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Guide to the Roy M. Huffington Oil Company Records, 1977-2006 MS 575

creator Huffington, Roy M.
Title: Roy M. Huffington Oil Company Records
Dates: 1969-2008
Identification: MS 575
Quantity: 33 Linear Feet(33 boxes)
Language: English
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biographical / Historical

Roy M. Huffington, geologist, oilman, philanthropist, and U.S. ambassador, was born Oct. 4, 1917, in Tomball, Texas. His father was also an oilman but died in an accident when Roy was 14. Enrolling at Southern Methodist University, Roy earned a geology degree in three-and-a-half years and then went on to Harvard, where he graduated with a masters and a doctorate in geology. From 1942 to 1945 he served in the U.S. Navy as first ensign and then lieutenant commander. Returning to Texas after the war, he worked as a field geologist for Humble Oil (now ExxonMobil) until 1956, when he set up his own oil and natural gas exploration company known as Roy M. Huffington, Inc. He had saved enough money to cover expenses for three years, and for the first 18 months he did not make “a red cent,” he said. Then, however, he hit oil in 17 of the first 18 wells he drilled.

Huffington’s company, subsequently known as Huffco, grew to be a major independent international oil company active around the world. Observing that the geology of Indonesia seemed to resemble that of the Gulf Coast, Huffington suspected that oil or natural gas might be found there. Thus, in 1966 Huffco signed a production sharing contract with Pertamina to explore in the Kutai Basin of the Mahakam River delta in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The initial exploration objective was oil, but in 1972 Huffco discovered a giant natural gas reserve at Badak Field. Huffco and Pertamina collaborated to build a liquefied natural gas plant in Bontang, and the first shipping took place in 1977.

Subsequently Huffco joined forces with Mobil Oil Indonesia to expand the size of the Indonesia natural gas project. After seven years of this field’s operation, Indonesia became the world’s largest liquid natural gas supplier. In 1989 Huffington sold his business to the Chinese Petroleum Corporation of Taiwan.

In 1990 Huffington accepted appointment by President George H. W. Bush to be ambassador to Austria. He served in that post for three years, working to improve business ties with the former Soviet bloc. After his ambassadorship, he returned to Houston and resumed his position as chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Roy M. Huffington, Inc., the independent international oil company that remained after the sale of Huffco to the Chinese.

While serving as ambassador to Austria he joined the board of the Salzburg Global Seminar, an international policy center, and in 1994, he was elected its chairman, a position which he held until 2007. Huffington also served as the chairman of the Asia Society, a New York-based charity, for seven years in the 1980s. His philanthropic activities were wide ranging, related especially to education and medicine. To cite a few examples, he founded the Huffington Foundation, a Houston-based charity, and he and his wife, the former Phyllis Gough, who died in 2003, established the Huffington Center on Aging at Baylor College of Medicine. Having been a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity at Southern Methodist University, he made a significant donation to the Alpha Tau Omega Educational Foundation, which provides scholarships for undergraduate members of the fraternity.

On July 11, 2008, while vacationing in Italy, Huffington died in Venice of natural causes. He was 90.

Scope and Contents

This collection documents the business history of the Roy Huffington Oil Company, also known as Huffco. There are photos, correspondence files, videos, as well as awards and speeches that Roy M. Huffington gave while he served as CEO and president of the company. Most of the information highlights the Badak liquified natural gas plant, founded by Huffco Inc. in early 1972. Series I: Indonesia joint venture, Badak,and LNG includes photos and correspondence files detailing the establishment of the Badak plant. Subcommittee minutes include committee, the LNG expansion coordinating committee, and the exploration subcommittee. Series II: Audio-Visual showcases in photographs, audio,and video Roy Huffington as business man, friend, and colleague. Some of the files deal with: work anniversaries, professional photographs, and plant construction and design. Series III: LNG projects captures locations and projects that Huffco was interested in and or involved with. This series is mainly text files. Series IV:Correspondence is composed of correspondence that was discussed between the company and other entities/ parties. The correspondence files that are particularly interesting are the ones on Interferon Foundation. This Foundation was one that dealt with a trial drug on cancer. Series V:Addendum is rich in photographs. There are photos of Roy M. Huffington and some significant dignitaries including: George W. Bush senior and Colin Powell. Series VI:Oversize: This series includes photographs, awards, and a photo album.


Conditions Governing Access

This material is open for research with the exception of items restricted by the Donor and the Woodson Research Center because dissemination of their content may constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy or a libel of a living person, or because content relates to the personal, family, and confidential business affairs of the Donor or other persons referenced in the Papers. Specific timeframes or other conditions for removal of restrictions will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

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Index Terms

Offshore oil industry
business records
Liquefied natural gas industry
Community activists

Related Materials

Please refer to Roy M. Huffington Personal and Professional papers MS# 688, Roy M. Huffington Ambassadorial papers 1988-2008 Ms# 617, and Roy M. Huffington Naval papers 1942-2005 Ms# 611.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Roy M. Huffington Oil Company records, MS 575, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University

Immediate Source of Acquisition

This collection was a gift donated by Michael Huffington, Terry Huffington, and the Huffington Foundation, Terry Huffington and Ralph Dittman, Trustees, on February 22, 2013.

Detailed Description of the Collection

1-9 Series I: Indonesia joint venture, Badak, and LNG 1969-1981
Processing Information
This series is arranged alphabetically.
Box Folder
1 1 Accounting and tax subcommittee meeting minutes
2 Allied Chemical Corporation Union Texas petroleum division
3 Allied Chemical Corporation Union Texas petroleum division 1977-02-09-1978-11-14
4 American Ultramur 1969-02-04-1980-12-15
5 American Ultramar limited 1975-01-21-1978-11-16
6 Austral Petroleum Gas Corporation 1969-05-19-1979-12-19
7-8 P.T. ASA case
9 C.V. Nastra concern v. Roy M. Huffington Inc. 1979-07-13
10 Department of the Army U.S. Army topographic command
11 Operations audit report 1978-05-24
12 Audit report file non-operator 1977-08-22-1980-08-01
13 Ascope 1977-08-26-1978-09-01
14 P.T. Badak 100th LNG cargo from Bontang celebration 1979-07-24
15 Badak cash flow 1977-04-27-1977-05-20
16 Badak condensate loading and storage facilities 1975-11-05
17 Badak gas facility 1976-10-06
18 Badak OCEF relending agreement (unofficial) 1977-04-19
19 Badak crude oil entitlement procedure 1980-08-04
20 Badak LNG expansion project progress reports 1979
21 LNG expansion project financing
22 Badak LNG plant sales 1979-11-26
23 Badak sale of crude to oasis 1980-09-02
24 Badak field increased deliverability and Bontang plant capacity
25 Bontang plant expansion trains 5 and 6 1979-01-16
26 LNG transportation from Indonesia to Japan-Leif Hoegn co.
27 Badak trustee and paying agent agreement and Badak escrow agreement
28 Articles of association on the Badak Natural Gas Liquefaction Company
29 Badak LNG expansion project
30 Badak LNG expansion project progress report
31 Badak LNG expansion project train no. 5 future
32 Badak LNG expansion project position papers for trains 3 and 4 at same time
33 Badak LNG project additional trains
34 Badak LNG expansion project progress report
35 Badak LNG expansion project development plan 1978-11
36 Gas production for Bontang LNG plant and fertilizer plant after expansion to four 1979-06-25
37 Sales contract Columbia LNG corporation
38 Badak overrun financing
Box Folder
2 1 Badak trust agreement
2 Badak utilization negotiations summary
3 Balikpapan booklet
4 Bechtel Incorporated
5 Bontang LNG Plant expansion project in Pertamina and Bechtel letter of intent
6 Borden project
7 Indonesian Borobudur restoration contribution
8 Badak LNG project freight rates for t/a 1978
9 Burmah gas transport freight rate 1977
10 Transportation agreement and Pertamina and Burmah gas transport limited
11 Burmah Oil Company, Ltd., Burmah oil tankers, Ltd., Burmast East Shipping Corporation and Pertamina
12 Cattle
13 Centre for strategic and international studies
14 Wallace R. Clark, Jr. vs. Roy M. Huffington Inc.
15 Indonesia clippings
16 Indonesia clippings
17 Coal prospecting rights in Indonesia
18 Condensate system
19 Crude oil lifting agreements between Pertamina and ILAPO
20 Crude oil marketing in Indonesia
21 Crude oil production and sales, Badak field, and East Kalimantan, Indonesia
22 Crude oil sales from East Kalimantan proposed structure
23 General correspondence Indonesia
24 Correspondence- Singapore office
25 Indonesia Joint Venture correspondence
26 D.K.K.A.- Pertamina
27 D.K.K.A organization chart telephone guide and administrative correspondence procedure
28 D.K.K.A/ Pertamina monthly meeting
29 DKKA Letter no. 5718/75 proposed training of employees abroad
30 Pacific - Indonesia LNG company
31 Drilling and production status
32 East Kalimantan economic evaluation
33 End users participants
34 Department of energy federal governmental policy on liquefied natural gas
35 Engineering subcommittee meeting minutes
36 Engineering subcommittee meeting minutes
37 Esso chemical company- now Exxon- project reviews
38 Executive club members
39 Expatriate policy guide
40 Job classification schedule
41 Expatriate policy guide
42 P.T. Badak Natural Gas Liquefaction Company 1979
43 Correspondence Jakarta office
Box Folder
3 1 Expatriate premiums
2 Exploration subcommittee meeting minutes
3 Exploration reports
4 Facilities expansion project operations 1981
5 Fertilizer plant
6 Film
7 Financial statements Indonesia Joint Venture
8 Foreign capital investment in Indonesia
9 Foreign exploration non-association
10 Foreign oil companies in Jakarta
11 FPC approval of LNG imports
12 First National City bank primary signers
13 Foreign tax credit problems Indonesian production sharing contract
14 Gas project subcommittee meeting minutes
15 General Dynamics Quincy shipyard
16 Golden Eagle Indonesia Limited
17 Gunung Bakaran housing project
18 Gunung Bakaran Huffco office
19 Charles L. Hicks correspondence, etc.
20 Home ownership plan
21 Huffco East Asia Inc.
22 Huffco warehouse and crating company proposal
23 Inca, LTD.- Anabas island South China sea production sharing contract area
24 Indonesia - Japan LNG project
25,26 Indonesia contract negotiations
27 Indonesian income tax laws applicable to corporation
28 Indonesian marketing
29 Indonesian Petroleum Association
30 Indonesian - Union Oil Company of California and Attaka field
31 Internal revenue service regulations
32 Insurance subcommittee meetings
33 Jakarta Hilton executive club
34 Joint coordinating committee meeting
35 Joint operating agreement Nilam oil and gas unit East Kalimantan
36 Joint management group
37 LNG file
38 LNG economics revised
39 LNG expansion project progress report
40 LNG expansion coordinating committee
41 LNG plant
42 LNG plant liquids
43 Additional LNG sales documents to be supplied from Badak and Arun projects
44 Dome LNG project for export to Chubu and other Japanese buyers
45 Floating LNG plant proposal
Box Folder
4 1 LNG project
2 LNG project negotiations
3 LNG services agreement Pertamina and RMHI (Huffco) group
4 LNG joint coordination meetings
5 LNG project financing
6 LNG project insurance meetings
7 Liquefied natural gas decision and order denying petition spot sales
8 Liquefied natural gas sales contract Pertamina and Columbia LNG corporation spot sales to East Coast
9 LNG Shipping
10 LNG shipboard personnel training program
11 LNG surplus
12 LNG transportation agreement
13 LNG sales contract committee
14 Spot sales agreements to U.S. East coast
15 Liquefied natural gas sales contract between Pertamina and Boston Gas Company
16,17,18,19 Management reports Indonesian joint venture
20 Manning charts, job description, and salaries
21 Indonesia- R.I. methanol in Indonesia Thysse group
22 Minister of Mines Department
23,24 Mitsubishi Corporation
25 Mitsubishi International Corporation
26 Mitsubishi Petroleum Development Company., LTD.
27 Mobil/Arun LNG project
28 Mobil's tax ruling
29 Monthly activity report
Box Folder
5 1 Names of people with various companies
2 Nilam oil and gas unit agreement
3 Nippon Bear Oil Company LTD.
4,5 Nissho- IWAI Co., LTD
6 Oil development project Badak field
7 Organization chart foreign personnel
8 Office of Foreign Direct Investments - U.S. Department of Commerce
9 Joint venture operating committee budget
10 Joint venture operating committee budget, general, and administrative and overhead
11 Operating committee minutes 1977
12 Operating committee meeting minutes 1974-1976
13 Operating committee and subcommittee - name changes to receive copies of minutes, etc.
14 Operating group report on Badak LNG project
15 Osaka, Japan branch establishment
16 Overhead correspondence
17 Overseas schools advisory council
Box Folder
6 1,2,3 Overriding royalty
4 Personnel in Indonesia expatriates and nationals
5 Pacific resources, Inc. Honolulu, Hawaii
6 Payout status report
7,8 Management committee file
9 Acturial certificate for the plan and taxable year 1977-12-31
10 Proposal for executive tax services
11 Roy M. Huffington, Inc.
12,13 Management committee file no.1
14 Management committee file no.1 (corporate policy and procedures manual)
15 Management committee no.1 (analysis of investment facilities) 1977-06
16 Personnel - overseas
17 Personnel - expatriates and families
18 Personnel policy guide expatriates
19 Personnel reports
20 Pertamina- cabinet ministers- personnel and BKKA personnel
21 Pertamina and BKKA Organization charts 1976-05-06
22 Pertamina - Japan Indonesia LNG Loan agreement
23 Pertamina - other companies amended production sharing contract on crude oil payments
24 Pertamina public relations policies
25 Pertamina - additional request of acreage
26 Pertamina general correspondence
27 Bechtel and Pertamina LNG plant and related facilities agreement
Box Folder
7 1 Pertamina Badak LNG project
2 Pertamina - Japan Indonesia LNG Co., LTD. Badak LNG plant
3 Policy committee - Indonesian Joint Venture group
4 Sanga sanga area in East Kalimantan
5 Production sharing contract amendent
6 Pertamina - Mobil Oil Indonesia Inc. - agreement on principles of plant lease and processing arrangements
7 P.S.C renegotiation's meeting with president Suharto 1977-01-15
8 Production facilities
9 Monthly production summary - East Kalimantan
10 Production sharing contract agreement
11 Production sharing contract agreement 1977
12 PSC release of approximately 6,138 sq. kilometers of sanga sanga in East Kalimantan
13 Operating agreement Nilam unit- (total)
14 Pertamina - Huffco agreement and amendment to production sharing contract crude oil proceeds
15 Production sharing contract- renegotiation- between Pertamina and Roy M Huffington Inc.
16 Bidding on new land, Southeast Sumatra
17 RMH production sharing agreement between Perusahaan Negara Tambang Batubara and Shell Mijnbouw N.V.
18 Ranger building systems
19 Reception list of Indonesia guests
20 Seller's sales contract pricing package for Badak LNG expansion project
21 Santan Terminal
22 Securities and exchange commission
23 General Soeharto's message
24 Santan Terminal facilities joint operating agreement (Pertamina, union and japex- attaka unit, Huffco- Badak
25 Skyline Building
26 Sumatra program
27 The Superior Oil Company- formerly Austral Petroleum Gas Corporation
28 Structure of entity to operate, or own, and operate Indonesian liquefaction plant
29 Talks
30 Talks - his excellency the president of the republic of Indonesia Soeharta
31 Indonesian tax decree method of computation, payments of corporate tax, interests, dividends, and royalty tax
32 Tax calculation for production sharing contractors for Indonesian income taxes
33 Tax equalization calculations
34 Technical services agreement
35 Tankers
36 Training of Indonesians and expatriate Indonesia personnel managers required by DKKA
37 Union oil company of California joint operating agreement - Tuju unit East Kalimantan
38 Utilization of foreign workers
39 Unitization project
40 Work permits and visas regulations
41 Work program and budget 1976
42 "The world as it is" advertisement in publication of issue on Indonesia
43 Worldwide Pertamina Foundation
Box Folder
8 1 Badak Field Oil Development project 1973-01
2 Banglico - board of directors- P.T. Badak Natural Gas Liquefaction Company
3 Banglico - board of directors, Badak
4 Banglico - board of directors- P.T. Badak Natural Gas Liquefaction Company
5 Badak shareholder meeting and proposals
6 Badak board of directors meetings
7 P.T. Badak Natural Gas Liquefaction Company balance sheet
8 PT Badak permanent community "Guest" house Bontang, Kalimantan
9 P.T. Badak - natural gas plant organization- Bontang
10 Shareholder agreement- Badak
11 Producers' audit of P.T. Badak Natural Gas Liquefaction Company operator of the Bontang LNG plant
12 Dedication of LNG plant and facilities
13 Terms by Pertamina for Badak LNG plant engineering and construction
14 Insurance - Badak (Bontang) LNG plant
15 LNG meetings - Osaka
16 Badak gas sales negotiations
17 Processing agreement and agreement for exclusive use and operation of plant - Pertamina and joint venture
18 Badak LNG brochure distribution
19 Badak LNG plant cost estimate and schedule
20 Badak LNG plant condensate production
21 Badak LNG plant financing
22 Badak LNG project highlights
23 Badak LNG project management
24 Badak LNG project task force in Oakland
25 Far East Oil Trading Company - administrative services
26 Badak LNG project - amendment to sales contract - Semarang meetings
27 Badak LNG project meetings
28 Badak project expansion meetings with Pertamina
Box Folder
9 1 Indonesian Joint Venture agreement
2 Indonesian Joint Venture correspondence
3 Indonesian Joint Venture expansion project
4 LNG expansion project
5 Engineering subcommittee
6 Huffco Indonesian organization announcements
7 Badak Field
8 Badak Field Oil and Gas journal article
9 Operating agreement
10 Operating committee
11 Production sharing contract
12 Correspondence
13,14 Board + shareholder's meetings

10-12 Series II: Audiovisual 1975-2016
The material was arranged by personal followed by more professional potraits and audiovisual material.
Box Folder
10 1-3 RMH family and friends photos
4 RMH 30th anniversary
5 Portraits and slides 1986-1987
6 Mr.Hicks retirement party
7 Building on Success video 1985-07-04
8 Machinery + equipment
9 High press separator 1975-08-23
10 Indonesia "Building the Future Together" photos and brochure
11 Plan for Gujura LNG project
12 Bontang LNG plant photos
13 Color photos
14 Indonesia spots(Bontang and Badak)
15 Badak/Indonesia
16 Badak plant photos and the Houston office?
17 Mr. Roy Huffington, Judy Aemes
18 Roy M. Huffington portraits
19 Huffington photos and negatives
20 Office personnel negatives
21 Roy Huffington negative
22 Business meeting/official pictures
23 Badak Field
24 The Great Hunting Caper
25 Official photos
26 LNG photos
27 Photos for brochure
28 Badak photos
29 Meeting with Pertamina 1978-04
30 Huffco photos
31 Photo album
32 Badak reception photos from album
33 July 4th weekend, Ohio
34 Badak photos
35 Huffco: aerials Salik
36 Badak photos
37 Allied chemistry Bontang 1978-11
38 Badak 1978-04
39 Ecuador photos 1979-10
40 Badak arriving on dock 1977-12-25
41 Bontang photos 1978-11
42 Badak Field technicians hands 146
43 Huffco Badak Pertamina
44 Huffco Indonesia photos
45 Huffco Badak LNG Photos
46 Badak plant photos
47 Huffco Badak air products and chemicals, Inc.
48-49 Visit to Roy M. Huffington Inc., by his excellency Adam Malik, vice president of Indonesia
50 Badak
Box Folder
11 1 IVEC, Independent Valley Energy Company, photos, "Man On Home" John Brown" 1976
2 IVEC photos
3 Badak photos
4 IVEC, "H" photos
5 Huffco buyers terminals 1983
6 Badak photos
7 Posed office photos 1976-01
8 Badak office photos
9 Badak personnel
10 Badak Garuda airlines
11 Huffco Badak LNG photos
12 Huffco LNG photos
13 Huffco Badak Field central facilities
14 Huffco: East Kalimantan operation photographer 1977-01-24
15 Badak LNG plant photos 1977-03-15
16 Badak photos
17 Badak LNG project photo album
Processing Information
Needs 8x10 photo sleeves
18 Huffco private event
19 Huffco: Badak plant operations photos
20 Badak photos
21 Huffco fair/ plant projects explanation?
22 Huffco negatives
23 Dr. Ibnu Sutowo photos
24 Huffco plant photos
25 Huffco photos and negatives
26 Wijarso portrait
27 Unidentified negatives
28 Mid construction IVEC
29 IVEC brochure
30 Bakersfield, plump jack 1981-07
31 Drilling note aerials 1981-08
32 RMH/ board room/ BLA group Huffco energy- GED ETL
33 Petroleum energy Rpt
34 Huffco logo corp. Rpt
35 Turkish office building
36 W. Abdalla #1 1980-01
37 IVEC aerial shots 1982-09
38 IVEC models/aerial of rig
39 W. Abdalla #1 oil well 1980-01
40 IVEC mid construction
41 Gastech glassmount slides 1979
42 IVEC brochure back-up F/H
43 Roy Huffington professional slides
44 Huffco slides
45 Huffco color slides
46 Unidentified slides
47,48 Bontang
49 Huffco geology of the Badak field East Kalimantan, Indonesia 1974-06
50 Jawa Timur
51 Roy M. Huffington geologic map contract area East Kalimantan 1971-01-15
52 Geologic map contract area East Kalimantan map 4 base map
53 East Kalimantan 1969-05
54 Structural trends and oil fields South Sumatra 1970-06
55 Structural trends and selected oil prospects East Kalimantan 1973-03
56 Texas Gulf Coast Division
12 Building on Success
Huffco film Badak project
Huffco Badak LNG project
Building On Success part 1 Badak LNG
Huffco 2016-08
IBNU Sutowo tape 1
Tape 2 IBNU Sutowo
HM team petpourri flash 2012-08
The Huffco movie
Ascope conference 1981
Huffco Badak LNG film
Huffco annual employee meeting tape 1 1988-09-26
Huffco annual employee meeting tape 2 1988-09-26
Tirada Kansai tape 2
Ceremony at Mutiara
Huffco Book?
Tirada-Kansai tape 1
Kuriki tape 1
Djak Zahar tape 2
Kuriki tape 2
Roy M. Huffington Kodak movie film
Friday afternoon symposium tape 1
Friday afternoon symposium tape 2
Terry Huffington,unidentified movie film
Firing line debate resolved trade with china should not be interrupted
Building On Success part- II
Huffco annual employee meeting tape 2 edited master, audio enhanced 1988-09-26
Building On Success part II Badak LNG expansion project
Huffco office and Wijarso office
Dale Anderson productions #106 "Huffco version" 1982-01-18
Huffco annual employee meeting edited master audio enhanced tape 1 1988-09-26

13-17 Series III: LNG Projects 1957-1989
This series is arranged in alphabetical order by project location.
Box Folder
13 1 Abu Dahbi
2 Abu Dahbi
3 Bangladesh III
4 Bangladesh II
5 Bangladesh I
6 Bangladesh IV
7 Bangladesh V
8 Bangladesh VI, gas development schemes
9 Bahrain project
10 Blackfeet Indian Reservation project
11 Burma
12 Union of Burma contract for the economic development and natural gas
13 Carmel Energy, Inc. the Dow chemical company- R.W. Krajicek
14 Colombia, S.A. (Bogota)
15 Chile
16 Chile III
17 Chile II
18 China
19 Custom training for electrical electronic and the instrumentation technician fields
Box Folder
14 1 Data for proposed gasoline plant projects
2 Deals for offshore exploration and production 1957-01-25
3 Dual gas gathering systems Inc.
4 Ecuador
5 Egypt
6 Evangeline Pipeline System gas pipeline project
7 Exploration Management, Inc. (Mike Posey)
8 Fabricaciones y Servicios 1963
9 Fabricaciones y Servicios 1964
10 Fabricaciones y Servicios 1965
11 Fabricaciones y Servicios 1966
12 Freeport Refinery Company
13,14 Gem project
15 General speeches - F.J. Spencer Houston Research Institute, INC.
16 John Gilbert - Jim Ross T.V., radio and movie rights on Jack London 1979-04-16
17 Guatemala operation
18 Guam Oil and Refining Company, INC. Melvin (Bud) H. Gertz
Guajira LNG project proposal
19 Guidelines for the registration of oil and gas drilling programs
20 H.E Sheikh Abdual Azizbin Khalifa Al-Thani 1978-05-12
21 Hungary
22 India
23 King - Stevenson Gas and Oil Company
Box Folder
15 1 Laclede Gas Pipeline project
2 Libya
3 Libya
Conditions Governing Access
This material is restricted please consult an archivist for detail.
4,5 Libya
6 LNG projects
7 Mexican deals
8 Mexico
9 Gas distribution system - Mexico
10 Middle South Refinery project
11 Mississippi River Pipeline project
12 The Natural Gas Industry report
13 Non oil related deals
14 North Central Gas Company gas pipeline project
15 Northern Natural Gas Company gas pipeline project Big Northern project
16 Nigeria
17 Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation work program and budget 1989
18 Nigeria
19,20 Nigerian OSO project documents 1988
21 Norway, Oslo, Leif Hoegh and Company
22 Odeco Gas Pipeline project (Texas gas)
23 Odeco Gas Pipeline project (Texas Eastern)
24 Offshore drilling 1957-01-25
Box Folder
16 1 Old Ocean Fuel Company gas pipeline project (Bluebonnet project)
2 Old Ocean Pipeline project vs. J.M.H. Ranch
3 Oman
4 Pakistan
5 Petrochemical Plant project
6 Peru
7 Pine Point area Northwest territories, Canada
8 Port Allen Refinery Toro Petroleum Corporation (Louisiana)
9 Qatar, Persian gulf
10 Socialist republic of Romania
11 Romania
12 Ruby Gas Development International Systems + Controls Corporation Bangladesh
13 Saudia Arabia LNG project seascope group
14 Syria
15 Saudi Arabia
16 Saint Lucia, West Indies
17 Shrimp boats
18 Southwest oceanic area
19 Southeastern Public Service Company gas pipe line project
20 Southwest cryogenics, INC.
21 Superior Offshore Louisiana gas pipeline project
22 Tetra Tech International + Roy M. Huffington, Inc.
23 Trinidad and Huffco transportation agreement and economics of total project
24 Trindad and Tobago LNG project development plan
25 Trinidad and Tobago LNG project gas purchase contract
26 Trinidad and Tobago LNG project highlights of LNG sales contract 1979-04-16
27,28,29,30,31,32 Trinidad and Tobago LNG project
Box Folder
17 1-2 Trinidad and Tenneco
3 Various drilling programs broker - client list
4-5 Venezuela

17-19 Series IV: Correspondence 1966-1984
The folders are in alphabetical order by the subject of the correspondence.
Processing Information
There are photos in box 18 folders 12-20.
Box Folder
17 6 The Abercrombie Company
7 Acquisition committee file no. 1 (Ron Suttill - V.P. acquisition and peter b. elliman- manager
8 Acquisition meeting
9 Ahmed, S.Sir Tajuddin - geological consultant
10 Alaska lands Inc.
11 Al-Haldari, ASMA London, England U Disco brokers, LTD.
12 Allied Chemical Company
13 Allied Bank of Texas
14 American Arab Chamber of Commerce
15 American Gas Association
16-17 Asia Society
18 Arnold Dan C
19 Ballenger L. Harley
20 Barber oil exploration and RMH Nevada acreage
21 The Bechtel Group
22 Boyd and Heiderick - Landscape Architects
23 Business review and planning meeting
24 RMH- certificate as an agent to sell securities of his company in California
Conditions Governing Access
This material is restricted please see archivist for details.
25 Cities Service Company
26 Circum-Pacific Council for Energy and Mineral Resources Michael Halbouty chairman
27 Congratulations and holiday salutations to all company employees
28 Degolyer and Macnaughton
Box Folder
18 1 Deals
2 Expenditures
3-6 Exploration program 1966-1968
7 Exploration program 1981-1984
8 Forbes write up and notes
9 The Edna Gladney Home
10 "H" correspondence
11 Hicks, Charles L. vice-president Indonesia and general manager of Indonesian operations 1975-04-15
12-20 Huffco and Roy Huffington biographical sketch
21-22 Huffington ocean trawlers
23-38 Interferon Foundation
Conditions Governing Access
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Processing Information
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Box Folder
19 1-11 Interferon Foundation
Processing Information
This material is restricted please consult an archivist.
12 Inauguration trip
13 Investing in domestic oil and gas exploration with Roy M. Huffington
14 "I" correspondence
15 "J" correspondence
16 "K" correspondence
17 L.S.B. Leaky Foundation
18 Mallard Exploration, Inc.
19 Bruce McIntyre and Company
20 Natural petroleum reserve no.4
21 Naval petroleum reserve no.4 Alaska interstate company and John J. King
22 Oxoco, International
23 Progress drilling and marine, INC.
24 Provident Energy Company Huffco Arizona, Inc.- refinery project
25 The Quintin Little Company
26 Reading file
27 Raymond International
28 Scott, T. Paul
29 Southwestern Bell
30 US Steel corporation
31 Webb, Richard
32 Weyler, John (Jack) R. Ibolya- Balikpapan
33 Zicker, A.J. and Arthur Young

20-33 Series V: Addendum 1981-2008
20-25 Correspondence 1981-2007
Processing Information
These correspondence files are arranged chronlogically.
Box Folder
20 1 General Correspondence 1981
2 General Correspondence 1981
3 General Correspondence 1982
4 General Correspondence 1983
5 General Correspondence 1984
6 General Correspondence 1985
7 General Correspondence 1985
8 General Correspondence 1986
9 General Correspondence 1986
10 General Correspondence 1987
11 General Correspondence 1987
12 General Correspondence 1988
Box Folder
21 1 General Correspondence 1988
2 General Correspondence 1989
3 General Correspondence 1989
4 General Correspondence 1990
5 General Correspondence 1990
6 General Correspondence 1991
7 General Correspondence 1991
8 General Correspondence 1992
9 General Correspondence 1992
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10 General Correspondence 1993
11 General Correspondence 1993
Conditions Governing Access
These records are restricted please consult an archivist for further information.
12 General correspondence 1993
13 General correspondence 1994
14 General correspondence 1994
Conditions Governing Access
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Box Folder
22 1 General correspondence 1994
2 General correspondence 1994
3 General correspondence 1995
4 General correspondence 1995
5 General correspondence 1996
6 General correspondence 1996-07-1996-12
7 General correspondence 1996-07-10-1996-12-04
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8 General correspondence 1997-01-1997-06
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23 1 General correspondence 1997-07-1997-12
2 General correspondence 1998-01-1998-06
3 General correspondence 1998-07-1998-12
4 General correspondence 1999-01-1999-06
5 General correspondence 1999-07-1999-12
6 General correspondence 2000-01-2000-06
7 General correspondence 2000-06-2000-12
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24 1 General correspondence 2001-01-2001-06
2 General correspondence 2001-07-2001-12
3 General correspondence 2002-01-2002-06
4 General correspondence 2002-07-2002-12
5 General correspondence 2003-01-2003-07
6 General correspondence 2003-07-2003-12
7 General correspondence 2004
8 General correspondence 2005-01-2005-06
9 General correspondence 2005-07-2005-12
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25 1 General correspondence 2006
2 General correspondence 2007
25-26 Interferon Foundation 1980-2003
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25 3 FY Interferon grants 1980
4 Interferon correspondence 1980
5 Interferon 1980-1981
6 Interferon correspondence 1981
7 Interferon correspondence 1981
8 IF correspondence 1981-2003
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25 9 Interferon correspondence 1982
Box Folder
25 10 IF board meeting 1982-04-06
11 IF board meeting 1982-10-28
12 IF correspondence 1983
13 IF board meeting 1983-03-16
14-17 IF board meeting 1983-11-07-1984-11-19
18 IF correspondence 1984-1985
19-20 IF board meeting 1985-07-11-1986-04-02
21 FY grant #36 Inferferon 1986
22 IF board meeting 1987-01-26
23 IF financial statements 1987-1989
24 IF board meeting 1988-04-06
25 Interferon foundation
26 IF financials
27 IF: agreement between Southern Medical and Pharmaceutical Corporation
28 IF foundation- board members
29 IF outgoing correspondence
30 IF incoming correspondence
31 IF foundation bylaws
32 IF pledges
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26 1 IF foundation- Jim Bowman
2 IF- write-up
3 IF articles and news clippings
4 Interferon foundation- Jim Bowman
Enstar/Alaska 1984-1989
5 Virginia International Company
6 Enstar press clippings
7 Alpha project
8 Enstar Corporation- annual reports 1984-1989
9 Enstar board of directors
10 Enstar Corporation board meetings
11 Enstar Corporation (ex Alaska Interstate)
12 Enstar Corporation appraisal
13 Alaska Interstate Company stock purchase plan
14 Alaska Interstate Company
15 Enstar Corporation board of directors meeting
16 Enstar Corporation proxy fight- newspaper articles
17 Enstar Corporation proxy fight- general correspondence
27-31 Awards/Honors 1945-2008
Box Folder
27 1 Professional corporate publications
2 Professional addresses
3 The BFU award book from the All American Wildcatters Association 1986-1996
4 Salzburg Seminar president's report 1984
5 Salzburg Seminar president's report 1992-1998
6 Salzburg Seminar president's report 1999-2003
7 Oil and Gas Journals 1975-1984
8 Pipeline and Gas journal 1978-06-1979-06
9 Five Hundred Leaders of Influence
10 1000 Leaders of World Influence
United States Marine Corps 1945-02-23
11 Certificate of appreciation from board of directors of Pertamina to Roy Huffington 1977-08-01
12 Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity member of the Golden circle 1985-02-10
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13 The Alumni Association of Southern Methodist University Distinguished alumni award 1988
14 Awards and Honors 1977-1988
15 Awards and honors 1996-2008
16 Grosse Goldene Ehrenzeichen, Grand decoration of honor in gold for services to the republic of Austria 1997-09-11
17 In grateful recognition of support for the field of aging, Huffington Center on Aging at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX. 1998-04-07
18 Southern Methodist University commends for leadership in The Campaign for SMU: A Time to Lead 2002-06-28
19 Certificate of appreciation for invaluable contribution to the initial development of the Indonesian LNG industry 2002-12-10
20 Pohon Buah Nona
21 The Michael T. Halbouty Human Needs award 1991
22 Legends medal award presented to Roy M. Huffington by the Texas Alliance of Energy producers
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28 Medallion presented by Pertamina and the Huffco group in commemoration of the Badak LNG project East Kalimantan, Indonesia dedicated by president Soeharto 1977-08-01
Badak LNG expansion project NISSHO IWAI Corporation Jakarta 1981-04
Indonesia Petroleum Association presented to ambassador Roy M. Huffington "Keynote speaker" the 20th annual Indonesia Petroleum association convention Jakarta Indonesia 1991-10-08
In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Badak LNG first drop 1997-07-05
Lighting the Lamp of Excellence Dr. Michael E. Debakey Award 2002-05-01
Huffington Corporation has sold its wholly owned subsidiary to Elf Aquitaine, Inc. plaque
Roy M. Huffington President Office desk name plate
Presented with appreciation to Roy M. Huffington for service as member board of visitors the university cancer foundation
29 Pertamina Huffco Nilam facility Nilam crude oil 1982-09-14
The University of Texas Health Science center at Houston School of Nursing Center on Aging presents the community advocate award to the honorable Roy M. Huffington for his contributions to improve the quality of life of older persons 2003
U.S. Postage nursing in appreciation to Phyllis and Roy Huffington partners and UT- Houston school of nursing
Crude oil
Intereferon Sample
Roy M. Huffington and Bankers Trust company a partnership for the future
30 Roy M. Huffington All American Wildcatter by John B. Fincher
31 Pertamina Badak LNG plant South Bontang East Kalimantan Indonesia 1977
Presented to Ambassador Roy M. Huffington for your valued assistance to the Federal Bureau of Investigation 1990-12-05
Ambassador of the Year award 1992
Texas Business Hall of Fame presented to Roy M. Huffington 1992
Houston Producer's Forum Guest speaker 1993-05-18
All American Wildcatters RMH Belt holder
Huffco logo clear block
Roy M. Huffington for distinguished Achievement in Management as a Service to the Community 2001
The Dr. Michael E. DeBakey award for a long life well lived in service to mankind 2004-09-30
Badak LNG sales contract
Huffco Roy M. Huffington, Inc. and Bankers Trust Company five year fixed rate loan
32 Audio-Visual 1980-1997
1 Badak LNG project addition plot plan
2 Badak LNG plant direct prints
3 LNG Badak photo album 1997-07-04
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4 LNG Badak Photo
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5 Gas development and export program for Bangladesh
6 George W. Bush Sr. and Roy M. Huffington
7 Home (interior), grocery store, and plant
8 Huffco engineering exploration and logistics management
9 Huffco housing Gunung Bakaran
10 Huffco team at track event 1980
11 RMH- hosted events for Indonesians in Houston 1980
12 Unidentified Indonesia restaurant group gathering
13 Annual Kerrville gathering of industry leaders
14 Offshore drilling rig negatives
15 Offshore drilling rig
16 Pertamina/Huffco IJV group executive management seminar 1984-03-27-1984-03-29
17 Pertamina/Huffco IJV group executive management seminar 1984-03-27-1984-03-29
18 Photos of presidents, dignitaries, Huffington, and Pertamina office
19 Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Y amani and Roy Huffington
20 The Wilheim Schole first cosmopolis award 1987-02-05
21 A wonderful evening at the Hilton hotel, Vera Kalman was cooking Gulasch 1992-12-02
Badak LNG project photo album
First LNG shipment Badak LNG sales contract 1983-08-25
Huff 001 Footage of rig in Galera Park, drilling rig
Huff 002 Partners in progress 1984
Client:film west Singapore
Huff 003 LNG-7 1984-05
Client: Film West
Huff 007 Building on Success- part II The Badak LNG expansion project
Huff 008 Huffco
print no. 1
Huff 009 Huffco
17 minutes long.
Huff 010 Ivec
16 minutes long and 16mm color/sound
Huff 011 Huffco
33 Oversize 1985-2006
LNG Badak photo
Alpha Tau Omege Fraternity Member of the Golden Circle award 1985-02-10
The Michael T. Halbouty Human Needs award 1991
LNG Badak photo album 1997-07-04
Legends Medal Award presented to Roy M. Huffington by the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers 2006-09-28