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Guide to the Kelley Industries, Inc. business records, 1936-1986 MS 102

creator Kelley, Edward Watson, 1932-
Title: Kelley Industries Inc. business records
Dates: 1936-1986
Abstract: The Kelley Industries Inc. business records reflect the daily business of this Houston based corporation from 1936-1986, from the perspective of Edward Kelley, Jr., President and CEO from 1959-1981.
Identification: MS 102
Quantity: 6.5 linear ft. (13 boxes)
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Organizational Sketch

Tennison Bros. Sheet Metal Company was founded in 1891 in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. The company manufactured sheet metal products such as roof ventilators, flues, flue jacks, rainproofs, stove pipes, water tanks, and other materials. In the early 1900s, the company went through a number of changes in ownership and location, and finally was sold to Edward Kelly in 1937. It was called Kelley Manufacturing Company and was based on Franklin St. in Houston until 1938, when it expanded to a former cotton warehouse in the 4900 block of Clinton Dr., Houston. A large office building was also built at that time. The product line enlarged also, including attic fans, floor furnaces, underground garbage containers and industrial stampings.

By 1941, Kelley Manufacturing employed approximately 150 people. When materials were needed to support the effort for World War II, Kelley Manufacturing produced tanks and shoulder carriers for chemical warfare, as well as porthole screens and scoops for naval ships.

In May 1946, Edward Kelley died at the age of 49. The company went on under the leadership of Mrs. E.W. Kelley as President and Mr. H. W. Brown as Exec. Vice-President. Mr. Brown resigned due to ill health in 1949. Various changes in leadership took place over the next ten years. In 1956, E.W. Kelley Jr., age 24, graduate of Rice Institute, moved to Dallas and joined the company in a sales position. In 1957, the company stopped selling to dealers and only sold to jobbers and distributors. Edward Kelley, Jr. took a two year leave of absence to attend Harvard Business School, and returned to the company in June 1959, when Kelley Manufacturing was at a very low ebb. A complete change of management took place at that time.

Edward Kelley Jr. served as President and CEO of Kelley Industries Inc. from 1959-1981. Under his leadership the company flourished, diversifying its product lines, acquiring other companies such as Covey Corporation. In November 1970, Kelley Industries was formed as a holding company for Kelley Manufacturing and Covey Corporation. In 1971, Kelley Data Systems Company was added and Chattanooga Wheelbarrow Company was acquired. The company was sold in 1981.

Excerpted from original source material in Box 1 folder 1 of these records.

Biographical Note

Kelley graduated from Rice in 1954 and earned an MBA degree from Harvard in 1959. He had been on the Rice University Board of Governors for a decade, he had managed his family's business, Kelley Industries, Inc., for more than 20 years and was chairman of an investment group. In 1987, he was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to serve as a member of the board of governors of the Federal Reserve System.

As a condition of his appointment, Kelley had to resign from other boards, including his lifetime appointment to the Rice board. In his 10 years of service as a governor and then trustee to for Rice between 1977 and 1987, Kelley played a significant role in the university's growth. He was on the buildings and grounds committee that oversaw the construction of several buildings such as the Mudd Building, Herring Hall, Ley Student Center, and Alice Pratt Brown Hall. He chaired a task group that prepared the university's long-range plan for the 1980s and beyond, and was a member of the search committee that chose George Rupp as the fifth president of Rice.

Even before he was on the Rice board, Kelley was active in the university's development. In the early 1960s, he was on a committee that wrote the prospectus for the creation of the Jones Business School. Helping others has been a goal throughout his life. "I have always tried to make time for a very substantial amount of public service work as part of my career," Kelley explained. "And why did I pick Rice? Because Rice has always been in my blood." His mother, Allie May Autry, graduated from Rice in 1925 and his uncle, James L. Autry, graduated in 1922. Autry Court and the Autry House are named in the family's honor. Kelley's first wife, the late Ellen Elizardi, belonged to the class of 1955. His present wife, Janet Haase Kelley, was an administrator at Rice during the 1970s.

Kelley was born in Eugene, Ore., but he grew up a few blocks from the Rice campus, where he rode his bike and watched football games in the old stadium. He majored in American history, went to Harvard, served two years in the Navy, and then came back to Houston to become the chief executive officer of Kelley Industries, Inc. When the company was sold in 1981, Kelley started working in the investment business and became chairman of the Board of Investment Advisors, Inc.

In 1995, Kelley was honored as a Distinguished Alumnus by the The Association of Rice Alumni.

Excerpted from Rice News, May 11, 1995, http://www.media.rice.edu/media/NewsBot.asp?MODE=VIEW&ID=6258&SnID=2.

Scope and Contents

The Kelley Industries Inc. business records reflect the daily business of this Houston based corporation from 1936-1986, from the perspective of Edward Kelley, Jr., President and CEO from 1959-1981. Series include: Series I: Corporate office files, 1959-1986 and Series II: Financial reports, 1936-1985.

Arrangement note

Series I: Corporate office files, 1959-1986
Series II: Financial reports, 1936-1985


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Subjects (Persons)
Kelley, Edward Watson, 1932-
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Kelley Industries, Inc..
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Autry family

Related Material

James Lockhart Autry Papers, 1834-1926, MS 003, http://library.rice.edu/collections/WRC/finding-aids/manuscripts/0003/.

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Preferred Citation

Kelley Industries Inc. business records, 1936-1986, MS 102, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

Acquisition Information

This collection was donated by Edward Kelley, Jr., 2007.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Corporate office files, 1959-1986

Box Folder
1 1 Company history 1964 - 1971
2 Presentations on various aspects of company history 1977 - 1981
3 Bylaws n.d.
4 Policies, procedures, 1959 - 1960
5 New business development, 1962
6 Analysis, 1963
7 Position analysis, 1968-70
8 Organization manual, 1967
9 Personnel policy manual, 1970
10 Corporate data, 1970's - 1980's
11 Corporate guidelines, 1976-81
12 Planning memos, 1965-70
13 Planning, 1963 - 1980
14 Financial planning, 1967 - 1980
15 Strategic alternatives, 1967
16 Strategic plan, 1969-76
17 Stock evaluation
Box Folder
2 1 Control procedures, 1970s
2 Kelley Data Systems Corp., 1970s
3 Objectives guidelines, 1973
4 Objectives, 1974
5 Objectives, 1975
6 Objectives, 1976
7 Objectives, n.d.
8 Projections, 1979
9 Management meetings, 1970s
10 Growth, 1980
Box Folder
3 1 San Antonio operation closing, 1960
2 Acquisition of Fairfield Barrel Co., 1962
3 Covey Corp., 1972
4 Memphis project, 1977-79
5 Contributions, 1979-81
6 Publicity, 1971 - 1979
7 Promotional
8 Drawings, 1945
9 Investigation of rust in warehouse, 1964
Box Folder
4 1 Office art, 1944 - 1980
2 Sales reports, 1958-66
3 Board of Directors reports, 1959-61
4 Board of Directors meetings/correspondence, 1972-81
5 Board of Directors notices, agendas, minutes, 1972-81
6 Stockholders agreements-sales, 1971 - 1979
7 Stockholders correspondence, 1970-81
8 Stockholders correspondence, 1981
9 Rental adjustments, 1980
10 Executive compensation program, 1970s
11 Salary continuation agreement, 1978
12 Partial stock redemption agreement, 1978
5 Edward Kelley, Jr. appointment books, 1977-86

Series II: Financial reports, 1936-1985

General note
All reports and statements prepared by F.G. Masquelette & Co., Houston.
Box Folder
6 1 Balance sheets, reports, 1936
2 Reports, 1937
3 Statements, 1937
4 Reports, 1938
5 Reports, 1939
6 Reports, 1940
7 Reports, 1941
8 Reports, 1942
9 Reports, 1943
10 Reports, 1944
11 Reports, 1945
12 Reports, 1946
Box Folder
7 1 Reports, 1946
2 Reports, 1947
3 Statements, 1947
4 Reports, 1948
5 Statements, 1948
6 Reports, 1949
7 Statements, 1949
8 Reports, 1950
Box Folder
8 1 Statements, 1950
2 Reports, 1951
3 Statements, 1951
4 Statements, 1952
5 Reports, 1953
6 Reports, 1953
7 Reports, 1954
Box Folder
9 1 Statements, 1955
2 Statements, 1956
3 Reports, 1957
4 Reports, 1958
5 Reports, 1959
6 Reports, 1960
7 Reports, 1961
8 Reports, 1962
9 Reports, 1963
10 Reports, 1964
11 Reports, 1965
12 Reports, 1966
13 Reports, 1967
14 Statements, 1968
15 Reports, 1969
Box Folder
10 1 Statements, 1970
2 Reports, 1971
3 Reports, 1972
4 Statements, 1973
5 Reports, 1974
6 Statements, 1975
7 Statements, 1976
8 Statements, 1977
9 Statements, 1978
10 Statements, 1979
11 Statements, 1980
12 Comparison balance sheet, 1956 & 1979
13 Capital budget, 1972-81
14 Operating finances, 1975
15 Kelley-McDonough merger, 1979
16 Acquisition HH&D, 1980
17 Notes payable, 1980s
18 Sale of KI, 1979-80
11 Sale of Kelley Industries, Inc. to KI Holdings, Inc.; Organization of the Shoreline Companies, Inc. and Acquisition of Shoreline Supply Co., Inc., June 30, 1981
Subseries A: Ledger, 1936-1959 Business
Box Folder
12 1 Cash journal
2 Bank accounts
3 Stocks
4 Bonds
5 Notes receivable
6 Assets
7 A/C receivable and payable
8 Income
9 Expenses
Subseries B: Ledger, 1936-1950s Business and personal
Box Folder
12 10 General and personal
11 General and personal
12 Cash
13 A/C receivable and payable
14 Stocks
Box Folder
13 1 Stocks
2 Real estate
3 Assets
4 Notes receivable
5 Notes payable
6 Income
7 Expenses