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Guide to the Ken Kennedy academic records, 1967-2007

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CreatorKennedy, Ken
Title:Ken Kennedy academic records
Abstract:This material reflects the multifaceted career of computer science pioneer Ken Kennedy, of Rice University. Ken Kennedy was the founder of Rice University's nationally ranked computer science program and one of the world's foremost experts on high-performance computing.
Identification:MS 206
Extent:66 lin. ft. (65 boxes)
LanguageMaterials are in English.
Repository:Woodson Research Center,  Fondren Library, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biographical Sketch

Ken Kennedy attended Rice University, receiving a B.A. in mathematics (summa cum laude) in 1967. He pursued graduate studies at New York University, where he earned a M.S. in mathematics in 1969 and a Ph.D. in computer science in 1971. He returned to Rice University in 1971 to join the faculty of the Mathematical Sciences Department, rising to the rank of professor in 1980. He founded the Rice Computer Science Department in 1984 and served as its chair until 1988. He was named the Noah Harding Professor of Computer Science in 1985. In 1997, he became the first John and Ann Doerr Professor of Computational Engineering and, in 2002, he was promoted to University Professor. From 1997 to 1999, he served as Co-chair of the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) .

Professor Kennedy founded the Rice Computer and Information Technology Institute in 1987 and served as its first chair. In 1989, he established the Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC), a NSF Science and Technology Center, and directed it throughout its lifetime. He directed the NSF-supported Virtual Grid Application Development Software (VGrADS) Project, a collaborative seven-institution research effort focused on application development support for computational grids. He was also the project director of the academic partner contract for the Los Alamos Computer Science Institute (LACSI), which is headquartered at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He directed or co-directed four ongoing multi-institutional consortia: the Los Alamos Computer Science Institute (LACSI); the NSF-sponsored Virtual Grid Application Development System (VGrADS) project; the Gulf Coast Center for Computational Cancer Research (GC4R); and the Houston BioGrid consortium.

Kennedy's research interests included parallel computing in science and engineering, scientific programming environments, and optimization of compiled code. His last work fell into four main project areas: the Telescoping Languages Project; the Grid Application Development Programming Tools effort; research on Compilers and Tools for Scalable Scientific Computing; and the Massively Scalar Compiler Project. He published two books and over two hundred technical articles on programming support software for high-performance computer systems. Over his career, he supervised thirty-eight Ph.D. dissertations and he directed the construction of several substantial software systems for programming parallel computers, including an automatic vectorizer for Fortran 77, an integrated scientific programming environment, compilers for Fortran 90 and High Performance Fortran, and a compilation system for domain languages based on Matlab.

Professor Kennedy was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1990. He was named a Fellow of the AAAS in 1994 and of the ACM and IEEE in 1995. In 2005, he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In recognition of his achievements in compilation for high performance computer systems, he was honored as the recipient of the 1995 W. W. McDowell Award, the highest research award of the IEEE Computer Society. In 1999, he was named recipient of the ACM SIGPLAN Programming Languages Achievement Award, the third time this award was given.

Professor Kennedy's service to the national community includes time as member (1997-2001) and co-chair (1997-99) of the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC). For his leadership in producing the PITAC report, "Information Technology Research: Investing in Our Future," he received the Computing Research Association Distinguished Service Award (1999) and the RCI Seymour Cray HPCC Industry Recognition Award (1999).

Kennedy regularly taught two courses in the Computer Science Department: Computer Science 515 (Advanced Compilation for High Performance Computers) and Computer Science 412 (Compiler Construction). Kennedy also originated Computer Science 314 (Applied Algorithms and Data Structures) and taught it for several years.

Ken Kennedy died after a long battle with cancer, Feb. 7, 2007. "Rice has lost one of its great intellectual leaders and a great human being," Rice President David Leebron said. "Ken Kennedy early on realized the power of computers to address real problems that confront people and the Earth. He leaves a great legacy for Rice and for mankind."

Excerpted from Ken Kennedy home page at Rice University, http://www.cs.rice.edu/~ken/ and news feature http://engr.rice.edu/newsletter/spring07/storypages/feature_story05.html, accessed Feb. 2, 2009.

Scope and Contents

This material reflects the multifacted career of computer science pioneer Ken Kennedy, of Rice University. It includes correspondence, notes, reports, research materials, drafts of papers and presentations, meeting minutes, publications, appointment books, awards and more. The materials document Kennedy's work with various centers such as Center for Research on Parallel Computing, committees he served on, the Rice Computational Science Depart, his teaching career, research, publications and awards.


Upon arrival, this material was in various states of order. It has been arranged into the following broad groupings, but has not been refined within those groupings. Researchers should emply keyword searching across the entire finding aid for particular topics.
Series I: Centers, 1988-2007 (Boxes 1-16)
Subseries A: CRPC, 1988-1999
Subseries B: HiPerSoft, 1998-2007
Subseries C: Gulf Coast Center for Computational Research (GC4R), 2002-2006
Series II: Committees, 1986-2007 (Boxes 17-39)
Subseries A: Rice University, 1986-2007
Subseries B: Non-Rice, 1987-2007
Series III: Rice Computational Science Department, 1981-2007 (Boxes 39-41)
Series IV: Teaching Career, 1973-2006 (Boxes 42-44)
Series V: Research, 1967-2003 (Boxes 45-52)
Subseries A: Research binders and notebooks, 1967-2000
Subseries B: Research files and notes, 1980-2003
Series VI: Academic papers, presentations, books and slides, 1971-2006 (Boxes 52-60)
Series VII: Personal/awards, 1970-2007 (Boxes 60-65)


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Rice University. Computational Science Department.
Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC)
President's Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC)
Gulf Coast Center for Computational Cancer Research (GC4R)
Computer programming
Appointment books

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Ken Kennedy academic records, 1967-2007, MS 206, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

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This material was transferred from the office of Ken Kennedy in 2007 and 2008.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series III: Rice Computational Science Department, 1981-2007 (Boxes 39-41)

Miscellaneous Rice University Documents/Correspondence
1994 Post-Graduate Study - Career Services Center
"Exploring Gender Differences in Reactions to Engineering Pedagogy" by Amy Ballew
Rice Curriculum
Comp 515 Spring 1996
CS Graduate Applicants 1993
Black Friday
PhD Program Requirements - 1993
Curriculum Revision
Equipment Orders
Rice University Media Resource Guide
Faculty Fellows Report
Faculty Fellows Subcommittee
Faculty Fellows Subcommittee 1999
SPA Memos to Executive Committee April 1991
Women's Programs
Programs for Women
CS Curriculum Revision
Rice Department of Computer Science Brochure
Minority Institutions
Research Funding
The Rice School Shared Decision Making Team
K-8 Meeting. 3 Sept 1996
Student Support Plan 1990
CS Dept Temporary Space Use 1990
Rice CS History Project-Melissa
Oral History Project
Meeting with Melissa Kean January 2007
"Dependence-based Code Generation for a CELL Processor" by Yuan Zhao and Ken Kennedy
Jones School Plan
Rice University and the Texas Medical Center
Parallel Processing Qual
Keith's ARPA WP
Annual Report to Chair 2004
Annual Report to Chair 2002
Annual Report due 3 Dec 2001
Kennedy Journal Articles and Conference Papers with graduate students 2005
Annual Report to Chair 2006
Ken Kennedy Annual Report to Chair Dec 2002
Comp Eng Brochure
Sorensen Comp. Sci and Eng. Article
Computational Science Degree Program
Minorities' Programs (Richard)
Thresher Salary Survey
The Rice School Confidential
K-8 Rice Start Plan
Mathematics Program Proposal
"The Coming Generation of Massively Parallel Supercomputers" Presentation slides by Ken Kennedy
Radha's Visit
ST-HEC Annual Report 2006
Rice University Computer Science Technical Reports 1991
BNR - Agreement
The Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
Advanced Facility for CS
Myers Visit
CITI History
Former Students
PhD Admissions - CS Department 2003-2004
India Meeting
Rice University Computer Science Space Needs and Allocations 1983-1990 (2f)
Computation - IBM Facility Eng Proposal
CS Committee 1981
Faculty Salaries 1989
Budget Materials
Fund II Accounts
C Exam - Optimization Spring 1988
Graduate Teaching
1987-88 Qualifying Exam Syllabus
Graduate Exams
Department Publicity
General Research Procedures
Chairman's Duties
Attendee Lists (Snowbird)
Conway Survey of CS Programs
1987 Citation Survey
Taulbee Survey 1987-1992
Research Funding'
Enhancement Program
Department Report
Engineering School Grants
Chairpersons Meetings
Business Manager Correspondence
Faculty Minutes
Policy on Appointments, Promotions, and Retention
Summary of Grants and Contracts in Engineering 1988
"Multi-Processor Cluster Computing" NSF Proposal. 19 Oct 1993
Addendum to RI Proposal. 25 April 1995
Teaching Load in Computer Science
Graduate Student Reform: A Compromise Proposal to the Computer Science Faculty
Student Meetings 1993
Student Progress Reports March 1994
Proposed Changes to Graduate Program Requirements 1993
Student Statistics (Rice, PhD)
Matlab Biweekly Teleconferences 2005
Computational Science Degree Program (Ellen)
Student Profiles for Recruitment Publications
HPF HOPL Paper Teleconference. 13 July 2006
CS Affiliates Day
Keith and Joe Warren Promotions
CSD Annual Report 1996- CRPC Info
CSD Annual Report 1996-1997
CSD Annual Report 1997
President's Report 1998
CSD/President's Report 1999
Positions (Advertised)
General Employment
Assistant Professor Examples
Elana Granston - tenure-track/research faculty candidate 1991
"Multi Processor Cluster Computing" proposal to NSF
Blue Chip Applicant Recruitment
Job Permission
1993 Commencement
1995 Commencement
1990 Commencement
CS Faculty Recruiting
Rice Presidential Search
Comp 505 Spring '03 Evaluations
2004 Grad Admissions - Kennedy
CS Grad Recruiting
S and E IT Meeting
N.I. In-Place Study
CITI Interview
HPC Faculty Search
Penny Anderson Resignation
"Promoting National Minority Leadership in Science and Engineering"
ITAC Article March 2005
Richard Tapia - Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Award for Education File 1990
The Technology Opportunity Institute Board Meeting. 2006 February 15
Thinking Machines Visit. 23 May 1991
Meeting with Stan Ahalt (OSC) 17 Sept 2004
Staff Salary Budgets, patent royalties 2006
Items for Ken to Review
Miscellaneous Correspondence
Pre-NPEBC Planning Program Grant (P20)
Breakfast with Dr. Arden Bement. 11 Sept 2006
India Visit Info
Kennedy Biographies - 2008
Intel: Restricted
Gene Wang Call - Confidential
Advisory Panel OT Assessment (US Congress)
Book Corrections
Books Comments from Comp 515
Class 515
Ch 4 - Preliminary Transformations
Ken's Book
U.S. House of Representatives Ken Kennedy Testimony
Computer Science 515 Syllabus and Chapter Photocopies (2f)
Getting Acquainted Weekend March 2004
Addresses 1994
Users Committee Meeting. 19 Jan 1994
RTC Policy Meeting
Paracel Visit April 2004
Dean of Engineering Faculty Meeting 2005
Recruiting - Kath Knobe, CRL. 14 Dec 2000
Ken's Miscellaneous Papers
High Technology Education Coalition
Facilities Proposal
C.E. Building Material - Kennedy slides. 3 Feb 1994
Joint Fundraising
Ken Smalley Building
Thank Yous
CE Letters
Intel Trip
Rice University Campaign for Computational Engineering
Talks, etc.
Dedication Day 1 Nov 1986
Thank You - Ken's Friends
Computational Engineering Building - General


Series IV: Teaching Career, 1973-2006 (Boxes 42-44)

Optimization; Advanced Optimization Course. Fall, Spring 1973. (Folder 1)
Optimization; Advanced Optimization Course. Fall, Spring 1973. (Folder 2)
MASC 381 Probability. Spring 1973. (Folder 1)
MASC 381 Probability. Spring 1973. (Folder 2)
Optimization 111. 1973. (Folder 1)
Optimization 111. 1973. (Folder 2)
MASC/ELEC 521. 1975-1976
MASC/ELEC 421 Compilers. Spring 1976. (Folder 1)
MASC/ELEC 421 Compilers. Spring 1976. (Folder 2)
1MASC/ELEC 421 Compilers. Spring 1976. (Folder 3)
1MASC/COMP 421 Systems Programming. Fall 1977-Fall 1980 (Folder 1)
MASC/COMP 421 Systems Programming. Fall 1977-Fall 1980. (Folder 2)
MASC 451. Fall 1979
COMP 518. Fall 1979-Fall 1984
MASC 460. Fall 1980
MASC/COMP 321 Advanced Programming. Spring 1980. (Folder 1)
MASC/COMP 321 Advanced Programming. Spring 1980. (Folder 2)
COMP 621. Spring 1981
MASC/COMP 523. Fall 1982. (Folder 1)
MASC/COMP 523. Fall 1982. (Folder 2)
MASC/COMP 523. Fall 1982. (Folder 3)
COMP 321. Fall 1983, Fall 1984. (Folder 1)
COMP 321. Fall 1983, Fall 1984. (Folder 2)
CS 155/CS 260. Fall 1984, Fall 1985. (Folder 1)
CS 155/CS 260. Fall 1984, Fall 1985. (Folder 2)
CS 155/CS 260. Fall 1984, Fall 1985. (Folder 3)
COMP 420. Spring 1984. (Folder 1)
COMP 420. Spring 1984. (Folder 2)
Advanced Topics in Compiler Construction. 1984
COMP 522 Database Project. Spring 1985
COMP 380/480. Spring 1988. (Folder 1)
COMP 380/480. Spring 1988. (Folder 2)
3COMP 380/480. Spring 1988. (Folder 3)
COMP 380 Concrete Mathematics. 1988
COMP 480 Concrete Mathematics. 1988
Keith Cooper’s Class (9/16/92)
COMP 314 Applied Algorithms and Data Structures. 1996
COMP 615 Parallel Programming Systems. 1998
COMP 314. Fall 1998
COMP 515 Advanced Compilation for Vector Parallel Processors. Spring 1999
COMP 310. Fall 1995
COMP 412 Textbook. Fall 2000. (Folder 1)
COMP 412 Textbook. Fall 2000. (Folder 2)
COMP 412 Compiler Construction. Fall 2003
COMP 412 Textbook. Fall 2003 (Folder 1)
COMP 412 Textbook. Fall 2003 (Folder 2)
Course Evaluations Fall 1979 to Spring 1990 (Folder 1)
Course Evaluations Fall 1979 to Spring 1990 (Folder 2)
Course Evaluations Fall 1979 to Spring 1990 (Folder 3)
Class Handouts. 1990 April 10
Class Handouts. 1990 January 25
Class Handouts. 1990 January 18
COMP 515 - Advanced Compilation for Vector and Parallel Processors Syllabus. Spring 1990
COMP 212 Program 2 and 3 Handouts. Fall 1992
Keith Cooper's Class Notes. 1992 September 14
COMP 515 - Chapter 4: Scalar Symbolic Analysis. Fall 1992
COMP 515 - Chapter 2: Dependence, Parallelization and Vectorization. Fall 1997
COMP 310 Laboratory 2. Fall 1993
COMP 515 Class Notes. Fall 1993. (2f)
COMP 515 - Advanced Compilation for Vector and Parallel Processors Syllabus, Class Textbook and Notes. Fall 1993 (2f)
COMP 310 - Programming Studio Syllabus. Fall 1994
COMP 310: Guidelines for C++ Program Style. Fall 1994
COMP 310: Grading for Comp 310 Labs. Fall 1994
COMP 310: Guidelines for Specifications. Fall 1994
COMP 321 Laboratory 1. Fall 1994
COMP 310 Course Evaluations. Fall 1994
COMP 310 Laboratory 3. Fall 1994
B-exams. Spring 1994
COMP 310 Class Notes. Fall 1994
COMP 321 Laboratory 2. Fall 1995
COMP 515 Course Evaluations. Spring 1995
COMP 310 - Chapter 5: Graphs and Graph Algorithms. Fall 1995
COMP 310 Laboratory 4. Fall 1995
COMP 310 - Programming Studio Syllabus. Fall 1995
COMP 310 Laboratory 1. Fall 1995
COMP 314 Laboratory 3. Fall 1995
COMP 412 Mid-term and Final Examinations. Fall 1995
COMP 314 Mid-term Examination. Fall 1995
COMP 310 Class Notes. Fall 1995
COMP 314 Laboratory 1. Fall 1996
COMP 314 Laboratory 2. Fall 1996
COMP 314 Applied Algorithms and Data Structures Syllabus. Fall 1996
COMP 314 Laboratory 2. Fall 1996
COMP 314 Course Evaluations. Fall 1996
Comprehensive Examination - Compiler Construction. Spring 1996
C-Exam. May 1996
COMP 314 Final Examination. Fall 1996
COMP 512 Lecture Notes. Fall 1996
COMP 314 Final Examination. Fall 1997
COMP 314 Laboratories. Fall 1997
COMP 515 Course Evaluations. Spring 1997
COMP 314 - Applied Algorithms and Advanced Programming. Fall 1997 Syllabus
COMP 515 Schedule of Classes. Spring 1997
Comprehensive Examination. Compiler Construction. Spring 1997
Comprehensive Exam - Compiler Construction. May 1997
COMP 515 - Advanced Compilation for Vector and Parallel Processors Course Outline. Fall 1998
COMP 314: Advanced Programming Syllabus. Fall 1998
COMP 314 Laboratory 1. Fall 1998
COMP 314 Final Examination. Fall 1998
COMP 515 - Advanced Compilation for Vector and Parallel Processors Syllabus. Spring 1998
COMP 314 Laboratories. Fall 1998
COMP 512 Lecture Notes. Spring 1998
COMP 515 - Lecture Notes. Spring 1998. (3f)
COMP 515 Schedule of Classes. Spring 1999
COMP 515 - Advanced Compilation for Vector and Parallel Processors Syllabus. Fall 1999
COMP 412 Final Examination. Fall 2000
COMP 412 Course Evaluations. Fall 2000
COMP 412 Compiler Construction Lecture Notes. Fall 2000
COMP 515 Course Evaluations. Spring 2001
COMP 515 Exam. Fall 2001
COMP 412 Course Evaluations. Fall 2001
COMP 412 Mid-term and Final Examination. Fall 2001
COMP 412 Compiler Construction Syllabus. Fall 2001
COMP 515 Course Evaluations. Spring 2002
COMP 412 Mid-term Examination. Fall 2003
COMP 412 Homework Assignments. Fall 2003
COMP 412 Final Examination. Fall 2003
COMP 515 Course Evaluations. Spring 2003
COMP 412 Addendum Packet. Fall 2003
COMP 515 Exam. Spring 2004
COMP 412: Topics in Compiler Construction Syllabus. Fall 2004
COMP 412 Final Examination. Fall 2004
COMP 515 - Advanced Compilation for High Performance Computers Syllabus. Spring 2006


Series V: Research, 1967-2003 (Boxes 45-52)

Subseries A: Research binders and notebooks
Node Listing Algorithm. 1975
Vector Compilation. 1978
Fast Interprocedural Alias Analysis. January 1989
Trace Screen and PMAP SCHMAP Screen. 1989 September 5
Commands. ca 1970-1980
Rice Optimization Laboratory. April 1975
Complex Variables. 1967
Graph Grammars. 1975. (Folder 1)
Graph Grammars. 1975. (Folder 2)
Rn Environment. 1983-1985
Graham-Wegman. October 1979
Research Notebook. 1980 December 4 – 1981 June 12
Research Notebook. 1982 December 30 – 1983
Vector Research Notebook. 1979 August 4 – 1982 May 9
Real Variables Research Notebook. 1968 September 24 – 1969 May 13
Research Notebook. 1988
Research Notebook. 1987 August 19 – January 1990
Research Notebook. January 1990
Technical Diary. 1981 October 6- 982 December 9
Research Notebook. 1987 May 31 - 1990 April 18
UNIX Programmer’s Manual. Seventh Ed, Volume 2C. Virtual VAX-11 Version. November 1980.
UNIX Programmer’s Manual. Seventh Ed, Volume 2B. January 1979.
JAVA. October 1995.
SIGGRAPH ’85 Technical Slides. 1985.
SIGGRAPH ’86 Technical Slides. 1986.
SIGGRAPH ’87 Technical Slides. 1987.
SIGGRAPH ’88 Technical Slides. 1988.
SIGGRAPH ’89 Technical Slides. 1989.
SIGGRAPH ’90 Technical Slides. 1990.
SIGGRAPH ’91 Technical Slides. 1991
PFC Guides. 1986 May 26, 1986 June 2.
UNIX Programmer’s Manual. Volume 2, Seventh Edition. 1979 January 10.
Fortran 90. June 1990.
Tree Killer. July 1984.
Research Notebook. 2004 September 28 – 2006 May 11.
Research Notes on “Performance of Parallel Processors.” June 1985.
Research Notes. 2001.
Parallel Model Papers. 1985.
“Survey of Current NHSE Software.” By Shirley Browne, Jack Dongarra, Paul Jacobs, and Tom Rowan. 1995 March 6.
Java Research. 2000.
ParaScope Project Review. September 1991.
Ped/ParaScope Planning. 1990-1991.
ParaScope Editor Future. ca 1993.
Fortran D. 1991.
IO. 1994 November 29, January 1995.
Dependence Project. 1995.
Telescoping Languages. 2000.
General Optimization. (Folder 1)
General Optimization. (Folder 2)
IF Conversion. 1984 April 22.
VAX Fortran User’s Guide. 1987.
Fortran 90. May 1991.
Programming in C*. December 1990.
ISPF/PDF Programming Reference. 1982.
Rmail: a new Emacs email reading program. 1984 January 3.
Thinking Machines Corporation. 1987-1989.
A Computer Laboratory Manual for Number Theory. 1980.
Notes and Comments on “A Simple Model for Parallel Processing.” 1984 October 16.
Research Notes. 1985.
Notes on Amdahl’s Law. 1985.
More UNIX Miscellaneous. 1977- 1983.
UNIX Misc. 1979. (Folder 1)
UNIX Misc. 1979. (Folder 2)
Outline of Lebesgue Theory: A Heuristic Introduction. By Robert E. Wernikoff. 1957 October 25.
Structured Programming with go to Statements. By Donald E. Knuth. December 1974.
Pats Optimization.
Logic Notes: Martin Davis. ca. 1967-1971.
UNIX Programmer’s Manual. Seventh Ed, Virtual VAX-11 Version. June, 1981 (2f)
Research Notebook. 1983 November 30 – 1984 June 12
Research Notebook. 1984 April 19 – 1987 March 8
Optimization Research. 1979 October 8 – 1981 August 2
Research Notebook. 1986
Research Notebook. 1989
Research Notebook. 1987
Scwartz Computer System Notes. 1967
Straight Line Allocation. 1974
Program Composition. August 1984
LaTeX Manuals. 1983-1986
Flow Analysis. 1971. (Folder 1)
Flow Analysis. 1971. (Folder 2)
Sigplan 82 Optimization Tutorial Originals. 1982.
Graham-Wegman Backwards. 1975.
E-Systems and DOD. 1995 May 9. (Folder 1)
E-Systems and DOD. 1995 May 9. (Folder 2)
Attribute Grammars. 1976. (Folder 1).
Attribute Grammars. 1976. (Folder 2).
P1 Mode. 1978.
Irregular Problems and Space-Filling Curves. 1998.
The Elm Mail System. 1990.
Advanced Compilation for Vector and Parallel Computers. 1994 February 7. (2f)
Subseries B: Research files and notes
CITI Innovation Grant 2002
CITI Innovation Award "High Level Optimization of S Language Programs" March 2003
An Early LWG Report
Array Sections (Paul)
"Array Processing for Fortran" by Charles Wetherell 1980
Pousec Architecture
Pousec Compiler
X3J3 Pre-Meeting Distribution. 11-15 May 1987
801 Architecture
Fortran 8X. September 1985
Fortran I-Code
Fortran Language Extensions Proposal
Apollo President Letter
Fortran Fourth LWC
LASL Fortran Study Third LWG Report
Davidson Note
Minutes of Meeting 107-X3J3 Fortran. 8-12 Feb 1988
Fortran 8x Correspondence
Supplement to the Minutes of Meeting 110-X3J3 Fortran. 13-18 Nov 1988
PCF Fortran. 1 Aug 1990
Fortran Correspondence (X3J3)
Fortran 77D and Fortran 90D (Reports)
Fortran 8x Version 89. 1 March 1984
Minutes of Meeting 108-X3J3 Fortran. 9-13 March 1988
Proposals Approved for Fortran 8x. 30 Nov 1981
Rex page - Fortran 8x
Fortran 8x
Fortran Proposal Summary
Proposals for ANSI 1981
Fortan-Vectran Translator Slides
Beginning Emacs (original)
Department of Energy Correspondence 1986
Composite Array Proposal Document Version 1.76
High Performance Fortran Language Specification. 31 Jan 1997
High Performance Fortran Language Specification. 6 Dec 1996
Various Academic Papers on Parallelism, Stellar, Packetization, and Rendering Performance
High Performance Fortran Language Specification
IBM Vectorizer Course
SETL Data Base Appl.
Programmer's Guide
Environment Personnel
Optimization Coverage
DEC Network Proposal
DEC Proposal
Draft Pro 350 Agreement
Hackerman's Signed Copy of 350 Agreement
Intel Acceptance
Intel (General)
Intel IPSC 2
Intel Proposal Parallel Processing - Intel Touchstone. 2 May 1990
Intel Contract
Intel Proposal 3 Jan 1986
NSA/Telescoping Languages 2004
S-Plus Compiler Teleconference with Jim Walter 2003
Final DEC Research 1983
NSF Forms Fall 1982
Digital Research Agreement 1982
University of TX DEC Contracts 1982
Digital Research Agreement
DEC Non-disclosure Agreement 1986
GMD - Germany 1994
DoD Memo: Prioritization of User Submitted Programming Environment and Training Needs. 19 Sept 1996
Computing Systems and Software PI Meeting. 14-16 Feb 1996
Parascope DARPA Proposal 6 March 1992
ISAT Study Group
DARPA Fellowship Program
Department of Defense/ARPA
ARPA/DARPA Directory 1993, 1996
ARPA Software Review Panel Final Report October 1995
DARPA Sorensen/Convex 1996
Ken's Dept. of Defense Address 1994
DARPA Meeting Notes
Compiler Technology to Optimize Library - based Domain-Language Programs for Statistical Computing. 7 Dec 2004
DARPA Financial Reports
Department of Defense Project 1994
DARPA Computing Systems Technology Meeting. 21-25 Sept 1992
Ridge Computer System
Floating Point Systems
Dec VAX Announcements
Sun Terminal Info
Sun Terminal Master
Sun Reference Manual
Kenneth Wilson
1981 NSF Proposal amendments
NSF Proposal "An Experimental Computer Network to Support Numerical Computation" 1981
AS-9000 IAP Literature
Grant Correspondence
Apollo Prices
PERQ Contacts
Cadinc File
Elexsi Literature
CER Publicity
Site Visit Packet
IBM Site Visit
CER Master Budget
Scientific Workbench
Philip Navrati
Rn Summary
IBM Adventure Machine
VAX Prices - CER Deal
CER Award Paper
CER Reviews
CER Site Visit
Rice CER Budget and Proposal
Rn CER Proposal
MATLAB. 1996-2001.
Research Papers. 1998-1999.
Amsterdam Slides. 1991.
“Query Optimization for Database Systems”. By Jeffrey Ullman. 1988.
PCF: Latest Drafts. 1990 March 18.
PCF Fortran Current. 1991 May 14.
“MPI-IO: A Parallel File I/O Interface for MPI. Version 0.2. 1994 November 11.
A High Performance Computing Research Center in Computational Biology. 1992.
Parallel Computing Forum (Various). 1990 February 10.
Research Notes. 2000 June 1.
Scalable Parallel and Cluster Computing. By Kai Hwang and Zhiwei Xu. 1997. (2f)
HPF-2 Scope of Activities and Motivating Applications. 1994 November 13.
The Fortran D95 Compiler: Infrastructure and Research. 1996.
Strategic Plan for the NHSE. 1995.
Tempest Notes. 1996.
“PPFS: A High Performance Portable Parallel File System.” 1995.
Research Papers. 1998.
IBM Proposal - Takahashi/Dennis
IBM Contract 1985
IBM- Kingston 1989 (Proposal)
Memo to G. Paul on Vector Architecture
IBM Short Report
IBM Consulting Contract
Special IBM Consulting Agreement
Willner Memo
IBM Machine Notes
B. Willner - 2 level vector processor
IBM Technical Disclosure
IBM DEC Materials
IBM Short Report
IBM Clearance for Survey
IBM Oberlech Meeting
IBM Contract 1994
IBM Correspondence
Language - Independent Procedure Calling. 13 Oct 1993.
IBM Visit. 29-30 Nov 1994.
Misc. IBM Documents and Correspondence
IBM S/390 University Program. 22 Sept 2000.
ITR Program Solicitation NSF 01-149
IBM RISC System/6000


Series VI: Academic papers, presentations, books and slides, 1971-2006 (Boxes 52-60)

Dissertation: Global Flow Analysis and Register Allocation for Simple Code Structures. March 1971
A Global Flow Analysis Algorithm. 1971
Index Register Allocation in Straight Line Code and Simple Loops. 1972.
Safety of Code Motion. 1972.
SETL Newsletter No. 123: Variable Subsumption with Constant Folding. 1974 Feb1.
A Markov Model of Program Flow. May 1974
Reduction of Operator Strength. August 1974.
Node Listings Applied to Data Flow Analysis. January 1975.
The Rice University Compiler Optimization Laboratory. April 1975.
Mathematical Models for Control of Space Shuttle Scheduling: A Report on a Summer Study. September 1975
A Deterministic Attribute Grammar Evaluator Based on Dynamic Sequencing. October 1975.
An Introduction to the Set-Theoretic Language SETL. 1975.
A Node Listing Algorithm: Extended Abstract. 1975
Very High Level Languages. 1975.
Automatic Generation of Efficient Evaluators for Attribute Grammars. January 1976.
A Comparison of Two Algorithms for Global Data Flow Analysis. March 1976
Graph Grammars and Global Program Data Flow Analysis. October 1976.
PLANET: A Simulation Approach to PERT. 1976.
PLANET Supplementary Materials. 1976.
Profitability Computations on Program Flow Graphs. 1976.
Applications of a Graph Grammar for Program Control Flow Analysis. January 1977.
An Algorithm for Reduction of Operator Strength. November 1977.
Basic Block Optimizer for Model. 1977
Basic Block Tree Optimizer. 1977
Revision- An Algorithm for Reduction of Operator Strength. January 1978
Optimization of Vector Operations in an Extended Fortran Compiler. September 1978.
A Survey of Compiler Optimization Techniques. 1978.
A Survey of Compiler Optimization. 1978
Use-Definition Chains with Applications. 1978.
Automatic Translation of FORTRAN Programs to Vector Form. October 1980. Folder 1
Automatic Translation of FORTRAN programs to Vector Form. October 1980.
Vector Mode Computation. October 1980.
Observations on the Future FORTRAN Standard. 1981 August 5.
A Survey of Data Flow Analysis Techniques. 1981.
PFC: A Program to Convert FORTRAN to Parallel Form. 1982 March 1
Observations on the Future FORTRAN Standard. 1982 April 15
Observations of the Future FORTRAN Standard. 1982 October 17
Rn: An Experimental Computer Network to Support Numeric Computation. 1982.
Conversion of Control Dependence to Data Dependence. January 1983.
IF Conversion. 1983.
Automatic Loop Interchange. June 1984.
A Programming Environment for Fortran. June 1984.
Efficient Computation of Flow Insensitive Interprocedural Summary Information. June 1984.
A Programming Environment for FORTRAN. January 1985.
A Parallel Programming Environment. July 1985.
Parallel Detection and Higher Level Languages. October 1985.
Optimization of Compiled Code in the IR Programming Environment. January 1986.
Efficient Recompilation of Module Interfaces in a Software Development Environment. April 1986.
An Implementation of Interprocedural Data Flow Analysis in a Vectorizing Fortran Compiler. May 1986.
Interprocedural Constant Propagation. July 1986.
PTOOL: A Semi-automatic Parallel Programming Assistant. 1986.
The Impact of Interprocedural Analysis and Optimization in the IRn Programming Environment. 1986.
Automatic Decomposition of Scientific Programs for Parallel Execution. January 1987.
Editing and Compiling Whole Programs. January 1987.
Parallel Programming Support in ParaScope. June 1987.
Automatic Translation of FORTRAN programs to Vector Form. October 1987.
Complexity of Interprocedural Side-Effect Analysis. October 1987.
A Practical Environment for Scientific Programming. November 1987.
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Automatic Blocking of QR and LU Factorizations for Locality. June 2004.
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Scalarization using Loop Alignment and Loop Skewing. January 2005.
Telescoping Languages: A System for Automatic Generation of Domain Languages. February 2005.
Task Scheduling Strategies for Workflow-Based Applications in Grids. May 2005.
New Grid Scheduling and Rescheduling Methods in the GrADS Project. June 2005.
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Automatic Translation of Fortran Programs to Vector Form. By Randy Allen and Ken Kennedy. July 1984
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Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Correspondence 1987-1992
Pearson Education Royalty Statement 1999
Prentice-Hall Correspondence 1990
Kennedy Foreword for Supercomputers for Parallel and Vector Computers. 1990
Jones and Bartlett (Carl Hessler)
Copyright: Paper 8465 (Allen/Kennedy) Vector Register Allocation (2f)
International Journal of Parallel Programming, Vol. 29, No.5, Oct 2001
IEEE - Constructing the Procedure Call Multigraph
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Kansas Survey
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