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Guide to the William Addison McElroy family collection, 1877-1994, bulk 1900-1945 MS 428

creator McElroy, William Addison
Title: William Addison McElroy family collection
Dates: 1877-1994, bulk 1900-1945
Abstract: Family records of the McElroy family of Houston, Texas.
Identification: MS 428
Quantity: 7 Linear Feet(14 boxes)
Language: English
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biographical / Historical

William Addison McElroy (1897-1911), Rice alumnus '22, was a Houston architect whose works included private residences and area churches. McElroy served in the armed forces during both World Wars. During World War II, McElroy acted as military governor for the Allies in Aachen, Germany.

Scope and Contents

This collection includes McElroy family correspondence, family photographs and scrapbooks, and McElroy's WWII military records. Some of the correspondence includes McElroy's wartime correspondence to his wife, Alma Millican McElroy. The papers of McElroy's father, Samuel Addison McElroy, comprise a small portion of the collection and relate life as a Presbyterian minister in small towns of the South. Genealogical material of the McElroy and Pinckney families of South Carolina (family of S.A. McElroy's wife, Eloise Richter McElroy, is also included.


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This material is open for research.

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Stored onsite at the Woodson Research Center.

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Permission to publish material from the William Addison McElroy family collection must be obtained from the Woodson Research Center.

Index Terms

Architects -- Texas
McElroy, William Addison

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

William Addison McElroy family collection, 1877-1994 (bulk 1900-1945), MS 428, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

Acquisition Information

This collection was donated by Ann M. Anderson, C. Addison McElroy, David B. McElroy, and Catherine M. Kennon in 1992, 1995 and 2000.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Early materials 1877-1933

Box Folder
1 1 Mrs. S. Addison McElroy - membership certificate - S.C. Historical Society 1900
2 Public Library, Cynthiana KY - notes, newsclippings 1905
3 John F. Shecut - Court Case 1877
4 Ellie McElroy's (Mrs. SAM) handwritten copy of Gems of Womanhood
5 Account book - S. Addison McElroy 1905-1933
6 S. Addison McElroy - personal scrapbook no. 3, includes photographs 1890s-1920s

Series II: Family Correspondence 1895-1954, 1992

Box Folder
2 1 Family letters 1895-1905
Aunt Dora to Ellie (Mrs. Samuel Addison McElroy), 4-9-?
S.H. Pinckney to Mrs. SAM, 10-7-?
Mrs. John Duncan to Morton Casseday, 3-1-1895
Uncle J. Cuthbert Shecut to Mrs. SAM (Ellie), 9-7-1898
Mrs. Pinckney to Mrs. SAM, 18-9-1699
Uncle J. Cuthbert Shecut to Mrs. SAM, 1-29-1900
A.S. Salley, Jr. to Mrs. SAM, 2-24-1900
Dora Tompkins to Ellie, 6-4-1901
A.S. Salley, Jr. to W.K. Sease, 1-2-1902
Mamie A. Shecut Sease to Mrs. SAM, 4-8-1902
Eloise McElroy to Baron John Ericcson, 9-1-1904
Lena to cousin Ellie, 18-25-1905
Box Folder
2 2 Austin College letters
William Addison McElroy to S. Addison McElroy, 9-18-1914
WAM to SAM, 9-22-1914
Addison to "Folks," 9-28-1914
WAM to SAM, 9-29-1914
WAM to '*Folks at Home," 10-3-1914
WAM to SAM, 10-7-1914
WAM to SAM, 10-30-1914
WAM to SAM, 11-14-1914
WAM to SAM, 11-15-1914
WAM to SAM, 2-6-1916
WAM to SAM, 2-13-1916
WAM to SAM, 2-27-1916
WAM to SAM, 10-22-1916
WAM to SAM, 1-30-1917
WAM to SAM, 3-3-1918
WAM to SAM, 3-10-1918
WAM to SAM, 3-13-1918
WAM to SAM, 3-19-1918
WAM to SAM, 4-2-1918
WAM to SAM, 4-6-1918
WAM to SAM, 4-7-1918
WAM t o SAM, 4/22-1918
WAM to Papa, 4-29-1918
Addison to Papa, 5-5-1918
Addison to Dad, 7-29-1918
Box Folder
2 3 Family letters, 1918-19
WAM t o SAM, 6-14-1918
WAM t o SAM, 6-19-1918
WAM t o SAM, 6-30-1918
WAM t o SAM, 7-9-1918
WAM t o SAM, 7-17-1918
WAM t o SAM, 7-18-1918
WAM t o SAM, 7-23-1918
WAM t o SAM, 7-27-1918 and 7-31-1918
WAM t o SAM, 7-28-1918
WAM t o SAM, 8-2-1918
WAM t o SAM, 8-3-1918
WAM t o SAM, 8-10-1918
WAM t o SAM, 8-6-1918
WAM t o SAM, 8-16-1918
WAM t o "Old Jen" (Mrs. F.B. McCurdy), 9-9-1918
WAM t o SAM, 9-1-1918
WAM t o SAM and sister, 9-8-1918
WAM t o Rev. SAM (Wartime membership affiliate plan ) , 9-10-1918
WAM t o SAM, 9-14-1918
WAM t o SAM, 9-20-1918
WAM t o SAM, 9-21-1918
WAM t o SAM, 9-29-1918
WAM t o SAM, 10-7-1918
WAM t o SAM, 10-14-1918
WAM t o SAM, 10-20-1918
WAM t o SAM, 10-23-1918
WAM t o SAM, 10-28-1918
WAM t o SAM, 10-31-1918
WAM t o SAM, 11-3-1918
WAM t o SAM, 11-8-1918
WAM t o SAM, 11-30-1918
Box Folder
2 4 Family letters, 1920-23
WAM t o SAM, 5-4-1920
WAM to SAM, 10-10-1920
WAM to SAM, 11-9-1920
WAM to SAM, 11-27-1920
WAM to SAM, 12-12-1920
Lois McElheny to WAM, 4-28-1923
Box Folder
2 5 Family letters, 1935-54
Robert McElroy to SAM (brother), 1-19-1935
Aunt Fan and Aunt Jen to William and Pinckney, 1-23-1935
WAM to "Mom," 3-16-1945
Aunt Jen to William Addison and Alma, 5-4-1951 with addenda 11-21-1954
Ruby Addison Henry to Alma, 1-29-1954
Ruby A. Henry to Alma, 2-6-1854
William Addison McElroy to Alma McElroy, 1943
Family correspondence, 1944-45
3 William Addison McElroy to Alma McElroy, Jan.-Feb., 1944
William Addison McElroy to Alma McElroy, Jan.-Feb., 1944
William Addison McElroy to Alma McElroy, March-April, 1944
William Addison McElroy to Alma McElroy, May-June, 1944
4 William Addison McElroy to Alma McElroy, July-Aug., 1944
William Addison McElroy to Alma McElroy, Sept.-Oct., 1944
William Addison McElroy to Alma McElroy, Nov.-Dec., 1944
5 William Addison McElroy to Alma McElroy, Jan.-March, 1945
William Addison McElroy to Alma McElroy, April-June, 1945
William Addison McElroy to Alma McElroy, July-Aug., 1945
Non-family correspondence with McElroys
5 Jean Monseur to WAM, 11-7-1944
Simone Rigaux to WAM, 11-2-45
Geraroline to WAM, 11-13-1945
Fred Barrett to WAM, 1-20-1946
Betty Beurley to WAM, 5-2-1946
Molly to WAM, 5-31-1946
Bruno Gellenthin to WAM, 1-7-1947
Andree Tameree to Madame McElroy, 2-3-1946
Mac (WAM) to Burke Baker, 7-8-1944
Daddy to David and Mother to Dadee, 7-18-1944
WAM to Burke Baker, 7-23-1944
WAM to Mrs. Wally Meister, 1945 (with 2 letters in German)
WAM to Burke Baker, 6-8-1945, with note from Burke Baker to Mrs. Mac, 7-6-1945
AM to WAM, 8-25-1945, with discharge letters
WAM to Herbert Kayser, 1-3-47
Otto Ragmeyer to WAM, 2-4-47
Herbert Kayser to WAM, 2-14-47
Perry to Mac, 4-12-88
Harry E. Smith (President of Austin College, Sherman, TX) to Mrs. Ann M. Anderson, 1-7-1992

Series III: McElroy publications, newsclippings, documents 1942, undated

Box Folder
6 1 Family newsclippings
2 Misc. newsclippings
3 WAM power of attorney 1942
4 WWII papers
5 German postcards and brochure, WWII
6 Voucher for refund, freight bill
7 The Child's Story of the Making of Louisville by Fannie Cassedy Duncan (WAM's great aunt)
8 The Pathway of Peace by R. McElroy
9 Grover Cleveland: The Man and the Statesman by Robert McElroy (WAM's uncle - Princeton and Oxford professor)
10 War Diary of John Lee McElroy

Series IV: Photographs, 1887-1938 and undated (Box 7)

Box Folder
7 1 Family
Cousin Hallie Richter
Rev. Samuel Addison McElroy
Charles Pinckney McElroy (2)
Elizabeth Ann McElroy Anderson
Jennie Casseday McElroy
Box Folder
7 2 Eufala, AL - church, friends
"Your old home"
Emma Ramser
Jacob Ramser
W.T. Simpson
Mrs. W.T. Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Simpson
Bessie Simpson French and Leigh Searey 1888
Lila Godwin
Vicci McCachern
Nannie Givins (June 8, 1890)
Minnie Guige
Choir/children's group in church
Presbyterian church interior
Box Folder
7 3 Samuel Addison McElroy at Princeton
S.A. McElroy and friends-Princeton (tintype)
Murry (class '88)
Leora Atkinson - New Rochell
S. McKee's room, Princeton Sem. Fitzgerald, Feb. 1887 (on reverse-Presbyterian Church, Cape Giradeau, MO, March 1898)
Dr. James McCash, President of Princeton College
H.M. Dixon
M.C. Gabrillian (Class of '88)
Sam McKee (Class of '88)
W.L. Boggs
Taylor (Class of '88)
Elliot (Class of '88)
J. Ross Todd
Seminary Chapel, Princeton
Box Folder
7 4 Family homes, manses
Greely Street house, Houston TX Home of W.A. McElroy, Henderson, TX 1935-38
Home of W.A. McElroy, Henderson, TX 1935-38
Hoxie Thompson House, Trinity, TX (designed by WAM)
Presbyterian Manse, Isabel, OK (Mr. Tribble, SAM on porch)
Cape Giradeau, MO Manse (built by SAM and where WAM was born)
Box Folder
7 5 Kentucky and Missouri photographs
Mr. and Mrs. Billye Bauer, Cynthiana, KY
Louise Campbell
Julia A Nettles, May 12, 1899, Cape Giradeau, MO
Julia A Nettles, May 12, 1899, Cape Giradeau, MO
Jessie and Isabell Gray and ??, Louisville, KY
Louis Kells, Cape Giradeau, MO, July, 1897
Presbyterian church exterior, Cynthiana, KY
Presbyterian church interior, Cynthiana, KY
Lillie Stuckey
Covered bridge, Cynthiana, KY
Louise McLane
Mrs. Sarah Fuhri, Cape Giradeau, MO
James S. Law, Point Pleasant, MO
W.T. Lowry, Feb. 4, 1882
Elizabeth Maples Davis, Cape Giradeau, MO
Frances Breckenridge McKnight, Louisville, KY
Mrs. H.J. Watrous
Capt. Gray
Box Folder
7 6 Temperance march (2)
7 Unidentified
8 Mr. and Mrs. William Addison McElroy's 50th wedding anniversary album

Series V: W.A.M. Education 1915-1970

Box Folder
8 1 WAM Rice Institute report cards 1919/20
2 The Veil of the White Horse, typed mss., WAM
3 WAM Rhodes Scholarship
4 Chromoscope - 1915 Austin College Student Annual
5 Writing course notebook, Famous Writers School, Westport, CT, 1968-1970

Series VI: Genealogy 1901, undated

Box Folder
9 1 Family notes, charts, clippings
2 Cassedy family and residence
3 The Scotch-Irish McElroys in America. 1717-1900 by Rev. John McElroy, 1901
4 The McElroy Family Heritage Book
6 The Autobiography of Samuel Addison McElroy

Series VII: Oversize materials 1888-1943

10 Ledger, 1939-43 with one 1935 entry
Certificate - Samuel Addison McElroy, Princeton Theological Seminary, 5-8-1888
Diploma - William Addison McElroy, Austin College, 6-4-1918
Diploma - William Addison McElroy, Burney Military Academy, 5-15-1914
Diploma - William Addison McElroy, Rice Institute, 6-12-1922
11 Scrap album, 1891-97 (78 pp.)
Discussion Club (loose pages)
Diary of Addison McElroy, 1903-08 (cover imprinted as Marriage, Birth and Death Record 2 - McClellan's Title Index)

Series VIII: Addenda 1943-1994

Box Folder
12 1 Samuel McElroy with classmate at Princeton-tintype
2 Newsclips
3 Correspondence to parents, 1943 (includes photo of WAM)
3 Three stenographers notebooks of handwritten notes by WAM, c. 1984-85
3 Battle of Normandy certificate of registration for WAM, with correspondence, 1994
3 Since 1886: A History of the Texas Society of Architects (article on WAM on p. 33)
WAM World War II papers
Box Folder
13 1 Military orders / papers, 1942-45
2 Military pay records
3 Military personnel records
4 Military health records
5 Military shipping records / receipts, 1944
6 Military clearances, 1944-45
7 War dept. correspondence, 1942-43
8 Military papers
9 Power of attorney, 1942
10 Correspondence, 1945-1949
11 Christmas cards
Box Folder
14 1 Correspondence: Addison McElroy to parents, Sept. 1944 - Jan. 1945(#4-41)
2 Correspondence: Addison McElroy to parents, Jan. 1945 - May 1945 (#42-86)
3 Correspondence: Addison McElroy to parents, May-Oct. 1945 (#87-140)
4 Correspondence: Addison McElroy to parents, Oct. 1945 - Feb. 1946 (#141-159+)
5 Correspondence: Addison McElroy to "Mom", June-Aug. 1944
6 Correspondence: Ila to Alma (Mrs. WAM), Sept. 1944