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creator Haskell, Thomas L.
Title: Thomas Haskell academic papers
Dates: 1974-2004
Abstract: The Thomas Haskell academic papers include Athletic Committee and Honor Council materials, course materials, academic conference materials, and other publications and manuscripts relating to the historical economics of slavery.
Identification: UA 233
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Language: English
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biographical Sketch

Thomas Haskell began teaching at Rice in 1970 and is now the Samuel G. McCann Professor Emeritus of History. He is the author of numerous articles and several books on American intellectual and cultural history, including Objectivity is not Neutrality: Explanatory Schemes in History (Johns Hopkins, 1998). His articles and review essays have appeared in the New York Review of Books, the American Historical Review, Reviews in American History, and History and Theory. Professor Haskell has taught courses on American thought and society, Victorian intellectuals, and the historical method and served on the editorial board of the Journal of American History, Modern Intellectual History, and Academe. He has also been appointed a fellow of the National Humanities Institute, a visiting member of the Institute for Advanced Study, a Guggenheim fellow, and a fellow of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences. In 2008 he was appointed the John P. Birkelund Fellow at the National Humanities Center to pursue research on “Sensibility and Moral Capital in Abolishing the Slave Trade.”

Scope and Contents

The Thomas Haskell academic papers include newsclippings, correspondence, reports, and other materials relating to athletic reform nationally and at Rice, including information from the 1992 Athletic Review Committee and the Honor Council. This collection also includes course materials, academic conference materials, and other publications and manuscripts relating to the historical economics of slavery, in particular the 1974 book Time on the Cross: The Economics of American Negro Slavery authored by Robert William Fogel and Stanley L. Engerman.


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Thomas Haskell academic papers, 1974-2004, UA 233, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University


Donated by Thomas Haskell

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Athletics Reform

Box Folder
1 1 1992 Athletic Review Committee: Academic Information on Rice Athletes, 1986-1992
2 1992 Athletic Review Committee: College Football Association, 1988-1991
3 1992 Athletic Review Committee: NCAA Reports and Publications, 1991
4 1992 Athletic Review Committee: Newsclippings, 1990-1992
5 1992 Athletic Review Committee: Proceedings of Faculty Council, 1991-1992
6 1992 Athletic Review Committee: Rice Athletics Department Policies and Reports, 1991
7 1992 Athletic Review Committee: Rice Self-Study Summary Report, 1984
8 1992 Athletic Review Committee: Rice Thresher News Articles, 1991-1992
9 1992 Athletic Review Committee: Southwest Conference, 1988-1992
10 1992 Athletic Review Committee: Student-Athlete Reports from Other Universities, 1990-1991
11 Report of the Athletic Review Committee; January 28, 1992
12 Preliminary Statement and Final Report of the Faculty Council Committee on Athletics, Rice University; September 30, 1992
13 Rice Thresher Athletics Newsclippings, 1961-1983
14-15 Athletics Newsclippings, 1996-2004
Box Folder
2 1 Honor Council, 1957-2003
2 Athletic Programs Financial Data, 1989-2003
3 Consortium on Financing Higher Education Class of 1989 Alumni Surveys, 1989-2003
4 Rice Athletics Admissions Reform, 1993-1996
5 Annual report to the University Council of the Committee on Admission, June 1995
6 Athletics, 1995-1996
7 Faculty Council Memos, 1995-2004
8 ETS Validity Study for Rice University, 1996
9 Rice Athletics Department Correspondence, 1999-2002
10 Rice NCAA Self-Study, 1999
11 Gender Equity Act Reports, 2001-2002
12-14 Student Athlete Admissions, 2001-2006
15 Athletics Related Courses, 2002-2005
16 FERPA, 2002-2005
17 Athletics at Rice: A Report to the Faculty Council, March 2003
18 Intercollegiate Athletics at Rice University Board of Trustees Athletics Subcommittee Report, April 2004
19 Faculty Council Poll on the Future of the Rice Athletic Program, Spring 2004
20 McKinsey Report, 2004
21 "The Faculty and Four Decades of Athletic Reform at Rice University" by Thomas L. Haskell, 2004
22 The Rice Football Webletter Features, 2004
23 The "R" Association Missing Persons List, 2004

Series II: Academics

Box Folder
2 24 Haskell History Course Handouts, 1980-2006
25 HIST 211 Miller and van Tassel Readings, Fall 1994-1999
26 HIST 212/312: American Thought & Society Emerson and Tocqueville Readings, Spring 2000
27 HIST 587 Tocqueville Reading "Democracy in America"
Box Folder
3 1-3 Time on the Cross Review Articles, May 1974-August 1976
4 "Evidence Relevant to the Post-Publication Debate on Time on the Cross" edited by Robert W. Fogel and Stanley L. Engerman, October 14, 1974
5-8 Papers presented at the MSSB-University of Rochester Conference "Time on the Cross: A First Appraisal", October 24-26, 1974
9 Transcript of "Time on the Cross: A First Appraisal" Conference, October 25, 1974
10 "The Treatment Recevied by American Slaves: A Critical Review of the Evidence Presented in Time on the Cross" by Richard Sutch, April 1975
11-12 Slavery and the Numbers Game: a Critique of Time on the Cross by Herbert G. Gutman, 1975
13 "A Prospectus for Black Intellectuals Respond to Time on the Cross" edited by H. Leon Prather, Sr.; January 1976
14 Articles on Economics, 1962-1976
15 Articles on Slavery, 1975, n.d.
16 Articles on Slavery and Economics in The Journal of Economic History, 1967-1974
17 Articles on Slavery and Economics by Gavin Wright, 1971-1975
18 Articles by Robert W. Fogel and Stanley L. Engerman, 1967-1980
Box Folder
4 1 "Slavery: The Progressive Institution?" by Paul A. David and Peter Temin, June 1974
2 "Capitalist Masters, Bourgeois Slaves" by Paul A. David and Peter Temin, July 1974
3 "From the Marxists to the Mormons: Notes on the Cliometric Network" by Robert W. Fogel, September 1974
4 Explorations in Economic History Issue Draft, Fall 1975
5 "Slavery - The White Man's Burden" by William K. Scarborough, October 1975
6 "Explaining the Relative Efficiency of Slave Agriculture in the Antebellum South" Reply Drafts, 1977-1978
7 "Diet, Disease, and the American Slave" Manuscript by Kenneth & Virginia Kiple
8 The American Historical Review, 1988-1991
Box Folder
5 1 Mellon Foundation Funding: "History and the Limits of Interpretation", 1992-1996
2-3 Mellon Conference: "History and the Limts of Interpretation", March 1996
Box Folder
6 1 History and the Limits of Interpretation Conference 1996 (1) 1996
2 History and the Limits of Interpretation Conference 1996 (2) 1996
3 History and the Limits of Interpretation 1996 (3) 1996
Box Folder
7 1 History External Review (1) Spring 2008
2 History External Review (2) Spring 2008
3 History External Review (3) Spring 2008
4 "Authority of Experts" 1979-1980
5 Veblen Symposium: Letters to All May-Aug 1980
6 Contributors: "Authority of Experts" 1979-1982
7 Veblen Symposium: Publishers 1980-1982
8 Course Evaluations 1992-1993
9 Publishers: "Moral Responsibility" 1978-1983
10 CSC-Center for the Study of Cultures 2003-2005
11 Task Force on Reform of Faculty and Shared Governance 2004
12 Dissertation Research Correspondence 1969
13 Faculty Council (1) 2003-2004
14 Faculty Council (2) 2003-2004
15 Curriculum Vitae 2004