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Guide to the Harrie Thomas Lindeberg architectural drawings, 1920 MS 312

creator Lindeberg, H. T. (Harrie Thomas), 1879-
Title: Harrie Thomas Lindeberg architectural drawings
Dates: 1920
Abstract: The Harrie Thomas Lindeberg Architectural Drawings collection includes eighty-five architectural sheets and one framed rendering by Lindeberg of the Hugo V. Neuhaus residence located in the Shadyside area of Houston, Texas.
Identification: MS 312
Quantity: 4.0 linear ft. (85 drawings and one rendering)
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biographical Sketch

Harrie Thomas Lindeberg (1879-1959) was a New York based society architect whose simple, clean-lined country home designs were significant in setting the style for early 20th century domestic American architecture. During his career he designed more than a hundred country houses, numerous suburban dwellings, and a smattering of public buildings.

Born April 10, 1879 in Bergen Point, New Jersey of Swedish immigrant parents, little is known of Lindeberg’s early years. He acquired his architectural training through an apprenticeship, from 1901 to 1906, at McKim, Mead and White, the leading architectural firm of the American Renaissance in New York. Lindeberg’s work bears the lasting stamp of that tradition. In 1906 Lindeberg and his colleague, Lewis Colt Albro left the firm and opened their own New York architectural office. Aided by Albro’s social connections and later, those of Lindeberg’s second wife, they became architects to a new wealthy elite who were looking for symbols of leisure and success. Lindeberg’s style was known for its simplicity and warmth. Steeply pitched roofs, vernacular materials, and bare hints of older European architectural vocabulary differentiated Lindeberg’s homes from those of more traditional styles.

With the onset of World War I, Lindeberg joined the air corps. After the war, he resumed his practice in New York but found that more socially advantaged competitors including Charles Platt and John Russell Pope, had sewn up the premium commissions for social register homes along the eastern seaboard. It was then that Lindeberg discovered clients in the Midwest, South, and Gulf Coast regions. His imprimatur as a New York society architect with a strong record in country house work appealed to the new barons of the east Texas oil boom.

In Houston, before World War I, Stephen Cullinan (1860-1937), the founder of Texaco, envisioned a park-like enclave near Rice University and Hermann Park. He hired St. Louis landscape architect George E. Kessler to lay out the new Shadyside area. In 1919 he offered lots for sale to a select group of friends and associates. One of the friends, stockbroker Hugo V. Neuhaus (father of noted domestic architect Hugo V. Neuhaus Jr.), chose Harrie Lindeberg as his architect. The drawings for Neuhaus’ house constitute this collection.

Neuhaus also persuaded three of his friends, oilman William Stamps Farish, cotton exporter Kenneth E. Womack, and industrialist D.D. Peden to hire Harrie Lindeberg to design their homes.

Excerpted from Domestic architecture of H.T. Lindeberg by H. T. Lindeberg and originally published in 1940.

Scope and Contents

Harrie Thomas Lindeberg architectural drawings collection includes 85 architectural drawings on vellum and a framed rending of the Hugo V. Neuhaus residence, located in the Shadyside area of Houston, Texas.


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Neuhaus, Hugo V., Jr.
Architecture, American
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Harrie Thomas Lindeberg Architectural Drawings, 1920, MS 312, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

Acquisition Information

Given to Rice University through Drexel Turner, Novermber 20, 1980.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Renderings

Drawer Folder
36 1 Framed rendering of Neuhaus residence, 12" x 18"

Series II: Architectural Drawings

Drawer Folder
36 1 Sheet 288, Revised Location of Gateway in Wall 7/10/22
1 Sheet 287, 3" Scale Details of Sliding Door no. 261 7/8/22
1 Sheet 304, Full Scale Detail of Newel Cap 8/14/22
1 Sheet 269, Elevations of Library 7/7/22
1 Sheet 282A, Opening no. 169 Section thru Jamb 7/12/22
1 Sheet 283RI Glazing Bead Detail Doors no. 165
1 Sheet 283RI, Full Scale Detail of Frame for Double Acting Door no. 166 7/14/22
1 Bedroom and Dressing Room Floorplans (K.E. Womack res.) 10/21/23
1 Sheet 305, Full Scale Detail of Mirror Doors 8/14/22
1 Sheet 302, Full Scale Details of Blinds 7/27/22
1 Sheet 302, 1/2" Scale Details of Kitchen Dressers 8/2/22
1 Sheet 298, 1" and Full Scale Details for Door no. 113 7/20/22
1 Sheet 301, Plan: Brick Terrace 7/21/22
1 Sheet 337, 3" Scale Details of Dormer Windows 1/20/22
1 Sheet 299, Full Scale Details for Door no. 110 7/18/22
2 Second Floor Plan
2 First Floor Plan
2 Basement Plan
2 Sheet 284, Full Size Details Woodwork in Library 6/30/22
2 Sheet 291, Full Scale Details for Entrance Hall 6/29/22
2 Sheet 292, Full Scale Detail of Main Stair 7/12/22
2 Sheet 296, Full Scale Details of Exterior and Interior Doors 7/22
2 Sheet 270, Entrance and Stair hall, 5/27/22
2 Sheet 261, 3/4" Scale Plan of Entrance Porch Stone Paving 3/28/22
2 Sheet 224, Garage Details (Revision)
2 Sheet 292RI, Revised Detail of Partition at Main Stairs 8/16/22
2 Sheet 280, Full Scale Details of Dining Room Cornice and Trim 6/22/22
2 Sheet 282, Full Scale Cornice and Trim--Breakfast Porch 6/22/22
2 Sheet 283, Full Scale Details for Exterior Doors in Breakfast Porch 7/5/22
3 Sheet 251 Sill Section Dormer no. 303 2/11/22
3 Sheet 252 Revised Elevation of Range Recess Projection and Roof Over 2/11/22
3 Sheet 210 Detail of Boiler Room Chimney 2/9/22
3 Sheet 248 Full Scale Detail of Eaves and Raking Mould at Cellar Entrance 2/8/22
3 Sheet 247 Full Scale Detail of Icing Door, Full Scale Detail of Windowframe no. 119a and Icing Door 2/6/22
3 Sheet 244 3/4" Scale and Full Scale Detail of Loggia and Breakfast Porch Door Frames 2/2/22
3 Sheet 243 3/4" Scale Details of Sleeping Porch Openings 2/2/22
3 Sheet 245 Structural Drawing for Kitchen Chimney 2/2/22
3 Sheet 241 Full Scale Detail of Stair Bay 2/1/22
3 Sheet 242 3/4" Scale and Full Scale Detail Living Room Bay 2/1/22
3 Sheet 240RI Full Scale Detail of Window and Door Group 122 1/25/22
3 Sheet 335 Full Scale Detail of Door Frames No. 118-138 in Garage 1/20/22
3 Sheet 338 Full Scale Detail of Inswinging Casements 1/20/22
3 Sheet 336 Full Scale Detail of Door Frames No. 133-135, 140-141 in Garage 1/20/22
3 Sheet 339 Full Scale Detail of Main Cornice and Sliding Window Frames 1/20/22
3 Sheet 219 Sheet of Details 2/27/20
3 Sheet 222 Sheet of Details 2/27/20
3 Sheet 231 Full Scale Detail of Cellar Windows 12/21/21
3 Sheet 249 1/2" Details of Chimney in Living Room and Library 1/6/22
4 Scale and Full Size Details Oak Gate in Service Yard Wall n.d.
4 Sheet 275 Revised: 3/4" Scale and Full Scale Detail Living Room Bay and Windows 6/9/22
4 Sheet 334 Full Scale Detail of Outswinging Casements and Cornice of Service Wing and Garage 1/20/22
4 Hip and Ridge Flashings n.d.
4 Dressing Table Detail n.d.
4 Bedroom 2 and Bath 3 Proposed Change n.d.
4 East and North Wall Detail n.d.
4 Sheet Y Full Scale Detail Marble Saddles n.d.
4 Detail of Radiator Grill showing Position of Frame Stole Set Into Plaster Opening n.d.
4 Sheet 233 Full Scale Detail of Garage Door Frames and Doors n.d.
4 Plot Plan 6/1/21
4 Plot Plan 12/20/21
4 Plot Plan 12/17/21
4 Sheet 232 Revision of Walls Enclosing Garage 1/10/22
4 Sheet 263 3" Scale Details of Sliding Door no. 131
4 Sheet 240 Full Scale Detail of Window and Door Group 122 2/28/22
4 Sheet 254 Full Scale Detail of Door Frame No. 118a and 121 3/21/22
4 Sheet 277 3" Scale Details of Sliding Door no. 152 6/12/22
4 Sheet 274 Details of Attic Cases 6/6/22
4 Sheet 273 Wardrobe Detail 6/3/22
4 Sheet 267 Breakfast Porch 6/2/22
4 Sheet 271 Stair Hall 6/1/22
4 Sheet 268 Dining Room 5/27/22
4 Plan of Kitchen 5/1/22
4 Sheet 249R2 Library Chimney 4/26/22
4 Sheet 264 1/2" and Full Scale Detail Flower Pot Racks Under Openings no. 201 3/30/22
4 Sheet 262 Full Size Details Openings no. D201 3/28/22
4 Sheet 263 Plan: Stone Floor Paving, Opening no. 113 3/28/22
4 Sheet 260 Detail of Opening no. 109 3/24/22
4 Sheet 249RI Library Chimney Detail and Opening no. 109 3/24/22
4 Sheet 259 Scale of Loggia Ceiling 3/27/22
4 Sheet 257 Full Scale Detail of Door Frame No. 251 and 252 3/22/22
4 Sheet 256 Full Scale Detail Double Acting Door no. 164 3/33/33
4 Sheet 255 Full Scale Detail Door Frame no. 111 3/23/22
4 Sheet 276 Full Scale Detail of Living Room Plaster Cornice 6/12/22
4 Sheet 278 Dresser Details 6/13/22
5 CD - electronic files
CD containing PDFs of full size black line prints of: First Floor Plan, Second Floor Plan, Basement Plan, #270 - Entrance & Stair Hall, #291 - Full Scale Details, Entrance Hall, #284 - Full Scale Details, Library, #292 - Full Scale Details, Main Stair, #296 - Full Scale Details, Exterior & Interior Doors, Scale & Full Size Details, Oak Gate, #269 Elevations of Library, #304 Full Size Detail of Newel Cap, #275 Revised 3/4" Scale & Full Size Detail Living Room Bay & Windows.