tenn./Virginia, 1800-1869. Also include an alphabetical listing of Indian claims, 1804-1830, and some biographical data on Boon's Lick residents and Santa Fe Traders; names include Joseph and Antoine Robidoux, Martin Parmer, Duff Green, Dr. Sappington, Nathan Boon, Morrison, Pryor, Heath, Cooper.
12:10 Maps:
Contains maps, some hand-drawn or traced, some photostatic copies, of the Santa Fe Trail, northern Texas and the Boon's Lick area in Missouri.
12:11-14 Manuscript Notes:
Consist of outlines, notes and rough draft copies of the Becknell manuscript.

Extent 1 box

Homer DeGolyer was an avid fan of the circus and, as such, developed an interest in circus history. One category includes his notes on circus history, plus several issues of contemporary newspapers featuring articles on the circus.
13:1 History:
Contains notes on early history of the circus. Material consists of typescript copies of newspaper articles and "Billboard" extracts. Included is extensive flow chart showing the names of early performers and the years the performed.
13:2-3 Newspapers:
Include newspapers featuring articles on the circus, primarily the Peru Daily Tribune,published in Peru, Indiana; dates include the early 1960's.

Extent 1 box

In collaboration with his brother, E. L. DeGolyer, Sr., Homer researched several facets of the history of geology and petroleum exploration. Much of this material dates from the mid 1800's.
13:4 Newspaper articles:
Photocopies of articles pertaining to the early days of oil exploration and discovery. Articles are selected from newspapers nationwide, the earliest dated in the 1860's.
13:5 Geologists:
Contains listing of American geologist, beginning in 1769; also general information on petroleum and geology.
13:6 Mining/Oil:
Notes on mining and history of mining and oil exploration in the U.S.; taken from newspapers and journals, 1860's-1890's. Also includes photocopies of several articles on mining and a copy of Brief History of the Standard Oil Trust.

Texas History
Extent 1 box

The Texas history category encompasses a wide span of time and topics. Major topics include: white man's entry into the area, early colonization, the Texas revolution, fall of the Alamo, and battle of San Jacinto. Material related to the revolution includes copies of the correspondence of Thomas Jefferson Gree, James Morgan and John Anthony Quitman, all participants in the cause for independence. Indian related material comprises a large portion of this section, including notes on the capture of Jane Wilson and the journals of Alexander LeGrand and Coho Smith. Selected military topics, early Methodism and personal narrative accounts of Texas pioneers ere other subjects of interest to Homer DeGolyer. Concluding the Texas history section are materials on the history of Texas newspapers and the county histories of forty Texas counties.
13:7 Early History:
Contains material on Indian relations and boundary disputes; typescript copies of newspaper articles and government documents.
13:8 Icarian:
Includes material describing Etienne Cabet's attempt to establish an Icarian colony in Denton County in 1847-48.
13:9 Mercer's colony:
Contains notes on the history of the colony. Includes maps, biographical material on Charles F. Mercer and typescript copies of newspaper extracts and Mercer's correspondence.
13:10 Wavel's Colony:
Include material on the establishment of this colony in northeast Texas in 1826. Present are photostatic copies of the contract contract and original register of colonists. Typescript material includes: brief biography of Arthur G. Wavel, correspondence between Wavel and Stephen F. Austin, a bibliography of the history of the settlement in NE Texas, including the genealogy of some early settlers.
13:12 Beale's Colony:
Typescript copy of the The Arkansas Grant, compiled from the official records, 1901.
13:13 Miscellaneous:
Selected items on colonization, including typescript copies of selected items from the Stephen F. Austin papers.
14:1-3 Pre-Military Activities:
Contain material describing the activities related to declaring independence, establishing a provisional government and forming an army. Typescript newspaper extracts reflect great nationwide interest in the Texas cause, some sympathetic, some opposed. Included are extracts depicting Santa Anna's rise to power in Mexico and that nation's view of the upcoming conflict.
14-15 Chronological Events:
Sixteen notebooks, well indexed and chronologically arranged, present an almost daily record of revolution activities from November 1, 1835 through June 30, 1836. Contain typescript copies of official correspondence and newspaper extracts. A separate notebook entitled Texas, As reported in the Louisville Daily JournalJune 20, 1836 through December 5, 1836 is included.
15:1-3 San Jacinto:
Material pertinent to the battle. Included are maps, muster roll listings of all participants, typescript copies of correspondence relating to the battle and a bibliography of battle-related material. Also included are typescript copies of contemporary battle accounts, taken mostly from newspaper articles, and typescript copies of accounts given later, primarily by participants.
15:4 Forbes vs. Labadie:
Contains typescript extracts from depositions given by selected survivors of the battle of San Jacinto. The depositions were given as part of the libel suit between Col. John Forbes and Dr. Nicholas Labadie in 1866.
15:5-6 Military Activities:
Information on the formation of the Regular Army, fall of the Alamo, battle of San Jacinto and surrender of Santa Anna. Includes typescript extracts from Lamar papers, Sam Houston's correspondence, newspaper articles and various Texas histories.
16 Mexican Accounts:
Well indexed notebook containing several Mexican versions of the Texas campaign. Reports include those of Santa Anna, Juan Almonte, Juan Andrade, Col. Pedro Delgado and Ramon Caro. Also included is typescript copy of Evacuation of Texas,a report given by General Vicente Filisola in defense of his operations as commander-in-chief of the Army against Texas. In addition, a typed translation of Tejas: La Primera Desmembracion de Mejico1917, a Spanish American view of the separation of Texas from Mexico.
16:2-4 Sam Houston:
Material traces the career of Sam Houston; includes typescript extracts from secondary sources, newspaper articles and selected items from the Houston and Rusk papers. Also includes an index to the writings of Sam Houston.
16:5 Coleman/Houston Controversy:
Contains typescript extracts from materials describing the controversy resulting from a pamphlet published by Captain M. Coleman, in which Houston's actions as the battle of San Jacinto are severely criticized.
16:6 Santa Anna:
Typescript of copies of selected newspaper articles which follow his activities during the revolution.
16:7 Lamar/Burnet/Long/Rusk:
Contains biographical material on Mirabeau B. Lamar, David G. Burnet, James Long and Thomas J. Rusk. Also includes typescript extracts from the Lamar Papers, as well as copies of selected correspondence of all four.
16:8-9 James Morgan:
Photostatic copies of Morgan's correspondence written during the Texas Revolution. He was an early merchant and landowner in south Texas and established the town of New Washington. Morgan held the rank of colonel during the Texas Revolution and served as commandant of Galveston Island.
16:10 John Anthony Quitman:
Contains photostatic copies of selected correspondence of John Quitman. He was a Mississippi lawyer and planter who raised a group of volunteers to aid the Texas cause. Most of the letters are addressed to his wife Eliza, who was back home in Mississippi.
16:11 Edmund P. Gaines:
Typescript extracts from army correspondence, mostly that of General Gaines, who was charged with maintaining the neutrality of the states surrounding Texas, including that of the citizenry.
16:12 Henry M. Morfit:
Typescript copies of the Morfit correspondence, August-Sept., 1836. Morfit was sent to Texas by Andrew Jackson to report on the state of the new republic.
16:13 William G. Cooke:
Material pertains to Colonel Cooke's activities in Texas, 1830-1840's; mostly typescript copies of newspaper articles and official correspondence.
17:1-10 Biographical material ofThomas J. Green:
Photostatic copies of his official correspondence, 1836-1857. Green held the rank of brigadier general during the Texas Revolution.
17:11 Texas Flags:
Typescript extracts from secondary sources describing the flags of Texas, with emphasis on those which originated during the revolution.
18:1 Jane Wilson Captivity:
Contains material pertaining to the capture, in 1853, of Mrs. Jane Wilson by the Comanche Indians. Included are typescript and photostatic copies of her account of the captivity, plus copies of official correspondence regarding her recuperation and the government's attempts to ransom her young brothers-in-law.
18:2 Alexander LeGrand:
Includes information on LeGrand and his activities in Texas and New Mexico. Contains much on Indian activities and his role as surveyor for the New Arkansas and Texas Land Company. Typescript copies of newspaper articles, state papers and LeGrand's journals.
18:3 Indian Activities:
Material on Indian activities in early Texas; typescript copies official correspondence relating to Indian activities.
18:4 Indians/Research Material:
Notebook of research notes on Indians, compiled from primary and secondary sources. Also included is a typescript copy of the Sibley Report on the Red River Area, 1804, and a photocopy of Journal of A Tour in the Indian Territory, 1844, performed by the Protestant Episcopal Church.
18:5 Coho Smith:
Contains typescript copy of the narrative of John Jeremiah "Coho" Smith, plus photocopy of Shawnee land grant petition, 1824.
18:6 Santa Fe Expedition:
Material pertains to the Snively Expedition, 1843. Includes typescript copies of newspaper articles, state department papers and extracts from history journals.
18:7 Forts:
Photostatic copies of selected records from three Texas forts -- Concho, Brown, and Richardson.
18:8 Muster Rolls:
Typescript copies of muster roll listings for Texas military groups, including regular army and volunteers, from approximately 1835-1860. Also included is a personal names index from the Texas Dental Journal, 1933and Army and Navy Courrier, 1825-29.
18:9 Religion:
Material on early Methodism in north Texas. Also included are typescript copies of extracts from the Texas Wesleyan Banner, 1850-51.
18:10 Pioneer Accounts:
Typescript copies of autobiographical and personal narrative accounts of several early Texans. Names include: T.T.C. Anderson,Laura G. Ames,David AndersThomas Gilbert, Harriet Ames.
18:11 Holland Coffee Papers:
Biographical material, plus typescript copy of the Coffee papers. He was a businessman, trader and politician who operated a trading post on the Red River during the 1830's-1840's.
19:1-2 Newspapers:
Include material pertaining to the history of the newspaper, particularly in Texas. Numerous lists indicate the holdings of several newspaper repositories throughout the U. S. Also included is a typescript copy of History of the Texas PressbyA.B. Morton, dated1873.
19:3 Newspaper Articles:
Clippings cover a wide range of topics relating to Texas history.
19:4 Fort Worth/Tarrant County:
Contains limited material about early Fort Worth and Tarrant County. Included are plats, tax roll, census and election register, all dated 1850, several newspaper extracts, photostatic copy of E. H. Tarrant sketch and several Chamber of Commerce publications. Included is a March, 1926copy of The Cattleman.
19:5-6 Miscellaneous:
Material on a variety of subjects related to Texas history: Mexican insurrection, annexation, secession, Horse Marines, pioneer recollections, typescript copy of the Letters of Josiah Pancost, 1843-1848 and a bound copy of Reminiscences of Earlier days in Texas and the Southwest, by Dr. W.N. Rowell.
19:7 Travel:
Includes highway maps and Chamber of Commerce type material describing several areas of Texas.
19-21 County Histories:
These boxes contain the histories of 40 Texas counties, as compiled by Homer DeGolyer. The vast majority of material consists of typescript newspaper extracts, personal narratives, family papers, county court records and tax rolls, plus several theses and dissertations. In addition ,many of the histories contain excerpts from The American Sketch Bookand an unidentified and undated order list of surnames, arranged in alphabetical order.
The following county histories are included:
  • Anderson
  • Bowie
  • Cass
  • Collin
  • Cooke
  • Delta
  • Denton
  • Ellis
  • Fannin
  • Fayette
  • Fort Bend
  • Franklin
  • Franklin
  • Goliad
  • Grayson
  • Guadalupe
  • Harrison
  • Henderson
  • Hopkins
  • Hunt
  • Johnson
  • Kaufman
  • Lamar
  • Limestone
  • McLennan
  • Morriss
  • Nacadoches
  • Navarro
  • Parker
  • Polk/Hardin
  • Rains
  • Red River
  • Ripley
  • Robertson
  • Rockwall
  • Tarrant
  • Titus
  • Williamson
  • Wise
  • Wood
The Bowie County folder includes the Memoirs of R. H. Watlington, which contains numerous references to early Bowie residents.
The folder on the Red River County also includes a lengthy manuscript index to the George Travis Wrightfamily papers, 1824=1917.
21:5 County Survey:
Typescript copy of a series of newspaper articles entitled Travels in Texas. The articles appeared in the Fort Worth Daily Democrat, Dec. 1877 through August 1878, in the form of a travelog. The author visits numerous counties throughout central Texas, listing the names of many local residents and business establishments.

Newspapers 1892-1963
Extent 2 boxes

Newspapers served as a major research tool for Mr. DeGolyer. Consequently, his collection includes several boxes of extracted material in different forms. Nine folders contain indices to headlines of theDallas Morning News, the Dallas Times Herald, and the Fort Worth Daily Democrat.
21:6 Dallas Morning News, 1833-89
21:7 Dallas Morning News, 1891-99
21:8 Dallas Morning News, 1900-05
21:9 Dallas Morning News, 1906-11
21:10 Dallas Morning News, 1924-30
21:11 Dallas Morning News, 1931-35
21:12 Dallas Morning News, 1926-37
21:13 Dallas Morning News, 1886-1910
21:14 Fort Worth Daily Democrat, Nov. 1877-Sept. 1879
21:15 W. S. Adair Stories/Index:
Articles written on early history of Dallas; appeared in Dallas Morning News, 1920-23.
21:16 List of Newspaper Indexes:
Booklet issued by the Texas Historical Survey, 1933-35; lists the Texas newspapers from which personal names indices were prepared by workers from the Civil Works Administration. Also includes key to Index to Biographical Studies of Texas.
21:17 Personal Names Index:
Sherman Daily DemocratJuly 1914-Jan. 1934.
21:18 Personal Names Index:
Texas National Register, Dec. 1844-Jan. 1846.
21:19 Personal Names Index:
Texas Gazette, Sept. 1829-Feb. 1832.
21:20 Personal Names Index:
Texas Sentinel, Jan. 1840-Nov. 1841.
21:21 Personal Names Index:
Texas State Gazette, August, 1849-August, 1852.
21:22 Newspaper Articles, 1800-1845:Newspaper Transcripts, 1819-1850.
Chronological files of selected articles written about Texas and Dallas. DeGolyer transcribed numerous articles from various Dallas and Texas newspapers including the Dallas Morning News, Texas State Gazette and the Texas National Register and others. Topics general pertain to early history of settlers, transportation and the social and economic matters of Dallas. Among topics are the following: Peter's Colony, Indians, John Neely Bryan, J. B. Webb (memoirs), Farmers Branch, Dallas Pioneers, Dallas Railroads.
21:23 Newspaper Transcripts, 1851-1854
21:24 Newspaper Transcripts, 1855-1856
21:25 Newspaper Transcripts, 1858-60
22:1 Newspaper Transcripts, 1860
22:2 Newspaper Transcripts, 1870-1873
22:3 Newspaper Transcripts, 1874-1875.
22:4 Newspaper Transcripts, 1876-1878.
22:5 Newspaper Transcripts, 1883-1887.
22:6 Newspaper Transcripts, 1888-1890.
22:7 Newspaper Transcripts, 1890-1891.
22:8 Newspaper Transcripts, 1892-1899.
22:9 Newspaper Transcripts, 1899-1907:
Also included are typescript extracts from the almanacs, directories and books listed below. The extracts generally pertain to Dallas and surrounding area.
Texas Almanac, 1858
Texas Almanac, 1867.
Texas Almanac, 1871.
Texas Almanac, 1873.
Lawson and Edmonson's Dallas and Reference Book Including A Complete Society, Statistical and Business Directory for 1873-74
Directory of the City of Dallas - A Carefully Arranged and Prepared by F. E. Butterfield and C. M. Rundlett for the Year 1875
C.D. Morrison and Co's. General Directory of the City of Dallas for 1878-79.
The American Sketch Book, Austin, 1879.
Mourrison and Fourmy's General Directory of the City of Dallas, 1880-81
Burke's Texas Almanac for 1882
Morrison and Fourmy's General Directory of the City of Dallas, 1884-85
Dallas Her Prosperity and Progress, Dallas, 1887
22:10 Newspaper Transcripts, 1900-1901.
22:11 Newspaper Transcripts, 1902-1905.
22:12 Newspaper Transcripts, 1906-1909.
22:13 Newspaper Transcripts, 1923-1924.
22:14 Newspaper Transcripts, 1925-45.
22:15 Dallas News Articles: Dallas Long Ago, 1941-1942.
Transcripts of articles written by Gus L. Ford, pertaining to Dallas history. Subjects include: Peter's Colony, Isaac Webb, J. N. Bryan, early Methodism in Texas and articles about many pioneers of Dallas.

U.S. History
Extent boxes

A few selected items comprise a category on U.S. history. Included is material on the early exploration of North America, copies of several early newspapers and other miscellaneous items.
22:16 Early Exploration:
Material pertinent to the exploration of North America by the Spanish, French and English. Included is a typescript copy of Jourtel's Historical Journal of M. de La Salle's Last Voyage to Discover the River Mississippi, and a photostatic copy of The Principall Navigations, Voiages and Discoveries of the English Nation.
22:17 Newspapers:
Original copies of the following newspapers New York Clipper, April 21, 1860, Boston Patriot, January 13, 1810, Boston Patriot January 17, 1810,The Gospel Banner, December 19, 1874.
22:18 Documents:
Contains copy of American Historical Documents From Official Archives.
22:19 Miscellaneous:
Includes material on Oklahoma, Kansas and California - roadmaps, newspapers and a bibliography of Oklahoma history. Also includes notes on the Louisiana Purchase and New Mexico history; handwritten typescript and photocopied material.

Research Materials
Extent 3 boxes

A varied assortment of research materials comprises the last major group in the collection. Included are research notes, maps, biographical material, index cards and resource notebooks, chronologically arranged, covering a vast array of topics related to U.S. and Texas history.
23:1 Chronological Events:
Contains lists of historical events, chronologically arranged. Topics include: Texas Revolution, military actions, exploration of North America, penetration of white men in Texas.
23:2-3 Biographical Material:
Include information on a variety of individuals: Texas pioneers, leaders of Texas Revolution, early Texas legislators, several writers and publishers. Material is mostly typescript extracts from secondary sources.
23:4 Newspapers Surveys:
Surveys from selected newspapers, on subjects of interest to Homer DeGolyer; dates and topics are quite variable.
23:5-7 Resource Materials:
Notes on research material resources: National Archives holdings, Texas Almanac extracts, indices to surveys of historical records, land office extracts, Wagner-Camp extracts, biographical indices, guides to manuscript depositories, bibliographies on various topics in Western history.
23:8 Miscellaneous:
Typescript and photocopies material on various topics: Army installations, U.S. Government, Grand Canyon.
23:9 Notes:
Mostly handwritten material on various topics: Dallas history, Dallas pioneers, Texas history, Missouri history, Santa Fe trade, U.S. history.
23:10-11 Maps:
Depict a wide variety of subjects, including: military roads, world maps, county and city maps, state maps, routes of early explorers, Texas land grants. Some are photocopies from the originals, some are commercial, and others are hand-drawn or traced.
24:1 Photostatic Copies:
Miscellaneous topics include: slavery, Ohio history, Salt Lake City, Arizona history, army medical records, state coach travel, railroads.
24: Resource Notebooks:
Box contains twenty notebooks, chronologically arranged, and containing source material on numerous topics; most notebooks contain a detailed index. Includes typescript extracts from American state papers, War Department correspondence, Austin and Lamar Papers, court records and newspapers. The subject matter includes events occurring from the 1500's through the 1800's; examples are:
  • Early history of the Mississippi Valley and the Southwest.
  • War of 1812
  • Indian Treaties
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Mexican Revolution
  • County Histories Indian
  • Depredations Acquisition of Texas
  • Emigration
  • Colonization
  • Dallas History
  • Railroads
  • Civil War
  • Floods
  • Elections
25:1 Index
Possibly an index to Homer DeGolyer's research notecards and notebooks.
25:2-4 Periodicals, Journals, Notebooks:
Several issues of historical publications, plus several miscellaneous notebooks. Box also includes a file containing research notecards.
25:5 Miscellaneous Photographs:
Contains photographs, some labeled, of early Texas residents.
26X Miscellaneous
Contains photostatic copies of the "Louisville Journal", issues dated May, June, July 1836, and issues of the "Louisville Public Advertiser", issues dated May, August and September 1836. Also includes two hand-drawn maps which indicate the positions and directions of movement of both the Texas and Mexican armies during the campaigns of 1836. Contains four notebooks, dated April 1, 1835 through December 1836, which contain references to daily events of significance during the Texas Revolution.