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Guide to the Rice Unversity Center for Research in Parallel Computation (CRPC) records, Ken Kennedy, Scientific Director, 1989-1999 UA 125

creator Kennedy, Ken
Title: Rice University Center for Research in Parallel Computation (CRPC) records, Ken Kennedy, Scientific Director
Dates (Bulk): 1985-1999, bulk 1990-1999
Abstract: This collection contains videotapes, photos, reports, and other materials associated with the operation of the Center for Research in Parallel Computation from 1985-1999.
Identification: UA 125
Quantity: 33 Linear Feet(33 boxes)
Language: English
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biographical / Historical

The Center for Research in Parallel Computation was founded by a National Science Foundation grant in 1989 with the goal of making massively parallel computing systems as usable as conventional supercomputing systems. The CRPC is a consortium of seven cores sites around the nation - Rice University, Argonne National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Syracuse University, University of Tennessee, and University of Texas - as well as nine affiliated sites: Boston University, Indiana University, the Institute for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering, University of Illinoiss, University of Maryland, University of Houston, University of California, University of South California, and Drexel Unversity. More than fifty Ph.D research scientists and eighty graduate and undergraduate students participate in research programs and projects.

The CRPC in the 1990s mainly focused on five projects, two in software and three in algorithms. These included the Fortran Parallel Programming System Project, led by Ken Kennedy, scientific director of the CRPC, the Compostional Programming System project, led by Mani Chandy, the Linear Algebra Project, led by Jack Dongarra, the Optimization Project, led by John Dennis, and the Differential Equations Project, led by Andy White and Herb Keller. The CRPC also provided funding for visiting academic scientists engaged in research in related fields, led topical workshops and educational seminars throughout the year, as well as sponsored programs aimed at recruiting young students, especially women and minorities, to the realm of computer science.

Scope and Contents

This collection contains videotapes, photographs, technical reports, and other materials associated with the operation of the Center for Research on Parallel Computation from 1985 to 1999. The bulk of the material os from 1990 to 1999. The video collection, in particular, contains items ranging from instructional lectures in complex computer science to taped spots of CRPC leaders on local and national news programs. The collection also includes newspaper and online journal clippings pertaining to various CRPC projects and brochures from many CRPC events. This collection offers a look at how the CRPC grew through the 1990s to an influential, respected position in the field of computer science.


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Rice University Center for Research in Parallel Computation (CRPC) records, Ken Kennedy, Scientific Director, 1989-1999, UA 125, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

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This material was transferred to the Woodson Research Center, 2006.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Videotapes and electronic records, 1985-1998 1985-1998

General note
Included are tapes of lectures on computer science, outreach programs, and news clips related to CRPC and its personnel, as well as some CD_ROMs and floppy disks of databases. Some tapes in Beta format.
Box item
1 1 T-120 VHS tape, Clip of PBS KUHT "Weeknight Edition" with Ken Kennedy and Beb Burns and clip of ABC KTRK with Ken Kennedy April 29, 1997; April 3, 1997
2 T-30 VHS tape, clip of HENAAC Award, Dr. Richard Tapia October 12, 1996
3 T-120 VHS tape, clip of EYH '97 on ABC KTRK April 5, 1997
4 T-30 VHS tape, clip of Richard Tapia on FOX KRIV "Hola Houston", Channel 11 "Spirit of Texas, and Channel 8 "Weeknight Edition" October 27, 1996; October 31, 1996; October 31, 1996
5 T-120 VHS tape, clip of Richard Tapia on CBS KHOU news late 1990s
6 T-120 VHS tape, clip of Girl Games Inc. on PBS KUHT "Weeknight Edition n.d
7 T-15 VHS tape, clip of Phil Gramm at Rice University on KNWS March 14, 1997
8 T-30 VHS tape, clip of Lucille Barrerra on "Hola Houston", "HISD News Today", "Noticiero" September 29, 1996, September 3, 1996, August 27, 1996
9 T-30 VHS tape, clip of STC News Conference on CBS KHOU and ABC KTRK December 5, 1988
10 2 T-120 VHS tapes, CRPC PBS KUHT Membership Drive (2 copies) June 18, 1985
11 1 Television News-Grade Beta Tape, Science and Technology Center Announcement Sound Bites December 5, 1988
12 1 T-120 VHS tape, Lecture on "Decision Aids for Telerobotics Command, Dr. Thomas B. Sheridan January 23, 1989
13 1 T-120 VHS tape, Lecture on "The Parallel Computing Era: Is it Here or is it Coming?", David Kuck October 11, 1989
14 1 T-120 VHS tape, Lecture on "Parallel Algorithms for Combinational Search Problems", Dr. Richard Karp March 7, 1990
15 1 T-120 VHS tape, lecture on "Teleoperation, Telerobotics, and Telepresence", Dr. Thomas B. Sheridan January 24, 1989
16 1 T-120 VHS tape, lecture on "Parallelism, Super Computing, and Computational Mathematics", Virginia Torczon June 30, 1993
17 1 T120 VHS tape, HENAAC lecture on "Taking Giant Steps", Richard Tapia October 12, 1996
18 1 T-120 VHS tape, lecture on "Building Competent Robots: Is Intelligence Enough?", Dr. Arthur C. Sanderson February 10, 1992
19 1 T-10 VHS tape, CITI Distinguished Lecturer J. T. Browne November 8, 1988
20 1 T-30 VHS tape, Sparks Exhibit, Fred Colby 1990s
21 1 T-120 VHS tape, CRPC overview "The Creative Spark!" March 12, 1996
22 1 T-120 VHS tape, lecture on “What’s All This About Gallium Arsenide?”, Seymore Cray November 15, 1988
23 1 T-120 VHS tape, lecture on “Telerobot Visual Language Programming Sensing and Fault-Tolerance”, Dr. Larry Leifer December 5, 1991
Box item
2 1 10 CD-R74H, CRPC/Girl Games Mac Prototypes 1996
2 2 T-120 VHS tapes and 1 T-160 VHS tape, Discovery of Women Series Part I through Part III March 29, 1995; April 5, 1995; April 13, 1995
3 1 T-120 VHS tape and 1 T-30 VHS tape, Students in Science and Math (2 copies) n.d.
4 2 T-30 VHS tapes, CRPC High School Program (2 copies) n.d.
5 T-120 VHS tapes, Steering Minority Education Conference (2 copies) June 25, 1988
6 1 T-60 VHS tape, Girls’ Tech 1996
7 1 T-60 VHS tape, “Expand Your Horizons: Math and Science” March 10, 1995
8 11 T-120 VHS tapes, Girl Games Project 1996
Box item
3 1 1 T-120 VHS tape, Amtek Northeast Parallel Architectures Center—NII October 19, 1994
2 1 T-30 VHS tape, Center for Research on Parallel Computation November 2, 1994
3 1 T-15 VHS tape, BBN “Xtra” September 1, 1989
4 1 T-23 VHS tape, “Super Computing ‘95” The Reality Shop 1995
5 1 T-30 VHS tape, NCSA Alliance 98, featuring Ken Kennedy, Geoffrey Fox, Rick Stevens, Dan Reed August 11, 1998
6 1 T-120 VHS tape, Life by the Numbers with Danny Glover 1990s
7 1 T-30 VHS tape, The Community Services Workstation July 22, 1991
8 1 T-160 VHS tape and 1 T-120 VHS tape, Education on the National Information Infrastructure (NII) (2 copies) 1995
9 2 T-15 VHS tapes and 1 T-30 Beta tape, CRPC “Parallel Computation Makes for Good Vibrations” September 20, 1995
10 2 T-20 VHS tapes, Parallel Computing at Work, CRPC Activities in Collaboration, Knowledge Transfer, and Education (2 copies) 1990s
11 5 CD-ROMs, Personal CRAY Digital: a Tour of Supercomputing, CRAY T90 Series of Supercomputing, Universal Solutions, Science Serving Society: A Digital Montage from Los Alamos National Lab, and HyperAmp for the Macintosh n.d.
12 7 T-30 VHS tapes, NCSA Realtime (6 parts, 2 copies of #6) February 1991
Box item
4 1 12 T-120 VHS tapes, Math and Computer Science Workshop Year One 1990s
2 11 T-120 VHS tapes, Math and Computer Science Workshop, year 2 1990s
3 2 T-120 VHS tapes, Mini-Symposium April 12, 1989
4 1 T-160 VHS tape, Rice Dependence Analysis Symposium April 26-27, 1990
5 2 T-120 VHS tapes and 1 T-20 VHS tape, Intel Grand Challenge Computing (3 copies) May 1992
6 1 T-15 VHS tape, The Caribiner Group: IBM Golden Circle “The Cave” May 1995
7 1 T-15 VHS tape, Intel Touchstone Delta System Dedication May 31, 1991
8 1 T-5 VHS Tape, Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) for Science and Mathematics Hard Drive Café 1990s
9 1 T-30 VHS tape Amtek Series 2010 Program February 1988
10 10 TC-20 VHSC tapes, Math and Computer Science Workshop featuring SAS, CRPC Keith Cooper and Virginia; John Rodriguez, Emilio Ninez, and Malcolm Gillis; Dr. Leslie Miller, Rice K-8, Iris, Carl (NCTM) July 26, 1994; July 27-28, 1994; July 29, 1994
Box item
5 1 1 T-120 VHS tape, Parallel Debugging and Computational Science, Part 2 Ken Kennedy, SC 1989
2 1 T-120 VHS tape, “Toward the Ultra High-Speed Computing System”, Tadashi Watanabe, The Distinguished Lecture Series January 31, 1992
3 1 T-120 VHS tape, CRPC Lecture 1990s
4 1 T-120 VHS tape, Professor Kanade, co-director of Robotic Institute Lecture (blurry) 1990s
5 1 T-120 VHS tape, Adaptive Mesh Refinement on Parallel Computers October 22, 1993
6 1 T-10 VHS tape, Computer Chemistry 1990s
7 1 T-120 VHS tape, Intro to the Application Compiler 1993
8 1 T-120 VHS tape, Data Flow Ideas Lecture 1990s
9 14 T-120 VHS tapes, CRPC Caltech Short Course (7 parts, 2 copies of each) January 24, 1994
Box item
6 1 2 T-120 VHS tapes Computer Science Workshop Day 1: Into to SUN (2 copies) 1990s
2 2 T-120 VHS tapes, Computer Science Workshop Day 1: Intro to Unix #1 (2 copies) 1990s
3 2 T-120 VHS tapes, Computer Science Workshop Day 2: Intro to Unix #2 (2 copies) 1990s
4 2 T-120 VHS tapes, Computer Science Workshop Day 3: MatLab #1 (2 copies) 1990s
5 2 T-120 VHS tapes, Computer Science Workshop Day 3: MatLab #2 (2 copies) 1990s
6 2 T-120 VHS tapes, Computer Science Workshop Day 4: SPICE #1 (2 copies) 1990s
7 2 T-120 VHS tapes, Computer Science Workshop Day 4: SPICE #2 (2 copies) 1990s
8 1 T-120 VHS tape Computer Science Workshop Day 5: VLSI #2 (Part1) 1990s
9 1 T-120 VHS tape, Computer Science Workshop Day 6: VLSI #2 1990s
10 1 T-120 VHS tape Computer Science Workshop Day 7: LSIM #1 1990s
11 1 T-120 VHS tape Computer Science Workshop Day 7: LSIM #2 1990s
12 1 T-120 VHS tape Computer Science Workshop Day 8: BDL 1990s
13 1 T-120 VHS tape Computer Science Workshop Day 9: MAPLE #1 1990s
14 1 T-120 VHS tape Computer Science Workshop Day 9: MAPLE #2 1990s
15 1 T-120 VHS tape Computer Science Workshop Day 10: Networking #1 1990s
16 1 T-120 VHS tape Computer Science Workshop Day 10: Networking #2 1990s
17 1 T-30 VHS tape, Parallel Simulation for Enhanced Oil Recovery and Piers: The Movie 1990s
17 1 T-20 VHS tape, Special Hydrodynamic Simulation of the Interaction of the Solar Wind with Plasma (Jet Propulsion Lab) n.d.
18 10 2HD Apple Format Floppy Disks, STC Databases Argonne, SC98 CRPC Rice University Data, SPE Staff, Girl Games, Database 4/95, Committee List, STC Syracuse, STC Database Los Mamos, Database headings, STC Database Caltech April 1995
19 3 T-120 VHS tapes, Basic Data for Plasma Reactor Modeling, Vince Mckoy, Caltech (3 copies) 1994
20 1 T-120 VHS tape, Plasma Modeling-Caltech Paulette Liewer 1990s
21 2 T-120 VHS tapes, Airshed Smog Model 1990s
Box item
7 1 2 T-120 VHS tapes, Parallel Simulation for Enhanced Oil Recovery and A Waterflood Simulation Philip T. Keenan (2 copies) 1990s
3 1 T-30 Beta tape, CRPC Animation and Grix n.d.
4 1 DC 300 XL/P Data Cartridge, CITI Backup Tape STC n.d.
5 1 T-30 Beta tape CRPC VO REEL #2 n.d.
6 3 T-30 Beta tapes, Vibration Dampening Jerry Lane September 7, 1995
7 1 T-10 VHS tape, Flight over Haleakala, Jet Propulsion Lab/Caltech n.d.
8 1 T-15 VHS tape, CAVE: Argonne National Lab Drug Design Using Virtual Reality, Paul Bash September 14, 1994
9 2 T-120 VHS tapes, CAVE: Argonne Drug Design Using Virtual Reality, Paul Bash (2 copies) September 14, 1994
10 1 T-120 VHS tape, CAPS weather Modeling 1989
11 1 T-120 VHS, Modeling of Bays and Estuaries, Mary Wheeler n.d.
12 1 T-30 Beta tape, CRPC Parallel Juggler October 18, 1995
13 4 T-120 VHS tapes, CRPC Parallel Juggler October 18, 1995

Series II: Photographs and Slides 1990-1998

General note
Contains photos and slides of CRPC events, publicity photos and slides for brochures as well as many headshots of CRPC personnel.
Box item
8 1 8 Photos RDSA—Theresa Chapman April 1997
2 5 Photos AA—Linda Torczon KUHT TV February 1996
3 6 Photos Board of Gov. Dinner in Martel Hall (Duncan Hall) n.d.
4 2 Photos Tapia AAAS Award 1998
5 2 Photos President Mentoring Award Richard A. Tapia n.d.
6 74 Photos, 3 Negatives, and 1 Negative Sheet ADMI Conference/Awards Banquet n.d.
7 28 Photos Technical/Modeling n.d.
8 16 Photos and 6 Negatives Tech 2005 Prints 1995
9 25 Photos Headshots—Visitors n.d.
10 3 Photos Headshots—Rice University n.d.
11 5 Photos Headshots—Argonne/UT/Caltech n.d.
12 71 Photos and 7 Negatives Miscellaneous Promotional Photos n.d.
Box item
9 1 20 Photos, 9 Negatives, and 1 Program Brochure SACNAS Conference October 10-11, 1997
2 9 Photos and 7 Negative Sheets SYYF Prints 1994
3 4 Photos SIAM Prints 1993
4 22 Photos Panel Setup n.d.
5 63 Photos SC Prints 1991
6 9 Photos and 4 Negatives SC Prints 1992
7 12 Photos and 2 Negatives SC 1995 San Diego Prints 1995
8 25 Photos and 7 Negatives SC 1997 Prints 1997
9 32 Photos Mathematical and Computational Sciences Awareness Workshop (MCSA) 1995
10 60 Photos Mathematical and Computational Sciences Awareness Workshop (MCSA) 1995
11 37 Photos and 10 Negatives Mathematical and Computational Sciences Awareness Workshop (MCSA) 1996
12 4 Photos CASC 1998
13 4 Photos CAM 1993
14 10 Photos and 5 Negatives ACM 1996
15 4 Photos, 4 Negative Sheets, and 3 negatives AM Prints 1996
16 11 Photos AM Prints 1997
Box item
10 1 40 Slides South Texas Science Academy Internship Summer 1994
2 40 Slides “Say Yes to Youngsters’ Future” Workshop February 1994
3 30 Slides “Say Yes to Youngsters’ Future” Workshop February 1994
4 46 Slides “Say Yes to Youngsters’ Future” Workshop February 1994
5 4 Negative Sheets “Say Yes to Youngsters’ Future Workshop” February 1994
6 59 Slides Study of Computer Scientists and Applied Mathematics Workshop at Rice April 20, 1994
7 5 Negative Sheets Study of Computer Scientists and Applied Mathematics Workshop at Rice April 20, 1994
8 1 Photo, 2 Negative Sheets, 7 Slides Caltech Minority Youth Program March 21-22, 1994
9 1 Photo, 6 Negative sheets Delft University Study Group of Computer Scientists and Applied Mathematics at Rice April 28, 1994
10 29 Photos, 15 Negative sheets Mathematical and Computational Sciences Awareness (MCSA) Workshop Summer 1994
11 55 Slides Mathematical and Computational Sciences Awareness (MCSA) Workshop Summer 1994
12 34 Slides, 3 Photos, 6 Negative Sheets Workshop at Rice for Teachers from the Rice School Summer 1994
13 15 Slides South Texas Academy Intern Program Summer 1994
Box item
11 1 21 Slides Expand Your Horizons! n.d.
2 5 Slides and 1 Negative Sheet Expand Your Horizons! 1995
3 40 Photos, 2 Negatives, and 2 Negative Sheets Expand Your Horizons! 1996
4 47 Photos and 7 Negatives SAS 1993
5 23 Photos Caltech Presentation Photos n.d.
6 5 Photos Caltech Prints 1996
7 4 Photos and 2 Negative Sheets Caltech 1994
8 15 Photos Girl Tech Prints 1995
9 10 Photos Girl Games 1996
10 5 Photos Girl Tech Prints 1996
11 15 Photos Girl Tech Prints 1997
12 50 Slides Girl Tech Slides 1997
13 52 Slides Girl Tech Slides 1997
14 8 Photos and 24 Negatives Girl Tech 1998
Box item
12 1 29 Slides Red Folder undated
2 31 Slides Red Folder #2 undated
3 32 Slides Red Folder #3 undated
4 28 Slides Red Folder #4 undated
5 38 Slides Red Folder #5 undated
6 30 Slides Red Folder #6 undated
7 39 Slides Red Folder #7 undated
8 37 Slides Red Folder #8 undated
9 35 Slides Red Folder #9 undated
10 46 Slides Computers undated
11 38 Slides Computers undated
12 33 Slides Computers undated
13 25 Slides Computers undated
14 1 Photo Model in Fortran M undated
15 26 Photos Models undated
16 14 Photos, 2 Negative sheets, and 32 Negatives Computer Models undated
Box item
13 1 4 Photos Richard A. Tapia undated
2 4 Photos Education Section undated
3 7 Photos Argonne/Los Alamos undated
4 3 Photos CSE Committee Dan Sorensen and Richard Lehoucq undated
5 5 Photos and 1 Slide Joe Saltz and Staff undated
6 1 Photo Education Section—Students undated
7 2 Photos Spend a Summer with a Scientist undated
8 1 Photo Nat McIntosh undated
9 1 Photo CSE Opening undated
10 15 Negatives GPCP/EC Group Shots undated
11 30 Photos Graduate Students undated
12 35 Photos Graduate Students undated
13 13 Negatives Graduate Students undated
14 2 Photos CSE Alan Weiser Reception January 1994
15 1 Photo and 4 Negative Sheets CSE Alan Weiser Scholarship Fall 1993
15 23 Photos and 1 Negative CSE Students undated
16 19 Photos 8 Negatives, and 2 Slides CRPC Faculty and Staff undated
17 13 Negatives and 2 Slides Faculty Researchers and Staff January 1994
18 8 Photos Faculty Researchers and Staff January 1994
19 26 Photos and 1 Slide Faculty and Staff undated
20 15 Negatives and 8 Photos Faculty and Staff undated
21 34 Photos Visitors undated
22 12 Negatives Visitors undated
23 22 Photos Guest Speakers undated
24 22 Negatives Faculty and Staff January 1994
25 19 Negatives and 4 Photos Faculty and Staff undated
26 21 Slides Faculty and Staff undated
27 9 Negatives Guest Speakers undated
28 6 Photos Don Heller, visitor Shell Development Spring 1994
29 17 Slides Outreach Faculty and Staff undated
Box item
14 1 40 Photos Supercomputing 1990
2 43 Photos Supercomputing 1990
3 49 Photos Supercomputing 1990
4 21 Negatives Supercomputing 1990
5 37 Photos Supercomputing 1991
6 40 Photos Supercomputing 1991
7 13 Photos Supercomputing 1991
8 8 Negatives Supercomputing 1991
9 7 Photos Supercomputing 1993
10 14 Photos Out-of-State Conference undated
11 6 Negatives Out-of-State Conference undated
12 40 Photos Supercomputing 1994
13 27 Photos Supercomputing 1994
14 22 Negatives Supercomputing 1994
15 30 Photos LANL Research Symposium 1991
16 10 Negatives LANL Research Symposium 1991
17 15 Photos Rice Research Symposium November 1993
18 12 Photos Caltech Meeting January 24-27, 1994
19 11 Photos and 6 Negatives Domain Decomposition March 1991
20 Photos and 9 Negatives Partnerships in Computer Science January 1992
21 18 Photos and 5 Negatives ICS July 1992
22 6 Photos GPCP Affiliates Meeting August 1992
23 26 Photos GPCP/FPMPP Corporate Affiliates Meeting June 29, 1993
24 10 Negatives GPCP/FPMPP Corporate Affiliates Meeting June 29, 1993
25 8 Photos FPMPP Corporate Affiliates Meeting 1993
26 8 Negative Sheets Subsurface Modeling Group Corporate Affiliates 1994
27 29 Slides Subsurface Modeling Group Corporate Affiliates 1994
28 22 Photos HPFF Meetings 1992
29 11 Photos HPFF II Meeting April 6-8, 1994
30 3 Photos and 3 Negatives Staff Meeting undated
31 13 Photos and 4 Negatives Traveling Salesman Problem Workshop April 1990
32 8 Negative Sheets CITI Seminar Rice News February 1993
33 3 Photos SIAM Geosciences Meeting April 19-21, 1993
Box item
15 1 34 Pictures and 1 slide NSF Education Brochure undated
2 18 Photos NSF Education Brochure undated
3 8 Photos NSF Education Brochure undated
4 3 Photos and 1 Slide Syracuse Brochure with Daniel Bauman undated
5 42 Photos Caltech Minority Youth Program March 1993
6 13 Negative Sheets 1994 Caltech Minority Youth Program 1994
7 13 Negative Sheets and 9 Photos 1994 Caltech Minority Youth Program 1994
8 6 Photos K-12 Activities in Computer Science July 31, 1993
9 14 Photos Spend A Summer with a Scientist 1993
10 3 Photos SAS Students and Blackside Magazine 1994
11 14 Photos and 7 Negatives South Texas Academy Program Summer 1993
12 12 Photos and 8 Negative Sheets South Texas Academy Internship Summer 1994
13 14 Negatives and 1 Photo Outreach undated
14 2 Negatives Sheets 1994 Caltech Minority Program 1994
15 20 Photos Rice Location Shots undated
16 5 Negatives Rice Staff undated
17 6 Negatives CRPC Brochure undated
18 20 Slides CRPC Location Shots undated
19 18 Slides CRPC Location Shots undated
20 27 Slides CRPC Location Shots undated
21 20 Slides People with Computers undated
22 31 Photos Conference Rooms Rayzor/Sewell Hall undated
23 39 Photos Conference Rooms Labs undated
24 15 Photos Conference Rooms Shepard/Hammon/Kelley undated
25 41 Negatives Conference Rooms undated
26 1 Photo Duncan Hall Architect’s Drawing undated

Series III: Technical Reports and paper materials 1989-1999

Box Folder
16 1 Technical Reports Index Last Updated August 1, 1996 August 1, 1996
2 CRPC-TR89042: Sizing and Least Change Secant Methods, J. E. Dennis, H. Wolkowicz November 1989
2 CRPC-TR90043: Parallel Program Debugging with On-the-fly Anomaly Detection, R. Hood, K. Kennedy, J. Mellor-Crummey March 1990
2 CRPC-TR90044-S: Incremental Dependence Analysis, Carl M. Rosene, Ph.D. thesis March 1990
3 CRPC-TR89045: Experiments with Multicomputer LU-Decomposition, E. F. Van de Velde, Concurrency, Practice, and Experience Vol.2, No. 1 April 1989
3 CRPC-TR90046: What is Easy? Eric F. Van de Velde March 1990
3 CRPC-TR90049 Alternative Orderings, Multicoloring Schemes, and Consistently Ordered Matrices, David L. Harrar II June 1990
3 CRPC-TR90050-S: Intermediate Languages for Debuggers, Benjamin Chase May 1990
4 CRPC-TR90051: Automatic Blocking of Nested Loops, Robert Schreiber, Jack Dongarra May 1990
4 CRPC-TR90052-S: The ParaScope Editor: User Interface Goals, Kathi Fletcher, Ken Kennedy, Kathryn McKinley, Scott Warren May 1990
4 CRPC-TR90054: Algorithms for Scalable Synchronization on Shared-Memory Multiprocessors, John Mellor-Crummey, Michael L. Scott April 1990
4 CRPC-TR90055: On the Orthogonality of Eigenvectors Computed by Divide-and-Conquer Techniques, Dan Sorensen, P. Tang. Appears in SIAM Journal of Numerical Analysis, 28, no. 6, (December 1991), pp. 1752-1775 May 1990
4 CRPC-TR90056: A Primer for Program Composition Notation, K. Mani Chandy, Stephen Taylor June 1990
5 CRPC-TR90057: An Implementation of a Divide and Conquer Algorithm for the Unitary Eigenproblem, G. S. Ammar, L. Reichel, Dan Sorensen June 1990
5 CRPC-TR90058: Interprocedural Optimization: Eliminating Unnecessary Recompilation, Michael Burke, Keith D. Cooper, Ken Kennedy, Linda Torczon July 1990
5 CRPC-TR90059: An Experiment with Inline Substitution, Keith D. Cooper, Mary Hall, Linda Torczon, (Appeared in Software-Practice and Experience, 21(6) June 1991) July 1990
5 CRPC-TR90060: Experiences in Writing a Distributed Particle Simulation Code in C++, David W. Forslund, Charles Wingate, Peter Ford, J. Stephen Junkins, Jeffrey Jackson, Stephen C. Pope July 1990
5 CRPC-TR90061-S: Improving Parallelism after Inline Substitution, Mary Hall July 1990
6 CRPC-TR90062: The Onset of Thermal Runaway in Partially Insulated or Cooled Reactors, M. J. Ward, E. F. Van de Velde July 1990
6 CRPC-TR90063-S: Experience with Interprocedural Analysis of Array Side Effects, Paul Havlak, Ken Kennedy. Appeared in IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems 2(3), July 1991 August 1990
6 CRPC-TR90064: Loop Distribution with Arbitrary Control Flow, Ken Kennedy, Kathryn S. McKinley August 1990
6 CRPC-TR90065: Unexpected Side Effects of Inline Substitution: A Case Study, Keith D. Cooper, Mary Hall, Linda Torczon (Appeared in ACM Letters on Programming and Systems, 1(1), March 1992) September 1990
6 CRPC-TR90066: Direct Search Methods on Parallel Machines, J. E. Dennis, V. Torczon. Appeared in SIAM Journal on Optimization, Vol. 1, pp. 448-447, 1991 September 1990 (revised March 1991)
7 CRPC-TR90067: Mesh Independence for Nonlinear Least Squares Problems with Norm Constraints, M. Heinkenschloss. Appeared in SIAM Journal on Optimization Vol. 3 (1992) 81-117 August 1990
7 CRPC-TR90068-S: Analysis of Synchronization in a Parallel Programming Environment, Jaspal S. Subhlok, Ph. D. thesis August 1990
7 CRPC-TR90069: A Domain Decomposition Method for Parabolic Equations Based on Finite Elements, Clint N. Dawson, Qiang Du, Todd F. Dupont October 1990
7 CRPC-TR90070: A Finite Difference Domain Decomposition Algorithm for Numerical Solution of the Heat Equation, Clint N. Dawson, Qiang Du, Todd F. Dupont October 1990
7 CRPC-TR90071: A Finite Element Domain Decomposition Method for Parabolic Equations, Clint N. Dawson, Qiang Du October 1990
8 CRPC-TR90072: Modeling of ‘in situ’ Biorestoration of Organic Compounds in Groundwater, Chen Y. Chiang, Clint N. Dawson, Mary F. Wheeler October 1990
8 CRPC-TR90073: ADOL-C, A Package for the Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms Written in C/C++, A. Griewank, D. Juedes, J. Srinivasan December 1990
8 CRPC-TR90074: Implementing Automatic Differentiation Efficiently, D. Juedes, A. Griewank October 1990
8 CRPC-TR90075: Increasing the Granularity of Parallelism and Reducing Contention in Automatic Differentiation, Brad N. Karp, Christian H. Bischof November 1990
8 CRPC-TR90076: Criticality in Reactors under Domain or External Temperature Perturbations, Eric Van de Velde, Michael J. Ward October 1990
9 CRPC-TR90077-S: Parallel Domain Decomposition Method for Mixed Finite Elements for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations, Lawrence C. Cowsar, Mary F. wheeler November 1990
9 CRPC-TR90078: Investigation of the 2d 0(3) Model Using Overrelaxation Algorithm, John Apostolakis, Clive F. Baillie, Geoffrey C. Fox, Syracuse University December 1990
9 CRPC-TR90079: FORTRAN D Language Specification, D. C. Fox, S. Hiranandani, K. Kennedy, C. Koelbel, U. Kremer, C. Tseng, M. Wu December 1990 (revised April 1991)
9 CRPC-TR90081: Numerical Studies of Electron Dynamics in Oblique Quasi-Perpendicular Collisionless Shock Waves, P. C. Liewer, V. K. Decyk, J. M. Dawson, B. Lembege December 1990
9 CRPC-TR90082: Spectral Element Solutions for the Navier-Stokes Equations on High-Performance Distributed Memory Parallel Processors, Paul F. Fischer December 1990
Box Folder
17 1 CRPC-TR90083: Achievements and Prospects for Parallel Computing, Geoffrey Fox. Presented at the International Conference on Parallel Computing: Achievements, Problems, and Prospects, Italy, June 3-9, 1990 June 1990
1 CRPC-TR90084: The Finite Element Solution of Elliptical Systems on a Data Parallel Computer, Scott Hutchinson, Edward Hensel, Steven Castillo, Kim Dalton August 1990
1 CRPC-TR90085: The Finite Element Solution of Two-Dimensional Transverse Magnetic Scattering Problems on the Connection Machine, Scott Hutchinson, Steven Castillo, Edward Hensel, Kim Dalton April 1990
1 CRPC-TR90086: LAPACK Working Note 25: LAPACK Block Factorization Algorithms on the Intel iPSC/860, Jack Dongarra, Susan Ostrouchov October 1990
1 CRPC-TR90087: LAPACK Working Note 28: The IBM RISC System/6000 and Linear Algebra Operations, Jack Dongarra, Peter Mayes, Giuseppe Radicati di Brozolo December 1990
2 CRPC-TR90088: LAPACK Working Note 26: Prospectus for an Extension to LAPACK: A Portable Linear Algebra Library for High-Performance Computers, E. Anderson, C. Bischof, J. Demmel, J. Dongarra, J. DuCroz, S. Hammarling, W. Kahan November 1990
2 CRPC-TR91089: Compile-Time Generation of Communications for Scientific Programs, Charles Koelbel January 1991
2 CRPC-TR90090: Physical Computation, Geoffrey Fox. Presented at the International Conference on Parallel Computing: Achievements, Problems, and Prospects June 1990
2 CRPC-TR90091-S: Computational Results with Another Method of Solving Very Long and Thin LPs, Petra Mutzel May 1990
2 CRPC-TR90092: An Error Analysis for Galerkin Approximations to an Equation of Mixed Elliptic-Parabolic Type, Todd Arbogast October 1990
3 CRPC-TR90093: A Static Performance Estimator to Guide Data Partitioning Decisions, Vasanth Balasundaram, Geoffrey Fox, Ken Kennedy, Uli Kremer October 1990
3 CRPC-TR90095: Explicit/Implicit, Conservative, Galerkin Domain Decomposition Procedures for Parabolic Problems, C. N. Dawson, T. F. Dupont October 1990
3 CRPC-TR90096: Interactive Parallel Programming Using the ParaScope Editor, Ken Kennedy, Kathryn McKinley, Cahu-Wen Tseng. Appeared in IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (2)3, July 1991t October 1990 (revised March 1991)
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Box Folder
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Box Folder
19 1 CRPC-TR92219: Parallel Computing in Industry – An Initial Survey, Geoffrey May 1992
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Box Folder
20 1 CRPC-TR92256: Implementation and Scalability of Fortran 90D Intrinsic Functions on Distributed Memory Machines, Ishfaq Ahmad, Alok Choudhary, Geoffrey C. Fox, Kanchana Parasuram, Ravi Ponnusamy, Sanjay Ranka, Rajeev Thakur March 1992
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Box Folder
21 1 CRPC-TR93304: Loop Level Parallelization of a Seismic Inversion Code, Michel Kern March 1993
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Box Folder
22 1 CRPC-TR93357-S: Scalable I/O for Our-of-Core Structures, Ken Kennedy, Charles Koelbel, Mike Paleczny November 1993
1 CRPC-TR93358: Grid-Clustering: A Fast Hierarchical Clustering Method for Very large Data Sets, Erich Schikuta November 1993
1 CRPC-TR93359: The DYPAC System: A Dynamic Processor Allocation and Communication System for Distributed Memory Architectures, Erich Schikuta November 1993
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Box Folder
23 1 CRPC-TR93416: LAPACK Working Note 59: Faster Numerical Algorithms via Exception Handing, J. Demmel, X. Li August 1993
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Box Folder
24 1 CRPC-TR96712: An Evaluation of Software for Computing Eigenvalues of Sparse Nonsymmetric Matrices, R. B. Lehoucq, J. A. Scott January 1996
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2 CRPC-TR96718-S: Algorithmic Redistribution Methods for Block Cyclic Decompositions, Antoine Petitet December 1996.
2 CRPC-TR96719-S: Automatic Differentiation of a Parallel Molecular Dynamics Application, P. Hovland, C. Bischof, and L. Roh December 1996.
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4 CRPC-TR97729: ARPACK++: A C++ Implementation of ARPACK Eigenvalue Package (Draft Version), Francisco M. Gomes and Danny C. Sorensen August 1997.
Box Folder
25 1 CRPC-TR97730: On the Fundamental Role of Interior-Point Methodology in Constrained Optimization, Richard A. Tapia April 1997.
1 CRPC-TR96731: A Parallel Three-dimensional Electromagnetic Particle-in-Cell Code for Non-Orthogonal Meshes, S. R. Karmesin, P. C. Liewer, and J. Wang September 1996.
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1 CRPC-TR97734 Optimization Using Surrogate Objectives On a Helicopter Test Example, Andrew J. Booker, J. E. Dennis, Jr., Paul D. Frank, David B. Serafini, and Virginia Torczon December 1997.
1 CRPC-TR98735-S Providing Easier Access to Remote Objects in Client-Server Systems, Jonathan Aldrich, James Dooley, Scott Mandelsohn, and Adam Rifkin January 1998.
2 CRPC-TR97736-S A General Resource Reservation Framework for Scientific Computing, Ravi Ramamoorthi, Adam Rifkin, Boris Dimitrov, and K. Mani Chandy December 1997.
2 CRPC-TR98737-S Developing Peer-to-Peer Applications on the Internet: the Distributed Editor, SimulEdit, Louis Thomas, Sean Suchter, and Adam Rifkin, . January 1998.
2 CRPC-TR98738 Construction and Evaluation of an Incremental Iterative Version of a Parallel Multigrid CFD Code via Automatic Differentiation for Shape Optimization, Alan Carle and Mike Fagan February 1998.
2 CRPC-TR98739-S A Rigorous Framework for Optimization of Expensive Functions by Surrogates, Andrew J. Booker, J. E. Dennis, Jr., Paul D. Frank, David B. Serafini, Virginia Torczon, and Michael W. Trosset, February 1998, Revised April 1998.
2 CRPC-TR98740 A Ferris-Mangasarian Technique Applied to Linear Least Squares Problems, J. E. Dennis, Trond Steihaug May 1998.
3 CRPC-TR97742 Real-Space Envelopes by the Connectivity Constraint: An Approach to the Ab initio Macromolecular Phase Problem, Guangzhou Zou, George N. Phillips, Jr. August 1997.
3 CRPC-TR98742-S Bandwidth-Based Performance Tuning and Prediction, Chen Ding and Ken Kennedy, Revised November 1999.
3 CRPC-TR98744 On the Solution of Traveling Salesman Problems, David Applegate, Robert Bixby, William Cook July 1998
3 CCRPC-TR98745 Loop Fusion in High Performance Fortran, Gerald Roth and Ken Kennedy July 1998
3 CRPC-TR98746 Static Interprocedural Optimization in Java, Zoran Budimlic, Ken Kennedy,. August 1998
3 CRPC-TR98747-S Convergence Analysis of an Inexact Truncated RQ-Iteration, Chao Yang April 1998.
4 CRPC-TR98748-S Accelerating the Arnoldi Iteration-Theory and Practice, Chao Yang April 1998.
4 CRPC-TR98749 Parallelizing the Divide and Conquer Algorithm for the Symmetric Tridiagonal Eigenvalue Problem on Distributed Memory Architectures, Francoise Risseur, Jack Dongarra February 1998.
4 CRPC-TR98750 High Performance Linear Algebra Package – LAPACK90, Jerzy Wasniewski, Jack Dongarra March 1998.
5 Lists of Missing Technical Reports
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7 Concurrent Supercomputing Consortium 1995 Annual Report
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6 Workshop on Automatic Data Layout and Performance Prediction
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30 1 5 T-120 VHS tapes HPCMP DoD User Group Conference 1998
2 1 T-120 VHS The D Editor, Reinhard Von Hanxleden 7/6/94
3 1 T-120 VHS Visualizations in Computational Science Summer 1990
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31 1 2 T-120 VHS tapes Rn Training No. 1; Kevin Cureton: Where the ParaScope Code is Located; Available Tools; Coding Standards. 2/16/94
2 1 T-120 VHS tape Rn Training No. 2 and 3; Reinhard Von Hanxleden: the Abstract Syntax Tree; The Symbol Table. Nathaniel McIntosh: Dependence Graphs; Symbolic Analysis. John Mellor-Crummey. 2/21-25/94
3 2 T-120 VHS tapes Rn Training No. 5; John Mellor-Crummey: A Framework for Whole Program Analysis 3/7/94
4 2 T-15 VHS Portland Supercomputing 11/15/93
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32 1 1 T-120 VHS Pizza Talk Elana Granston: “How (Not) To Give a Talk 3/16/94
2 1 T-120 VHS tape Pizza Talk Richard Von Hanxleden Value-Based Distribution in Fortran D Summer 1994
3 6 T-120 VHS October 1994 Conference 10/12-14/94
4 1 5.25” Removable Hard Disk Cartridge
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33 1 6 T-120 VHS LACSI Symposium 2000 8/28-29/00
2 1 D90 Cassette Tape Fluid Modeling
3 4 D90 Cassette Tapes CRPC Annual Meeting 10/89—Monday
4 3 D90 Cassette Tapes CRPC Annual Meeting 10/89—Tuesday
5 2 Hard Disks “Stuff It Deluxe”
6 1 Hard Disk “Hard Disk Toolkit Personal Edition for Apple Macintosh”
7 1 Hard Disk Daymaker Organizer V. 3.0