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Guide to the Rice University Martel College Records, 2000-2014 UA 119

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Title: Rice University Martel College Records
Dates: 2000-2014
Abstract: The collection consists of Martel College architectural drawings, photographs, videotape of the 2000 groundbreaking, constitution and bylaws, charter, cabinet minutes, records of special events, information on the Founding Committee, and student life, 2000-2012.
Identification: UA 119
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Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biographical / Historical

In 1998, $15 million was donated by the Marian and Speros Martel Foundation, a long-standing benefactor of Rice. Earmarked to implement the Rice: The Next Century initiative, part of the donation was set aside to build a new residential college.

The Marian and Speros Martel Foundation was established in 1932 and has since supported a variety of philanthropic causes, including cancer research, the Houston Symphony, the Houston Holocaust Museum, and Project GRAD, a nonprofit organization that aims to increase the graduation and college attendance rates of inner-city students. With the building of Martel College, the Martels' dream of having a profound influence on the students of Rice University and the residents of Houston has become even more concrete.

The literal and figurative foundations of the new college were laid in 2000. The official groundbreaking took place on April 10, 2000, and was attended by newly instated Martel Masters Joan and Arthur Few. Masters at Baker College from 1994 to 1999, the Fews were chosen to give the newest college a leg up.

Attention soon turned to the most important aspect of a residential college - the students. Applications for Martel's founding committee went out in Sept. 2000, and two students from each existing college were selected. "We are looking for people who are able to see the possibilities this is a new college and a new millennium and people with leadership, because they have to write a constitution, recruit other members and new associates," Arthur Few said in a Sept. 2000 interview with "The Thresher." A lot of the jobs that the founding committee has to do will require students with leadership and vision. During the recruiting process, Martel also filled various positions within the college. Martel's first parliament was elected with then-junior Alice Hill as president. Maria Byrne, who had worked with Arthur Few in the Space Physics and Astronomy Department, became the first Martel College coordinator.

"I was excited to start something new," Byrne said. "I didn't have much interaction with students [in the physics and astronomy department]." The first students accepted as new Martel members had to live off campus during the fall 2001 semester until the completion of construction, scheduled for the beginning of 2002. Excitement mounted as Martelians anticipated the completion of their brand-new building. Then disaster struck. In June, Tropical Storm Allison dumped 28 inches of rain on the Houston area, causing an estimated $4.88 billion of damage. The heavy flooding delayed Martel's construction schedule by two months, and the administration scrambled for a plan to house the incoming Martel students during the beginning of the spring 2002 semester. Hill, a senior, said the uncertainty was nothing the college couldn't handle.

"Martel students possess great integrity to accommodate the administration's demands," Hill said. The Rice administration has also been doing all they can to make the whole process run smoothly. Eventually, Rice administration and Martel students worked out three options for housing during those two weeks. The students could either stay in their current housing situation from the end of last semester, live with an on-campus friend through the Adopt-A-Martelian plan, or stay at the Warwick, the same hotel where Speros and Marian Martel made their home more than half a century before. In October, applications for freshman transfers became available. Sixty-three freshmen were accepted: five each from Brown and Jones Colleges, and up to 12 from each of the other colleges. While freshmen were being recruited, Martel members named physics instructor Gary Morris and intramural sports director Tina Villard as Martel's first resident associates.

[Adapted from an article by Dylan Hedrick in "The Rice Thresher," February 22, 2002]

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of Martel College architectural drawings, photographs, videotape of the 2000 groundbreaking, constitution and bylaws, charter, cabinet minutes, records of special events, information on the Founding Committee, and student life, 2000-2012.


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This material is open for research.

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Permission to publish from the Martel College Records, 2000-2012, must be obtained from the Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

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architectural drawings (visual works)
minutes (administrative records)
Rice University--residential college system.
Martel, Speros
Martel, Marian

Related Material

See the Rice University Archives for records about other Rice University residential colleges. See also Information Files for more about the residential college system or Marian and Speros Martel. Contact Woodson Research Center staff for assistance.

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Martel College Records, 2000-2012, UA 119, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University

Acquisition Information

These records were transferred by Joan and Arthur Few (First Masters), and by the Development Office, 2000, 2002, and 2005.


Future additions are expected for this material.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Documents, 2000

Box Folder
1 1 Groundbreaking ceremony, April 10, 2000 (with video)
2 Scrolls presented at groundbreaking by other colleges
3 Founding Committee
4 Organizational material
5 Correspondence, April 2000-
6 Clippings

Series II: Documents, 2001-2002

Box Folder
1 7 Flood damage from Tropical Storm Allison, June 2001
8 Cabinet minutes, Aug.-Sept. 2001
9 Schedules of events, 2002-
10 Constitution and Bylaws
11 Parliament minutes, January 2002-
12 General announcements and minutes – January 2002
13 Invitations and greeting cards, 2002-
14 Martel College Dedication – April 4, 2002
15 Martel Awards Night
16 Information about Marian and Speros Martel
16 Charter of the Martel College Founding Committee

Series III: Founding Committee

Box Folder
2 1 Founding Committee applications
2 Masters’ correspondence

Series IV: Photographs, 2000-2003

Box Folder
3 (OV) - Poster: “Mattel College"
Box Folder
4 1 Martel Groundbreaking - April 10, 2000
2 Martel cookout - April 4, 2001; Martel recruitment party
3 Martel Powder Puff, 1st Game, 2001
4 Construction photos
5 Martel House - moving in, Fall 2001
6 Martel pets
7 First party at Martel House - Sept. 1, 2001 (**no furniture—furniture came in pieces over a 4-month period)
8 Martel Dedication - April 4, 2002
9 Founding Committee and members of Martel Foundation; student transfer selections
10 Founding Committee, retreats
11 Beer Bike 2001
12 Martel’s first graduates - 2001
13 First room draw – Fall 2001
14 Martel College – move-in day, Jan. 28, 2002
15 Martel College meeting; signing of Martel College Founding Committee Constitution – Feb. 4, 2002
16 First dinner in Martel Commons – Feb. 19, 2002
17 Martel Class on Greek Cooking – 2002
18 Beer Bike 2002
19 Beer Run 2003
20 First Senior Dinner, 2002; First Senior Party, with Sid Rich, April 2002; Damage to Martel College - 2002
21 Bench toss from Martel 3rd Floor – early April 13, 2002
22 Sid Rich damage to Martel lounge – March 24, 2002
23 Martel elevator damage – April 11, 2002

Series V: Architectural drawings

51 Martel College - Digital renderings
Martel House – Preliminary Designs
Martel College – Schematic Design Set
Master’s House - Floor Plans
Martel College – 100% Design Development Set
Martel College – Final Design Development Set
Brown & Root Services
Martel/Jones/Brown Schedule

Series VI: Expenses, 2000-2004

Box Folder
5 1 May 2002
2 March 2002
3 August 2001
4 September 2002
5 October 2001
6 November 2001
7 December 2001
8 January 2002
9 February 2002
10 April 2002
11 Martel Master's Expenditures 2002-2003
12 April 2003-2004
13 March 2004
14 February 2004
15 January 2004
16 December 2003
17 November 2003
18 October 2003
19 September 2003
20 August Expenses 2003-2004
21 Martel Expenses/October 2000
22 Martel Expenses/November 2000
23 Martel Expenses/December 2000
24 Martel Expenses/January 2001
25 Martel Expenses/February 2001
26 April 2001
27 May 2001
28 July 2001
29 Martel P.C. Expenses "Open" 2001
30 Martel/Monthly Statements 2000-2001

Series VII: Student Life, 2000-2012

Box Folder
6 1 Awards
2 Faculty/Department Involvement of Colleges
3 Committees, Senates
4 Courses
5 O-Week 2005
6 Associates
7 Resident Associate Applications and Interviews 2004
8 Calendars 2005
9 Campus Prospectus 2003
10 "New Dimensions in Student Life" 1956
11 Booklets 2005
12 Photos 2000-2002
13 Photos 2000-2002
14 Photos 2000-2002
15 Name Pins
16 Masters Search
Box Folder
7 1 Activities 2011
2 Memorabilia
3 Martel Anniversary Invitation 2012
4 O-Week 2008-2011
5 Welcomber's Guides 2007-2011
6 Photos 2002-2005
7 Photos 2005-2009
8 Photos 2006-2007
9 Photos 2006-2007
10 Photos 2011-2012
11 Photos - Martel Groundbreaking 2000
12 Martel College Probation Report November 28, 2011
8 Memorabilia (T-Shirts) 2011

Series VIII: Oversize Materials, 2012 2012

map-drawer item
147 3 Beach Party poster April 21, 2012
General Note
Rice University Architectural drawings, oversize manuscript material, maps and photographs, Part 3 of 3 (UA 226-3)

Series IX: Founding Committee, 2000-2001

Box Folder
9 1 College Coordinator Application 2000
2 Constitution 2000
3 Constitution Examples 2000
4 Journal October 6, 2000-April 30, 2001
5 Calendar 2000-2001
6 Martel Foundation Members undated
7 Martel History undated
8 Members undated

Series X: News Clips, 2012-

Box Folder
9 9 2012-

Series XI: Theater, 2011-2012

Box Folder
9 10 Somewhere Never Travelled written by Maggie Sulc - play and promotional materials April 2011
11 The Failures written by Maggie Sulc - play and promotional materials October 2012
12 The Failures (DVD) October 2012
Box Folder
10 1 The Way It Might Have Been 2012
The Failures
The Failures

Series XII: Architecture and Publications, 2002-2012

Box Folder
10 2 Michael Graves Architects proposal 2002
3 Photographs 2000s, 2012
4 SuperherO-Week Book 2011

Series XIII: Digital Archive

General Note
Sub-Series A-B are located nearline.
The items in Sub-Series C were downloaded from the Martel College Digital Archive Google Drive, converted to pdf files, saved to an internal server, and printed. The digital files will be kept until June 2017. After that, the digital files will be deleted, but the physical files will remain in the collection.
Sub-Series A: Historian images 2013-2014
Historian images
Scope and Contents
jpg images of events at Marel College. Images created by the Martel Historians.
Alumni Tailgate
Fall College Night
Halloween Costume Contest
Holiday Party
Senior Toast
Tea with the Masters
Sub-Series B: Fortino Garcia, 2014-2015
Box Folder
10 5 Committees
6 President
7 Prime Minister
8 Secretaries

Series XIV: Memorabilia, 2002-2012

Box item
11 1 Martel First Class T-Shirt 2002
2 College Night T-Shirt Fall 2012