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Woodson Research Center, Rice University

Guide to the Neal Lane papers, circa 1964-2011 Part 2 of 4: Series II: Cabinet Files, 1998-2001 (Boxes 13-45) MS 502 Part 2 of 4

creatorLane, Neal F.
Title: Neal Lane Papers (part 2 of 4)
Dates: circa 1964-2011
Abstract:Professional papers of Dr. Neal Lane from Lane’s time as a professor and administrator at Rice University, as well as his time as Director of the National Science Foundation. Also included are papers from Lane’s time in the White House working as the director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy.
Identification: MS 502 Part 2 of 4
Quantity: 145 Linear Feet
Quantity: Boxes 13-45 of 103
Language: English
Language: English
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biographical Sketch

Neal F. Lane is Senior Fellow in Science and Technology Policy at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, and is the Malcolm Gillis University Professor at Rice University and professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Among his many honors, Dr. Lane received the 2013 Vannevar Bush Award from the National Science Board for his service to the nation in science, technology, and public policy. Lane served in the federal government as assistant to the president for science and technology and director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), from August 1998 to January 2001, and as director of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and member (ex officio) of the National Science Board, from October 1993 to August 1998. Before his post with NSF, Lane was provost and professor of physics at Rice University in Houston, a position he had held since 1986. He first came to Rice in 1966, when he joined the department of physics as an assistant professor. In 1972, he became professor of physics and space physics and astronomy. He left Rice from mid-1984 to 1986 to serve as chancellor of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. In addition, from 1979 to 1980, while on leave from Rice, he worked at the NSF as director of the Division of Physics. Lane received his PhD, MS, and BS in physics from the University of Oklahoma.

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of news clips, agendas, notes, memos, reports, Rice University course lecture notes and grade books, research notes etc from Lane’s work at Rice University, the National Science Foundation, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.


This collection is arranged in the following series:
Missing Title
Series I: News clippings, reports, and press releases, 1998-2001 (Boxes 1-12)
Series II: Cabinet Files, 1998-2001 (Boxes 13-45)
Series III: OSTP, NSF, Rice, other subject files, 1964-2000 (Boxes 46-88)
Series IV: Audio/Visual, 1984-2002 (Box 89)
Series V: Baker Institute for Public Policy, work on outside boards, 2000-2011 (Boxes 90-91)
Series VI: Science & Technology (S & T) Conference, 2003 (Boxes 91-92)
Series VII: Presentations and lectures, 1993-2010 (Boxes 92-103)


Restrictions on Access

This material is restrcited due to privacy concerns, until 2037. For questions, please contact the director of the Woodson Research Center.

Restrictions on Use

Permission to publish from the Neal Lane papers, circa 1964-2011 must be obtained from the Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

Index Terms

clippings (information artifacts)
agendas (administrative records)
Bienenstock, Arthur
Gwin, Holly
Bierbaum, Rosina M.
Lane, Neal F.
James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy
Moore, Duncan
Lane, Neal F.
United States. Office of Science and Technology Policy
National Science Foundation (U.S.)
Smith, Jeff
National Science Board (U.S.)

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Neal Lane papers, 1964 - 2011, MS 502, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University

Acquisition information

Materials were donated by Neal Lane in 2003, 2004, and 2012.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series II: Cabinet Files 1998-2001

Sub-Series A: Office of Science and Technology Policy, meeting materials, 1998-2001
131Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 1998 January
2Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 1998 July
3Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 1998 August
4Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 1998 September
5Agenda, weekly meeting materials, Rosina Bierbaum with Neal Lane, 1998 September 2
6Agenda, weekly meeting materials, Rosina Bierbaum with Neal Lane, 1998 September 14
7Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 1998 October
8Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 1998 November
9Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 1998 December
10Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 1999 January
11Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 1999 February
12Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 1999 March
13Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 1999 April
14Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 1999 May
15Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 1999 June
16Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 1999 July
17Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 1999 September
18Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 1999 October
19"Designing a Report on the State of the Nation's Ecosystems," review copy, 1999 October
20Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 1999 November
21Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 1999 December
22Environment Division, desk files, 1998-1999
23Environment Division, memoranda, notes, reports, 1999
24Environment Division, desk files, 2000
25Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 2000 February
26Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 2000 March
27Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 2000 April
28Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 2000 May
141Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 2000 June
2Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 2000 July
3Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 2000 August
4Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 2000 September
5Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 2000 October
6Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 2000 November
7Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 2000 December
8Environment Division, weekly meeting materials, 2001 January
9Lecture, Galileo High School, undated
10Meeting materials, 2000-2001
11Lead Rule file, 2000-2001
12Climate change material, 1998-1999
13Climate change material, 2000
14Climate change material, 2000
15Climate change material, 2000
16"Assessment on Climate Change," draft and talking points, 2000 June 4
17National Assessment Blue Ribbon Panel, 2000 September 26
18OSTP, memoranda, correspondence, 1998-1999
19OSTP, memoranda, correspondence, 2000
20Science Division, weekly reports, 1998 October - December
21Science Division, weekly reports, 1999 January - April
22Science Division, weekly reports, 1999 May - 2001 January
23Science Division, meeting materials, 1998-1999
24Science Division, meeting materials, 2000
25G-8 Okinawa Summit, 2000 May - July
Sub-Series B: Office of Science and Technology, reports, correspondence, and desk files, 1998-2001. A small number of files (Box 17, folders 21-24) include National Science Foundation correspondence
151"Our Changing Planet," report, National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), 2000 June 29
2StarLink corn, 2000 October
3"Effective Disaster Warnings," 2000 November
4National Bioethics Advisory Commission report, "Ethical and Policy Issues in Research Involving Human Participants," 2000 December 19
5Holly Gwin, Chief of Staff, desk files, 1998-2000
6Jeff Smith, Executive Assistant to the Director, desk files, 1998-2000
7Technology Division, memoranda and correspondence, 1998 April - December
8Technology Division, memoranda and correspondence, 1999 January - December
9Technology Division, memoranda and correspondence, 2000 January - May
10Technology Division, memoranda and correspondence, 2000 June - November
11Technology Division, weekly reports, 2000 May - 2001 January
12Duncan Moore, Associate Director, Technology Division, desk files, 2000 February - August
13National Security and International Affairs Division (NSIA), memoranda, correspondence, 1998 March - December
14NSIA Division, memoranda, correspondence, 1999 January - July
15NSIA Division, memoranda, correspondence, 1999 August - December
16NSIA Division, meeting materials and weekly reports, 1999 January - March
17NSIA Division, meeting materials and weekly reports, 1999 April - October
18NSIA Division, weekly reports, 1999 September - December
19NSIA Division, weekly reports, 2000 January - May
20NSIA Division, weekly reports, May - December
21NSIA Division, weekly progress report, 1998
22NSIA Division, weekly progress report, 1999
23NSIA Division, desk files, 1998
161NSIA Division, desk files, 1999
2NSIA Division, desk files, including Human Genome Project, 1999
3NSIA Division, Export Controls, 1999-2001
4NSIA Division, desk files, 2000 January - May
5NSIA Division, desk files, 2000 June - October
6NSIA Division desk files, 2000-2001
7NSIA Division, International Agreements, 2001 January
8Defense Science Board, 2000 September 26
9Biodetection Symposium, 2000 September 8
10National Missile Defense, 2000
11Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, 1999
12DOE Commission on Science and Security, speech materials, 2000
13Computer Export - Encryption Export Policy, 1999
14ADs meeting materials, "A Legacy of Investment in Science and Technology," 1999 October 15
15ADs meeting, 1999 October
16Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), meeting materials, 1998 July -1999 March
17OSTP, meeting materials, 1999 April - October
18OSTP, meeting materials, 2000
19OSTP, weekly report, 1998 August -1999 December
20Cabinet weekly reports, 1998
21Cabinet weekly reports, 1999 January - June
22Cabinet weekly reports, 1999 June - December
23Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), weekly reports, 1998-1999
24Intergovernmental Affairs, weekly report, 1998-1999
25Environment Division, weekly report, 1998
26Environment Division, weekly report, 1999
27Science Division, weekly report, 1998
171Science Division, weekly report, 1999
2Technology Division, weekly report, 1998
3Technology Division, weekly report, 1998 June - December
4Technology Division, weekly report, 1999 January - April
5Technology Division, weekly report, 1999 May - December
6Technology Division, weekly reports, memoranda, 1999
7Technology Division, weekly reports, 2000
8Space and Aeronautics, agendas, related papers, 1998 March - December
9Space and Aeronautics, related papers, 1999
10Space and Aeronautics, related papers, 2000
11Draft budget, "International Energy Initiative," 1999 December 8
12NSIA, Jones/Lane weekly meeting materials, 1998 August - December
13OSTP, phone call logs, 1998
14OSTP, phone call logs, 1999
15OSTP, phone call logs, 2000-2001
16Democratic National Committee retreat, Aspen, Colorado, 1999 July
17Meeting notes, "President's Management Council Retreat," and others, part 1, 1998-2000
18Meeting notes, part 2, 1998-2000
19Congressional directories, 1996
20Notes, correspondence, during new presidential administration transition, 2001
21National Science Foundation, correspondence, 1993-1996
22National Science Foundation, correspondence, 1996
23National Science Foundation, correspondence, 1997
24National Science Foundation, correspondence, 1998
25OSTP, correspondence, 1999 January - June
26OSTP, correspondence, 1999 July
27OSTP, correspondence, 1999 August - September
181OSTP, correspondence, 1999 October
2OSTP, correspondence, 1999 November
3OSTP, correspondence, 1999 December
4OSTP, correspondence, 2000 January
5OSTP, correspondence, 2000 February
6OSTP, correspondence, 2000 March
7OSTP, correspondence, 2000 April
8OSTP, correspondence, 2000 May 1-15
9OSTP, correspondence, 2000 May 16-31
10OSTP, correspondence, 2000 June
11OSTP, correspondence, 2000 July
12OSTP, correspondence, 2000 August
13OSTP, correspondence, 2000 September 1-20
14OSTP, correspondence, 2000 September 21-30
15OSTP, correspondence, 2000 October
16OSTP, correspondence, 2000 October-November
17OSTP, correspondence, 2000 December
18OSTP, correspondence, 2001 January 2-16
19OSTP, correspondence, 2001 January 17-19
19OSTP, correspondence, 2001 January 17-19
Sub-Series C: National Science Foundation, reports, history, correspondence, directories, and related materials, 1993-1998. (Included are two files (Box 20, Folder 20-21) of OSTP material.)
1820Task Force on Education, 1998 April
21Mike Smith letter, phone conversation, "First in the World Challenge" for Mathematics and Science Foundation, 1997 February 12
22"An Action Strategy for Improving Achievement in Mathematics and Science," 1998 February
23Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), 12th Grade, 1998
191K-12 education, Jerry P. Becker correspondence, 1998
2U.S. Department of Education - National Science Foundation Working Group, 1997-1998
3U.S. Department of Education - National Science Foundation Working Group, 1997-1998
4Research Integrity Report, National Science Foundation, Committee on Fundamental Science, 1996-1998
5National Commission on Mathematics and Science Teaching, Glenn Commission slides, 2000 May
6Government-University Partnership PRD Working Group, universities and university associations responses to request for information, 1997 July-August
7Federal Government-University PRD Task Force, meeting materials, 1997 April 3
8Government-University Partnership, terms of reference, 1997 March
9Federal Government-University Research Partnership for the 21st Century, National Science and Technology Council, 1999 April
10RaDiUS database, Science and Technology Policy Institute (STPI), 1998-1999
11Federal Government-University Research Partnership, Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP), 1997-1998
12National Science Foundation, congratulatory response letters, 1993
13National Science Foundation, data, 1995-1998
14National Science Board and foreign companies, "Report of the NSB Committee on Foreign Involvement in U.S. Universities," 1996 February
15National Science Foundation, meeting notes, calls, 1998
16Congratulation letters, 1993
17Government-University Partnerships, 1997
18Government-University Partnerships, 1997
19National Science and Technology Council, Committee on Science, 1997-1998
20National Science Foundation, congressional issues, appropriations, 1997-1998
21National Science Foundation, Committee on Appropriations (FY 1999), 1998
22National Science Foundation, cooperative agreement with network solutions, 1997-1998
23National Science Foundation, Authorization Act (FY 1998), Authorization Bill, 1997-1998
24National Science Foundation, Reauthorization Bill (FY 1998, 1999)
25National Science Foundation, Reauthorization Act (FY 1997), 1996
26Polar Cap Observatory, 1997-1998
27California Board of Education, Standards for Mathematics, 1997-1998
28Inspector General report, meeting, 1997-1998
29Media appointments, preparation materials, interviews, 1993-1994
30Media appointments, preparation materials, interviews, 1993-1994
31National Science Foundation, interviews, media materials, 1996-1998
201"Partnerships for Advanced Computational Infrastructure," (PACI), 1996-1997
2"Partnerships for Advanced Computational Infrastructure," (PACI), 1997-1998
3PACI, correspondence, 1997-1998
4National Science Foundation (NSF), history, 1950-1998
5National Science Foundation (NSF), history, William T. Golden article, 1951
6NSF, statutory authority, 1989 February
7NSF, Critical Technologies Insitiute, RAND, 1993
8NSF, Deputy Director search, 1993
9NSF, Acting Deputy Director interviews, 1996 Fall
10Bill Wells, OSTP file, 1993-1994
11NSF position searches, Director of OLPA, General Council, 1995
12NSF, correspondence, issues for Rita Colwell, 1998
13Rita Colwell, pre-transition file, 1998
14Joseph Bordogna correspondence, 1997-1998
15NSF, Rita Colwell, nomination file, 1997-1998
16Draft letters, reports, 2001 January
17NSF, desk files, 1996-1998
18NSF, desk files, memoranda, correspondence, notes, 1998
19Meeting notes, National Science Board and others, 1993-1996
20OSTP, desk files, 1998-1999
21OSTP, desk files, 1999-2000
22National Science Foundation, spiral notebooks, 1993-1997
211National Science Foundation, notes, correspondence, 1993
2NSF, notes, correspondence, 1993
3Neal Lane, visits to the National Science Foundation, notes, 1993 January - July
4National Science Foundation, organizational information, notes, 1993
5National Science Foundation, notes, memoranda, 1994
6National Science Foundation, notes, memoranda, 1994
7National Science Foundation, notes, memoranda, 1995
8National Science Foundation, notes, memoranda, 1996
9National Science Foundation, notes, memoranda, 1997
10Report, "Renewing the Promise: Research-Intensive Universities and the Nation," 1992 December
11Monthly calendar, appointment book, 1993
12Weekly appointment book, 1993
13Weekly appointment book, 1994
14Weekly appointment book, 1995
15Weekly appointment book, 1996
16Weekly appointment book, 1997
17Weekly appointment book, 1998
18Weekly appointment book, 1999
19Weekly appointment book, 2000
20Calendars, 2000
21Daily calendar, 1998 August - December
22Daily calendars, 1999
23Daily calendars, 2000 January - September
24Monthly calendar, 2000 July - December
25NSF, employee orientation packet, 1993
26Presidential Calendar, July-December 2000
27Notes - 1997
28Notes - 1997
29Executive Office of the President, telephone directories, 1998, 1999
Sub-Series D: Neal Lane's White House "Home Files," personal files of correspondence, invitations, newsletters, clippings, and photographs, 1993-2000
221Correspondence, notes, 1993-1996
2Correspondence, notes, 1996-1997
3"Technology and Economic Growth: Producing Real Results for the Ameican People, " Clinton/Gore, 1993 February 22
4Invititaions, photographs, newsletters, 1998-2001
5Correspondence, clippings, notes, 1998
61999 January - March
71999 April - May
81999 June - July
91999 August - September
10"Millennium Event at the White House," 1999 September - October
111999 November - December
12Correspondence, invitations, 2000
132000 January - February
142000 March - April
152000 May - June
162000 July - August
172000 August - October
231Correspondence, news clippings, notes, 2000-2001
2Enrico Fermi Awards Ceremony, 2000
3Abelson Prize Luncheon, list of invitees, 2000 February 19
4Millennium Evening, Millennium Matinee events, 2000 May - June
5Millennium Evening event, 1999 October
6Millennium Evening event, 1998 March
Sub-Series E: White House administrative materials, 1998-
237Executive Office of the President, Employee Orientation Packet, 1999
8Welcome memo, administrative office functions, 1998
9Check-out procedures, emergency plan, 1995-1998
10Ethics information, 1993-1997
11Guest clearance, travel, 1996-1997
12Records management, 1996, 1998
13Security procedures, 1996-1998
14Telephone information, 1998
15White House Staff Manual, miscellaneous information, 1997-1998
Sub-Series F: News clippings, news releases, memoranda, reports, related papers on 104th Congress and National Science Foundation; Neal Lane's (OSTP) desk files, including information on the Human Genome Project, stem cell research, cloning and other issues.
2316New items, 1996-1997
17New items, 1998-1999
18News items, 1995 January - May
19New items, 1995 June
20New items, 1995 July - October
21New items, 1995 November - December
22New items, 1996 April - May
23New items, 1996 June - December
24News items, 1997 January - March
25New items, 1997 April - June
26NSF, news and memoranda, 1997
27Clippings, National Science Board issues and actions, 1997 March-April
28National Science Board, memoranda, 1995
29Articles, clippings on the budget and National Science Policy, 1995 May - July
30Clippings, articles on the budget and National Science Policy, 1995 July
31Articles, clippings on the budget and National Science Policy, 1995 August - October
32Articles, clippings on the budget and National Science Policy, 1996 January - February
33Articles, clippings on the budget and National Science Policy, 1996 April
34Articles, clippings on the budget and National Science Policy, 1996 February - March
35Articles, clippings on the budget and National Scicene Policy, 1996 May - July
36Articles, clippings on the budget and National Science Policy, 1997 March - April
37Articles, clippings on the budget and National Science Policy, 1997 April - May
38Articles, clippings, budget related material, 1995 June
241Articles, clippings, general interest, 1995
2Articles, clippings, general interest, 1996
3Task force on graduate and post-doctoral education, related material, 1995 June - July
4Articles, correspondence, PhD education, science policy, 1995 July - August
5Task force on graduate and post-doctoral education, related material, 1996 February
6Articles, clippings, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Supercomputer Competition, 1996 April 16
7Article, clippings, 1994 November - December
8Articles, clippings, 1995 January - May
9Articles, clippings, 1995 June - October
10Articles, clippings, 1995 November - December
11Articles, clippings, 1996 January - March
12Articles, clippings, 1996 April - June
13Articles, clippings, 1996 July - October
14Articles, clippings, 1996 November - December
15Articles, clippings, 1997 January - March
16Articles, clippings, 1997 April - May
17Articles, clippings, 1997 June - July
18Articles, clippings, 1997 August - December
19Articles, clippings, 1998 January - August
20Clinton/Blair agreement, Joint U.S. - U.K. Statement on the Human Genome, press briefing, 2000 March 14
21Human Genome Project, Celera Genomics Event, 2000 June 26
22Human Genome announcement, 2000 June 26
23Clippings, articles (U.K)., on human genome, 2000 June - August
24Clippings, U.S.-U.K. Statement on the Human Genome, 2000 March - April
25Correspondence, reports, Joint U.S. - U.K. Statement on the Human Genome, 2000 January - April
26Human Genome Project - Celera Genomics, 2000 May - June
27Human Genome event, 1999 January - 200 June
28Human Genome Project, articles, clippings, gene patents, 1999-2000
29Human Genome Declaration, Lord Sainsbury, 2000 February
30Human Genome, news and clippings, reports, 2000-2001
31Human Genome Primer, 1998 May
32"Human Genome News," 1999 February, October
33National Insitiutes of Health (NIH), stem cell research, 2000 August
34U.S. Department of Energy, publications, "A Vital Legacy: Biological and Environmental Reseach in the Atomic Age," "Exceptional Service Awards," 1997, 1999
251Human cloning, news and reports, 1997, 2001
2National Bioethics Advisory Commission, report, "Research Involving Human Biological Materials: Ethical Issues and Policy Guidance," 1999 August
3Human Genome Project, brochures, guides, 2000
4U.S. Department of Energy publications, "Human Genome Program," 2000
5Judicature, "The Growing Impact of the New Genetics on the Courts," 1999 November - Decembet
6National Bioethics Advisory Committee (NBAC) and National Institutes of Health (NIH), stem cell research guidelines, 1999
7Human Embryonic Stem Cell Reseach, meeting agenda, materials, 1998 November 23
8Progressive Policy Institute, report on stemm cell research, 2001 June
9NBAC, "Ethical Issues in Human Stem Cell Research," 2000 June
10Stem cell research, articles, memoranda, 1998 November - December
11Stem cell research, articles, memoranda, 1999 January - April
12Stem cell research, articles, correspondence, 1999 May - 2000 June
13Cloning, clippings, articles, 1997-2000
14Gene patents, 2000 February - March
15Department of Health and Human Services, gene therapy, other news items, 2000 January - May
16Gene therapy, meeting, 2000 February 29
17Gene therapy, briefing, 2000 April 28
18National Science and Technology Council, research misconduct, 1999, 2000
19Genetic privacy and non-discrimination, 1998-1999
20Eros (asteroid), 1999
21Atom laser, 1997
22Asteroid, meteroite impact, 1997
23Earth's "wobble," "Chandler Wobble," 2000 July
24Science and ethics, religion, conference notes, "Iceland 2000: Faith in the Future," 2000
25Micro-electro-mechanical systems, 1997
26"Complex Systems," Science, 1999 April 2
27Quantum computing, 1998-2000
28Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (ASCI), 1996-1999
29"Mysteries of Science," U.S. News World Report, 1997 August 5
30"In the Future Will We...," Time, 2000 April 10
31Articles, clippings, science stories, 1999-2000
32Articles, clippings, "Information Technology for the Twenty-First Century," (IT2) and related, 1999
33Climate models, 1998-1999
34IT2, National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Energy related papers, 1999-2000
35IT2 management, 1998-1999
36"OMB Briefing: Information Technology R
37Information Technology Initiative Working Group, 1999 January
38IT research iniatives, 1998 November
39"The Biomedical Information Science and Technology Iniative," 1999 June 3
40"The Policy Foundations for a U.S. Computational Infrastructure," meeting, Philip Smith, Larry Smarr, Sid Karin, 1998
41Senate briefing, IT management, 1999 February 25
42Food Safety Council, 1998-1999
43Food safety, publications and memoranda, 1998-1999
44Food safety meeting, President's Council on Food Safety, 1998
45Information technology publications, 1997, 1999
National Science Foundation, "In the News," 1995-1996
2611995 October - December
21996 January
31996 February - March
41996 April 1-5
51996 April - May
61996 June - August
71996 September - October
81996 October - December
91997 January - March
National Science Foundation, "Newsclips," related papers, 1993-2000
26101993 October
111993 November
121993 December
131994 January
141994 February
151994 March
161994 April
171994 May
181994 June
191994 July
201994 August
211994 September
221994 October
231994 November
2711994 December
21995 January
31995 February
41995 March
51995 April
61995 May
71995 June
81995 July
91995 August 1-16
101995 August 17-31
111995 September 1-18
121995 September 19-29
131995 October 2-16
141995 October 17-31
151995 November
161995 December
171996 January
181996 February
191996 March 1-15
201996 March 18-28
211996 April 1-16
221996 April 17-30
231996 May
2811996 June
21996 July
31996 August 1-15
41996 August 16-30
51996 September 3-16
61996 September 17-30
71996 October 1-17
81996 October 18-30
91996 November
101996 December
111997 January 2-16
121997 January 17-31
131997 February 3-19
141997 February 20-28
151997 March 3-14
161997 March 17-31
171997 April 1-15
181997 April 16-30
191997 May
201997 June
211997 July 1-17
2911997 July 18-31
21997 August
31997 September 2-22
41997 September 23-30
51997 October 1-17
61997 October 21-31
71997 November
81997 December
91998 January
101998 February
111998 March
121998 April
131998 May
141998 June
151998 July
161998 August
17Frontiers: Newsletter of the National Science Foundation, 1993 December - 1997 July/August (incomplete)
18NSF Features, 1994 Spring - 1996 July
19DUE News, National Science Foundation, Division of Undergraduate Education, 1994 Fall
20Clippings, new items on climate, education and related science issues, 2000
Sub-Series G: White House files, including articles, speeches and meeting materials for the President, Vice-President, Chief of Staff and others
301President Clinton, OSTP reports, 1998
2President Clinton, remarks and speeches, 1998
3President Clinton, science and technology quotes, 1998-2000
4President Clinton, meeting with Apollo astronauts, 1999 July
5President Clinton, remarks, speeches, 1999-2000
6American Association for the Advanecment of Science (AAAS), Clinton remarks on genetic discrimination, 2000 February 8
7-8President Clinton, artcicles, memoranda, 2000
9President Clinton, speeches relating to science and technology, 2000
10President Clinton, speech, California Insititute of Technology and related material, 2000 January 21
11President Clinton, cyber-security meeting, 2000 February 14
12-13President Clinton, presentation of medals of science and technology, 2000 March 14
14President's Millennium Vaccine Initiative, 2000
15President Truman's address before the AAAS, 1948 September 13; Clinton message on 50th anniversary of the NSB and NSF, 2000 December 12
16Al Gore, new articles, 1993, 1994, 1998
17Al Gore, articles, biographical material, 1994-2000
18Al Gore, articles, speeches, 1995-2000
19Neal Lane/Al Gore meeting, 1998 September 4
20Al Gore, memoranda, remarks, 1998-2001
21Neal Lane/Al Gore meeting, 1999 May 5
22VP meeting, budget discussions, FY 2000
23Al Gore, election campaign, 2000
24VP, cancer policy materials, 2000
25Al Gore, endorsements from scientists and engineers, 2000
26Al Gore, articles, remarks, election campaign, 2000
27John Podesta, memoranda, articles, notes, 1999
311John Podesta, speech, National Press Club, 1999 September 1
2John Podesta, climate change principals meeting, 2000 October 23
3John Podesta, memoranda, articles, 2000-2001
4John Podesta, Progressive Policy Institute speech, briefing book, 1999 October 27
5Scientific Community Meeting, John Podesta, 2000 July 28
6Neal Lane/Hans Binnendijk meeting, 1999 November 30
7Gene Sperling, memoranda, agricultural and biotechnology rollout, 1999-2000
8Steve Richetti, notes, 2000 July 12
9Neal Lane/Sandy Berger, National Missle Defense, 2000
10Martin Baily meeting, "Summit on Innovation," 1999-2000
Sub-Series H: Reports, meeting materials, clippings and articles relating to a variety of science issues. Also includes reprints, articles written by Neal Lane,
3111Research and Development (R
12Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology and Government, William G. Wells, others, 1988-1991
13"Basic Research White Paper," 1997
14United States Accounting Office, Bayn-Dole Act, 1998 May
16Events, presidential calendar, 1999 April - May
17"Committed Partners for Action: A National Compact for Science Engineering in the 21st CEntury," draft, Judith S. Sunley, 1999
18"New Conpact," ideas, speeches, 1999
19Genetically modified food, GMOs, 1999
20Food safety meeting, Karen Tramontano, 2000 January 4
21Food safety meeting, 2000 March 1
22"Lard Almighty!" Pork-Barrel Politics...," The Sciences, article by Philip Smith on money for university research, 2000 Jan/Feb
23NASA authorization meeting, 2000 June 22
26NSF, budget trends, 1982-1997
27NSF, 50th Anniversay Pubic Advisory Committee, 1998 October
28OSTP, policy and information, William Wells, 1980-1997
29OSTP, information, articles, 1988-1994
30OSTP, orientation, William Wells, 1990, 1998
31OSTP, Clinton-Gore S
32OSTP retreat, long range planning, 1998 July 17
33OSTP retreat, 1999 January 13
34OSTP, budget, "3 % solution," 1998
321OSTP, NSTC, 1998-1999
2OSTP, building office space, 1998-2000
3OSTP, organizational information, 1999
4-5OSTP, articles, various topics, 1999-2001
6OSTP, long term planning, 2000
7"Working with Congress: A Practical Guide for Scientists and Engineers," by William G. Wells, Jr., 1992
8CSSP News, 1994-1996
9Congressional committees, 1997-1998
10Ehlers report, "Unlocking Our Future: Toward a New National Science Policy," 1998 September 24
11Industrial R
12Jeffersonian Research Dinner, 1999 November 15
13David N. Schramm, memorial service, 1998 January 31
14Climate change report, 2000
15Space station images, Atlantis mission, 2000 September 18
16Alexandria County Day School, visit to Washington, 2000 October 17
17"The Openness Imperative," Foreign Policy, by Neal Lane, 2001
18Articles, various science topics, 1990-1993
19Neal Lane, articles, clippings, reports, 1993-2001
331Neal Lane, biographical materials, [1993]
2News clipping on Neal Lane, National Science Foundation appointment, 1993
3Neal Lane, articles, 1993
4Neal Lane, articles, 1994
5Neal Lane, articles, 1995
6Neal Lane, articles, quotes, 1995-1999
7Neal Lane, articles, 1996
8Neal Lane, articles, 1997
9Neal Lane, articles, 1998
10Neal Lane, articles, 2001-2002, undated
11Neal Lane, nanotechnology article, 2001
12American Geophysical Union (AGU), water policy and research paper, 2001
13Essay in honor of Leon Lederman, 2001
14Neal Lane, letters to the editor, 1995-2000
Sub-Series I: Calendars and daybooks, 1967-1992
33Calendars and daybooks, 1967-1975
34Calendars and daybook, 1976-1992
Sub-Series J: Rice University lecture notes and class materials, other research material, 1966-1993
35Class record books, 1970, undated
1Einstein talk, Fall Alumni Institute Lecture Series, 1987 November
2Einstein talk, Alumni course, 1989 November
3General Physics, transparancies, 1986
4Baker College course, "Nuclear Age," 1983 Fall
5Baker College course, "Publish or Perish," 1987 January 19
6Lecture notes, Physics 570 1966 Fall
7Lecture notes, Physics 570b, 1966-1968
8Lecture notes, Physics 210, 1969
9-11Lecture notes, Physics 210, 1969-1970
12Lecture notes, Physics 572, 1970
13-14Physics 310a, 1971
15Lecture notes, Physics 520, 1971
16Lecture notes, Physics 310a, 1972 Fall
17Lecture notes, Physics 310b, typed class notes, 1972
361Lecture notes, Physics 310b, typed class notes, 1972
2Lecture notes, Physics 141, 142, 1973-1978
3Lecture notes, Physics 572, "Atomic Collision Theory," 1972, 1983
4-5Lecture notes, Physics 574, 1975-1977
6Lecture notes, Physics 515, 1975, 1978
7-8Lecture notes, Physics 574, projects, 1975-1981
9Lecture notes, Physics 141a, 1977
10Lecture notes, Physics 141a, 1981 Fall
11Lecture notes, Physics 141a, 1981-1982
12Lecture notes, 574, 1981-1984
13-14Lecture notes, Physics 142b, 1982 Spring
15-16Lecture notes, Physics 141, 1982 Fall
17Lecture notes, Physics 574, 1984
371OU research, 1960-1964
2Queen's University of Belfast, "Free-Free Transitions in Atoms and Molecules," 1964-1965
3Belfast, "Free-Free Absorption Coefficient," 1964-1965
4Belfast, "Modified Ert-Molecules," 1964-1965
5Belfast, "Molecular jt jm," 1964-1965
6Belfast, "Kerr Effect," 1964-1965
7Oxford research, 1971
8University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, chancellorship, news clippings, 1984-1991
9Miscellaneous personal papers, photographs, 1989-1993
Sub-Series K: Subject Files: Department of Energy, OSTP, National Science Foundation, foreign travel files, "name files," relating to meetings and correspondence, and other
3710Department of Energy (DOE), Energy Resources R
11DOE, portfolio project, 1998
12Rudman report, "Science at Its Best, Security at Its Worst, " 1999 June
13DOE, Ernie Moniz meeting, 1999 October 20
14DOE, Secretary Richardson meeting, 1999 October 22
15DOE, stockpile stewardship program, 1999 November 23
16-17DOE labs, 1999
18DOE labs, Cox Commission report, 1999-2000
19Official of International Affairs, National Academy Press, "Protecting Nuclear Weapons Material in Russia," pre-publication copy, 1999
20Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), Artie Bienstock, Jack Gibbons, M.R.C. Greenwood, meeting materials, memoranda, 1994-1997
21OSTP, White House discussions, 1998 Spring
22OSTP, notes, correspondence, 1998-2000
23Joint U.S./Russian Plutonium Disposition Study, 1996 September
381National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), federal laboratories, 1999
2National Nuclear Security Administration briefing, 2000 January 25
3-4National Science Foundation (NSF), correspondence, 1979-1980
5-7Los Alamos, Summer School, articles, references, 1990
8University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, 1997-1998
9Carnegie Group (G-8 countries), meetings, 2000
10Carnegie Group information, G-8 Summit issues, 2000
11Carnegie G-8 meeting, London, U.K., 1999 February 2-5
12Japan-Sweden trip, 1998
13-14U.K. - Northern Ireland trip, 2000 Summer
15The Queen's University, Belfast, 1999-2000
16Australia visit, Robert Crompton, 2000
17India - U.S. Technology Forum, 2000 May-June
18Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, Minister for Science and Technology, Human Resource Development and Ocean Development, Government of India, 2000 June
19Dr. Manju Sharma, Secretary for Biotechnology, Minstry of Science Technology, Government of India, 2000 July
20Chun Lin, 70th Birthday Symposium, University of Oklahoma, 2000 October 11-15
21Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, 2000 May 12-13
39Publications, brochures, Hong Kong
1China, 2001 November
2Japanese Delegation on Critical Infrastructure Protection, meeting materials, 2000 April 18
3Agenda, Aeronautics and space issues, 1998 September 11
4Biosafety protocol, 1998
5National Bioethics Advisory Commission, 1998-2000
6NSTC, draft report, "Federal Science Technology: An Agency Overview," 1999
7NASA, future space launch meeting, 1999 June 8
8National Research Council report, 1999 October
9APS News, "Sinking the Test Ban Treaty," 1999 December 21
10Council on Competitiveness, annual meeting, 2000 April
11Neal Lane speech, AAAS Science and Technology Colloquium, 2000 April 11
12Human Genome issues, meeting materials, 2000 June 14
13National Science Board (NSB), Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Science and Engineering Policy, meeting materials, 2000 August 4
Restricted files (14-42)
3914Neal Lane dinner, 2000
15Draft, White Paper on Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection, 2000
Name Files, includes meeting materials, clippings, articles on or relating to specific persons
3916Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy (COSEPUP) and Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), 1999
17President, National Academy of Sciences, articles, correspondence, 2000 February - July
18InterAcademy Council (IAC), 2000 July-August
19Bureau of Oceans, Environment and Science (OES) briefing, 2000 August
20Space exploration topic discussions and meeting, 1999-2000
21French Proposal for the World Academy of Sciences, 1999-2000
22President, Univerity of California, 2000 October
23"Seven Fundamentals of Effective Leadership," and Gregory E. Augustine obituary, 1998-1999
24PCAST meeting materials, 1999-2000
25Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors correspondence, 2000 September
26Office of the President, correspondence, meeting materials, 1998-2000
27EMF pollution from devices and workstations, correspondence, notes, 1998-2000
28Blumenthal correspondence, notes, reports, 1990, 1997-2000
29Regulation for agricultural biotechnology meeting, 2000 May 3
30R D meeting, 2000 February 28
31OSTP correspondence, articles, 1999-2000
32Tribute, 1999 July - September
33PCAST meeting materials, 2000 April - May
34GUIRR correspondence, 2000 July
35India meeting, 2000 May 16
36Human Genome Project briefing, 2000 March
37India meeting materials, 1999-2000
38Correspondence, remarks to the New York Biotechnology Association, 1998-2000
39NSF Director, correspondence, clippings, 1999-2000
40American Meteorological Society, 1999
41VA/HUD/IA appropriations meeting, 2000 July 26
42Correspondence, Argentine Atomic Energy Commission, April 2000
401Steven Curvall, Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, 2000 March - April
2Betty Currie, notes, 2000 September 12
3Senator Tom Daschle, 2000 August
4John Deutch, 2000
5Sidney Drell, DOE labs, 1999 September
6Jim Duderstadt, briefing materials, 2000 August
7Dolores Eher meeting, 2000 June 20
8Bob Eisenstein, reference, UCLA Vice Chancellor for Research, 2000 May
9Karl Erb, Polar programs, 1999
10George T. Frampton, Jr., correspondence, notes, 2000 August
11Dan Freeman, correpondence, notes, 2000 June
12Gerald Fischbach, 2000 March 20
13Leon Fuerth, U.S.-China Forum, 1999 January
14Leon Fuerth, meeting material, 2000
15Jack Gibbons, meeting materials, 1999 October 15
16Jack Gibbons, correspondence, notes, articles, 1989-2000
17T.S. Glauthier, 1998-1999
18Dan Glickman, Science Advisor position, 1998
19mary Good, meeting materials, 2000 September 21
20Jane Goodall, meeting materials, 1999 May 12
21General John Gordon, 2000 September - October
22Bart Gordon, 1999-2000
23M.R.C. Greenwood, 2000 April 6
24Senator Judd Gregg, 2000 September 21
25General Gene Habinger, 2000 September 20
26William A. Halter, 1999
27David Hamburg, 1999
28Mary Hanson, "media messages," interviews with Neal Lane, 1998-1999
29Jane Henney, FDA Commissioner, 1999
30Elgie Holstein, 1999
31Chris Jennings, correspondence regarding "gene therapy and informed consent," 2000
33Skip Johns, 1999
34Joel Johnson, 2000
35Bill Joy, 2000
36Tom Kalil, meeting materials, 1998 May 15
37Tom Kalil, National Economic Council, 1998-2000
38Jeffrey Kaplan, Director, Centers for Disease Control, 2000 October 18
39Eamon Kelly, National Science Board, 1999-2000
40Donald Kennedy, undated
41Ruth L. Kirschstein, 2000
42Martha Krebs, DOE, 1999
43Cliff Lane, heavy metals expert, 2000
44Joshua Lederburg, 1999 May 17
45Ellen Lovell, 1999
46Frank E. Loy, State Department, 1999
47Frank E. Loy, meeting materials, 2000
48Shirley Malcom, 1999-2000
49Hans Mark, correspondence, articles, 1975-1999
50Sir Robert May, Chief Science Advisor and Head, Office of Science and Technology, U.K., 1997-2000
51Mike McCabe, 2000 November 17
52Richard A. Meserre, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 1999-2000
53Ernie Moniz, 1999 July 21
54Ernie Moniz, DOE, 1999-2000
55Minyon Moore, 1999
56Jim Moorman, 2000 June 8
57Minister Hirofumi Nakasone, 2000 May 1
58Bob Nash, 1998 November 12
59William Albert Nitze, 1998-1999
60David Norcross, 1999
61Dr. Benjamin Payton, President, Tuskegee University, 2000 March 29
62Frank H. Pearl, 2000
63Secretary Whit Peters, 1999
64Anne C. Peterson, 2000
65Bruce Reed, Domestic Policy Council (DPC), 1998-1999
66Janet Reno, 2000 November 9
67Secretary Bill Richardson, 1999-2000
68Judy Rodin, Federal Research Misconduct Policy, 1999 September 1
69Lord David Sainsbury, 1999-2000
70Lord Sainsbury, 2000 June 21
71David Sandalow, OES, 2000-2001
72Dr. Barry Schneider, 2000 March 17
73Ivan Sellin, 2000
74F. James Sensenbrenner, House Science Committee, 1999-2000
75Harold Shapiro, NBAC, 1999-2000
76Cheryl Shavers, Under Secretary for Technology Administration, 1999-2000
77Phil Smith, 1999-2000
78Alexander Soifer, 1999-2000
79Douglas Sosnik, 1998-2000
80Gene Sperling, 2000
81Robin Staffin, National Ignition Facility briefing, 1999 September 10
82H. Guyford Stever, undated
83Secretary Lawrence H. Summers, Robert Rubin, 1998-2000
84Strobe Talbot, Deputy Secretaty of State, 1999 December
85Chang-Lin Tien, 1999 May
411-2Harold Varmus,1999-2000
3Craig Venter, Celera Genomics Corporation, 1998-2000
4Charles Vest, 1998-2000
5Charles Vest, phone converstation, 1999 September 2
6Robert Walker, 1999 July 15
7Wes Warren, 2000 March
8Congressman Curt Weldon, keynote address to the Monte Jade Science and Technology Association of Greater Philadelphia, 1998 April
9Ronny Wells, Jr., 1999
10Bill White, Amarillo National Resource Center for Plutonium (ANRCP), 1999 May 11
11John Yochelson, 2000 July
12-21John Young, 1998 -2000
National Science Foundation, subject files, arranged alphabetically by subject,
4122Academic-Industrial Relationships, 1992-1993
23Amphibian decline, 1998
24-25Candidate Emergence in U.S. House Elections, 1997-1998
26Carnegie group meetings, 1998
27Climate change, "Global Change Resource Questions," 1997
28Congressional Q and A's, 1998
29Council of Scientific Society Presidents (CSSP), 1992-1998
30Council on Competitiveness, 1993-1995
31Department of Commerce, 1993-1995
32Department of Energy (DOE), labs, 1998
33DOE, 1990-1996
34Economic Productivity and Competitiveness, articles, clippings, 1989-1993
35"Educating for the Future," 1998 May
36Federal Demonstration Partnership, 1995-1997
37Federal High Performance Computing Program, 1988, 1989, 1999
38Funding, R
39NSF and G-7 countires meeting and other materials, 1995-1998
40Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), 1997
41Government shutdown, 1995 September - December
42Human Capital Initiative, 1992-1997
421Inspector General, correspondence, Investigation Report, 1997
2Japan, 1996-1997
3"Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence (KDI)," 1996-1998
4Mars, "Life on Mars," 1996-1998
5Math and Physical Sciences, 1995, 1998
6Mexico, 1997
7National Institute for the Environment (NIE), 1995-1998
8National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), 1994
9National Research Council, "A Dialogue on Research University Futures," 1997
10National Science and Technology Council, Antarctic, 1996 April
11National Science Foundation, budget and planning document, 1997
12National Science Board, FY 99, Budget Long Range
13National Science Board (NSB), Long Range and Strategic Planning, 1997 November 14
14National Science Board, Long Range and Strategic Planning, 1998 February
15National Science Board, Budget and Long Range Planning, 1998 May 7
16National Science Board, 345th Meeting, minutes, University of Houston, Texas, 1997 October 8-9
17NSB, Executive Committee meeting, 1998 May 6
18Next Generation Internet, 1997-1998
19Physics Roundtable, 1992-1995
20Polar issues, 1997-1998
21President's Management Council, 1997
42The AEI Press Catalog of Books, Fall/Winter 1993-1994
Alfred P. Sloan Annual Report, 1993
AAAS, '94, Science and a Changing World
American Institute of Physics, Report, 1988-1989
American Society for Engineering Education, 1994
Arctic Research of the United States, Fall 1993, Spring 1994
Biotechnology for the 21st Century, 1992-1994
Biotechnology Opportunities: The NSF Role, 1991 April 10
Carnegie Quarterly, Fall 1994-Winter 1995
The Chinese Academy of Sciences, [1989]
Chinese Biodiversity, 1998 August
Consequences: The Nature Implications of Environmental Chang, 1995-1996
43FCCSET Initiatives in the FY 1994 Budget, 1993 April 8
Federal Funding for Environmental R
The Federal Investment in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education: Where Now? What Next?, 1993 June
Federally Funded Genome Research: Science and Technology Transfer Issues, Proceedings of a Public Meeting, 1992 May 21
Global Change Research Program: A component of the U.S. Global Change Research Program, Research Opportunities, 1993
Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable, 1989-1993, 1997
In the National Interest: The Federal Government and Research-Intensive Universities, 1992 December
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 1995-1996
Investing in Human Potential: Science and Engineering at the Crossroads, 1991
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, 1993
Lamont Log, 1993 Autumn
Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory, report, 1990-1991
The Liberal Art of Science: Agenda for Action, 1990
A Long-range Plan for the Multinational Coordinated Arabidopsis thaliana Genome Research Project, undated
A National Computing Initiative: The Agenda for Leadership, 1987
Our Changing Planet: A Report by the Committee on Earth and Environmental Sciences of the Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering and Technology, 1994-1997
Pathways to Excellence: A Federal Strategy for Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education, 1993
Preventing Contemporary Intergroup Violence, Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1993
Project 2061, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1989, 1991, 1993
Projects in Scientific Computing, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, 1993
Report of the Genome Patent Working Group to the Committee on Life Sciences and Health, 1992 July 29
Resource Guide to Selected Undergraduate Programs of 10 Federal Agencies, 1993-1994
Science and Technology in U.S. International Affairs, 1992 January
Science, Technology, and Government for a Changing World, , 1993 April
Science, Technology, and the States in America's Third Century, 1992 September
Spectra: The Newsletter of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1994-1995
Trends in the Structure of Federal Science Support, 1992 December
2Radio Spectrum, 1998
3RaDiUS, 1998
4"A Report on Science Technology in the Clinton Administration: recommendations for transition planning," 1992 November
5Research facilities, 1998
6Science, articles, clippings, 1992-1993
7Science and Technology, Clinton Administration, 1993
8-9Science in the National Interest, 1994 Forum
10Semiconductor Technology Council, 1995
441Sigma Xi: Scientific Research Society, 1990-2000
2Smithsonian, "How We Discover: A Collaboration Exhibit and Educational Outreach Program of the National Science Foundation and the Smithsonian Institution," 1996-1998
3State/Federal Technology Partnership (SFTP), 1996
4Statewide Systemic Initiatives Program, 1997-1998
5Symposium on the Underclass, 1992 April 24
6Technology, background material, articles, reports, clippings, "Council on Competitiveness," 1987-1993
7-8Third International Math and Science Study (TIMSS), 1997-1998
9Universities, Academic research, articles, clippings, 1992-1993
10Universities, Higher Education, general articles, notes, clippings, 1986-1993
11University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), 1997
12White Paper on Science and Technology Policy Issues, 1998 April
13"Year of the Ocean," National Research Council, Ocean Studies Board, 1998
14Miscellaneous notes, correspondence, National Science Foundation, 1995-1997
Rice University research publication reprints, offprints, theses, group research, lectures, other research material, 1968-
4415Articles, reprints, 1968-1980
16-18Reprints of Articles Since 1987 and Preprints of Articles Submitted for Publication, "Atomic and Molecular Sciences," 1987-1989
19Article reprints, 1988-1994
20"Heavy-Particle Atomic Collisions," Lectures for Los Alamos National Laboratory Summer School on Atomic and Molecular Physics, 1990 July
21Department of Energy (DOE) grant, "Theoretical Atomic Collision Physics,"1995
22-23Welch Foundation, 1992-1994
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