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Guide to the Gil Whitaker academic papers, 1970-2004 UA 105

creator Whitaker, Gilbert R., Jr.
Title: Gil Whitaker academic papers
Dates: 1970-2004
Abstract The collection consists of papers documenting the professional activity of Gilbert R. Whitaker, Jr. from the 1970’s through 2004, primarily at the University of Michigan and Rice University. Included are personal day books, correspondence, newsclips, speeches, and photographs.
Identification: UA 105
Quantity: 8.0 linear ft. (8 boxes)
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biographical/Historical note

Dr. Gilbert R. Whitaker, Jr. earned a B.A. in economics from Rice University in 1953. From 1953 to 1956 he was an ensign in the U.S. Navy, serving as a gunnery officer on a destroyer. He then began graduate study in economics, first at Southern Methodist University and then at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he earned an M.S. in 1958 and a Ph.D. in 1961. His major in economics was theory, and his minor, statistics. In 1959-60 he had a Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship.

Dr. Whitaker’s academic appointments were, chronologically, at Northwestern University (1960-1966); Washington University, St. Louis (1966-1976); Texas Christian University, Fort Worth (1976-1978); University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (1979-1997); and Rice University (1997-2005). At Texas Christian he was dean of the M. J. Neeley School of Business, and he joined the University of Michigan as dean of the School of Business Administration. There he rose to become provost and executive vice president for academic affairs. After retiring from the University of Michigan, he became dean and H. Joe Nelson III Professor of Business Economics at the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management at Rice University.

In addition to his work at these universities, Dr. Whitaker served in a variety of other educational organizations, including the University of West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica (external examiner, 1975-1978), the University of Wisconsin (system advisor, 1986 and 1995), the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (1977-1991), Consortium for Graduate Study in Management (director, 1971-1976; council of deans, 1985-1990), the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (chairman, visitation team for graduate program of the Graduate School of Business, 1987), Yale University (chair, accreditation review team for the Yale School of Management, 1998), Case Western Reserve University (chairman of the review committee for the Weatherhead School of Management, 1999), JSTOR (board of trustees and secretary/treasurer, 1995-2002), The Washington Campus Program (director, 1979-1988; vice chairman, 1983-1985; chairman, 1985-1988), Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (1993-2004), Forum for the Future of Higher Education (board of directors, 1997-2004), and The Learning Alliance (consultant, 2003-2004).

Dr. Whitaker’s experience included contributions to the following private corporations: Handleman Company (Director, 1989-1999), Lincoln National Corporation (Director, 1986-2002), Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (Director, 1986-2001), Johnson Controls, Inc. (Director, 1986-2001), and Westlake Chemical (Director, 2004-2007).

Scope and Contents note

This collection consists of papers documenting the professional activity of Gilbert R. Whitaker, Jr. from the 1970’s through 2004, primarily at the University of Michigan and Rice University. Included are personal day books, correspondence, newsclippings, speeches, and photographs.


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Gilbert R. Whitaker, Jr. Academic Papers, UA 105, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

This collection was a gift donated by Gilbert R. Whitaker, Jr.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: University of Michigan

Restrictions Apply
Restrictions apply to folder within this series: - Speech: Budget Presentation to Regents - Speech: Budget Presentation (95/95 School Year)
Box Folder
1 1 University of Michigan: Commencement Programs
2 University of Michigan Publications
3 University of Michigan Business School Publications
4 University of Michigan Speeches
5 University of Michigan Presentations
6 University of Michigan Legal Paperwork
7 University of Michigan Recognition and Awards
Box Folder
2 1 Documents Regarding Michigan Appointments
2 University of Michigan - Provost Appointment Terms and Conditions
3 University of Michigan Library
4 University of Michigan Visiting Committee
Box Folder
5 5 University of Michigan United Way Campaigns
Box Folder
2 6 University of Michigan Alumni
7 University of Michigan - Senete Assembly, Sept. 1992
8 Comments on Gilbert Whitaker from Provost and Staff of University of Michigan
9 University of Michigan Photos
10 Michigan Press Releases
11 The Whitaker Fellowship
12 Gerald R. Ford Library Committee
13 University of Michigan - Correspondence 1970s
14 University of Michigan - Correspondence 1980s
15 University of Michigan - Correspondence Early 1990s
16 University of Michigan - Correspondence/Congratulations of Appointment as Provost
17 University of Michigan - Correspondence 1994/1995 School Year
18 University of Michigan - Related Correspondence 2000s
19 University of Michigan - Correspondence - Karl A. Hill
20 University of Michigan - Correspondence - Edna Lacy
21 University of Michigan - Speech Related Correspondence
22 Speech: Michigan Graduate School of Business Administration 03/28/1979
23 Speech: Michigan Faculty 03/29/1982
24 Speech: MBA Orientation 09/07/1982
25 Speech: NY Media 11/14/1982
26 Speech: AACSB 11/1982
27 Speech: Commencement 1983 1983
28 Speech: MBA Matriculation 09/02/1986
29 Speech: MBA Orientation (Fall 1987) 1987
30 Speech: Ann Arbor Rotary 01/20/1988
31 Speech: AACSB Annual Meeting (1989) 1989
32 Speech: Michigan Faculty Retreat 09/08/1989
33 Speech: LS&A Faculty Meeting 09/10/1990
Box Folder
3 34 Speech: Michigan Freshman Convocation (1990) 09/04/1990
Box Folder
2 35 Speech: Michigan Cost Task Force and Budget Priorities Committee 02/15/1990
36 Speech: School of Music Scholarship Night 10/27/1990
37 Speech: Music Auditorium Gifts Committee and Detriot Club 11/05/1990
38 Speech: Warner Retirement Reception 12/03/1990
39 Speech: University of Michigan Senate Assembly 12/10/1990
40 Speech: Student Alumni Council 1/27/1991
41 Speech: Information Technology General Council 01/31/1991
42 Speech: IAIMS Site Visit 02/11/1991
43 Speech: Regarding Women's Issues 02/11/1991
44 Speech: Copernicus Dinner 04/05/1991
45 Speech: Qualtec 04/10/1991
46 Speech: University of Michigan Senate Assembly 04/15/1991
47 Speech: AAUP Michigan Chapter 05/14/1991
48 Speech: Testimony Before Appropriations Committee 05/14/1991
Box Folder
3 1 Speech: Budget Presentation to Regents 07/18/1991
2 Speech: Executive Management Quality Workshop 08/26/1991
3 Speech: University of Michigan Senate Assembly 09/16/1991
4 Speech: School of Dentistry 09/26/1991
5 Speech: Stanford Forum 11/05/1991
6 Speech: Sarah Goddard Power Award 01/23/1992
7 Speech: Management Institute 01/24/1992
8 Speech: Israel Conference Day 02/02/1992
9 Speech: MSRB II Groundbreaking 02/05/1992
10 Speech: House Committee on Colleges and Universities 02/04/1992
11 Speech: Annual Michigan School Testing Conference 02/02/1992
12 Speech: Saturn Award Ceremony 03/31/1992
13 Speech: University Club of Dearborn 05/21/1992
14 Speech: Total Quality Conference 06/03/1992
15 Speech: Business Institute on Finance 02/05/1993
16 Speech: Goldern Apple Award Host 03/29/1993
17 Speech: Phi Kappa Phi 04/29/1993
18 Speech: Alumni Association Board of Directors
19 Speech: University Club of Fort Wayne 05/12/1993
20 Speech: University of Michigan Senate Assembly 05/17/1993
21 Speech: Town & Gown Rotary 06/23/1993
22 Speech: University of Michigan Senate Assembly 09/20/1993
23 Speech: Biennial Breakfast 10/01/1993
24 Speech: Korean and Taiwanese Alumni 11/1993
25 Speech: Business Institute on Finance 02/04/1994
26 Speech: Senate Higher Education Subcommittee 02/11/1994
27 Speech: Accounting and Budgeting Views 04/04/1994
28 Speech: University of Michigan Senate Assembly 05/16/1994
29 Speech: Budget Presentation (95/95 School Year) 07/14/1994
30 Speech: ISAGA Group 07/24/1994
31 Speech: Faculty Orientation 09/01/1994
32 Speech: University of Michigan Senate Assembly 09/26/1994
33 Speech: AAUP Panel 02/09/1995
34 Speech: Univesity of Michigan Senate Assembly 05/15/1995
35 University of Michigan Photographs
36 University of Michigan Business Cards
37 University of Michigan Interviews
38 University of Michigan Name Badges
Drawer Folder
148 24 Oversized Photographs and Awards

Series II: Rice University

Restrictions Apply
Restrictions apply to some folders within in series.
Box Folder
3 39 Jones Graduate School Budget Documents
40 Budget Documents (FY 2006) 2006
41 Jones Graduate School: General Documents
42 Jones Graduate School: Councils and Board of Directors
43 Jones Graduate School: Faculty
44 Search Nominations
45 Distinguished Alumni Award
46 Rice Photographs
Box Folder
4 1 Rice Honors and Awards
2 Rice Commencements
3 Recommendations
4 Correspondence on Appointment At Rice University (1997) 1997
5 Rice Faculty Meetings
6 Rice Business Education Advisory Committee
7 Rice Managerial Studies
8 Jones Graduate School of Executive Development
9 Biographical Documents
10 Rice Admissions Interviews
11 Corresspondence: Unknown Sender or Recipient
12 Correspondence: A
13 Correspondence: B
14 Correspondence: C
15 Correspondence: D
16 Correspondence: F
17 Correspondence: G
18 Correspondence: H
19 Correspondence: J
20 Correspondence: K
21 Correspondence: L
22 Correspondence: M
23 Correspondence: O
24 Correspondence: P
25 Correspondence: R
26 Correspondence: S
27 Correspondence: T
28 Correspondence: U
29 Correspondence: V
Correspondence: W
Box Folder
4 31 Correspondence: Y-Z
32 Rice Speeches
33 Jones Graduate School of Management Groundbreaking Event
34 Jones Graduate School Events and Publications
35 Jones Graduate School History
36 Jones Journal
37 Rice Newsclippings
38 Rice Legal Paperwork

Series III: Other Academic Institutions

Box Folder
4 39 Cleary College
40 Classen High School Alumni Association

Series IV: Awards, Recognition and Newsclippings

Box Folder
5 1 Certificates
2 Newsclips 1970s
3 Newsclips 1980s
4 Newsclips 1990-1993 (copies)
6 Newsclips 1994-1997 (copies)
7 Newsclips (1990)
7 Newsclips (1991)
8 Newsclips (1992)
9 Newsclips (1993)
10 Newsclips (1994)
Box Folder
6 1 Newsclips (1995)

Series V: Personal Materials and Daybooks

Box Folder
6 2 Conference Materials
3 Miscellaneous Personal Items
4 Saudi Arabia
5 Personal Daybooks and Diaries (1978-1982)
Box envelope
8 1 Personal Daybooks and Diaries (1983-1990, 1996)
7 Personal Daybooks and Diaries (1999-2003)

Series VI: Corporate Involvement

Box Folder
8 2 Detroit Advertising
3 Corporate Involvement