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Guide to the William Martin Religious Right research collection, 1975-2000 MS 537

creator Martin, William C. (William Curtis)
Title: William Martin Religious Right research collection
Dates: 1975-2000
Abstract: This collection consists of research materials compiled by William Martin, Rice University professor of sociology, during the course of his research on the Christian religious right in the United States, as well as fundamentalists, fundamentalist education, evangelists such as Billy Graham, and other aspects of conservative Christian organizations. The materials consists of correspondence, notes, videos, transcriptions of video interviews, pamphlets, and books.
Identification: MS 537
Quantity: 124 Linear Feet(124 boxes)
Language: English
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biograpical Sketch

William Martin (Ph.D, Harvard, 1969), is the Harry and Hazel Chavanne Emeritus Professor of Religion and Public Policy in the Department of Sociology at Rice. Since his retirement from teaching in June 2005, he serves as the Chavanne Senior Fellow for Religion and Public Policy at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice. His areas of specialization include religion, criminology, and issues related to drug use and drug policy. He has been a professor at Rice since 1968.

Professor Martin's recent research and writing have focused in two areas: 1) religious fundamentalism and its impact in the political arena, in the United States and elsewhere; and 2) issues related to drugs, with particular emphasis on ways to reduce the harms associated with drug abuse and drug policy. In this connection, he has organized and chaired a series of programs at conferences at the Baker Institute dealing with these issues.

After several years of experience as a boy preacher, Bill Martin attended Abilene (Texas) Christian University, where he received B.A. (1958) and M.A. (1960) degrees in Biblical Studies and taught for one year as a graduate assistant. He then attended Harvard Divinity School, where he received the B.D. degree in 1963. In 1969, he received his Ph.D. from Harvard, in a program known as Religion and Society, a joint effort between the Divinity School and the Department of Social Relations. His dissertation, Christians in Conflict: The Role of the Clergy in Racial Conflict in Rochester, New York, was prepared under the direction of Harvey Cox, Joseph Fichter, and Thomas Pettigrew. At Harvey Cox's suggestion, he submitted an article based on his thesis to The Atlantic Monthly, which published it as the lead article in its December 1967 issue. Flushed with the pleasure of having his work read by large numbers, Bill Martin began to follow an unusual career path of publishing mainly in high-quality magazines such as The Atlantic, Harper's, Esquire, and Texas Monthly, for which he wrote a three-year monthly series of articles on Texas churches that led to his being the subject of a "60 Minutes" segment in September 1979.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Professor Martin concentrated mainly on religious broadcasters and was one of the first academicians to give serious attention to what came to be known as the Electronic Church. At the end of the 1970s, this led naturally to increased attention to fundamentalist involvement in politics and the rise of the movement known as the Religious Right. This work culminated, after dozens of articles, in his writing "With God on Our Side: The Rise of the Religious Right in America" (Broadway Books, 1996), the companion volume to the PBS mini-series of the same name and for which he served as chief consultant. A revised edition of both the book and the video series appeared in the summer of 2005. His writings on various aspects of evangelical and fundamentalist religion also led to his being given the opportunity write "A Prophet with Honor: The Billy Graham Story" (William Morrow, 1991), regarded as the most authoritative biography of the famed evangelist. An updated version of this book is in progress [as of July 2998]. In addition to these historical and sociological publications, Professor Martin also wrote "My Prostate and Me: Dealing with Prostate Cancer" (Caddell and Davies, 1994), an account of his own successful bout with this disease. As a result, he has appeared on more than 150 radio and television programs to discuss prostate cancer and regularly counsels with men and families touched by the disease.

More recently, as noted above, Bill Martin has taken an active role in the Baker Institute, organizing and chairing programs and conferences on the impact of religion, particularly various forms of fundamentalism, on public policy, and on ways to reduce the harms associated with drug abuse and drug policy. Many of these papers are available on the Baker Institute website.

Bill Martin received a number of teaching awards during his years as a professor, including the George R. Brown Life Honor Award, which made him ineligible for most additional awards given by Rice. At age sixteen, he decided to become a college professor as a consequence of exposure to particularly inspiring and dedicated teachers he encountered during his freshman year in college. As he enters partial retirement after more than thirty-seven years at Rice, he still regards it as a fine decision.

Recent Publications

* "With God on Their Side: Religion and American Foreign Policy ," Chapter 11 in Hugh Heclo and Wilfred M. McClay, Refurnishing the Public Square: Religion and Public Policy in Twentieth-Century America, (Woodrow Wilson Center/Johns Hopkins University Press, 2003). * "Amen," Texas Monthly, December 2002. Billy Graham's October 2002 Metroplex Mission. * "Embracing the Lite" in Arvind Sharma, editor, Religion in a Secular City: Essays in Honor of Harvey Cox. Trinity Press International, 2001. * "With God on Their Side," Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, Winter/Spring 2000, pp. 7-14. * "Billy Graham," Christian History, 65 (Vol. XIX, No. 1), Spring 2000. Pp. 12-16 * "The Christian Right and American Foreign Policy," Foreign Policy, Spring 1999, pp. 66-80.

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of research materials compiled by William Martin, Rice University professor of sociology, during the course of his research on the Christian religious right in the United States, as well as fundamentalists, fundamentalist education, evangelists such as Billy Graham, and other aspects of conservative Christian organizations. The materials consists of correspondence, notes, videos, transcriptions of video interviews, pamphlets, and books.

Oral history interviews on videotape and transcribed into print form make just over half of the collection. The video was recorded by Lumiere Productions in New York City in 1995 - January 1996, and transcribed primarily by Wordprint Studios largely as research material for Martin's book With God on Our Side.


This collection consists of
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Series I: Videos, interviews and transcripts, 1995-1996 (Boxes 1-76)
Series II: Subject files, 1978-1996 (Boxes 77-91)
Series III: Broadcasters and Broadcasting, 1975-1978 and undated (Boxes 92 -98)
Series IV: Evangelists, 1975-1990 and undated (Boxes 99-121)
Series V: Research on Evangelical Education, 1990-2000 (Boxes 122-124)


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Swaggart, Jimmy
Robertson, Pat
Martin, William C. (William Curtis)
Falwell, Jerry
Dobson, Ed
Hatfield, Mark O.
Graham, Billy
Religous fundamentalism
Conservatism -- United States
Evangelists -- United States -- Biography
Church and state -- United States
Television in religion
Christianity and politics
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William Martin Religious Right research collection, MS 537, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University


This material was donated by Prof. Bill Martin.


With God on our side : the rise of the religious right in America / William Martin.Apocalypse soon [videorecording] : the contemporary significance of biblical prophecy / William Martin.A prophet with honor : the Billy Graham story / William Martin.Christians in conflict / William Martin.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Videos, interviews and transcripts (Boxes 1-76) 1995-1996

box folder
1 - 000.001.5 Sacred Lies Civil Truths 1993; VHS
- 000.003.5 Promise Keepers "Seize the Moment" 1994; VHS
- 000.003.5 Promise Keepers Promotional Material undated; Betamax
- 000.006.5 Youth For Christ - Changing the Future…Today undated; VHS
- 000.006.5 Youth For Christ - Changing the Future…Today undated; Betamax
- 000.007.5 People for the American Way - "Pat Robertson: In His Own Words" undated; VHS
- 000.008.8 With God on Our Side - Pat Hart's Answering Machine undated; Beta
- 001.001.4 Jimmy Carter Remarks at Town Meetings in New Hampshire and Maine; 1976 Campaign Footage undated; Betamax
- 001.002.4 Jimmy Carter Library undated; Beta
- 001.002.4 Jimmy Carter Library - Inaugural MLK Sr. "Call the Prez" Pageant for Peace June 1978; BetaMax
- 001.003.4 Criswell: Carter; Criswell: Taxation; Criswell: I Like That; It's Time to Pray America; Gerald Ford at Abilene Christian University undated; BetaMax
- 001.003.4 Criswell: Carter [retransfer] undated; Beta
- 001.004.1 With God on Our Side - "White House Conference on Family" September 20, 1995; BetaCam SP
- 001.004.2 Jimmy Carter's White House Conference on Family July 20, 1979
- 001.005.1 With God on Our Side - "Religious Broadcasters Convention" September 20, 1995; BetaCam SP
- 001.005.2 Jimmy Carter Speech to NRB; "Religious Broadcasters Convention" January 21, 1980; Beta
- 001.006.1 With God on Our Side - "319" September 20, 1995; BetaCam SP
- 001.006.2 Jimmy Carter Speech to Baltimore WHCF undated; Betamax
- 001.007.1 Jimmy Carter at Town Meeting in Pittsburgh October 29, 1980; BetaCam SP
- 001.007.2 Jimmy Carter Remarks at Town Meeting in Pittsburgh October 29, 1980 [January 30, 1996] Betamax
- 001.008.1 Jimmy Carter Remarks at Town Meeting in Memphis October 31, 1980; Betacam SP
box folder
2 - 001.008.2 Jimmy Carter Remarks at Town Meeting in Memphis October 31, 1980; BetaMax
- 001.009.1 Jimmy Carter 1976 1976; BetaCam SP
- 001.009.2 Jimmy Carter 1976 1976; BetaMax
- 001.010.1 Jimmy Carter at Nashua High School Town Meeting February 18, 1978; BetaCam SP
- 001.010.2 Jimmy Carter at Nashua High School Town Meeting February 18, 1978; BetaMax
- 001.011.1 1976 Campaign Tapes 1976; Beta
- 001.011.2 1976 Campaign Tapes 1976; Beta
- 001.012.1 Jimmy Carter Speech to National Conference of Catholic Charities 1976 [January 30, 1996]; Beta
- 001.012.2 1976 Campaign Tapes (Part 1 of 2) 1976; Beta
- 001.012.2 1976 Campaign Tapes (Part 2 of 2) 1976; Beta
- 002.001.4 Gerald Ford at Southern Baptist Convention 1974; Beta
- 002.002.4 Jimmy Carter Interview with Bill Sumners (Copy 1 of 2) September 1991; Beta
- 002.002.4 Jimmy Carter Interview with Bill Sumners (Copy 2 of 2) undated; Beta
- 002.003.4 Jimmy Carter Sunday School Class (Copy 1 of 2) September 1991; Beta
- 002.003.4 Jimmy Carter Sunday School Class (Copy 2 of 2) September 1991; Beta
- 002.004.5 Criswell Sermon at 1985 Pastor's Conference in Dallas 1986; VHS
- 002.005.2 Bailey Smith at Southern Baptist Convention undated; Beta
- 002.005.5 Bailey Smith at Southern Baptist Convention undated; VHS
- 002.006.1 Excerpt from 1976 Southern Baptist Convention in Norfolk, VA 1976; Beta
- 003.001.4 Dr. Jerry Falwell "I Love America"/ Old Time Gospel Hour May 10, 1994; Beta
- 003.002.1 Footage from LBN Tape Library undated; BetaCam SP
box folder
3 - 003.002.2 Footage from LBN Tape Library (Tape 1 of 4) undated; Beta
- 003.003.1 Footage from LBN Tape Library (Tape 2 of 4) undated; BetaCam SP
- 003.003.2 Footage from LBN Tape Library (Tape 2 of 4: Part 1) undated; Beta
- 003.003.2 Footage from LBN Tape Library (Tape 2 of 4: Part 2) undated; Beta
- 003.004.1 Footage from LBN Tape Library (Tape 3 of 4) undated; Beta
- 003.004.2 Footage from LBN Tape Library (Tape 3 of 4) undated; Beta
- 003.005.2 Footage from LBN Tape Library (Tape 4 of 4) undated; Beta
- 003.006.1 Old Time Gospel Hour - Jerry Falwell "The Truth About AIDS" January 31, 1993; BetaCam SP
- 003.006.2 Old Time Gospel Hour - Jerry Falwell "The Truth About AIDS" undated; Beta
- 003.006.5 Liberty University Presents "The Spirit of Liberty" undated; VHS
- 004.001.4 Nixon Resignation, Gerald Ford Swearing In (Tape 1 of 2) June 6, 1994; Beta
- 004.002.4 Nixon Resignation, Gerald Ford Swearing In (Tape 2 of 2) June 6, 1994; Beta
- 004.003.4 Richard Nixon in Charlotte, NC in honor of Billy Graham (Tape 1 of 2) June 6, 1994
- 004.004.4 Richard Nixon in Charlotte, NC in honor of Billy Graham (Tape 2 of 2; 1 of 2 copies) June 6, 1994
- 004.004.4 Richard Nixon in Charlotte, NC in honor of Billy Graham (Tape 2 of 2; 2 of 2 copies June 6, 1994
- 004.005.4 Dick Cavett with Billy Graham and AOC Briefings July 6, 1994; Beta
- 004.006.4 "60 Minutes" Charles Colson Interviews May 26, 1974; Beta
- 004.009.1 With God On Our Side - Nixon, Silent Majority June 21, 1996; BetaCam SP
box folder
4 - 004.007.4 Nixon Presidential Libraries - 10 Tapes Provided by Al Snyder June 6, 1994; Beta
- 004.008.1 With God On Our Side - Graham and Caratt June 21, 1996; Betacam SP
- 005.010.0 Untitled undated; Beta
- 005.011.1 Untitled undated; Beta
- 005.013.2 1957 Billy Graham Crusade January 29, 1996; Beta
- 005.014.1 Mississippi Crusade January 29, 1996; Beta
- 005.015.2A Youth for Christ Group Visits Europe (1951); Hour of Decision with guests Bill Bright and Don Moomaw (1953); Gospel in Song (1950); Part 1 of 2 January 29, 1996; Beta
- 005.015.2B Youth for Christ Group Visits Europe (1951); Hour of Decision with guests Bill Bright and Don Moomaw (1953); Gospel in Song (1950); Part 2 of 2 January 29, 1996; Beta
- 005.017.2 1950's DOC on Billy Graham January 29, 1996; Beta
- 005.018.2 Billy Graham Crusade at Pittsburgh Stadium January 29, 1996; Beta
- 005.019.2 Audio of Billy Graham News Conferences (1967 and 1963) January 29, 1996; Beta
- 005.020.2A Billy Graham Comments and Opinions; Part 1 of 2 January 29, 1996; Beta
- 005.020.2B Billy Graham Comments and Opinions; Part 2 of 2 January 29, 1996; Beta
- 005.021.2 Audio of Billy Graham Press Conference at Furman University in 1971 January 29, 1996; Beta
- 005.022.2 Billy Graham Center Archives; Part 1 of 2 undated; Beta
box folder
5 - 005.022.2 Billy Graham Center Archives; Part 2 of 2 undated; Beta
- 006.001.4 1974 Kanawha Textbook Controversy undated; Beta
- 006.002.1 1974 Kanawha Country Textbook Controversy June 24, 1996; Betacam SP
- 007.003.2 Robertson Interviews Jimmy Carter (1976) March 25, 1996; Beta
- 007.004.2 Bev La Haye on 700 Club March 25, 1996; Beta
- 007.006.2 Reagan Inaugural and Election Returns (1980 and 1981) March 25, 1996; Beta
- 007.007.2 Schaeffer on 700 Club (1986) March 25, 1996; Beta
- 007.008.2 Koop on 700 Club March 25, 1996; Beta
- 007.009.2 Tim Robertson Interviews Pat (May 17, 1988) March 25, 1996; Beta
- 007.012.2 Robertson on Bush's Campaign (1992) March 25, 1996; Beta
- 007.013.2 Pat Robertson Interviews J. Dobson (Part 1) March 25, 1996; Beta
- 007.014.2 Pat Robertson Interviews J. Dobson (Part 2) March 25, 1996; Beta
- 007.015.2 Robertson and Falwell Discuss Telescandals (March 27, 1987) April 12, 1996; Beta
- 007.016.2 Pat Robertson on the Berlin Wall (November 10, 1989) April 12, 1996; Beta
- 007.017.1 Alabama Textbook Case (March 5, 1987) May 15, 1996; Beta
- 007.018.2 Lee Atwater Interview on 700 Club (November 10, 1988) May 16, 1996; Beta
- 007.019.2 Tim Robertson Interviews Pa May 16, 1996; Beta
box folder
6 - 008.001.4 Anita Bryant undated; Beta
- 008.002.4 Anita Bryant - Gay Rights undated; Beta
- 008.003.4 Anita Bryant - Gay Rights (1960s) undated; Beta
- 008.003.4 Untitled undated; Beta
- 008.004.4 "Protect America's Children" Anti-Gay Ads undated; Beta
- 009.003.2 Tape #1, part II: Sex Education undated; Beta
- 009.004.2 Tape #2: Right Wing Sex Ed Convention; Governor Maddox Parade (1976) undated; Beta
- 009.005.2 1964 Republican National Convention ABC Selects (Part 1 of 2) undated; Beta
- 009.006.2 Goldwater at 1964 Republican National Convention (Part 2 of 2) undated; Beta
- 009.007.2 Tape #1: Washington Prayer Breakfast with LBJ and Billy Graham; Graham Preaching; Nixon Speech undated; Beta
- 009.008.2 Tape #2: Goldwater Campaigns undated; Beta
- 009.009.2 Tape #3: Goldwater at Conrad Hilton; Goldwater Whistle Stops/Rallies undated; Beta
- 009.010.2 Tape #4: Barry Goldwater Speech at Madison Square Gardens; Religious Leaders; Nixon at Church; Christian Rock Bands (1972) undated; Beta
- 009.011.2 Tape #5: Bill Bright; Kanawha Controversy undated; Beta
- 009.012.2 Tape #6: Kanawha Controversy Footage undated; Beta
- 009.013.2 Tape #7: Kanawha Controversy Marches undated; Beta
box folder
7 - 009.014.2 Tape #8: Kanawha Controversy Footage undated; Beta
- 009.015.2 Tape #9: Kanawha Controversy Footage undated; Beta
- 009.016.2 "With God On Our Side" ABC Off-Air 1964 Election Coverage undated; Beta
- 009.017.5 20/20 Dr. Koop (May 14, 1987) May 14, 1987; VHS
- 009.018.1 Carter/Mondale; Media Preachers; Reagan Campaign; GOP Convention; The Born Again Right; Don White Interview undated; Beta
- 009.019.1 Rally for Life by Religious Roundtable; Jerry Falwell Interview; Evangelical Rights; Reagan: First Press Conference as President-Elect undated; Beta
- 009.020.1 Jimmy Carter Interviews; Jerry Falwell Interviews undated; Beta
- 009.021.1 Reagan Speech to Fundamentalists; National Day of Prayer in the Rose Garden; Reagan Meets Religious Leaders; Carter/Mondale undated; Beta
- 009.022.2 School Prayer Amendment; O'Connor Swear-In; Sen. Goldwater Interview undated; Beta
- 009.023.2 Reagan Supreme Court Announcement; Jerry Falwell Clip Reel; Pro-Life Rally; Pro School Prayer Rally undated; Beta
- 009.024.2 Pro School Prayer Rally; Evangelist James Robison; 1984 Democratic National Convention; Reagan and Tuition Tax Credits; 1984 Republican National Convention; 1984 Election Day Coverage undated; Beta
- 009.025.2 Ronald Reagan Supreme Court Announcement undated; Beta
- 009.026.2 Jesus Night Club (1971); Hollywood - A Mission Field for the New Jesus (1971); Nixon in Dallas (1970); Ford Speech to Realtors Organization (1973); Nixon Speaks at Prayer Breakfast (1970) February 8, 1996; Beta
- 009.027.2 Watergate Clips (1980) February 8, 1996; Beta
- 009.028.2 Untitled February 9, 1996; Beta
- 009.029.2 Untitled February 9, 1996; Beta
box folder
8 - 009.030.2 Nightline JUDD Student Demo; Ralph Reed Selects Undated; Beta
- 009.031.2 Episode 3-4 Selections Undated; Beta
- 009.032.2 "God On Our Side" Episode 5 (1 of 3) Undated; Beta
- 009.033.2 "God On Our Side" Episode 5 (2 of 3) Undated; Beta
- 009.034.2 "God On Our Side" Episode 5 (3 of 3) Undated; Beta
- 009.035.2 "God On Our Side" Episode 1: Nixon (February 5, 1970) March 5, 1996; Beta
- 009.036.2 Episode 5 March 5, 1996; Beta
- 009.037.2 Episode 5: Part A March 6, 1996; Beta
- 009.037.2 Episode 5 March 6, 1996; Beta
- 009.038.1 Burden of a Secret Undated; Beta
- 009.038.2 Episode 5 March 5, 1996; Beta
- 009.039.2 Jonestown Voter Apathy; School Prayer March 5, 1996; Beta
- 009.040.2 Untitled March 7, 1996; Beta
- 009.041.2 Untitled March 7, 1996; Beta
- 009.042.2 Episode 5 - Selections and Graham Invocation March 7, 1996; Beta
box folder
9 - 009.057.2 Episode 5: Robertson, 1988 (copy 1 of 2) 1988; Beta
- 009.058.2 Episode 5: Robertson, 1988 (copy 2 of 2) 1988; Beta
- 009.059.1 ABC News Bush Inauguration April 26, 1996; Beta
- 009.060.2 Streakers (March 4, 1974) May 6, 1996; Beta
- 009.061.2 Robertson Campaign May 6, 1996; Beta
- 009.062.2 Coverdell in Denver (1992 and 1993) May 6, 1996; Beta
- 009.063.2 Untitled May 15, 1996; Beta
- 009.064.2 Billy Graham at Clinton Inauguration; Clarence Thomas May 15, 1996; Beta
- 009.065.2 Karen Burns Abortion Poll May 15, 1996; Beta
- 009.066.5 Day 1: Dr. James Dobson September 21, 1995; VHS
- 009.066.5 "With God On Our Side" Day 1 Undated; Beta
- 009.071.2 1988 First Presidential Debate; Bush Campaign 1988; Assemblies of God: Swaggart; Children with AIDS June 6, 1996; Beta
- 009.072.1 Ralph Reed; Alice Patterson Undated; Beta
- 009.073.1 ABC News Clarence Thomas; Bush and Robertson 1988 and 1991; Beta
- 009.077.5 This Week with David Brinkey (November 6, 1994) November 6, 1994; VHS
box folder
10 - 009.043.2 Episode 6 Selects: Christian Coalition Proposes New Contract (1995); Abortion in Kansas (1991); Abortion Murder (1993); Operation Rescue/ Abortion Protests (1991); Mike Fremd Spot (1993); The White House (1990) March 11, 1996; Beta
- 009.044.2 Episode 6 Selects: Operation Rescue/ Abortion Protests (1991); Operation Rescue Rally (1991) March 11, 1996; Beta
- 009.045.2 Operation Rescue/Abortion Protests (1991); Detroit Feed (1992); President Bush Vacationing (1991) March 11, 1996; Beta
- 009.046.2 "Man of the People" Reagan Campaign 1980; Carter 5th Graders March 19, 1996; Beta
- 009.047.1 Gays in the Military (1993); Dole Reaction (1992); Lake County Schools March 20, 1996; Beta
- 009.048.2 Democracy (1993); Bush-Quayle Campaign (1988); 1992 Republican National Convention March 28, 1996; Beta
- 009.049.2 1992 Republican Convention in Houston; Nightline on Abortion (1991); Oliver North/ God and the GOP (1993); Bush with Religious Broadcasters (1988) March 29, 1996; Beta
- 009.050.2 Bush with Religious Broadcasters (1988); Abortion (1988); 1992 Conventions March 28, 1996; Beta
- 009.051.2 Episode 5 April 5, 1996; Beta
- 009.052.2 Episode 5 April 5, 1996; Beta
- 009.052.2B Campaign 1988; Iowa Caucus Coverage; Nuttle Interview - Selects Only Undated; Beta
- 009.053.2 Reagan at 1992 Convention April 3, 1996; Beta
- 009.054.2 Kids With AIDS (Ep. 5 - 1995) April 11, 1996; Beta
- 009.055.2 Episode 6: George Bush Inauguration (1989); Campaign 1988 Super Tuesday; Clinics (1993) April 17, 1996; Beta
- 009.056.2 Kanawha Coal Miners Strike (September 19, 1974) April 17, 1996; Beta
box folder
11 - 010.001.5 Lewanne Jones: Christian Footage May 16, 1995; VHS
- 010.002.5 Elvis Presley Footage Undated; VHS
- 010.002.5 Episode 1: Elvis Presley Undated; Beta
- 011.001.4A "With God On Our Side" Reel #1(Part 1 of 2) Zero 1960; J. Birch Society; Film II; The New Cinema June 21, 1995; Beta
- 011.001.4B "With God On Our Side" Reel #1(Part 2 of 2) Zero 1960; J. Birch Society; Film II; The New Cinema June 21, 1995; Beta
- 011.002.4A "With God On Our Side" Reel #2 (Part 1 of 2) Before the Harvest; In a Quiet Place June 21, 1995; Beta
- 011.002.4B "With God On Our Side" Reel #2 (Part 2 of 2) Before the Harvest; In a Quiet Place June 21, 1995; Beta
- 011.003.4 "With God On Our Side" Reel #3: Parent to Child About Sex; The War We Are In, Pt. II June 21, 1995; Beta
- 011.004.4 "With God On Our Side" Reel #4: Sex in the Sixties; Something to Think About; Mike and Ann June 21, 1995; Beta
- 011.005.4 "With God On Our Side" Reel #5: The World of Billy Graham June 21, 1995; Beta
- 012.007.5 Making Sense of the Sixties (Little Richard, MLK, Anti-war Protests, etc.) Undated; Beta
- 012.011.5 Frontline #601 "Praise the Lord" Undated; Beta
- 013.001.5 Ted Koppel Report: Part 1 (May 12, 1988) May 12, 1988; Beta
- 013.001.5 Ted Koppel Report: Part 1 (May 12, 1988) May 12, 1988; VHS
- 013.002.5 Ted Koppel Report: Part 2 (May 12, 1988) May 12, 1988; VHS
- 013.003.5 Nightline (March 3, 1987) Copy 1 of 2 March 3, 1987; Beta
- 013.003.5 Nightline (March 3, 1987) Copy 2 of 2 March 3, 1987; Beta
box folder
12 - 013.004.5 Nightline - April 27, 1987 April 27, 1987; VHS
- 013.005.5 Nightline - May 27, 1987 (Part I) May 27, 1987; VHS
- 013.006.5 Nightline - May 27, 1987 (Part II) May 27, 1987; VHS
- 013.007.5 NBC News - March 25 and 26, 1987; ABC News - March 25, 1987 March 25 and 26, 1987; VHS
- 013.007.5 NBC News - March 25 and 26, 1987; ABC News - March 25, 1987 March 25 and 26, 1987; Beta
- 013.008.5 People for the American Way "Life and Liberty for All Who Believe" Undated; Beta
- 013.008.5 People for the American Way "Life and Liberty for All Who Believe" Undated; VHS
- 013.009.5 People for the American Way "Censorship in Our Schools: Hawkins County, Tennessee November 1987; VHS
- 013.010.5 People for the American Way "A Battle for Public Education" Undated; VHS
- 013.011.5 People for the American Way "The Religious Right: In Their Own Words" Undated; VHS
- 013.012.5 Republican National Convention (August 23, 1984) - Robison, Falwell, Reagan; Falwell's School Prayer Special (Copy 1 of 2) May 9, 1982; Beta
- 013.012.5 Republican National Convention (August 23, 1984) - Robison, Falwell, Reagan; Falwell's School Prayer Special (Copy 2 of 2) May 9, 1982; VHS
- 013.012.5 Republican National Convention (August 23, 1984) - Robison, Falwell, Reagan; Falwell's School Prayer Special May 9, 1982; VHS
- 013.013.5 Robertson on CBN Expansion; 700 Club September 27, 1982
- 013.014.5 People for the American Way "America's Cultural Civil War" Undated; Beta
- 013.015.5 The People for the Story May 27, 1988; Beta
- 013.016.5 VISTA "A Battle for Public Education" People for the American Way Undated; VHS
- 013.017.5 The New World Order/ CEE Debate Part I Undated; VHS
- 013.019.5 Falwell; Wake Up America; Attack on the Family; Meet the Press: Up to the Minute - Abortion; Nightline - Targeted Senators Undated; VHS
- 013.019.5 Jerry Falwell at Family Forum Undated; Beta
- 013.020.2 Selects Dubbed from VHS 013.020.5 - Rally for Life 1981 Undated; Beta
- 013.020.5 Rally For Life 1981; Frost Special; World In Action Undated; VHS
- 013.020.5 Rally For Life 1981; Frost Special; World In Action Undated; Beta
box folder
13 - 013.020.3 to 013.043.5
box folder
14 - 013.044.5 to 013.057.1
box folder
15 - 013.059.1 to 018.001.5
box folder
16 - 018.002.1 to 023.014.1
box folder
17 - 024.001.5 to 030.009.5
box folder
18 - 030.010.5 to 030.028.5
box folder
19 - 031.007.5 to 031.021.5
box folder
20 - 032.001.5 to 034.002.5
box folder
21 - 034.002.5 to 034.012
box folder
22 - 038.005.2 to 046.001.2
box folder
23 - 047.001.1 to 055.001.5
box folder
24 - 055.002.5 to 057.010.5
box folder
25 - 057.011.5 to 071.005.1
box folder
26 - 073.001.2 to 083.004.5
box folder
27 - 083.006.5 to 087.025.5
box folder
28 - 087.026.5 to 088.002.1
box folder
29 - 088.003.2 to 092.001.4
box folder
30 - 092.013.1 to 101.003.2
box folder
31 - 101.005.5 to 111.005.2
box folder
32 - 112.001.4 to 119.001.2
box folder
33 - 120.001.1 to 138.002.5
box folder
34 - 999.001.1 to 999.010.1
Scope and Contents note
Interview tapes beginning with numbers 999 generally do have transcripts. See boxes 73-76 for the names of persons interviewed and their tape numbers.
box folder
35 - 999.011.2 to 999.021.1
box folder
36 - 999.022.2 to 999.031
box folder
37 - 999.032 to 999.042.2
box folder
38 - 999.043.2 to 999.053
box folder
39 - 999.054 to 999.064.2
box folder
40 - 999.065.1 to 999.075.2
box folder
41 - 999.076.1 to 999.086.2
box folder
42 - 999.087.1 to 999.097.2
box folder
43 - 999.098.1 to 999.109.2
box folder
44 - 999.110.1 to 999.120.2
box folder
45 - 999.121.1 to 999.131.2
box folder
46 - 999.132.1 to 999.142.2
box folder
47 - 999.143.1 to 999.153.2
box folder
48 - 999.154.1 to 999.164.2
box folder
49 - 999.165.1 to 999.175.2
box folder
50 - 999.176 to 999.186.2
box folder
51 - 999.187.1 to 999.197.2
box folder
52 - 999.198.1 to 999.208.2
box folder
53 - 999.209.1 to 999.219.2
box folder
54 - 999.220.1 to 999.230.2
box folder
55 - 999.231.1 to 999.241.2
box folder
56 - 999.242.1 to 999.252.2
box folder
57 - 999.253.1 to 999.263.2
box folder
58 - 999.264.1 to 999.274.2
box folder
59 - 999.275.1 to 999.285.2
box folder
60 - 999.286.1 to 999.296.2
box folder
61 - 999.297.1 to 999.307.2
box folder
62 - 999.308.1 to 999.317.2
box folder
63 - 999.318.1 to 999.328.2
box folder
64 - 999.329.1 to 999.338.2
box folder
65 - 999.339.1 to 999.349.2
box folder
66 - 999.350.1 to 999.360.2
box folder
67 - 999.361.1 to 999.371.2
box folder
68 - 999.372.1 to 999.382.2
box folder
69 - 999.383.1 to 999.393.2
box folder
70 - 999.394 to 999.395
box folder
71 - unlabeled video cassettes
box folder
72 - audio cassettes
73 Robert Maddox 999-004-2 to 999-006-2
Pat Robertson 999-007 to 999-008
Carl Henry 999-009 to 999-014
Beverly and Tim LeHaye 999-016 to 999-019
Doctor Dunn 999-023 to 999-024 and 999-134
Coach McCartney 999-027
Regier 999-039 to 999-042
Sharon Overcast 999-043 to 999-046
Jody Powell 999-047 to 999-049
Morton Blackwell 999-049 to 999-053
Dr. Virgil Wood 999-054 to 999-056
Rebecca Owen 999-057 to 999-059 (2 folders)
Connie Marshner 999-060 to 999-063
Stuart Eisenstdt 999-064 to 999-066
A. Pierre Guillermin 999-067 to 999-069
O.C. Thaxton 999-070 to 999-072
Elmer Towns 999-073 to 999-075
Jerry Falwell 999-076 to 999-080 (2 folders)
M.W. Thornhill 999-081 to 999-082
Haywood Robinson 999-083 to 999-086
Bill Godsey 999-088 to 999-091
74 Nancey Godsey and Melody Albert 999-092 to 999-096 (2 folders)
Charlotte Gaylor 999-097 to 999-099
Barbara Shannon 999-100 to 999-101
Peter Guilquist 999-102 to 999-104
E.V. (Ed) Hill 999-105 to 999-108
James Townsend 999-109 to 999-112
Eleanor Howe 999-113 to 999-114
Sally Williams 999-115 to 999-116
Jon Braun 999-117 to 999-120
James Moffett 999-121 to 999-123
Cynthia Karraker 999-124 to 999-125
Cal Thomas 999-127 to 999-130
Os Guinness 999-131 to 999-134
Bill Billings 999-135 to 999-138
Michael Deaver 999-139 to 999-140
Whittlesey 999-141 to 999-145
Udo Middlemann 999-146 to 999-149
Kenneth Briggs 999-150 to 999-153
Harold Leif 999-154 to 999-155
Rev. Lewis 999-156 to 999-158
Emmett Shafer 999-163 to 999-164; Kinsolving 999-165
75 Mike Edds 999-171 to 999-174
Elmer Fike 999-175 to 999-176
Phyllis Schlafly 999-182 to 999-186 (2 folders)
Guy Rogers 999-187 to 999-192 (2 folders)
Ralph Reed 999-193 to 999-195
John Conlan 999-196 to 999-200 (2 folders)
Sen. Mark Hatfield 999-203 to 999-204
James Robison 999-205 to 999-208
Dick Weinhold 999-209 to 999-213
Sam Clark 999-224 to 999-226
Harold Brown 999-227 to 999-229
Evelyn Davis and Mary Robinson 999-230 to 999-233
Edith Schaeffer 999-234 to 999-238
Grover Norquist 999-239 to 999-240
Mark Nuttle 999-241 to 999-243
Billy James Hargis 999-244 to 999-248
Jimmy Allen 999-249 to 999-251
Martin Mawyer 999-252 to 999-256
Haywood Robinson, Jr. 999-261 to 999-265
David Cunningham 999-267 to 999-269
C. Everett Koop 999-270 to 999-273
Bobbie Kilberg 999-274 to 999-279
Carl Anderson 999-280 to 999-283
Ira Manhoff 999-281 to 999-282
Leigh Ann Metzger 999-284 to 999-288
Randall Terry 999-289 to 999-294
Kathy Potera 999-296 to 999-298
76 Ed Dobson 999-299 to 999-303
James Muffet 999-304 to 999-307
Lorinda Wortz 999-308 to 999-310
Peter Secchia (12/16/95) 999-312 to 999-315
Claudia Ramsey 999-316 to 999-317
Claudia Ramsey and Pat Hart 999-317 to 999-321
Pat Hart 999-321 to 999-322
John Dowless 999-324 to 999-325
Dave Walters 999-326 to 999-328
D. Dunlap 999-329 to 999-330
Carolyn Sundseth 999-331 to 999-334
John Gilman 999-335 to 999-339
John Woodbridge 999-340 to 999-344
Pat Robertson 2nd interview 999-345 to 999-346
Phil Campbell 999-347 to 999-351
Bill McCartney 999-358 to 999-359
E.J. Dionne 999-360 to 999-361
John Carr 999-363 to 999-366
Connie Snap 999-366 to 999-368
Marlene Elwell 999-369 to 999-373
Michael Horton 999-383 to 999-387
Harvey Cox 999-388 to 999-390
Gen. J. Curry 999-391 to 999-393
Charles Colson
Kathryn Long
Ken Swanson
Paul Weyrich
Mel White
Televangelist and News Indexes
Unidentified Transcript Fragments

Series II: Subject files, 1978-1996 (Boxes 77-91)

Subseries A: Alphabetical subject files
77 Abortion, Suicide, Euthanasia
AIDS (3f)
Amendment 2
Americans for Constitutional Freedom
American Family Association
American Jewish Committee
Americans United for Separation of Church
Anderson, Carl
Anti-Defamation League
Athletes in Action
Bakker, Jim and Tammy
Barton, David
Blackwell, Morton
Book Coverage
Bork, Robert
Brandt, Ed
Bryant, Anita
Buchanan, Patrick
Bush, George
California 1990; Arts
California 1990; Education
California 1991; Arts
California 1991; Education
78 California 1992; Arts
California 1992; Education (2f)
California Religious Right
Campbell, Phillip
Campbell, Phillip
Campus Crusade
Capitol Hill Prayer Alert
Carter, Jimmy (2f)
Catholics for Free Choice
Catholic Worker
Catholics and Religious Right
Christian Action Council
Christian Action Network
Christian Citizen
Christian Coalition (5f)
Christian Coalition: Wildernet
79 Christian Life Commission
Christian Rights Activists
1978 IRS v. Christian Schools
Christian Values in Action Coalition
Chronology Info
Church and State
Civil Rights (2f)
Cole James, Kay
Colorado for Family Values
Colson, Chuck
Conlan, John
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Council for National Policy
Covenant Church
The Creative Coalition
Curry, Jerry
Dobson, Ed
Doner, Colonel
The Door
Dornan, Robert
Elwell, Marlene
Falwell, Jerry
Family Protection Act
Focus on the Family (3f)
80 unspecified
Feminist Backlash
Finney, Charles
Georgia Christian Coalition
Gingrich, Newt
Graham, Billy
Gray, Nellie
Ground Zero
Hate Crimes
Hatfield, Mark
Heritage Foundation
Hill, E.V.
Institute for First Amendment Studies
Institute for Government Studies
Jepsen, Dee
JFK Info
Journal Graphics
Julie Lewis/ Joyce Claypool
Kanawha County
Kilberg, Bobbie G.
Koop, C. Everett
Kuhlman, Kathryn
Law and Justice Journal
Left Becoming Right
Leftist Lit
Legal Cases
McIntire, Carl
Mawyer, Martin
81 Media
Media Coalition
Metzger, Leigh Ann
Rise of Moral Majority
Morken, Hubert
Moyers Transcripts
National Campaign for Freedom of Expression
Foundation for New Era of Philanthropy
New Right
Newman, Ann
Norquist, Grover
Operation Rescue
People for the American Way
Phillips, Howard
Pippert, Becky
Planned Parenthood
Political Research Association
Pro-Family Movement
Promise Keepers (3f)
Dan Quayle
Reagan Administration (3f)
82 Reconstructionism
Regent University
Reed, Ralph
Research Articles
Research Articles - Religious Right
Religious Right: General
Religious Right (2f)
Religious Right: Core Articles
Religious Roundtable
Religious and Theological Studies Fellowship
The Right
Right Wing Literature
Robertson, Pat (2f)
83 Robertson, Pat (3f)
Robison, James
Schaeffer, Francis (2)
Schafly, Phyllis
School Prayer - 1982
School Prayer - 1983
School Prayer - 1984
Scopes Trial
Secular Humanism
Sekulow, Jay
Seminar Notes
Sex Education (2f)
Sheldon, Lou
Sider, Ron
Southern Baptist Convention
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Statistics - 1992 Election
Swaggart, Jimmy
Summit Ministries
Tabernacle Baptist Church
Tax Information: 502 Status
84 Terry, Randall (2f)
Town Hall
Viguerie, Richard
Wead, Doug (3f)
Weinhold, Dick
White House Working Group on the Family
Weyrich, Paul
White, Mel (2f)
White House Conference on the Family (2f)
Whittlesey, Faith
Youth For Christ
Zeoli, Billy
Subseries B: Other subject files
85 Christian New Right: U.S. Presidential Elections, 1976-1996
Christian New Right: Hillsdale College
Christian New Right: Legal Groups
Christian New Right: Parental rights
Christian New Right: Politics
Christian New Right: Polls
Christian New Right: Promise Keepers
Christian New Right: Reconstructionists
Christian New Right: Republicans
Christian New Right: Schaeffer
Christian New Right: Summit Ministries
Christian New Right: Welfare
Christian New Right: Women
86 Christian Right: Articles about
Christian Right: Books about/notes
Christian Right: Church and state/constitution
Christian Right: Nixon Archives Materials
87 Religious Right: Abortion
Religious Right: AIDS
Religious Right: Creationism
Religious Right: Culture, Culture wars
Religious Right: Family
Religious Right: Homosexuality
Religious Right: Health Care
Religious Right: Media
Religious Right: Militias/Military
88 Opposition to Religious Right: General
Opposition to Religious Right: Americans United
Opposition to Religious Right: Citizens Project - Colorado
Opposition to Religious Right: Institution for First Amendment Studies
Opposition to Religious Right: People for the American Way
Opposition to Religious Right: Political Research Association
Opposition to Religious Right: Texas Freedom Network
Opposition to Religious Right: Texas Faith Network
Opposition to Religious Right: George Pravdenko
89 Christianity Today
Pat Robertson
Episode 6 Photos
Doug Wead
Ethics and Public Policy Center
Jimmy Carter Transcripts
Carl Henry Notes
Robison v. WFAA
Campus Crusade
School Prayer
90 Dumit - New Age
New Age Cults
Scopes Trial
Show #5 Stills
Episode 6 Research
91 Archival Episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4
Franklin Graham and Samaritan's Purse

Series III: Broadcasters and Broadcasting, 1975-1978 and undated (Boxes 92 -98)

92 Basic Materials for unfinished book on Religious Broadcasters
Part I
Soul Winners
Healers and Blessers
Positive - Health and Worth
93 Religious Broadcasting Industry or Chariatans
94 Religious Broadcasters
Healers and Blessers
Patriots - Political, mostly
Billy James Hargis
Carl McIntire
95 Religious Broadcasting
Industry Aspects
Jane Picuile Congressional Hearings
Various Financial Aspects
Speeches, Articles (WCW)
96 Religious Broadcasting
Mostly Mail
Various Techniques for Fundraising
97 Religious Broadcasting Miscellany - Audio Cassette Tapes
Fred Dienert, persuaded Billy Graham to go to radio and television. Later handled most of Billy Graham media. 1976 interview at National Religious Broadcasters convention in Washington.
Ed Steel. DC, 1976.
Ron Thomasson, Dallas expert on direct mail for religious broadcasters.
CNN. Scott Hessek, Jim Bramlett, Phyllis McNall, Pat Robertson.
Charles Colon on 700 Club.
Perry Desmond, Transsexual evangelist in New Orleans. 1975.
Christian Jew Foundation. San Antonio 6/20/1978.
Melodyland, CA, Christian Center.
David E. Harrell Interview with Mary Smith. (?)
National Council of Churches consultation on electronic church, 1980.
John Douglas, Dallas. Small radio ministry.
Rev. Al
Jack Van Impe
David Terrell
98 Religious Right Files
Chapters 1-8 drafts

Series IV: Evangelists, 1975-1990 and undated (Boxes 99-121)

Subseries A: Billy Graham (Boxes 99-109)
99 Archives
Biography Aspects
Crusades: Impact
Crusades: Results
Crusades: Issues
Decision Magazine
Editorial Notes
Franklin Graham
Fundamentalism (A)
100 Conferences: Berlin
Conferences:USSR and Eastern Europe
Conferences: Lausanne
Conferences: Amsterdam 83/96
England 84/85
France 86
Hoover Ableman Article
Schools of Evangelism
BGEA Press Releases
101 Presidents: Kennedy
Presidents: Johnson
Presidents: Nixon
Social Involvement
102 Fundamentalists (B)
Interview Schedules
Organization: Direct Mail
Organization: Finances
Organization: Media
Organization: Samaritan's Purse
Oral Histories
103 Alexander Haraszti
Chief Organizer of Billy Graham
Trips to Eastern Europe
Billy Graham Clippings
104 Billy Graham Clippings continued
Cassette Tapes - William Martin Billy Graham Tapes
9/20/86 - Opening service, Paris Crusade
Blair Carlson, crusade director. Mike Evans, local missionary. Paris, Cambrais and Strassbourg satellite services.
12/17/86 -Ken Chafin, former Dean of BG Schools of Evangelism that accompanied BG crusades. Also, pastor of South Main Baptist Church Houston for many years. More than anyone else, responsible for getting me introduced to Billy Graham and encouraging me to write a biography
5/2/87 - John Wesley White, BG sermon helper. PhD from Oxford. Columbia, SC
2/25/87 - Calvin Thielman, Pastor, Montreat Presbyterian Church, longtime Graham friend. Montreat.
2/26/87 - T.W. Wilson. BG's major domo for years. 2/26/87. Montreat. (2.5 tapes)
3/28/87 - Robert and Lois Fern. Asheville.
2/26/87 - John Akers. Graham close associate in Montreat. Intellectual. CT senior editor at times. Key in Eastern Europe trips. Montreat.
7/17/86 - Billy Kim, Korea; Nelson Fanini, Brazil. Amsterdam.
Luis Palau sermon, Amsterdam 1986
Closing service, Amsterdam 1986
Jim Newton, Jim Douglas. British associates, writers. Amsterdam
Alred Yeo, Amsterdam/Carl McIntire and Edgar Bundy, lunch, Amsterdam.
Gilbert Kirby. BG London office head.
2/10/87 - Carl F.H. Henry. Key Evangelical intellectual, first editor of Christianity Today. Telephone.
5/2/87 - Johnny Cash, Columbia. Interview and service
9/19/86 - Paris Dedication service. Thomas Duggan, Pastor, American Church in Paris. 9/18/86
105 Abstracts (notes) from many interviews. (4)
Akers, John. BG close associate, key intellectual associate, major player in Eastern Europe trips
Barr, Dave
Barrows, Cliff. BG chorister, VP of BGEA, closest friend. 2/24/87
Beavan, Jerry. 7/27/88 (2)
Beaven 8/2/88
Bewes, Richard, Rector, All Souls, London. 10/1/86
Bruce, David. Crusade staffer, later became BG constant assistant, similar to T.W. Wilson role. / / Bill Brown 7/24/87
Brown, Bill. + crusade service 7/26/87
Busby, Russ. 4/30/87
Reid, Gavin. 4/30/87
Notes on books
CNN: "Legends" documentary on BG
Cody, Bill. 11/23/87 (2)
Colson, Charles. 4/18/89. Houston
Graham, Morrow. Interview (by someone else, 1971)
Corts, John. 8/5/87
Covington, Wint. BG teenage friend. 8/9/88
McKeown, Roy. BG firnd. (?) 8/10/88
Notes by Dale Martin
Dienert, Fred. 10/5/87 (2)
Denver Crusade services
Durston, Fred. BGEA staffer. 8/5/87
Nelson, Victor. BGEA staff. 8/5/87
Haldeman, H.R. 8/14/89 and Ehrlichman, John. 8/15/89
Notes on Graham films
Fisher, Lee. Cared for Graham children for extended periods with BG and Ruth out of country, summers, etc.
Ford, Leighton and Jean (BG sister). 3/4/89
Graham, Billy. March 1989 (4)
BG press conference and sermons
Ian Paisley anti-Graham sermon
BG in Taiwan
BG abstract notes
Hoke, Don. 3/6/89
Hoke, Don (with Akers and Graham notes) 3/6/89
BG on AIDS (also something from Jimmy Swaggart)
Graham, Melvin (Brother) 11/17/87 (2)
Graham, Ned
Gustafson, Roy. 6/27/88
Hoke, Shea. Abstract from interviews
Holley, Henry. Veteran crusade organizer, mostly in foreign countries. 11/25/87 Mydske, Norm.
Huffman, John. BGCA Oral Histories (5)
Huston, Sterling. 5/2/87. Director of U.S. Crusades
William Martin Billy Graham tapes
Jackson, Mississippi Crusade. May 1975. First meeting with Graham and team, long before the idea of a biography. But this led to Texas Monthly article in 1979, which led to book, begun in 1986. 3 tapes, include interviews with various Graham people, including Charlie Riggs, who organized the counseling program for years, and Don Bailey, BG PR head at the time.
Observations of Co-Laborer corps, which processes decisions at the end of each crusade service.
Notes from Oral Histories at Billy Graham Center Archives, Wheaton. (2)
Notes from Alexander Haraszti interviews and oral histories.
Notes on Crusades from microfilm at Archives
106 Cassette Tapes - William Martin Billy Graham Interviews
4/30/87 - Columbia, South Carolina- Millie Diener, wife of Fred Dienert, who oversaw Billy Graham broadcasting for decades. She organized prayer efforts for crusades.
5/1/87 - Columbia, South Carolina - Ted Dienert, son of Fred and Millie, married to Ruth (Bunny) Graham. Divorced. Died before 50.
5/1/87 - Columbia, South Carolina - Ralph Bell. African-American evangelist, specialized in prison ministry.
5/1/87 - Columbia, South Carolina. Howard Jones. First black evangelist with BGEA. Tape bad.
5/1/87 - Columbia, South Carolina. Grady Wilson, longtime friend and associate evangelist of Billy Graham.
5/1/87 - Columbia, South Carolina. John Innes, organist.
3/27/87 - Asheville. Bob Terrell. Researcher, writer
2/24/87 - Greenville, South Carolina. Cliff Barrows. Longtime chorister.
2/24/87 Barrows home. Johnny Lenning (Barrows' assistant, man of many tasks).
3/28/87 - Asheville. Robert and Lois Ferm. Longtime associates, researchers, historians of BGEA.
2/26-27/87 - Billy Graham, Montreat (5).
3/26/87 - Billy Graham, Montreat (2).
2/9/87 - Baltimore. Lane Adams, former associate (2).
2/10/87 - Annandale, MD. Ed Plowman, Journalist with CT, BG org.
4/30/87 - Columbia, South Carolina. Tedd Smith, pianist, music director for decades.
10/22/86 - Wheaton. Oyvind Aadland, Norway.
4/29/87 - George Hamilton IV. Performance at Columbia Crusade. Billy Graham to South Carolina Assembly, part of crusade service.
Billy Graham 1986 Washington DC Crusade. April/May 1986.
Team Meeting
Team Meeting (concl), reception
Usher, Counselor, Choir preparation/Opening service
Opening service. GHW Bush, Mayor Bradley
Hill, E.V., sermon at Billy Graham School of Evangelism
Reardon, Tex, Crusade director
Reardon (concl.)/Service, sermon on "Solomon"
Cutler, Elwyn, Director of DC Crusade
Barnes, Tom
Phillips, Tom. Key academic in BGEA organizer
White, John Wesley. Helped Billy Graham prepare sermons over the years. Oxford PhD
Service. Sermon on loneliness
White, John
Maddox, Bob (Jimmy Carter's liaison to clergy; former President of Americans United)
Maddox (concl.)/ Service #5
Service viewed from TV sound truck
Haqq, Akbar. Former Muslim, evangelist to Muslim countries
Haqq, concl./Gibson, Ernest. Black minister/ co-chair of DC crusade
Mayor's prayer
Halverson, Richard. Chaplain of House of Representatives
Sermon at Youth Service
Evans, Colleen Townsend, Co-chair of DC crusade
Kerstan, Reinhold. German associate.
Riggs, Charlie. Longtime trainer of counselors
Busby, Russ. Billy Graham photographer for decades
Riggs, Charlie. Longtime trainer of counselors
Final service (2)
ICIE Radio Updates. 4 tapes.
3/11/88 - Johnson, Jimmie, BG youthful evangelist friend.
Logan, Curtis
Melroy, Catherine Graham. BG sister. //Larry Ross (concl)
Melvin, Billy. President of Nat'l Assoc. of Evangelicals 12/7/89
NOTES from BG microfilm archives (6 tapes)
Brian Mills, Harvey Thomas. British leaders. 6/16/87, London.
Morris, Carloss, Houston BGEA (and Rice) board member
Mydske, Norm. BG missionary to South America
Nelson, Victor. Veteran minister, letter writer at BGEA. 8/5/87
Nelson, cont.
Williams, Ralph. BGEA, Minneapolis. 8/15/87
Nixon-Graham Correspondence. 1955-1960
Stephen Olford. 4/21/58 (2 tapes)
Notes from oral histories, BG Center Archives (BGCA) 3 tapes
Osei-Mensah, Gottfried, BGEA African associate evangelist
Wood, Bishop Maurice (recorded in Parliament Building, sitting in chair of Archbishop of York, 10/2/86). Also, clippings from BGEA England files.
Phillips, Wendell
Plowman, Ed and Adams, Lane. Notes from interviews
Johnston, Art
Ross, Larry. BGEA PR director (3 tapes)
3 tapes of transcriptions of interviews
Reading notes
BG scrapbook notes
London BGEA scrapbooks, minutes, magazine (The Christian)
Shea, George Beverly. (2) 3/5/89
Team Meeting (TASC) November 1987 (3 tapes). The Homestead.
Charles Templeton. BG friend from early Youth for Christ days. (2) 12/2/87
Tchividijian, GiGi, BG eldest daughter 10/25/90
"Voices of Lausanne"
Notes on "Mr. Texas" film
Thielman, Calvin. Pastor, Montreat Presbyterian Church, family friend, mentor to Franklin. 2/25/87 Montreat.
Vaus, Jim. Former gangster, converted at 1949 LA crusade. 3/4/88. Also, notes from NAE publications
Notes on news clips
Wagner, Peter C. Fuller missionary expert.
Williams, Bob. 2/28/90. Director, Mission World
Williams, Bob. 6/16/87. London. With Brian Mills. 6/16/87
Wilson, George. CEO, BGEA, Minneapolis. 8/3/87
Wilson, Grady, 3/14/87 Charlotte. BG childhood friend, Associate Evangelist.
Connally, John. Former Gov. of Texas. BG friend. 1/30/91
107 Billy Graham Book Chapter drafts I- III
108 Billy Graham Book Chapter drafts IV - V
109 Billy Graham Book A Prophet with Honor draft
Billy Graham Research
Subseries B: Subseries B: Other Evangelists (Boxes 110-121)
110 A.A. Allen
Angley, Ernest
Arms, Phil
Armstrong, Herbert W. and Ted
Ambassador Report
Bishop, J.C.
Bryant, Anita
Burpo, C.W.
Carr, James Bishop
Carver, Kathy
Cerullo, Morris
Chosen People
Christian Jew Foundation
Coburn, Vic
Cooper, George W.
Copeland, Kenneth
Crews, Joe
Dehaan, Richard
Desmond, Perry
Douglas, John Sr.
Duncan, E.E.
111 Epley, David
Epp, Theodore
Estep, Howard
Roosevelt, Franklin
Frisby, Neal
Gage, Freddie
Gortner, Marjorie
Hagin, Kenneth
Harrington, Bob
Hargis, Billy James (Dr. Martin's note: see Patriots file)
Humbard, Rex
Hunter, Chas/Frances
Jenkins, Leroy
Jessup, J. Charles
Jones, Larry
Kuhlman, Kathryn
Kirban, Salem
Lord, Michael
Mann, Kenn
McGee, J. Vernon
McIntire, Carl (Dr. Martin's note: *see Patriots file)
112 McReynolds, A.B.
Osborne, T.L.
Panos, Chris
Reagan, David
Redmond, Charles
Relfe, Mary Stewart
Robertson, Pat
Roberts, Oral
Roloff, Lester
Schambach, R.W.
Schuller, Robert
Scott, Eugene
Smith, J. Harold
Sutton, Hilton
Terrell, David
Thrower, Bob
Tilton, Robert
Todd, Cecil
Trinity Broadcasting
Van Impe, Jack
113 James Dobson: Focus on Family
Pat Robertson: Christian Coalition
Pat Robertson: Christian Broadcasting Network
James Robison: Various Files
114 James Robison continued: The Evangelist
James Robison continued: Robison outlines
Jerry Falwell: Moral Majority
Jerry Falwell: Issues of Falwell Publications, June 1980-October 1987
Jerry Falwell: Various Files
115 Leaders of Organizations:
Barton, David and Wallbuilders
Bright, Bill
CATO Institute
Campus Institutions
Christian Voice
Citizens for Excellence in Education
Council on National Policy
Concerned Women for America
Family Research Council
Heritage Foundation (4f)
JSEA - organization
Evangelists, 1972-1984
116 Bauer, Gary
Bauer, Gary Research Leads
Blackwell, Morton
Carter and Ford Presidential Archives
Campbell, Phillip
Christian Coalition
State Christian Coalitions
Christian Homeschooling
Conservative Foundations
Crusade Survey Summer
Cox, Harvey
Diamond, Sara
Family Issues
Farris, Mike
Graham, Franklin
Hart, Pat - Orlando
Horton, Michael
James, Kay Cole
Kilberg, Bobbie Greene
Horton, Michael
Miscellaneous Evangelists
Florida School Board
Lake County, Florida
Mary Cummins/Queens School Board Catholics
Unreviewed School Boards
Unreviewed School Boards
Research Leads on School Districts
Religious Right 1980 National Affairs Briefs
Swaggart, Jimmy Lee - Catholics
Swaggart, Jimmy Lee - The Evangelist
Swaggart, Jimmy Lee - Financial
Swaggart, Jimmy Lee - General (2f)
117 Summit Ministries
Walker, Jerry B.
Webber, David (2f)
Wheat, C.E.
Wyrich, Al
Miscellaneous Preachers including Graham, Falwell, Bakker, Robison, Robertson, Terrell, Swaggart, Jaggers, Roberts and Scandals (7f)
Televangelist Summaries 1981-82, 83 (2f)
Televangelist Summaries 1984, 85
Televangelist Summaries 1986-87 (3f)
118 Televangelist Summaries 1988, 89 (2f)
Televangelist Summaries 1990-91, 92 (2f)
Televangelist Summaries 1993, 94, 95-96 (2f)
Dobson Radio Broadcasts (2f)
Dobson Tapes
Robertson Analysis 1983-86 (2f)
Robertson Analysis 1987-present
Robertson Analysis - Press releases, no dates, etc. (2f)
Robertson Campaign 9/24/86 - 8/7/85
119 Robertson Campaign 9/11/87 - 9/24/86 (2f)
Robertson Campaign 12/3/87 - 9/11/87 (2f)
Robertson Campaign 4/10/95 - 1/3/88 (2f)
David Epley, Florida Healer. notes
Ernest L. Martin. Theologian, formerly part of Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God. Left the church before it disbanded. (3) Interview 6/28/75
Brother Frank Tulloch (no idea as to who he was)
Paul Webb (2). Tapes in Los Angeles 8/29/75 (at the round Holiday Inn on the 405, where Santa Monica intersects the 405) Webb was a key figure in convincing UHF stations to air the programs of television evangelists, with Kathryn Kuhlman as his primary client. This was a godsend to UHF stations, many of which were failing. By running the programs, they did not have to sell advertising and had a dependable income. In the early days, before satellite TV and cable station, the stations would "bicycle" the tapes, playing them on their station, then sending them to the next station on the list. In that way, the evangelists had to make only a limited number of tapes.
Yeaworth, Irwin "Shorty" Pioneer in market research on TV evangelists. Also a filmmaker - worked on Billy Graham films.
Jones, Melvin (?) and David Webber, Oklahoma prophecy teacher with radio program
Rev. Al (A.L. Wyrich) radio show, and 1976 National Religious Broadcasters workshop on direct mail.
Charles and Frances Hunters' healing service Nov. 17, 1983
David Wilkerson - Pentecostal preacher who pioneered dealing with drug addicts in NYC elsewhere. Played by Pat Boone in movie "Cross and Switchblade." Sermon from May 30, 1982.
Jimmy Swaggart Chapel Service
JS ability to run his organization
JS on Catholics
JS response to criticism
1984 sermon on future of US
TV shows
Live Service in Houston Music Hall, 2/85
Live Service Houston Coliseum (or Music Hall) 2/1985 "Secular Humanists"
Sermon tape 2/23/85
William Martin Evangelist Tapes
W. Leo Daniels. African-American Houston evangelist
Robert Schuler on 60 Minutes. June 21, 1978
Schuller. Dedication of Crystal Cathedral. 9/21/1980
Ernest Angley TV show
Angley on Tom Snyder, Tomorrow. 8/24/79
Marilyn Hickey, Interview. TV Bible teacher. Never big.
Richard Roberts (Oral's son)
James Robison, Oral Roberts, Jerry Falwell. (Programs?)
David Terrell - Wild man. Radio broadcast. / / Mack Watson. Houston radio preacher.
Ralph Wilkerson. Melodyland Christian Center. Anaheim, CA. Interview 8/28/75.
David Epley Service. 5/21/73
CBN Telethon. January 1984.
William Martin Religious Right Tapes
Baylor Conference on Religion and Politics (5 tapes).
Jerry Falwell "I Love America" Rally. 1980 (2)
Falwell on "Sixty Minutes" and "Meet the Press" 1980, prior to election. Sept and Oct.
Donahue Show 12/10/80, shortly after Reagan elected: James Robison, Richard Viguerie, Terry Dolan
120 Televangelism radio interview, WTBS, with WCM
Rex Humbard and Ernest Angley TV programs
Pat Robertson interview 10/8/75 (cont.)/Ben Armstrong, head of National Religious Broadcasters, interview, 10/9/75
Ben Armstrong (concl)
WCM on KSKY, Dallas. Other items
Dave Beaver (2 - not sure who he was/is)
Don Bogue (California) 2.5 tapes
Wendell St. Clair. 3.5 tapes. As a boy, was part of scene at Aimee Semple McPherson's Angelus Temple. Later, worked for Kathryn Kuhlman. Fascinating interview.
Kathy Carver. Abstract of interview. Traveling Pentecostal evangelist. Not on TV or radio to best of my knowledge. Appeared in Houston several times
Sven Blomberg. Interviewed by David E. Harrell for his book All Things Are Possible. Definitive history of the post-war healing revival.
J.C. Bishop, Dallas radio preacher. Interview 1/24/75
C.W. Burpo, 3 tapes of his radio programs
NOTES from IRS documents (2)
Larry Jones, head of Feed the Children ministry from Oklahoma.
William Martin Evangelist Tapes
Billy James Hargis on Tom Snyder Show. 12/28/77, after scandal. Hargis was strong anit-Communist preacher with TV show (Christian Crusade) and American Christian College in Tulsa. He was ruined when a couple whose marriage he performed confessed on their wedding night that both had had sex with Hargis. Others were shown to have been involved. (I had this information before the scandal was revealed in TIME, but I didn't quite know what to do about it. I had planned to include it in a book, but was scooped.)
Hargis interview. After scandal 3/31/76 (3)
Bob Harrington, the Chaplain of Bourbon Street. Funny, popular preacher with ministry on Bourbon St. and on TV. Seemed to be on the rise, but was outed for sexual scandal and alcohol abuse. Lost his family and ministry. Once asked me if I would be interested in ghost-writing books for him I didn't (8 tapes, including an interview with Don Randon, his PR man, and notes.).
Chaplain Ray Hoekstra (2 tapes). Prison ministry. I can't remember who Sensig was.
C.B. Hollis, interviewed by David E. Harrell.
Johnnie Hope. Former Evangelist, worked with numerous ministries. Lived in Tulsa at the time of interview, 8/14/75. Wide knowledge of the industry. Later saw him at Billy Graham Amsterdam '86 event, where he was conducting a workshop. (5 tapes) Part of interview with Ken Lybarger, Two with Paul Locke.
Rex Humbard, Sr. and Jr. (3 tapes). 5/22/75. Includes interviews with staff members, tour of facility in Akron suburb.
Falwell - tape 2 - interview 10/11/75 - Lynchburg, VA in airplane.
William Martin Religious Broadcasting Tapes
C.A. Roberts. 8/4/75. Expert in fundraising through direct mail and other methods. Houston-based. Was once elected head of Southern Baptist Pastors Conference, but did not serve after being accused of murdering his secretary, with whom he was having an affair, and her children. Evidence points to guilt. Had been chaplain of Bill Peterson's Florida football team (Florida, Florida State, Miami - not sure which). When Peterson came to Rice, Roberts came with him as a motivation coach, for one year. Died in auto accident, suspected suicide, drove under an 18 wheeler from parking spot under the overpass at 610 and 59, Houston. A fascinating man whom I got to know fairly well.
Ken Lybarger and Gerald Pope. 7/16/75. Direct mail (I think)
Notes from Tulsa newspapers on Oral Roberts, Billy James Hargis, and T.L. Osborne
More notes on Oral Roberts from newspapers.
Oral Roberts program after death of his daughter. Used the occasion to plead for money.
George Stovall. Executive in Roberts' ministry. 7/17/75 Tulsa.
Roberts Abstracts of notes.
Robert Liebert and Robert Schuller, presentation at 1980 National Council of Churches program on TV evangelism.
Paul Locke, "The Devil's Gospel" sermon
Russ Reid, expert on religious broadcasting. Cued me to small audiences, led to article in Atlantic, "Birth of a Media Myth." 1981
National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) workshop on computers. Lester Sumrall inteview
NRB decency program. Cecil Todd. Notes on exhibits.
NRB. Gerald Ford Speech. Workshops.
Chris Panos, Houston evangelist (2)
Notes on T.L. Osborne Museum, Tula. Oral Roberts Chapel Speech, "The Roses will Bloom Again."
Richard Post, student at ORU.
Paul Schoch (?) interview 1975
Robert Schuller interview 8/28/75
James Robison Conference, Ft. Worth 1/30/81: Phyllis Schafley, Karen Davis (Wife of T. Cullen Davis, accused of multiple murders, gotten off with the aid of Richard "Racehorse" Haynes, despite eyewitness testimony.) Film: "The Family in Crisis."
121 William Martin Tapes on "Good News Texas" This was a Texas Baptist saturation evangelism campaign in 1976, involving billboards TV, print ads, etc. 6 tapes of interviews and notes. Resulted in cover story in Texas Monthly. Odd note: the PR man who served as my main contact with the ad company running the program was convicted of being the "Friendly Rapist" in Dallas and served a long sentence in the state penitentiary. I had not suspected him of such behavior.
PTL Scandal broke in 1987. 2 tapes of news, notes, and TV shows - Nightline and CNN.
National Conference
Garmer Ted
Stanley Rader - Lawyer, Business director
Al Carrozo - former minister
Conrad Comodu - HWA's pilot
Jas Robison
Cecil Todd
Jeremy Spencer
J. Harold Smith
122 CNN "Televangelism" 1981
Robertson, Pat, on New Millennium
TV evangelist hearings, House Way and Means Committee, 10/6/87 (2)
700 Club Telethon
Hunters service, with tongue-speaking
Larry Coyle, Consultant to religious broadcasters. 8/27/75 (2)
James Westmoreland. 9/17/98. Former associate of David Terrell. Disenchanted (3).
ABC "Pray TV" movie
"Healing" Channel 8
Terrell, David. Prophecy.
Sutton, Hilton. Prophecy preacher, Houston (5).
Huckabee, Mike, while assistant to James Robison

Series V: Fundamentalist Education, 1990-2000 (Boxes 122-124)

122 Mel and Norma Gabler 11/25/81. Interview at home in Longview (3).
Abstracted material from interviews and research (3)
Textbook hearings, Texas State Board of Education 8/9/82 (4)
Tapes from Home Schooling convention, Houston, 1998
The McKims: Hope for the Family through Home Schooling
Mike Bolinsky: What Should Children Know about Science?
Tim Lambert: Home Schooling in Texas
Clay and Sally Clarkson: Home Alone: Biblical Foundations of Home Education
Summit Ministries: Relativism and the Loss of Truth
123 Schools, Schooling
Charter Schools
Colleges, Universities
Home Schooling
School Prayer
Public Education
Secular Humanism
School Boards
Sex Education
124 "The Family in America," 1991-92
"Educational Pluralism in the South: Houston's Christian Schools," 1990
"Freedom Writer," 1991-2000
Summit Ministries Home Schooling Materials (2f)
Home School Catalogs