San Antonio Municipal Archives

City County Government Committee Records, 1967-2000 (b. 1991-1999)

Title: City County Government Committee Records, 1967-2000 (b. 1991-1999)
Dates: 1967-2000 (b. 1991-1999)
Identification: 2009-13
Quantity: 10 ft. 6 in.
Language: English

Administrative History

The City County Government Committee was created in 1994 through a coalition of county and city official to help reduce overlap in services and to improve the overall efficiency of city and county government. The committee was directed by a chairman, an Executive Committee, a board consisting of 60 members appointed by Judge Cyndi Taylor Krier, Mayor Nelson Wolff and Councilman Howard Peak, and a general strategy task and functional area task forces. William Sinkin was named chairman and committee members were selected to represent a “broad cross-section of the community.” To help ensure the committee maintained a non-partisan perspective, no elected officials of either the city or county government were appointed as members. The primary goal of the committee was to study the existing structure of local government within Bexar County and to develop recommendations to improve its structure. The committee studied Bexar County government, the City of San Antonio, and all other local governments and independent agencies within the county. The committee board served as a policymaking body for the committee and approved any recommendations before they are announced to the public. The committee pursued five basic goals: (1) to reduce the cost of city and county government by eliminating duplication between city and county functions and services; (2) to be sure that services are performed by the most appropriate level of local government (that is, the one with proper area jurisdiction, adequate legal authority, etc.); (3) to be sure that service levels are related to need, and that tax burdens are distributed fairly among city and county taxpayers; (4) to be sure that the structure of government encourages citizen control and makes elected officials accountable for their performance; and (5) to be sure that local government encourages citizen involvement and responds to citizen initiatives and requests.

Scope and Content

The collection was originally housed at the San Antonio Central Library Genealogy/Texana Room until it was transferred to the San Antonio Municipal Archives in 2009. The collection is composed of two subseries, the committee records of Theresa K. Giolma (4 ft.), one of the Executive Board members of the Committee between 1994-1995, and 10 ft. of records from the office of Bill Sinkin, chairman of the executive committee. Records include correspondence, reports, consolidation case studies, financial records, legislative materials, numbered reference documents and audio and videotapes that document the activities of the committee.


Arrangement of the Papers

I. Theresa Giolma Records
II. Bill Sinkin Records


Unrestricted access.

Index Terms

Giolma, Theresa K.
Krier, Cyndi Taylor.
Peak, Howard.
Sinkin, Bill.
Wolff, Nelson.
City County Government Committee.
City of San Antonio.
Bexar County.
City County Consolidation.
Public administration—San Antonio (Tex.).
Public administration—Bexar County (Tex.).
San Antonio (Tex.).

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Box #, Folder title], City County Government Committee Records, 1967-2000 (b. 1991-1999), San Antonio Municipal Archives.

Processing Information

This collection was processed with financial assistance from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Theresa Giolma Records

1 Subject files
Administrative correspondence, 1994-1995
Brochure printing samples, 1994-1995
Census figures, Bexar County, 1990
City candidates mayoral/city council election, 1995
Managing for Results: Performance Measures in Government, Austin Convention Center, 1993
Mayor's Forum, Paragon Cable, 1993
Neighbors for the '90s, 1994
Consolidation newspaper articles, 1993-1995
Consolidation study input report provided by Information Services Dept. City of S.A., 1994
Crime prevention/law enforcement legislation, 1993-1994
Executive Committee correspondence, 1994
Expenses, 1994-1995
Fax lists, undated
Interested citizens, 1994
Children, 1993-1994
Crime/law enforcement, 1993-1994
Assorted, 1993-1994
Judge Cyndi Taylor Krier
Biographical sketch, undated
Cherokee County, 1994
City County cooperation, 1993
COOP Projects, 1993
Helen Ayala, City Councilperson, 1994
Judge Cyndi Taylor Krier correspondence, undated
David Childs, Tax Assessor/Collector, 1994
Vic Heller, UTSA College of Business/Tourism Management Program, 1994
General Robert T. Herres, USAA, 1995
Mark McBriarty, UTSA Professor, 1994
Howard Peak, San Antonio City Councilman, 1994
Gene Seaman, Corpus Christi/Nueces County consolidation, 1994
Mayor Nelson Wolff, 1993
Employee suggestions, 1993
Background material, 1993
Research, 1995
Speeches delivered, 1993-1994
2 Legislative efforts, 1992-1994
Legislation, 1992-1994
Meetings, 1994-1995
National Commission on State and Local Public Service, 1993
Nueces County/Corpus Christi Consolidation, 1994
Organizing (Steering) Committee, 1993-1994
Preliminary meetings
June 14, 1994
June 21, 1994
June 24, 1994
July 19, 1994
August 9-23, 1994
Executive Committee, September 13, 1994
Local Economic Regions Breakfast meeting, Larry Ledebur, October 17, 1994
Legislative Delegation Luncheon, November 14, 1994
State of the County Luncheon, Lex Hester, November 18, 1994
Leadership San Antonio, December 7, 1994
Executive Committee, 1995
Luncheon at Plaza Club, March 13, 1995
Appreciation Luncheon, June 20, 1995
Reinventing Government, Vice-President Al Gore, 1993
Research for Bob Sohn, 1995
Resource committee and legislative liaison, 1994
Speaker's bureau stationery, 1994
Task forces
Administrative Services, 1994-1995
Economic Development, 1994-1995
Newspaper articles on economic development, 1994-1995
3 General strategy
July – September, 1994
October, 1994 – February, 1995
Health and Human Services, 1994-1995
Natural resources and utilities, 1994
Planning, housing and community development, 1994
Public safety, 1994-1995
Recreation and cultural services, 1994-1995
Transportation and infrastructure, 1994-1995
Press release, 1994
Progress reports, 1993-1994
Voters’ guide, 1994


Bill Sinkin Records

5 Task Force Committees
Meeting diary, 1994-1995
Task forces
Administrative services, 1993-1995
Economic development, 1994
Health and human services, 1994
Housing, 1993-1996
Information systems, 1996
Interlocal agreements, 1994-1998
Legislative process, 1994-1998
Meetings, 1995-1996
Minutes of meetings, 1994-1996
Natural resources and utilities, 1991-1994
Parks and recreation, 1995
Public safety, 1994-1995
Public works, 1996
Purchasing, 1995-1996
Recreational and cultural services, 1994
Transportation, 1996
Voting Rights Advisory Committee, 1996
Budget and expenditures, 1997-1998
6 Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, 1998
August 21, 1998 City/County Consolidation Conference
Master documents, 1998
Agenda, invitations, registration, 1998
Meeting materials, 1998
Correspondence, 1998
Consolidation executive summary, 1996
Database, Citizens for the Right to Vote, membership lists, 1996-1998
Donor lists, 1995-1997
Executive Committee lists, 1995-1997
Fundraising letters, 1996-1998
Legislation JR74 and HJR104, 1995-1996
Legislative efforts, Austin hearings, 1997
Member meetings, 1998
1994 –1996
1996 - 1998
Polling demographics, 1996-1998
Privatization, 1995-1996
Slide presentation (with narrative), 1996
Speeches and background material, 1994-1998
Speeches by Dr. Larry Ledebur, 1994
4 Consolidation case studies
Anaconda - Dee Lodge County, Montana, 1996
Athens - Clarke County, Georgia, 1990-1997
Augusta - Richmond County, Georgia, 1995
Baton Rouge - East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, 1995
Columbus - Muscogee County, Georgia, 1996
Denver city - Denver County, Colorado, 1996
Houston Metropolitan Study, 1996-1997
Indianapolis - Marion County, Indiana, 1997
Jacksonville - Duval County, Florida , 1996
Kansas City - Wyandotte County, Kansas, 1997
Laredo, Texas, 1996
Lexington - Fayette County, Kentucky, 1996
Nashville - Davidson County, Tennessee, 1994
New Jersey - New York, 1996
Portland, Oregon, 1995-1999
Tallahassee - Leon County, Florida, 1995
5 Toronto, 1997-1998
Washington County, Minnesota, undated
Nationwide, misc. other areas, 1994-1998
8 Financial records
Board meetings, 1994-1995
Citizens for the Right to Vote
Lists of previous donors, 1994-1995
Finance, 1996
Proposed budget phase II, 1997
Proposed solicitation letter, 1997
Resolutions of city and county for consolidation, 1996-1997
Roster lists, 1996-1997
City County Government Executive Committee, 1994-1995
Financial records, 1996-1997
General correspondence
International Association of Fire Chiefs Privatization , 1997
Meetings, 1997
Opposition/Criticism Frank Madla, 1996-1999
Original organizational papers, 1994
Outreach, 1996
9 Supporters and expressions of support, 1996
Task Force assignments, 1994
Bond issue disbursements, 1998
City and County Commissioners Report, 1997-1999
City of San Antonio City Council, 1997-1999
Other cities, 1999
State representatives, 1998
Notes on the bill, 1999
City/County Commission, 1995-1996
Commission final meeting, 1999
Newspaper articles, 1998
Database roster, 1998
Implementing legislation, 1998-1999
Interim legislative hearings, 1994-1996
Legislative bills, 1996-1997
Legislative efforts, 1996-1997
State Senator Frank Madla, 1996
Minutes of meetings, 1996
Outsourcing, undated
Press releases, editorials, and newspaper articles, 1994-1996
Proposed Implementing Statute for Bexar County Home Rule Charter, 1999
Proposed legislation, 1994-1996
Proposed local governmental integration amendment, 1998
Public relations correspondence, 1996
David Rusk, 1998-1999
San Antonio/Bexar County Government Committee Report and Recommendations Executive Summary, 1996
Master copy, 1996
Testimony, 1997
Notes, 1996-1998
Da El Informe Sobre Consolidacion de Gobiernos la Comision de Gobierna: Ciudad y Condado San Antonio y Condado de Bexar Septiembre de 1996, 1996
Local Government Handbook, League of Women Voters, 1992
Regional Governance in the San Antonio/Bexar County Area, Dr. Mark McBriarty, UTSA MPA PAD6923/Applied Research, 1994
10 Texas County Government: Let the People Choose, Texas Research League, 1970
This Way Up: Local Officials Handbook for Privatization and Contracting Out, eds. R.Q. Armington and William D. Ellis, 1996
Report and recommendations draft, 1997
Analysis by the city, 1997
Public relations, 1996-1997
Correspondence, 1996-1997
Newspaper articles
Annexation, 1994-1998
Government consolidation
January-March, 1996
April-June, 1996
July-December, 1996
January-March, 1997
April-June, 1997
July-December, 1997
Public relations proposal prepared by Regnier, Valdez & Associates, 1997
Consolidation study input provided by Information Services Department City of San Antonio, 1996
Speakers’ bureau, 1995-1996
Citizens for the Right to Vote
Correspondence, 1997-1999
Austin Legislative Conference legislation, 1999
Bexar County budget and organization, 1996-1998
City/County Government Committee brochures, undated
City of San Antonio, 1991-1994
Commission members roster, 1999
Consolidation, 1996-2000
Constables, 1995-1997
Corporate and Business Task Force meetings, 1998
Ethnicity in Bexar County statistics, 1996
Expenses and bills, 1998
FAQs about consolidation, 1994-1998
Frost meeting, 1998
Fund raising, 1998
Incorporated areas, 1996-1998
Logbook, 1998-1999
Neighborhood and Grassroots Task Force, 1996-1998
Newspaper articles, 1991-1998
Notebook (Citizens for the Right to Vote), 2000
Organizational meetings, 1998
Police/Sheriff’s Department, Law Enforcement (includes report on consolidation), 1995-1998
11 Proposed Governmental Integration Legislation bill, 1998
Research papers and reports
City/County Government Consolidation Personnel Management in the Public Sector, 1995
Regional Governance in the San Antonio Bexar County Area, 1994
Resolutions: San Antonio City Council, 1996
Laredo City Council, 1998
Responses to State Sen. Madla’s Objections to Consolidation, 1999
Working Together: Building Foundations for the Future, roster of community-wide event participants, undated, [ca. 1999]
Photographs two meetings, undated
Citizens Against Government Waste,presentation by C.A. Stubbs, 1999
Committees, 1998
Georgia Future Communities Commission, 1995
Local Governenance in Texas, presentation by Dr. Mark McBriarty, 1995
Maury Maverick Sr. articles, 1998
Population statistics, 1996
Bill Sinkin, 1995-1996
Barbara Christian, 1996
Nelson Wolff, 2001
Studies and Reports, 1994-1998
El Paso Public hearing of Senate/House IGR Committee hearing, April 1, 1996
The Great Northwest at the GNW Club House, recorded by City/County Government Commission, June 5, 1996
Southeast Area Meeting at Pecan Valley Golf Club, recorded by Arthur Estrada, June 19, 1996
Southside Area Meeting at South San High School, recorded by Arthur Estrada, June 25, 1996
Districts 9 & 10 Joint Meeting at SW Bell Auditorium, Broadway and Hildebrand, recorded by City/County Government Commission, July 24, 1996
Southwest Meeting at John F. Kennedy High School, recorded by City/County Government Commission, August 8, 1996
District 8 Meeting at Colonies North elementary School Cafeteria/Auditorium, recorded by City/County Government Commission, August 13, 1996
City County Government Commission Meeting at UTSA Cypress Tower Campus recorded by City/County Government Commission, August 21, 1996
District 1 Meeting at Robert E. Lee High School, recorded by City/County Government Commission; August 27, 1996, District 1 Meeting at Brackenridge High School recorded by City/County Government Commission, August 28, 1996
City County Government Commission Meeting at UTSA Cypress Tower room 140, recorded by City/County Government Commission, September 25, 1996
City Council Meeting taped by City/County Government Commission, Council Chambers, October 3, 1996
. County Commissioners Court taped by Bexar County, Agenda regarding consolidation is on last portion of tape 1 and first portion of tape 2, October 8, 1996
Commission Meeting at UTSA Cypress Tower to revise proposed constitutional amendment, November 14, 1996
City Council Meeting to discuss amendment and two other consolidation related issues, November 21, 1996
City Council vote on adding the revised amendment to the city's list of items for legislation, November 26, 1996
. IGR Hearings in San Antonio City Council Chambers. Taped by City of San Antonio. Includes a paper written by William Sinkin, March 5, 1996
Seminar by Dan Durning; May 24, 1996, Seminar by Paul Hardy –UTSA, May 3, 1996
Computer Floppy Disks 24 miscellaneous disks, 1999 and undated
3 Reports and Studies
Building Communities: Together HUD Guidebook, 1994
City-County Government Commission Report and Recommendations, 1996
City -County Consolidation: The Next Step for Bexar County, 1997
The Claritas Demographic Update Methodology, 1997
"Consolidate or Coordinate?"County,Vol. 8 No. 6, 1996
Consolidation Study Input, 1994
Education That Works: Quality Education for Minorities Project, 1990
Initial Report and Recommendations of the Transportation and Infrastructure Task Force, 1994
Inside Game/Outside Game, 1998
Mayor's Symposium on Building a City That Works, 1998
4 Metropolitan Governance: A Handbook for Local Government Commissions, 1980
Organizational Change Strategies, 1994
Partnership for Hope Growth Without Prosperity, 1993
Powder Hill Memorial Gardens Neighborhood Improvement Concept, 1984
Regional Governance in the San Antonio Bexar County Area, 1994
Regional Politics, 1996
Reorganizing Bexar County's Commissioner Court, 1995
Rightsizing Government, 1993
San Antonio/Bexar County City Government Committee Report and Recommendations (final draft), 1996
Senate Intergovernmental Relations Committee Interim Report, 1996
Strategies for Implementing Change in the San Antonio-Bexar County Governments Consolidation, 1994
Summary of Proposed Governmental Integration Legislation, 1998-99
6 Reference materials
Austin-Travis County Joint Commission on Metropolitan Government Final Report on Ten Service Delivery Areas and Alternative Government Structures, 1986
Austin City Council and Travis County Commissioners Court, Appendices to the Summary Recommendations of Five Functional Areas Action for Metropolitan Government Committee, 1989
7 Austin-Travis County Joint Commission on Metropolitan Government, Implementation Reports on Parks and Recreation Consolidation, Vehicle Maintenance and Data Processing, 1990
Austin-Travis County: Two Governments--One Public, Report and Summary. (2 separate vols.), Report of Action for Metropolitan Government Commission, 1991
Bexar County Adopted Annual Budget [missing], 1993-1994
Bexar County 1995-1996 Annual Budget, [missing], 1996
Bexar County 1995-1996 Budget Instruction Manual, 1996
Bexar County--Recommendations for the Improvement of Provision of EMS Services in Unincorporated Bexar County, Report of EMS Task Force, 1993
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Bexar County--Of, By, and For the People, An examination of responsiveness capacity of local government. Report of Research and Planning Council, 1971
Bexar County and City of San Antonio: Fragmented vs. Consolidated Governments, Kimberly Nelson, UTSA, Independent Study, 1996
City-County Government Committee brochure, folded 11x17 handout describing structure and functions of committee, 1994-1995
City-County Government Commission, An evaluation by Monica Ramos for a political science class, 1996
City-County Government Consolidation, Frank Scardetta, report for a government class at San Antonio College, 1996
City-County Consolidation Committee, Transportation and Infra-structure Task Force, Initial Report and Recommendations, 1994
City-County Government Committee Speakers Bureau Training Sessions, 1995-1996
. City-County Project, Social Services Reorganization, Graduate research report for PAD 5003, Contemporary Perspectives, 1995
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Edwards Underground Water District Reference Map, 1988, and Index of Edwards Aquifer Recharge and Transition Zone Maps, 1993
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